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tv   [untitled]    October 4, 2021 11:30pm-12:01am AST

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and demands same dependence in the 1st part of a documentary series out a 0 looks at how the colonial unrest, conflict. no jury up and full scale warn indo china blood and his french. the colonization on al jazeera lou hello and barbara serene london with the top stories on al jazeera facebook, instagram, and been messaging service whatsapp have suffered widespread outages. that's got communication between people around the world. internet users are taking to other forms of social media to vent their frustration. what's up is the world's most popular messaging app with more than 2000000000 monthly users. facebook which owns
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both instagram and water, has apologized for the outage. the company's chief tech officer has blamed networking issues. if yoke is prime minister abbey ahmed has been sworn in for a 2nd deter him after he and his party secured a landslide victory in june elections. he's described the poll is ethiopian 1st attempt at a free and fair vote, but the polls were overshadowed by the conflict in tig rye where hundreds of thousands are facing possible famine. the u. s. president is blaming republicans for refusing to join with democrats to avoid that defaulting on the country's national debts. the government needs to increase or suspend its borrowing ceiling within 2 weeks, or face triggering at ne comic crisis. the reason we have to raise a debt limit is impart because of the reckless tax and spending policies under the previous trump administration. in 4 years, they incurred,
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they incurred nearly 8 trillion dollars in 4 years, 8 trillion dollars an additional dead. in bills we have to now pay off. not only republicans refusing to do their job, the threatening to use the power their power to prevent us from doing our job, saving the economy from a catastrophic event. i think quite frank, it's hypocritical, dangerous, and disgraceful. and investigators in california are trying to find out why 572000 leeches of oil leak from a rig. at 4 kilometers from shore. crews are working round the clock to contain the slaking the pacific and clean up a bowls of tar on the coast. the mayor of one coastal community has called it an environmental catastrophe. those are the top stories that stay with us. the dark side of energy continues next, and i'm going to have the al jazeera news hour for you in just under half an hour. i hope you'll join me then. thanks for watching.
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ah, to measure the real impact of mind, the whole system must be analyzed. not just the mind because the contamination zone extends over several 1000 square kilometers. the city of anti for gustavo is a 4 hour drive southwest of the tricky kilometer mine. it's inhabitants live to the rhythm of the daily valley of trucks and trains which transport the copper from this industrial port words exported to the 4 continents. the air is saturated with particles of heavy metals disseminated by these convoys,
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which nobody pays attention to any more even far from the mine the 200000 inhabitants of anti for august, i suffer from the diseases associated with it. in the city center, a healthy disaster has already started in 2016. this dr. published a study that was ignored by the mining industrialists dose of cellular coils. they look, they shall be less a queer left leg gone them, you know, soon they look alisha to have the mean family. he st controller aspect also just around the middle. if the south little delays lip at center for youth symphony them in dylan. they bought a fic, jenika, their uncle larry's, and in not their last affix uranus cancellation efforts,
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children through cancer, liberal, none 11th. you belk also marty, you sewell, young color continents young is in elite an ant. if augustine, in certain districts, more than 10 percent of the population suffers from cancer due to the copper industry regularly that did prelim noise. so look, a look at said doug green lynette or mental senior guess will set us in the lab or lesson. he yeah, for contact me now, is that, i mean, do you know she had there was the at 1000 broil jamie deal so so demilia elegance had one out there have been doing the he in indigo the sonata on a 2nd. she sees his 2nd figure. so that he thought you so he had a fear. lulu here will abolla seal the deductible of sicily. sacrificial he need on
