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tv   [untitled]    October 3, 2021 12:00am-12:31am AST

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ah, we cover all sides no matter where it takes us. a fin got my eye and power and passion. we tell your story. we are your voice, your news, your net back out to 0. ah, 2. ready this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm north taylor. this is the hours their news i live from london coming up from washington to texas. hundreds of marches are held across the us to protest against efforts to ban abortions. libya launch is a major crackdown on refugees and migrants, detaining 4000 people in
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a surprise. move rid of been president. would you go to tat? it says he's retiring from politics and a stay at home. orders lifted near la palmer's, erupting volcano, but people who advised not to spend too long outdoors and in school is going from bad to worse for barcelona code to ronald moment. his on the performing team have love to know, i guess athletics my believe in the spanish li ah . more than 600, much as have taken place across the u. s. to defend women's reproductive rights. in the wake of tough new abortion laws, in particular, in texas, which is effectively banned the practice in washington dc. thousands of demonstrators marched to the u. s. supreme court to highlight the issue or just as
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they fear the growing restrictions haven't been taken seriously enough. and the country risks slipping backwards approaches come a month after the supreme court denied a request to block a texas ban on abortions. once a heart beat is detected at about 6 weeks, ordinary citizens can be awarded at least $10000.00. if they successfully sue anyone who help to provide an illegal abortion on december, the 1st the court will hear a case in which mississippi is defending its law banning abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. mississippi is republican. attorney general wants the court to overturn the 1973 roe v wade ruling that legalized abortion nationwide. it's incredibly important that we make sure that we uphold roe v wade. and if that doesn't happen, we need a federal protection under the law to make sure that women and doctors all around the state of michigan and all around the united states are not literally imprisoned and are turned into criminals simply for exercising the right to choose. well,
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i actually have 2 daughters here, and of course i want them to have control over their lives later when they grow up . so it's really important to come out here in a unusual, castro has more from one of the rallies in austin, texas. texas is now ground 0 of the abortion battle in the united states abortions here have been effectively bad since september when it became illegal to carry out the procedure. after a fetal heartbeat is detected, that is usually around 6 weeks of gestation, which is b for most women realize they're pregnant. that ban has resulted in texas, women being forced to continue with unwanted pregnancies even in the case of rape or incest, or having to travel to other states for abortions if they can afford it. protesters here and at sister marches in washington and other u. s. cities say the texas abortion band is unconstitutional,
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but they fear it could get much worse. they fear that abortions could become illegal across the country. the u. s. supreme court knew well here in mississippi case in december, that could overturn roe vs wade. that is the landmark 1973 case that gave american women the rights to abortions. the courts, conservative majority expanded by former president donald trump, has so far, refused to overturn the texas law signaling that it may side against abortion access when the issue meets its constitutional test. later this year, she opportunity was at the supreme court in washington dc where thousands of people gathered at the end of their march. there was a real concern among especially democrats, that fervor that we had an image off to mouth of donald trump's in alteration when there was a women's amounts and 4000000 people mobilized around the country that had some of
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dissipated since very bite and became became president and if somebody is actually even be olmby fundamental issues of reproductive health care, reproductive rights, this was a test to see whether you could still get that mobile migration. you remember off the, off the prompts and duration. a lot of the activism and broad street organizing around the country was women. the fear was that that would be the case anymore, even as the country face of something, almost an enormous moment for the future of abortion and attention, i think actually said the 1st set of people will be very, very happy focus is on the supreme court. and i will do that injunction to a temporary injunction on the texas law given that the supreme court precedent is really, really clear. but this is a real, flexible, real flex of the muscle. the newly fortified must allow the free for the conservative a conservative majority. and remember, trouble is very said he wasn't going to appoint anyone in a supreme court who he wasn't for was going to overturn roe v wade. this is
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a wedge issues that affects not just the democratic base, but also when voted on republican suburban women. but this is clearly going to be a major issue next year. the question was, how far off the people at the moment be facing pretty thought up today. what can i speak to mary ziegler who's a professor at florida state university and they also have a book about roe v wade. she's also writing a new one on the current and g bush and movement. you join us from santa rosa beach in florida. thanks very much indeed for being with us in terms of the history of abortion or in the us. how significant to the recent changes being the been extremely significant in part because this is the 1st time really in 50 years that we've seen a real possibility that row will be overturned and that roughly half the states in the united states will criminalize all or most abortion, so we're in relatively uncharted territory and only at the supreme court how, what kind of outcome do you think we can expect on this? well, they're really a he to quite likely outcome. so them to uphold the mississippi law. the court
