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unintentionally line. and so i yeah, it's very hard isn't disentangle out these factors as long as you have engagement base ranking. thank you miss. ever. thank you very much, charlie ab, senator martin. thank you miss taylor very much. thank you, miss hogan, you, you are a 21st century american hero wanting our country. the danger for young people, for our democracy and our nation pose. you just a huge debt of gratitude for the courage here showing here today. so thank you. miss hogan. i you agree that facebook actively seeks to attract children in teens on twitch platforms. i'm facebook actively markets to children are modest to children are the. ready age of 18 on down instagram, and definitely i targets each known as young as 8 the i'm, i'm
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a messenger gets an internal facebook document from 2020 that you reveal weeds. why do we care about tweens? they are valuable, but untapped audience. so facebook only cares about children to the extent that they are um, of monetary value of last week. facebook's global head of safety antigone davis, told me that facebook does not allow targeting of certain harmful content. the teens, miss davis stated, we don't allow weight loss ads to be shown to people under the age of 18. yet a recent study found that facebook committed ty, getting a teens as young as 13 with ads. the child, a young woman's thin waste promoting websites to glorify, intersects you, miss hogan, of based on your time at facebook. do you think facebook is telling the truth? i think facebook i'm has focused on scale over safety and is likely that they are
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using an artificial intelligence to try to identify harmful ads without allowing the public oversight to see what is the actual effectiveness of those safety systems. you on earth of facebook to research about it's hard to teams, did you raised this issue with your supervisors? i did not work directly on, on anything involving teen mental health. this research is freely available to anyone in the company. a. mr. davis testified last week quote, we don't allow tobacco ads at all, we don't allow them. i'm 2 children, either we don't allow alcohol adds to miners. however, researchers also found that facebook does allow targeting of teens with ads on facing of miss hogan based on your time at facebook. do you think facebook is telling the truth? i do not have context on that issue. i assume that if they are using artificial intelligence to catch those, the bads, unquestionably ads are making its way through true. oh, so from my perspective,
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listening to you and your incredibly courageous of revelations. ready time and time again, facebook says one thing and does another. i'm and time again, facebook fails to abide by the commitments that they had made time and time again. facebook lies about what they are doing. yesterday facebook chat, a platform outage with for years it has had a principles. outage of its only real principal is profit. these books platforms are not safe for young people. as you said, please focus on his desk on past 1513 g m t 11 30 am eastern standard time and we've been watching this highly anticipated testimony on capitol hill this tuesday . the phase whistleblower who released tens of thousands of pages of internal research and document indicating at a company was aware of various problems caused by its app as been testifying before congress. francis hogan is her name. she's been talking about what instagram,
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which facebook owns, new bodies effects on younger uses. among other issues is hearing is coming a day after a massive facebook outage, which saw services down for 6 hours and affecting billions of uses globally. that's bringing in algiers. shebra tansy, who's on capitol hill, where these hearings are taking place you've been listening in? of course she have must be said that it's not been a great week for facebook and it's only tuesday. tell us more about what we've heard so far from francis hogan. right. now facebook, under the mark, zuckerberg, himself is being accused of having misled congress that could have a serious impact on him on him personally. but we have this picture now, which we already sort of had us a sense of because of all the thousands of, of tens of thousands of documents that francis hogan had already released to the press. the wall street journal. but of a company that is obsessed by engagement, engagement means not passively scrolling down your feed on instagram facebook,
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but actively getting involved commenting thumbs up, thumbs down sherry. and what, how gonna saying is facebook notes? bat, the wage you get a user engage is often to make them very angry, and therefore the algorithms skewed towards sharing content that may or may not be correct or truthful, but certainly will get a potentially negative emotional response. and that will mean of you, or will then spend longer on facebook or instagram. and if you're on that longer, there's more of a chance that you will click on the advert adverts and the nfl facebook makes its money. so it's all about keeping use on for as long as possible, engaging and getting them perhaps, you know, getting their tickets on so that in the yeah, once i have, as soon as they're starting to share things of that, then i'd like to go to adverts and so on, not only that though, the research has been there that they're aware of it. despite congressional testament, it's being alleged shipped to the country, and that's why we keep on hearing comparisons to big tobacco, all opioid addiction and so on. we similarly kept cases where industry
