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tv   [untitled]    October 5, 2021 7:00pm-7:31pm AST

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and ruthlessly suppression. a new cycle of violence has robbed the nation. people in power off, if the agreement is failing and what's next for the country, columbia, and killing the piece on al jazeera ah, on facebook, actively markets to children or marcus to children are the age of 18. i'm down, instagram, and definitely a targets each known as young as 8 the on on a messenger gets an intro for is damaging testimony from a former facebook employee, turned whistleblower who accuses the social media giant of putting profits before safety. ah, play watching al jazeera, alive from doha with me for the battle also ahead. revelations of widespread sexual
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abuse within francis catholic church spanning 70 years. a chance for hope ration the u. s. secretary of state is in france to men, ties with america's oldest ally. and the nobel prize for physics goals to a trio of scientists for their extensive work when are changing climate. ah, facebook is an urgent threat to the united states. that the warning from a whistleblower was been testifying at a u. s. senate committee hearing and say the social media giant needs to be regulated. francis hogan is a former facebook manager who says the company's aware of the harms it's platforms cost to uses, but has done nothing about it. i saw facebook repeatedly encounter conflicts between its own profit and our safety. facebook consistently resolve these
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conflicts in favor of its own profits. the result has been more division, more harm, more lies, more threats, and more combat. in some cases, this is this dangerous online talk has led to actual violence that harmed and even kills people. this is not simply a matter of certain social media. users being angry or unstable, are about one side being radicalized against the other. it is about facebook choosing to grow at all costs, becoming an almost trillion dollar company by buying its profits with our safety. the company intentionally hides vital information from the public, from the us government and from governments around the world. how again has leased thousands of internal facebook documents painting a picture of an organization that puts profits before people, fuels hate, and is harmful to children. her testimony comes a day after a world wide outage took dan facebook and its platforms for nearly 6 hours,
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sending his chest tumbling by nearly 5 per cent. that speak to shebra tansy, who joins us live from capitol hill, where the hearing is taking place. they're taking a break right now. i understand. she have a remind us of what we've heard so far from francis hogan. how damaging is her testimony? the reason why so damaging, because i think a lot of these sorts of ideas were quite familiar with perhaps, but i think what so damaging about how good is now we have the documentation to prove that those within facebook for mark zuckerberg downwards know about this, are actively engaged in getting uses angry as possible to make the most important thing for soccer berg at those below him is engagement. engagement means you're spending more time on the website. it doesn't mean yours passively scrolling on facebook, instagram, but your comments and your, your re post in your thumbs up and down and, and what gets a user engage anger. and it's pretty explicit in these documents that facebook is
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aware of, that this is no longer just about of some sort of mechanism for sharing your holiday photographs. this is also a facebook is concerned, is to get you angry and engaged. the longer you spend on facebook, the more likely you are them to click on adverse and in the end that swear facebook gets its money, is when you click on adverse. so the document show that it would seem up, zuckerberg has just misled congress and the past about this, but also investors. this is why actually there may be some real legal liability because francis hogan has actually filed several complaints with the security exchange commission, about misleading investors. that could be very, very serious, was like a back beyond that where you get to the question of what's to be done about this. and this is where, how guns testimony is up for debate and discussion because it's all very well say, well, something must be done. but what, especially when you're dealing with something that evolves free expression and who will that god for free expression. she says though, the key is, is,
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is transparency with the algorithms that facebook are actually using. i don't think many people of you about that. so we actually understand how facebook is, ta giving us what it, what it thinks we want to see and how it prioritizes it. and i think there is a certain amount of consensus that perhaps have given the user, but the very least more or will power of that algorithm may be a useful thing. but then i think we're helping them get some to some slightly more controversial territory is talking about watch dogs without police and monitor the algorithms and decide what is, what is acceptable. contented walks controversial content. and you can already see already about is that poses a lot of questions about, well, who's deciding what is what is controversial i'm. it's been well documented that if you, if you post a piece even today on facebook about the israeli occupation in the occupied territories, you're likely to get flagged because facebook works very closely with the israeli government. that is that what we ought to see? what, who's deciding who's deciding what's controversial? that's what gets a bit tricky. she also has other journalism. it's sort of interesting thoughts just towards the end of the recess. like, for example,
