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was to check with more than $1500.00 of them are found in the normal to richard on their prophecy. because the vision is, are under pressure to save them after the resumption of walking on the return of ah, supporters of tennessee, as president chi saeed rally in the capital. while too prominent critics have reportedly been arrested. ah, hello, i money inside this is out there, alive. from doha, also coming up the u. s. warrants to dawn that failing to move towards a civilian lead. government could put economic and political support at brisk child is killed in oman, ouse tropical psychos. shaheen moves across the gulf country lebanon's mortar
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system is pushed close to collapsed by the nation's financial crisis. ah, see dawn as being warned that failure to progress towards civilian leadership could put us economic and political support at risk. and attempted to 2 weeks ago has caused more mistrust between the military and civilian groups, the share power in a transitional government. there is still no date for the military to ham control to the civilian side and this tension is putting pressure on a p stale sign between the transitional government and rebel groups. a year ago, the so called cuba agreement was meant to resolve the conflict that killed hundreds of thousands of people and displaced millions, especially in the western region of dar 4 and in the southern states of south
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quarter fun and blue nile sedans. revolutionary front, also known as the sr f, signed the deal, but 2 other powerful rebel groups, the sudan liberation movement, and the sudan people's liberation movement north did not. and in recent months, there's been a resurgence of violence amongst rival tribes and groups. hipaa morgan has the latest on this from car to when this agreement was negotiated, it was split into tracks, which means every region where there was a conflict, had its own track, and there was virtually conflict all around the country. so there was the western track that represented. therefore, there was the eastern track that represented the eastern states of casala godaddy and red sea state. and then there was the 2 regions or 2 areas track, and that was for blue nile and south co define. then there was the center track and the northern track, and that was because each and every region had its own demands when coming, when it came to negotiating a peace agreement. now a year on some of the people have expressed this content. we still have to arm
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groups. the sedans liberation front led by abdullah, hadn't come at noon yet to sign an agreement with the transitional government. and then you also have the sedans liberation, sedan people's liberation movement. led by the, as in henry who's in southward of unemployed, i also yet to sign a deal with the transitional government. so lots of issues going on there. then you have the refugees who are the displaced people in the camps in dar for who say that they were not consulted when this dean was it was signed. therefore, they believed that the peace agreement is not going to result in them coming out of their camps and going back to their villages. there's also the issue of security arrangements. that is the arm groups are supposed to be merging into the national army by the end of the 3 a transitional period. now some of the armed groups have arrived with the forces here in the capitol cartoon. others have started the, the integration process in other areas, but it's still a process that has already started way behind schedule. moving to to next year now
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where thousands of people are holding a rally in support of the president. ah, on wednesday i studied named a geo physics professor with little political experience as the country's 1st female prime minister. now should i be done is now working to form a government. however, the opposition as a q side of carrying out to after suspending parliament in july and announcing his plans to rule by decree as gay to our correspond bed, his smith, his life rest in the capital tunis. lots of protest going on right now. what is going on there are many thousands of people on the streets of tunis and on the streets of other towns and cities in june. his ear showing their support for president case aside. that's an attempt to months on from when the president suspended parliament and subsequently started to rule by
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decree and attempt to show there is continued support for the path, the country, the path. the president is taking this country down at because there have been increasing grumblings, particularly from civil society groups from the political elite that there is still no plan to pull tunisia out of the dia, economic crisis, it's in and the president has not been talking to other groups to these other organizations, the only talk the discourse, if you can call it that, that we have is people shouting on the streets, civil society groups on the president to talk more. and we've also had the arrest of a journalist, a television presenter, and an m p. this is apparently after this, m p accused the president of treason on a program that was ad recently. it has to be said the ordinarily journalists have still been left free to report the accredited journalist for each report. and there hasn't been any particular crack down on critical media that have been some travel
