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in the wind, but this made it. it's hot, it's october day in 17 years our temperatures have come down as we look toward your wednesday 28 degrees in brisbane. but i want to show this frontal system across the by let's look at melbourne 22 degrees on wednesday. we press play here. we are on thursday, down to 15 with some active weather rolling through what in windy conditions for tasmania on thursday. now for new zealand, we've got some heavy falls for the top end of the south island. but look at the tropical air in play here auckland, 20 degrees still on wednesdays, and pretty nice temperatures there. we do have a weather disturbance very likely to form into something tropical over the south china sea. already the outer bands are impacting central and southern areas of vietnam in this area has been hit hard as of late with some tropical activity. southern portions of china high heat here. so way linds 37 degrees. it's about 11 above average. but as you go further towards the north where we've got cloud, we've got rain and also low temperature. so beijing just getting up to
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a high of 14 degrees on wednesday. that's it. that's all. so you soon? i'll still ahead here on al jazeera. has worries deepen about chinese real estate giant ever grants. $300000000000.00 desk. a 2nd chinese home builder has had financial trouble getting more aggressive. how at collapse krazer meant to the la pom. i'm okay now sending more lava into the sea and was successful around the world wrestling championships. will that coming up in ah, on air or online, be part of the debate or pacific people, the ocean is our identity and the source of well being. we all the options when no topic is off the table. it's as children side atmosphere, people are demoralized, they're exhausted and many health care workers are experiencing p t s d like
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symptoms jump into the stream. and julie, now global community, if you're on right on youtube right now, you can be part of this conversation is wealth this dream. oh, now to sierra, via is it tipping point? scientists are telling us right now that we have just 12 years as the world's lead failed to agree upon a solution or taking that has into there with a pool and that it kills people. now it's already killing both fries with people. voice cornell jazeera lou ah, ah,
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hello again. i miss darcy attained her. a home that's remind you of our top story of the salad. nearly 330000 children were victims of sexual abuse at the hands of the french catholic church over 70 years. that's the finding of an independent commission which says the charge showed cool indifference to victims. you are secretary of state, i'm seem. lincoln is in france to men ties after weeks of strained relations over cancelled submarine deal both sides of agreed. there is an opportunity in cooperation the nobel prize for physics has been given to 3 scientists for discoveries in climate and complex physical systems. the nobel committee says they've helped us understand how our action is impacting the world's climate. while returning to our top story now, the sexual abuse of hundreds of thousands of children by members,
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the french catholic church, i spoke to christopher lam, he's a baskin correspondent for the tablet and he explains what reforms the catholic church needs to take. what happens is to unfortunately few, this abuse crises and the mishandling of. busy it was this idea that somehow or florence, he was an unaccountable and therefore there was an abuse of power going on. and so that is war. the church must come to terms that must for full. and that's something that po francis for the last 8 and a half years has been trying to reform in the church with his cold for much more humble. church, a much less clerical or clerical list church. and that's what i think the reform asked to focus on. i think the fact that the was the french bishops and the french church, the commission, this report is a step in the right direction. this doesn't come from the government or this, the state authority saying we must find out what's going on. it was the church
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itself. and that is the 1st step because we've seen in the past, the church has been some drug kicking and screaming to accountability. but this is actually the bishop's themselves say we've got to get to the bottom of what happened here, regardless of how bad it is, the numbers, as you present them, see me terrible, regardless of how terrible it is. the truth has to be faced here because that's the only way that the church and that the victims, in particular, can find some measure of, of healing and can find some way to move forward. although of course, we know that you stayed with someone who's been abused at that stage, them for the rest of their lives. well, taiwan pioneer falls. the territory is on high alas against what he called beijing's continued violations. premier 3rd st. john made that announcement after a record number of chinese aircraft and to tie one's ad offense design. it's ministry of defense. it says a $148.00 chinese will. plains had breached that thing. just since friday,
