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ah ah ah. ready ah. ready ready the catholic church is accused of hiding behind a veil of silence as an enquiry estimates 330000 people may have been victims of vincent from ah, on the clock. this is al desert life from there also can we help facebook? what's up and instagram back online after world wide outage?
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the company blames a technical fall. taiwan warns it will do what it takes to defend itself after record number of chinese jets and it's a defense zone. in danger of vanishing, how climate change is killing the world's coral reefs? ah, so often nitty 3 is investigating the french catholic church. a commission says about 330000 children were victims of sexual abuse. over 70 years. the lamar report says about $3000.00 child abuses, 2 thirds of whom were priests operated within the church. since 19 fifties report details what it calls a complete indifference on the part of the church towards the victims. catholic bishops in france called for an independent inquiry in 2018 to shed light on past abuses. is new, sombre, and useful. it seemed indispensable in our investigation to look at everything that
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can feed or justify abuses and sexual violence. and that includes a form of exaggerating the priest's authority and an excessive sacrilege. zation, as well as the identification of the priest to christ in all aspects of his life is sure a key lik, of the commission has found that an outlook excessively taboo of sexuality is susceptible in creating blind spots to very grave abuses. facebook as apologize for the technical problems at crashed his platform along with instagram and what's up for hours. it says it has no evidence. user data was compromised. the massive outage is the latest trouble among soccer birds company, which is also facing accusations from a whistleblower. rosalyn jordan reports now from washington, dc for 7 hours on monday for billions of face books, customers, no likes, no insta moment. no world wide phone calls are messaging. facebook's chief technology officer needed twitter to tell customers it was having massive technical
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difficulties. and then he apologized. facebook services coming back online now may take some time to get to 100 per cent, to every small and large business family. an individual who depends on us. i'm sorry. the outage also shut down operations at facebook's california headquarters. no phones, no computers. some workers reportedly using zoom to hold meeting. it's a good reminder, the internet is incredibly fragile. it actually can have problems like this arise and not work for long periods. typically, we don't really experience it much anymore. it used to be a lot more common, like a decade ago. some found the outage at facebook, instagram and what's app funny. but for whatsapp users, analysts say the disruption could have been catastrophic. what's app is tremendously important for communication in a lot of parts of the globe. i mean,
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it does raise questions around, you know, how important it is for there to be redundancy, but also questions around, you know, should private companies be solely in control of infrastructure? so critical to communications and the outage comes as facebook is under fire for how it does business. us regulator say facebook is a monopoly and should be broken apart. a move, the company opposes a spoke note last week. the senators grilled a facebook official about a whistle blowers allegations the company refuses to block hate speech bullying, and other forms of harmful messaging from its sites that whistleblower just gave her 1st tv interview explaining why she thinks this is the case. the thing i saw facebook over and over again was there were conflicts of interest between what was good for the public and what was gay for facebook. and facebook over and over again shows optimized for its own interests, like making more money. facebook denies francis hawkins allegation saying quote,
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to suggest we encourage bad content and do nothing is just not true. but the company's efforts to build on the public's trust now face another hurdle. hogan testifies before congress about facebook on tuesday. rosalind jordan, l g 0 washington. i saw his claim responsibility for sunday's blast outside of mosque in the afghan capital was killed, 13 people. the taliban says it destroyed and i still sell in the north of trouble owls off to the explosion, which was the launch is attack since u. s. troop withdrawal. iceland africanist on previously claim responsibility for a suicide attack at cobbles. airport in august was killed both us soldiers in about a 170 afghan civilians. 70 deca hesitates is not from cold. i think the taliban did expect it to be ice. okay. because immediately on sunday evening they launched a campaign in the northern areas of cobble focusing on members of ice. okay. that
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statement i have in common last night, claiming it was a suicide bomber that managed to detonate himself. at one of the checkpoints, security has been tightened in the capital and reaction to that. certainly when it comes to the taliban security, as one of the main, the only, i think hailing force that they've always said they would be the only ones to provide for this country. so this is what so important. this was a real sort of act of defiance to show that the suicide bomber could come to one of the main entrances of the mosque were senior leaders of the taliban were gathering . so this is now certainly a concern going forward for the taliban. and you know, there's been an increased of attacks by ice. okay, not just here in the capital also until about, but certainly the fact that they now seem to be operational here is a concern. i mean, remember, this is a group that are really, it's an insurgent group. they've been fighting in the mountains for 2 decades. they now need to run a countryman just now. we finished listening to a press conference from the passport office. women are being called back to work there because they're going to start processing paperwork,
