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left mc, push a witness documentary on al jazeera, unprompted and done interrupted discussions from our london broadcast center on out in sierra. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm sam is a dan. this is the news our live from del. how coming up the next 60 minutes, the secrets of the rich and powerful exposed in the biggest trove of leagues off shore daughter in history. the king of jordan, among 35 world leaders named at least 13 people. i've been killed in a bomb attack outside the mosque, and afghanistan's capital no group has claimed responsibility. supporters of
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tennessee as president ty saeed, rally in the capital. while too prominent critics reportedly been arrested in the fight for reproductive rights in china. single women want to be able to freeze their rags and in sports round madrid lees for the 2nd time in a week, plus a fantastic solo go from liverpool mohammed salad. but it wasn't enough for the wind as man. just the city come back twice to jewel tool. ah, now saw the world's richest and most powerful people have had their financial secrets exposed. a collection of nearly 12000000 files has been published by the international consortium of investigative journalists. it's being dubbed the pandora papers. the leaked files no jordan's king abdullah has amassed
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a luxury property portfolio worth a $100000000.00. he's reportedly done by disguising purchases through a series of offshore companies, incorporated in the british virgin islands. the papers also reveal members of pakistani prime minister man cons in a circle, including his cabinet ministers, secretly own companies and trusts, holding millions of dollars. and former british prime minister tony blair, is shown to have saved hundreds of thousands of pounds and property tax through a stamp duty loophole will get reaction out of europe with rory challenge in a moment at 1st that speak to mike hayes live for us in washington. d c. and so mike, that start with those revelations concerning the monarch of jordan. how embarrassing is that likely to prove? o king abdullah is one of some $35.00 heads of state around the world that are
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mentioned in the pandora papers. the papers alleged that he established a number of shell companies registered only to him not to jordan, and not to his family, which bought a huge amount of property in various parts of the world in the united kingdom. in the united states, even here in washington dc where he is reported to have poured 3 condominiums overlooking the potomac river. this does have a ramification, obviously for his public image. though his lawyers insist that there was no wrong doing involved. they have sent a letter to the drafters of the icy i j report, pointing out that the king is not liable for taxes and jordan as he does not pay taxes as monarch. also that there was no intention of hiding these accounts that the funds used were the king's personal funds. i also the lawyers are maintain that some of the properties that are mentioned in the report are no longer registered to the king. so these are the issues that will be unraveled in the days ahead. as
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further details of this reporting is released, but even this limited information that we have to date without the full information . it is of an embarrassment for a king who has presided over a country that has had faced massive economic problems in recent years. and a king who has faced some criticism from his populace in terms of not doing enough to alleviate their suffering. so they will be a political impact on these details, regardless of the fact that the king intended no miss doing or criminal action according to his lawyers. mike, looking at the documents that have come out how much of a haven is the u. s. appearing to be for some of these rich and powerful well, this is going to raise questions among the bye, that administration and administration that has insisted it once to cut down on the use of offshore havens to hide money. that should be delivered to the tax
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authorities at the intention is to ob, monitor such havens around the world. now what the papers reveal is that a u. s. state like south dakota, for example, has become a massive offshore haven for a number of international figures. it is storing huge amounts, undisclosed amounts of money deposited by investors around the world with the apparent intention of avoiding or evading tax in their home countries. this of course, would have big political ramifications for the biden administration, which has insisted as i said, that it is going to cut down on such international transactions with regard to us citizens. but clearly here, citizens of other countries are using parts of the us as a haven to dispose of their fans in precisely the way that the biden administration insists it is going to route out. i, thanks so much to my camera there. let's continue this. go with rory challenge. he
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joins us from london. so rory, 1st of all the u. k. property market emerging as a central character, shall we say in some of this stuff. tell us more about that. yeah, i'm, and i think we've known for quite some time the london's property market, particularly, and london as a financial center is an integral part of the global offshore industry. the panama paper showed that therapy, numerous investigations, the pandora papers are essentially reinforcing what we already knew, which is that london property is a very convenient, buoyant way for some of the world's most rich and wealthy and powerful people to park. what can often be dodgy, cash, and that there are numerous financial services companies based in london. and with representations in offshore territories,
