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tv   [untitled]    October 3, 2021 11:00am-11:31am AST

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to convey the collective trauma, to make sure that despite the high numbers, we didn't forget that every single death represented a family's worst moment. and how and not suffering could have been avoided. i became a journalist to tell the story of what is happening, but also shows the wider context. i'm elizabeth coronado. ah ah. women march in cities and towns across the u. s. against efforts to restrict access to abortions. ah. and i, why money inside of this is al jazeera life from doha. also coming up a warning that lebanon's war to systems close to collapse as the nation's financial
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crisis threatens supplies. thousands of people who told to leave coastal areas of amman as a tropical cyclone makes land full upon us, erupting volcano is now much more aggressive after 2 weeks of make constant activity. ah, old and 600 marches have been held across the united states in support of abortion rights. several states, particularly texas are imposing new laws to restrict terminations and many fear that legal access guaranteed for decades has been chipped away. hottie joe castro was at one of the rallies in the city of austin in texas. oh, they came out in force to protest the country's newest and most restrictive
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abortion law abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detectable at about 6 weeks of gestation are now illegal in texas. 6 that's before most women even know they're pregnant. i don't think that, you know, old men should like politicians should be making the decision like the decision of what i can and can't do with my body. and i think everyone like every woman should have the right to decide when they want to have kids and how they want to have kids . and how many together the texas law took effect in september. the bill that i'm about to sign that ensures that the life of every unborn child who has a heartbeat will be saved from the ravages of abortion. the law offers of financial reward to private citizens who successfully sue any one who performs or enables and abortion in texas. doctors, nurses, even over drivers are at risk of civil penalties. attorney elizabeth myers says she
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too could be sued for representing abortion clinics by the letter of the law. i am in violation of it and the laws are constitutional. so it's not really along with my bring it a few 1000 people have gathered at the texas state capital to protest the ban. they call it unconstitutional and resulting in women being forced to continue with unwanted pregnancies or having to travel to other states for abortions. if they can afford it, but eventually abortions may be banned in all states. that's the fear of marchers who also rallied saturday in washington and other major u. s. cities. they worry, the country supreme court is poised to overturn roe vs wade. the landmark case that gave american women the right to an abortion in 1973, julia kirkland says she had an abortion years ago when doctors said her fetus had
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a fatal medical condition. that same procedure would be illegal in texas to day. there is a very real risk that my uterus would have wrapped 3rd, if i weren't allowed to have the abortion, and although my life might have been saved, i could never have had children after that, she went on to become a mother of 3 by choice. she says she hopes other women will be able to decide for themselves as well. i do, jo, castro, al jazeera austin, texas lebanon's long troubled public water system is close to collapse, agency. se taps could run dry for 3 quarters of the population. there are carrots has more from day rate. john dark lives in bay route and is one of 1000000 suffering during lebanon's water crisis. if you didn't pay for supplies from private companies, had taps would run dry. water has been in short supply for decades,
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but the situation is now critical. not enough is being purified and pumped due to electricity blackouts caused by fuel shortages. the state is nearly bankrupt. so much of the population. in the man, i've been nearly the same error that used to cost 90000 lire. now it costs 700000 lire to have water delivered twice a week. some of our neighbors can afford it. so we covered the motion, asked the government, what it's doing and the situation has become unbearable. we don't even have electricity any more of the rain fall, washington, it. private supplies are too expensive for most at least 70 percent of the population could run out of water in the coming weeks long. this was weird. more than like hospitals and businesses. we are unable to get hold of you will easily maintain is costs are also high. so we are forced to increase our water prices. we get about 90 calls a day from those needing water, but we can only respond to about 10. are providing a service that the government is in should be doing. unicef warns the sanitation
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system could seize altogether if millions of dollars aren't invested. the castrati government can't afford to impose chemicals needed to keep water clean. we have been supporting to water establishment for their maintenance for the past year. but it has come to the point that they're our support each, not even enough. so therefore we started 30 our lobby international community to really get to boy more direct support. the ward. that is the life of people. if we don't act now, this good point where people nampa can writes even up to for media. the natural cup water infrastructure is widely blamed on decades is corruption and mismanagement to funds and increasing land development and water pollution is making it much worse. lebanon porter is so pop thick. he can't even drink it and the infrastructure to deliver that is that breaking point?
