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i sent them to the rail set up when i nearly died. about children 8th go to school and live because of the printer, the risky mule that the democratic republic of congo on al jazeera. ah, facebook says sorry for a global outage that's crashed at social media platforms for nearly 6 hours. ah, i'm know about this and this is jesse rely from dough hob also coming up. if he appears prime minister sworn in for a 2nd time. as people starved to death and to gripe and fighting spreads to other parts of the country, global airlines commit to net 0 carbon emissions by 2050 butts. chinese carriers said they're reluctant to sign up, and experts are skeptical. at
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a massive oil spill in southern california may have been caused by a pipeline being hit by the anchor of a ship. ah facebook, instagram, and watts up a back on line after they crashed for several hours, millions of people around the world have been affected. the massive outage is the latest headache for mcg zach about his company, which is also facing accusations from a whistleblower was lynn jordan reports from washington, d. c. for 7 hours on monday, for billions of face books, customers, no likes, no insta moment. no world wide phone calls are messaging. facebook's chief technology officer needed twitter to tell customers it was having massive technical difficulties. and then he apologized. facebook services coming back online now may take some time to get to 100 percent to every small and large business family. an
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individual who depends on us. i'm sorry. the outage also shut down operations at facebook, california headquarters, no phones, no computers. some workers reportedly using zoom to hold meeting is a good reminder. the internet is incredibly fragile and it actually can have problems like this arise and not work for long periods. typically, we don't really experience it much anymore. it used to be a lot more common, like a decade ago. some found the outage at facebook, instagram and what's app funny. but for whatsapp users, analysts say the disruption could have been catastrophic. what's app is tremendously important for communication in a lot of parts of the globe. i mean, it does raise questions around, you know, how important it is for there to be redundancy, but also questions around, you know, should private companies be solely in control of infrastructure? so critical to communications and the outage comes as facebook is under fire for
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how it does business. us regulator, st. facebook is a monopoly and should be broken apart. a move, the company opposes a spoke note last week. the senators grilled a facebook official about a whistle blowers allegations the company refuses to block hate speech bullying, and other forms of harmful messaging from its sites that whistleblower just gave her 1st tv interview explaining why she thinks this is the case. staying, i saw facebook over and over again was there were conflicts of interest between what was good for the public and well this gave for facebook and facebook over and over again shows to optimized for its own interests, like making more money. facebook denies francis holligan's allegation saying, quote, to suggest we encourage bad content and do nothing is just not true. but the company's efforts to build on the public's trust now face another hurdle hog and testifies
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before congress about facebook on tuesday. rosalind jordan else's era washington. well, facebook share price, a job by him were $5.00 per cents when markets closed on monday. robin bright, joining us from hong kong were trainings just resumed. will the markets looking like they are now? well, there has been this big sell off a own wall street overnight contributed to caused by a tech stocks heading downwards. and that's how the spillover effect into asia is trading has started, especially given the heavy weighting of technical stocks on the asian markets. but it's also been contributed to by fears of over inflation, and that's been stoked by the rising oil price and the decision by and opec oil producing countries to increase output, but not by as much as people had wanted. so there are real concerns about a rising oil price economies kicking back into gear after the pandemic. and then
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with this rising o price leading possibly to inflation. so we've seen market such as the nick a in japan, a down by a 3 and a half percent at one point, although it has now rebounded the cost. be in south korea down to and a half percent. and then in taipei and here in hong kong, on the hank sang index, both indices heading towards one percent down. but again, rebounding you do have here in asia. other factors which a play on the market and market sentiment such as the ongoing, a dispute between the tensions between china and the us. and then also other localized factors bigger than such as the coal shortage in china, which is impacting now on production. and then other factors such as the ever grand crisis, the saga of this a large conglomerate, which is ongoing here in hong kong. yeah, let's talk about have a ground. i mean, that's just to remind people, that's the chinese construction company and holding companies get huge debts. there is a lot of speculation about it. so future, it just suspended its trade treading in its chairs and the hong kong market. what,
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what's the latest with us? that's what people are talking about. this is possibly being china as lehman moment, referring back to lehman brothers, the massive investment bank in the u. s. that collapse right at the start of the 20072008 economic meltdown. because this is a similarly troubled company, a, it is china's 2nd biggest property company, but it has the dubious distinction of being the world's most indebted company with carrying debts of $300000000000.00, which it is managed to a mass over the years at a, as it has grown now, it is having real problems and has increasingly in recent weeks trying to meet repayment deadlines on not only the loan itself, but just on interest as they come up and out jus, and it has in recent weeks being selling off some of its assets just to raise cash, to allow it to meet these a deadlines. the latest speculation is that it is about to sell off
