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an extraordinary film, archives spanning for decades reveals the forgotten truths of the countries modern history. the forbidden real part for the era of darkness on a jessia. ah, if you appease prime minister, be up, it is sworn in for a 2nd turn facing the biggest crisis of his political career. ah, 11 o'clock this is out zurich life and also can we offer a large leak of confidential financial records shines a light on the secret wealth of dozens of world leaders hopes for improve relations off to north and south korea, restore a cross border hotline and praying for change, frances joins faith leaders and scientists to discuss function
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ah is prime minister abi aba has speed sworn in for a 2nd term after he and his party secured a landslide victory and june elections? he's described the pole as ethiopia is 1st, attend to the free and fair vote, but it's been overshadowed by boycott from your position as well as ethnic violence and conflict in the north and to grow region voting didn't take place in to grow because of the conflict united nation says some 400000 people there, a suffering from a man made famine. vote was also delayed in 3 other regions due to security issues and legal disputes. they began calcium balance last thursday when it was already known. the darby would before me a government, i beheld the vote as a historically inclusive election bar opposition parties have complained of intimidation and a crackdown against that candidates. so we'll get to choose an ethiopian based
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journalist, and he says it will be a challenging term for every now that the prime minister has been elected for the 1st time, 2018, he was appointed. there is some kind of sense that he would focus on trying to bring the peaceful coexistence between the most diverse people of it, yoga and also bring some kind of security that needs to be addressed. because the conflict that's known around the world happening into gray is also happening in our region and our far region and it's, it's going in money money. our parts of the country are 50, not just for an investment, but also the peaceful coexistence that each of the needs to bring the country in intact. but it's been a challenging year for ethiopia, the last year i, let's hear lots. katherine saw in nairobi in neighboring kenya, and so catherine security, a big issue here, how do you see opens wants to deal with the security problems and,
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and do the ethnic divisions in the country? nick, like sam will say many europeans are just saying that they want prime minister be to deal with the security situation. the situation in te grow. the conflict in anti cry is, is getting out of hand. and we're not just talking about a conflict within those borders. we are talking about our conflict has spread to them higher. we don't the far region as well. you spoke of ethnic divisions, the various parts of the country where there are conflicts ethnic conflicts going on. so a lot of if you can say that that should be the priority of the prime minister deal with the security situation. we are facing a farming to drive some human aid of human aid agencies. saying that even if the government is saying that it has lifted the blockade, humanitarian assistance is being allowed in t gray. some agencies
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a say that the process is very slow, it is a little red tape. so saying that the government needs to do better. now the economy of the country is also struggling. this is a country whose economy has been very strong so many feel very concerned about that . saying that that should be the focus of the prime minister given recent events. how accountable is the prime minister to parliament? well there is a lot of concern about that is while this is an election, even if i'm the african union and some if you up in the saying has been the most democratic or in a few up here. and it also, we also saw intimidation of opposition, of political politicians. some of them were imprison sam, a main opposition parties, boy quoted the election. so a lot of the parliamentary parliamentarians who have been sworn in to day are loyalists of the prime minister. so some e philippines asking,
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will they really be able to hold the prime minister to account will they are ask the difficult questions on the floor to how this is their role. so there's a lot of concern that they will not, ah, hold their prime minister to account some activists. some analysts saying that perhaps that filters should be now looking towards the opposition to provide that oversight. a role to ask the pra, prime minister, difficult questions? because this at this point, this is what is needed or a catherine leave that for the most growth and sorry, the as being just from my re being can the sedans governments is warned, the country is about to run out of medicine, fuel and weeds because of its closure of main ports. protesters have brought roads around ports you down against what they say is a lack of political power and poor economic conditions in the region. last week, they shot a pipeline that carries oil to the capital hall to a huge leak or financial documents has exposed what said to be the secret assets dealings of some of the
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world's richest people. the collection of nearly 12000000 files known as the pandora papers was published by the international consort him of investigative journalists. austin jordan, as this lake is really papers on steroids, world leaders, politicians, and billionaires with hidden vaults of wealth, a new chapter in a never ending story. the pandora papers is a leak of almost $12000000.00 documents that alleges, concealed assets, tax avoidance. and in some cases, money laundering by some of the world's richest and most powerful, more than 600 journalists and 117 countries have been sifting through files for months as part of the largest ever global financial investigation among its findings, king abdullah, the 2nd of jordan, who used shall companies to build a real estate portfolio worth more than $100000000.00 with properties spanning malibu,
