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tv   [untitled]    October 5, 2021 10:00am-10:31am AST

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the mind to those who are ready to die for democracy maybe coming soon on out to 0 . frank assessments is likely to change biking behavior at all. it's not gonna change their behavior, they're going to continue to do what they do. and in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on out jesse era. ah, facebook, what's happened instagram? back online after world wide outage. the company blames a technical folds. ah, at on o'clock this is out, is there a light from to ha, also coming up, taiwan warns it will do what it takes to defend itself after a record number of chinese jets and to it's
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a defense is where he's deep and about chinese real estate john, to have a grand $300000000000.00 debt. a 2nd chinese home builder has had financial trouble . the u. s. coast guard race is to clean up a large oil spill off the coast of california. officials declare a state of emergency fearing an ecological disaster. ah, said facebook has apologized for technical problems that crashed it platform along with instagram and watch out for hours. it says it has no evidence use a data was compromised. the outage is the latest trouble for mazacco birds company, which is also facing accusations from a whistleblower. roslyn, jordan reports now from washington, dc for 7 hours on monday for billions of facebook's customers. no likes, no insta moment. no world wide phone calls are messaging. facebook's chief technology
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officer needed twitter to tell customers it was having massive technical difficulties. and then he apologized. facebook services coming back online now may take some time to get to 100 percent, to every small and large business family, an individual who depends on us. i'm sorry, the outage also shut down operations at facebook's california headquarters. no phones, no computers. some workers reportedly using zoom to hold meeting is a good reminder. the internet is incredibly fragile. it actually can have problems like this arise and not work for long periods. typically, we don't really experience it much anymore. it used to be a lot more common, like a decade ago. some found the outage at facebook, instagram and what's app funny, but for whatsapp users, analysts say the disruption could have been catastrophic. what's app is
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tremendously important for communication in a lot of parts of the globe. i mean, it does raise questions around, you know, how important it is for there to be redundancy, but also questions around, you know, should private companies be solely in control of infrastructure? so critical to communications and the outage comes as facebook is under fire for how it does business. us regulator, st. facebook is a monopoly and should be broken apart. a move, the company opposes a spoke note last week. the senators grilled a facebook official about a whistle blowers allegations the company refuses to block hate speech bullying and other forms of harmful messaging from its sites that whistleblower just gave her 1st tv interview explaining why she thinks this is the case. thing i saw facebook over and over again was there were conflicts of interest between what was good for the public and what was gave for facebook. and facebook over and over again shows
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to optimized for its own interests, like making more money. facebook denies francis hawkins allegation saying quote, to suggest we encourage bad content and do nothing is just not true. but the company's efforts to build on the public's trust now face another hurdle hog and testifies before congress about facebook on tuesday. rosalind jordan else's era washington, lina fried is the chief, technologically a technology correspondent at axia. and she says the outage shows the scale of facebook monopoly. and why there are growing coals to regulating take john? these types of outages are rare. they do usually happen, some sort of update is made and it knocks out a whole bunch of servers. typically though it doesn't take down all of facebook services or all of microsoft or all of google's and certainly not globally. so this was unusual. obviously the timing is particularly unique. i think it isn't necessarily. busy a sign of a conspiracy theory or a massive hack,
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but certainly it comes at a precarious time. and it's been interesting to watch both critics and supporters of facebook and facebook itself. say, see, this is how important we are. and the critic saying this is why no one company should be in charge of this much of the internet, and it sort of goes against the idea of the decentralized internet. whereas facebook is saying, you know, we're sorry, we're sorry. we took something so vital to so many people, so it creates an interesting backdrop ahead of tomorrow's hearings. people in the united states in particular, didn't feel it in the same way as people globally where whatsapp is a key to communications and payment systems. but again, globally, as you know, what's app is tremendously important for communication in a lot of parts of the globe. i'm, it does raise questions around, you know, how important it is for there to be redundancy, but also questions around, you know, should private companies be solely in control of infrastructure. so critical to
