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tv   [untitled]    October 3, 2021 4:30pm-5:01pm AST

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it is natural sources of water like this one are so silly says that water born disease is a common, especially among children. aid agencies warned that vulnerable communities, including hundreds of thousands of syrian and palestinian refugees in lebanon, are most at risk. water is already being rationed in the wes affected areas. once that runs out most people and likely to go thirsty. so to hide it, al jazeera metal, a child is among the 3 people killed in oman. as tropical cyclone shaheen, hits the gold state. authorities are urging thousands of people to flee coastal areas and had to emergency shelters or flights to and from the capital muskets had been postponed or canceled. shaheen there's bringing heavy rain and winds of 120 kilometers per hour. or let's say get more weather news now. here's kara hello,
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that is more wet weather to come from north eastern areas of india. as we looked to south asia, you can see we had flooding in west bengal. we could see more as that rain continues to fall. we have got an amber alert out for the heavy rain for a summer. as we go in some mondays, no that's going to bleed into nepal and bangladesh. we could see some flooding here become tuesday. it does ease and the rain has cleared for much of the north, west new delhi, sing a lot of heat come through the temperature sitting in the mid thirties and it is going to climb as we go further into the week for the south. the monsoon rains do pick up with some shop of thunderstorms coming into play for sri lanka. now as we move to east asia, it's looking very hot and dry for many eastern and southern areas of china. but it is looking rather wet in the north. once again, that slow moving weather system bringing those pulses of rain all the way from which one province to shang, and onwards to north korea. we could see some flooding here. if we take a closer look, you can see it pushing across towards northern japan. it is going to get rather
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intense as we go into choose day, but for the south and for honshu, it is looking a lot finer and dryer sunshine coming in for tokyo at 30 degrees celsius. that sure update. fell head here on al jazeera petitioning parliament and china. single women seeking the light to freeze their eggs. colombians in the time of nicole, please say their being cake science of their home. this landlord to take advantage of the migrants influx and for the 2nd straight year, the london marathon has a home in october. we'll have more for you in this course. ah, one of the fastest growing nations in the world won the cause of needed to oakland and development school international shipping companies to become
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a p middle east. and we'll try them wanting skillfully enough 3 key areas of develop who filling up from it. so connecting the world, connecting the future, won the cost cutters gateway to whoa trade, frank assessments. what's the point of the un if multilateralism isn't part of indiana, we need somewhere. we're sovereign states can exchange views informed opinions evoke it's likely to change biking behavior. it's not going to change their behavior, they're going to continue to do what they do when it's going to be more in trade and less in terms of trying to match this more games mentality. in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on out jesse era. ah
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ah, this is al jazeera, quick reminder of the top stories. this are 13 people have been killed and 32 injured in an explosion in the afghan capital cobble the bombing. tom said the entrance to a mosque, no group has claimed responsibility and she is here, thousands of people are holding a rally in support of the presidents. on wednesday, k science named prime minister is now working to form a governments for the opposition. the key site of conducting an official results from georgia's election showed the governing party, georgia. dream well heads in the leads. the main opposition is alleging electoral force the vote took place. the day after former precedence mikhail successfully was arrested at least 3 people had been killed in
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a missile attack in yemen. witnesses say military areas were targeted in the city of murdered. the attack comes as who the fighters are pressing ahead with an offensive against the saudi led coalition. sit on as being warned that failure to progress towards civilian leadership could put us economic and political support at risk and attempted coup, 2 weeks ago has caused more mistrust. between the military and civilian groups that share power in a transitional government. the still no date for the military to hand control to the civilian side. and this tension is piling pressure on a p. steel signed between the transitional government and rebel groups a year ago. or the so called job agreement was meant to resolve a conflict that killed hundreds of thousands of people and displaced millions, especially in the western region of dar 4 and in the southern states of south quarter, fun and blue. now, sedans revolutionary front r, s r f signed the deal,
