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access points, shift the focus, the pandemic has turned out to be a handy little pretext. the prime minister of it clamped down on the press covering the wave. the news is covered the listening post on a just eda hospitals and clinics across asia battle code 19 mountains of medical waste piling up one 0, one east investigate this dangerous pandemic. for one, al jazeera lou, millions of pages of financial documents are leaked revealing the secret wealth of dozens. a world leaders ah, i'm not matheson, this is algebra live from dough hobb. also coming up, these 13 people are killed and a bomb blast in kabul. it's the deadliest attack since us forces left afghanistan.
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supporters of chin is impressive as k say to rally in the capitol while too prominent critics are reported to have been arrested. and will have a report from mexico, with thousands of marched against abortion. ah, a hugely to financial documents is exposed what's claimed to be the secret assets and dealings of some of the world's richest people. the collection of nearly 12000000 files, known as the pandora papers, was published by the international consortium of investigative journalists, oslyn jordan reports. this think is really papers on steroids, world leaders, politicians, and billionaires with hidden vaults of wealth, a new chapter in a never ending story. the pandora papers is a leak of almost $12000000.00 documents that alleges, concealed assets,
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tax avoidance, and in some cases, money laundering by some of the world's richest and most powerful, more than $600.00 journalists in 117 countries have been sifting through files for months as part of the largest ever global financial investigation among its findings, king abdullah, the 2nd of jordan, who used shall companies to build a real estate portfolio worth more than $100000000.00 with properties spanning malibu, washington and london has no indication of suggestion in our reporting, but this is indeed a legal, but i think we have certainly asked the king why, why these purchases made through show companies. why has none of this been disclosed? publicly, representatives of the king insist no wrong doing is involved. they told the consortium that he used his own money, not jordanian government funds to make these legal purchases. the reports also st. canyon president hurl kenyatta and his family have at least $30000000.00 in
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offshore accounts. mrs of president her for many years. and even a few years ago sat down with ha, a, b, b, c, interviewer, and said, if anyone has something to tell us that we haven't been transparent about, let them tell us. and i suppose today with the pandora papers were doing just that other notable leaders with lucrative holdings. the former british prime minister, tony blair, who the consortium says, avoid it paying hundreds of thousands and property tax on a townhouse by buying the company, which owned it. the check prime minister entre bobbitt up for reelection. the investigation found some of pakistani prime minister im wrong cons inner circle also benefit from offshore trust. he has vowed to punish lawbreakers. quote, my government will investigate all our citizens mentioned in the pandora papers. and if any wrongdoing is established,
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we will take appropriate action. some will question whether countries such as the u . s. and the u. k. are doing enough to regulate the use of shell companies and tax avoidance measures. analysts say this latest report makes it hard for citizens to trust their leaders, including in the middle east, inadequate, exposes montoya, and just asked, and he exposes this explicit she and, and money debt. is it not a disaster from this when and in the section between business and ernestine makes use of the, ah, the allegations in the pandora papers are just that allegations. there is no proof that leaders mentioned in the stories broke any laws, whether those laws should be changed is a matter for public debate. rosalyn jordan al jazeera washington says, i might shock a dog as a political analyst and as a by john, he says that reports are baseless. not the railed fact is that this information has
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no real basis and completely black p. r, against as original government. because this type of information is circulated in a number of the media from time to time. and later, it turns out that this is completely false. and in this way, a powers, especially where the international organizations are trying to get some political influence on the as the agenda state and county is 1st person spatial, a president, ha, malia, and the purpose is clear to discredit the republicans as of a john, which as he was an independent foreign policy in the region and the in the international arena to can the black p r campaign against the president ali and his family members, and to obtain a certain concessions from offshore buckley. because as of a jan is counter,
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each in oil and gas and a number of the star companies have signed agreements with as or by john. and as of the agenda is one of the leading exporters of oil and gas for their. what on the other hand, geopolitical goals are behind, but like so says north korea and south korea have restored a stalled communication channel showing young cut the hot line in august and protest against military drills so conducted to with the united states. but since then, young said it may consider a summit with its southern neighbour, be 13 people have been killed in an explosion in afghanistan. capital kabul. the bombing target at the entrance of the 2nd largest mosque in the city, a memorial service was being held there. for the mother of taliban spokesman's every hold on much. i hate on his ears on some, some a bunch of it has more from a couple what he's were brought to nearby hospitals after sundays attack in the afghan capital, rob mcloughlin from on. i don't know the exact place. i heard