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bands imposed that the president says. those are imposed only on people who are facing a court summons or some sort of warrant and been, and happy international community got involved in this. we know the case i had spoken with and the french at president mccoy on saturday. we know what came out of that conversation. most of the details of that meeting came from the lease a palace and the palace said that they'd spoken to chi side and he had promised that a national dialogue will take place soon. he said a government reformed very quickly and then that dialogue will take place. it's interesting that his belize a that said this sy, aids office here in tunis did not refer to the in as much detail about the conversation. but that is the criticism that the has been of the president that he hasn't been talking widely. tunisia has huge debt repayment to make salaries to
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pay, haven't got enough money in the treasury. it needs help from the international monetary fund for those talks to get re started, a government needs to reform the cabinet needs to be formed. and so there's enormous pressure to do this. although the opposition will tell you that all of this was being done is being done against the constitution extra constitutionally because there's no parliament to endorse the choices of prime minister and cabinet that had been made by the president again. many thanks. that bennet smith at 1st light in tennis official results from georgia's election, so that the governing parssi georgia, dream well ahead of the main opposition of a took place a day after former president mc held sac as really was arrested. he returned from exile to support the opposition, indeed, municipal those fact valley was convicted in 2018 for abuse of power and insist that the case was politically motivated. robin farsi walker has more than to leave
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those preliminary results indicate that the governing georgia dream party has picked up in total about 48 percent share of the vote. that's a lot more than the opposition was hoping the government was going to achieve. they wanted or were expecting a poor showing a poor turn out of less than 43 percent. if that happens, they would have been pressuring hards on this government to call snap early election. something that they had conceded to earlier in the year that looks like that is not now going to be the case, but one plus for the opposition. in particular, the main opposition party, the united national movement, that's me cossack asheville is party that you were referring to. there they appear now set to face run offs in the merrill elections of 5 cities in georgia, including here in tbilisi. and that's come, i think, is a bitter disappointment for the governing georgia dream who were expecting certainly to take the capital city back again with their candidate. and so the
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question is, did they perform better than expected here? and was that down to that maverick reappearance of the former president mikasa cuz she really emergency response teams and the canary islands say be committed via her volcano on the palmer is becoming much more aggressive. new streams of lava had been flowing from 2 cracks, which broke open on friday. so far more than a 1000 buildings, including homes and farming infrastructure have been destroyed. but away from the volcano exclusion zone life continues almost as normal for most of the island. a tall, this man killed in oman asked tropical cyclone shaheen. hits the golf state authorities, adding thousands of people to flee coastal areas and had to emergency shelters all flies to and from the captain muskets have been postponed or cancelled. so he is expected to bring high winds and heavy rain. our weather present to jeff harrington
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takes a look at where the sy claims as heavy as it moves through eastern portions of india . right across to the west. and here we find it a right now in the gulf of oman. so i want to get you the latest numbers on this. are the winds. were seen them at about a 139 kilometers per hour. so here we go. it's about 80 kilometers away from moscow . we're going to track out all of this. but 1st i want to talk about some of the big risks here a for this region. so the 1st the, we've got a desert climate years. so we need to remember that the ground is bone dry. it will not be able to absorb any of this rain that we're seeing as a result. second part, this is a mountainous area. so what that means is the rain falls high above and it gushes rate down to the ground. so the combination of both of these will lead to the risk of some pretty intense flooding that we can see. all right, let's track out where this is going. so again, right now, about 80 kilometers away from moscow and taken to buy off and adding
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a another location because this is a very important port city as it moves by it's looking like its effects will be felt there at this storm is also going to bring up that sand and does places, se saudi rate across the united arab emirates. and also for cats are as well. now they're concerned with this system. we're going to see some of the humidity bump in for the gulf. stayed. so our show the next few days for us as we look toward do by look at this size. so when got here, look how far away this is from this storm system. and we're still going to see wind gusts of about 55 kilometers per hour. temperature shoots up with that tropical influence, we're up to 39 degrees. but with the humidity it's going to feel more like $45.00. so big concerns here with flooding and winds the potential to produce some very serious damage. lebanon's long troubled public water system is close to collapse, agency se taps could run dry for 3 quarters of the population. santa clara has more from beirut. john dark lives in bay routes and is one of 1000000 suffering during