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a son alone official if the some of them an official. so like i said, when it took people to lucas, it won't go lawyer. and if you live here in a here, so i listen. if you have an hourly and a few visitors bureau, i leant unable to look the energy transition sometimes turns to absurdity. to make queen energies the use of coal is increasing in certain places on the planet. the world of green tax is not as fritz us, as some consumers imagined. on the outskirts of oslo, the countryside is immaculate, and the norwegians are proud to be among the most environmentally friendly
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populations on earth. here the streets are clean and the locals breathe, clean air. it must be said that in the scandinavian kingdom the energy transition was launched 20 years ago already. electron mobility has become a religion to day one and 2 new cars purchased is electric. it's the world record a know to get so high via of it on their lawn or how well the hotel being sold if you were to saw, not the way to one or 2 is a little poor. poor last give i it there to look if some of it in order to get hard at the corporate mall of issue from. so scroll all of your bill from salus vod and are lou trip spill in
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charge. stations have invaded oslo streets and there are $400.00 to day and they will be $82025.00. we are hot and cool their love for the letter. you know, again, they elizabeth sailed from to know about, get off this boom, pulsating it, or it's a leg among a hard money be community, but i get off this. but carrying t legs are already also free. thought the tall and mom's a little success again play of that it's example. so a lot is all on that along. ah,
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no way is a country entirely dominated by green energies. ah, renewable is visible everywhere. there is some degree of hypocrisy and multi politicians are aware of the situation of where minerals and materials are a source from what they consider than may be less important than electrifying the wheat of society and having a la carte, in our streets for the norwegian authorities the calculation of c o 2 emissions seems to stop at the countries borders focus of port or more frequently called program tele at all. stan,
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even little 9 bill i'd at least the point or the clock phone load against them. so i can move little out is coconut, his floor cell, probably still he up to the yes, dylan. the heidi goose for the link for the v imported be little mickey footer and throws off men. miller cetera, specific solicitor blue color and the forensic suit for the in some transport short on hard in norway, the electric vehicles, the emblem of korean tack is universally popular as it is everywhere else in europe . politicians and industry are promoting them everywhere. even if many have known about its true ecological impact for a long time, there was really ticks of renew. nobody's you a bunch of them along woocommerce idea. who said before, seymour global failure, misuse, you know, those in southern missouri,
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particularly penicillin only leisurely n a b r a poorly, poorly graham. the more that them all today squawk is, or course re you to the said eventually think get his will happen. it see cord of us over year. don't all there's a mission. so do continue on the multi lo actually think. no, i actually, i situation it don't offers on saw on it. on february lou portion elected gate, ah, the profits of the energy transition are sweeping aside the questions raised by green technologies because in the short term, the green techs are primarily synonymous with a new industrial revolution. globally, at
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a time of recession, 25000000 green jobs will be created in the next 10 years with western leaders. dream of taking advantage of the economic windfall represented by green technologies. but this tree may never come true. because a country has already taken control of these new professions china, which holds 75 percent of the rare metal reserves and the world intends to take advantage of its advantage. my flu shot to where you go to undertaker of flu, ever did the tylenol with you. going to try to think you got to going to artifacts long ago are to where you go. cynthia will go could see a champion of them when you go archers auto or trigger or from court to called johan in the south china.
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the old fishing born of sions, n is to day a thriving economic center. a capital city of $12000000.00 inhabitants growing at the rate of china's largest technology companies. b y id is one of the most important from a sub contractor manufacturing batteries in just 10 years. the company is come at the he my automobile construction party about yeah, yeah. the under and total water, $1000.00 the rental. so down when you renew the party, you bought. yeah. yeah. did you fire the at all or talk to us? i might even be only the one that i was talking about, martha the $16000.00 verses that run oceans.