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who are very happy to facilitate the movement of this cash that they will offer you accountancy services, legal services, et cetera. to basically smooth the passage of money around the world and hide it. and one kind of example, not necessarily of all of us, but of some of it is tony and sure re blair tony blabbing the forward, british prime minister. now he is listed in the pandora papers together with his wife. what they did, it seems, is to use a, an offshore company and the british virgin islands to help them by a multi 1000000 pound property in london. and avoid paying thousands of dollars worth hundreds of thousands of dollars worth in property tax. now, is this illegal? no, it's not because it's tax avoidance, which is perhaps morally questionable. but legally it's okay. it's not tax evasion, which is neither morally nor legally. okay. it,
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but it shows really what you can do if you've got the money and you've got the power and i've got the cancer contacts. you can avoid a tax that most of the britons have to pay as a matter of course. and rory, some revelations, touch upon a host of other european leaders as well. take us through some of them the many, many other european figures are going to be coming out of these documents in the, the days and weeks to come, to who are already left to the 41 of whom is pro president zalinski of ukraine. who in his campaign to become president's was very critical of his full runner on petrol. jenko an oligarchy who zelinski said was corrupt and was squirrel in cash or overseas? well, it seems that zalinski has been doing something not completely dissimilar together with a group of associates from his tv comedy days. it looks like he was participating
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in an offshore scheme which allowed him to not declare some of his assets. and he also gave 25 percent share in an offshore firm to one of his friends are prime minister andre babich of the czech republic, who is actually up for reelection later this week. it seems he used a very convoluted or offshore scheme to help with the purchase of a multi 1000000000 dollar property in the south of france. will that hurt his re election? chances? well, have to wait and see that sir elections coming up later this week. a lot to wait and see thanks so much re chance i speak now to will fits given in washington is a senior reporter for the international consortium of investigative journalists. the group behind the release of these documents. good to have you with us. let's start with the bottom line here. what do these revelations tell us about the continuing ability of the rich and powerful to avoid tax on their property in
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wealth, even after you know, years after the revelations of the panama papers? i and thanks for having me. i think, i think that's right. i think the pandora papers in our investigation shows that despite repeated promises by politicians around the world, that they're going to crack down on tax havens that they're going to clean up dirty money. that in fact, the system continues. and what is more, i think, galling, according to experts we've spoken to and the reactions we're already seeing to the pandora papers is that often it's the very people who have the power to reform the offshore system to increase transparency. who are in fact, using this secretive financial system and benefiting from it, which might explain or lead us to my next question, is it reading through your report? it seems like some of this is simply still institutionalized. this is not all about, you know, breaking the law, but the simply our parts of the law of and,
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and the institutions of financial, of the financial transaction and process that allows loopholes to continue to exist . this isn't a mistake or an accident. is it? i think that's right, i think we see through the pandora papers that the officer industry and the people who make money from it, their armies of lawyers and accountants, and private wealth managers. they've so captured business and politics around the world that many of these politicians, many of our rulers are involved in it without a 2nd thought. over the past few weeks, i've had to make phone calls to prime ministers to presidents to kings and queens to tell them about her revelations and get their comment. very often. they say i had no idea or it wasn't my choice. now of course, i think many of us could agree that that's not necessarily an excuse. you know, if you are a beneficiary or an owner of a shell company in many countries, you have an obligation to declare that. but it does show you the extent to which
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for people who have money and power existing in the offshore system is almost natural for them. or as i can assure you, from my own perspective, sitting here in washington, and i think many of your listeners will be the same. the idea of us having anything to do with a private foundation in panama, rachelle company in the british virgin islands, is almost inconceivable. i, let's name some names. now you've gone through millions. i think it's almost 12000000 documents. what's the most damning? who should be the most afraid in terms of the world's leaders and rich and powerful? well, i can tell it one of the names that jumped out to us all immediately. the reporters looking through these dead was the king of john abdullah. the 2nd that's on one hand, because we found his passport, literally in these documents, but also the she in number of shell companies and secret property purchases that we were able to establish these. her properties worth over more than $100000000.00 that show companies connected to the king have purchased over the years,