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washington and london has no indication of suggestion in our reporting that this is indeed a legal. but i think we have certainly asked the king why, why these purchases made through show companies? why has none of this been disclosed? publicly? representatives of the king insist no wrong dealing is involved. they told the consortium that he used his own money, not jordanian government funds to make these legal purchases. the reports also st. canyon president hurl kinyata and his family have at least $30000000.00 in offshore accounts. mrs of president her for many years. and even a few years ago sat down with ha, a, b, b, c, interviewer, and said, if any one has something to tell us that we haven't been transparent about, let them tell us. and i suppose today with the pandora papers were doing just that other notable leaders with lucrative holdings. the former british prime minister, tony blair, who the consortium says,
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avoid it paying hundreds of thousands and property tax on a townhouse bike buying the company, which owned it. the check prime minister entre bobbitt up for reelection. the investigation found some of pakistani prime minister in wrong cons inner circle also benefit from offshore trots. he has vowed to punish lawbreakers. quote, my government will investigate all our citizens mentioned in the pandora papers. and if any wrongdoing is established, we will take appropriate action. some will question whether countries such as the u . s. and the u. k. are doing enough to regulate the use of shell companies and tax avoidance measures. analysts say this latest report makes it hard for citizens to trust their leaders, including in the middle east, inadequate, exposes, much more than just asking, he exposes this explicit me, i, she, and, and money that is it,
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not exactly from this when an intersection between business and ernestine makes use of, ah, the allegations in the pandora papers are just that allegations. there is no proof that leaders mentioned in the stories broke any laws, whether those laws should be changed is a matter for public debate. rosalind jordan al jazeera washington. well, the papers also reportedly show her as a bi jones president, that it's close circular been involved in property deals in the united kingdom. worth more than half a $1000000000.00. the elliots, who have been accused of corruption used offshore companies to buy u. k. property. it includes a $45000000.00 office block for the president's 11 year old son, shy adult as a political analyst and as a by john, he says report to baseless not the rail fact is that this information has no real wages. completely black p r against the as
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a bridge on government because these type of information is circulated in a number of this, the media from time to time. and later it turns out that this is completely false in this way, some circular power spatial. it wired, the international organizations are trying to get some political influence on the beach and the state and come to the 1st person specially present the home all the up. and the purpose is clear to discredit the republican as will be john, which has used an independent foreign policy in the region the in the international arena to can jack black p r campaign against president ali, if he's a family member, to obtain a token of concessions from actual buckler, because as a big job is counter each in oil and gas and number of the company has signed agreements with adobe john. and as
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a budget is one of the leading exporters of oil and gas. the one on the other hand, geopolitical goals are behind. black, south korea says it's restored acumen, acacia channel with north crew. jo yang cut the hotline in august and protest against miniature drills, so had conducted with united states. but since then, north korea has indicated it might hold, talks with its southern neighbor, or mcbride has more from hong kong on what this means for both sides. these hot lines are very important. they are the lines of communication across the dmc between the north and the south. it prevents any accidental misunderstandings. it's very important that they are kick, kept open, given the fragility of relations and the, the amount of armaments along the d, m. z. now they tend to be caught and restored depending on how relations are at any given point in time. and of course, with the depth in relations that we saw in the last year or 2 with the ab, with the ending alpha negotiations over at north korea's nuclear austell,
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los st. all those talks became stalled. the north reacted very badly to that, and it was in june of last year that they took the step of cutting all of the communication lines and even going as far as destroying with explosives the liaison office that had been set up. what during better times be when relations were, were better between the north and the south. so it is important that they are kept open and they were cut 2 months ago again because of the north, protesting against a military exercises in the south. the south is hoping that this time they will stay up afo a permanently because they are hoping that this could be done. we have to use the caveat, said that it, this is only a possibility that there might be a start now of better relations, but certainly the south is as welcome this move and saying that it could now stabilize and restore relations with the north still head here on al jazeera, still flying these spanish government pledges $239000000.00. to help the island of