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and today are 100 percent electric b y. d also supplies taxi companies. and the ambitions of this economic giant are now global. this in the rental authority, if you would change your load, our role was look, what else did you talk about? some of the charter them or the old roman should we are lee of up our walk through the not a contract song. tell them that when you know founder attempting to play macro, she was the way to really pick gratiot rugs, equipment vishal, preschooler. she replied me, rush in when the other i like to learn what to devote sumac reveal new up. i, vic, the right you per share. if wouldn't comp yours pressure yours or poor, the cost would go or be our digital christian. chinese industry is no longer the only one threatening european jobs. many other mining countries are dreaming of the coming the new motors of the energy transition
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. is she not as heavy olivia then we sister shuffling switches to tilly. some of the alma side you or vinyl sheeny of the village. you tweak the said dan, cheaper this wish nationally summer or this alumnus on it. you have act did eat you steve. i hadn't come gleam, you may well salma or they are lonesome. she little believe you some her lead you to but it is it lonesome bolivia vill default. the unity in that are ticket lum, tang of each lucky. but then the merely happen may young men side, it's a specialist you ah, with batteries needed for electric cars. the world demand for lithium has literally exploded. and this demand is expected to be multiplied by 20, within 15 years. in southwest
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bolivia, at an altitude of more than 11000 feet. the uni solved flat is a sea of salt covering 4000 square miles and no man's land with the largest reserves of lithium on the planet. economists are mostly by lead. assume them they must have a recall just went through. i meant that be a master danika passive barrel. yet on those up those a but a me not as had been own put in those. put him on the think went us and a person to live listed among the this and own is in on by becoming the number one, producer of lithium in the world. the bolivians hope one day to be able to fix the
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price to better enrich themselves. as china does to day with many for our metals, the public company which operates this brand new factory, was created for this purpose 10 years ago by the government. well, you cannot be a male, this effort, momento, named austria, the cross. rosanna, mom, i have been given those portal rockwell, c, r. a contract fellow cbc us doing him put aysa fairly seed bow and participate. well, am i miss g knowles? hey, isn't glue. so don't they say when impress a tendency like a goes through of luck to invest in bolivia, you must now commit to buying local lithium. an effective way to gain access to markets in countries around the world or not minister as fast as
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a spread. he's a man pay up on that. been there. so she says that i think he bought a k a malia co model latino. now glenn, demanding $1.00 that he has a little bit of syrup and does as he he may be in a 2nd. i'm the mother, he saw lost. i lost quite a lot of home data in the world, lithium market will be $45000000000.00 by 2022. the post oil era is a unique and almost unseen opportunity for this anti and republican law pies. even dreams of exporting green technologies, produced with its own resources phase, where a little common willis, glen, this is spit, answers kings,
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ulysses duncan good thunder butter. the federal, you're the lake on a mia? he can their little volume. monitoring the furniture you want. oh, well, okay. oh, yellowstone resemble a picking his color. yes. from him. daughter ear brochure brochures who has color my or no arms. albin. this fall, i meant the material premium is, are no longer with flag bolivia, many countries dream of taking their place in the global economy as it takes shape . ah, this is also the revolution in green technologies. as for the promise of a limited human impact on the environment, it does not weigh heavily in the face of these considerable challenges. and the rush for these new raw materials will also ultimately destroy our planet.
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the ultimate paradox in the world of green tack is the question of recycling it like that of wind turbines, for example, whose life span is limited in northern germany, huge blades have been abandoned in the wild for several years. luther meyer has been denouncing the multiplication of these on the authorized dumps. gotcha. had prod, swanky shar and the household on an gunam swarm also leaned on dasanya to man.
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that's good. i did your harm yet. does probably him dusty ist and been merlin up good. bought bad anderson in germany alone between 20 and 30000 tons. a wind turbine blades must now be recycled each year. that loses show that freeland yarn. when kind of weird see and does this it z hellish. neat. a lot of bull kite kreger. this is kind of a stock offers english. zach. they're kosicki barnett strain you not of who are these are frugal gym recycling. beautiful the again in and enjoy taking a look year 9 i laguna taking a looky di fund of of her placebo glister about and gone gram off dot. this'll be a niche, even within the destin on gains on your put siemens as mask like you probably him be shown us at home creases the country. yes ma'am. i'm entity glycine, feeler and the question of where metals
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remains. what to do with these raw materials present in solar panels, electric batteries, and wind turbine, rotors due to the lack of investments. and despite their rarity, most of them are hardly recycled at all. so if you could possibly spend all the screws key it excited mino. but with a washer kosky slide extend, if you're dorsey clash on most, my joy to the go. so if it's you all cyclical, proceed me to of globally bettina where people sheep at to smith. i saw a more generic video of michelle mont. norma, who said in your mom to talk to alex at the r, it took it there. ha! on his hipaa if if you only or she can count boma pulled or she cosca mooresville ah, will the salvation of green energies be in new discoveries?