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ensuring someone but before someone can re post a document, mitchell that they've actually read the whole thing. they've scrolled through the whole thing and things like that, which was the shadow virtual wifi. she had what's been facebook response to these accusations. they said that this is all very selective and misleading. we've seen from their testimony before. they denied a lot of the stuff, but the difference is that we have with him black and white in internal documents and that's, that's the problem. now with facebook's with facebook response and has led to at least in a one so that the saying specifically to mark zach about your time is up, we're going to act. but then we get to the problem of how are they going to like, at least in the short term, where this was bug zuckerberg and where he would be a little bit word is there's a c c filings which will have legal consequences, potentially the charge of misleading congress. thank you for that. she advertising life for sale on capitol hill. in the world news, the pope has expressed deep sorrow after the release of a report into sexual abuse within the catholic church. in france. it found they
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were nearly 300000 victims of the past 70 years over the past 70, as i should say, any details when it caused the churches deep and cruel indifference. the head of the french conference of bishops has express shame, asks for forgiveness and promised to act ne vanka has our report. ah, many children abused by members of the catholic church were not believed or listened to for years. some were even accused of contributing to what had happened to them among those victims. olivia 7 jak abused by a priest when he was 13. oscar, we sit and cease. we sit and while yes, the report is an earthquake. yes, it's a hurricane. yes, it's a soon army. what? and it has to be as soon army because the day when we see the numbers it so damning that no one can be in denial both within the catholic church and the whole of society don't. yeah. the roman catholic church betrayed the trust of the young and vulnerable on a devastating scale. the conclusion of a 2 and
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a half year investigation into clerical child abuse carried out by $3000.00 suspected peter files and the french church on appropriate as shown from says in the french population. now aged 18 and over 216000 plus or minus 50000 was sexually assaulted by clerics priests or nuns known as mine as soon as possible. and when lay members of the church such as teaches at catholic schools are included. 6, the number of charm victims, climes to 330000 of the 7 decades periodontal and poor measure. keyed for a major point, the must been the line is until the early 2000 school there was a deep total and even coolant difference. for years. recent scandals have decimated the church. his credibility at a time of dwindling attendances last year defraud french catholic priest, bernard prina, was sentenced to 5 years in jail for abusing scouts in his care. several decades ago. the case also led to the resignation of his superior,
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the archbishop of leon philly. barbara accused of covering up the abuse the scandal in frances, the latest to hit. the catholic church rocked by abuse scandals around the world. in june. pope france is said the church abuse crisis was a world wide catastrophe. this year he issued an extensive revision of church law, insisting bishops take robust action against clerical abuse. the french church said in march, it would propose some form of financial aid to the victims. but campaigners have been left asking how it's possible to put a price on suffering. ne falcon al jazeera, the u. s. secretary of state antony blinking is in france to patch up ties after weeks of strained relations because of a counsel submarine deal. his met with french president emmanuel mccall and foreign minister john eve, literally on both sides have agreed. there is an opportunity to deepen corporation . france was angered last month when the u. s. a. nancy 3 way partnership with the
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u. k. and australia. our white house correspondent, kimberly how kit has more from washington. this meeting is very important for repairing the diplomatic raft, when to say that france was unhappy with the deal that was struck between the united states, the u. k. and australia over the selling of technology of nuclear powered submarines to australia would be an understatement. given the fact that not only was the french president mackerel, i rate about being kept in the dark that these negotiations for a group security group known as august happened without any consultation. but this is costing france millions upon millions of dollars. so there is a real economic impact. when french president macro has to face his own constituents and so as a result, he was furious that the bible ministration went ahead to help orchestrate this deal . and as a result, pulled his ambassadors, not only from the united states,
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but also from australia, calling them back to paris. now those ambassadors have since been restored, but the damage was done and already, well, joe biden, to you as president, has had a call with french president macro. now what we're seeing with this meeting of the secretary of state in france is a further ring of trying to repair that diplomatic ref. something that we knew was going to happen, and this meeting is also something else. it's a prelude to what we expect will be in him person meeting between the u. s. president and the french president. later this month. we assume this could happen sometime around the october 30, 31 dates with respect to that's when the g 20 will take place in italy and the french president will be later going to. so virginia for a meeting of a you lead to say, will be speaking to natasha buckner, very shortly. about france. meanwhile, thousands of french workers have gathered for mass protests. several unions call