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china has recently ramped a pressure on taiwan, which it says is part of its territory. a staying in the region as concerns grow about chinese real estate giant ever grants. financial health. a 2nd property developer has now failed to repair debt. fantasia holdings was due to make a payment of $205000000.00 to its bondholders on monday. investors are already worried that housing giant emigrant group might collapse, run the crime reports from hong kong in recent weeks, or the grand has been selling golf assets to meet its debts, but to still be missing repayment deadlines. now analysts are predicting, it may have to sell off part of its property management unit to a hong kong based real estate company to raise billions of dollars more as ever grounds problems of snowballed. it shares have lost more than 80 percent in value this year. it has well over a 1000 property developments across china,
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putting many homeowners at risk of losing their investments. founded in the mid nineties, ever grant has grown quickly into a conglomerate, not only involved in real estate, but with interests in sectors, from personal finance, to food and drink and electric cars. any y'all in even owning one of china's most important football clubs. and there are growing fears about the possible contagion effect for other large property developers. because the evergreen saga has been dragging on for some time. the air poverty market had really come to a stand still and, and part. but if prices are fully given ever grand size and reach across the chinese economy, there's real concern about the fall out if it fails, or even if it can be allowed to fail by the central government. especially in a country where maintaining social stability is so important. in the southern
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chinese city of shane gen worried investors have laid siege to the companies offices, return our money champions. protesters. it's widely believed the government has been prodding, state backed entities to buy assets from have a grant to prop it up with the priority being to settled debts at home 1st ever ran has a heavy exposure to the overseas investors upon market. and then i think they're the last in line to gather paintings. selling more assets will give ever grand another rest bite, but the billions of dollars of debt it will still carry forward makes its whole future an uncertain. rob mcbride, al jazeera hong kong. now the son of the late philippine leader ferdinand marcus has announced he will run for president and next year's elections. ferdinand michaels junior has been involved in politics since his return from exile in 1991. in 1900. 86 more than
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a 1000000 filipinos protested against his father's controversial martial law. eventually, leading to his exit from office chimera underground has worn out from the capital manila. he spoke today about his ability. his claim that he's able to provide a unifying leadership, but just the thought of a marcus presidency has outraged so many here that there has been a deliberate campaign to campaign against the possible return of the marcos is even before he has made this announcement that is because survivors of those who suffered during the market years are still alive to tell their stories to day. and also this is the same former senator, the son of the error of the market wealth. in fact, that has not been returned to the philippines largely is also the same, basically candidate that actually ran for the vice presidency in 2016 and lost so many are wondering where he is actually getting the political capital to actually
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attempt a presidency now. but many said that what he lacks, basically in popularity, he makes up for a deliberate, sustained, online propaganda. over the past few years, the market says have been on this very strong online campaign for painting a rose. the picture of the mark is years basically preparing to propel him for our return to power. what we though also is that these, the 2nd ally of president of the good, the 3rd day to make a gun for the presidency, does not have president through the good that there is endorsement now. and actually up until yesterday, he, we was being considered as a possible vice presidential candidate on palestinians are protesting against an agreement between the un agency that helps refugees. and the u. s. human outside is an garza and says that agreement will withhold us aid money unless unrra agrees to not help certain groups of refugees with
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rob to resume the u. s. one day tuesday spreads us late here in god. the deep in rank of the wood rot hate coder, shoveling was dealing with you. ok to go through this protest to palestinian people a further absolute rejection of the agreement between the u. s. and unreal. yeah, this prevents unwell from its mission to provide relief and employment for refugees . the agreement mixed on ra, a you a stake department agent. oh, what a me and there was a how did you get the joint refugee comedy explained in a statement that the cooperation framework imposes an acceptable conditions for the funding to precede cheap among these is that its length, the continuation of the funding to this so called the neutrality of the whigs. 7 and policy and beneficiaries of when rob, it's also rates the refugee issue of its political dimension, which is based on the right of return, this statement grade there,
