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to sierra, from growing vaccine inequality for the political and economic impacts. the latest development at the corona virus pandemic continues to spread across the globe. democracy, maybe an expensive new series explores the ever growing challenges to democracy around the world. former burkina faso president, blaze come pouring goes on 5 for the assassination of his predecessor, thomas frank. harland context india direct from them by brings insights and perspectives from the world's most populous democracy. iraqis go to the poll in an election likely to define the countries future. october on al jazeera lou. ah
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welcome back is a reminder of the top stories on al jazeera, facebook, and then platforms instagram and whatsapp have been hit by widespread outages affecting people right around the world. facebook has apologized for the outage and blamed networking issues. several major u. s. pharmacy trains have gone on trial over their role in the nation's opioid crisis. they're accused of misrepresenting the risks and failing to properly monitor a suspicious orders. and avi ahmed has been sworn in for a 2nd. the term is ethiopia as prime minister, he vowed to protect the country from foreign interference, amid global criticism over the conflict in the t gray region. international travel demand is expected to double next year, as the world recovers from the pandemic. but it can't come soon enough for airlines
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. their industries key figures are meeting in boston this week with many carriers expecting to lose even more money than previously forecast. demand for flights remains low after an immediate collapse. at the start of the pandemic, the number of kilometers traveled by passengers. is there less than half what it used to be? it means that after a net loss of a $126000000000.20, the most recent estimates sees airlines in the international air transport association losing another 47000000000 this year. so putting it in perspective, the number of planes in the sky has have from a global passenger fleet of more than 230000 strong in 2019 sh to just over a 115000. now. wow, it really elizondo is live at that summit in boston for us. it's okay. well, how worrying are these financial losses for the industry? can they survive them?
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well they have so far, but it's certainly been crippling as you could tell from those numbers. and the statistics that you just read there and the international air transport association is projecting that the losses will be about 11 to 12000000000 dollars next year. that's even as air travel continues to increase over the coming months as a expect, as more vaccines are rolled out around the world. the bottom line is, is that the last 2 years has been the worst economic crisis for the global airline industry. it is getting better, but the fact it's getting better is not too great in a way because as you can tell, they are still suffering from billions of dollars in losses. interestingly enough, one of the areas that is doing quite well is a cargo. there's just simply less plain spy and around the world. the demand for products is increased and so cargo is actually above pre pandemic levels. but
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the bottom line is the airline industries and airline executives that are here at this meeting say they've got through the worst part of this economic crisis for the industry. and they hope that business travel continues to pick up within the next year or 2. and at leisure travel continues as well to pick up and at the losses will be able to be cut in the coming years. gabrielle, i mean, obviously the pandemic, we all hope is going to get better, but climate change will remain a priority. obviously an air travel is a great pollution. so how does the industry have planned to deal to respond to that challenge? ah, well, the international air transport association and the $280.00 airlines that are part of it. i said that they want to get to a carbon neutral by 2015. now that's an aspirational goal that they hope to achieve,
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but it's going to be very difficult. and as we can tell here at this very meeting already, chinese carriers have said they do not necessarily feel they need to abide by that . and it's hard to meet any sort of environmental targets or emission targets without china involved. so it's going to be very difficult. there are different plans, different options, everything from a biofuels to electric plains, even by one carrier, united airlines, about a 100 electric plains run electricity and not fuel. but the bottom line is, it is going to be very difficult, but there is a recognition here by all airline executives that something needs to be done. because if the airline industry in the world was a country, it would be the world's 6th largest emissions emitter. so what does need to be done over the coming years? it's a pretty staggering statistic that gabrielle is on that with the latest staff that
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somebody in boston gave. thank you. now the man in charge of britain's finances has warned that taxes may have to rise further to pay for the pandemic recovery plan. sh chancellor, wish you soon i was speaking at the building conservative parties annual conference and there's growing concern in and outside the conference about a looming cost of living crisis in the u. k. pull brennan reports from manchester. richie soon ac is the former investment bank analyst. now running the u. case treasury and widely regarded as a likely success to the current prime minister boris johnson. when the u. k went into cove lockdown in 2020 soon, next government backed fellow scheme, subsidized the salaries of more than $11000000.00 workers at a cost of $95000000000.00. now he says, it's time to start balancing the books. i have to be blunt with you. our recovery comes with a cost. our national debt is almost
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a 100 percent of g d p. so we need to fix our public finances. so this week, low income families will stop receiving a temporary 20 pounds or $27.00 us dollars a week. uplift to a social benefit called universal credit and taxes are going up to. it's going to be a very tough winter for some. am i great warriors that we're going to have lots more people pushed into downs of loan sharks falls to use the banks and i see that so necessary. you know, the good could just continue with the 20 pound weekly, late into the winter, into the at spring and summer next year. and that would just leave a huge amount of financial pressures on low income families across the country, including his grades. manchester, on monday the army began helping to deliver fuel to petrol, filling stations, a very visible sign of the you, case chronic shortage of truck drivers. the situation which has caused petro pumps to run dry, and also seen empty shelves in supermarkets. many economists are wanting that the united kingdom faces a cost of living crisis in the coming months. has energy prices go up and the