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i absolutely smell tear, not because natural sources of water like miss one of those polices. but water born disease is a common, especially among children. aid agencies warned that vulnerable communities, including hundreds of thousands of syrian and palestinian refugees in lebanon, are most at risk. water is already being rationed in the west effected areas. once that runs out most people and likely to go thirsty sorta height at all g 0 battle. tens of thousands of people have rallied in cities across brazil, calling for the impeachment of president gyal sanara, accused him of mishandling the coven. 19 pandemic which has killed nearly 600000 brazilians. and as monica yanna kee reports, many people also right angry with rising unemployment, poverty, and inflation. ah, the protest was held exactly one year before brazil's presidential elections. tens
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of thousands of brazilians from all walks of life, took to the streets of rio de janeiro, and 19 another state capitols. they may disagree on who should govern latin america's largest economy. but they say, they know who should not. the protesters dance to the same drumbeat to demand present jade bull sonata impeachment. ma'am? yes. he is destroying the environment, the economy, the democratic institutions. this government is squeezing the air out of the people protests against valuable. so now to began, since he publicly denied the coven 19 pandemic, which has killed almost 600000 resilience to date. but now a growing number of left wing political parties have joined forces with trade unions and social organizations. even if they don't c i t y, they have a common goal. without some brazil is politically polarized. polls show 46
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percent of the population supporting the former president, luis in jasa la da silva, was on the left us workers party and 25 percent in favor of boffin aro stapo. that leaves 30 percent of brazilian still looking for a candidate from the center, but pulls also indicate that 59 percent of brazilians, reject bull sonata emulated both our schedules and impeachment is unlikely to happen because although there are enough reasons to force both scenarios out, he still supporting congress, but it's important to shows a country that the majority of brazilians want him out of and these protest her say that can only be achieved by making their voices heard out on the streets. monica, and i give, i'll just 0 tropical psychos. shahid is making land full in the gulf state of a mon. forty's are urging thousands of people to flee coastal areas and had to emergency shelters or flights to and from the capitol. muskets have been postponed
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or counselled, she has expected to break high winds and heavy right as get more from all whether it presented jeff harton lean. we have been tracking this as it moves through eastern portions of india, right across to the west, and here we find it a rate now in the gulf of oman. so i want to get you the latest numbers on this. are the winds. were seen them at about a 139 kilometers per hour. so here we go. it's about 80 kilometers away from moscow . we're going to track out all of this, but 1st i want to talk about some of the big risks here. a for this region. so the 1st the, we've got a desert climate here, so we need to remember that the ground is bone dry. it will not be able to absorb any of this rain that we're seeing as a result. second part, this is a mountainous area, so what that means is the rain falls high above and it gushes rate down to the ground. so the combination of both of these will lead to the risk of some pretty intense flooding that we can see. all right, let's track out where this is going. so again, right now,
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about 80 kilometers away from mosque at and take into by off and adding a another location because this is a very important port city as it moves by it's looking like its effects will be felt there. or this storm is also going to bring up that sand and does places se saudi rate across the united arab emirates. and also for cats are as well. now they're concerned with this system. we're going to see some of the humidity bump in for the gulf states. so our show the next few days for a, as we look toward to bye, look at this says so when got here, look how far away this is from this storm system. and we're still going to see wind gusts of about 55 kilometers per hour. temperature shoots up with that tropical influence, we're up to 39 degrees. but with the humidity it's going to feel more like $45.00. so big concerns here with flooding and winds the potential to produce some very serious damage over the next little while melina sent it back to you. thanks, jeff. as i shall results from george's election, i expected soon the vote took place
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a day after former president mc held success really was arrested. he returned from exile to support the opposition in the municipal vote. seen as a crucial task for the governing party. that really was convicted in 2018 for a beat of power, but insist that the case was politically motivated. robin pharmacy walker has the latest from tbilisi, the governing party. the georgian dream, eyes already celebrating victory, and for just now, i could see the fireworks over my shoulder coming from their headquarters. they claim that there's no doubt about it. they won the selection, but they're basing it on an exit poll, of which they've been several exit polls and all of them giving slightly conflicting results. so ah, we see a them claiming victory. but another poll suggests that at least in sibley, see the brace for mer, which is obviously very important. most people in georgia are actually living in the capital city. it looks like it could be a 2nd round run off between their candidate and the, the main opposition party,