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added that the bravery it's, donna, is this specially the u. s. do the right to oversee on rosa all her own work and a judge woman based on the us concept and not according to international law. versus no confidence in romanians parliament has brought down the government for in kit to centrist government had been and only in past 9 months when a large majority votes to toppling from power is anger. of the poor handling of the coven pandemic and the economy, the president lost our nomination. new prime minister or the rti is on the spanish island of la palmer, a stepping up surveillance of the erupt in volcano. after passing decrease, it collapsed and sent a surge of lava down the hillside and into the sea. here option has become more explosive, causing significant damage to property and farm land. more than a 1000 tons has now been destroyed. jonah,
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how has more from the island every day here, the volcano face things change, whether it's the size of the plume, the substance, the color of that volcanic ash, or the booming explosions emanating from the coal, the subsiding escalating, subsiding us. but it's very noisy today. how about that? you have a closer look at it up, but i can tell you that every day we're here. we learn something new about volcanic eruptions, the latest being that on monday night. okay. no started emitting what are ominously known as love a foam. these are great pudgy, bolts of volcanic ash, being shot high up into the air that about the size of as well stuff, rubbish bag and landing up to a kilometer away in all directions with enormous destructive capacity. that's why they call it the danger zone. of course, and i'm standing at the moment, adding
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a police roadblock, keeping people out of the danger zone residence allowed in occasionally to visit their homes to check on pets, to collect valuables and so on. but generally people kept well away. what about 3 companies away now? of 14 percent of the wilds karl has been lost in less than a decade. a report by the you and back to global data networks as more reefs are at risk of disappearing because of climate change. warming oceans are causing more and more carl bleaching events. now that's when coral's under his stress, it expelled the colorful algae living inside the tissues. and then dye clean award is a senior lecture at the university of queensland as well as the academic director and the heron island research station on the great barrier reef. she explains how reefs can recover from bleaching it happening because the safe getting warmer and our emissions are rising rapidly and the car was just basically on car being there, very sensitive to changes in temperature that can be as little as one to gray above
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the average some a maximum is lost, the long enough that will cause a blake g, a beat. and the problem we've had in the last few years is that we've had repeated bleaching events. we've, i, me, a small gap between them and the great barracks. we had 3 bleaching events within 5 years and carl's camera kava and bounce back. but not if i get repeated assault while to another recovery to take place. we need a few things. we need some of the carls left there to continue to grow and to reproduce. but we need to have a spell where we don't have more hate. why? in the water where we don't have thought clones or a crown of thorns, they start outbreaks or anything like that. it's going to stress the habitat. so we need to have gaps between these events so that the carls have time to reproduce and produce more lobby that will come and settle a minute. carl. carl, after be late,
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you know, they tend to be weaker to say that can be completed by lp. and you say with the data in the port that there has been an increase in the amount of the presence and albion carl's lot, the same things i want lots of, like i said, a competing to spice all the time on living on an pandemic has been the west crisis, the airline industry has faced carriers have suffered huge losses as a result of travel restrictions. but now as more people resume flying, aviation bosses are using get industries annual meeting to focus on climate change and on way as the airlines to cut carbon emissions cable out as on airports now from boston. $137000000000.00. that's how much money airlines will lose to the end of next year. because of the pandemic, even as domestic air travel picks up in some parts of the world, airline losses this year, or expected to be
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a staggering 51000000000 before being trimmed to 11000000000 next year. all this, even after us carriers received $25000000000.00 bail out last year from us government. that new financial figures are according to the international air transport association that represents $290.00 airlines and 82 percent of the global air traffic is still a long way to go. international air travel still heavily restricted as result of the government measures. we know that once those restrictions are removed, the demand for travel remains very strong. but at the annual meeting in boston, the talk was also about another emergency. the airline industry is contributing to carbon emissions. if the global airline industry was a country, it would be the world's 6th largest polluter. out of all of the carbon emissions that are released from passenger planes. 25 percent comes from aircraft that are