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love, hama, recover from interrupting volcano arad, tropical cycling, makes landfill on the arabian peninsula. we'll have the latest on the damage in a mom. ah, it's another beautiful sunny day at 35000 feet. the weather sponsored by cattle airways voted world's best air line of 2021. hello, a great to see we've had some rock in storms for parts of europe. so let me show you, northwestern italy scooping up 208 millimeters of rain over 10 hours. that's more than a months worth of rain and we'll likely see a repeat of this on monday. so let me show you where the act of weather is. we have these clusters of energy and a number of red weather alerts in place. so for this south of france, we could see some flooding in and around marseilles. and then for northwestern portions of italy, once again severe thunderstorms. so some pretty fierce winds. and also the
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potential to see some hail them for a switzerland up to $300.00 millimeters of rain within a short period of time. so that could produce some flooding. now east of all of this, that's where the best weather on the continent is. belgrade, fall on sunshine with a height $27.00 degrees. active weather for their northwest is while our next fall storm moving in to the republic of ireland and the united kingdom and some pretty brisk winds, northwestern france a low countries into southern scandinavia. in fact, we could see guts here of up to 55 kilometers per hour. scattering of showers for the boss for us affecting is stan ball with a high of 21 degrees and for western africa, got some storms bubbling up along that border with our cameroon. and nigeria on monday, that's it, that's, i'll see you soon. the weather sponsored by cattle airways voted world's best air line of 2021. housing has become a commodity instead of the human rights that give some people the ability to take advantage of others. the elite feel free to violate basic laws,
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the working classes that have lost a lot of ground in our society. a un special reporter on adequate housing travels the world, investigating a global crisis, as people are evicted to clear the way for investors and properties too often left empty. push a witness documentary on al jazeera. ah ah. again what she out 0 reminder about top stories, a saw and ethiopia is prime minister of the ultimate has been sworn enough to secure a good landslide between june's elections was overshadowed by an opposition boycott . in the conflict to the building to grey region elite a finance records are accusing dozens of wild leaders of masking secret wealth and
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avoiding taxes. they include jewels, these king the presidents of russia, and as if by john and a former british prime minister south, chris says it has restored acute indication china with north korea young, cut the hotline in august to protest against military drills of that soul had conducted the united states at least 8 people have been killed in northern india, to violence, broke out during a farmer's protest. crowds and o to pradesh surrounded vehicles, reportedly linked to a federal minister pharmacy group, say one call run over. protesters demonstrate as then set vehicles on fire. tens of thousands of farmers have been camping on major highways for months to oppose you agricultural roles. elizabeth bronnan as more not utilities. the farmers protests have been going on for nearly a year. and in that time we have seen on several occasions, scuffles between farmers and security forces, but this is one of the most a major escalations. we have 8 people dead for farmers,
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3 workers belonging to prime minister that in the morning by the agenda party or b j, p, and their driver. now we have with the police, the state where it took place, the head of police. they're saying that the situation in the district or lacking for katie is tense, but under control, police have imposed a ban on people gathering. they have suspended internet services in many parts of the district in an effort to stop more people from protesting that after farm union and opposition leaders said that they were going to travel to the district to show their support. for farmers that's not being allowed to happen. to of 2 main opposition leaders including india is main opposition. our party, the congress is priyanka gandhi, was stopped from going to meet the families of dead farmers. a former state leader was put under hop house arrest, so that he couldn't travel to the district. and when he tried to stage
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a protest outside his home, he was taken away by police. what police are also doing, though, is investigating india's junior home minister, i, j, miss your son, osh, mr. and 10 others for murder. that's after farmers alleged that osh mr. i wasn't one of the 3 cars that was part of the convoy that attacked farmers. the mission was deny that they say that farmers attack the cars force and the vehicles to lose controls solder, ravia and the united arab emirates, serona lud for what's left of cycling. shaheen, the red tropical storm made land full on the raven peninsula on sunday, killing at least 9 people. and a mon and a neuron. andrew chappelle has his report. and unusual and intense weather event in the gulf. tropical cyclone shaheen. beryl down on no man's north coast, with wind speeds of up to a 150 kilometers per hour as it made landfall on sunday. only the 2nd sy clone in