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this is the gamble being made by industrialists persuaded they'll find ways to make the sector more virtuous will do not. don't got to realize how does she know she teach their plants? rosky won't even just on example, lubano solaire said you set out again. it couldn't shivone solaire. okay. vogala depend on select useful position lucinda sherman. yeah. but can put on cindy. shun to come in for depression to softness. passamore, pastoral playful phenom, bottle so poorer. met her, the effect that betsy sawyer back to shirley's yema annoying pony shook his head on quite. mm. and then the all lawyers read it only when it shall take somebody to make your message yesterday, it was all to make your lordships do. strictest regina in, i mean you, i wanted to follow the forts. everybody. let's work on. i'm so ha, all secret santa clarita visit. mm hm. and
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what if we have forgotten that in any change brought about by industry, it is primarily their business sustainability that prevails the world of business and commerce is driving the energy transition. and so it's not like there's benevolent heartful people out there trying to solve the problems in the best possible ways, the wind companies and the solar companies, they're trying to make a profit. they're trying to have a profitable business. and that's not going to save the planet or save our human race. was all john ankles of us when they'll shoot to kill ski caps we want koya fall. i meant to neil my point of view. also. i mixed like tv smo. menia retorted gisy survey. g on task like hostile says corporate mcneal, po. right?
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now industrial society talks about growth in the elected officials. the politicians all want to have global growth. growth in the economy. growth in spending growth and investments. everybody wants wants growth. but the truth is we needed to orchestrate a major, you turn in a fundamentally different direction. we need to live in a different kind of way. we need to start reducing the amount of damage we do to the earth golden rule. what y'all shall sions as she fall, my good job. i shall finish. good. the jewel double call. you will mention them in the shouldn't i how 100 on the jolly. she freed on june. woman bazooka. woman 3, she we all show you, she, yvonne found out what are you doing so good and they on the dollar on their own
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visual vision to talk to a woman today, we need to radically reduce the energy of material consumption in our lives. that is not a message you can easily sell to the world, a business to the captains of industry. that is not a message you can sell to the politicians who want to be re elect. ah, can we really give up on gross? even if it is green, and with it, give up on a part of our material comfort. it is urgent to rethink our relationship with raw materials to ultimately consume less energy and extract fewer resources.
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ah, with this mold and 12000 migrants, mostly haitians in the candidate sprung up in that real texas over the last 2 weeks . they won't assign us, authorities are overwhelmed. this is just the latest flash point in a month. long surge of people are legally crossing the border and there's little in the camp for them. you can see that i'm going to try to trying to stop people getting back in could come up that they went across to maybe get through the site because there was enough food for them to be there in the car. we met nicholas on the mexican bank to the river, searching for food, a medicine for his family. he hadn't realized until we asked him about it. the u. s
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. authorities rules are now flying haitians back home. there is no president crime as high students can't go to school, there is no work. the economy is down. people can't put up with deportation is not good for us with hello, good to see you quite the weather, divide between northern sections of china and toward the south. so here let me show you what i'm talking about. we've got this batch of what weather running across the yellow river valleys been persistent, slow moving. so some days of rain here out over toward the korean peninsula, over the waters between korea and japan. and look at that heavy batch of rain north of at honshu and south hawkeye to where we do have some wind alerts in play. ok to that south and here said heat that we were talking about $38.00 degrees. but let me show the forecasts on tuesday. we're still seeing those readings in at the high
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thirty's and things are dry. here are plenty of sunshine on top. for se age. i want to focus on the philippines because we've had this area of low pressure. vigorous area will go in for a closer look. or the past little bit it stopped about a 150 millimeters of rain in some places. heaviest batch of rain will be north of port. so princess on tuesday. and this could cook in 2 a tropical cyclone so that something will keep tabs on now down and are still bit of instability for that se. but i think a better day and melvin with the high of 17 degrees. what's and breezy for hobart and for new zealand, temperatures well above average here, auckland, getting up to 20 degrees. that's typically what you would see in december enjoy. that's it for me soon. ah, the stories that me to be told find a way a window into another life. these are my babies. my students where i go,
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where i see them is just like we are in 2nd grade. personally devil struggled to colossal sacrificing individual jenny, witness showcasing firing documentary that changed the world on al jazeera. ah lou. this is al jazeera. oh, hello, i'm barbara sarah. this is the al jazeera news, our life from london. thank you for joining us, coming up in the next 60 minutes. a bad week for facebook. all it social media platforms are hit by a major outage affecting users around the world. and this says
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a whistleblower accuses it of prioritizing profit over clamping down on hate speech and misinformation.


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