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tv   [untitled]    October 5, 2021 1:30pm-2:01pm AST

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is a facebook's customers no likes, no insta moments. no world wide phone calls are messaging. facebook's chief technology officer needed twitter to tell customers it was having massive technical difficulties. and then he apologized. facebook services coming back online now may take some time to get to 100 percent to every small and large business family. an individual who depends on us. i'm sorry. the outage also shut down operations at facebook's california headquarters. no phones, no computers. some workers reportedly using zoom to hold meeting is a good reminder. the internet is incredibly fragile. it actually can have problems like this arise and not work for long periods. typically, we don't really experience it much anymore. he used to be a lot more common, like a decade ago. some found the outage at facebook, instagram and what's app funny. but for whatsapp users,
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analysts say the disruption could have been catastrophic. whatsapp is tremendously important for communication in a lot of parts of the globe. i mean, it does raise questions around, you know, how important it is for there to be redundancy, but also questions around, you know, should private companies be solely in control of infrastructure. so critical to communications and the outage comes as facebook is under fire for how it does business. us regulator, st. facebook is a monopoly and should be broken apart. a move, the company opposes a spoke note last week. the senators grilled a facebook official about a whistle blowers allegations the company refuses to block hate speech bullying and other forms of harmful messaging from its sites. that whistle blower just gave her 1st tv interview explaining why she thinks this is the case. the thing i saw facebook over and over again was there were conflicts of interest between well,
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is good for the public. and what was gay for facebook? and facebook over and over again shows to optimized for its own interests, like making more money. facebook denies, frances holligan's allegation saying, quote, to suggest we encourage bad content and do nothing is just not true. but the company's efforts to build on the public's trust. now faith, another hurdle hog and testifies before congress about facebook on tuesday, rosalyn jordan else's era washington mostella had here on out as era as very as deepen of our chinese real estate giant ever granted 300000000000 dollar debt. second, chinese home builder finds itself in financial trouble. we look at how iraq's politicians are taking on the challenge of convincing people to vote and mid calls on social media for an election boycott and more successful iran at the world wrestling championships that's coming up shortly in school. ah
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hello, good to be with you. we've had more flooding in europe, let me show you some of the numbers, so that south of france, marcia, picking up a 173 millimeters of rain liquid, did a torrent of water over the streets here on the line of cars stalled out. you know, as bad as it was here toward the north west of italy, almost a meter of rain within 24 hours. and these storms are really stuck in this area. red weather alerts once again for the north west of italy flooding a guarantee. and for southern switzerland we could scoop up about $350.00 millimeters of rain. it's nice now for the balkans, but this energy will move across. so we looked toward belgrade, the winds will crank up 1st on wednesday and there's at wet weather on thursday. whites and wendy for the eastern united kingdom right into the low countries. u. k . met office has yellow weather alerts for a huge swath of england,
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the potential to see some flooding and the winds in this. and we could see them wind up to about 55 kilometers per hour. off to turkey. we've got rain across the black sea coast, but heavy falls, especially for the northeast. where yeah, and this weather broadcasts right now as we head toward a western parts of africa and heavy pulses of rain. a long guinea be south that's also spilling into the senate goal on tuesday. and in the gambia banjo has a high of 31 degrees. ah, this is one of the most astounding that no logical revolutions in all history make our planet gritty. we have to meet the suitable emission targets electrical, meet, mitchell, motion. they need to be mind to where people are just talking about wind in solar sake that can solve the problem. it won't, the world of distance and commerce is driving the energy transition is the promise
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of clean energy and illusion. the dark side of green energy on al jazeera, examining the headline. we can have a political defensive political difference should not be that he's them to kill other human investigative journalism. it's a secret location we've gained access to a training can run by ethnic insurgent voice and from different corn. i never see, no american dream in america. we just filled out a caged animal. things on that that my child didn't go through. programs that open your eyes to an alternative view of well to day on allergies you ah ah,