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a part of its property management arm to another company that's listed in hong kong . so all of the a, the shares in these companies have been suspended while they sees potentially going to take place. but it is a real concern because a, it has a, there is a, has interest in various sectors throughout a china. so that will concern for the chinese government about the contagion effect on the rest of the economy. it is suspected of prodding government, backed and government controlled companies to buy up some of the grants assets to help it out. but so the chinese government is concerned not only about the economic him, it fall out, but also the potential social stability aspect of it. because across, ever grand has hundreds of developments in cities across china. some of them are completed, some of them a half completed and there is a real concern that if there was some sort of collapse than there ah, will be increasingly homeowners or people who put down deposits, who will not be happy. so the res will social stability concern for the chinese
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government and at there is a pressure here for ever grand to settle debts locally before it settles loans with overseas entities. rob, thanks very much. have a thus rob mcbride bringing this up to dates from hong kong is he of his prime minister abbey armand has been sworn in for a 2nd time after he and his party won a landslide victory in june. elections is described as if your peers 1st attempt at a free and fair vote. but the pulls were overshadowed by the conflict into good i. hundreds of thousands of people could be facing a famine. and that of fresh reports of fighting in the west of the country, athens, so it has more. if i hello prime minister abbey ahmed and a parliament dominated by members of his prosperity party warning for a 5 year term. the part was declared, we now of the june parliamentary election that was point quoted by some opposition
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. parties. voting was also postponed in several areas because of logistical and security problems, including in t guy where the government is facing a rebellion. 3 of those areas held the elections a few days ago, but despite the problems, the vote was seen by some electoral observers and the african union as better run and more democratic than previous poles. the prime minister then went to the historic mask elsewhere in the capital, addis ababa with thousands of a few pins alongside several heads of state. helped him celebrate the victory. ethiopia needs the cooperation of its friends for its journey of prosperity. ethiopia wants the friendship from the international community. however, any friendship must never undermine ethiopia is owner and sovereignty. but some ethiopian octave is say, the prime minister's moment has been tainted by his inability to deal with
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a conflict in t gray that has now spread to neighboring regions. and rising ethnic tensions and fighting in other parts of the country for what people were asking whether they were protesting from 2015 to 2018 is not a radical change or the return to a past. but democratizing, the system that existed in what are be ahmed tried to do is basically centralized power and, and signaled as much as his intention to return to the country. back to the kind of imperial period. la garza, the prime minister said he's government is open to dialogue with a few pins who want peace. he did not mention the t guy, people's liberation front, or the p l. f. and it's fighters. were battling security to decline and whom the government has labels a terrorist organization with them in the north of the country. betrayal and arrogance has made us pay a heavy cost as a nation. the conflict in to cry is inflicted on us by few individuals who said
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that there shall be no e, theo, p, if they can't arbitrarily govern, they created this conflict. the u. n. c. d guy is facing a farming and 8 is not quickly getting to those who need it most. both the government and t p. a laugh, accused each other of provocation and hindering humanitarian assistance for the region. as he begins his new tom mini philippines, hope the prime minister will resolve the tea. grey crisis mand ethnic divisions in different parts of the country and bring if they appear back on track. catching soi alta 0 sedans. government says it's about to run out of medicine, fuel and weight because it's main ports being blocked by protests for over 2 weeks . demonstrators of closed roads are on port sudan to complain about the lack of political power and a poor economy. ramadan has more from port saddam 2 weeks of protest, but angry is done, sir. done. tribes have brought operations at port sudan. twas toms the protestants
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from the b j and had done the tribes have blocked roads and exits to the port, forcing it to close. these importers up what they say is that it just lack of political power and poor economic conditions. well, i don't feel about that. that doesn't mean that the government just takes all the tax from our ports to her too, without leaving us anything. sudan is not held together by war or rule of the gun. we need them to wholeheartedly took with us as we have genuine grievances government over. the protesters are also angry with a deal. the transitional government signed with sudan scribbled groups in october last year. in the south sudanese capital, juba, widely known as the juba accord, the deal includes a wealth sharing agreement as well as repressions for those hot by the countries long conflict. it also promises that a ton of refugees displaced by fighting. i saw, isn't mama's jo marble on it?