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knew the damage that they were causing, but we're covering it up. this is the, this is the main comparison. and therefore it took congress them to intervene and begin regulating at one point, francis hogan said it's a bit like the department of transport, regulating cars simply by watching cars drive on the roads and help us. you need much more of that. you need to understand these, these algorithms. there has to be more transparency about the algorithms and then some sort of regulation. but that's where things get a little bit tricky. because you talking about regulation of free speech, the question becomes, what criteria will be used and who will have bank the site off that lecture? i think somewhat, how going to saying isn't something that law the civil liberties people wouldn't necessarily agree with. i think civil liberties, people say look, you should be the user should have more control over these algorithms. that should be more transparency. she seems to be suggesting that should be some kind of watchdog agencies, but them. what will we then be censored? who are driving to the thought off as controversial, who's deciding what's controversial already gone facebook,
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you post something pro palestinian or against israel, occupational therapy that you flag already. you can see how, you know, the sort of things that maybe you can see that the, that the minefield here, i think that's what it is. um, i think it's really interesting, but they have any kind of scratch the surface of that. rather, it is a minefield indeed. what's been facebook's face font saw this she had there's been a lot of pushback from them. right, well, i mean they keep saying the cheeses being very selective, very misleading, but they are doing the val during their bass. but as you can see, facebook and oh, being accused directly of actually having lied about all this in the am. so that's going to be that, that, that is a major problem for them. first, the civically them up zuckerberg. so yeah, you can see that the senators don't seem to be too impressed by the, by the defense by facebook given, given what's in their own internal documents about how much they know above the sort of a sort of post they're allowing to spread because they want them to spread because in the end that fits their business model. she had thank you for that. she had
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tansy with the latest there from capitol hill. let's discuss this further now with jason kin to his ceo of digital content. next, which is a trade association for premium publishers, is joining us via skype from washington dc. bagget abbey with his chase and certainly francis hogan has been providing a lot more detail about the workings of facebook. first of all, are you surprised by any of what you've heard so far? i'm not unfortunately, we've been talking about these issues for a number of years now. what's, what's different about this moment is we have evidence coming from inside the building that were able to read and see that facebook very much knew about it in many cases, sought to cover it up. and that's what's different here. so all of this, as you say, is known and congress hasn't done anything for years. so do you expect anything to change after this hearing? i do, and i don't think it's just about this hearing. you know what, what this hearing provides again,
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is that evidence that they knew and that there was actual empirical data supporting all these downstream harms of the way the platform works on those issues that are really at the integration of both. you know, the way data is used this, what we call surveillance, capitalism, where the user is tracked everywhere they go, and then that data's mind and used to target them and try to get them to engage. and also importantly, market power. no antitrust scrutiny is happening around the world. it's happening in australia, in the u. k. in germany, across the u. and it's happening here in the united states now. and there's losses that are all about, you know, providing more balanced competition. rosley, breaking them up as what the federal trade commission wants to do. but do you think congress is serious about coming up with a better way to regulate these social media, companies and platforms? i mean, we already see divisions between republicans and democrats in the u. s. congress for about, for republicans. it's of course, all about, you know,
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protecting free speech and so on. how can we expect congress to be the ones regulating the social media companies? it we do when you get into the subcommittees like this one, you actually start to see really smart discussions that aren't getting caught up in that partisanship in the ideology aspect of, of our 2 parties here in the states. and they're saying a lot of the same things and all is a concern about market power upstream. so you can, you can debate free expression and censorship. you can debate privacy, but they all realize that the lack of autonomy and control for the end user. and also for the advertisers is a market power issue and i see a lot of alignment on both sides of the aisle around these issues. and i think that's what's changed. it's very hard as we know to get congress to align on anything right now. right. but they're, they're saying a lot of the same veins in they actually have bills that are out of committee now that seek to curb that market power. right, jason, i'm just going to pay devil's advocate for a 2nd. what about facebook itself?
