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violence, they use a maternal approach to prevent times a do what a bit do button in the stories be, don't often hear told by the people who lived them. mothers of ring to be. this is europe on al jazeera. ah, facebook and all its social media platforms are hit by a major outage affecting users around the world. ah, laura barbara, sarah, you're watching al jazeera alive from london, also coming up. if you of yours, prime minister is sworn in for a 2nd term as people starve to death in te gray. and the war spreads to other parts
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of the country. and approaching storms threatens cleanup efforts after an oil leak that's close to beaches. south of los angeles and british soldiers started delivering fuel to ease of prices that seem that long queues at petrol stations for more than a week. ah, facebook, instagram and that messaging service walks up have suffered wide spread outages that have cut communication between people around the world. internet users are taking to other forms of social media to report their frustration. what's up is the world's most popular messaging app and reports more than 2000000000 monthly users. facebook which owns instagram and walks up, has apologized for the outage,
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but not given an actual reason or said how long the problem it will take to fix. let's get more on this from alan fisher in washington d. c. so alan, facebook isn't giving an an official reason, but does anyone have any ideas as to what might have happened? what courses is impacting every one around the world to uses these platforms? so the most popular platforms on social media, it's not just the united states in europe, but in south america across the middle east and africa as well. people are reporting that they have problems and that's been going on for several hours now. there was an outage back in 2019, it lasted for just about an hour. and they said that that was essentially a problem with the facebook infrastructure that was fixed. and then there were smaller outages in march and or saw in july. and this, the factors going on for so long has led to speculation. is this another infrastructure problem that can be easily fixed? or is there was a possibility that facebook has been attacked by ransomware,
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people, people who essentially hold up their service and demand millions of dollars to free up the chords to, to get things back to normal. when or there were a several attacks like that at the end of last year and the beginning of this year here in the united states. in fact, several companies paid out millions of dollars to people who had committed these ransomware attacks. and there was a big concern in the united states at the time wanting companies to make sure that the security infrastructure was 1st class. no. and we're not seeing that that has happened here. but clearly, when the cantico big fish, like they did earlier this year, going after facebook would essentially be like chasing a wheel and landing it. so there's a lot of questions still to be answered by facebook. and all of this builds into the issues that facebook are facing elsewhere. in fact, just a few hours ago, they were in a court here in washington dc, arguing against a government order that they should sell what's up. and instagram,
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the government says that essentially they have become a monopoly. facebook says that simply not the case and the government needs to let them treat the way the trade. well, they've all been doing much of that. i certainly haven't been doing it over the last few hours and they could still face several more hours of being black. exactly, alan, because when you look at how much power is actually in the hands of facebook, they've got 2 and a half 1000000000 users just on facebook. instagram, i think is another 1000000000 watts up we were just saying is the world's largest and messaging ad there. it really is concentrated all with them. and it reminds everyone that these apps, these social media platforms are often used for work as well. but then the counter argument from facebook and i'm certain are representing them here, is that there are other apps that people use take talk has seen an explosion in users over the last 18 months to 2 years, particularly during lockdown, and also twitter, which has gone out and actually said hi everybody,
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because they realize that a lot of facebook users will be heading towards twitter and that is the worry for facebook that while it's don't other people will find other platforms. and certainly think actually i like this a lot more than like facebook or like instagram or like whatsapp. i'm going to use this instead. and we've seen that reflected on the markets that facebook have this problem there. don't several percent on the new york stock exchange just in the last couple of hours of trading. so for every hour that they are dark that they can get the service up and running. it's costing the money no. and could well cost the money in the future. allen fisher with the latest from washington d. c. l. and i'll see you on slap chat for the moment. thank you. now ensure is the editor at large for the consumer tech site. see, net t says the technical problem is affecting millions of people around the world. we're talking about facebook. more than half the world's online population is using