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the united national movements at the moment. it's not over yet in terms of this race, because sac ashville, he had been in exile, he'd been tried in absentia. he was arrested shortly after it became clear, he was back in georgia. and there'd been expect expectations did. he would bring more voters out in his support. we haven't seen significantly larger turnouts than previous selections this time rounds. but certainly the opposition have been hoping that this would be a referendum on the government. they. they were expecting them to do worse so that they could then make a realistic demand for this governments to hold snap elections. nancy response teams and the canary islands. say that the compare via have volcano law, parma is becoming much more aggressive. the streams of lava have been flowing from 2 cracks, which broke open on friday. so far more than 1000 buildings,
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including homes and farming infrastructure have been destroyed away from the volcano. exclusions own life continues almost as normal for most of the island still had on al jazeera petitioning parliament in china. single women seek the right to freeze that haitian migrants struggle to find basic accommodation as they travel through columbia on this evidence is leading to a housing price. ah, it's another beautiful sunny day of 35000 feet. the weather, sponsored by cattle airways, boated world's best, a line of 2021. hello there. it's a bit of an east west divide when it comes to the weather across europe. on sunday
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. we got finer dryer conditions in the east, but to the west. it is looking rather wet and windy. we've got a trailing weather system stretching all the way from scandinavia down to the iberian peninsula. so severe thunderstorms and heavy rain expected was flooding in areas. we have got some alerts out for france and for norway where that rain is going to fall. heaviest or britain, an island. we are seen bright and blustery weather with some scattered showers and thunderstorms. we have got some warnings out from northern parts of scotland where that wind is going to be rather heavy as it is the northern parts of germany and that switches up on monday we are. we have got read alerts out a rough northern parts of it. if a heavy rain and damaging winds, but to the east of this, it is looking a lot finer and dryer, lots of sunshine coming through across the balkans. if we have a look at the temperature for belgrade, we're well above average by monday head of that wetter weather on wednesday. nazi iberian peninsula, it dries up in the south, lots of heat coming back in, but it is looking rather wet across some of those mediterranean islands. and as we
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move across to north africa, it's looking generally fine, dry, sunny, and warm that sure weather update. the weather sponsored by cattle airways voted world's best air line of 2021. talk to al jazeera, we ask what gives you hope that it is going to be peace because the situation on the ground seems to be pointing, otherwise we listen. we were never on the whatever road to off migration we meet with global news makers until about the stories that matter on al jazeera. what's most important to me is talking to people understanding what they're going through here it al jazeera. we believe everyone has a story worth hearing. ah oh,
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welcome back to watching al jazeera mind. if i top stories in this hour, who been 600 marshes had taken place across the u. s. to defend women's reproductive rights. in response to a number of new strict laws in states like texas, that effectively band lebanon's long trouble, public water system is close to collapse agency. se taps could run dr. suite quarters of the population. tens of thousands of people abroad. even cities across brazil, calling for the impeachment as the president valuables. not the keys him of mishandling, the coven lighting, pandemic, and all angry with rising inflation. we sit on is being worn. that failure to progress towards civilian leadership. could put you as economic and political support at risk and attempted coup,
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2 weeks ago has caused more mistrust between the military and civilian groups that share power in a transitional government. there's still no date for the military to hand control to the civilian side. and this tension is pawning pressure on a p steel fine between the transitional government and rebel groups. a year ago, the so called juba agreement was meant to resolve a conflict that killed hundreds of thousands of people and displaced millions, especially in the western region of da full and the southern states of south quarter fan and blue nile sedans. revolutionary front, also known as a saw ref, sign the deal to other powerful rebel groups, the sudan liberation movement, and these to dance people's liberation movement north did not. and in recent months there's been a resurgence of violence amongst rival tribes and groups. let's go straight to our correspond him, morgan, his line for us in khartoum. hipaa. firstly, tell us more about the stupor agreement. and how's that holding up in light of all