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government clause back some of the benefits paid out during the pandemic. what's not clear is whether the chancellor's proposed ways of mitigating that damage are enough in deprived areas such as sulfur. proposals include a scheme, cold kicks, dos, to help young low income workers and incentives for companies to take on apprentices . in his sofa workshop, mike cleary says, he's just about getting by clicking over a cooper. we could do what we are. good. well portrayed wouldn't be put through until next month. richie cynic delivers a formal budget which will detail the government's financial plans. the indications are that for many in the u. k. things are going to get worse before they might get better pull brennan al jazeera manchester. greenpeace activists have attempted to
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stop shipping at traffic at a shall, refinery at rotterdam in the netherlands. police end of the blockade. after several hours, the port authority says there was minimal economic disruption to the white harbor. sh greenpeace. and more than 20 other environmental groups are seeking an e u wide band on adverts, by oil and gas companies. they say the firms are wrongly advertising themselves as pro environment well, the vatican is pushing for more concrete action from world leader is the head of a major you and climate conference in glasgow next month. hope francis and dozens of religious leaders made a joint appeal for immediate action to confront the climate crisis. adam rainy reports now from vatican city. i'm calling on the world's faithful to join the fight to solve the climate crisis. departure 40 religious leaders gathered at the vatican on monday to add their voice to the growing course, calling for world leaders to take legal action to tackle the crisis. the catholic
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pope francis called the meeting but preferred to let others speak. see what g a in a shout when i call on all young people regardless of their religion, to be ready to fight against any action that may damage the environment or increase the climate crisis. the meeting was labeled faith in science and many spoke of the need to fuse our rational and spiritual sides together. faith on science, people of liver, and faith can transform fear in hope. anxiety in confidence, in action, into action, and another's piloted the responsibility. religion confers on humanity that the water is the father. the id is the teacher. and art is our common mother, just as we don't dis honor, our mother,
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father and teacher. why would we dishonour these gifts from our creator? we must address the unequal economic systems and the human impacts of climate change. though they aren't political leaders, the president of the upcoming un environmental conference says they have an important role. there is a very unique voice that to religious leaders have when they talk to other worldly dis, the leaders of governments. and that i think is what now needs to happen for that voice from the religious world, from the scientific world to be amplified to tell world leaders, but have to add to protect our planet. and our people cow, his papers, he pope frances has supported environmental action in 2015. he published his 2nd and cyclical loud that those see and which he called for swift and bold action to tackle the climate crisis. unless last week, where he virtually attended the youth for climate conference and milan backing the work of 400 young delegates as they drafted proposals for the you and summit.
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meanwhile, outside conferences, a growing protest movement is adding its own pressure. a consensus has been building that real action must come out of the scotland summit. and to that, we now have the support of the world's leading spiritual figures. adarine al jazeera vatican city investigators in california trying to find out how 572000 liters of oil leak from a rig at 4 kilometers from shore. crews are working round the clock to contain the slake in the pacific and clean up balls of tar, which are now on the coast. the mayor of one coastal community has called in an environmental catastrophe. this bill has already killed fish and birds and close the southern california beaches popular with swimmers. surfers, and of course tourists, an approaching storm just to make things even worse is threatening the clean up effort. reynolds joins us live now from huntington beach in california. sounds
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pretty horrendous. so what's the latest on the situation? well, as you said, half a 1000000 ah, leaders of oil is an awful lot of oil. and there are efforts underway right now out with ships at sea coast guards vessels that are trying to skim some of the oil. and here on shore, there are crews working nonstop to try and soak up as much as you can. i'm gonna step out of the way for a 2nd so you can see workers. there are crews in hazmat uniforms. they're working in this sensitive marsh land area wet land that is home to migrating birds and fish. and you're really a very essential area for wild life and they are trying to soak up as much as a can of this a food that is said. now falling this area and
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a vast stretch of beach, i talked to environmentalists and local residents who said that they're just horrified by what has happened here. the local district attorney for orange county california has announced just a short while ago that he is going to make sure that someone is held responsible for this, both criminally and civilly, you know then, and pay for the clean up. amplify energy is the company that operates the pipeline . they've had a long history of a violations of federal environmental laws and actually emerge from bankruptcy just 4 years ago. and it's that company c, e o said that the uh, the pipe that was emitting, the oil has been completely shut down. so there is no more oil leaking in. but you know, a lot of damage has already been done. and this is an area that is so popular with surfers with tourists with sun bay, there's swimmers,