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ideas and passports as of tuesday. and they're going to segregate the men and women and to deal with the paperwork of women. they're now holding women back to work. of course, that's an issue here. women's rights are women being allowed to work. but i think the bottom line is, this is simply cannot sustain a bureaucracy with people that are not experienced fighters cannot do this tones. premier says the territory is on the high alerts against what he called bay genes continued violations. premier as to saying chung, made the announcement off to record number of chinese aircraft and to tie ones are space. it's ministry of to friends says $56.00 fighter jets passed into its church in 24 hours and a $148.00 chinese planes since friday. a china has recently ramped up pressure from taiwan, which it says is part of its territory. o m e r g g. taiwan definitely needs to be on alert. china is increasingly over the talk. the world has also seen china's repeated violations of regional pace and pressure on taiwan. so democratic countries have repeatedly issued warnings that our countrymen have to be self
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reliant. we have also seen the president ceaselessly supporting the national army. we must come together as one and strengthen ourselves only then will countries that want to annex tie one, not dare to easily resort to force where the white house pro circuitry has urged bridging to bank gown. will we remain concerned by the people's republic of china's provocative military activity near taiwan, which is destabilizing christmas al miscalculations and undermines a regional peace and stability. we urge beijing to seize its military, diplomatic and economic pressure and coercion against taiwan. and we have an abiding interest in peace and stability across the taiwan strait ad. so i will continue to assist. i want to maintaining a sufficient self defense capability and let her know from drew thompson, who's a visiting senior research fellow at the league kwan new school of public policy and singapore, and a former u. s. defense upon official. he says that taiwan is responding cautiously and is
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willing to engage with aging. the flights over the last 4 days have been unprecedented in terms of their size and frequency of these large stories. and stepping them up over the course of the china is national holiday. and such, large flights really indicates that this is a political warfare effort and part of a massive coercion campaign against the leadership of taiwan and the time when these people. and it's part, i think, not just of a military campaign, but an economic, diplomatic and information campaign as well. unification is a key objective for president. she can ping, he stated as much. he stated in 2013 that this is a question that should not be left for future generations. president, sighing one has played this very carefully. taiwan half responded cautiously to this recent uptick can flights they've exercise restraint. so for instance,
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you haven't seen reports about taiwan fighter bombers flying in to harass these flights. you haven't heard about air defense radars being used to, to paint or to target these chinese aircraft in international airspace. so they've been showing restraint. and at the same time, president tying one is expressed very clearly that she is willing to engage with beijing, presuming that they can engage as equals and without preconditions. now then 14 percent of the world's coral has been lost in less than a decade. reports by the u. n. back to global data networks as more reefs are at risk of disappearing because of climate change. warming oceans are causing more carl bleaching events, and that's when carls on the heat stress expel the colorful la algae that live in that tissues and then die. so let's explore this further johnny's life from brisbin in australia. selina wat, who's a senior lecturer at the university of queensland and the academic director of haron island research station on the great barrier reef. selena would welcome to
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the program just to get an idea of, of the scale of this loss i understand equates to all living coral. it coral in australia. it is a staggering loss that was happening on this scale. very cybering data. i'm sorry. is it happening because the safe getting warmer and our emissions arising rapidly and the cars just basically on typing they are very sensitive to changing temperature that can be as little as one to gray above the average, some a maximum. it lasts the long enough that will cause a bleaching at eat. and the problem we had in the last few years is that we've had repeated bleaching events with an yes small gap between the great barry. we had sri bleaching events within 5 years. and carl's can recover and bounce back technologies i get repeated as souls. and so unless explore that a bit further,
