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tv   [untitled]    October 5, 2021 1:30am-2:01am AST

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earth's surface for around 10 minutes. however, the trip will make him the oldest person in space at the age of 90. it will be the 2nd crude mission of for a rocket operated by blue origin. the company owned by the amazon billionaire, jeff bezos. more on our website, al jazeera dot com. ah and now the top stories on al jazeera, facebook, instagram, and messaging service, what's up or returning after widespread outages for at least 5 hours. it cut communication between people all over the world will internet users, meanwhile took to other forms of social media to vent their frustration. what's up is the world's most popular messaging up with more than 2000000000 monthly users. facebook owns both instagram and what's up,
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and it has apologized for the outage. the company's chief tech officer has blamed networking issues. several major u. s. pharmacy chains have gone on trial over their role in the nation's opioid crisis. they're accused of miss for presenting the risks and failing to properly monitor suspicious orders. nearly half a 1000000 people died of opium overdoses in the u. s. in the 20 years, leaving up to 2019. if europe is prime minister arby ahmed has been sworn in for a 2nd, a term after he and his party secured a landslide victory in june elections. he is described to paul as ethiopia as 1st attempt at a free and fair vote. but the pulls were overshadowed by the conflict, and t gray were hundreds of thousands of people are facing possible families. and the conflict in the northern part of our country is a betrayal. and arrogance has made us pay a heavy cost as
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a nation. the conflict has been inflicted on us by a few individuals who said, there shall be no e, theo pier, if they couldn't govern. sedans, government has warned the country is about to run out of medicine, fuel and wheat because of the closure of its main port. for weeks, protest her as of blocked roads around port sudan in the east. they're angry. what they say is a lack of political power and poor economic conditions in the venture. parts of a crater on the erupt inquiry via have okay, no on the spanish island of la paloma have collapsed, descending more lava, surging into the sea. the volcano has been spewing lava for more than 2 weeks now with interruptions getting more violent. another tours quakes were recorded on monday. those are the top stories that stay with us. witness is next, and that will be more news than half an hour. i'll see you tomorrow. bye bye. hello, but it was the iraqis. it's a to the whole in a long while will do general elect math products and political unrest around the
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country lead to an earlier them mandates a new election laws being put in place. can the government now deliver on a promise? they had an open process. person traveling on a da 0. a beautiful also good from what i think that was easy to see it. so my advice on the solo no program may be shared to where it's not going
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to like norma or on thousands. he's about jennifer golf. don't no mama a oh, a similar in the when a cushy, they put down the g. a bought a little bit more funny, so the 2 eunice for casa. oh, no, with this done g o g,
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a charge chip on a thin, sinister oh, scored a b. o, a z o a
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s a one of my people would be a lot of trouble. nobody but he wanted to get out of that with the general of what it was company for nearly 4 months. you'll get a glad suspense because the dodgy go out of the garbage and look at what's the unit that i didn't think was the question though. so channing, it, they will get a little bit of money that you gamble. i'm going to be asked to go out of where you go, because you're looking for several days that
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you could only be able somebody for so you see that $1500.00 because you know, 3 will be called on to no nation. eliminating quote and thin noisome thing. feel throw that at the meantime, the zone, the recall, and yes, it will be that is the same the, these are new that you told me to call you back soon. animal in the pony. so i got to be careful. she cannot. if i'm going to get the number going tonight, because the finance of it out in the the
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the problem, you know that he's gonna turn out the one that is there to get it in. so you can see that i've gotta renew it a to get out of studio. the weekly check up to 20, where you only can see that i think a lot of money to live in. the me see that again. they could be soon because even my senior i've been doing a suit to me. mooney got closer to that. so in
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a static, as many as he's been, he was the protocol layer yet if you would he enough that i know the meal began cumulate that katy dalton, early kiddie eva the that in a massy display. rita, when the moon add up, you want to cause
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a key has been developed in ah, the rest of them be push it live. say said danny, are they also in your come with time to be in? if you would for less thrown out that you would you would have been missing. and if you could, i mean a lot. i'm from the memory to the latimer. as soon as great engineer, i will say print days than i could have any, any sort of confront. i thought that you probably knew what up is a bit of motor brain. see you in a few notes looped on paul lee and leonard today. so no interest in furniture and even more into their spectacular than she thought the
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people are trying to go to school to the school. maybe it'll show some of them. i mean the tv be placed on the piano, piano because of it. but ecosystem which, you know, and they're being asked to cd, to work for me on the psyche to me today. and the psyche ink was filming, though they're there to go over a ship, wishing the brain that same study of ambulances. they're what i mean as you can and let me put it in prison if they mean none of us are this is in the morning. can you see me as you are?
