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hi of 37 degrees on tuesday, but it's bumping in some high humidity. so that's feeling in the low to mid forties for pakistan. it's a completely different story. the humidity has flushed out. we've got fresh air in play here, grouchy up to 32 degrees. a scattering of showers for it's damn ball, and we've got some driving rain for turkey's ne black sea region pushing in to georgia. now, through the tropics of africa, we've got our storms coming and going, but some big ones bubbling up toward the east of the democratic republic of congo. a frontal system given us some disturbed weather for central parts of mozambique rate toward the eastern cape cape town, getting up to $22.00 degrees with wall to wall sunshine. sounds good and joy soon. ah. after decades of conflict between successive colombian government and the false marks this guerrillas on historic peace accord in 2016. so fight has laid down
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their arms 5 years on a mit rising defense and fruitful police repression. a new cycle of violence has robbed the nation. people in power off, if the agreement is failing and what's next, the country columbia killing the piece on al jazeera. as the u. k tries to move on from the pandemic poorest johnson will set out plans to pay for the damage done to the economy club with post bricks, if woes and opposition to plan benefit drops. can the government offer reassurances of better times ahead glide coverage of the conservative quality conference on al jazeera with 20 hidden cameras from the nose are illegally filming, and sharing people's most intimate moments. when used to investigate south for is by coming the demick on al jazeera ah
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ah, you're watching the news hour on al jazeera with me fully valuable. a reminder of our top stories. are you an investigation? says all sides in libya's conflicts have committed violations. that may include war crimes, the report details, the counts of murder, torture, enslavement and rape. it says migrant and detainees suffrage, the most ethiopian prime minister, avia that has been so named for a 2nd term is facing some of the biggest challenges of his political career. including ethnic tensions and months, long conflict integrity and the u. s. 3 chief is outlining the biden administration's vision for relations with china. katherine, ty says beijing has not respected its trade commitments, ties will remain in place, but there may be some exemptions. now sandra ravia and the united arab emirates
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are on alert for what's left of cycle and shaheen. the re choppy coastal made landfall on the arabian peninsula on sunday, getting at least 12 people in oman. andrew chappelle reports an unusual and intense weather event in the gulf tropical cyclone shaheen. beryl down on norman's north coast, with wind speeds of up to a 150 kilometers per hour as it made landfall on sunday. only the 2nd sy clone in modern record keeping to enter the gulf of oman and the 1st to enter. in the 2nd half of the year, the government declared a 2 day holiday to reduce people's movements. road traffic was suspended in the capital muscat theory, a where most of the country's population of 5000000 people live. oh, flights were halted at the airport. evacuations ordered for some coastal areas. more than 2700 residents waded out. the storm and emergency shelters
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ports women's coast received a year's worth of rain in a single day. the ground is bone, dry and unable to absorb the rain, triggering flash floods in northern and southern governors. at least 6 deaths and dozens of injuries are being blamed on the storm, and se iran residents of a line in the united arab emirates have been told to stay home while saudi civil defense authorities have warned several regions of possible flooding. enter chappelle al jazeera the vatican is pushing for more concrete action from wild leaders ahead of a major climate conference. oh, francis and dozens of religious leaders made a joint appeal for government to take immediate action to confront the kind of crisis when they meet at a summit in scotland next month. adam rainy v for some vatican city. is this calling on the world's faithful to join the fight to solve the climate crisis? departure 40 religious leaders gathered at the vatican on monday to add their voice to the growing course,
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calling for world leaders to take on real action to tackle the crisis. the catholic pope look francis called the meeting but preferred to let others speak for you. what g, a, you know, shouting, i call on all young people regardless of their religion, to be ready to fight against any action that may damage the environmental or increase the climate crisis. the meeting was labeled faith in science and many spoke of the need to fuse our rational and spiritual sides together. faith on science, people of liver, and faith can transform fear in hope and fire t in confidence in action into action. and the mother's piloted the responsibility . religion confers on humanity that the water is the father. the it is the teacher. and art is our common mother. just as we don't
