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everybody will be safe, nobody's kid will be kidnapped again. some rats! now together, they're feeling thy way forward into their new reality. ah, one of the biggest leagues of financial documents known as the pandora papers claims to reveal the secret wealth of dozens of wild leaders. ah, well again, i'm come all santa maria here in duncan hall. this is the world news from al jazeera north. korea's restored communication channels with south korea. months after it cut a hot line. i've been military drills by sold. the 13 people killed in a bomb blast and cobbled the deadliest attack since you as false as left afghanistan and iran cyclone. that is the coast of
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a man killing at least 3 people. ah, sir, huge lake of financial documents as exposed what's claim to be the secret assets and dealings of some of the world's richest people. it is the collection of the 12000000 files known as the pandora papers and was published by the international consortium of investigative journalists. austin and jordan has more. this lake is really puzzled papers on steroids, world leaders, politicians, and billionaires with hidden vaults of wealth. a new chapter in a never ending story. the pandora papers is a leak of almost $12000000.00 documents that alleges, concealed assets, tax avoidance, and in some cases, money laundering by some of the world's richest and most powerful, more than $600.00 journalists, and 117 countries have been sifting through files for months as part of the largest
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ever global financial investigation among its findings, king abdullah, the 2nd of jordan, who used shall companies to build a real estate portfolio worth more than $100000000.00 with properties spanning malibu, washington and london has no indication of suggestion in our reporting, but this is indeed a legal, but i think we have certainly asked the king why, why these purchases made through show companies. why has none of this been disclosed? publicly, representatives of the king insist no wrong dealing is involved. they told the consortium that he used his own money, not jordanian government funds to make these legal purchases. the reports also st. canyon president hurl kinyata and his family have at least $30000000.00 in offshore accounts. mrs. president her for many years and even a few years ago, set down with ah, a, b, b, c, interviewer. and said,
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if anyone has something to tell us that we haven't been transparent about, let them tell us. and i suppose today with the pandora papers were doing just that . other notable leaders with lucrative holdings. the former british prime minister, tony blair, who the consortium says avoided paying hundreds of thousands and property tax on a townhouse by buying the company, which owned it. the check prime minister entre bobbitt up for reelection. the investigation found some of pakistani prime minister im wrong cons. inner circle also benefit from offshore trusts. he has vowed to punish lawbreakers. quote, my government will investigate all our citizens mentioned in the pandora papers. and if any wrong doing is established, we will take appropriate action. some will question whether countries such as the u . s. and the u. k. are doing enough to regulate the use of shell companies and tax
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avoidance measures. analysts say this latest report makes it hard for citizens to trust their leaders, including in the middle east, inadequate, exposes, much more and, and just asked and he exposes this explicit me, actually he, and, and my me that is that it is, i think from this when an intersection between business and ernestine makes use of the, ah, the allegations in the pandora papers are just that allegations. there is no proof that leaders mentioned in the stories broke any laws, whether those laws should be changed is a matter for public debate. rosalind jordan al jazeera washington on to other news on sol, says north korea and south korea have restored a stoled communication channel. chung, cut the hotline in august, in protest against military drills, which so conducted with the united states last month, telling us that it may consider a summit with its southern neighbour,
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rob mcbride's in hong kong to cover this one for us today. hi, rob festival, for people who don't know, can you tell us about this hotline and how it will, how it did work? these hot lines are very important. they are the lines of communication across the dmc between the north and the south. it prevents any accidental misunderstandings. it's very important that they are kept open, given the fragility of relations and the, the amount of arguments along the d, m. z. now, they tend to be cotton restored depending on how relations are at any given point in time. at a cost with the dipping relations that we saw in the last year or $2.00 with the ab, with the ending alpha negotiations over at north korea's nuclear austell, los st. all those talks became stoled. the north reacted very badly to that, and it was in june of last year that they took the step of cutting all of the communication lines and even going as far as destroying with explosives and liaison
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officer been set up. what during better times be when relations were, were better between the north and the south. so it is important that they are kept open and they were cut 2 months ago again because of the north, protesting against military exercises in the south. the south is hoping that this time they will stay up a fo a permanently because they are hoping that this could be done. we have to use the caveat, said that it, this is only a possibility that there might be a stop now of better relations. but certainly the south is as welcome this move and saying that it could now stabilize and restore relations with the north. yeah, i mentioned young said it may even consider a summit with solomon that would be under the current situation or a huge step forward that has been mentioned has been measured by kim jo, john, that's the influential a sister of kim jong on the leader of north korea that was mentioned just over a week ago and that follows a, a no, but your from moon jay,