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the recent pressures we've seen on the country? well, for one thing, when the agreement was signed, it was hailed as an historic and a breakthrough. and it was seen as a chance to end the conflicts in various parts of sudan. now of course, 2 major arm groups, the as film north led by adam as is adam and, and halo. and the sedans, liberation movement by the way, had new, are yet to sign a deem with the transitional government. but nevertheless, the fact that several armed groups from dar 4 and from new were mountains and, and blue now signed the deal. so it was thought that it would end the conflicts. now many people still remain in camps. the deal includes the integration of the arm groups into the national army by the end of the 3 year transitional period. now many of those arm groups have arrived to her to me where as for the deal, they should not be here, but rather they should be in control and size for them to begin integration. that integration is yet to begin with. many of the arm groups has only started with the
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film north, but a lead by medic. eiger. then there's the issue of those who are discontented with the piece deal. many people in the refugee camps, especially in the displacement camps and are for who spoke to say that they don't believe the dealer present them because they were not consulted when the talks were ongoing. and they don't believe that when the, the people who signed on behalf of their for signs they had the interest of those this place at heart. now, protest in the east have lead to economic blockages and hope to crude oil to the capital. how is this impacted the deal? well, people in the east, especially the beach, or tribe or the beach or council that is blocking the main road, the highway that leads to the rest, the state, as well as the main ports of sudan. they say that that piece deal does not represent them. they say they held a consultative conference with the people of the beach. a tried to talk about the piece in, but to talk about their demands as well. and they believe that those who signed the pieces on behalf of the east did not represent them. now let's go back to see how
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this vizier was actually negotiated. it was divided into tracks, which means each and every region in sudan had its own tracks because they had different demands that they wanted from the transitional government in the east. the b j counsel believe that their demands for development and representation was not met. and they said that deal should go out the window and a new one should be negotiated. now the sudanese revolutionary front and the transitional government say that they willing to listen to the groups in the east and they understand that there is the content and that people want to be heard. but they don't think that this deals to it needs to be replaced. so a year on it, it's very clear that as much as this deal was hail as an historic and a breakthrough. there are many groups who are still discontented with the deal, and it looks like it's going to be very slow to implement for the coming years. many thanks for that, hipaa morgan, their 1st in cartoon, chinese government is trying to encourage people to have more children. but unmarried women are denied access to reproductive services will that soon could
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change as a landmark court case is challenging law that limits fertility treatment to married couples. katrina, you reports from beijing. ha, ha ha. when theresa shoe asked debating hospital to help freeze her eggs to later enable her to have a child as a single parent. she was turned away. as an unmarried woman, she's denied reproductive services in china. in 2019, she thought a lawsuit to change the law, and her case has been heard in court. oh, she's the are you hiding? your i is equilla. i don't have much time to waste. i'm an ordinary single woman. and these pastor, 3 years were very important to me. if i win, i hope i can help other women to save years of their life in the future. in china, if single reaming want to have their x frozen, they can do it. the case is the 1st of its kind in china and spunk debate over women's right to reproduce. china's health commission says freezing eggs is risky
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and unreliable, and the bad is designed to prevent companies from exploiting the technology. but activist jung allan says it's discriminatory as single men are allowed to freeze their sperm. she's petitioned members of the parliament, the national people's congress, asking them to rewrite fertility regulations the so you, when the ability to give birth shouldn't be connected to being married as a precondition. it shouldn't be restricted by policy to resist you and her supporters are optimistic. the daughter will rule in their favor. china is facing a demographic crisis and the government is desperately trying to boost the country's birth rate. china's population is rapidly aging, and few of babies are being born every year. staging announced a 3 child policy in may, but government support is limited to couples. some women have travelled abroad to access egg freezing and ivy f services. but expensive fees and pandemic travel
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restrictions me this option is out of reach of immersed, including theresa shoe. we out yourself that if i have to borrow the money from friends or relatives, i'll get lowest from the bank. it goes against my original intention, which is being able to choose my lifestyle and not to be forced to marry somewhat. he ordered too hard for a child. she's awaiting the judge's verdict and says she'll continue to raise awareness of her case regardless of the outcome. katrina, you al jazeera, updating, what i put in ecuador police, and military have moved into a maximum security jail off to right and a neighboring prison killed more than a 100 inmates this week. a 1000 officers patrol the grounds to gain access to one of the prisons, according to police inmates fod shots of them. though able to seize the weapons. the government says it will pardon up to 2000 of its that 39000 prisoners to relieve severe overcrowded in its jails. locals in the colombian town of nicole