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modern record keeping to enter the gulf of oman and the 1st to enter. in the 2nd half of the year, the government declared a 2 day holiday to reduce people's movements. road traffic was suspended in the capital muscat theory, a where most of the country's population of 5000000 people live. all flights were halted at the airport. evacuations ordered for some coastal areas. more than 2700 residents weighted out the storm and emergency shelters. courts women's coast received a year's worth of rain in a single day. the ground is bone, dry and unable to absorb the rain, triggering flash floods in northern and southern governments. at least 6 deaths and dozens of injuries are being blamed on the storm. and se iran residents of a line in the united arab emirates have been told to stay home while saudi civil defense authorities have warned several regions, apostles letting me enter chappelle al jazeera. the vatican is hosting an event to
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call for more action from well need is a head of a major climate conference. about frances and dozens of religious leaders make a joint appeal to governments to commit to ambitious targets at next month. un climate summit in glasgow. i righty joins us now live from vatican city and adam, tell us more about what we're expecting to come from this for what we're hearing already. nick coming out of the conference, taking place behind me. the vatican. are these religious leaders saying how important it is to fuse religious with science, religious feeling with scientific findings? that is, they say it's now scientific fact proven. accepted fact that human action is caused climate change. but all these religious leaders speaking in this room, not far from where i'm standing. i've said it's time for us to spread the word among our flock. tell them how important it is to honor our responsibility to the planet earth. they're saying we know what's happening now, we must act and they're saying that scientific fact isn't enough to motivate people, but that we much touch people's spiritual personas. what they've been saying,
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they're trying to make this powerful, potent message that without religions that this might fall flat on a global level, because people don't often act with their mind. these leaders are saying they act with their heart and with their spirit. so it's been this interesting make, but it's actually more symbolic than anything because none of these leaders really way in, at this conference coming up and class go. but pope francis, one of the most important religious leaders, of course, on the planet, has put his imprimatur on this. he has been saying this for years that the earth is god's greatest gift to mankind are human kind. he says, when he says is important that we honor that and not to spoil it further. so we're hearing a lot of that similar message from these dozens of leaders meeting right now and out of yukon under state pipe from his influence. here he's got follow you molded a 1000000000 catholics around the world. indeed, i mean,
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and he's made the environment a leading cause of his papacy in 2015. he published loud that those see which was a call for urgent action. actually quote, called for swift and bold action to tackle the climate crisis. he makes his presence felt at many of these global vents. he beamed into a youth conference via zoom in milan, north of here last week where there were 400 delegates from the use for climate conference, who gave their proposals for action to take to tackle the climate crisis. in fact, one of those delegates was here. so he is this driving force gathering these people, many of them we don't know much about, but of course we all know who pope francis's and the fact that he's gathered these dozens of leaders there has continued to show how he's made the environment a corner stone of his papacy, and he wants to make that tent as big as possible to get other religious leaders on board to spread that message widely. interesting, or adam, thanks. that's adam ready? the baskin sitting in his room. now catholic and conservative groups of mexico who protested against
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a court ruling that could pave the way for the de criminalization of abortions. demonstration comes off to pro abortion rights groups rallied in several latin american cities last week. and nora palo has mauna from mexico city were walking down the main avenue that cuts right through the middle of mexico city with several 100 demonstrators. now this march was organized by religious institutions, as well as anti abortion groups that are against a recent ruling by mexico's supreme court that effectively decriminalize is abortion. nationwide. game of guess at abbey say we won't our conclusions following the supreme court decision to be taken into account. there are millions of women who are not in favor of these changes. are mill this march arrives on the heels of pro choice demonstrations that have taken place here in mexico and elsewhere in latin america. marking international women's reproductive rights day will be bad. yeah, yeah. many girls for raped and then forced to be mothers,
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and that has to change happen. america has spoken. i ha, many of the demonstrators here are dawning blue and are waving flags and holding up a lot of religious imagery. after all, mexico is one of the most populous catholic countries in the world. so there has been an expectation that there would be pushed back by religious, conservative against the de criminalization of abortion. what's interesting as well is the timing of these protests which are occurring as pro choice demonstrations have swept the u. s. following that court ruling in the us state of texas restricting abortion rights. opening the door to a scenario where women in the u. s. could be turning to mexico for safe and legal abortions despite abortion de criminalization being finalized here in mexico religious group, see that they are committed to continue to fight for that ruling to be overturned. british prime minister bars johnson has insisted that petrol shortages and rising cost a part of what he called an adjustment period for the u. k. as speaking on the 1st