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communications, anti ones premier says the territory is on the highlands over beijing continued military intimidation. premier suit sing, china made the announcement author, record number of chinese aircraft entered it as faith. highlands ministered fences, 565 digit pass into territory in 24 hours. and $148.00 chinese plains since friday . a china has recently ramped up pressure on taiwan, which it says is part of its territory. oh, on etiology you, taiwan definitely needs to be on alert. china is increasingly over talks the world has also seen china's repeated violations of rage, no pace, and pressure on taiwan. so democratic countries have repeatedly issued warnings that our countrymen have to be self reliant. we have also seen the president ceaselessly supporting the national army. we must come together as one and strengthen ourselves only then will countries that want to annexed high one,
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not dare to easily resort to force. so let's david. so now we can speak to drew thompson, who's a visiting senior research fellow at the lee kwan you school of public policy in singapore. in a former u. s. defense department officials joins us of our skype from singapore drink 1st up. so there's been this continued chinese, their presence for more than a year, doing china's up in the ante with a, with an end game in sight. so the find some of the last 4 days had been unprecedented in terms of their size and frequency of these large sorties and stepping them up over the course of the china is national holiday. and such large flights really indicates that this is a political warfare effort. and part of a massive coercion campaign against the leadership of taiwan and the taiwanese people. and it's part, i think, not just of a military campaign, but an economic, diplomatic and information campaign as well. to think china has
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a real intention of one day taking taiwan. certainly they've stated that intention unification is a key objective for president shaking pang. he stated as much he stated in 2013, that this is an a question that should not be left for future generations. so he's, he's also asserted that he intends to use force to unify taiwan if it cannot be accomplished peacefully. so the possibility of war exists, but it doesn't seem like it's going to happen right away, but it's certainly an option that beijing is reserving for itself to taiwan for its pilot says it will never compromise and yield to threats. at what point will this kind this be resolved? you know, some point something's got to give. well, i think president tying one has played this very carefully. taiwan hath responded
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cautiously to this recent uptake can flights they've exercise restraint. so for instance, you haven't seen reports about taiwan fighter bombers fly in to harass these flights. you haven't heard about air defense radars being used to, to paint or to target these chinese aircraft in international airspace. so they've been showing restraint. and at the same time, president tying one is expressed very clearly that she is willing to engage with beijing, presuming that they can engage as equals and without preconditions, those terms are unacceptable to china. but i think the door remains open to the possibility of cross street engagement and dialogue. should china choose to go that route at the moment that you know, china accuses washington of making things worse. a feeling the fun, if you like, how to what degree is that true? do you think? well, there's certainly an escalate anesco latoria dynamic occurring. and as china steps
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up, it's military emissions and it's coercive pressure. the u. s. is that and under pressure to respond and to reassure its partner in taiwan and to reassure u. s. allies in the region of its commitment to its partners. and part of that is rhetorical. so we heard you a state department yesterday state very clearly that us support and relationship with taiwan is rock solid, is the term they use. and we also saw the u. s. s. ronald reagan aircraft carrier return to the western pacific after its mission in the middle east concluded. and just yesterday, it was a participated in a 6 nation exercise involving b. u. s. s. our carl vinson, another aircraft carrier, as well as the british aircraft carrier. queen elizabeth and the japanese helicopter destroyer as well. so you had 3 major aircraft carriers and, and other support vessels and frigates from i think new zealand, canada,
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and the netherlands as well. so you had a run multi national coalition exercising together in the western pacific. and that's partly a response to china's assertiveness. okay. drew thompson, appreciate your perspective. thanks very much. my pleasure. was the postponement is approved. the law giving the government sweeping promised to deal with so called foreign interference banassi authorities to force social media platforms and website operators to provide user information to block content appeals will be heard by tribunal. not a coat, writes, group reports without borders is warning the law could be used against independent leave your out as concerns grove, a chinese real estate, john evergreen's, financial health. the 2nd property developer has failed to repair debt. fantasia holdings was due to make a payment of $205000000.00 to his bondholders on monday. investors are already worried that housing job ever ground group might collapse, have