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a loud sound. all the people were running away nowadays, the situation in afghanistan is very bad. i hope god will help us. right now, always are closed and we are waiting here and we don't know when they will help and away we were about to leave. it was supposed to be a memorial at the city 2nd largest mosque, a chance where the people in cobbled to meet the viola mcgahey, the thought yvonne's deputy information minister and offer condolences for his mother's death. hundreds of valuable and supporters indeed had gathered to pay their respects. multiple tears of security were set up, but couldn't prevent the attack. gobble has seen unprecedented safety and security in the last few weeks. the checkpoints gone an unrestricted movement in the streets . minutes before which i had been to the memorial service, he spoke to el dedira about the threat from iceland have gone to stun thy shed. though. kado polito, i sal is not a visible thing here. they are in hiding. some disturbances have been seen in kabul
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and gyla bad, but they are not present and other places we are paying close attention and we will not let them create an wrist. and a suggestion to them is that they don't instigate fighting inside afghanistan or this. this is an islamic country, there is an islamic government here. foreign forces have withdrawn from the country . there has been a major jihad done against foreign occupation. so every one must respect us. and if they don't respect us, they will face a very powerful reaction from afghan citizens and also our forces. we will filter them out and will destroy the hot outs. but destroying small groups with one or 2 eisen fighters is easier said than done. although no one has claimed responsibility analysts see patterns with similar attacks which have been taking place in easton of glen to son. as laser, for example, i saw for a few years back, they were downgraded a lot by the efforts of foreign security forces, the forms to go to prison, an appointment, but over the past years or so,
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it has theresa has a witness and we have it as a resurgence of their activities so it continues poses a threat and one considered a 3rd off langston. hassan parents has been largely under estimated sources of told out of here a number of people were arrested after the attack. balaban fighters have been carrying out raids in search of i from fighters. in the last few weeks, dozens have been arrested in connection with attacks and cobble, and bombs targeting fall upon fighters in july labarte. if security deteriorates, it would further complicate a fragile 8 effort for millions of afghans. enter c is increasingly worried. about predominantly, we are worried about their impact of the upcoming winter, and it is very cold in afghanistan and their needs are mounting with the challenge as we see with lack of physical cash and banks being closed. we don't have access to our bank accounts and they have reason to be concerned. in addition,
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the dorm nurse don't seem to be able to translate their pledges into actual grants . the new taliban government has promised its citizen, security and safety and vowed that complicated affairs such as governance and education will be sorted later. but if an attack can take place despite heavy security in the heart of the capital, that dream of a peaceful, secure life under taliban may remain just that farmer job with other there are couple libby as coast guard has intercepted a bose carrying about 500 refugees and migrants to europe on his return them to libyan shores. another vessel rescued. 65 people travelling from libya on a wooden boat on saturday. in recent days, living and security forces of detain thousands of migrant student raves. officials described it as a security campaign against illegal migration and drug trafficking. the less gotta follow is the libya country director for the international rescue committee. he
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says europe needs to do more to help living authorities. the living coast guard is not really capable of monitoring the the, the crossings. and so we have international rescue committee have, have called on the european union to do more to start their own search and rescue operations. that's one thing. on the other side, in libya, there really isn't any visibility into what happens inside the detention centers we are and we the, the i r c along with you and hcr and, and some other humanitarian agencies have some access into the detention regime, but it's quite incomplete. we are able to provide some assistance of a life saving nature through our medical teams. but i, a, by and large the, the situation is failing the not only the asylum seekers, but also many law abiding peaceful people who have been swept up in this effort by the libyan authorities to, to stop migration. thousands of people inch,
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nicea have been rallying in support of the presidents. the opposition's accused case said of carrying out a qu after he suspended parliament in july and announced his plans to rule by decrease. but smith has more from tennis. 2 months on from the 2000000 president's decision to suspend parliament and sac, the prime minister. his supporters don't think he's gone far enough. thousands of people gathered in tunis and other towns and cities to show their support the chi side. we want to deliver a word to tunisia, president guy said no, going back now and to prosecute all those who have committed crimes against the people that is the 1st and main demand to prosecute. all those who done wrong doing most of the protesters carried banners attacking the another party. it's the largest in parliament and has been the most critical of the president's power grab . i mean, there is no way a law excuse for having a dictatorship or making a cool. if the people are not happy with us,