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landing or taking off out of airports here in the united states. after that, the 2nd biggest emitter is aircraft in or out of airports in china, followed by the u. k. japan and germany. their line industry announced a goal of net 0, airline emissions by 2050. but already chinese carriers are reluctant to agree and analyst are skeptical that goal can even be met in 2009. the ation industry agreed to cut emissions by half in 2050. if you look what happened afterwards, emissions actually grew faster in the 10 years after the announcement was made. so overall, this is a really positive announcement, but it does point to the need for governments to hold the airlines to account for their actual obligations. these are projects that literally take carmen out of here in an effort to lower emissions us base carrier. united airlines announced it will
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buy 100 fully electric commuter planes, but it will only be able to fly 400 kilometers and carry 19 passengers. in an industry with aspirational goals, become a cleaner form of transportation. gabe rosato al jazeera boston or corona virus deaths have hit a daily record in russia for the 3rd time. now in a month, 895 fatalities were confirmed on tuesday and more than $25000.00 infections. visual, say the numbers all concerning, but there are no plans to reintroduce a lockdown. the criminal has called on people to get vaccinated, saying it's the only way to stop the virus from spreading. while stella had here on al jazeera, the charges remains top of their division and the nfl more action coming up shortly in schools. ah
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ah. ah
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ah ah, welcome back. it's now time for sport and his peter, thank you so much. we'll start with a book and we'll play as union is coding for compulsory breaks to prevent, burn out a report on men's football by fif broke. his frequent rest periods are urgently needed to relieve the strain on players. the union has identified a critical zone being the biggest problem for non race where players compete for at least 45 minutes in matches less than 5 days. a caught. earlier we spoke with the general secretary of fif, wrote yona. so by hoffman, what we studied in the latest report and previous reports is the frequency with
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which players essentially play games without 5 days of rest. in between, that's scientifically established and in practice, establish standards where you get optimal recovery for your body. and of course, that cannot be granted all the time, but it should be granted in a very periodic basis. and what we see now is that some of the elite players in the world, they play up to 7080 percent of their games without the rest. and that is very clearly aligned with an increase of injury risk that is aligned with of course performance reduction in terms of the distance that you run with the speed with which you run, etc. and those are very substantial problems. so what we're suggesting and what we're, what we're looking to negotiate with the stakeholders is how you can cap essentially the number of games that you would play without this minimum amount of rest. and therefore way you would have almost a mandatory rest periods in between games. and then of course you would see how that aligns with the scheduling of games,
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but potentially of course players with games out in order to recover better. and then there's many other assets in this report which talk about the travel, we compare players from same teams depending on which country they represent outside of the continent where they play football or when we look at off season breaks and mid season breaks, the entire number of minutes the players have been feel that et cetera. so there's a lot of data there, which we think is critical because we cannot take decision on something as fundamental as the metric calendar. anecdotal ideas, but we need data and we need to have smart decision making. the australian and british governments have been working together to ensure the ashes, cricket series goes ahead later this year. cricket australia has been negotiating with authorities over travel conditions and where the families can visit the country during the christmas and new year period. some england players have expressed doubts about the 2 owing to bubble fatigue due to australia's strict code 19 protocols. we are hopeful that we will be able to have this go ahead or
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ultimately it's always in the hands of the turing party at. but we've been working to bait flexible and practical. on the one hand, make sure that we have up safety arrangements for australia, on the other hand, to be practical and flexible at to give that tearing party every chance of coming here. the england and wales cricket board will decide this week with the proposed arrangements in australia are sufficient. the series starts on december 8th. bubble wallace has become only the 2nd black man who in a nascar cup series raced with victory at the talladega, super speedway on sunday. already the only black driver in the sport he has faced unwanted attention at times after nascar had band confederate flags at its events. of the rain stoppage wallace was declared the winner at the yellow wood $500.00 windows. scott was the 1st vector i was for an alaska cup series race all the way back in 1963,