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i mean, so why should facebook be doing anything differently? you know, with the exception perhaps have some bad press. have the actually violated any regulations? i mean, they're advertising revenues that use the numbers are right. why should they change anything? it will. the whistleblower is actual violence with the i c, c, r, meticulous and document. a lot of what i would suggest is illegal, possibly illegal activity and it needs to be fully investigated. so there is that i also would, would say the ally of these lawsuits that are, you know, happening against facebook are all about, you know, leadership and governance in problems of control and too much power. and so that gets at the core of the company and the company as a company that has proven time and time again. and we've heard this in this hearing . they cannot be trusted. the leadership is a problem as the top of the company. and that needs to change and we'll see, you know, we will save or who wins out in this power struggle. certainly facebook's got
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a lot of chips to play. jason can thank you very much for talking to the thank you for your time. thank you dr. me ah, let's now turn our attention to our the world news on this news. our venezuela has reopened its land border crossing with columbia after it was closed nearly 3 years ago. were shut down in 2019 after the venezuelan opposition attempted to bring in humanitarian aids from columbia prison. nicholas maduro said the shipment was part of us plot to overthrow his government as spring in. alexander, i'm pity, who joins this line from columbia's capital. boggle. tar. tell us about the significance of the reopening of this order 1st. well, clearly it is very significant. first of all, because the, the, the relationship between the 2 countries have been essentially shut for now over
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3 years. but actually trade between the 2 countries, a practically been halted since 2015 when the 2 countries 1st shut the border due to political attentions. it's significant. first of all, for venezuelans who need to cross him to columbia for good for health services education services. most of them had so far to try and do that through illegal paths that were controlled and are controlled by a criminal groups at to border. so hopefully they'll now be able to cross into columbia legally that will also help migrants and you know that the large number of venezuela and migrants crossing to columbia, they will also be able, hopefully to do so on the bridge. and then obviously it's important politically because this can be c as a 1st bet to try and resume relationship with the diplomatic relationship between
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the 2 countries. and finally, economically, because at the height of their relationship, it amounted to $7000000000.00 a year. so we'll see some of that return as well. so the resumption of trade between the 2 countries. quite an important of course, can we expect fill a normalization of diplomatic relations between columbia and venezuela in the near future? well, nobody really expect that to happen. at least not so quickly, given the fact that as we, as you have said in your introduction, the venezuelan outdoor, it is block the bridges with containers when de venezuela, our position, try to push us aid into the country against the will of the government. something that to venezuelan alto, do you see as a crew attempt? so since then obviously pensions have been extremely high between venezuela and
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columbia. and the columbian government continues to see my daughter as an illegitimate leader that stole the elections in venezuela in 2018. they continued to support what they call here, the democratic resistance of the venezuelan opposition led by kwan white dog who instead they considered a legitimate interim, a press event. with these conditions in place, it will be very difficult to go beyond what we're seeing now, which is mostly humanitarian and obviously of interest to both the countries. economically, columbia interested obviously, and restarting its economy as much as possible after a coven 19 restrictions that will help all the border region that's hoping to begin selling again, goods to venezuelans, that need them desperately. and it may also help some venezuela and companies to
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start selling ra goods again to columbia. so we're gonna have to see how this evolves in coming weeks. so far. nothing has changed this morning except for the announcement, but we can expect that either later today or in coming days, we'll see the 1st trucks with goods crossing the border again. alexander, i'm katie, in bogota. thank you. the pope has expressed deep sorrow after the release of every 14 to sexual abuse within the catholic church in france. it found they were nearly 330000 victims over the past 70 years, and detailed what he calls the churches deep and cruel indifference. the head of the french conference of bishops has expressed shame, asks for forgiveness, and promised to act made mockery. ah, many children abused by members of the catholic church were not believed or listened to for years. some were even accused of contributing to what had happened to them among those victims. olivia 7 jak abused by
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a priest when he was 13. oscar we sit in season and we sit and watch. yes, the report is an earthquake. yes, it's a hurricane. yes, it's a soon army well, and it has to be as soon army because the day when we see the numbers it so damning that no one can be in denial both within the catholic church and the whole of society. don't hear. the roman catholic church betrayed the trust of the young and vulnerable on a devastating scale. the conclusion of a 2 and a half year investigation into clerical child abuse carried out by $3000.00 suspected peter files in the french church on a poopoo to shoot from, says in the french population. now aged 18 and over 216000 plus or minus $50000.00 was sexually assaulted by clerics priests or nuns or as minor since bushel of history. and when lay members of the church such as teachers at catholic schools are included. 6, the number of child victims, climes to 330000 of the 7 decade periodontal and poor measure.
