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tv   [untitled]    October 5, 2021 9:30am-10:01am AST

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let in his french, the colonization on al jazeera ah algebra with no news. oh, wow. and robert is in until the top stories and all da 0 facebook and its subsidiaries. instagram on whatsapp, bernard mostly back on line off to users will blocked for several hours. billions of people around the world have been effective, the companies apologized and says, it doesn't believe any user data was compromise. facebook's chief technology officer had to use rival platform twitter to tell customers it was having technical difficulties. all this comes as facebook is facing another crisis,
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a former employee has leaked documents that she says appear to show the firm putting profit before the safety of its users. it's also accused of ignoring warnings that instagram was having an impact on the mental health of teenagers. houses. horgan is scheduled to testify in the u. s. senate on tuesday. when we live in an information environment, it is full of angry hot, hateful polarizing content. it or rhodes are civic trust, erodes our faith in each other, erodes our ability to want to care for each other. the version of facebook that exists today is terry and our societies apart and causing ethnic violence around the world. is he of his prime minister, abbey ahmed, that has been sworn in for a 2nd term, is described the election, which was held in june as ethiopia as 1st attempt at a free and fair vote. but the polls were overshadowed by the conflict in t arrive, for hundreds of thousands of people are facing possible famine. international
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airline say they want to cut carbon emissions to 0 by 2050. the international air transport association says as members are counting heavily on carbon offsets, as well as the use of sustainable fuels and new plane technologies. it's also been discussing the huge losses. the industries suffered because of the pandemic. the pfizer vaccine reportedly gets 50 percent less effective in preventing covered 19 infections. after 6 months. data published in the influential lancet medical journal shows a drop from 88 percent to 47 percent of the vaccine still up to 90 percent effective at preventing deaths as well as the need for hospitalization. more oil has had the california coast and what's being called an environmental catastrophe. investigators are looking into whether a ship, anger, striking a pipeline could have triggered the leak over 570000 liters of oil has spilled outs . and those are the headlines. these continues and all to 0 after all,
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0 worlds to by the health of humanity is at stake. a global pandemic requires a global response. w h o is the guardian of global health delivering life saving tools, supplies, and training to help the world's most vulnerable people, uniting across borders to speed up the development of tests, treatments, and of vaccine keeping you up to date with what's happening on the ground. in the world and in the lab. now more than ever, the world needs w. h o. making a healthier world for you. for everyone. i israel's military operation in may 2021 against the gallons
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a strip bombed and destroyed a number of tower blocks. these were high rise building with both residential and commercial use. these railey authorities claimed the buildings were being used for military purposes by her mass, the palestinian fruit, which governors garza ah, a minimum of a rattle of formula. fossil put them on graciously alien having applies to the valley. how. what yet. that the system of scary and them. uh huh. what just manual . how they, how a year that he should have cut him on the cost of the home because me this to can be what should it get bill internet at the edge of the line. and we'll have the a yet to stuck on to stick them at us get a year campaign. canonization is slightly different on average for real estate data . the 2nd had that don't have that ability balcony.
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in one of the, one of the most important aspects of the principle of proposed proportionality, is the test that asks whether the same goal can be achieved with a more targeted, more focused, more restricted use of force. that would are put in risk, much less civilians and civilian and civilian objects. and so if, for example, um the, a israeli forces, the conclusion that there are from us military offices in an apartment building in a tower. and they are located in one or 2 floors and they can target those floors
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only than of course if they target the whole building that would be on proportional mileage. i like to call and i'm so happy with the slide here. and um, uh huh. have you had that little a little bit that me to watch it in the fee? i definitely shall be helpful. i'm not alone. but if i had already learned a lot better luck talking because midcom in edmond, oklahoma, in australia and understand if i could approach a little bit of a conversation, can lend me a quick fee to him. her is to death. death. asking him a call. you follow up and your timothy fi? no. i think most of them are okay. is it a little bit more of an official a,
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a contract or with a fee and that with will fees? couple of $3.00. 03. i was a name of the day. will be with me if the middle of a written water bottle out of the harmonic insulation to what i meant. the up syllabus got a hold of the middle of the leg with a bit with it. but i think it was the one of my fighting whatever the relation you know like out in the review, if you're the kid the whole the whole i live a but then why do i live in a fema, everybody know or do most a okay. how kind of a thought was a facial color overlooked that was that the but the, the, with the reverend with if they knew that the, a strategic military rout,
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militarily relevant equipment was in the building. that it, they must have known where in the building it was, i mean, it would be hard to have that one type of knowledge without the other type of knowledge. and i think that a more reasonable interpretation is that this military operation was directed not only at hamas, but at the overall population of garza. they had a hybrid motivation of both deterring and destroying what they could of her master's capabilities. but also warning the people that if they tolerate the leadership of hamas, they must expect to suffer consequences. at the same time.