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i said easterly propping in thread open a t bone id. she is a pistol yields to start to pull up, but to own it. wendy's fossil wallader for 2 more minutes. water or 2 and she needed it for more of a key. i see it in that he said it initialize oh oh, a little
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more you did about it. did i even tell you i let you stopping idea when i make you and see the reading and 30 on learning dr. levine, i think they were they got with with, with me i'm on the found them. i'm all i do math in ringo. oh, video, leno, nene? if we put a 50 day lifting the the 100 we did other to new off. so nicole kelly makena portales to meet the it also to putting money play city throughout the day. so call
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the the, what about him book up at a kid precipitous. so nick, it again, i don't need to do that. i'm going to pull out the other 2 a one for see when you sent them to log in is that a. busy whole stuff done before that helps a lot. there lay a seems to me increased only on
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the corner near the companion my number where he could just see me what he joined when the cd. but the lackey group at a super amateur luna persona asking choice in 152 weeks to be in contact with you as a confirm as to when to do it in a few to chad. request that you do on that? do you have a printer that is switching it senior or like the city to fit in in the
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new new order. ready mm mm mm such as the lumen miss in to know the price on that to provide to get but what happens a. ready little bit if you are very different, a little bit different with
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will not or not, or not to be honest with you. if i do not 1st to michael with a lay on have you done fucking any loss? he talked to on a pilot between h. i c dot com to do nasty stance on a yard and they might or that occasional symptom wouldn't dive in more luminary carver the she working schulman t d r b. yeah. coming. oh oh no. oh
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i hm. ah, you go mental i'm will be there soon. if i said with, you must have a facebook tweet that last i didn't, i believe you meant that he didn't. if with oh, let me think which other questions? no, the claim will make me laugh. hobbies younger little natty, i laugh or i, i love what add a not that i made that all the flat those gun, matthews, since i'm asking you now, one of each in a last made than in disconcerting to job. oh ah, a
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with the i mean that our budget at god. okay. probably man, thank god. going for with i you that up there. i'll change your contact. jane taken on capitol. invariably. and with the put it in, she came out to push to flaw with other domains. dr. modi it says from kissing. it's not ma with it that you that i'm what he had a lot of my media calls us, which is vocab pito by myself. unless with i know that low cost or cooperate will know what to ladder other cool, seattle profit came out. let's try to do the cheat sheet that broke with kathy law school with what i fight,
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cynthia crystal kit is one antiquity from only a new cloud of school. i. since i left a c, libya rooms out in july with the betty at our group boss. with oh, i don't you know, they call with . ringback ringback ringback casual, anywhere they wanna pursue and i few in there, i mean it i live i was told to sara. oh, that took origin colby's that you to know a lot, i well fucked up with you. the man, look yes, the one that i start the routine will contact, which was the chief that i did you see thought that it was to me, irish boss,
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girl medina? maria k. a. mark i missouri factory. can really answer that tomorrow on this faculty. welcome pat. fennel shaw shaquan, lay your full on your friend. okay. marked washington, rafa and laura leo came up to what she called it yet on casualty and put the within adding manase. i mean the you would live, i still would after them. profession easter on iraq depend mean timothy z. matthews is the persona for good. been saga me for they log in so i'm young. yeah. really sad. east banner college are spoke dental, but go on a few minutes and meeting. but gus and all that, i mean it, chow in amy's, i,
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i think she's my way point talking to we carry the person he thought then of course of engine at a soon or dizzy coming to prison, fanny and the stranger product before it goes east formica could you saw the icon? yeah. like a seen the need for me at a professional level what i may but i'll put on a lot of battle at the 15 but i'm not about that. if i thought it was the fan,
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he loves it too much. so i seem to find out, you know, mean you can disagree mcconnell, the, there was a boy, a friend of mine filled with dual credit. but yeah, i think the problem, of course, with when you set up all of these a lot and he's wanting to feel if y'all she's with me a call with only about 3 solomon talk to you guys, you know, or you want to put it in our staff will consider that, but just those to them. but we want the fact that
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their cousin would you she should have made a step that seemed to me cozy or dean did them to that. but sean, kill you both the assistant that your grand, any person in san picking that one or you will you'll you think you put it up until suddenly and she just won't be able to just be that it on all the limit to stream it. guess it, it's, you know, because, you know, you probably need a meeting in all still hearing me because i'm willing to go see jennifer said i've been
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in the city june in the city to sort of deal with my daughter for lewis sitting in the moultrie. go out and moved out in boca flu, so we do it in that in the city. i'm looking for sony because it was still in the office the thought of the change or need to provide the funds they do. we need the persona to leave that or
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to i may throw on a lot of ah, seen a usefulness ruin tional. and wouldn't that could be a sure you have fact to mr. p. coolant financing. what given you and your furniture or some other sheets for unit or could on out or showing your equipment? a lot of this so i went back to the city. i'm not saying that i little bit of a little know vehicles about via a b 2. but he said,
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look in housing has become a commodity instead of human rights back years from some people with the ability to take advantage of others. the elite feel free to violate basic laws, the working classes that have lost a lot of ground in our society. a un special reporter on adequate housing travels the world, investigating a global crisis, as people are evicted to clear the way for investors and properties too often left empty, push a witness documentary on al jazeera. people are much more goes to the communities they live in. no matter how much it needs to presentation as much as anyone else's or going to like the main. it's one of the most hideous the police
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that's part of the night at delta. and now it's people say they want a clean up all their destroyed embodiment with the media, lance, the coverage or covers you just when you suffer calamities. i don't think that's right. and that is what i want to change. i wanted to go further to cover stories that impact the lives of people, to truthfully disclose that i was really passionate about stories with fucks, but governments would rather keep him in story stuff, drop the fixed narrative, and only depend on the reality on the ground. but is why i became a youngest. i'm hammered. i book al jazeera world's meat, said she dizzy and family facing agonizing choices. and an uncertain future has become a type have enough of it. and i want to move to another country. disillusioned with
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the life been struggling economy can get in my dream, was to become a lawyer or a judge. i really wanted back what the circus a tennessee and family high hopes. desperate lives on al jazeera. ah ah, al jazeera, with right down to the pit to offer any of canister is portrayed through the prism of war. but there were many of canister thanks to the brave individuals who risk their lives to protect it from
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destruction. an extraordinary film archives spanning for decades reveals the forgotten truths of the country's modern history. the forbidden real part for the era of darkness on a jazeera ah facebook grills from a global outage that's hip millions of uses across its platforms, including instagram and whatsapp. that's not the only crisis facing the company. an employee turned to whistle blower is accusing it of prioritizing profit. i've clamping down on hight speech and misinformation. facebook has realized that if they change the algorithm to be safer, people will spend less time on the site. they'll click on less ads, they'll make less money. ah.


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