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hello again, i'm the sazia t a in durham. let's remind you about top stories here. the south. nearly 330000 children were victims of sexual abuse at the hands of the french catholic church over 70 years. that's the finding of an independent commission, which says the church showed cool indifference to victims. the nobel prize for physics has been given to 3 scientists for discoveries and climate and complex physical systems. the nobel committee says there revealed ground breaking contributions to our understanding of complex physical systems. and authority is on the spanish island of la palmer. stepping up there surveillance of the erupt in volcano, there after part of the crater collapse. nixon, the eruption has become more explosive, causing significant damage to property and farm land. i'll returning to our top story, the sexual abuse of hundreds of thousands of children by members of the french catholic church. the president of the bishops conference of france says the attitude of the church authorities must change robertson julia tuesday seemed to
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the people who had been victims of these eggs from priests glued to men and nuns, or from other people of the church. i expressed my shame my horror, my determination to act with them showed a refusal to see good refusal to hear the world to hide or cover up the fairest. see the reluctance to denounced and publicly disappeared from the attitudes. all church authorities, priests, pastoral people, enjo shippers, and trust that i speak on behalf of the brochures. now on sunday, iraq, he is, will they, it for a new permanent and a snap election under new electoral law. iraq has in large anti government protests in recent years against an employment and a lack of services. alhashan has more now from baghdad on how candidates are reaching voters. it hasn't been an easy ride for iraq's politicians to win over people's hearts and minds. so they are doing everything they can to secure
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votes in the upcoming elections. and as it is the case these days, social media plays a huge part in the campaign. more than 60 percent of iraqis are online and active on social media because it's the easiest and the cheapest way to reach to the people. and especially we can choose, our young people will man and people they can, they cannot afford maybe to have good electricity to watch tv all the time. ah, but after the 2019 anti government demonstrations that saw 100 soft protesters killed, the real challenge is convincing. people to cast their votes. so we are using on social media to encourage people to go to vote. because this is number one. before we ask them to whom they vote, we should we ask them to go and vote what there is resistance. some social media
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influences are calling for a boycott of the elections because they say politicians need to have better policies to tackle iraq's challenges. gisela, 100, ali fatherly, famous satire shore presenter with hundreds of thousands of followers is one of them is using social media to promote his anti election stance kellum than if you're an in washer handler. he, the more we criticize the candidates, the more they're going to push back and try different ways to win. i'm therefore very pessimistic about the outcome. and when i tackle this issue, i'm not going to vote and will call on people boycott john. what, distal occlusal social media is playing a crucial role in the race to get votes. during this, it's an extension of the more traditional campaign like this. what pictures and posters of the candidates i put across is what many iraqis are angry at the politicians for failing to provide services and create jobs. so, winning them over will likely pool that difficult. we asked iraqis and but that if
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social media has been effective in changing their minds during this campaign and refer hi my, i don't see any influence for social media on our decisions. our generation is mature enough to know his good and who spot. we saw what happened in the october 2019 protests and the price we paid and added, but army social media is very effective. we can watch him to friendship between candidates who deserves and who doesn't need him. when that home with his young, i hopped on, the social media is much more important than tv and newspapers. but our problem in iraq is that our social media is partisan. just as the country. it's divided into parties, sex and paths, elaborate in exxon. this adds to the challenges that independent candidates face in every election in a country where a quality sized ation and divisions make it difficult to get their message across. aaliyah shimaya 0 baghdad. as concerns care about chinese real estate giant ever
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grants and financial health. a 2nd property developer has now failed to repay a debt. fantasia holdings was due to make a payment of $205000000.00 to its bondholders on monday. investors are already worried that housing giant, ever grand, great might collapse robin bride of what's now from hong kong in recent weeks, as grand has been selling off assets to meet its debts, but has still been missing repayment deadlines. now analysts are predicting it may have to sell off part of its property management unit to a hong kong based real estate company to raise billions of dollars more as ever grand problems have snowballed. it shares have lost more than 80 percent in value this year. it has well over a 1000 property developments across china, putting many homeowners at risk of losing their investments. founded in the mid ninety's ever grand has grown quickly into a conglomerate,