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i've lived there for a number of years and it, there's nowhere safe in gaza. they're using of the lar weaponry as a spectacle to create an image that it goes on television. and that's what it's for . it's so that everybody and garza gasps and says, oh my god, that is the point of the that is the military objective is to scar civilians. it's to terrorize civilians. it's to create a punitive cost, a penalty for resisting for not just staying in your ghetto. i'm starvation level a israeli allowances through the checkpoints and to not say anything about it. and as soon as you fight back and they want to make the cost as heavy as possible, while israel and he's really, ah, ah lawyers,
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i have been referring to the hamas offices as a justification for the attack. other israeli spokespeople have said different things. they have talked about the um, the damage to the towers as an advantage in, ah, convincing the palestinian population that to the way hamas conduct its affairs. i will bring about economic collapse that to the collapse of the buildings. ah, is an intimidating and you know, it's a show of force. now these kind of statements, ah, give rise to even deeper suspicions that it's not just a disproportional attack. but it actually the, the target of the attack was not a legitimate target. the aim of the attack was not legitimate because intimidating
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. the civil society, the up, the population is not a legitimate aim. ah, in the laws of warfare. like that furniture given, sent from a blade of can begin the amendment that shall give the fan full but not lobby. mazar. martin la sim are dining a dan baker is or a ha, my thought a been better to communicate. ne, a mac. and i'm in fear of the initial i couldn't am, i means it done in the heidelberg. my been up. so i had a she is that i promised murphy. i helped by the egg who knocked hold on them. you must do. ha, a mere miracle. small is that any in the half a day when my duck is moving like a mucus for matthew? matthew, i'm in and i'm in out with as resident out of local emergency. she couldn't of the she a knock that she mccullin's. i'm not gonna come back but
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a blessed little nanny for the version for us last put fred, well for a lot of our past to mass as an adult bad her level is over. elizabeth on looking for mozilla looked what were clearly on potential and i come on the cirque in mclean. phoebe at the level of i looked for the philadelphia who came on and i need a couple pieces of eludes for her as well. i could ask her mom, look what one of the look for thermo perspective. i mean, she was talking to you a barrage, normally you love neck hamelburg. her face, she will remember for the 2nd report was over our motion, but it was about his man. it's a little better. it was over a 100 feet for headquarters. we're here had to live off as a written of off with 9000000 in nor extra script classically this. mm hm. and more philosophically i'm on. so
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oscillate and more computers that lay out. if a slightly a 2nd collaborative a semester, what a mechanic can cause for doing a more but a lot most of the call p edge as well. yes. like there's a lot of talk in the is really media about as if hamas is separate from the palestinian people as if they wouldn't be protecting their own families. they won't put up a military installation in the same building as their families because that's not logical to, to do as a family member. so we have to think of these things in human terms, the israelis managed to de humanize the conflict, but nobody in hamas is setting up a dangerous application. next to a civilian environment. ah, a
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a in the home of understood, in 2014, in the protect the vote operation. that when they use a dense area, when they hide behind the civilians, there will be protected and there and there will be immunity immune. yet there will be immune ad behind these people, and i can tell you that in the case of for july, i believe they abused the actually abused their jazeera in other media because they knew that we will not hit these been like if we lot bumped is building after al july town was demolished, the president and c e o of the associated press news agency spoke to the media. we
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are shocked and horrified that the israeli military would target and destroy the building housing, a piece, bureau, and other news organizations in garza. they've long known the location of our bureau and new journalists were there. ah. as we thrust were proof of the allegations that a mass was inside that same building as the apn out 0 bureaus. let me bring in the ac is top editor sally busby. were you ever informed before yesterday that i'm off? might be operating there in the building. now we heard the israeli say they have evidence. we don't know what that evidence is. we think it is appropriate at this point. are there to be an independent law at what happened yesterday? an independent investigation into what happened yesterday. little one with the head of kristen is small chrisman. i'm was selling my department of so could a gun safety. just put a shot. can dody that he thought how la and helen emilia want the coffee cup
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officer had to he at that me my teeth. i me my destiny a little. i'm sure it for latin. alan had the he autonomy, math will a measures and the heavy but all that a 100, a 100 along with the head and the home a lot. the couple. oh mammography. amen. oman, out of the stuff that cisco macowski, i think the army should present its case and evidence to the public. in general. it's an conceivable that a residential civilian tower is being pen caked. and the army that does it does not explain what was there that justified such a horrendous, ah brutal attack. the people that need to have ver disprove people that i have the have the proven to have their all of the details that the, the, they should have about to buy their commerce and we have it. but not every time we can at expose the details to all of the world because some of the,