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it doesn't mean that these reefs a dead and there is no coming back. there is an opportunity for these to recover, but what has to happen to enable that to take place but to now be recovering to take place. we need a few things. i mean we, we need some of the carls left there to continue to grow. and to re produce, but we need to have a spell where we don't have more hate wave sit in the water, but we don't have site plans or a crown of thorns cesta outbreaks or anything like that. it's going to further stress the habitat. so we need to have gaps between these events said that the carls have time to reproduce and produce more lobby that will come and settle a minute. corals, coral, after be late, king of 8 tend to be a bit weaker to say that can be outcome painted by ality. and you'll say with the they started in the report that there has been an increase in the amount of algae
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present. an albion carl's want the same things, they want lots of light said a competing his face all the time. so you want to carl strong said that they can at compete the ocoee. so you say that we need these things to stop, you know, extreme weather and warm yeah, oceans and so forth. but isn't a lot of climate change has locked in and therefore the chances of recovery for reflect this, it is next to impossible. well, we still have enough corals to lift to say the rapes, but we do. we would have to act very fast and we will have changes certainly i the time with the amount of hate that is there that we can't avoid. but we all hoping desperately that if we act dramatically enough soon enough to reduce our missions that will be able to have size carl's remaining carls recover and establish the res,
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seem to the future. selena appreciate that. thanks very much. indeed for giving us your expertise on this important story selina with, from strata. hey, welcome. kim. i still had her announcer as worries deep and about chinese real estate, john to have a grunge, 300000000 dollar debt. second, chinese home builder has hit financial trouble getting more aggressive, how a collapsed crater led to the la palm of okay, to sending more lava into the sea. ah hello. we've had some exceptional heat for parts of australia. let me show what i'm talking about. brisbin 36.6 degrees is all had to do with a shift in the wind, but this made it. it's hot, it's october day in 17 years now. temperatures have come down as we looked toward your wednesday, 28 degrees in brisbin,
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but i want to show this frontal system across the bite. let's look at melbourne 22 degrees on wednesday. we press play here we are on thir, stay down to 15 with some active weather rolling through wet in windy conditions for tasmania on thursday. now for new zealand, we've got some heavy falls for the top end of the south island. but look at the tropical air in play here auckland, 20 degrees still on wednesday, some pretty nice temperatures there. we do have a weather disturbance very likely to form into something tropical over that south chinese. see already the outer bands are impacting central and southern areas of vietnam and this area has been hit hard as of late with some tropical activity. southern portions of china, high heat here. so way linds 37 degrees is about 11 above average. but as you go further toward the north where we've got cloud, we've got rain and also low temperature. so beijing just getting up to a high of 14 degrees on wednesday. that's it. that's all see soon. ah, ah,
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the stories that need to be told find a way of getting a window into another life. these are my babies. my students where i go, where i see them. it's just like we are in secondary, from personal endeavors in epic struggle to collateral sacrifices in individual jenny, witness joe cases didn't firing documentary change the while on al jazeera. ah ah. again, you're watching out 0 reminder about top stories is saw at nearly 330000 children.
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were victims of sexual abuse at the hands of the french catholic church. i'm 70 years. that's the finding of an independent commission, which says the church showed cruel indifference to victims services, largely restored to, to facebook and scrum and what's up off to one of the companies, longest outages that affected billions of people around the world. the company is blamed. the technical for taiwan premier says the territories on high alert against what he called bay james continued military intimidation as after a record number of chinese aircraft and to tie ones as space on monday. well as concerns grow about chinese real estate, john ever grants, financial health. a 2nd property developer has failed to repay a debt. fantasia holdings was due to make a payment of $205000000.00 to its bondholders on monday. investors are already worried that housing job to have a ground group might collapse. so let's take a look at how it ended up
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a bucking the it is the trend lever. grand is one of china's tree largest real estate companies and its footprints is big. it runs more than the $1300.00 projects in at 280 cities as house prices rose in the late 19 ninety's in access and nearly endless supply of bank lands and port money into projects including a football team and electric vehicles. but last year, china imposed strict cat meaning that every grant could not to borrow any more. it was left struggling to pay back the $300000000000.00 of orange money. robert bride reports now from hong kong. in recent weeks, ever grand has been selling off assets to meet its debts, but has still been missing repayment deadlines. now analysts are predicting it may have to sell off part of its property management unit to a hong kong based real estate company to raise billions of dollars more as ever grand problems have snowballed. it shares have lost more than 80 percent in value