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but 2 other powerful rebel groups, the sudan liberation movements, and the sudan people's liberation movement north did not. and in recent months has been a resurgence of violence among rival tribes and groups. haber, morgan has more, from cartoons when this agreement was negotiated, it was split into tracks, which means every region where there was a conflict, had its own track, and there was virtually conflict all around the country. so there was the western track that represented dar for there was the eastern track that represented the eastern states of casela galleries and red sea state. and then there was the 2 regions or 2 areas track and that was for blue nile and south cor. define then there was the center track and the northern track, and that was because each and every region had its own demands when coming, when it came to negotiating a peace agreement. now, a year on some of the people have expressed this content. we still have to arm groups to sedans, liberation front led by abdougla had. mm hm. at noon yet,
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to sign an agreement with the transitional government. and then you also have the sedans liberation, sedan people's liberation movement. led by the as is in hello, who's in southward of honeymoon. i also yet to sign a deal with the transitional government. so lots of issues going on there. then you have the refugees who are the displaced people in the camps in dar for who say that they were not consulted when disdain was it was signed. therefore, they believed that the peace agreement is not going to result in them coming out of their camps and going back to their villages. there's also the issue of security arrangements. that is the arm groups are supposed to be merging into the national army by the end of the 3 a transitional period. now some of the arm groups have arrived with the forces here in the capital, hot room. others have started the, the, the integration process in other areas, but it's still a process that has already started way behind. schedule, emergency response, teens in the canary islands. see the compress via her volcano on la palmer is
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becoming much more aggressive. you streams of lava have been flowing from 2 fishers, which broke open on friday or so far more than a 1000 buildings, including homes and farming infrastructure, have been destroyed. but away from the volcano exclusion zone, life continues almost as normal for most of the islands will let spring and join a ho. he's sir on the islands and says she can't sure of that for cato behind you there. joanna. just tell us what's been happening. well, well let me begin by saying pedro sanchez, the spanish prime minister, is here on the palmer to day on sunday. he's been meeting with scientists, falcon ologist, the emergency cruise, also with some of the people who've been worst affected. some of them, of course, have lost everything, homes, livelihoods a lot. and he's come with quite good news for them. a financial package being put together by the federal government at worth some $230000000.00 that will go towards rebuilding that will go towards re housing people and helping people rebuild their
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businesses and, and regain their jobs and so on. so that will all come as welcome news and he and mr. sanchez will have the opportunity to look up close at what is actually going on with his volcano, much as we've been able to do much as indeed you can now do. if i step out of the way, peter can zoom gently in there, it's much smoke here day than it has been in the past, obscuring our view of the core. your view of the core, more intense, more explosive, more aggressive is how it's being described by the vulcan ologist on the island. at to day, mr. sanchez has chosen a good day to be here. not unusual. this is in the ordinary sort of pattern of eruptions like this, that they tend to subside and then escalate, subside and escalate at. we're clearly in a period of escalation. now, there's fairly fast flowing lava heading down the western slopes, in a parallel line to the original larva flow. we're told that that's then taking up
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in its wake up. yet more territory of this island than 66 more buildings succumbed overnight, engulfed by the lava and, and, you know, you said people's lives more or less going on as normal. yes, they are. but in the midst of an enormous economic disruption this as well, they say you can't make too much of it. off the back of the pandemic business is deeply affected on this island tourism affected agriculture affected people may be going about their lives more or less as normal, but they're deeply demoralized. and, you know, let me show you another aspect of this. if peter zooms upwards, i'll take a look at this extraordinary smoke cloud, billowing up out of the volcano. now we haven't seen anything like this since we've been here. that deep dark black volcanic ash toxic smoke rising 6000 meters up into the sky. there an enormous sort of mushroom cloud as if an enormous explosion has taken place. one of course, that is what is going on. explosion after explosion after explosion. and along with