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some of evidence are based on intelligent units. so we cannot expose everything, but we do expose it to united states as an example. and 2 people that mirrored for and to we knew we want them to know to see that there is a terror ah, infrastructure in this building. oh guys, i had a bombing over the weekend that housed a u. s. media organization. do you feel that that was justified? have you received a briefing on that? do you want to get a briefing on out of his way? to me? looks like a major mistake by the israelis i and i welcome contrary information, but this is part of the reason why we need to get a ceasefire very soon. israel is not going to provide some sort of proper evidence that these towers were use for military purposes. the buildings themselves
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are commercial buildings. the i'll july building is a mill, is a media building that has media offices, functioning all the time, people coming in and out all the time, more so than any building in the entire gaza strip. other than maybe a hospital people are going in and out of that building all the time. the idea that you have a secret facility in that building and it just doesn't hold to me. ah, so called a he, a doctrine which was developed in the war against a lebanon in, i think, 2006 da here doctrine was explained by the i d. f commander in chief at the time as deliberately inflicting disproportionate damage on the civilian population. as a way of discouraging, as boa provocations, and in my view and in the view of the goal, stone,
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a commission that investigated the 20082009 military operation. in garza, the does he, a doctrine has been consistently practiced by israel. in other words, it has made it part of its policy to engage in disproportionate responses to what it believes to be provocation. i do think that israel's attacks against residential buildings against media targets against health care facilities and the gaza strip, did help to shift you us public opinion against israel, because it was a very dramatic in very visible affirmation of war crimes. the israel was committing that was played out in real time over social media over the news outlet
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. i. i never heard the united states criticize about a job building of what i know kids unit, the usual air gays and the information that they're required about the hamas structures that they have on the building. and from what i know they get, they get it. but i don't need, i don't need that to her about this news. i know. i know because i know my know the i d f and i was serving in the idea if we will never hit any target or any infrastructure that we, we don't know for sure that there it's used by the hamas, or by any to your organization or madison solidarity to push for an end to the violence happening today in hundreds march through downtown chicago as the bloody conflict in the middle east. chicago coalition for justice in palestine rally or has been exposed. it's been supposed
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down challenge and i brought thousands of people out in supporting dallas. i think that it's largely the result of grassroots pressure and the pressure from members of congress that resulted in a change in the by an administration. i think especially important was the statement that senator bob menendez was the chair of the senate foreign relations committee put out after israel, flattened that residential building. in garza that housed all the media offices and said that israel needed to be held accountable for what it did. and that was very significant because sen menendez has been a champion of israel for many, many decades in his congressional career. so the fact that you had someone so prominent in such a high position in congress who is so pro israel say these things. i think that that definitely had a big consideration in terms of changing the domestic dynamics of the
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politics around is using hits right herself didn't international human rights organizations have also criticized the actions of both the israeli army and hamas since the violence human rights watch said quote, rocket and mortar attacks during the may 2021. fighting in the gaza strip, which killed and injured civilians in israel and gaza, violated the laws of war and amount to war crimes. in a separate report, human rights watch stated. it found no evidence that members of palestinian groups involved in the military operations had a current or long term presence in any of the towers. at the time they were attacked. in both of these were on the took a number of precautions such as advanced warning contacts. in some cases, there slides in such densely populated areas resulted in
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a high level of cbm fatalities at injuries, as well as the widespread destruction of c being an infrastructure. such strikes, re serious concerns of israel's compliance with the principal. so this distinction and proportionality under international a nation dialogue is found to be in this community and this proportion an impact on civilian here as we did on just such a factor, make coffee duty war crimes the thought to the exec data, while mobile, about tele, kia thoughtful book towel my a for solid. the gelatin was thick of a few composer. so you know, hoboken towel, mallerson that people or my me chuckle. archival who junior slot healey. i'll finish up ice bottled with our my little and had in had a token inside the a lot of it for a funny. yeah. while you blah blah blah, with our man. carlos surgical had a total clean son,