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clay, say they're being pushed out of housing as landlords favor haitian migrants who are able to pay them dollars around $22000.00 of them have been taking refuge in the town, migrants a waiting for boat to continue their journey in to panama, and from there to the u. s. and as alexander ram petite reports, the bottleneck of migrants is only increasing at that you gave me money asian migrant by then presenting my shows as the shack where she and her family have been living for 2 weeks since arriving in this columbia beach town. there is no running water. look, this is what we have for 12 people all crammed here, spending $8.00 a day in making a bill up is not coming up. we have kids who need to eat prices of food have doubled since we arrived. and we had no plans to stay here for weeks. there she is . one of nearly 22000 haitians, mostly arriving from brazil. and sheila, who are hold up waiting to catch
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a boat toward the dangers jungle of the dorian gap, to continue their journey north. but panama is allowing only $500.00 migrants to enter each day. a human bottleneck that has brought the towns infrastructure to a breaking point, but as also revitalized and economy devastated by co, 19, mostly to detriment of the migrants for, for the patients are paying premium prices for food and other basic items often being forced to pay in dollars a cottage industry has grown to respond to their needs. salt like this, whenever peered all over town selling everything. the migraines need to cross the jungle from sleeping mats to boots raincoats, headlights, portable kitchen, and even special bones that people hear say, protect you from poisonous snakes. over a 100 terminals have been expelled from their apartments by landlords hoping to
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make quick cash like mechanic victor lopez, who has lost his house and workshop and is now working on the street and living with his daughter that a lot of farm. they kicked me out to make space for the haitians from one day to another and gave me no time to find an alternative is mailed, give artists hosting up to 30 migrants per day in his home, which he is now expanding. he rejects accusations that he's taking advantage of people's despair, saying he's providing a service. he is as well. it's a mix of opportunities and needs. they need a safe place to stay with the women and children, a roof kitchen where they can cook. and we opened the doors of our homes. yes, we on money, but not every one opens its doors to my goods. fearing she'll end up having to pitch a tent on the beach where the lupus spends every day hoping to change her boat tickets . scheduled for october 18th to an earlier date. but she says it's all worth it to offer her family a better future. just general, you know, got casey,
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i say all i want is to reach a place where i can live safely and freely where my children can study and make a life for themselves. my column in officials believe that precedent by vince efforts through the port asians from the u. s. will halt the flow of migrants through nickel clea a for now their numbers keep growing. allison on treaty and jesse, the nick oakley, climate act of us have fought with police and milan as environment ministers met ahead of a u. n. conference. it occurred during the global march, the climate justice activists called on the government to take more ambitious steps to cut carbon emissions and tackle climate change. international delegates have been meeting in milan to see what progress can be made before the cop $26.00 climate summit, which begins in glasgow next month. we have kept 1.5 degrees within reach. and as i said, that was a clear view that was coming across at this meeting. i think in terms of the,
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the g. 20, we've always said that they represent 80 percent of global emissions around 85 percent of the global economy. and therefore what the g 20 daws absolutely matches . i met for to for the 1st time as a personal g 20 image in the moment the chinese representative and the after 3 days of very dense negotiation discussion. we were all quite happy about the fact that 1st of all, everybody including china, a knowledge of that we have to be within the purchase agreement. so at that moment this was already quite a good result because 3 years ago this would have not been absolutely granted that been processed in the friend capital against rising energy prices said call yellow vest anti government. protestors. join drivers in paris, calling for reduction in the cost of electricity and petrol. they say is putting further pressure on their livelihoods. the french government has said it will work
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on easing rising prices by blocking fair that natural gas pi kikes. and by preventing a plan increase in electric electricity tariffs shed yours in february, although petra will not be included on that list. what's morn all our stories on our website, do you check it out? it's al jazeera dachelle. ah, this is our desert, easier, top stories. ah, more than 600 marches and taking place across the u. s. to defend women's reproductive rights in response to a number of new strict laws in states like texas that effectively banned abortions . was incredibly important that we make sure that we uphold roe v wade and if that doesn't happen.


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