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its seismic activity, 8 smaller tremors than the last 24 hours. the scientists doing everything they can to evaluate the data to try and figure out what sort of changes are going on. what might happen next. and that's one of the big questions you hear asked most often among the people here. how long is this going to go on for? when will it end? will? the short answer is nobody knows when it will end and it probably won't end any time soon. the average duration for eruptions like this is 58 days the vulcan ologist here worn this could easily go on well into december or beyond. ok, jonah, how their life insurance on lapel mat. jonah, thank you very much. indeed. the chinese government is trying to encourage people to have more children, but unmarried women are denied access to reproductive services. that could change as a landmark court case is challenging the law that limits fertility treatment to married couples. katrina, you reports from be june. couple ha, went to recess. you asked, debating hospital to help freeze her eggs to later enable her to have a child as
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a single parent. she was turned away as an unmarried woman, she's denied reproductive services in china. in 2019, she thought a lawsuit to change the law, and her case has been heard in court. the are you hiding your ears, equilla. i don't have much time to waste. i'm an ordinary single woman and these pastors 3 years were very important to me. if i win, i hope i can help other woman to save yourself dear life in the future. in china, if single reaming want to have their x frozen, they can do it. the case is the 1st of its kind in china and spunk debate of a women's right to reproduce. china's health commission says freezing eggs is risky and unreliable, and the bad is designed to prevent companies from exploiting the technology. but activist jung allan says it's discriminatory as single men are allowed to freeze their sperm. she's petitioned members of the parliament,
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the national people's congress, asking them to rewrite fertility regulations the so you, when the ability to give birth shouldn't be connected to being married as a precondition. it shouldn't be restricted by policy to resist. you and her supporters are optimistic, the daughter will rule in their favor. china is facing a demographic crisis and the government is desperately trying to boost the country's birth rate. china's population is rapidly aging, and few of babies are being born every year. aging announced a 3 child policy in may, but government support is limited to couple. some women have travelled abroad to access egg freezing and ivy f services. but expensive fees and pandemic travel restrictions me this option is out of reach for merced, including theresa shoe out yourself that if i have to borrow the money from friends or relatives or get loans from the bank, it goes against my original intention,
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which is being able to choose my lifestyle and not be forced to marry someone in order to have her child. she's awaiting the judge's verdict and says she'll continue to raise awareness of her case regardless of the outcome. katrina, you out a 0 paging tens of thousands of people of rallies in cities across brazil, colon for the impeachment of president gyre both and aro, accused him of miss handling the cove with 19 pandemic, which is killed in nearly 600000 brazilians. and as monica in our care reports, many people are also angry with wise and unemployment, poverty, and inflation. ah, the protest was held exactly one year before brazil's presidential elections. tens of thousands of brazilians from all walks of life, took to the streets of rio de janeiro, and 19 another state capitols. they may disagree on who should govern latin
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america's largest economy. but they say, they know who should not. the protesters dance to the same drumbeat to demand present jade bull sonatas. impeachment ma'am? yes. he is destroying the environment, the economy, the democratic institutions. this government is squeezing the air out of the people protests against valuable. so now to began, since he publicly denied the coven 19 pandemic, which has killed almost 600000 resilience to date. but now a growing number of left cling political parties have joined forces with trade unions and social organizations. even if they don't c i t y, they have a common goal. without some brazil is politically polarized. polls show 46 percent of the population supporting the former president, luis, in jasa let. the silver was on the left us workers party and 25 percent in favor of boffin aro stapo. that leaves 30 percent of brazilian, still looking for
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a candidate from the center. but polls also indicate that 59 percent of brazilians reject bull sonata. emily devoted to schedule an impeachment is unlikely to happen because although there are enough reasons to force bolton our out, he still has supporting congress. but it's important to show that country is that the majority of brazilians want him out to pour with and these protest her say that can only be achieved by making their voices heard out on the streets. monica and i give, i'll g 0, a bottleneck of refugees and migrants building up in the columbia turnover coakley is bringing a financial windfall for some locals. but some have been accused of making money from an increasingly dire situation from the coakley. alessandra amputee reports that they gave me money, asian migrant weather, will be sent in my shows as the shack where she and our family have been living for 2 weeks since arriving in this columbia beach town. there is no running water.