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in the president of south korea who is desperate to try to restore relations. he's now well into his final year in office. he's a liberal presidency, made it his mission to try to restore relations. everybody knows he has only got so many months left in office and he could be replaced by a conservative. so the north knows that better than anybody else that this is their opportunity. if they're going to win concessions from the south from some sort of negotiations than they have to act now. so we do see this a strange jewel strategy that while they have these diplomatic efforts coming from the north, they are continuing with their missile efforts reducing an increase in their launching of short range ballistic missiles. but as far as the north is concerned, it's part of the same strategy. it keeps up the pressure and it reminds the south that the clock is ticking. rob mcbride with those are updates on what's happening in at north and south korea. thank you. up. that is 13 people been killed in an explosion in the afghan capital. cobble the bombing target at the entrance of the
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2nd largest mosque in the city where a memorial service was being held for the mother of town. abandoned spokesman's abbey hold homage. a heat, sama, bon jovi has more from capital. what he's were brought to nearby hospitals after sundays attack in the afghan capital um from uh, from on. i don't know the exact place. i heard a loud sound. all the people were running away. nowadays, the situation in afghanistan is very bad. i hope god will help us. right now, always are closed and we are waiting here and we don't know when they will opened away. we were about to leave. it was supposed to be a memorial at the city 2nd largest mosque, a chance for the people in cobbled to meet the viola mage. i had the thought yvonne's deputy information minister an offer. condolences for his mother's death. hundreds of fall unsupported, and edith had gathered to pay their respects. multiple tears of security were set up, but couldn't prevent the attack. gobble had seen unprecedented safety and security
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in the last few weeks. the checkpoints gone an unrestricted movement in the streets . minutes before which i had been to the memorial service, he spoke to hel, dedira about the threat from iceland have gone to stun thy shed though, kara, polly did i so as not a visible thing here they are in hiding. some disturbances have been seen in kabul and gyla bad, but they are not present and other places we are paying close attention and we will not let them create and wrist. and our suggestion to them is that they don't instigate fighting inside afghanistan. what is this is an islamic country, there is an islamic government here. foreign forces have withdrawn from the country to has been a major jihad done against foreign occupation. so every one must respect us. and if they don't respect us, they will face a very powerful reaction from afghan citizens and also our forces. we will filter them out and will destroy the hot outs. but destroying small groups with one or 2 eisen fighters is easier said than done. although no one has claimed responsibility
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analysts see patterns with similar attacks which have been taking place in easton, of kind of fun as low. so for example, in south for a few years back, they were downgraded a lot by the efforts of foreign security forces. the foreign student 1st appointment, but over the past years. and so it has theresa has a witness and we have written as a resurgence of their activities. so it continues poses a threat and when considered a 3rd off langston, hassan parents has been largely under estimated sources of told out 0 a number of people were arrested after the attack. balaban fighters have been carrying out reeds in search of i from fighters. in the last few weeks, dozens have been arrested in connection with attacks and cobble, and bombs targeting fall upon fighters angela bud. if security deteriorates, it would further complicate a fragile 8 effort for millions of afghans. enter c is increasingly worried ab,
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that predominantly, we are worried about their impact of the upcoming winter. and it is very cold in afghanistan, and their needs are mounting with the challenge as we see with lack of physical cash and banks being closed. we don't have access to our bank accounts and they have reason to be concerned. in addition, the don nurse don't seem to be able to translate their pledges into actual grants. the new taliban government has promised its citizen, security and safety and vowed that complicated affairs such as governance and education will be sorted later. but if an attack can take place despite heavy security in the heart of the capital, that dream of a peaceful, secure life under taliban may remain just that farmer job with others era. couple girls have still not returned to secondary school in afghanistan. although primary age pupils start their classes last month, i've gone astounds acting minister of education moving moodle up near as tal down