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including many multi $1000000.00 properties in a very fancy neighbourhood in california that were purchased stop during or after the arab spring revelations. and as your colleague mentioned, there's no indication or suggestion in our reporting that this is indeed a legal, but i think we have certainly asked the king, why were these purchases made through show companies? why has none of this been disclosed publicly? and what if any connection do these purchases have to the state of jordan? i'm an experts we speak to say that it will be terribly embarrassing for a king who prides himself on a reputation as a modernist and an ally of the west. or i would say other names that jumped out at me were obviously the president of kenya, who literally appears as a 2nd beneficiary of a secretive foundation in panama. again, this is a precedent to, for many years. and even a few years ago, sat down with her herb bbc interviewer and said, if anyone has something to tell us that we haven't been transparent about,
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let them tell us. and i suppose today with the pandora papers were doing just that . the lot of people, i think, more than 30 world leaders mentioned in one way or another to expect. we'll see some resignations, maybe even some governments fall. it's really hard to tell my lessons and experience from the panama papers are that it's impossible to tell where impact will happen and changes will happen. we've already seen prime minister moran con, in pakistan, who has some of his own government ministers implicated in the pandora papers can, has come out and said every pakistani will be investigated and politicians will be held to account. really, the proof of the pudding will be in the eating, as we say. but to what extent to these countries in these governments who find themselves tied up in the secretive offshore system, want to react or want to respond to that. certainly a public outcry, and we're seeing that in the reactions to the pandora papers already. but these powerful people, as we've said before, have very often interests in the offshore system. that's what we're exposing and it
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will be difficult for things to change ah, wholesale. i, thanks so much for coming in sharing your experience with that at least 13 people have been killed in an explosion in afghanistan. cancel the bombing targeted the entrance of the 2nd largest mosque and cobble a memorial service was being held for the mother of taliban spokesman's of the holiday. jad at least 32 people were injured. no group was claimed responsibility stephanie decker joins us now live from cobble. how much of a set bike is this attack to the tale? bonds security credentials, stephanie wall. absolutely. it is a concern. but it seems that the taliban are immediately trying to address that despite the fact that there is still no claim of responsibility. there is currently a security operation not happening across parts of the capital, particularly north of the capital exchanges of fire. one taliban source confirming to al jazeera that 3 members of ice, okay, had died after blowing themselves up in
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a house that was being surrounded by taliban fight. so this is currently ongoing exchanges is certainly it seems that they are clamping down and who they believe is responsible is behind the attack on the mosque. as you mentioned, at least 13 civilians killed 32 injured the 1st of its kind here in its capital samuels a very significant. why? because targeting what was a gathering of senior taliban leaders under strict security entitlements. i'm special forces were in charge of security. my colleague, national bar was down there about 15 minutes before that explosion took place and there were strict security checks by the forces. it was tense, but certainly it is a security breach, a serious security breach. and it does still tell you that even though yes, when the taliban came to power, the security situation, everyone will tell you is somewhat better. but this is now and you threat that they are going to have to deal with no claim of, of responsibility so far stephanie,
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but any clues about who might be responsible? what are authorities saying? who do they suspect? what are they looking for? well, they haven't said anything yet, but i think if we look at the facts on the ground, the fact that currently as we're talking there is the security operation across the capital targeting, particularly isis k member's from what we understand from our sources. that seems that that's who the taliban believe was behind. at this particular attack, noises k has increased its attack in different areas of the country, particularly in eastern afghanistan on members of the taliban, also killing civilians. there has been an uptick in that in the last couple of weeks, certainly since the taliban came to power. the divide between the 2 groups. i'm is not you. this is something they've been fighting each other for quite some time. what is new this time is that of course the dynamics have changed. the taliban is now empower it now needs to govern. it now needs to deal with what is become very much a threat against also, you know, at a time when the taliban is seeking international legitimacy,