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lebanon's water crisis. if she didn't pay for supplies from private companies, had taps would run dry. water has been in short supply for decades, but the situation is now critical. not enough is being purified and pumped due to electricity blackouts caused by fuel shortages. the state is nearly bankrupt. so as much of the population didn't and i'd be 90 percent enough that used to cost $90000.00 lire. now it costs 700000 lire to have water delivered twice a week. some of our neighbors can afford it. so we covered the hudson, asked the government, what it's doing and the situation has become unbearable. we don't even have electricity anymore. i fall, i have to live private supplies are too expensive for mice. at least 70 percent of the population could run out of water in the coming weeks. long for 3 more edited them like hospitals and businesses we are unable to get hold of fuel easily to
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maintain is costs are also high. so we are forced to increase our water prices. we get about 90 calls a day from those needing water, but we can only respond to about 10. we are providing a service that the government is in should be doing. but unicef warns the sanitation system could seize all together if millions of dollars aren't invested, the castro government can't afford to import chemicals needed to keep water clean. we have been supporting toward establishment what they're meant to ask what the past year. but it has come to the point that there are support each not even enough . so therefore we started the lobby, it done the sure community to really get the boy more that there was that you the life of people. if we don't, ok, now this good point where people can write even up to the nozzle. coldwater infrastructure is widely blamed on decades of corruption and
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mismanagement to funds and increasing land development and water pollution is making it much worse. 11 and that is so pop, you can't even bring an infrastructure to deliver that. is that breaking point? i absolutely smells here. not because natural sources of water like this one. so food that water born disease is a common, especially among children agencies, warning vulnerable communities, including hundreds of thousands of syrian and palestinian refugees in lebanon. are most at risk. water is already being rationed in the worst effected areas. once that runs out, most people and likely to go thirsty. so to hide it, i'll 0, they do. maybe as coast guard has intercepted a boat carrying around $500.00 refugees and migrants to europe and has returned them to libyan shores. it comes one day, office security forces, detain thousands of migrants, and raids un says one was killed at least 15,
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others injured in the crack. down. officials describe it as a security campaign against a legal migration and drug trafficking. ga, ga. rash is a known hum for migrants and refugees. so head on al jazeera, we meet former bach, her arm fighters who are struggling to integrate back into nigerian society. and the european mission to mercury has returned its 1st pictures as it flies past the closest planet. the sun, ah, it's another beautiful sunny day of 35000 feet. the weather sponsored by cutter airways voted rules best a line of 2021. hello there, let's look at the weather in east asia. we're seeing fine and dry conditions across large areas of china, particularly in the east and the south with lots of heat coming through and to give
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you a flavor of what i'm talking about. if we look at a 3 day for shanghai, the temperature is well above average, nearly 10 degrees, with lots of sunshine coming through. and it's a similar story for hong kong in the south, but up in the north look at that, it is very wet. indeed. it's going to get wetter for beijing with thunderstorms continuing well into the week as it is for the korean peninsula. that's thanks to the slow moving weather front. it's pumping rain all away from such wine province to shang dong and onwards. and by the time we get into tuesday, it'll be northern areas of japan that get a real soaking. but it remains fine and dry in the south with 30 degrees in tokyo. now as we move to south asia for india, it is looking fine. and why the north west, you deli, seeing lots of heat with a temperature sitting in the mid thirties. it is looking very wet though for the north east. we have got a weather warning out for some of that heavy rain, an amber alert for a salmon. we are going to see that rain push into their power and bangladesh. we could see more flooding here. but further south,
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we are seeing the monsoon rains. pick up with some sharper showers for sri lanka. the weather, sponsored by cattle airways, voted wills. best airline of 2021 hospitals and clinics across asia battle code 19 mountains of medical waste piling up one 0 one east investigate dangerous, pending before on al jazeera. ah, oh, wow. oh, algebra with blue ah
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morgan, back he watching al jazeera reminder of our top stories this hour into this year, thousands of people are holding a rally in support of the president. on wednesday, kaiser by aid named a new prime minister who's now working on the government. however, the opposition is accused sight of conducting seed on is being worn. the failure to progress to have civilian leadership, could put you as economic and political support at risk. the tension is also putting pressure on last year's p stale with rebel groups. official results from georgia's election. i expected soon the vote to place a day onto the former present. mackelfresh feeley was arrested. he returned from exile to support the opposition in the, in his whole vote. the chinese government is trying to encourage people to have more children at unmarried women are denied access to reproductive services. well that could soon change as