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michigan's kids out there that want to have an opportunity and whatever they want to achieve and be the best and what they want to do. and i was always going to stick trudy or your path and not let the nonsense get to you. and i stay strong, the humble the hungry in plenty times where i want to give up and you surround yourself with the right people and it's more like this. how you appreciate. staying in the states, the los angeles charges beat the las vegas rate is 282 teen austin, a killer help themselves to 2 touchdowns. as the l. a side end of the rate, as unbeaten started the season. both teams have now 13, and last one to start over in philadelphia there was a major upset of the us open squash tournament egyptian world. number one, ali for arg was knocked out in the quarter finals. toys these di, oh,
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welshman, jo makin may have was the point of the match, but he knocked out the defending champion back and had never taken more than a game in 3 years. 2 for and over to norway for the world wrestling championships and a mixed night for iran, they had a finalist in all 4 of mondays, finals at the any victory came in the mighty 70 kilogram plus coming on the go to bottom, gossum for 2nd the gold medal elsewhere jordan burrows and hans, these legendary state is becoming the 1st american 2 in 5 will titles. it's one of sports fiercest rivalries. the boston red sox and the new york yankees will meet on tuesday in a straight shooter for a place in the next round. of major league baseball playoffs, the winner between these 2 old foes will take on the tampa bay raise in the best of 3 divisions series. it's very exciting and obviously you know, there with the ah, the yankees to in the history with the red sox yankees. ah, it's, it's going to be
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a, you know, is going to be dog fight and scobee all hands on deck. and are you you're, you're just trying to find a way to win it any way possible. i mean, i think it's just like, can we, can we get it going already? you know, it's like a bit of a waiting game i think, which is good for the body. good for the mind to a certain extent to recover. but you're, you're chopping out a bit to get back out there and, and, you know, excited for the challenge that ahead of us. and that's all the sports needs. the stars. yes. thanks so much pisa. well, now russia has launched an actress and film director into space in hopes of making the wilds a fast movie in all bits that you are are being accompanied by russian cosmonaut guy and, and i headed towards the international space station, the 12 day mission. we'll see the team shoot scenes for the 1st a feature length felt in space, rushes, no stranger to fast. the nation was the 1st blow, a man, a woman, and even
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a dog and to space. all that set for this news out me back in a moment with oh ok, tuba on al jazeera, them growing vaccine inequality to the political and economic impact. the latest development as the corona virus pandemic continues to spread across the globe. democracy made an expensive new series, explored the ever growing challenges to democracy around the world. former bookmark massive president. glazed come forward, goes on 5 for the assassination of his predecessor, thomas frank. harland. context, india, direct from them by brings insights and perspectives from the world's most populous democracy. your work is due to the pool in an election likely to decline the countries future. october on al jazeera frank assess what,
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what's the point of the un? if multilateralism isn't part of indiana, we need somewhere. we're sovereign states can exchange informed opinions. you focus likely to change biking behavioral. it's not going to change their behavior. they're going to continue to do what they do when it's going to be more and trade less in terms of trying to match this more games mentality. in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on out jo sierra. ah, how many nukes is too many new america has in many ways driven the arms written for parties are much more like the british, poised out to that there are fewer regulations to own a tiger than there are to own a dog. how can this be happening? your weekly take on us politics and society, and that's the bottom line. you know, you can watch out to say we're english streaming light on like youtube channel, plus thousands of all programs. award winning documentaries and death news reports
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. subscribe to you choose dot com, forward slash al, jazeera english ah po, fixed press as deep sorrow after an inquiry. find that 330000 children sexually abused within the french catholic church. ah, and i there, i miss darcy. hey, this is al jazeera live from dar ha. also coming up a facebook whistlebury prepared to.


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