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then they are more than free to go to other elections and not to elect us. so we cannot give an any excuse, or legitimize any coo or any illegal actions. then other party says the recent appointment of natural boot and as prime minister and any government, she forms can only be legitimate if it is endorsed by parliament on the cai side. this is ruling by the creek than, than he said the president doesn't communicate easily and he's surrounded by people who don't have a political background. anyone with political experience is not in the presidential circle. if he won't consult those with political experience, the future remains unclear. fortune isn't the president says his decision to seize power on july 25th was necessary to prevent you nicea collapse and it seemed to have popular support. but his failure so far to offer away out of the crisis is strengthening the opposition to him and of uncle with the french president chi psi
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. he told emmanuel micron that a government will be formed in the coming days and what he called a national dialogue would follow. genesis treasury is running out of money to pay salaries and meet loan repayment urgently needs a government to negotiate an international data. burnett smith, al jazeera jonas, catholic, and concerted groups and mexico, her rallied against the court ruling the could paved the way for the de criminalization of abortions across the country. i know raffle has more from mexico city. were walking down the main avenue that cuts right through the middle of mexico city with several 100 demonstrators. now this march was organized by religious institutions, as well as anti abortion groups that are against a recent ruling by mexico's supreme court. that effectively decriminalize is abortion. nationwide, getting the guess i don't have you say we won't our conclusions following the supreme court decision to be taken into account. there are millions of women who
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are not in favor of these changes. are mill. this march arrives on the heels of pro choice demonstrations that have taken place here in mexico and elsewhere in latin america marking international women's reproductive rights day. well, the head yeah. yeah. many goes far raped and then for us to be mothers and that has to change. ethan america has spoken out. now, many of the demonstrators here are dawning blue and are waving flags and holding up a lot of religious imagery. after all, mexico is one of the most populous catholic countries in the world. so there has been an expectation that there would be pushback by religious conservative against the d criminalization of abortion. what's interesting as well is the timing of these protests which are occurring as pro choice demonstrations, have swept the u. s. following that court ruling in the us state of texas restricting abortion rights. opening the door to a scenario where women in the u. s. could be turning to mexico for safe and legal
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abortions despite abortion de criminalization being finalized here in mexico religious group. see that they are committed to continue to fight for that ruling to be overturned. still a hand on al jazeera. can't we just say that that is a basic right that everyone has to know that they'll be safe when they enter a healthcare facility, job or job? how a debate over vaccine mandates in the u. s. is having an impact on a tough labor market? we're gonna keep you updated on that volcano erupted in the canary islands. stay with us. ah hello, here's her headlines for the americas. we've got disturbed weather as stretching from paraguay rate toward the southeast of brazil. it will eventually make its way
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into rio de janeiro. so this is gonna kick down your temperatures, you go from 33, down to 24. so those thunder storms really cooling the atmosphere. rain is piling up for the pacific coast of columbia, but i think we'll get into some sunshine for bogota. a cloudy day and lima with a high of 17 degrees, jolts and bolts across the caribbean. more so for the eastern portion of cuba. jamaica also spreading into some of the islands of the bahamas on monday. now, eastern portions of the united states same goes for the u. s. gulf states. we've got a lot of what, whether fallen here. florida panhandle, as we head toward alabama and georgia and around the great lakes. still disturbed weather here is while pushing into new england a pretty good batch of rain moving through boston in time for western canada will likely challenge some daily temperature records this week in the province of saskatchewan. so regina europe to $27.00 degrees on monday, vol. so got high heats across areas of california. so we've got 24 for san
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francisco, full on sunshine in los angeles with a high of 28 degrees. that's it. that's all season. ah, the earth is it tipping boyd? scientists are telling us right now that we have just 12 years as the world's leaders failed to agree upon a solution or taking that into their own life with hobby. now, we're trying to get people to understand that he killed people and that it kills people. now it's already killing both fries with voice. oh, no. jazeera lou . ah,
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ah, you're watching old 0 reminder about top stories. this are linked, financial records are costing a spotlight on the world's rich and powerful. the so called pandora paper is accused jordan's king, the president of russia and gaza by john and a former british prime minister, as well as many others of amassing secret wealth and avoiding taxes. at least 13 people have been killed in an explosion and afghanistan's capital. the bombing targeted, the 2nd largest, most ben couple, a memorial service was being held there for the mother of a taliban spokesman. conservative groups and mexico have been robbing against a court's ruling, but the criminalizes abortion last month, the country supreme court ruled it was unconstitutional to punish women for ending pregnancies in the northern states of kayla the flow of lava from the combo. if you have ok, know, has grown as the rupture in the spanish island of la palmer enters its 15th day.