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this year. it has well over a 1000 property developments across china, putting many homeowners at risk of losing their investments. founded in the mid nineties, ever grant has grown quickly into a conglomerate, not only involved in real estate, but with interests in sectors from personal finance, to food and drink and electric cars. even owning one of china's most important football clubs. and there are growing fears about the possible contagion effect for other large property developers. because the evergreen saga has been dragging on for some time. the air poverty market had really come to a stand still and, and pot. but if prices are fully given ever grand size and reach across the chinese economy, there's real concern about the fall out if it fails,
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or even if it can be allowed to fail by the central government. especially in a country where maintaining social stability is so important. in the southern chinese city of shame, gen worried investors have laid siege to the companies offices, return our money chances. protesters. it's widely believed the government has been prodding state back entities to buy assets from have a grant to prop it up with the priority being to settled debts at home 1st ever ran has a heavy exposure to the overseas investors upon market. and then i think they're the last in line together, paintings selling more assets will give ever grand another respite, but the billions of dollars of debt it will still carry forward makes its whole future and uncertain. rob mcbride, al jazeera hong kong, the early sun, the late philippines dictator, ferdinand marcus has announced he will run for president and next year's elections
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for dinner. marcus gina has been involved in politics since his return from exile in 1991. 1986 over 1000000 filipinos took to the streets to overthrow the marshal rule of marco's. let's bring in jamaila duncan, who's in manila, melissa the latest installment of political dentistry. back in the frame order. his chances while it's hard to say at this point, but so we're talking about a politician, the son of the former dictator. i was actually already lost the vice presidential campaign he launched in 2019. so it remains to be seen where he will pull out the capital, the political capital to actually win the presidency. this time there has been and but what he lacks in popularity. he's made up for resources because since the marcus's came back slowly to power, there's also been a deliberate attempt to paint a rosy picture of the mark was yours. and this is what he has been banking on. he
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spoke about unity about a more effective pandemic response. but just the thought, just the idea of another marcus for the presidency actually conjures images of the suffering of so many survivors who are still alive to talk about how they suffered during the markers years. in fact, even before he has made this announcement to day, there has already been many groups over the past few weeks, working on building together and basically making sure they say and competing against his run up to the presidency. and how does his kind of see change the race for the presidency? well, it's hard to say, but you know, former senator bumble marcos is also an ally of president or the good the 3rd day. so he becomes the 3rd presidential candidate to break away from the administration . in fact, even up to this morning and yesterday there were discussions that he might be there running mate. if the daughter of president rodrigo that are there guns for the
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presidency, this is a mold up multi party system. and you can have as many as 7 presidential candidates here in the philippines, which means that, you know, the winner might only need about 4000000 to 5000000 votes in order to become president of the philippines. but what is sure though, is that the votes of the administration is going to be split immensely, at least by 3 at this point. so in the service here showed that he's about at least 4th in the rankings. but these are surveys that do not matter at this point because the surveys that doing that matter will be around february or march in the run up to the mean night elections tomorrow. thanks very much. did you minute and duncan? thank you. now that's good is in california are looking into whether an oil slick could have been caused by a ship's anchors. striking a pipeline spill is being described as an environmental catastrophe. more than $500000.00 leaches vaughn is leaked into the ocean and is now washing up on beaches . rentals reports from huntington beach in california. an environmental catastrophe
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on the california coast. sandy beaches fouled by globs of tar shore birds. wading through wetlands soaked in oil, a burst pipeline from an offshore oil rig gushed half a 1000000 leaders of crude into the pacific. from the air, the oil shining covers parts of the ocean. surface beaches along a large stretch of coast are now closed. we know that there is oil ranging from huntington beach and now we know as far down as laguna and, and likely move in, continuing to move in a southerly direction. the area is so popular with swimmers, surfers and sun bathers, that huntington beach is nicknamed surfed city usa coastal conservation advocates are devastated. you know, it's kind of a sense of ha, you know, really sadness and tragedy combined with a sense that you've kind of knew it's inevitable, emergency crews, etc. and on land are laying floating barriers to try to contain the oil and prevent even more damage. a number of birds soaked with oil have been rescued,