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it needs money to govern this country. it is facing huge challenges and certainly it is very much important to them to sustain what they've been saying is what they provided, which is peace and security to keep that going. thanks so much stephanie decker for the more still ahead on the news, our including libya's refugee crisis deepens, following a crank down condemned by human rights groups. and algeria closes its ass face to french military plains in a worsening diplomatic dispute. and a shocked defeat for leaders. p. s g and the french league general have the best of the action from sunday's games. ah, now libby is coast god is intercepted, a boat carrying around $500.00 refugees and migrants to europe. the vin returned to
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libby ensures comes a day after security forces detained. thousands and raids manic trainer has more from tripoli. i spoke to a senior official in the ministry of interior earlier today, and he told me quite frankly, libya is in a catch 22 situation. there's a lot of pressure from european countries to stop the flow of migrants reaching europe. but when they do that, they're put into these detention centers where, where human rights organizations are saying that there's a lot of abuse. that there are overcrowded, that they're not, that they're not safe and abuses occur. so the libyans are really sort of in a, in a, in a very challenging situation when they bring back these migrant 8 organizations or are criticizing them when they do not. european countries are putting pressure there, beefing up their living coast guard, their beefing up their, their, their coastal security. and when you talk to experts, they say that the europeans aren't really moving in the right way,
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rather than picking up, you know, the coastal security of libyan coast guard. they should be focusing on investment in the countries of origins, 40 migrants. now these migrants are leaving, you know, extreme poverty famine war to come here to risk a very dangerous and treacherous journey to libya, and yet another journey across the mediterranean, very perilous and dangerous journey. so experts will say that the european union and the international community should be focusing on investing in, in, in creating jobs and opportunities for these people in these countries of origin. so they won't risk these long and treacherous journey. thomas scott, to follow is the libya country director for the international rescue committee. he says europe needs to do more to help the be in authorities. the living coast guard is not really capable of monitoring the the,
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the crossings. and so we have, he has national rescue committee have have called on the european union to do more to start their own search and rescue operations. that's one thing. on the other side, in libya, there really isn't any visibility into what happens inside the detention centers. we are, we the, the i r c along with you and hcr and, and some other humanitarian agencies have some access into the detention regime. but it's quite incomplete. we're able to provide some assistance of a life saving nature through our medical teams. but out of by enlarged the situation is failing the not only the asylum seekers, but also many law abiding peaceful people who have been swept up in this effort by the libyan authorities. to, to stop migration. thousands of people in tennessee have been rallying in support of the president. the opposition is accused side of carrying out
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a qu after suspending parliament in july. and announcing plans to rule by decree in september. bernard smith has more from tunis, 2 months on from the 2000000 president's decision to suspend parliament and sac, the prime minister. his supporters don't think he's gone far enough. thousands of people gathered in tunis and other towns and cities to show their support. the case said, we want to deliver a word to tunisia. president i said no, going back now and to prosecute all those who have committed crimes against the people. that is the 1st and main demand to prosecute all those who done wrong doing most of the protesters carried banners attacking the another party. it's the largest in parliament and has been the most critical of the presidents power. grab me, there is no way a law excuse for having a dictatorship or making a cool. if the people are not happy with us, then they are more than free to go to other elections and not to elect us. so we cannot give an any excuse, or legitimize any qu,
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or any illegal actions been either party says the recent appointment of natural, a burden as prime minister and any government she forms can only be legitimate if it is endorsed by parliament. the guy said that he's ruling by the creek and he said the president doesn't communicate easily and he's surrounded by people who don't have a political background. anyone with political experience is not in the presidential circle. if he won't consult those with political experience, the future remains unclear. fortune isn't, the president says his decision to seize power on july 25th was necessary to prevent you nicea collapse and it seemed to have popular support. but his failure so far to offer a way out of the crisis is strengthening the opposition to him. and if uncle with the french president kaiser, he told emmanuel micron, that a government will be formed in the coming days and what he called a national dialogue would follow. genesis treasury is running out of money to pay