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not only involved in real estate, but with interests in sectors, from personal finance, to food and drink and electric cars. many y'all in even owning one of china's most important football clubs. and there are growing fears about the possible contagion effect for other large property developers. because the ever grand saga has been dragging on for some time, the air poverty market had really come to a stand still and, and part. but if prices that for lee given ever grand size and reach across the chinese economy, there's real concern about the fall out if it fails, or even if it can be allowed to fail by the central government, especially in a country where maintaining social stability is so important in the southern chinese city of saint jenn worried investors have laid siege to the company's offices. we turn our money champions,
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protesters. it's widely believed the government has been probing, state backed entities to buy assets from every grant to prop it up with the priority being to settle debts at home 1st. ever rel has a heavy exposure to the overseas investors upon market on but then i think they're the last in line together. payments selling more assets will give ever ground another rest bite, but the billions of dollars of debt it will still carry forward makes its whole future an uncertain one. rob mcbride, al jazeera hong kong. now taiwan premier says the territory is on high alert against what he called, beijing's continued violations. hammers to its n chung made that announcement after a record number of chinese aircraft entered a tie, one's elephant zone. it's ministry of defense has a 148 chinese warplanes had breached that zone. just since friday, china has recently ramped up pressure on taiwan,
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which it says is part of its territory. how green peace activists have attempted to stop shipping traffic to sell refinery in the dutch port of ra, sedan police. they entered the blockade after several hours on monday and thought authority came, there was minimal disruption that the protesters still said they made a point. and im, barber of what's now from rotterdam. police moving in on greenpeace protest is in rotterdam. campaigners with the environmental pressure groups scaled vis seiler. belonging to shell as part of a direct action. they also blocked off parts of rotterdam port with this 30 me to boat. well smaller vessels played their part, calling for an end to all fossil fuel advertising and sponsorship in europe. a new greenpeace reports claims 2 thirds of recent social media ads by the likes of shell and total amounted to what it calls greenwashing. it could either be advertisement that sell a renewable energy even if they're in your warranty cost. it is only
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a very, very tiny percentage of their investments, or it could also be what we will call full solutions. so for instance, a promoting affective teams that will allow you to continue driving your car as if nothing has happened. greenpeace is one of more than 20 groups aiming to get a 1000000 signatures for a petition to the european commission. if they do, brussels must consider passing legislation. they want to ban on advertising, that includes vehicles, flights, or fairies that run on fossil fuels. but here in the netherlands, it's the oil and gas burns under the greatest pressure after a case brought by environmental groups. earlier this year, a court ordered royal dutch shell to cut its global carbon emissions by the end of 2030 by 45 percent of 2019 levels and the ruling wards of an eminence. violation of the company's legal obligations to reduce dangerous the human life, which it knew about shall, is appealing against that judgment, but activists hope things like the petition will push it to act,
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to curb the growing climate emergency and confront him with a really, i'm confronted with it, when i see the news, when i see a news about refugees coming because there is no possibility to live in their countries. i see it when the oil prices are rising in england. i see it in every day. and i think we should just act shows as it respects the right to protest, but called this action on its property unsafe and illegal. it also says it's important. it lets customers know about lower carbon options. wire advertising port authority say there was barely any disruption to shipping traffic, but the message has been delivered. a call for europe to act over what big energy companies claim about their green credentials. the dean barber al jazeera rotterdam investigators in california and now looking into whether an oil slick there could have been caused by a ship's anchor. striking a pipeline. the spill has been described as an environmental catastrophe. more than 500000 leases of oil has leaked into the ocean and is now washing up on beaches.