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it's called surf city usa. that's the nickname of huntington beach and is now going to be a lot of surfing going on here quite some time. i'm afraid with the beach is just fouled with globs of this tare crude oil. yeah, i mean, it sounds, it looks or flynn. unfortunately, these kinds of leaks are not that uncommon, that just a few months ago, there was a horrific one off the coast of sri lankan that was a container vessel container ship that had broken up a. how does all of this, rob decent feed into the ongoing global debate over climate change and of course fossil fuels? well, i think it does barbara. i mean, i think this is a vivid illustration of some of the, the knock on effects of fossil fuel extraction. and there are bills in the california legislature to ban offshore oil extraction. and for
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a however, these rigs that we're talking about, all of which were built in the 1980, so they're, they're pretty aging infrastructure. they're on federal property offshore. so a lot of the environmental environmentalists that i've been speaking with today say if you want to prevent leaks, then you have to have a complete moratorium. and eventually an end to all offshore drilling as part of the move towards cleaner sources of energy. which of course, is part a key part of the various infrastructure bills that are present. joe biden is trying to get through congress at the moment. barbara rob reynolds of the latest there from huntington beach in california. rock thank parts of a crater on the wrapping company of yay, hovel. k. now on the spanish island of lapel mash have collapsed the sending more lava surging into the sea. the bouquet now has been spewing lava for more than 2 weeks now, with its interruptions getting ever more violent and other to earthquakes were
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recorded on monday and earlier, authorities briefly opened parts of the exclusion cell and to allow some residents to go home and collect possessions jonah, how went with them? well, this is the closest we've been able to get so far. to this volcano we're on a sort of media tour that brought us to the exclusion zone. the danger zone, the authorities here describe it as and everywhere. a blackened blanket of very heavy volcanic ash the roadways absolutely covered in the stuff the pavements. the houses here look at it piled up high on the roof. i was having to wear protective gear across against the south with air and look at this really quite heavy pieces of back volcanic air. raining down on our heads all the time now. but it's impossible to ignore. of course the sound and the fury of that
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roll kona it's very clear that we're in a new or explosive aggressive phase of this eruption. now late on sunday night, the main core fell in on itself. combining the 3 active vents into one and producing a huge surge of love or a brand new river of lava coming down the mountain side here towards the sea. and this is how close we are. take a look at it. this is the larva river that is skirting its way, carving its way through the mountain side here, right through these communities. these villages, some houses, of course, lucky to survive. others not so much. and as it comes down, creating brand new volk, volcanic rock topography that will change the face of this island forever. and this is where it all ends up. 80000000 cubic meters of hot lava cascading over
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a cliff edge and altering this islands. geography with a brand new land mass rising from the sea, measuring 30 hector's so far off its western age. and for all those waiting to return to their homes for an island, counting the extraordinary losses to its economy, its tourist resorts sitting empty, evacuated. the question of course, is, how long is all of this going to go on? for while the volcano shows no sign of slowing down, no, great surprise there, the average duration of an event like this is 58 days. and yet, here we are at the empty tables and the empty beaches on day 16. jonah, how al jazeera on la paloma island in the atlantic ocean, still ahead. this news, our 2 americans who use the chili peppers to solve the mystery of how we sense temperature in touch when the nobel prize for medicine. and pet is chief, so been an investigation into the world. but number for more on that coming up and
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sport ah with with mm
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pool. ah ah, 2 american scientists have won the nobel prize from medicine for their discoveries into how the human body senses temperature and touch using chili peppers and mental david julius and our demo putin identified receptors in the skin which respond to heat and pressure. it's a finding which could lead to new ways of treating pain. the noble committees
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secretary general called the discovery is crucial to our survival. the prize comes with a gold medal and more than a $1000000.00. it is true that walking through the supermarket, i'll one day seeing all these hot chili pepper saucers, et cetera. i was thinking, we really have to get this project done. and, and my wife said, well, then you should get on it as we're looking at these things. i was looking at all the spices, but you're right that you know sensory systems, how we, what we see and how we hear and, and how we sense temperature and pressure. these really tell us about how we interact with the world. so when we see things in the world around us, it begs these questions naturally, just out of curiosity, great discovery as well. now it's time for the sport. here's gemma. thank you. barbara olympic tennis champion, alexander's thereafter says he welcomes an investigation by the sports governing body into allegations of domestic violence made against him. the alleged incidents happen to the shanghai masters in 2019 last october,
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a former girlfriend of spare. f claimed she was physically and emotionally abused by the german and days before this year's us open august. a 2nd interview was published, where she made further claims in a statement is very have said i have always been in full support of, of the creation of an 80 p, a domestic violence policy. i welcome the investigation into the matter. and i've been asking the a t p to initiate an independent investigation for months. i categorically and unequivocally deny any of these allegations organizes of next year's winter olympics in beijing say they face at great pressure because of the korean of ours pandemic. china is ramping up preparations with a series of test events that involve more than 2000 participants across 8 venues. or non chinese athletes. competing in those events must be vaccinated against k, v 19. and there are strict measures in place for those taking part. type you. hi nina. i saw those 2 competitors within the bubble will only be able to go to the competition venues and their official training sessions. all of the movements are