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salaries and meet loan repayment urgently needs a government to negotiate an international, baylor, bernard smith, al jazeera jonas, algeria has closed. it says space to all french military flights headed to the sal region in a deepening diplomatic stand off on saturday. president abdur maggi to boone recalled his ambassador from france. it was in response to french president emanuel micron, saying algeria is ruled by a political military system which is tired. the french military says it doesn't anticipate the air space closure will have any impact on its operations against arm groups in the south. are crumb her if is a defense analyst em chief editor of the online publication mean a defense. he says there are mixed feelings within algeria about the president's decision. anteriano only provides a safe route to
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a friend show and the coalition flights towards the side. junior provides also gas, diesel and kerosene for aircraft in the us that are extensively used for counter insurgency north and monday. so if i was, if the escalation uh, keeps like we might have a problem from the coalition, especially from bar concepts side, i think for the reaction was violent from the syrian storage is especially from the army. regarding this very far because they are feeling today that the hierarchy is almost disappearing and, and that things are at least the official political agenda is now been well implemented by the authorities and also well accepted by the population. so
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the geisha, so for president mark course perceived here in my chair, and looked up from him to revive the her locker up to this, to give her a new book to direct in ontario and the c d. so it was clearly on an insurance into internal matters here. not sure. israel's justice ministry is indicated as it has indicted, rather palestinian prisoners, who escaped from a high security prison last month. 6 have been charged with escaping from the bow. a prison in the north 5 others are accused of assisting them. the escapees were recaptured after several days on the run. so i had on al jazeera opposition policies in georgia make allegations of electoral fraud as results point to a clear victory for the government policy. for exit the pandemic and the fuel shortage dominate the u. k. conservative party conference for the laces from
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manchester and battling the elements, cyclists face hovels and mom for dramatic victory and frogs that's coming off with gemma school. ah hello there. let's start in the middle east and we've had a historic, a weather moment for oh man, that's after the 1st tropical cyclone made landfall since record keeping began. and this was the scene as flash flooding kicked in in northern areas submerging vehicles. as that system made its way in line, it will take a closer look. it has weakened once it touches the land, these systems do, but it is still bringing. it's a very wet and windy weather with it. we're talking wind gusts of up to a 139 kilometers per hour and we've got it's a desert area. so we are going to see some of that sound kicked up possible
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sandstorms coming into play for the u. a and southern areas of saudi arabia as that system works its way to the west. now elsewhere, it is looking rather hot and dry. temperatures have come down slightly in iraq to $8.00 and $4.00 could tie it is the looking rather wet around those coastal areas of iran, as it is for western areas of yemen. and as we move to that, central part of africa was seen some flooding come into play. this was sent in by a viewer in lubin bashing. and we are going to see those thunderstorms intensify, particularly in the se, in the days to come. as we move to south africa is looking west her in the west, but for cape town was seen sunshine at 20 south. if ah, woods, water will be part of the greatest global gathering in history, the expo 2020 dubai woods one i will be there to showcase her investment
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opportunities, her unique culture and heritage, economy diversity and pristine wildlife and natural resources. so look out for woods wanna add the expo 2020 due by spectacle, where we will unleash our potential botswana, our pride, your destination. oh, for the congolese, the journey to work. order means unimaginable. hodge. i prefer to lie though, just only white. good. the captain tooth chancing life and live on a dangerous journey through the jungle. and now i fell on to the rails. i nearly died about children, 8th go to school and live because of the prank. risking it all the democratic republic of congo on al jazeera lou.
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ah. oh, come back. you're watching now. is there a time to recap on headlines now? at least 13 people have been killed in an explosion and afghanistan's capital. it happened that amal square a memorial service was being held for the mother of taliban spokesman. so be lama jad thousands of tunisians are holding a rally in support of their president. on wednesday, i say it named that new prime minister was now working to form a government. the opposition has a q side of conducting a coup. the secrets of the rich.


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