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look, this is what we have for 12 people all crammed here, spending $8.00 a day and lacking a bill of isn't coming up. we have kids who need to eat prices of food have doubled since we arrived. and we had no plans to stay here for weeks. there she is one of nearly 22000 haitians, mostly arriving from brazil. and sheila, who are hold up waiting to catch a boat toward the dangerous jungle of the rhian gap to continue their journey north . but panama is allowing only $500.00 migrants to enter each day. a human bottleneck that has brought the towns infrastructure to a breaking point, but as also revitalized and economy devastated by co, with 19 mostly to detriment of the migrants. patients are paying premium prices for food and other basic items, often being forced to pay in dollars. a cottage industry has grown to respond to their needs. solve like this one ever peered all over town,
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selling everything the migraines need to cross the jungle from sleeping mats to boots raincoats, headlights, portable kitchen, and even special bones that people here say protect you from poisonous snakes. over a 100 families have been expelled from their apartments by landlords hoping to make quick cash like mechanic victor lopez, who has lost his house and workshop and is now working on the street in living with his daughter that a lot of farm. they kicked me out to make space for the haitians from one day to another and gave me no time to find an alternative route. is mailed, give artists hosting up to 30 migrants per day in his home, which he is now expanding. he rejects accusations that he's taking advantage of people's despair saying he's providing a service tears as well. it's a mix of opportunities and needs. they need a safe place to stay with their women and children,
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a roof kitchen where they can cook and we opened the doors of our homes. yes, we on money, but not every one opens its doors to migrants. fearing she'll end up having to pitch a tent on the beach where the lupus spends every day hoping to change her boat tickets . scheduled for october 18th to an earlier date. but she says its all worth it to offer her family a better future. just general, you know, got casey, i say all i want is to reach a place where i can live safely and freely where my children can study and make a life for themselves. my column in officials believe that precedent by the into efforts to the port asians from the u. s. will halt the flow of migrants through nickel clea a for now their numbers keep growing. allison on treaty and jesse the nickel, clear robins out of what we've got the sport for you. after the break, kennedy found legend, tom brady appears, faced his former table for the 1st time for national
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ah, the want to vote representation. participation. democracy means that people have the right to choose their leaders and governments in free and fair election exploring why democracy has never been so. in so many parts of the world, a documentary series examines the biggest challenge is to democracy from those who wonder minded to those who are ready to die for democracy, maybe coming soon on alta 0 via is it tipping point scientists are telling us right now that we have just 12 years as the world's lead failed to agree upon a solution or taking that into their own with
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a pool and that it kills people. now it's already killing both fries with people with voice. oh no jazeera. ah ah, save this fortnight, chris, peter, thank you, holler will. so with football and barcelona coach, ronald truman is still in a job for now despite his team suffering. yet another underwhelming results. bossa were beaten to know by letting madrid on this occasion with their old boy louis suarez on the school sheets whom and received back from club prison con le porter before the game. but the slightest result will put further pressure on the dutch manu. that's a watch from upstairs as he completed the final game of
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a touch line ban vasa on 9th in the standings. now it's out real quick in his empty door president. i think the president took this decision to make sure it was clear to everyone where the club stands, but i know where barcelona and that we have to win games. jeff, this pressure is always there for any manager at the highest level, especially at barcelona. i'm in liverpool, boss, yoga club says he cannot understand why any one has to be convinced to get the coven 19 vaccination. only 7 clubs in the premier, he have more than 50 percent of their players fully vaccinated. trop says he did not have to convince any of his players to get the jab. liverpool and manchester said he meet later on sunday with a place at the top of the standings at stake. this is a really special game off the season every year. it's all is always the same and it has to be high intensive because if it's not high, intense, i would say then city is really difficult to,
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to play against. and you have to be brave, you have to be frankfurt, you have to be cheeky in moments, you have to be really your best worship. meanwhile, city manager pip, guardiola has been full of praise for club. he says the german has helped him to be a better manager. he put me another level to think about it, to prove myself what i have to do to be a better manager to valid teams to try to, to be done. and that is, the reason why i am affiliated business. 3 matches in progress as we speak, lester, tottenham, and branford are leading at half time in their respective matches in germany. but as he adornment remain hopeful there, prolific gold score earling holland will return from injury following this week's international matches. the norwegian has been absence for the. busy past 3 matches because of a 5 problem, his absence was again noticed, as though often carved out