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a se. there's tough for the united nations stop. human rights official has condemned israel's expulsion of the un. special reporter from the country, calling it unprecedented and deeply regrettable. on monday is ready for it is detained, which had folk and held him for 20 hours before putting him back on a plane to geneva. fall with israel has understood that it's legal arguments are not persuasive. so they've tended to attack the, the person or the institution prince and say, called the i c. c decision, pure anti semitism. or, you know, rather than saying it was wrong for legal grass. they didn't bother with the argument. and the same thing in my experience sake, they want to wound the messenger rather than deal with the message. because their
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arguments are too weak now. and that's why i've been saying that the palestinians are winning the legitimacy war their, their grievances are gaining more public support and understanding. ah, then israel's proper propaganda, even though it's heavily subsidized and all kinds of ideological or support, it's losing ground. analia pain in a lot or thought l yet w. m. sailor with a mac and us hub, had the hill abroad. you have in my 2nd, a legitimately at the called the amount you had only a membership fee and will say at him it in order to let you know good to capitalize the other lehman for general maxima over a year that a lot of the other thought you know that a div the quill is that
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a lot i love the n e. she. why the to though the so you oh, wow, the door thought you mock up on up, if other than i feel no, he left the la la la. will godiva lee of a celestial robot that i will discuss of the hyphen al jazeera, condemned in the strongest terms, the bombing and destruction of its offices by the israeli military in gaza. it said it viewed this as a clear act to stop journalists from reporting events on the ground ah efforts to rebuild garza following the may. 2021 attacks are slow to mount soft to the bombings the world bank. the e u and the un concluded a rapid damage and needs assessment report forgotten. they estimated the recovery cost to be up to $485000000.00 us dollars. over the next 2 years.
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the human cost was the death of at least $253.00 pounds still eons including $65.00 children killed in the israeli bombardment. on these railey side, 12 people, including 2 children, were killed by hm. ass rocket fire. despite the bombing of their offices, al jazeera, associated press, and other media organizations continue to report on events in gaza. al jazeera world sleet, said she dizzy and family facing agonizing choices and an uncertain future. time had enough of it and i want to move to another country disillusion that life is struggling. economy in my time was to become a lawyer. i really wanted what the 2nd a t, lizzie,
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and family high hopes, desperate lives on al jazeera. ah . hello, good to see you. cyclone shaheen has really done a number on oman near it's landfall. we saw more than $300.00 millimeters of rain within a short time, but look at that scene and mascot, waterlogged roads, just massive flooding. here we saw about 2 years worth of rain within the span of just a few hours. so the system has dissipated, but we can still trade some of its remnants causing this circulation near a sala. because the winds are fierce enough, it's kicking up the sand and does toward that se of saudi. and also drifted in some cloud cover for cats are dough. i will get up to a high of 37 degrees on tuesday, but it's bumping in some high humidity, so that's feeling in the low to mid forties. now for pakistan it's a completely different story. the humidity has flushed out. we've got fresh air and
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play here karachi up to 32 degrees, a scattering of showers for it. stan bull and we've got some driving rain for turkey's ne black sea region pushing in to georgia. now, through the tropics of africa, we've got our storms coming and go and, but some big ones bubbling up towards the east of the democratic republic of congo . a frontal system given us some disturbed weather for central parts of mozambique rate toward the eastern cape cape town. getting up to $22.00 degrees with wall to wall, sunshine. sounds good and joy soon. ah . the whites to full representation participation. democracy means that people have the right to choose their leaders and governments in free and fair election exploring why democracy has never been so flattering in so many parts of the world. documentary series examines the biggest challenge is to democracy from those who undermined to those who are ready to die for right
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democracy maybe. coming soon on al jazeera frank assessments is likely to change biking behavior at all. it's not going to change their behavior. they are going to continue to do what they do and in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on out jo, sierra, ah facebook, whatsapp, and instagram, a back online after world wide outage. the company blames a technical falls. ah hello nick loud. this is al desert life from to also come, we up, taiwan warns it will do what it takes to defend itself after a record number of chinese jets and to it's
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a defense is worries deep and about chinese real estate. john to have a grand $300000000000.00 debt. a 2nd chinese home builder has had finance.


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