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forbidden would check their health status every day. they'll need a coping 19 test every day. also within the bubble, they can only take specially arranged transport in faith as controversial plans to hold the men's and women's well cups every 2 years instead of 4 has been met with more opposition, europe's top women's legs and european governing body waiver. se would have a profoundly detrimental impact on the women's game. the organizations also express concerns about the tournament adding to an already congested international calendar, resulting in players being overworked, they also criticized thief isn't consultation process. organizers of this month, cricket t 20 world cup, se stadiums in the united arab emirates will upright at 70 percent capacity. the country is currently hosting the indian premier league with fans, but at a reduced capacity because of cov 19 restrictions. both the i p l amber well cut when moved from india because of an increase increase in infections that meanwhile,
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the situation is still to be fully assess in co host. a mom following a tropical cycling streets in the capital, muscat were left under water. it set to host the preliminary rounds of the torments . english. cricket officials will announce this week if the scheduled asha series in australia will go ahead. the tour is in doubt because if coven 19 restrictions in the country, the e. c b says they're putting health and well being at the forefront. the 1st asked the g to begin on december 8th in brisbin. another game, another record of his 7th time as super bowl with us on brady who's paid tribute. so all his teammates throughout the years who helped make it happen, the tampa bay buccaneers quarterback, a thank them for catching his passes as he became the nfl all time leader in korea . passing yards he over to the previous mark out by drew brees as he helped his side to a 1917 when against is on the team at the new england patriots. where he spent $26.00 is the 1st time brady to face them since leaving. there was anything about the reception he got from the patriots fans. i'm a surprise. i just,
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i try not to predict what was going to happen in hard feel and had a few motional moments as we just thinking about all the people that have really meant. so much to me in my life im that are part of this community me and i'm just very grateful for your amazing time. here. a frenchman in his early fifties has suffered a cardiac arrest and died while competing in the martha they saw on monday. the event in the sahara desert will continue, and a moment of silence will take place before the 3rd stage. as for the 2nd stage, that was one that by mohammed al morrissey, who crossed the line as 6 minutes and 8 seconds ahead of brother. and 7 time champion, rashid, but his own sibling still leads the race overrule. any faithful fans with a spare $1000000.00 could become the proud iona of an iconic piece of sporting equipment on thursday christie's in new york, auctioning off a collection of ret, baseball memorabilia. assembled over the last 25 years, the marquis eisen one of babe, ruth's bats which the whole of fame
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a hit 8 i runs with. that's expected to reach between 850-0008 $1000000.00. also up for grabs, the only sign to face of joe jackson in existence. that's like still that i think a $1000000.00 for a baseball that's gotta be maybe not for me, but i'm with somebody with somebody i wanted to. thank you. well, star trek's captain kirk is once again heading into space. it's been announced that the actor william shatner will boldly go where no other sy fi star has actually gone before on a rocket flight next week. he's not going to be there for long heading, just over 100 kilometers off the earth surface for about 10 minutes. but it will make him the oldest person in space at 90 years old. it's also the 2nd the crude mission for blue origin. the company owned by amazon billionaire, jeff bezos. much more on that on our website. the address there it is,
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al jazeera dot com. you can see our top story there, that facebook instagram and what's up our down and a global outage will bring you more on that and everything else we've been covering in just a few minutes. stay with us. ah ah. and a at night and a so called supper, somebody mums patrol to street police ski, a gang violence, use the maternal approach to prevent time a do
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with the stories. we don't often hear told by the people who live them mothers of ring to be. this is europe on al jazeera, with the conflict between the if you can government and the regional take, great people from the origin front has killed thousands and internally displaced more than 2000000 over the past 7 month. 350000 people in the region are facing families according to the united nation, which says that starvation is being used as a weapon for those who managed to cross the border, say it's not because conditions have improved back home. they say to grants, continue to be targeted because of the in many a properties are being reported and when they come to taking refuge conditions here are off of idea. every war makes a devastating impact, killing me, environment, earth rise explodes. some of the efforts to recover what was lost from the syrian
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scientist, a safeguarding one of our most valuable results is these are important samples. we have to make sure they are surviving. the refugees striving to co exist with nature . ok, so what's going on there? we have simulating what happens when the elephant accomplish life off to conflict on al jazeera. ah, a bad week for facebook, all its social media platforms are hit by a major outage affecting users around the world. and this as a whistleblower accuses it of prioritizing profit over clamping down on heat speech and misinformation. ah.


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