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to 0. women will not be barred from education, but there will be changes. now, as a muslim state, we have to follow the laws of sharia. for example, that we said we don't want mixed education because it is against our sherry and teachings. we are now speaking with experts on how to prepare the right environment for i've gone woman to continue their education. we don't have any plans to prevent women from education, but we cannot follow the same models followed in countries such as america. and the reason that we have our own laws and values in the news ahead. can we just say that that is a basic right that everyone has to know that they only save money, enter a healthcare facility, job or job, or debate of a vaccine mandates in the u. s. is having an impact on and already time lay them on the london medicines back and it's giving charity finance is a much needed this. ah,
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it's another beautiful sunny day at 35000 feet. the weather sponsored by cattle airways voted world's best air line of 2021. hello, hope you're doing well. we have below average rainfall in the indian states for september. tamela, now do, and also sick am. and now, wow, what a roaring start to october above average rainfall so far, and we're seen that cascading rain through careless state as well. so in any of these areas, we have the potential of seeing some flash flooding. after indo china, we've got some dry spells reserved for central parts of thailand, but bursts of heavier rain can be found toward the south. would you have some concern over a disturbance, a cook cook up into a tropical cyclone and slam right into the southern islands of the philippines. look at this batch of what weather, just south of cbo on monday check back with us. we'll continue to keep tabs on that
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drive for eastern portions of china. so shanghai rate down to hong kong, full on sunshine. and your temperatures are in the thirty's a frontal system a bit. so moving across the yellow river valley, so some days of rain and beijing with a hive. 18 degrees pushing in to at the korean peninsula as well. and also how kind of has some berths of what weather. but look at this dry, hot and sunny for many parts of japan. tokyo toy 9 degrees. this is well above average. you should be about $22.00 degrees for this i'm at the year. enjoy. that's it. that's all. see you soon. the weather sponsored by cattle airways, voted wills best airline of 2021. when you're from a neighborhood known as a hot bed of radicalism. ready you have to fight to define stereotypes of the english on the stories. we don't often hear told by the people who live them in all my little one big big bags of actually shallow
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thelma the book set. this is year on al jazeera ah aah! on al jazeera, these are the top stories this, our leak financial records are casting a spotlight on the world's rich and powerful cycle. pandora papers accused jordan's king a former british prime minister and many others of amassing secret wealth and avoiding taxes. sol says north korea and south korea have restored, restored a stalled communication channel. jung kept the hotline in august in protest against military drills that sell conducted with us that he's 13 people been killed in an
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explosion in afghanistan. capital the bombing targeted, the 2nd largest mos in cobble, a memorial service, was being held there for the mother and the taliban spokesman. warren, our top story, those lakes in the pandora papers as they are known, they also purportedly show how as the by chance president and his close circle of been involved in property deals in the u. k. with more than half a $1000000000.00, the olives have been accused of losing their own country, used offshore companies to buy you k property. and quitting a $45000000.00 office block for the president's 11 year old son. respect are made shy dove, who as a political amazon and as a by john who believes the reports of baseless to the rail fact is that this information has no real wages. completely black p. r, against, as a bridge on government. because this type of information is circulated in a number of this, the media from time to time. and later,
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it turns out that this is completely false in this way, some circus of power, especially why the international organizations are trying to get some political influence on the virginia state and come to his 1st person specialty president aaliyah. and the purpose is clear to discredit the republic off as will be john, which has an independent foreign policy in the region the in the international arena to can dat black p r campaign against the president ali if he's a family member to obtain concessions from osha buckler, because i was a bit, john is counter each in oil and gas, and a number of the company has signed agreements with adobe john. and as a budget is one of the leading exporters of oil and gas. there was, on the other hand, geopolitical goals behind like now
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a red tropical cyclone has made land full on the arabian peninsula, killing at least 9 people in oman and over in iran as well. shaheen was downgraded to a tropical storm after drenching omens, capital and coastline. but it still poses risks for the u. e. and saudi arabia in the hours ahead and support from andrew chappelle. an unusual and intense weather event in the gulf. tropical cyclone shaheen, barreled down on no man's north coast, with wind speeds of up to a 150 kilometers per hour as it made landfall on sunday. only the 2nd cy clone in modern record, keeping, to enter the gulf of oman and the 1st to enter. in the 2nd half of the year, the government declared a 2 day holiday to reduce people's movements. road traffic was suspended in the capital muscat theory, where most of the country's population of 5000000 people live. all flights were halted at the airport. evacuations ordered for some coastal areas. more than 2700 residents weighted out. the storm and emergency shelters