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okay, i don't know amana we are totally against a job or a court. we were not invited in the whole process was hijacked by foreigners. the government knows who our leaders are to will did them still talking with them if they want this blockade lifted wind and how the other sedans, traditional government has pledged to walk on a political process to resolve the problems of instances done by its either the protest as will brocaded this port to lift it immediately, the government has also said the countries on the verge of running out of ascension medicines, fuel, and wit. the protest us however, deny they've been holding back shipments of food and medical supplies. i'll buy on on the gallo bottom by, on the statement from the government was only meant to gain sympathy from the public board to out in the protests. we haven't stopped even a single got shipment with food or medical supplies from leaving the pool or no more. okay. alright. yeah. that demonstrates has agreed last sunday to allow the resumption of exports of crude oil from lum looked south sudan through
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a terminal on the red sea port. there also for the closure of a pipeline that carries imported crude to the capital cartoon. sudan was already facing shortages steaming from their comic up people caused by the overthrow of prisoners. and what has anal basheba in 2019 pamela doyle, jazeera pots had done so, had an al jazeera paying for the pandemic. the new case chancellor explains why taxpayers will have to fund his plan for britain's economy. plus the nobel prize in medicine goes to to american scientists for their research and how the human body reacts to temperature and touch. ah hi there, good to see you. thank you for joining in. here's your headlines for the americas.
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this frontal system scooting across the southeast of brazil. it's now kicked down your temperature in rio de janeiro, but it's short lived. check this out over the next 3 days. you'll pop right back up to $33.00 degrees, which is all above average for this have the year seen some pretty intense storms for western areas of brazil through the amazon basin. and oh, yeah, the rain is continuing to pile up for the pacific coast of columbia. on to the caribbean right now, and we've seen some intense pockets of rain, jamaica eastern cuba rate, around the bahamas. that scenario we're going to watch closely in the days to come if it does cook up into something tropical flash flood watches in play for the u. s . state of alabama and very likely to be extended into georgia as well as those downpours of rain can be expected, improvement in their conditions for the great lakes that batch of heavy rain pushes out toward the atlantic that was plaguing at the new england region. could see some temperature records broken in the canadian province serves the scotch wine regina up to 27 degrees. our next batch of weather moves into
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b. c. south coast plaguing vancouver with a chilly 11 degrees. but temperature is above average los angeles full on sunshine with a hive 26 degrees c as soon ah, one of the fastest growing nations and lou on the cargo needed oakland and development. international shipping to become a teen middle eastern, a, filling up from connecting the with ronnie, carto cutters, gateway to world trade lou .
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ah, you want to go to 0 reminder, what top stories this are facebook, instagram and what's up our mostly back on line after users were blocked for several hours. billions of people around the world have been affected. facebook, which one's all 3 sites as apologized. if he appears prime minister abbey ahmed has been sworn in for a 2nd time, he's borrowed to protect the country from foreign interference, amid global criticism of the conflict in the to dr. reach. sedans, government says it's about to run out of medicine, fuel and wheat because it's main ports been blocked by protests for over 2 weeks. demonstrators of closed roads around port sedan to complain about a lack of political power and a poor economy. airlines say they want to cut carbon emissions to 0 by 2050 weeks ahead of the global climate talks in scotland. but chinese airline said
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they're not king to sign up. and experts have their doubts. it's the annual meeting of the international air transport association, where they've been also been talking about the impacts of the corona. virus pandemic got alessandro reports from the whole city, boston $137000000000.00. that's how much money airlines will lose to the end of next year. because of the pandemic, even as domestic air travel picks up in some parts of the world, airline losses this year, or expected to be a staggering 51000000000 before being trimmed to 11000000000 next year. all this, even after us carriers received $25000000000.00 bail out last year from the us government. the new financial figures are according to the international air transport association that represents 290 airlines and 80 percent of the global air traffic is still a long way to go. international air travel still heavily restricted as result of