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it every month. so, you know, a few users can be o users, but this is, this is a segment what these, these out is as happens from time to time. sometimes there are the result of bad behavior hacks or something other times it's someone who pushed a wrong button. and this time it seems like it may have been not a bad thing. it may have been someone pushed the wrong button or some computer is misconfigured. and that'll get fixed at some point. well, meanwhile, members of the european parliament have called for an investigation into facebook after a whistleblower alleged that, the social media giant prioritized profit over clamping down on hate speech and misinformation. francis hogan that worked on facebook's civic misinformation team. she has shared internal company presentations and emails with newspapers and attorneys general from several us states that documents alleged at facebook contributed to increase the polarization online when it made changes to its content
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algorithm fail to take steps to reduce vaccine hesitancy, and was aware that instagram harmed the mental health of teenage girls. how can also said that facebook was that used to help organize the capital riot on january 6th after the company turned off safety systems following the u. s. presidential elections? ah, if he of his prime minister ibm, it has been sworn in for a 2nd term after he and his party secured a landslide victory in june's elections. he's described the pole as ethiopia as 1st attempt at a free and fair vote. even though not all areas of the country could take part. and the election was overshadowed by the conflict against forces from the t gray region
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where hundreds of thousands are facing possible fun. with the conflict in the northern part of our country is a betrayal. and arrogance has made us pay a heavy cost as a nation. the conflict has been inflicted on us by a few individuals who said, there shall be no e, theo pier. if they couldn't govern. the conflict has spread to other areas of the country, and there are now reports of fighting between rebel groups and security forces in western ethiopia. it's this place that thousands of people since sunday news is also emerging of a mass kidnapping that took place last month in the same region. katherine saw, has more now from nairobi, enabling kenya on how abuse new term is being viewed. any c o, peer and abroad is government is under a lot of pressure from the international community with hard from the u. s. a key ally of ethiopia that provide and crucial on foreign aid to that country i with heart from you know,
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in the us basically saying that the prime minister needs to do better to handle the crisis into grow. we've heard from the european union with heart of, from the united nations as well. we know that in the last few days, and the if you look in a foreign ministry has expelled key officials of the un. i'm for reasons that i, yet, i know the government has been blamed, of, you know, blockading a t gray region where millions of people are facing, are in a facing farm in government officials saying that that's not true, that they've allowed unhindered access of humanitarian aid to that region, but we have also spoken to our agencies. we're saying that this process is very slow. there's a lot of red tape, so much more needs to be done urgently. so that 8 can reached out the most important people at people who are suffering the most coming back to is c o. p. are a lot of ethiopian, also concerned about the security, say to situation they say that the prime minister needs to do more or to regain the
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confidence of ethiopia, because he came in a platform that you know was very favorable. and now this confidence seems to be waning, so people say that the prime minister really needs to do better going forward a u. an investigation says all sides in libya's conflict have committed violations that may include war crimes. it details accounts of murder, torture enslavement and rape. levy has been marred by conflict since the death of its former ruler more and more gadhafi in 2011 with rival administrations fighting for power. the u. s. president has branded that republicans reckless for refusing to join with democrats to stop the government defaulting on its national debts. congress must raise or suspend its borrowing ceiling within 2 weeks, or face triggering an economic crisis. the reason we have to raise a debt limit is impart because of the reckless tax and spending policies under the
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previous trumpet, ministration. in 4 years, they incurred very incurred nearly 8 trillion dollars and 4 years, 8 trillion dollars in additional dead. in bills we have to now pay off. not only republicans refusing to do their jobs, were threatened to reuse the power their power to prevent us from doing our job, saving the economy from a catastrophic event. i think quite frank is super critical, dangerous, and disgraceful. several major us pharmacy chains are facing the 1st trial over their role in the nation's opioid crisis. nearly half a 1000000 people died of opiate overdoses in the u. s. in the 20 years to 2019. the pharmacies are accused of misrepresenting the risks of long term opioid use and failing to properly monitor a suspicious orders of the drugs,