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a ground is facing china's largest ever defaults. as it struggles with over $300000000000.00 of debt, rob mcbride is more now from hong kong. people are talking about this as possibly being china's lehman moment. referring back to lehman brothers, the massive investment bank in the u. s. that collapse right at the start of the 20072008 economic meltdown because this is a similarly troubled company. it is china's 2nd biggest a property company, but it has the dubious distinction of being the world's most indebted company with carrying debts of $300000000000.00, which it is managed to a mass over the years at a, as it has grown. now it is having real problems and has increasingly in recent weeks at wanna meet repayment deadlines on not only the loan itself, but just on interest as they come up and our do. and it has in recent weeks being selling off some of its assets just to raise cash to an allow it to meet at these
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a deadlines. the latest speculation is that it is about to sell off a part of its property management arm to another company, a liz, listed in hong kong. so all of the a, the, a shares in these companies have been suspended while this is potentially going to take place or better. the chinese government is concerned not only about the economic him, it fall out, but also the potential social stability aspect of this. because across, ever grand has hundreds of developments in cities across china. some of them are completed, some of them are half completed. and there is a real concern that if there was some sort of collapse than there are, it will be increasingly homeowners or people who put down deposits who will not be happy. so the res will social stability concern for the chinese government under or there is a pressure here for ever grand to settle debt locally. before it settles. a loans with overseas entities are still ahead here and out 0 in danger of vanishing. why
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the world's coral reefs may disappear setup just keep rising, getting more aggressive, how a collapse crater led to the la palm of volcano, sending more lava for hello. thank you for joining in. here's your weather story for europe in africa, we're going to start where the action is this part of europe, we've got some big storms bubbling up here in a number of weather alert. so let's go over them together. still for the south of france, i think the potential for flooding, but as tuesday carries on, that threat will dissipate big storms for a northern and also southern sections of italy, especially over sicily. we see some severe thunderstorms, the risk of what being wins, and also the potential to see some hail. and if we look toward the east stuff, this is finer and dryer weather,
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but it's still weather alert here. just east of belgrade, where those winds could crank up to about a 5 kilometers per hour toward the northwest star. next fall storm it swirling around the united kingdom on tuesday, eventually slamming into the low countries. brisk winds around this and you know, for london, let's check out, see what you could see about 20 millimeters of rain. look at that. those. when 60 kilometers per hour dries out on wednesday in your temperature is closer to where they should be for this have the year off to turkey. and we see that what, whether across the black sea coast also heavy falls for the ne places like our hobby. we trace a wind from the mediterranean right through to sudan chat and share where we're seeing the sand and dust kicked up in some spots there. ah, the stories that need to be tow find away. i'm opening a window into another life. these are my babies. my students where i go,
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where i see them. it's just like we are in 2nd grade from personal endeavors in epic struggle. to colossal sacrifices in individual johnny witness joe case is been firing documentary that changed the while. on al jazeera lou. ah, how to get your, what she out 0, remind about top stories to saw services being largely restored to facebook. instagram whatsapp off to one of the companies longest out. just it affected billions of people around the world. a company has blamed a technical taiwan is premier, says the territory is on high alert against what he called, bay jeans,
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continued military intimidation, as after a record number of chinese aircraft entered taiwan a space on monday. the chinese property developer developer fantasia holdings has failed to make a payment of more than $200000000.00. investors all already worried another chinese firm ever ground group. michaela the pandemic has been the worst crisis. the airline industry has ever faced. carriers have suffered huge losses as a result of travel restrictions because more people resume flying aviation boss as a, using the industries annual meeting to focus on climate change and ways for airlines to cut carbon emissions. carolyn has under reports dall from boston, $137000000000.00. that's how much money airlines will lose to the end of next year . because of the pandemic, even as domestic air travel picks up in some parts of the world, airline losses this year, or expected to be a staggering 51000000000 before being trimmed to 11000000000 next year. all this,
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even after us carriers received $25000000000.00 bail out last year from the us government. that new financial figures are according to the international air transport association that represents $290.00 airlines and 82 percent of the global air traffic is still a long way to go. international air travel still heavily restricted. as a result of the government measures. we know that once those restrictions are removed, the demand for travel remains very strong. but at the annual meeting in boston, the talk was also about another emergency. the airline industry is contributing to a carbon emissions. if the global airline industry was a country, it would be the world's 6th largest polluter. out of all of the carbon emissions that are released from passenger planes. 25 percent comes from aircrafts that are