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for a strike day over issue such as arising energy price, a better pay and working conditions. protesters are also urging the government to abandon plans for revised pension and unemployment plans. a vote of no confidence in romania parliament has brought down the government floor in kit. sue's centrist government had only been in power for 9 months when a large majority voted to topple it from power. the opposition is accused of the poor handling of the cone of ice pandemic and economy. the president must now nominate a new prime minister. still ahead on al jazeera, getting more aggressive hi, collapse crates and lead to the la pama volcano, sending more data into the c. ah, it's another beautiful sunny day at 35000 feet. the weather sponsored by cattle
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airways, voted wills best. a line of 2021. hello. thank you for joining in. there is the risk of seen some flooding for a southern portions of india in particular for karnataka care law and tom on that do on wednesday. see some of these darker colors. the darker the color, the more intense the rain is falling. i, we could see a 10200 millimeters of rain within the next 24 to 48 hours. take you to southeast asia. right now we're getting some dry spells across sumatra and java, but rate in and around in o china. i want to show this because we've got a weather maker that could very well turn into something tropical. already the outer bands lashing central in southern areas of vietnam with some cascading rain on wednesday. you know, this area over the last, so bit more than a meter of rain. and we looked toward thailand we're about 50 percent of the country has been in the grips of flooding. ok, the story is all about the heat for southern sections of china. i've put the colors on now the darker the color, the higher the temperature gray lin, $37.00 degrees as about 11 above where you should be for the stand the year. but
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look toward the north. we've got some heavy pockets of rain along the yellow river valley where there's rain, there's low temperatures and this has been slow moving as well. so dropping some exceptional rain as a high 14 in bay jane, but mostly dry top to bottom for japan on wednesday. that's it for me. the weather sponsored by cattle airways voted world's best air line of 2021. the earth is a tipping point. scientists are telling us right now that we have just 12 years as the world's lead failed to agree upon a solution or taking that has into there with now, with this action is to get people to sun city killed people and that it kills people . now it's already killing both fries with people's voice. oh, no jazeera. ah
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ah, welcome back. a reminder of our top stories on al jazeera facebook whistleblower francis hogan has told the u. s. senate committee. the social media giant is a threat to american citizens and uses around the world. she testified facebook repeatedly prioritize both over safety of excuses. nearly 330000 children were victims of sexual abuse at the hands of the french catholic church over 70 years. as the finding of an independent commission which says the church showed cruel indifference to vic tins. and the u. s. secretary of state antony lincoln is in france to patch up ties after weeks of strained relations because of a cancelled submarine deal. all sides have agreed, there is an opportunity to deepen corporation. while the u. s. secretary of state
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met with the french leader in paris who was now flown to sylvania to join other european leaders for a summit. there. these are a live pictures of the arrival for that western balkan summit leaders arriving. as you can see, let's bring in natasha about la natasha butler was covering this summit forest on natasha. i imagine top of the agenda will be u. s. e u relations. yes you leaders arriving in bordeaux or slovenia for a dinner before a summit with western balkans. our leaders on wednesday now are on the agenda for this dinner. the main talking point will be the used position internationally in the wake offer occurs. now this is actually the 1st time that it really does are meeting together since that diplomatic grau erupted between a france in washington,
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strained by the fact that washington can bra and london assigned this defense deal for the indo pacific. seemingly in secret without consulting allies, without consulting france, well no doubt. the french president, emmanuel mackerel, will brief. the other 26. you leaders are over this dinner about the meeting that he had earlier today with the u. s. secretary of state, or antony blinking. my craw has made it very clear that he believes that or cause should be seen as a warning can be taken as a warning sign. a for the you. he said in the last few days that europeans should not be naive because in his point of view that you simply can't rely on the u. s. as a reliable partner on the international stage any more. and he says that this is an opportunity for the european union to try and bolster itself and become more self reliant in terms of st. its own strategic interests. and in terms of defense. in fact, the and least say a told us on monday ahead of this serve as
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a by macro to slovenia, the lease i told us that they are trying to turn in a way orcus into something or turn it to their advantage if you like, by using it to send this message to the you that it must do more to be more self relied, but not any that to put more pressure on the united states to try and cooperate her with the a you on areas of interest to the european union. for example, in the sa hell natasha butler in slovenia. thank you very much for that. natasha. a british envoys, the 1st official from europe to meet with a taliban in kabul since their takeover of afghanistan. salmon gas, the u. k. special representative for afghanistan. how talks with tommy bandage, deputy prime minister pamela bar, a u k. guffman spokesman says c envoy, discuss how brittan could help of janice, santa dressy manager in crisis, and raised the treatment of minorities and women. stephanie deca as more from