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shown hendern reports now from chicago. at one of chicago's black market drug bazaars tie can't escape opioids. are you doing in bad? yeah, real bad. he's woken up in an ambulance more than once. he's joined a rehabilitation program, but he can't help coming back for more. mold rose real bad. real bad. so i leave you, you believe your j. c. without any use again. he'd like to kick the habit with the draw of opioids is too strong. this block on chicago's west side is a fentanyl epicenter. last year, deaths by opioids went up 30 present in illinois and 83 percent of those were due to fentenol. located marielle brown says the fault lies with drug makers who dramatically underplayed the powerful lulu revoke oil. is supposed to be
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a control softness does, would occur, does what it unfolded as the controls of the not there's out of control. many start with legally bought, but highly addictive prescription painkillers like oxy code on in move to st corner drugs when their prescriptions run out. the street corner pills they by are often laced with fentanyl and opioid 50 to a 100 times more powerful than heroine. they don't know what they're getting before they would just get oxy code on. and now the oxy code on is compress is, is, is there crushing up of fitness and compressed in the on to the peels, all a different peel. so now the st. dillard's eyes are path and on these jokes to any everybody. every day on chicago's west side, john write more, nell brown, and his brother, kevin brown patrol for addicts and often find some one overdosing when they do,
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they administer. nor can kevin has done it so many times, the addicts, a name for him. look up in the sky. it's a bird to play. no, we're just me. nor can on the schooner man does was a repo, was there for mar, nell brown, a recovered heroine, attic, the culpability of opioid manufacturers is personal. he says he can't escape his own responsibility for past drug use. with that for many addiction is aided and abetted by the industry. i take this very personal, very person, because almost of auburn prisoner of that war. i'm a casualty from that war. a war against addiction that plays out in the streets of every american city in cities around the globe. john henderson, l g, 0, chicago, still to come in this half hour warnings that sudan is running out of vital medicine fuel and wheat. because protest her as i've shut down the port sedan and 2
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americans who use that chili peppers to solve the mystery of how we sense temperature and touch when the nobel prize for medicine. ah, the hello. thank you for joining in hears or weather story for europe in africa. we're going to start where the action is this part of europe. we've got some big storms bubbling up here in a number of weather alert. so let's go over them together. still for the south of france, i think the potential for flooding, but as tuesday carries on, that threat will dissipate big storms for a northern and also southern sections of italy, especially over sicily. and we see some severe thunderstorms, the risk of what being wins, and also as a potential to see some hail. and if we look toward the east stuff, this is finer and dryer weather,
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but it's still weather alert here. just east of belgrade, where those winds could a crank up to about 85 kilometers per hour toward the northwest star. next fall storm it swirling around the united kingdom on tuesday, eventually slamming into the low country's brisk winds around this. and, you know, for london, let's check out, see what you could see about 20 millimeters of rain. look at that. those when 60 kilometers per hour tries out on wednesday and your temperature is closer to where they should be for this have the year off to turkey. and we see that what, whether across the black sea coast also heavy falls for the northeast. places like our hobby, we trace a wind from the mediterranean right through to sudan chat. any jerry, we're, we're seeing the sand and dust kicked up in some spots there. ah, this is one of the most astounding that no logical revolutions in all make our planet. we have to meet this you to emission like to cause
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a method to mention the need to be mind to where people are just talking about with the world of business and commerce. driving energy change is the promise of clean energy and illusion. the dump side of green energy on al jazeera blue ah, of a back, here's a reminder of the top stories on al jazeera facebook and its platforms. instagram and whatsapp have been hit by wide spread outages affecting people right around the world. facebook has apologized for the outage, but not given
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a reason or said how long the problem might take to fix several major u. s. pharmacy chains have gone on trial over their role in the nation's opioid crisis. they're accused of misrepresenting the risks and failing to properly monitor a suspicious workers and ibm it has been sworn in for a 2nd. the term is ethiopia as prime minister. he's that he vowed to protect the country from foreign interference and made global criticism over the conflict in the t gray region where the u. n says people are starving due to a government, a. the blockade or sedans. government has warned, the country is about to run out of medicine, fuel and wheat because of the closure of its main port. for weeks protest her is of blocked roads around port sudan in the east. they're angry. what they say is a lack of political power and poor economic conditions in the region. last saturday, they shut a pipeline that carries oil to the capitol. cartoon,