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ports women's coast received a year's worth of rain in a single day. the ground is bone, dry and unable to absorb the rain, triggering flash floods in northern and southern governments. at least 6 deaths and dozens of injuries are being blamed on the storm, and se iran residents of a line in the united arab emirates have been told to stay home while saudi civil defense authorities have warned several regions of possible flooding. enter chappelle al jazeera major cleanup operations began along california's southern coastline after an oil spill. and the 600000 liters of oil of spilled into the waters off orange county's and saturday from a broken pipeline, which was connected to an offshore oil rig. and the skate, it's still looking into exactly how that happens. no vaccination reads in the united states have been climbing is more and more places require proof of a jab to work or to play. a thousands of people are still expected to lose their
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jobs in health care and education. as a result of vaccine mandates. as kristen salumi found out the impact on an already tight labor market remains a concern. health care workers were among the 1st to be offered vaccines in the united states and many consider it a privilege as well as a responsibility. i believe. yeah, the mandate is a good idea. i think people should get access to it, but now it's no longer a choice in new york. it is a state and soon to be federal requirement in the medical field. yeah, i think everybody did, man, did you know, i don't care if we get them. they want to know what the flow here at erie county medical center in buffalo, new york, more than 95 percent of the staff are compliant. but the rest have been placed on unpaid leave. the hospital has had to cut back and some procedures and the overall is going to affect the people that need to help. it's going to affect the patients and the people that are sick and in those homes that are going to be understaffed. a lot of surgeries that are being canceled. so if the patients that are being
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affected by more than anybody else to ease staffing concerns, new york governor has signed an executive order loosening restrictions on who can work in certain positions. but she's defending the mandate, which will also affect teachers. can we just say that that is a basic right that everyone has to know that they'll be faith when they enter a healthcare facility? or you have your elderly parents or grandparents in a nursing home that they will not get sick because of someone who's charged with their care. still, physicians, assistant, deborah conrad says she's been safely serving on the front lines of the pandemic without the vaccine. and would rather lose the job she's held for nearly 2 decades than be forced to comply. she says she wants to see more long term studies on vaccine side effects. i have all my childhood vaccines, my updated vaccines. my children have their vaccines. just because i'm questioning this one, which is a new technology for a new virus, doesn't make me an anti vaccine person. it just makes me somebody that wants
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informed consent. the state of new york actually has one of the highest vaccination rates in the country. so there are compliance and staffing issues here. the question is, what will that mean for the rest of the country where there's more vaccine resistance and mandates from the federal government have yet to go into effect, even before president joe biden mandated shots for businesses with more than 100 workers, however, dozens of high profile companies from united airlines to disney had already begun insisting their workers get vaccinated. the federal mandates alone will cover as many as 100000000 americans. and if they achieve their goal and sure there are enough healthy people available to fill any vacancies. kristen salumi al jazeera buffalo, new york, millions of voters in cities and towns across italy. you are taking patton male elections. this is the 1st test of vote a sentiment. since mario groggy became the prime minister in february. mateo,
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so these right wing league party has fallen in popularity since the 2019 european elections room is a big focus where uncollected rubbish has been piling up. attracting wild boar would you believe which are now a common sight on the streets. results from georgia, municipal elections give the governing party, a commanding lead. georgia dream had agreed to hold a new national election if it one less than 43 percent of the votes. the main opposition is alleging the electoral fraud in this vote, which took place a day of to former president because successfully was arrested. he was returning from exile for the election. soccer's really was convicted in up santia in 2018 all of and abuse of power, but insists the case was politically motivated. ukraine's president, as it is, the only can to return suckers really to ukraine, where he also holds citizenship. the spanish government as pledge toned from $39000000.00 to help the island of la palmer recover from the devastation brought
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by its erupting volcano prime minister pedro sanchez, made that commitment during a visit to the island as he saw. and we see now in these live pictures the combatant, they ha volcano, continuing to spear red hot lava and thick cards of black smoke. more than 2 weeks after it began erupting an official say. the explosive activity is only intensified from the palm of jonah hope small volcanic ash and toxic gas explode into the sky. 6000 meters up and the wind can carry it almost anywhere. for the island of la palmer, that means everywhere. here on the southern shoreline, on the opposite side of the island are salt pans carved into black volcanic rock. this farm faces disaster. much of the crop has been ruined by falling ash. cash on top thought up betty de elevator last thought, i better you thought undress explains that the salt was about to be harvested for now. this is yield will be down by up to 40 percent. so rank