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would either need to overrule robi, wait entirely, or get rid of part of roby wade, which is to say that the right to choose abortion last until viability, which is the point, survival is possible outside of the womb. so i would expect to see the court most likely take a significant step to reversing row and then finish the job in the next couple of years. and what we heard from some of the people in the report, sally is saying, well, we need to, you know, congress perhaps to do something. is that it, is that a possibility that the congress might act to protect the right to an abortion? theoretically, i mean the challenges in congress are, i think 1st that it doesn't seem that at the moment that there are the votes in the senate to pass and abortion rights hill. and then secondly, the supreme court would be a problem there too. because in the united states, much has happened with obamacare, there could be a challenge to the constitutionality of the federal bill, protecting and working. right. so long term we really may be talking more about court reform than about anything beyond that. and in terms of how this plays politically with women on, on sort of all sides of the, of the divide. well,
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how far do you think the anti abortion politicians are prepared to go in and cut it back? fire on them. it certainly could. i think the question really is the extent to which i am the majority in the u. s. which is certainly supportive of legal abortion early in pregnancy and not rehearsing row, even though their, their views are more complicated. after that, the question is really whether those people will vote based on that issue or if they hold that position and vote based on other issues, whether that's covered or the economy. i think in the past it's been true that anti worship voters have made that more primary when considering whom to vote for. but we haven't ever seen, at least in the past half century, a moment like this where a worship axis is going to be eliminated for a lot of american women. so we would expect to see some kind of backlash. and aside from voting on that, on the kind of protesting side of things will raising the issue. you mentioned things like rid of arson and the economy. have those things in a pushed abortion activism into a kind of, into a corner, a bit of an old old you think that the skate of the protest suggest that actually there is toast caught out of the feeling about that. i think there's quite
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a lot of feeling about this to that to the extent corona viruses made a difference. it's created, i think, a more sophisticated network of online activism, particularly when it comes to access to medication of worship. but i think the greater the threat to legal abortion is the more we'll expect to see people on the streets. i think the in the past unimpressive protests have been a reflection of complacency. and i think the more clear the supreme court is in its intentions, the less complacent people will become. and i mean, you think that, you know, that, that complacency is something that means that, you know, people might end up with a situation where abortion could be banned and tale in the states. when you think you think that she, that there isn't enough steps in between here and then that up sheet, it won't be i think it's unlikely, at least in the near term, that abortion will be unconstitutional everywhere. the most likely way the supreme court will reverse row as to simply say, each state gets to make up its own line, which would mean that about half the states would criminalize abortion,
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and about half the states would not long term. the anti worship movement wants to go back to this conservative supreme court with the argument that a fetus or on warren child was a rights holding person. and if the supreme court were to reach that outcome, that would make abortion unconstitutional everywhere. i don't see that happening soon, although i don't think you can take that off the table as a possibility in the longer term presser, mary cigna. thank you very much indeed for your expertise. thank you. thanks for having me. coming up on this news off from london, violence breaks out in chillies capital as rival protests as clash over my grants in the streets of santiago, former fight as personal limbo, free from the touches of vocal harm. but his community won't take him back. and his sport, women get the chance to take hold one of sightings, toughest roots the 1st time. ah,
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libya has rounded up and detained at least $4000.00 refugees and migrants, including hundreds of women and children. the crackdown in the western town of gaga rash about 12 kilometers outside the capital has been described by officials as a security campaign against illegal migration and drug trafficking. gaga rush is a known hump immigrants and refugees and has seen waves of raids of recent years. but i to say this intention of thousands is the biggest yet. i think china has more from tripoli on the reasoning behind the government's mass, detentions libya has long been a transit hub for migrants trying to reach your pin shores after the revolution that toppled while marg. daffy and the political divisions and conflict in the country, those numbers have certainly increased just to give you a number for a ford, 2021. according to iowa and libya over 25285 migrants have been returned from sea to libya, there are 455 deaths at sea and over 660 missing. so, you know,