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bahama da da has more now from fort sudan. there is very little activity going all not pulled. so done that be jer tribesmen will, protesting what they call marginalization by the government of body kaden the gates to the port with huge rocks, and also have lined at the gate to the port a with protest. us was holding hands to ensure that nothing exists or nothing and passed the port. and there was a delegation from the government led by competent ministers. i'm the only thing of the days of negotiations that they were able to go back with was m a yes. to the expedition of salt sudanese oil from these port, these port is a mid to lifeline. not just for sudan, but also for neighboring cells. have done the 164000 bottles of oil salsa, don, producers. every day are exported through these port m. and m right
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now, the government is complaining that there is a shortage of medicines and vital commodities. and it says, this cannot continue the calls, the actions of the b. j. tribesmen who have a cut it these auction out as a criminal, unsafe that will not allow them to continue holding the government hostage. however, talking to some of the b to protest as they told us, that they will stay put. they will not move on it until the government accepts to listen to their grievances. on top of that is what they say that they were not consulted when the government signed the dba. peace accord with other armed groups in the country is been a shootout in sedans, capitalist, security forces investigator cell, allegedly housing members of an armed group. witnesses say that they so security forces exchange gunfire with a group inside a residential building. in cartoon,
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this comes almost a week after 5 intelligence officers were killed in a separate shootout with suspected i so fighters that raid lead to the arrest of 11 suspects of different nationalities. according to the intelligence service. investigators in california trying to find out how 572000 liters of oil leaked from a rig at 4 kilometers from the shore. sh crews are working around the clock to contain the slake in the pacific and clean up a balls of tar on the coast. the mayor, one coastal community has called an environmental catastrophe. this bill has already killed fish and birds and close that southern california beaches popular with swimmers, surfers and tourists to make matters worse, an approaching storm is threatening the clean up effort. well, rob reynolds joins us live now from huntington beach in california. i mean, it sounds horrific. how damaging could this be a for the coastline?
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well, a lot of damage has already been done. barbara, you can see behind me, this is a coastal wet land, a small remnant of what used to be here naturally. and there are yellow booms in the water trying to prevent the oil from ah, be fowling this sensitive habitat. the beaches in many places are covered with thick clots of tar, like crude oil. the actual breaking rupture in the pipeline. ah, the cause of that is not yet known. the pipeline has been shut off. so, but half a 1000000 a leaders of crude oil is, is definitely something that has a created a truly an environmental catastrophe. and i'd like to introduce now, ah, damon tagami. damon, do you just come right over here? damon is an official with the natural resources defense council. i could this have
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been prevented. absolutely could have been prevented. this is a catastrophe. think everyone should be outraged. we certainly are. this is something that we never like to see and absolutely it could have been prevented. now now, damon, i understand that the, you all the infrastructure, these rigs and the pipes. they're like 40 years old. right. did this have been operating since the 1980s? are they adequately maintained? i think we're still waiting to see what the results were of what actual, what the actual cause of the leak is. but yes, generally speaking, this is old infrastructure that's out here off the coast of southern california. and as we've seen the regulations for offshore an infrastructure as to lax, there aren't enough protections and oversight in place for very dangerous activity, which is basically, you know, look,
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drilling for oil pumping oil. and then we transport it. we refine it at every stage in that process. there's a potential for something to go wrong and to have a catastrophe, a disaster like this. so we need to have stronger safeguards in place. and that means federal as well as a state of california. absolutely, federal officials and state officials need to be working together depending on where the spill is happening, if it's in federal waters or in state waters. but, you know, the bigger picture here is that we need to get off of fossil fuels altogether as soon as possible. in the interim, we need to make sure that safeguards are stronger. but the only way we're going to absolutely have this type of thing never happen again, is to get fossil fuels out of the picture completely. damon, thank you very much for speaking with us. today's appreciate it or i take care. so it's certainly, as you heard of from damon tagami there, a call for the end of fossil fuel extraction offshore. i think that it is