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a magic when the must been lined is until the early 2000 school there was a deep total and even coolant difference. for years. recent scandals have decimated the church, has credibility at a time of dwindling attendances last year defraud french catholic priest, bernard craner, was sentenced to 5 years in jail for abusing scouts in his care. several decades ago. the case also led to the resignation of his superior, the archbishop of leon philly. barbara accused of covering up the abuse the scandal . him francis the latest to hit. the catholic church rocked by abuse scandals around the world in june. pope france is said the church abuse crisis was a world wide catastrophe. this year he issued an extensive revision of church law, insisting bishops take robust action against clerical abuse. the french church said in march, it would propose some form of financial aid to the victims. the campaigners have
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been left asking how it's possible to put a price on suffering. ne falcon al jazeera, still ahead on al jazeera by wallace sends a 15 year way to nascar, for a black driver to record victory details next with b to do stay with . with with
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with full ah ah, forces peter ali thank you very much. we'll start with football and the world play as union is cooling for compulsory breaks to prevent burn out. report on men's football by 5th pro says frequent grace periods are urgently needed to relieve the
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strain on players. the union has identified a critical zone being the biggest problem for non race where players compete for at least 45 minutes in matches. less than 5 days apart. earlier we spoke with the general secretary of fif pro eunice by hoffman. what we studied in the latest report and previous reports is the frequency with which players essentially play games without 5 days of rest. in between, that's scientifically established and in practice, establish standards where you get optimal recovery for your body. and of course, that cannot be granted all the time, but it should be granted in a very periodic basis. and what we see now is that some of the elite players in the world, they play up to 7080 percent of their games without the rest. and that is very clearly aligned with an increase of injury risk that is aligned with of course performance reduction in terms of the distance that you run out of the speed with which you run,
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etc. and those are very substantial problems. so what we're suggesting and what we're, what we're looking to negotiate with the stakeholders is how you can cap essentially the number of games that you would play without this minimum amount of rest. and therefore way you would have almost a mandatory rest periods in between games. and then of course you will see how that aligns with the scheduling of games, but potentially of course players with games out in order to recover better. and then there's many other assets in this report which talk about the travel, we compare players from same teams depending on which country they represent outside of the continent where they play football or when we look at the off season breaks and mid season breaks the entire number of minutes, the players have been feel that et cetera. so there's a lot of data there, which we think is critical because we cannot take decisions on something as fundamental as the metric calendar. anecdotal ideas, but we need data and we need to have smart decision take making
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a brazilian football has been arrested off the kicking, a referee in the head, leaving him unconscious. we won't show you the moment the attack takes place, but it happened. the 6th t a mention cell follow. william roberto became angry when the referee awarded a free kick against him. the game was abandoned as police and medics intervened. their battles team have terminated his contract, quoting the attack revolting as canister, and her vows to achieve something special at the upcoming t 20 cricket world cup that he continues to train in kabul before heading to the u . s. e for the opening game on october 25 in charger. despite being relative newcomers to international cricket, have canister, have already qualified for the main part of the competition with l face new zealand, india and pakistan of on a son could, could, would, the morale of the players is very high. the boys are also very enthusiastic. so the sooner we can go to dubai and stop practicing, we can god willing do it. in fact, we can even when the final or at least get to the semifinals. that of the australian and british governments have been working together to ensure the ashes.