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the vulcan ology institute of the canary islands, confirmed clear increase local media suggesting its because the north side of the volcano has collapsed. it came hours after primers of pedo, sanchez again visited la palmer and pledged $239000000.00 in aid on let's bring in have a handley. she's a vulcan ologist, an adjunct associate professor mon us university. she's joining us from sydney. thank you very much for being with us on al jazeera. what does this increase in lava hotel us about the, the state of the volcano? so we know that since activity began on the 19th of september, that there volcanoes been fed by magna hamilton, dot com and july the 8th. and it's been forming these lava fire is mainly that flow down and have now reached the sea down the flanks of all canine down the sides didn't see. and in the last few days, and yesterday we saw an increase in that amount of lava that's coming out of bone
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painter. so we can see that the system itself is still very active. it's not. and there's no indication that that the magma supplies cutoff at the moment, and we'll also see in a little bit more explosive activity. so this type of volcano is not a very exclusive type of all can. and something that we know from historic events. but this one is just more typical typical by these lot of most blurry, but we are seen some a little bit more explosions and some ash and gas going into the atmosphere. what is it that leads to this, that this thing that we're seeing where the lava flow kind of like, not dies away, but it goes quiet and then we see the sudden sparks of pressure again, why does that happen? yes, it all depends on what's going on. beneath the volcano where we can see, so it depends on how much magnets coming up. and it depends on how easy it can get through. so sometimes you know, you can form a little plug or something and then it kind of a big a gas can build up and then a little explosion. so we see types of activity on the palm where we have what we
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call a few sit there, very slow moving lava coming out. and then we've seen a little bit of exercise, but we call stromboli. and so after stumbling it's really, very small. hosting is often driven by, you know, a little gas bubbles coming through or stoppages in the magnet supply that cause these little explosions from the vents. i know that on previous reports on this particular volcano was always a concern. the part of the side of the volcano was going to collapse, is that what we're seeing now? what do you think? once that happens, that's going to be it or we're going to see more fractures happening. so this spokane, i or this, this region in the past that have been partial classes at the sides of all, can i? but none of these in the past, as far as they're aware, have caused these big and armies, which is what, you know, a study from several years ago suggested could be a, has an actor at this. ok now in particular. so what happens is if you get a really large amount of volcano, cussing this next to the ocean,
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it can then fall into the ocean made based on the ways and the fear that was brought to the public's attention. and several years a guy was a could cause a big synonymy that could then great big way to reach in the east coast of the usa . so at present the authorities that consider it highly unlikely that will generate one of these large armies. let's talk about the quality of the air there because that's was become an increasing factor husband, particularly as the lava has been hitting the sea. we saw that in the last few days and though there was a 7 significant amount of believe gothic it was carbon monoxide or something that was, that was correct me. if i'm wrong, i may be wrong in this. but the air quality over the island itself is being affected. and to what extent are we going to see that expanding and what are the risks to the people on the island? yes. so in addition to the lot of lies, some of the main hazards that with the scene for me, selection are from the ash and the gas. those being produced saturdays cause poor air quality. because not only have you got gases in there like so that oxide and
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carbon dioxide are things that you know, just on healthy humans to be breathing. you've also got ash and ash isn't like the ash from a fire. is you know, it's not soft and crumbly. under your fingers it, these are like sharp angular fragments of volcanic glass and i was a crystals from the volcano, a bits of rock. so these are not good to breathe. enemy can cause a lot of problems in the lungs. and so the air visibility and the visibility on that quality, i've been a constant with disruption and ill depends on, you know, how far or how long activities going. but then monitoring by way, the dr. ascending turns up to monitor the gas composition. so what is made off, what's coming out, how much is coming out? and they can also monitor via satellite. so you can see from satellite images of these and the sofa dioxide cloud, you can see it kind of moving across the atlantic ocean and over africa. so he's got quite a wide distribution at the moment. it's really good to get your thoughts on this heather humbly. we appreciate that. thank you very much. and if your time. ready