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likely that there will be further calls to that. in fact, the los angeles times, the dominant newspaper in this part of the country is already editorialize. say it's time to stop offshore drilling full stop altogether. borrow reynolds, with the latest. they're from huntington beach in california. rob, thank you. the man in charge of britain's finances has warned that taxes may have to rise further to pay for the pandemic recovery plan. the chancellor was she soon act was speaking of the ruling. conservative party's annual conference, and there is growing concern in and outside the conference about a looming cost of living crisis in the u. k. po brennan reports from manchester. richie soon ac is the former investment bank analyst, now running the u. case treasury and widely regarded as a likely success as to the current prime minister boris johnson. when the u. k, went into coven lockdown in 2020. soon ex government backed fellow scheme,
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subsidized the salaries of more than $11000000.00 workers at a cost of $95000000000.00. now he says, it's time to start balancing the books. i have to be blunt with you. our recovery comes with a cost. our national debt is almost a 100 percent of g d p. so we need to fix our public finances. so this week, low income families will stop receiving a temporary 20 pounds or $27.00 us dollars a week. uplift to a social benefit called universal credit. and taxes are going up to, it's going to be a very tough winter for some. and my great worry is that we can have lots more people pushed into downs of loan sharks falls to use the banks and not see that so necessary. you know, the government could just continue with the 20 pound weekly, later into the winter, into the yes, spring and summer next year. and that would just leave a huge amount of financial pressures on low income families across the country, including hand great manchester. on monday the army began helping to deliver fuel
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to petrol, filling stations, a very visible sign of the u. case chronic shortage of truck drivers. the situation which has caused petro pumps to run dry, and also seen empty shelves in supermarkets. many economists are wanting that the united kingdom faces a cost of living crisis in the coming months. has energy prices go up on the government clause back some of the benefits paid out during the pandemic. what's not clear is whether the chancellor's proposed ways of mitigating that damage are enough in deprived areas such as sulphur. it proposals include a scheme called kicks, dos to help young low income workers and incentives for companies to take on apprentices. in his soft workshop, mike cleary says, he's just about getting by pretty quick and over a copy we could do. but we are all good, well portrayed, be prepared until next month. richie cynic delivers
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a formal budget which will detail the government's financial plans. the indications are that from many of the u. k. things are going to get worse before they might get better pull brennan al jazeera manchester. parts of a crater on the iraq thing it could of you have volcano on the spanish island of la . paloma have collapsed, sending more lava surging into the sea. the volcano has been spewing lava lava for more than 2 weeks now with its eruptions getting ever more violent. another 2 earthquakes were recorded on monday, but officials say they don't expect to have to evacuate any more people, because the molten rock is following the same route to the sea as the earlier flows . 2 american scientists have won the nobel prize from madison for their discoveries into how the human body senses temperature and touch. david julius and arden put the podium identified receptors in the skin, which responded to heat and pressure,
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finding, which could lead to new ways of treating pain. the nobel committees secretary general called a discovery, is crucial to our survival. the prize comes with a gold medal and the more than a $1000000.00. we are interested in the sense of touch and pain, and this is no way the scent sense. perhaps the sense that people are mostly for granted by the reception of this is they do something very unique. so most of the cells in your body communicate to chemicals. this could be hormones such as insulin or neurotransmitters such as dr. me, but your sense of touch has to, since physical stimuli such as temperature and pressure and translate this to chemical language that your cell and your body can understand. captain kirk is once again heading into space. it's been announced that the actor william shatner will
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be on board a rocket flight next week, and i was not going to be there for long heading just over a 100 kilometers off the earth surface for around 10 minutes. but the trip will make him the oldest person in space at the age of 90 will be the 2nd crude mission for a rocket operated by blue origin. the company owned by the amazon billionaire, jeff bezos, more than everything else we've been covering on the website. i'll g 0 dot com ah and that reminder at the top stories on al jazeera facebook, instagram and the messaging service walks up all appear to have been hit by widespread outages. internet users are taking to other forms of social media to report their frustration. what's up is the world's most.


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