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dis honor our mother, father and teacher. why would we dishonour these gifts from our creator? we must address the unequal economic systems and the human impacts of climate change. though they aren't political leaders, the president of the upcoming un environmental conference says they have an important role. there is a very unique voice that religious leaders have when they talk to other worldly dis, the leaders of governments. and that i think is what now needs to happen for that voice from the religious world, from the scientific world to be amplified to tell world leaders, but have to add to protect our planet and our people throughout his papers. he pope frances has supported environmental action in 2015. he published his 2nd and cyclical loud that those see and which he called for swift and bold action to tackle the climate crisis. and lis last week where he virtually attended the youth for climate conference and milan, backing the work of 400 young delegates as they drafted proposals for the you and
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summit. meanwhile, outside conferences, a growing protest movement is adding its own pressure. a consensus has been building that real action must come out of the scotland summit. and to that, we now have the support of the world's leading spiritual figures. adarine al jazeera vatican city, former cas land leader carlos for gym on sex tradition hearing has been suspended by an italian court regiment, was detained by police when he arrived in sardinia last month. though, a judge ordered his release a day later. his supporters of been rallying outside the court screen accused for jim on to of sedition over his role in catalonia as failed independence sped in 2017 has been living in self imposed exile in belgium. in india, at least 9 people have been killed in the north after violence broke out during a farmer's protest. crowds in ot pradesh, surrounded vehicles reported the link to a federal minister. farmers grew say,
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one car ran over protesters. demonstrators then set the vehicles on fire. tens of thousands of farmers have been camping on major highways for months now to oppose new agricultural laws. elizabeth random has more from you day the farmers protests have been going on for nearly a year. and in that time we have seen on several occasions, scuffles between farmers and security forces, but this is one of the most a major escalations. we have 8 people dead for farmers, 3 workers belonging to prime minister that in the morning by the agenda party or b j, p, and their driver. now we have with their police the state where it took place, the head of police. they're saying that the situation in the district or lacking for katie is tense, but under control, police have imposed a ban on people gathering. they have suspended internet services in many parts of the district in an effort to stop more people from protesting that
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after farm union and opposition leaders said that they were going to travel to the district to show their support. for farmers that's not being allowed to happen. to of 2 main opposition leaders including india is main opposition. our party, the congress is priyanka gandhi, was stopped from going to meet the families of dead farmers. a former state leader was put under hop house arrest, so that he couldn't travel to the district. and when he tried to stage a protest outside his home, he was taken away by police. what police are also doing, though, is investigating india's junior hon. minister i, j, mitchell, son, ashura, and 10 others for murder. that's after farmers alleged that osh mr. i was in one of the 3 cars that was part of the convoy that attacked farmers. the mission was deny that they say that farmers attack the cars force and the vehicles to lose controls . south korea says its restored a communications channel with north korea young,
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young cat, hartline in august in protests, against military del trail so conducted with the united states at since then, north korea has indicated it might hold talks whether it's southern maybe rob mcbride has more from hong kong on what this means for both sides. these hot lines are very important. they are the lines of communication across the dmc between the north and the south. it prevents any accidental misunderstandings. it's very important that they are kick, kept open, given the fragility of relations and the, the amount of armament along the d, m. z. now, they tend to be caught and restored depending on how relations are at any given point in time. and of course, with the dipping relations that we saw in the last year or 2 with the ab, with the ending alpha negotiations over at north korea's nuclear arsenal. los st. all those talks became stalled. the law reacted very badly to that, and it was in june of last year that they took the step of cutting all of the