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robin's reports now from huntington beach in california, an environmental catastrophe on the california coast. sandy beaches fouled by globs of tar shore birds. wading through wetlands soaked in oil, a burst pipeline from an offshore oil rig gushed half a 1000000 leaders of crude into the pacific. from the air, the oily shining covers parts of the ocean surface beaches along a large stretch of coast are now closed. we know that there is oil ranging from huntington beach and now we know as far down as laguna and, and likely moving, continuing to move in a southerly direction. the area is so popular with swimmers, surfers and sun bathers, that huntington beach is nicknamed surfed city usa coastal conservation advocates are devastated. you know, it's kind of a sense of ha, you know, really sadness and tragedy combined with a sense that you kind of knew it's inevitable. emergency crews at sea and on land
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are laying floating barriers to try to contain the oil and prevent even more damage . a number of birds soaked with oil have been rescued, but the impact of the still will be felt throughout the ecosystem of beaches and coastal marshes. say environmentalists is going to get on to the rocks and under the rocks. and it's going to also settle in different places and in the levels of the, the, the water. so there's gonna be some on top. you can try skim as much of that off as they can, but some of them could settle to the bottom. and just stay down there for a while. the clean up will likely take months. there are 23 oil platforms off the california coast, all of them date back at least to the 1980s. for years, environmentalists have been warning that aging oil industry infrastructure and pipes together with lax regulation are a recipe for disaster. the company that operates the pipeline,
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texas based amplify energy, emerged from bankruptcy protection just 4 years ago. it has a long heard of violating federal environmental laws, amplify energy ceo says it's unknown what caused the spill, but the pipeline has been shut down. there is no active weakness we are aware of. and especially in that specific area that we've, we've identified environmental to say, the only way to stop future spills is to shut down the offshore rigs for good. this is a wake up call that we need to stop offshore drilling our for our coastline. the damaging spill comes amidst a national effort to switch to clean sources of energy. a major part of president joe biden's proposed infrastructure legislation. rob reynolds al jazeera, huntington beach, california, or meanwhile 14 percent of the wilds. karl has been lost in less than a decade. a report by the un backed global data network says more reefs are at risk
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of disappearing because of climate change. warming oceans are causing more carl bleaching events. now that's when carls under heat stress expel the colorful algae living in their tissues and dine. international tourists won't be able to get into his trailer until sometime next year. even though borders are set to begin reopening in november. prime ministers got morrison says priority will be given to skilled migrants and students fully vaccinated citizens as well as residents. you've been stranded overseas, will be able to go home from next month without hotel quarantine. and australians will be allowed to travel abroad again on a group of teachers in new york has demonstrated against vaccine mandates. in the city. teachers and other staff members were required to be vaccinated against private 19th. before schools opened on monday, my bill diblasio has said unvaccinated employees would be placed on unpaid leave. a judge denied the teacher's bid to hope the mandate. sports is next here on out of
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the era and any of our, the challenges remain top of that division. that story and much more coming up next . ah
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mm mm pool. ah ah mac and downtime to support his piece of this other. thank you so much. we'll start with football. and the will players union is calling for compulsory breaks to prevent burn out the report on men's football by fif pro says frequent race periods are urgently needed to relieve the strain on players. the union has identified the critical zone being the biggest problem for non rest,
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where players compete for at least 45 minutes and matchers less than 5 days apart. and earlier we spoke with the general secretary of fi for eunice by hoffman. what we studied in the latest report and previous reports is the frequency with which players essentially play games without 5 days of rest. in between, that's scientifically established and in practice, establish standards where you get optimal recovery for your body. and of course, that cannot be granted all the time, but it should be granted in a very periodic basis. and what we see now is that some of the elite players in the world, they play up to 7080 percent of their games without the rest. and that is very clearly aligned with an increase of injury risk. and that is aligned with, of course, performance reduction in terms of the distance that you run with the speed with which you run, etc. and those are very substantial problems. so what we're suggesting and what we're, what we're looking to negotiate with the stakeholders is how you can cap essentially