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campbell on what this meeting needs. it's certainly in line with what we've been hearing from particularly the british foreign secretary dominic robin. he was in carter in doha, just a couple of weeks ago saying that they weren't going to recognize the taliban yet, but that dialogue was important. and i think this is what we're seeing now. certainly it is a significant visit. there is a dialogue. there is an open line of communication and i think this is what the international community is doing. it's using this fact of international recognition of the taliban as the, the legal official governing body of this country to try and put pressure on the group to adhere to certain a certain norms that they want to see as pick their, the rights of minorities, the rights of girls and women to go to school to work, to stick to the agreement in the sense of, you know, making sure this is another thing they discussed today that afghanistan doesn't become what they call a safe haven for terrorists. so these are things that continually being discussed, and i think this is what a lot of a foreign leaders have been saying and using is pressure on them. with this
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legitimacy, we sort of recognize them as a government to try and put pressure on them to adapt to certain things. we are at a time, of course, from the taliban is seeking that international legitimacy. they need the millions and millions of dollars in funds to help get this country forward at a time when, you know the winter is looming and we've got an economic dire situation. people have no money, there's drought, there's famine and all these kinds of things. so what you're seeing is a political dance, if you will, so to speak. i don't think it means or any closer to officially recognizing them as the government, but a dialogue is in place and they also mentioned how the u. k. could help the humanitarian situation, that is something that still goes on. palestinians have been protesting against an agreement between the you and agency that helps refugees and the u. s. u now side is in god's eye and says the deer will see you as a money withheld unless on ra agrees not to help certain groups of refugees. with
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ra, to resume the u. s. one day tuesday, surprises late here in god. the deep in rank of that would read coder, shoveling ceiling, which will allow the attorney are you ok to go through this proton to palestinian people of further absolute rejection of the agreement between the usaa on rob. this prevents unwell from its mission to provide relief and employment for refugees. the agreement mix unrra, you are state department agent. okay, let a me, a leather was over the phone with the joint refugee comedy explained in a statement that the cooperation framework imposes an acceptable conditions for the funding to precede. cheap among these is that its length, the continuation of the funding to this so called the neutrality of the whigs and policy and beneficiaries. ugh, one, rob. it's also a read the refugee issue of its political dimension, which is based on the right of return. this statement grade there added that the bravery diner is this specially the u. s. do the right to oversee one rosa
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overall work and a woman based on the us concept and not according to international law. the nobel prize for physics has been given to 3 scientists for discoveries in climate and complex physical systems. the nobel committee, se superhero man, ave, and class huffman, as well as georgia, perisi, revealed groundbreaking contributions to our understanding of complex physical systems. greenpeace activists have attempted to stop shipping traffic to a shall we find rain. a dutch quart of rotterdam lease ended the blockade after several hours on monday. at border fall, he came say was minimal disruption. but the protests essay al, still made, they still made a point. nadine bemberry for some rotterdam police moving in on greenpeace protest is in rotterdam campaign. as with the environmental pressure group, scaled vis,
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siler belonging to shell as part of a direct action, they also blocked off parts of rotterdam, ports with this 30 me to boats, while small vessels played their part, calling for an end to all fossil fuel, advertising and sponsorship, in europe, new greenpeace reports claims 2 thirds of recent social media adds by the likes of shell and total amounted to what it calls greenwashing. it could either be advertisement that shell or renewable energy, even if they're in your where g cossick is only a very, very tiny percentage of their investments. or it could also be what we will call full solutions. so for instance, a promoting effect is teams and that will allow you to continue driving your car as if nothing has happened. greenpeace is one of more than 20 groups. aiming to get a 1000000 signatures for a petition to the european commission. if they do, brussels must consider passing legislation. they want a ban on advertising that includes vehicles, flights or fairies that run on fossil fuels. but here in the netherlands,