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landing or taking off out of airports here in the united states. after that, the 2nd biggest emitter is aircraft in or out of airports in china, followed by the u. k. japan and germany dear line industry announced a goal of net 0 airline emissions by 2050. but already chinese carriers are reluctant to agree and analyst are skeptical that goal can even be met in 2009. the ation industry agreed to cut emissions by half in 2050. if you look what happened afterwards, emissions actually grew faster in the 10 years after the announcement was made. so overall, this is a really positive announcement, but it does point to the need for governments to hold the airlines to account for their actual obligations. these are projects that literally take carbon out of the atmosphere in an effort to lower emissions us base carrier. united airlines announced it will buy $100.00 fully electric commuter planes. but it will only be
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able to fly 400 kilometers and carry 19 passengers in an industry with aspirational goals to become a cleaner form of transportation. gabriel's hondo out is eda boston investigate, is in california looking into whether an oil slick could have been caused by a ship's anchor striking a pipeline. sprill is being described as an environmental catastrophe. more than 500000 liters of oil has leaked into the ocean. there's now washing up on beaches. reynold reports now from huntington beach in california. an environmental catastrophe on the california coast. sandy beaches fouled by globs of tar shore birds. wading through wetlands soaked in oil, a burst pipeline from an offshore oil rig gushed half a 1000000 leaders of crude into the pacific from the air, the oily shining covers parts of the ocean surface beaches along
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a large stretch of coast are now closed. we know that there is oil ranging from huntington beach and now we know as far down as laguna and, and likely moving, continuing to move in a southerly direction. the area is so popular with swimmers, surfers and sun bathers, that huntington beach is nicknamed surfed city usa coastal conservation advocates are devastated. you know, it's kind of a sense of ha, you know, really sadness and tragedy combined with a sense that you'd kind of knew it's inevitable. emergency crews, etc. and on land are laying floating barriers to try to contain the oil and prevent even more damage. a number of birds soaked with oil have been rescued, but the impact of the spill will be felt throughout the ecosystem of beaches and coastal marshes. say environmentalists is going to get on to the rocks and under the rocks. and it's going to also settle in different places and in the levels of the, the, the water. so there's gonna be some on top. you can try skim as much of that off as
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it can, but some of them could settle to the bottom and just stay down there for a while. the clean up will likely take months. there are $23.00 oil platforms off the california coast. all of them date back at least to the 1980s. for years, environmentalists have been warning that aging oil industry infrastructure and pipes together with lax regulation are a recipe for disaster. the company that operates the pipeline, texas based amplify energy, emerged from bankruptcy protection. just 4 years ago, it has a long heard of violating federal environmental laws, amplify energy ceo says it's unknown what caused the spill, but the pipeline has been shut down. there is no active weakness we are aware of, and especially in that specific area that we've, we've identified environmental essay. the only way to stop future spills is to shut down the offshore rigs for good. this is
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a wake up call that we need to stop offshore. drilling our for our coastline. the damaging spill comes amidst a national effort to switch to clean sources of energy. a major part of president joe biden's proposed infrastructure legislation. prob reynolds al jazeera, huntington beach, california. 14 percent of the world's coral has been lost in less than a decade. a report by the un backed global data network says maurice are at risk of disappearing because of climate change. warming oceans are causing more coral bleaching events, and that's when carls under heat stress expel the colorful algae living in the tissues and die authorities on the spanish island of la palmer. a stepping out surveillance of the eruption volcano after part of the crater collapse, said the surge of lava down the hillside and into the sea eruptions becoming more explosive, causing significant damage to property and farmland. more than a 1000 homes have been destroyed. while local authorities briefly open parts of the
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exclusions own. my journal fall, this report will, this is the closest we've been able to get so far. to this volcano we're on a sort of media tour that brought us to the exclusion zone. the dangers own. the authorities here describe it as and everywhere. a blackened blanket of very heavy volcanic ash, the roadways absolutely covered in the stuff the pavements. the houses here look at it piled up high on the roof. i would having to wear protective gear of course, against the selfless air. and look at this really quite heavy pieces of back. volcanic are raining down on our heads all the time now, but it's impossible to ignore, of course, the sound and the fury of that. okay. now it's very clear that when a new or explosive aggressive phase of this rupture,