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the number of games that you would play without this minimum amount of rest. and therefore, where you would have almost a mandatory rest periods in between games. and then of course you will see how that aligns with the scheduling of games, but potentially of course players with games out in order to recover better. and then there's many other assets in this report which talk about the travel, we compare players from same teams depending on which country they represent outside of the continent where they play football or when we look at off season breaks and mid season breaks, the entire number of minutes the players have been feel that et cetera. so there's a lot of data there, which we think is critical because we cannot take decision on something as fundamental as the match. calendar. anecdotal ideas, but we need data and we need to have smart decision making. the australian and british governments have been working together to ensure the ashes. cricket series goes ahead, late of this year. cricket australia has been negotiating with authorities over
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travel conditions and where the families can visit the country during the christmas and new year period. some england players have expressed doubts about 2 owing to bubble fatigue. tease who astray lawyers, strict cove at 19 protocols. we are hopeful that we will be able to have this go ahead or ultimately it's always in the hands of the the turing party at. but we've been working to bay flexible and practical on the one hand, make sure that we have up safety arrangements for australia on the other hand, to be practical and flexible at to give that tearing party every chance of coming here. the england and wales cricket board will decide this week whether the proposed arrangements in australia are sufficient. the series starts on december 8 . bubble wallace has become only the 2nd black men to win a nascar cup series race with victory at the talladega. super speedway on sunday. already the only black driver in the sport he has faced unwanted attention. at
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times of the nascar had been confederate flags at its events. of the rain stoppage wallace was declared the winner at the yellow wood 500 window. scott was the 1st black driver to win a nascar. so cup series race in 1963, mrs. rollins kids out there that want to have an opportunity and whatever they want to achieve and be the best and what they want to do and um, but she was going to stick true to your, your path and not let the, the nonsense get to you. and stay strong, the humble, the hungry in plenty times where i want to give up and you surround yourself with the right people and it's more like this. how you appreciate. staying in the states . slower. los angeles charges meet the las vegas rate is $28.00. 14 austin color helped himself to 2 touchdowns. as the ali side ended, the rate is unbidden. thoughts of the season. both teams have now 13, and last one to stop the campaign. over in philadelphia, there was a major upset at the us open squash tournament egyptian will number one early frog
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was knocked out in the quarter finals. boys die. these die o weltman joe makin, may have lost the points of the match, but he knocked out the defending champion back and had never taken more than a game in 3 previous defeats 2 foot arc i've, it's no way for the world wrestling savage up sand a mixed night for iran, they had a finalist in all 4 of monday's finals, but the only victory came in the 97 kilogram class. come run, go to bun gossum for taking the gold medal elsewhere. jordan burrows and hans, his legendary state is becoming the 1st american to win 5 will titles. it's one of sports fiercest rivalry is the boston red sox and the new york yankees will meet on tuesday in a straight shoot out for a place in the next round of major league baseball playoffs. the winner between these 2 old foes will take on the temporary res, in the best of 3 divisions,
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series and so we'll leave it for now. i'll be again with another sports up that a little bit later than a 1000. thanks so much please that. well, that's it for me and start the day for this news on a hand you over to nick will have more news in just a minute and see ah, ah october oh, now jesse and brewing vaccine inequality for the political and economic impact. the latest development at the corona virus pandemic continued to spread across the globe. democracy made an expensive new series,
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explores the ever growing challenges to democracy around the world format became effective president, blaze come pouring goes on 5 for the assassination of its free defense. commer, thank contact india, direct from them by brings insights and perspectives from the world's most populous democracy. you work, you go to the poll in an election likely to define the countries you check. october on al jazeera frank assessments. what's the point of the un if multilateralism isn't part of indiana, we need someone, we're sovereign states can exchange views. informed opinions is likely to change biking behavior. it's not going to change their behavior. they're going to continue to do what they do when it's going to be more in trade and less in terms of trying to match the small games mentality. in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera. ah,
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how many nukes is too many nukes america has in many ways driven the arms race for parties are much more like the british parties down to the there are you regulations to own a tiger, then there are its own job. how can this be happening? your weekly take on us politics and society and that's the bottom line. ah, another crisis for the catholic church show you french commission finds nearly 330000 children were victims of sexual abuse. ah, 11 o'clock, this is abs 0 live from to hall also coming up the no bell, a prize for physics goes to a trio of scientists for their work on us changing climb toe on one's. it will do
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what it takes to defend itself. after a record number of chinese jets into its air defense soon.


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