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thanks for having me. vaccination rates in the us have been climbing as more and more work places and leisure facilities require proof of an injection. but thousands of people are still expected to lose their jobs in health care and education because of vaccine mandates as kristen salumi explains, that no worries about how this is going to impact and already tough labor market. health care workers were among the 1st to be offered vaccines in the united states and many consider it a privilege as well as a responsibility. i believe. yeah, the mandate is a good idea. i think people should get access to it, but now it's no longer a choice in new york. it is a state and soon to be federal requirement in the medical field. yeah, i think everybody did, man, did you know i don't care if we give them a big one of your flow going to flow here at erie county medical center in buffalo, new york, more than 95 percent of the staff are compliant. but the rest have been placed on unpaid leave,
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the hospital has had to cut back and some procedures may overall is gonna affect the people that need the help. it's going to affect the patients and the people that are sick and in those homes that are going to be understaffed. a lot of surgeries that are being cancel. so if the patients that are being affected by more than anybody else to ease staffing concerns, new york governor has signed an executive order loosening restrictions on who can work in certain positions. but she's defending the mandate, which will also affect teachers. can we just say that that is a basic right that everyone has to know that they'll be faith when they enter a health care facility? or you have your elderly parents or grandparents in a nursing home that they will not get sick because of someone who is charged with their care. still, physicians, assistant, deborah conrad says she's been safely serving on the front lines of the pandemic without the vaccine. and would rather lose the job she's held for nearly 2 decades than be forced to comply. she says she wants to see more long term studies on
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vaccine side effects. i have all my childhood vaccines, my updated vaccines. my children have their vaccines. just because i'm questioning this one, which is a new technology for a new virus, doesn't make me an anti vaccine person. it just makes me somebody that wants informed consent. the state of new york actually has one of the highest vaccination rates in the country. so there are compliance and staffing issues here. the question is, what will that mean for the rest of the country where there's more vaccine resistance and mandates from the federal government have yet to go into effect, even before president joe biden mandated shots for businesses with more than 100 workers, however, dozens of high profile companies from united airlines to disney had already begun insisting their workers get vaccinated. the federal mandates alone will cover as many as 100000000 americans. and if they achieve their goal and sure there are enough healthy people available to fill any vacancies. kristen salumi al jazeera
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buffalo, new york, and the u. k. the governing conservative party's gathering for its 1st in person conference in 2 years by mister bol as johnson's governments, under pressure after weeks of a fuel crisis, caused by begs it at a shortage of truck drivers. has been appearing before party delegates who are divided by the government's handling of the pandemic and its impact on the economy all. brennan has more former raleigh against the conservative party in manchester. expect the u. k. is really conservative party to be somewhat under the weather. so to speak, as they come in to this conference, beset by problem such as fuel shortages up to petrol, prompts, shortages of food on supermarket shelves. and also concerns about rising taxes, cuts in benefits and general cost of living concerns along the general public. but not so far as johnson's government has a large parliamentary majority on, he has shown himself adept cherry picking policies and incentives in order to
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make sure that he stays struggling. the sense a ground of the u. ready k politics. these demonstrate us here in central manchester, our insistence that the conservatives cannot be trusted on the taskbar is johnson has over the next 4 days of conference is to try to get across the message. that's his opportunism from a degree his pragmatism policy is actually leading the progress of the hot forest. johnson's arguments to the conference and to the water public is the principle of jammed tomorrow. yes, that will be shortages of the petro pumps. the may even be shortages on supermarket shells leading up to the crucial christmas period. but he says the u. k is in a transition period where it's moving to a higher wage, higher skill economy. and he says the benefits will soon come. so that may be no breadth to say, put john tomorrow. the question is whether the electorate,
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i'm going to buy that former french minister on business, bennett's happy has died at the age of 78. he being diagnosed with cancer 4 years ago. topic rose from modest beginnings to become one of france's most successful and high profile business leaders. he dabbled in politics and sports, but a trial for much fixing and it were them serving time in jail in the 19 ninety's. ah, this is our does here. these are the top stories, leaked financial records are casting a spotlight on the world's rich and powerful. the so called pandora papers accused jordan's king the presidents of russia. and as a by jan and a former british prime minister as well as many others of amassing secret wealth and avoiding taxes, sol says north korea and south korea have restored a stalled communication channel. chung and cut the hot line in august and protest
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against military drills as sole conducted with united states. but since then, pyongyang said it may consider a summit with its southern neighbour from a bride is more from hong kong.


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