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day of his part, his annual conference, he said the u. k was moving away from a tired old model and towards a high skilled high wage economy. or brenda reports from manchester. dodging the manchester rain showers and the heckling of protest as outside the security perimeter, the british prime minister would be forgiven feeling besieged by circumstance at the moment. the boss johnson is not a self doubting kind of person. the ongoing cues at the you case, petro pumps, he dismissed as being largely driven by demand, rather than a chronic shortage of delivery drivers. and he insisted the u. case. labor shortages would not be sold by pulling what he described as the big lever, marked, uncontrolled immigration. when people voted for change in 2016, when people voted for change again in 2019 as they did, they voted for the end of a broken model of the u. k. economy that relied on low wages and low skill and chronic low productivity. and we're moving away from that. the concept of leveling
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up is a major theme of this conference and this government, the dr. re quality of opportunity, regardless of background or incoming and a redistribution of investment and infrastructure spending to the regents for paying for that involves cutting, social benefits and increasing texas and several 1000 anti austerity protest as may dec concerns heard as they march past the conference when you, well, basically the conservative government are driving people into poverty at the moment . they've taken millions of the blood merlow. they're cutting benefits under driving down wages, terms and conditions. ranking deeply, la sunshade of the haunted forest johnson's arguments to the conference and to the water public is the principal of jammed to morrow. yes, there will be shortages of the federal pumps. the may even be shortages on supermarket shelves leading up to the crucial christmas period. but he says the u. k is in a transition period where it's moving to a higher wage, higher still economy. and he says the benefits will soon come. there are doubts,
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even among his conservative colleagues about the strong likelihood that more tax rises may be needed to pay for all this. and the 2019 election. johnson's party made spectacular gains in manchester and the north of england. the question is whether he can win them over again when he gives his keynote conference speech on wednesday, paul brennan, al jazeera manchester. the spanish government has pledged $239000000.00 to help the island of la palmer recover from the devastation caused by it's a rupture volcano. that's enough in general who reports from la pump, volcanic ash and toxic gas explode into the sky. 6000 meters up and the wind can carry it almost anywhere. for the island of la palmer, that means everywhere. here on the southern shoreline, on the opposite side of the island are salt pans carved into black volcanic rock. this farm faces disaster. much of the crop has been ruined by falling ash. oh,
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cather, cassandra, i thought of betty de eleanor last thought, i better you thought. undress explains that the salt was about to be harvested progress. now this is yield will be down by up to 40 percent. so rank say a city i said, oh no besedia no, i would describe it as a nightmare. an awful dream of to such a bad year with covert when we're trying to recover. we get this situation which is unbelievable. agriculture makes up around half of law. palmer's economy, most of it bananas clinging to volcanic hillsides where they thrive. here to the falling, ash has caused terrible damage tearing into banana skins, making them i'm salable, and worst. the love of flow has cut off irrigation channels to some of the islands . most prolific plantations, that leaves tourism, but the beaches are empty. package holiday makers, absent,
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it's the beginning of the season on an island, famous for winter, some yet in the marina's, the boats are tied up. normally we're just going out get this whole boat in full with the 60 people every day from monday until sunday. yes. like 2 times a day, 3 times a day, 2 days after that the bill comes close. we just stopped. we still fired in from the banana. sorry. was defended from that big boom from the volcano there. yeah. and now we try to be, am, you know, together, and fight the situation and start it again. but as i told you before, we don't know what is going to happen, how long's going to be the situation. images of the volcano being consumed around the world will certainly help to put this canary island on the map. but that doesn't mean that tourists are flocking,
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hear anything but right now. and in the wake of huge losses generated by the pandemic. that is a tragedy for many. what remains are volcano tourists, many from neighboring islands and mainland spain. but this eruption could last months and they will not sustain an economy that for the time being is going up in smoke. jonah, how out a 0 le palmer ah so this is our desert, these are the top stories and ethiopians prime minister beyond that has been swollen for 2nd term after he and his party secured a landslide victory and june's elections. he's described the pole as if he of his 1st attempt at a free and fair vote for it was overshadowed by the conflict into gray where hundreds of thousands of facing famine. catherine saw he has more now from nairobi in neighboring kenya. this is an election even if an african.


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