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it's the oil and gas burns under the greatest pressure after a case brought by environmental groups earlier. this year, a court order royal dutch shell to cut its global carbon emissions by the end of 2030 by 45 per cent of 2019 levels and the ruling wards of an evidence. violation of the company's legal obligations to reduce dangerous the human life, which it knew about shall, is appealing against that judgment, but activists hope things like the petition will push it to act. to curb the growing climate emergency. some confront him, the daily. i'm confronted with it when i see the news, when i see a news about refugees coming because there's no possibility to live in their countries. i see it when the oil prices are rising in england. i see it in every day, and i think we should just act shows as it respects the right to protest, but call this action on its property unsafe and illegal. it also says it's important to it. let customers know about lower carbon auctions. wire advertising
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port authority say there was barely any disruption to shipping traffic, but the message has been delivered. a call for europe to act over what big energy companies claim about their green credentials. the dean barbara al jazeera rotterdam authorities on the spanish highland of la palmer stepping up surveillance, have be wrapped in volcano after part of the crater collapse. it sent a surge of lava down the hillside and into the sea. the russians become more explosive, causing significant damage to property and farm land. more than a 1000 homes have been destroyed. local authority is waved open part briefly, open part of the exclusive cell in wage on a whole. find this report. well this is the closest we've been able to get so far. to this volcano we're on a sort of media tour that brought us to the exclusion zone. the danger zone, the authorities here describe it as and everywhere. a blackened blanket
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of very heavy volcanic ash the roadways absolutely covered in the stuff the pavements. the houses here look at it piled up high on the roof. i will having to wear protective gear across against the south with air and look at this really quite heavy pieces of bike bo canada, raining down on our heads all the time now. but it's impossible to ignore. of course, the sound and the fury of that volcano it's very clear that when a new or explosive aggressive phase of this rupture now late on sunday night, the main call fell in on itself. combining the 3 active vents into one and producing a huge surge of lava, a brand new river of lava, coming down the mountain side here towards the sea. and this is how close we all take a look at it. this is the lava river that is scratching its way,
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coughing its way through the mountain side here, right through these communities. these villages some houses of course, lucky to survive. others not so much. and as it comes down, creating brand new folk volcanic rock topography that will change the face of this island forever. and this is where it all ends up. 80000000 cubic meters of hot lava cascading over a cliff edge and altering this islands. geography with a brand new land mass rising from the sea, measuring 30 hector's so far off its western age. and for all those waiting to return to their homes for an island, counting the extraordinary losses to its economy, its tourist resorts sitting empty, evacuated. the question of course, is, how long is all of this going to go on for a while? the volcano shows no sign of slowing down. no, great surprise there. the average duration of an event like this is $58.00 days.
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and yet, here we are at the empty tables and the empty beaches on day 60 jonah, how al jazeera on la palmer island in the atlantic ocean. 14 per cent of the wells . coal has been lost in less than a decade. a report by the when banks global data networks is more we saw at risk of disappearing because of climate change. warming oceans are causing more cold bleaching events. that's when cold, under heat stress, expelled the colorful ocoee, leaving in their tissues and dine. saline award is a senior lecture at the university of queensland, any academic director of heroin island research station on the great barrier reef. she explains how cold reefs can recover from reaching it happening because the safe getting warmer and our emissions rising rapidly. and the car was just basically on copying. they are very sensitive to changes in temperature that can be as little
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as one to gray above the average, some a maximum. is it last for long enough? and that will cause a blake chip eat. and the problem we've had in the last few years is that we've had repeated bleaching events with i'm the a small gap between them and the great barrier if we had 3 bleaching events within 5 years and carl's camera kava and bounce back. but not if i get repeated assaults, well turn out recovery to take place. we need a few things. the main we, we need some of the girls left there to continue to grow and to re produce. but we need to have a spell where we don't have more hate wipes in the water where we don't have site plans or a crown of thorns cesta outbreaks or anything like that. that's going to further stress the habitat. so we need to have gaps between these events so that the carls have time to reproduce and produce more lobby that will come and sadler minute carls. i carl, after be late, king of 8 tend to be
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a bit weaker to said that can be app competed by lp. and you'll say with the they started in the report that there has been an increase in the amount of he present an arguing corals. what the same things they want, lots of light. so they're competing to space all the time. russia has launch an actress and film director and the space in hopes of making the world's 1st movie in orbit. the door are being accompanied by a russian cosmonaut guide and are headed towards international space station. at wild a mission will see the team shoot scenes for the future length film, which is about a dr. traveling to the space station to save the life of a cost not ah her again, i'm fully valuable with the headlines on al jazeera facebook whistleblower francis hogan has told us senate can.


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