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a 21 victory against stragglers out bold. julian, but i'm schooling the winner in the 51st minute. the president of the us suck of federation says it's her renders what's happened within the national women's soccer league. over the past 48 hours, the leads commissioner resigned and this weekend's matches postpone following allegations of sexual misconduct. my former north carolina coach pull riley, he was fired on thursday following an investigative report. a thought at play as an aging riley use his influence and power to sexually harass plans for use. we all should be appalled and sadden and just downright angry. i know i am we each have to do everything in our power to ensure that our players are say, are heard and believed. this is not just an inner be us al, problem
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a just a run in soccer problem. tinian and ethiopian runners have dominated this year's london marathon race, took place in october for the 2nd year in a row because of covered 19 restrictions and delays. usually it's held around april on sunday, ethiopia as see say, lemme crossed the line 1st in the mains, racing just over 2 hours and 4 minutes. kenya's, choice celine jip cost k winning the women's racing 2 hours, 17 minutes and 42 seconds tennesseans, ernesta onshore birds on cause to become the 1st arab player to reach the season ending finals shipper has made through to her 3rd final of the season. helena, early backing of cars at sun retired during the 2nd fit of a semi final in chicago. the result counts as it was 4th and 4th. when of the season, no player has secured more to a decrease of this year. she will face a viet mover in sundays, titled the cider we never had any employer in south 20 before. so
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i think go with everything going on and you know, tenicia people, they love sports a lot or whatever. if, if it's football humble or now tennis they follow and they like to to see someone from, from the same country. i'm a super grateful for them coming anywhere everywhere. even sometimes in japan, i so something asian, which is gonna not usual i'm, i'm happy that i'm, i in spain this people to, to come watch and i hope i can inspire the new generation. watching me tom brady has labeled sunday's game against these formats. he new england as a homecoming. now any 2nd season with the tampa bay buccaneers, brady is heading back to july stadium to face the patriots for the 1st time of the an incredible 20 year career with the franchise which included 6 super bowl. busy victories, i haven't thought too much about it. i just gonna try to do it. i always to go be
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a great quarterback. obviously understand their pony. i know all those guys. there are some of my great friends there will be for the rest of my life. so i, i know, lot of coaches players, the owners, the staff ah, it be great. see everyone after the game, but i'll put so game focused on trying to go in a football game. and the finish we head back to football at a fabulous, long range goal this from but cutter stalls league algerian, forward use. if bill i really playing for casa sports club, saudi, all that off a goalkeeper was a bit too far away from his goal on say to came from almost half way. but i really schooled with goals in the to no victory. that's all the sports east and i'll be here again a little later with another. but of them full. you literally words that what a shot not shout, not bad at all. thanks very much at the feet that will of course i lost, were available on our website of course, but d say with is here on now to sierra,
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we're gonna have a quick break. i'll be back wiki. ah, this is one of the most astounding technological revolutions in all of this make our planner great. we have to meet the c o 2 emission targets, lecture casual movement mitchum in motion. the need to be mind to where people are just talking about wind and solar, is it that's going to solve the problem? it won't. the world of business and commerce is driving the energy transition. each the promise of clean energy and illusion. the top side of green energy on al jazeera. after decades of conflict between successive colombian, governments and the fox marxist gorillas and historic peace accord in 2016. so a fight has laid down their arms. 5 years on a mit rising defense and fruitful police repression,
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a new cycle of violence has rocked the nation, people and power off if the agreement is failing and what's next for the country. columbia. in killing the piece on al jazeera, i prefer to see things for myself to look at things, not through the lens of politics, but through the lens of humanity. ah, i've been to the playground where to mere rice was shot and killed. i've been to the streets of ferguson, a protest. i've seen the anger and frustration of so many americans. but what was most clear was a desire for change. you could see black lives matter transforming from hash tag to a movement. ah, being a journalist is about listening to people and understanding where they're coming
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from, following a story, no matter how long it takes or where it leaves. i'm christian salumi ah, ah. ready at least 13 people are killed in a foaming at the entrance to a mosque in kabul. ah, i'm how them are he did they say is al jazeera mind from doha also coming up, supporters of chin as he is president, sky, saeed, rally in the capitol. multi prominent critics have reportedly been arrested opposition. parties in ga, make allegations of fraud after elections. the claims have been tonight and.


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