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say the said yes. oh no besedia no. oh, describe it as a nightmare, an awful dream of to such a bad year with cove when we're trying to recover, we get this situation which is unbelievable. agriculture makes up around half of law palmer's economy, most of it bananas clinging to volcanic hillsides where they thrive. here to the falling, ash has caused terrible damage tearing into banana skins, making them i'm salable. and worse, the love of flow has cut off irrigation channels to some of the islands, most prolific plantations. that leaves tourism, but the beaches are empty. package holiday makers, absent, it's the beginning of the season on an island famous for winter, some. yet in the marina's, the boats are tied up normally, we're just going out get this whole boat in full with the 60 people every day from
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monday until sunday. yes. like 2 times a day, 3 times a day, 2 days after that the bill comes plus, we just stopped. we still fired in from the banana. sorry. was to find a friend that make boom from the volcano. and now we tried to, we am, you know, together and fight the situation and started again. but as i told you before, we don't know what is going to happen, how long's going to be the situation. images of the volcano being consumed around the world will certainly help to put this canary island on the map. but that doesn't mean that tourists are flocking, hear anything but right now. and in the wake of huge losses generated by the pandemic. that is a tragedy for many what remains of volcano tourists, many from neighboring islands and mainland spain, but this eruption could last months and they will not sustain an economy that for
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the time being, is going up in smoke. jonah, how al jazeera la palmer. finally, one of the biggest one day, actually the biggest one day charity fundraising event in the world. 40000 people running the 42 kilometer root of the london marathon on sunday. last year's event was canceled because of the pandemic in this year. the marathon was moved from spring to autumn, for a challenz looks at how the charity sector as whether the storm runners streamed in their thousands towards the start lines on sunday morning. there some sat quietly gathering their thoughts, some prepared themselves physically, others put on a show. many were thinking about the reason they taken this challenge on in the 1st place, like jane, tyrone on her catholic charities. i one of the ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha long run into that. my husband was diagnosed with bow counselor, christmas. this is jeff. it's the 60 year old 20th marathon. he's running for the
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teenage daughter of a friend who got leukemia when she was 3. yeah. side of which johnson my 1st attempt to catch her is an british art foundation because of my parents her are problems the king because i've seen this little girl grow old a signed a special david says it's such personal connections that provide essential motivation. all those hard miles down when it's raining, when it's miserable, usually spring is, is cold during the winter in the autumn. it's hot during the summer. a lot of sacrifice. you've got to have a personal connection. i think a lot most the people on our team, not all the people are naughty, have a good personal connection with the charity. the london marathon is the world's largest annual one day fundraising event. more than 3 quarters of people run for a good course with a 3rd of entries reserved for charity runners. more than a $1000000000.00 has been raised since the merit and began in 1981 more than 5
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point. 5000000 was raised for the featured charity dementia revolution. in the 2019 marathon. there was no 2020 marathon because of the corona virus pandemic charity workers say the loss of large events and the many small ones vital to their fundraising. hit them hard way along with many others needed to make some really difficult decisions. i'm. we could see the reduction in the available income that was going to come as delta kind of virus. and we need to make some tough decisions . we needed to be smaller as an organization. 2020 ones marathon is in october rather than the usual april. and there are some other changes, but at least it happened. well, as he might expect, the marathon is a bit different this year. all the participants have to have a negative coven tests, and they're starting in waves over an hour and a half to start too many people bunching out together. ethiopia to say, lemme one the men's race in 2 hours, 4 minutes and one second. joselyn jap kosky from kenya. let the women home in 2
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hours. 17 minutes, 43 seconds of the rest of those running on sunday. many couldn't manage half a marathon in such astonishing times, but that is far beside the point. the money they raise and the good they do is the life blood of many essential charities, rory talents out a 0 london. ah . the headlines on al jazeera this, our leech financial records, a casting a spotlight on the wells rich and powerful circle. pandora papers accused jordan's king from a british prime minister and many others of amassing secret wealth and avoiding taxes. in other news, sol says north korea and south korea every.


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