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the government measures. we know that once those restrictions are removed, the demand for travel remains very strong. but at the annual meeting in boston, the talk was also about another emergency. the airline industry is contributing to carbon emissions. if the global airline industry was a country, it would be the world's 6th largest polluter. out of all of the carbon emissions that are released from passenger planes. 25 percent comes from aircrafts that are landing or taking off out of airports here in the united states. after that, the 2nd biggest emitter is aircraft in or out of airports in china, followed by the u. k. japan and germany dear line industry announced a goal of net 0 airline emissions by 2050. but already chinese carriers are reluctant to agree and analyst are skeptical that goal can even be met in 2009. the
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ation industry agreed to cut emissions by half in 2050. if you look what happened afterwards, emissions actually grew faster in the 10 years after the announcement was made. so overall, this is a really positive announcement, but it does point to the need for governments to hold the airlines to account for their actual obligations. these are projects that literally take carbon out of the atmosphere in an effort to lower emissions us base carrier. united airlines announced it will buy $100.00 fully electric commuter planes. but it will only be able to fly 400 kilometers and carry 19 passengers in an industry with aspirational goals to become a cleaner form of transportation. gabe rosato al jazeera boston. yes, president jo biden's accusing republicans of being reckless because he says they won't work with democrats to raise the countries so called debt ceiling. if the
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government doesn't increase the amount, it allows itself to borrow by october. the 18th, a won't be able to make payments on its debts. the reason we have to raise a debt limit is impart because of the reckless tax and spending policies under the previous trump administration. in 4 years, bank curry that incurred nearly 8 trillion dollars in 4 years, 8 trillion dollars in additional debt. in bills we have to now pay off. not only republicans refusing to do their job, the threatening to reuse the power their power to prevent us from doing our job, saving the economy from a catastrophic event. i think quite frankenship are critical, dangerous, and disgraceful. investigators in california by looking into whether a massive oil spill could have been caused by a ship's anchor striking a pipeline as being described as an environmental catastrophe. more than 500000
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liters of oil is leaked into the ocean. rob reynolds reports from huntington beach in california, an environmental catastrophe on the california coast. sandy beaches fouled by globs of tar shore birds. wading through wetlands soaked in oil, a burst pipeline from an offshore oil rig gushed half a 1000000 leaders of crude into the pacific. from the air, the oil shining covers parts of the ocean, surface beaches along a large stretch of coast are now closed. we know that there is oil ranging from huntington beach and now we know as far down as laguna and, and likely move in. continuing to move in a southerly direction. the area is so popular with swimmers, surfers and sun bathers, that huntington beach is nicknamed surfed city usa coastal conservation advocates are devastated. you know, it's kind of a sense of ha, you know, really sadness and tragedy combined with
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a sense that you'd kind of knew it's inevitable. emergency crews at sea and on land are laying floating barriers to try to contain the oil and prevent even more damage . a number of birds soaked with oil have been rescued, but the impact of the still will be felt throughout the ecosystem of beaches and coastal marshes. say environmentalists is going to get on to the rocks and under the rocks. and it's going to also settle in different places and in the levels of the, the, the water. so there's gonna be some on top. you can try skim as much of that off as it can, but some of them could settle to the bottom and just stay down there for a while. the clean up will likely take months. there are $23.00 oil platforms off the california coast. all of them date back at least to the 1980s. for years, environmentalists have been warning that aging oil industry infrastructure and pipes together with lax regulation are a recipe for disaster. the company that operates the pipeline,
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texas based amplify energy, emerged from bankruptcy protection. just 4 years ago, it has a long heard of violating federal environmental laws, amplify energy ceo says it's unknown what caused the spill, but the pipeline has been shut down. there is no active weakness we are aware of and especially in that specific area that we've, we've identified environmentalists say the only way to stop future spills is to shut down the off shore rigs for good. this is a wake up call that we need to stop offshore drilling our for our coastline. the damaging spill comes amidst a national effort to switch to clean sources of energy. a major part of president joe biden's proposed infrastructure legislation. rob reynolds al jazeera huntington beach, california. behind the scenes workers in hollywood a voted to go on strike for the 1st time in their unions, 128 year history. the international alliance of theatrical sage employees says