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communication lines and even going as far as destroying with explosives the liaison office that had been set up. what during better times be when relations were, were better between the north and the south. so it is important that they are kept open or they were cut to months ago again because of the north, protesting against their military exercises in the south. the south is hoping that this time they will stay up a fo a permanently because they are hoping that this could be done. we have to use the caveat, said that it, this is only a possibility that there might be a start now a better relations, but certainly the south is as welcome this move and saying that it could now stabilize and restore relations with the north. the shares of chinese housing giant ever grind have been suspended as investors. a waiter statement about its future. the firm said the hold in trading in hong kong came ahead of a announcement on a major transaction at a grand has run into trouble over the past few months as beijing tightened draws in
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the property sector terrain. in debt levels, the companies shares are fallen by nearly 80 percent since the start of this year that to the us where several major pharmacies are set to go on trial for their role in the nations opioid crisis. they're accused of mr. brett, representing the risks of long term appeal dues, and failing to properly monitor suspicious orders of the drugs. john hendrick has his story at one of chicago's black market drug bazaars. ty, can't escape opioids. are you doing in bed? yeah, real bad. he's woken up in an ambulance more than once. he's joined a rehabilitation program, but he can't help coming back for more. more rows, reuben, real bad. so i lou lou, tracy without me again. he'd like to kick the habit with the draw of
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opioids is too strong. this block on chicago, west side is of fentanyl epicenter. last year, deaths by opioids went up 30 present in illinois and 83 percent of those were due to fentanyl. located marielle brown says the fault lies with drug makers who dramatically underplayed the powerful lulu revoke oil. is supposed to be a control softness does, would occur, does what it unfolded as the controls of the not there is out of control many start with legally bought, but highly addictive prescription painkillers like oxy code on in move to st corner drugs when their prescriptions run out the street corner pills they buy are often laced with fentanyl and opioid 50 to a 100 times more powerful than heroin. they don't know what they're getting before they would just get oxy code own. and now the oxy code on is compress is, is, is there crushing up of fitness and compressed in the, on to the peels,
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all the different peel. so now the st dealers are pattern on these drills to and in everybody every day on chicago, west side, john, right, more know brown and his brother, kevin brown patrol for addicts and often find someone overdosing when they do, they administer. nor can kevin has done it so many times, the addicts have a name for him. look up in his god, it's the birds, the play. no, it just me. nor can on the sooner man does was, it was then from ornell brown, a recovered heroine, attic. the culpability of opioid manufacturers is personal. he says he can't escape his own responsibility for past drug use. with that for many addiction is aided and abetted by the industry. i take this very personal, very person, because almost of auburn prisoner of that war. i'm
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a cavity from that war. a war against addiction that plays out in the streets of every american city in cities around the globe. john henderson, l. g 0, chicago, catholic and conservative groups in mexico have protested against the court ruling that could pave the way for the de community zation of abortions. the demonstration comes after pro abortion weiss groups rallied in several latin american cities last week. manya rapids has moved from mexico city, were walking down the main avenue that cuts right through the middle of mexico city with several 100 demonstrators. now this march was organized by religious institutions, as well as anti abortion groups that are against a recent ruling by mexico's supreme court that effectively decriminalize is abortion. nationwide. game of guess at abbey say we won't our conclusions following the supreme court decision to be taken into account. there are millions of women who are not in favor of these changes. are mill this march arrives on the
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heels of pro choice demonstrations that have taken place here in mexico and elsewhere in latin america marking international women's reproductive rights day. well, the head yeah. yeah. many girls for raped and then forced to be mothers, and that has to change happen. america has spoken. i ha, many of the demonstrators here are dawning blue and are waving flags and holding up a lot of religious imagery. after all, mexico is one of the most populous catholic countries in the world. so there has been an expectation that there would be pushback by religious conservative against the de criminalization of abortion. what's interesting as well is the timing of these protests which are occurring as pro choice demonstrations have swept the u. s . following that court ruling in the us state of texas restricting abortion rights . opening the door to a scenario where women in the u. s. could be turning to mexico for safe and legal