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but the impact of the still will be felt throughout the ecosystem of beaches and coastal marshes. say environmentalists is going to get on to the rocks and under the rocks. and it's going to also settle in different places and in the levels of the, the, the water. so there's gonna be some on top. you can try skim as much of that off as it can, but some of them could settle to the bottom and just stay down there for a while. the clean up will likely take months. there are $23.00 oil platforms off the california coast. all of them date back at least to the 1980s. for years, environmentalists have been warning that aging oil industry infrastructure and pipes together with lax regulation are a recipe for disaster. the company that operates the pipeline, texas based amplify energy, emerged from bankruptcy protection. just 4 years ago, it has a long heard of violating federal environmental laws,
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amplify energy ceo says it's unknown what caused the spill, but the pipeline has been shut down. there is no active weakness we are aware of, and especially in that specific area that we've, we've identified environmental a say. the only way to stop future spills is to shut down the off shore rigs for good. this is a wake up call that we need to stop offshore drilling our for our coastline. the damaging spill comes amidst a national effort to switch to clean sources of energy. a major part of president joe biden's proposed infrastructure legislation. rob reynolds al jazeera huntington beach, california spain has rescued a group of people from a dinky off the coast of new yorker who said they had spent 12 days at sea. some of the 14 rescued were suffering from burns from dehydration searches underway for 3 others. hundreds of died or gone missing while attempting dangerous. crossing to europe. as soon as we have 11 people to arrive,
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2 of them have been transported here by helicopter free have been referred to the hospital because the had major bands, the hydration, and also injuries over i and severity of those who are here now will make a 2nd assessment to see how many can be transferred to the police, and which should wait a little longer until they feel better before taking them. authorities on the spanish island of la palmer stepping up surveillance of the erupt in volcano after part of the crater collapse. it sent a surge of lava down the hillside and into the sea. the russian is becoming more explosive, a causing significant damage to property and farmland. more than a 1000 homes have been destroyed. local authorities briefly open parts of the exclusion church zone from where general has filed this report. well this is the closest we've been able to get so far to this volcano we're on a sort of media tour that brought us into the exclusion zone. the danger zone, the authorities here describe it as an air where
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a blackened blanket of very heavy volcanic ash the roadways absolutely covered in the stuff the pavements. the houses here look at it piled up high on the roof having to wear protective gear. of course, against the sulphur f i look at this really quite heavy pieces of volcanic raining down on our heads all the time now. but it's impossible to ignore a course the sound and the fury of that. okay. now, the very clear that when a new or explosive aggressive phase of this rupture now late on sunday night, the main call fell in on itself. combining the 3 active vents into one and producing a huge surge of lava, a brand new river of lava coming down the mountain side here towards the sea. and this is how close we are. take a look at it. this is the lava river that is scouting its way,
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coughing its way through the mountain side here, right through these communities. these villages some houses of course, lucky to survive. others not so much. and as it comes down, creating brand new folk volcanic rock topography that will change the face of this island forever. and this is where it all ends up. 80000000 cubic meters of hot lava cascading over a cliff edge and altering this islands. geography with a brand new land mass rising from the sea, measuring 30 hector's so far off its western age. and for all those waiting to return to their homes for an island, counting the extraordinary losses to its economy, it's tourist resorts sitting empty, evacuated. the question of course is how long is all of this going to go on for while the volcano shows no sign of slowing down, no, great surprise there,
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the average duration of an event like this is 58 days. and yet, here we are at the empty tables and the empty beaches on day 60 jonah hall al jazeera on la palmer island in the atlantic ocean. your scientists have made a breakthrough entreating severe depression using an appliance, it is inserted into the brain. the matchbox size device can detect and treat depressive behaviors and machine promising results. once it spots the pattern, it sends 6 seconds of electricity, which prompts a change in brain activity. it was used on its 1st patient a year ago, who says it's turned her life around. ah, this is our desert. these are the top stories, and after nearly 3 years investigating the french catholic church, a commission says about 330000 children, were victims of sexual abuse over 70 years. the lamar report says about $3000.00
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child abuses, 2 thirds of whom were priests operated within the church. since in 19 fifties report details what it calls the churches.


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