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a law mark court case is challenging the law that limits fertility treatments to married couples. katrina, you has this report from beijing in that area. uh huh. when theresa shoe asked debating hospital to help freeze her eggs to later enable her to have a child as a single parent. she was turned away. as an unmarried woman, she's denied reproductive services in china. in 2019, she thought a lawsuit to change the law, and her case has been heard in court. but what is your your hyphen euro is equilla . i don't have much time to waste. i'm an ordinary single woman. under these pastors 3 years were very important to me. if i win, i hope i can help other women to save yourself their life in the future. in china, if single reaming want to after ex frozen, they can do it. the case is the 1st of its kind in china and spunk debate of a women's right to re use. china's help commission says freezing eggs is risky and
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unreliable, and the bad is designed to prevent companies from exploiting the technology. but activist jung alon says it's discriminatory as single men are allowed to freeze their sperm. she's petitioned members of the parliament, the national people's congress, asking them to rewrite fertility regulations. so you are waiting for him. the ability to give birth shouldn't be connected to being married as a precondition. it shouldn't be restricted by policy to resist you and her supporters are optimistic. the daughter will rule in their favor. china is facing a demographic crisis and the government is desperately trying to boost countries. birth rates, china's population is rapidly aging, and few of babies are being born every year. staging announced a 3 child policy in may, but government support is limited to couples. some women have traveled abroad to access eg, freezing and ivy f services, but expensive fees and pandemic travel restrictions mean. this option is out of
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reach of immersed, including theresa shoe out yourself that if i have to borrow the money from friends or relatives or get loans from the bank, it goes against my original intention, which is being able to choose my lifestyle and not to be forced to marry somewhat, he ordered too hard for a child. she's awaiting the judge's verdict and says she'll continue to raise awareness of her case regardless of the outcome. katrina, you al jazeera, updating. what i all the 600 launches have been held across the us in support of abortion rights. several states, particularly texas, are imposing new laws to restrict terminations any fear legal access guaranteed for decades has been chipped away. hottie j, castro was at one of the rallies in the city of austin in texas. oh, okay. they came out in force to protest the country's newest and most restrictive abortion law abortions after
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a fetal heartbeat is detectable at about 6 weeks of gestation, are now illegal in texas. 6 that's before most women even know they're pregnant. i don't think that, you know, old men should like politicians should be making the decision like the decision of what i can and can't do with my body. and i think everyone like every woman should have the right to decide when they want to have kids and how they want to have kids . and how many gather the texas law took effect in september. the bill that i'm about to sign that ensures that the life of every unborn child who has a heartbeat will be saved from the ravages of abortion. the law offers of financial reward to private citizens who successfully sue anyone who performs or enables and abortion in texas. doctors, nurses, even over drivers are at risk of civil penalties. attorney elizabeth myers says she
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too could be sued for representing abortion clinics by the letter of the law. i am in violation of it and the laws are constitutional. so it's not really along with my bring it a few 1000 people had gathered at the texas state capital to protest the ban. they call it unconstitutional and resulting in women being forced to continue with unwanted pregnancies or having to travel to other states for abortion. if they can afford it, but eventually abortions may be banned in all states. that's the fear of marchers who also rallied saturday in washington and other major u. s. cities. they worry, the country supreme court is poised to overturn roe vs wade. the landmark case that gave american women the right to an abortion in 1973, julia kirkland says she had an abortion years ago when doctor said her fetus had
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a fatal medical condition. that same procedure would be illegal in texas to day. there is a very real risk that my uterus would have raptured, if i weren't allowed to have the abortion. and although my life might have been saved, i could never have had children after that, she went on to become a mother of 3 by choice. she says she hopes other women will be able to decide for themselves as well. i do, jo, castro, al jazeera austin, texas to former french minister and businessman bernard top, he has died at the age of 78. his death follows a 4 year battle with count. sir. toppy rose from modest beginnings to become one of france's most successful and high profile businessman. he dabbled in politics and sports, but a match fixing trial saw him some time in jail in the noisy nighties. president. emmanuel mccoy has expressed his condolences to talkies. romilly,