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abortions despite abortion de criminalization being finalized here and mexico religious groups say that they are committed to continue to fight for that ruling to be overturned. a number of slums in iraq has increased in recent years because of growing poverty, nearly 10 percent of iraq's population less in them mahmoud abdullah had reports from baghdad for 9 years old. however, there is nothing more terrifying than a train. she was struck by 15 years ago near her families make shift shelter. her arms had to be amputated in this slum under one of beds, bridges. hela is reminded of her ordeal. every time a train passes by her family tries to comfort her and help her adapt to living without her arms. they have been living here since 2007,
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only a few meters away from braid way with no safe guards. how has a father works as a blacksmith and struggles to make ends meet in providing for his family of 2 wives and 13 children? i will be, i thought we had to turn them on. we couldn't afford to continue paying rents. we're all total. so the landlord kicked us out with olivia because we had no other choice, but however, the rashid shelter was built, illegally unsafe, and unhealthy, like tens of other houses here. since the 2003 u. s. led invasion slums have become common in iraq due to poverty lawlessness and high real estate prices. nearly 10 percent of the people in iraq live in slums. according to the planning ministry, many blamed their poverty and lack of jobs on government corruption and say they
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have little interest in those campaigning in the parliamentary elections, consecutive governments have failed to eliminate the slums or provide alternatives . oh, on that that goes along a draft law to shoulders slumped. problem is under revision in parliament. it should be passed either by the outcome parliament or by the incoming parliament. many parliamentary candidates try to gain votes in under privilege it areas by making promises to improve people's lives. this candidate says she will ensure much needed infrastructure is put in place. but for classroom hammett, these are just false promises. you don't, you either give the lack of a lot of re election. they say they will give us lands, houses, or salaries, and after they take office, they forget about us. ah, how laura is too young to understand why her family lives the way it does. and how
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she'll cope as she grows older, like many in a country that stretching oil, her life is already scarred by corruption and poverty. but with the added pain of innocence lost with abdougla, had al jazeera but still ahead on al jazeera keeping your eyes on the prize this yankee is feel that was lucky to escape serious injury details next. stay with ah ah with
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with mm whole ah ah
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for so his retest by the thank you very much. all non chinese athletes. i mean, to compete attest events for the beijing 2022 winter olympics must be vaccinated against cove. at 19 events will involve more than 2000 participants across 8 venues and spread over 3 main competition areas. organizes have met the risk of corona virus being spread will undoubtedly increase. so they've implemented strict measures on all competitors type you. hi, nina. as lloyd or stand competitors within the bubble will only be able to go to their competition venues and their official training sessions. all other movements are forbidden would check their health status every day. they'll need a coping 19 test every day. also within the bubble, they can only take specially arranged transport in and happy. organize is also announced. fans may be allowed to attend some venues. the test events start this week and run until the end of december. the governing body of men's tennis is
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investigating allegations of domestic violence against will number for alexander vera. if the alleged incident happened at the shanghai masters in 2019 more than a year ago, a former girlfriend of very plain she was physically and emotionally abused by the german and days before this year's us open in august. the 2nd interview was published, but she made further claims in a statement that i have said, i have always been in full support of the creation of an atp domestic violence policy. i welcome the investigation into the matter and have been asking the atp to initiate an independent investigation for months. i categorically and unequivocally deny any of these allegations to football and the goal that will be talked about for the next 50 or 60 years. that's according to liverpool manager, yoga club. we know mohammed seller is a special player and he delivered accordingly against manchester city. this goal gave liverpool a to one lead before that he found an equalizer shortly after club had met,
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sees team's 1st off. performance is not how you play against man city in the 1st half. don't remember a chance from us. mm hm. right. ah. and so i was really happy about a half time listen and so that we could to trust a few things. and actually we didn't change anything. we just am, am told the boys again what the actually wanted was or should have already the 1st 3 minutes before that. so our goal, manchester city manager pay for the ela was angry of deliverables. james milner escaped a 2nd yellow concert. this tackle for yellow had no doubt challenged as of mood and just the free kick. see, he didn't do his mom, he didn't do it till then the stand, the pressure for every one of the had a pressure there ever has the pressure to play had the brush so in the vision has to be made in one second. you know that, but this too much, you know, then i should say,