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cricket series goes ahead later this year. cricket australia has been negotiating with authorities over travel conditions and where the families can visit the country during the christmas and new year period. some england players have expressed doubts about the tour owing to bubble fatigue. these who australia's strict covered 19 protocols. we are hopeful that we will be able to have this go ahead or ultimately it's always in the hands of the or the turing party at. but we've been working to be flexible and practical up on the one hand, make sure that we have up safety arrangements for australia on the other hand, to be practical and flexible at to give that tearing party every chance of coming here. the england and wales cricket board will decide this week whether the proposed arrangements in australia are sufficient. the series starts on december 8 . double wallace has become only the 2nd black man to win a nascar cup series race with victory at talladega,
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super speedway on monday. already the only black driver in the sport he has faced unwanted attention. at times of the nascar, had band confederate flags at its events. after a rain stoppage, wallace was decayed, the winner at the yellow wood $500.00 windows. scott was the 1st black driver to win a nascar cup series race back. in 1963, michigan's kids out there that want to have an opportunity and whatever they want to achieve and be the best and what they want to do. and i was always going to stick trudy or your path and not let the nonsense get to you. and they strong, the humble they hungry in plenty times where i want to give up and you surround yourself with the right people and it's more like this, or you pressure staying in the states. the los angeles charges meet the las vegas rate of $2814.00 austin. nicola helped himself to 2 touchdowns. as the raiders charges a big you put, an end of the rate is unbidden. start, see the season. both thieves have now $13.00,
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and last one to start the season. over in philadelphia there was a major upside of the us open squash tournament egyptian world number one early frog was knocked out in the quarter finals. these di o weltman jo makin may have lost the points of the match, but he knocked out the defending champion. mackin had never taken more than a game in 3 previous defeats to a frog over to no way for the world wrestling championships and a mixed mindful iran. they had a finalist in all 4 of monday's finals, but the only victory came in the 97 kilogram class. come in and go to bon gus and poor, taking the gold medal elsewhere. jordan burrows and hans these legendary status becoming the 1st american to win 5 will titles. it's one sports fierce dr. marie's the boston red sox and the new york yankees. we'll meet on tuesday in
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a straight shoot out for a place in the next round of major league baseball playoffs. the winner between these 2 old phones will take on the tampa bay raise in the best of 3 divisions series. it's very exciting and obviously you know, there with the ah, the yankees to in the history with the red sox yankees. ah, it's, it's going to be a, you know, it's going to be a dog fight. and scobee all hands on deck and are you, you're just trying to find a way to win it any way possible. i mean, i think it's just like, can we can, we didn't go on already. you know, it's like a bit of a waiting game. i think which is good for the body. good for the mind to a certain extent to recover, but you're chopping out a bit to get back out there and, and you know, excited for the challenge that's ahead of us. that's on the sports. nice for now. more coming up again, a little bit later on for like you very much for that to stay with us on al jazeera . we'll be live from washington in just a few minutes with the latest on the facebook hearing on capitol hill,
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phyllis ah, ah, along with . ready too often of canister is portrayed through the prism of war. but there were many of canister thanks to the brave individuals who risk their lives to protect it from destruction. an extraordinary film archives spawning for decades, reviews the forgotten truths of the countries modern history. the forbidden real
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part for the era of darkness on a just 0. for did ramirez in molina families, the pain is unbearable for their relatives were killed last week during a military operation ordered by the venezuelan government security forces accused him of being part of a colombian rebel group and said they died in combat and neighbors and family members insist they were innocent, taken from their homes and executed. under pressure venezuela's, defense minister vladimir to president said the armed forces were obliged to the friends that come through from irregular groups that added that human rights needed to be respected. and that the events at the border would be investigated. after decades of conflict between successive colombian, government and the false markets, guerrillas and historic peace accord in 2016. so a fight is laid down. there are 5 years on a mit rising defense and fruitful police repression. a new cycle of violence has
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robbed the nation. people in power, if the agreement is failing and what's next for the country. columbia killing the piece on al jazeera ah, on facebook, actively markets, to children or marcus to children are the age of 18 armed gown, instagram, and definitely targets each known as young as 8. the on, on a messenger gets an internal phase damina testimony from a former facebook employee turned whistleblower who accuses the social media giant of putting profits before safety. ah, player watching al jazeera alive from doha with me. 40 battle also ahead.


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