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people in nigeria is northeast and bono stays all resisting government plans to reintegrate full members of armed group. boca rom, nearly 6000 fighters recently surrendered alta in fighting within its ranks. ahmed interest reports from my degree in 2017. yeah, gonna not her real name had the chance to start a new life away from the armed global quorum. then nigerian troops rescued her alone with other captors. but she returned to our husband, a senior bogart on commander based in some piece of forest. our 2 months ago, widowed and 7 months pregnant, she went back to the city, she deserted to be at sales. i now said she had a miscarriage a week ago. why on the plight as took away her other child. i don't want your sable komatt is that those who are turned on where rejected was because of the destruction the cause, especially in the city of bomber. there are too many who suffered great pain because of book a harem. their resistant is understanding those who did the mad and pillage are
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treated better by no work, just a paramedic driver and media man for the main bull quorum and it's splinter, allied with iso forcibly enlisted at the age of 11. he is back. his sister married trouble, quorum commanding. some bitter is not german that out. let him. he's a mighty you don't expect to be trusted when you return from such misadventure. my people will take their time before they trust you. in monday, i still fear the possibility being arrested and dumped in jail a moment. in the last 2 months about $6000.00 fighters and their families surrendered due to renewed ground and ariel of france, if by nigerian troops as the niger and military escalates operations against whole harmon, inquiring intensifies within the angle. frequency are prepared in full to surrender . walk writers and their families are about resistance among the local population, to reintegrate them is watering the government officials, the arkansas that if they're pushed away,
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it could prolong because the united nations estimates that nearly 350000 people died in bo, quote, unrelated incidence. in the last 12 years with entire villages destroyed, millions of people have been forced from their homes. as hundreds of fighters began to decide the group after the death of its lead albuquerque, chico. the government has begun reintegrating those forcibly conscripted by bull quorum and not the hudson fighters. if we refuse to accept debit, debit that a joint joint, if swap we analyzed. and then the way the to do put an options i believe in them or not receiving them. but some victims of the conflict are skeptical and death. yeah, well, to me, some napoleon m theory. the last thing we want is a return to the time with gunfire. and bomb explosions were commonplace. you can't
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be certain that these people have repented. already, hundreds of thousands of people have been returned to their towns and villages being rebuilt by the government. for now, officials seemed determined to speed up. the process of rebuilding crossed, hoping it could break, bo corums fighting spirit, and bringing lasting peace to the ne, ahmed greece al jazeera, made to glory nigeria, enjoying european japanese space. mission to mercury has sent packets, bus images. the becky colombo may be 1st of 6 fly by using the planets gravity to slow down the mission, launched in 2018 and will soon release 2 probes into mercury's or bet. are you cal bass is the space scientists and boston university. he says, this is an extraordinary moment, was in it, and really wonderful because of the fact that we use the gravitational pull of mercury to the spacecraft and grocer enough so that we can see the picture. and we
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have not been there for a very long time. only 2 missions visited america before, so really expecting a great deal of information. we do not know whether ever there was any water on the planet surface. we know that there is probably some left over water, tiny bones in the polar regions in areas that never see that. but we are not sure about that. and we hope that this mission will give us some, some look at whether or not there is a little bit of water in the polar regions where they'd never see that. so they're always very cord freezing cold. but deployed it, moves out there, understand very fast. it's, it's only it dates it days, it rotates all around the fact. so it is, it is very different from the other planet. and we would know we need to know. but what is, is made of how did it develop, whether it has a reputation or she or not,
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and all of these different things. so we understand something about the rest of us or is it every mission we use something new from the different point of view and all of the the technology that we're using. so that's acknowledge that we use and the science that we use in all of the mission helps us greatly. like for you to the fact that i'm talking to you and you can sort of see me in to where you are. and then people are indoors or can see that mean a huge thing about a, how did it come about or live from space mission because we needed to do this. whereas as us read the lunar surface. so the developments that we can figure out for these missions with help us greatly in our lives. no question about the.


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