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now late on sunday night, the main call fell in on itself. combining the 3 active vents into one and producing a huge surge of lava, a brand new river of lava coming down the mountain side here towards the sea. and this is how close we take a look at it. this is the lava river that is scrapping its way, carving its way through the mountain side here, right through these communities. these villages some houses of course, lucky to survive. others not so much. and as it comes down, creating brand new folk volcanic rock topography that will change the face of this island forever. and this is where it all ends up. 80000000 cubic meters of hot lava cascading over a cliff edge and altering this islands. geography with a brand new land mass rising from the sea, measuring 30 hector's so far off its western age. and for all those waiting to
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return to their homes for an island, counting the extraordinary losses to its economy, its tourists resort sitting empty, evacuated the question of course, is, how long is all of this going to go on for well, of ok, no shows no sign of slowing down, no, great surprise there. the average duration of an event like this is $58.00 days. and yet here we are at the empty tables and the empty beaches on day 60 jonah how al jazeera on la palmer island in the atlantic ocean. the insecurity council says it accepts haiti's elections will be delayed until the 2nd half of next year. at the latest, the u. s. had only a push for a vote to take place this year last month, haiti's prime minister ariel ari. dissolve the electoral council responsible for organizing vote in november. he's dismiss claims. he's trying to cling to pow if he was plunged into a political crisis in july, after the assassination of his president juvenile noise. ethiopian prime minister
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abbey ahmed, has promised to stand strong and defend his country's honor, despite mountain criticism of the warranty grey. he's been sworn in for a new 5 year term. is catherine sawyer, now reports by the owner. hello, her prime minister abbey ahmed, and a parliament dominated by members of his prosperity party. warning for a 5 year term. the party was declared, we now of the june parliamentary election. there was point quoted by some opposition. parties. voting was also postponed in several areas because of logistical and security problems, including in t gray, where the government is facing a rebellion. 3 of those areas held their elections a few days ago, but despite the problems, the vote was seen by some electoral observers and the african union as better ran and more democratic than previous poles. the prime minister then went to the
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historic mask elsewhere in the capital, addis ababa with thousands of the few pins alongside several heads of state helped him celebrate the victory. ethiopia needs the co operation of its friends for its journey of prosperity. ethiopia wants the friendship from the international community. however, any friendship must never undermine ethiopia is owner and sovereignty. but some, if your pin octave is say, the prime minister's moment has been tainted by his inability to deal with a conflict in t gray. that has now spread to name in regions and rising ethnic tensions and fighting in other parts of the country for what people were asking whether they were protesting from 2015 to 2018 is not arrival change or the return to a past. but democratizing the system that existed in what ibm it trying to do is basically centralized power and, and signalled as much as his intention to return to the country back to the gulf,
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imperial k, i the prime minister said his government is opened to dialogue with a few pins who want peace. he did not mention the t gray people's liberation front or the p l f and its fighters were battling security forces he t k, and whom the government has labeled a terrorist organization. with america in the north of the country, betrayal and arrogance has made us pay a heavy cost as a nation. the conflict in to cry is inflicted on us by few individuals. he said that there shall be no e the o. p. if they can't arbitrarily govern, they created this conflict that you and say degree is facing a fireman. and aid is not quickly getting to those who need it. most. both the government and t p. a laugh accused each other of provocation and hindering humanitarian assistance for the region. as he begins his new term, many philippines hope the prime minister will resolve the t. grey crisis mand
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ethnic divisions in different parts of the country and bring if they appear back on track. catching soy al jazeera, your scientists have made a breakthrough entreating severe depression using an appliance that is inserted into the brain. it's a matchbox signs device and it can detect and treat depressive behaviors and as shown promising results. once it spots the pattern, it sends 6 seconds of electricity which prompts a change in brain activity. it was used on its 1st patient a year ago, who says it has turned her life or a ah say this is odds are these are the top stories and facebook and it subsidiaries, instagram and what's up and now back on line off to uses were brought for several hours, billions of people around the world have been affected. the company is blame the technical fault. it says it doesn't believe any user data was compromised. tones
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premier says the territory is on high alert against what he called, bay genes continued military intimidation. that's after record.


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