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workers want better pay safer hours, reasonable rest periods and guaranteed breaks. negotiations drive to a halt after the most recent 3 year contract expired in july. many prominent names in hollywood say they support the crews demands. united nations security council says it accepts haiti's elections will be delayed until the 2nd half of 2020 to the latest b u. s. had earlier pushed for a vote to take place this year last month. haiti's prime minister annual re dissolve the electoral council responsible for organizing a vote in november. he's dismissed claims. he's trying to cling to power and says presidential and legislative elections will be held next year. haiti was plunged into a political crisis in july, following the assassination of his president, charbonneau moyes. the man in charge of britain's money is wanting the you case. pandemic recovery plan will come at a cost to taxpayers speaking at the annual conference of the ruling, conservative party jazz, the re, she cynic said,
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it would be immoral to keep loading debt on to future generations. but there is concern across the u. k. a. but our looming cost of living crisis, or brandon reports from manchester, richie soon ac is the former investment bank analyst, now running the u. case treasury and widely regarded as a likely success to the current prime minister boris johnson. when the u. k went into cove, it locked down in 2022 next government backed fellow scheme, subsidized the salaries of more than $11000000.00 workers at a cost of $95000000000.00. now he says, it's time to start balancing the books. i have to be blunt with you. our recovery comes with a cost. our national debt is almost a 100 percent of g d p. so we need to fix our public finances. so this week, low income families will stop receiving a temporary 20 pounds or $27.00 us dollars a week. uplift to a social benefit called universal credit and taxes are going up to it's going to be
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a very tough winter for some am i great worry that we can have lots more people pushed into downs of loan sharks valves to use the banks. and i see that so necessary, you know, the gam could just continue with the 20 pound weekly life into the winter in city yet, spring and summer next year. and that would just leave a huge amount of financial pressures on low income families across the country, including hand grades. manchester. on monday the army began helping to deliver fuel to petro filling stations, a very visible sign of the you case, chronic shortage of truck drivers. the situation which is caused petro pumps to run dry, and also seen empty shelves in supermarkets. many economists there warning that the united kingdom faces a cost of living crisis in the coming months, has energy prices go up and the government closed back. some of the benefits paid out during the pandemic. what's not clear is whether the chancellor's proposed ways of mitigating that damage are enough in deprived areas such a sulfate. proposals include a scheme, cold kick starts to help young,
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low income workers and incentives for companies to take on apprentices in his sofa workshop, mike cleary says he's just about getting by. we're thinking over made a coup. if we could do that, we'll, we'll get you out. proper trade will be put through that until next month, richie soon, neck delivered a formal budget which will detail the government's financial plans. the indications are that for many in the u. k. things are going to get worse before they might get better. pull brennan al jazeera manchester. points of a crater on the la paloma island volcano have collapsed as eruptions become more aggressive. it still is spearing lava after erupting more than 2 weeks ago. a spanish government's pledge $239000000.00 to help the island recover by mister petrol sanchez made the commitment on sunday during
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a visit there to american scientists have been awarded this year's nobel prize. from edson they were julius and adam propulsion singled out for their discoveries in receptors for temperature and touch. the nobel committee secretary general called the findings crucial to our survival. the prize comes with a gold medal on more than a $1000000.00. it is true that walking through the supermarket, i'll one day sing all these hot chili pepper saucers, et cetera. i was thinking, we really have to get this project done. and, and my wife said, well, then you should get on it as we are looking at these things. i was looking at all the spices, but you're right that you know sensory systems, how we, what we see and how we hear and, and, and how we sense temperature and pressure. these really tell us about how we interact with the world. so when we see things in the world around us, it begs these questions naturally, just out of curiosity. william shatner is boldly going where no other living
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sufficed eyes have gone into actual space than 90 year old actor famously played captain kirk in the u. s. safe, i serious star trek. now he's going to be joining 3 others on board, a blue origin capsule, which is going to blast off from texas next week. shatner is going to become the oldest person to go to space so far. ah, this is al jazeera, these are the top stories service has been restored to facebook and it subsidiaries, instagram, and what's up after almost 6 hours of outages that affected billions of people all around the world. the companies apologized and says it doesn't believe any user data was compromised. facebook's chief technology officer had to use rival platform twitter to telecast.


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