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i don't know. it's maybe yes maybe no. that is why i was clear. from football to football, american football that is 7 time super bowl winner tom brady has added another echo to his already impressive tally. the tampa bay buccaneers quarterback has become the nfl all time leader in korea. passing yards, the 44 year old overtook the previous mark, held by drew brees against these former team, the new england patriots and to sweeten the occasion. ready also led back me as to a 1917 when as he returns, leaving them for the 1st time since leaving last year he had spent 20 seasons with the patriots. and the surprise, i just, i try not to predict what was going to happen in hard for you and had a few emotional moments as we just thinking about all the people that have really meant so much to me in my life. and that are part of this community, me and i'm just very grateful for your amazing time here. so brady is now
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the all time leader when it comes to career passing yards. that's $80560.00 yards to be exact. at goes along nicely with the 44 year olds, mark for touchdown passes, $591.00 for the record, brady has also won $232.00 regular season games. that's more than any one else is ever done. and there's also no one else who can match. he 7 super bowl titles. the cleveland indians have played their final game with their current nickname. from next season. they will be known as the cleveland guardians. the indians aim is being changed because of its racist and offensive connotations. in 2019 cleveland did away with their cartoon indian mascot. and in their final game as the indians, they won 6, nothing against the texas rangers. also the new york yankees edge their way into the play also the one nothing when the over the tampa bay rays. ah it did, it did it. 6
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yankees, shortstop, g hirschler showed no regard for personal safety, managed to finish the game with a heavily bruised thigh. the home side got the when at the bottom of the mind, awaiting the yankees, and she says well again, none other than the oldest, both the boston red sox. and here is confirmation of that. this is how the red sox, a got iasd that's carrying. they beat the washington national $75.00 to clinch their plates, and the winner of the rates of the yankees game will play tampa bay in the division series off washington. date, english cricket officials will announce this week if the scheduled asher series in australia will go ahead. the tourism down because of coven 19 restrictions in australia, the e. c. b says they will continue to talk to cricket australia, about the issues that they're putting health and well being at the forefront for
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the sports needs for now. more coming up again, a little bit later fully. thank you very much. we'll see you later. that's it for this news are on al jazeera, but do stay with us. i'll be back in just a few minutes with him on the de smith. ah. mm hm. how many nukes is too many new to america has in many ways driven the arms race for parties are much more like the british parties down to the there are fewer regulations to own a tiger than there are to own a dod. how can this be happening? we take on us politics and society, and that's the bottom line. october on al jazeera,
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from growing vaccine inequality for the political and economic impacts. the latest development as the corona virus pandemic continues to spread across the globe. democracy made it an expensive new series, explores the ever growing challenges to democracy around the world. former book timothy president, place come for it goes on 5 for the assassination of his predecessors. commer, thank her. contact india, direct from them by brings insights and perspectives from the world's most populous democracy. you work, you go to the palm in an election likely to define the countries future. october on al jazeera. at night in a stock home supper, somali mom's patrol to st. guleski a low, low to high dollar customer premium. tired of gang violence, the use a maternal approach to prevent time. a good to have
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a do were have put a bit button in the stories we don't often hear told by the people who lived them. mothers of ring could be this is europe on al jazeera ah. ready evidence of human rights violations in libya. un reports says war crimes, we're likely committed against civilians and migrants. ah, i'm fully back to you or you're watching al jazeera live from doha. also coming up . he feel p has prime minister ibm at is sworn in for a 2nd term, but faces a number of challenges, including the conflict gained to grind. the bind in administration says he doesn't
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want to worse intentions with china.


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