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this is a campaign by the government of national unity to crack down on illegal activities and to sort of, you know, polish their image among regular libyans here. of course, there are critics saying that you know, there, there were the abuses against migrants yesterday, but we're gonna have to wait and see unless until investigations come out and, and what this means, moving forward. alexandra say is the advocacy manager for libby at the norwegian refugee council? she joins us at by skype from kenya, thanks very much for being there. so what have you heard about that? the people who have been detained so much for having me all we know, got 4000 migrants including refugees or detained in libya. c since friday it's one of the biggest crackdowns on migrants that even live in recent years, among those that are detained or registered refugees, work like conflict and people who simply came to lydia for better economic
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opportunities were also where women including pregnant women and children who are also be detained. the range start from the town of gosh, it's a coastal town where the capital tripoli, known to have many migrant refugees who intend to cross the mediterranean to reach your up and it's, it's expanded to other areas. is many images have been shared on social media, people, hancock and being taken away. we, we, we've heard from people asking about the whereabouts of their loved ones of family members. and it's an extremely alarming situation. and just about the condition once people are arrested, whether they end up they can end up in insights across libya. you human rights organizations have, have documented a pattern of abuses in the sites in instances of torture, ill treatment, unsanitary conditions overcrowded nist. it's extremely worrying the,
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the amount of space they libby no authority about this particular set of raids and what the, what the thinking is we have not been in touch with the authorities, but it is extremely concerning. and we are advocating with people on the ground to, to see people being released and for more information about peoples whereabouts. i mean, they're just good. it's been described as a kind of as a security campaign. do you know why it's happening at this point? i'm not able to speculate as to why now, but what i can say is that people are being rounded up indiscriminately without any sort of regard for people's legal status, which is why we're hearing reports of refugees being detained, registered refugees being changed as well. so i just want to emphasize that this being done indiscriminately and in large numbers, and how much house can you give to reducing monitoring the barrett mentality. you haven't been arrested? what sort of facilities you will help can you give them?
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there are organizations that are providing humanitarian assistance, including food assistance, shelter, and other kind of basic assistance. but it is very, very difficult situation, including the tension centers is not, is not easy. so it is, it's a very difficult situation. tell me what, you know, what i mean if they're gonna say her arresting, you've talked about them being detained in some cases, other sent back and where do they go? mostly at the moment we're, all we know is that people are being detained. we're not, we're, we haven't heard reports yet of people being sent back anywhere. there are course instances where people have tried to cross over the last years, or people have tried to cross the mediterranean, have been intercepted and sent back to libya. but currently we're only aware of people being held in different sites across alessandra, say, thank you very much for talking to us. thank you for having me. demonstrators for,
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and against the wave of undocumented migrants in chile have clashed in santiago. the miners have travelled north through its northern borders with peru and bolivia, demonstrations calling for an end to undocumented migration, and which some are describing as xenophobic and out into the 2nd in a week in chile or latin america to understand human reports from santiago. no, not yet. chile is foot chilion, screamed this man. it was a small but passionate demonstration in front of chillies. presidential palace called to protest against what these people describe as an invasion from undocumented immigrants. policy. one telling me that we are against those who come here illegally. we doubt papers of him. i'm with her. what most infuriates me is a big come to to it, and they will not even learn our national anthem as they sang the national anthem, members of counter marked stage of flesh attack on the demonstrators with noise bombs, sticks and rocks. at least 2 people were injured. in the last few months,
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thousands of undocumented migrants, the majority from the dis, wailer have crossed into chile through illegal border crossings, mainly in the northern at the comma desert. many sleep on the streets, some beg, others steal, to survive. like the united states tilly is becoming a magnet for migrant migrants who are looking for a better life. what unlike the united states chile is a much smaller and less rich country. and that is creating, as you can see, tremendous tension last week. small group of angry chileans burned tents belonging to venezuela, migrants who were living in squalor in a plaza in the northern city of icky gave some describe these protest who's as fascist, but they call themselves patriots. of joker, toyota was on the finding my own contributor. oh, there is a good one, not at this level i believe, as well as they demonstrated across the street,
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a nervous street sweeper a migrant rushed past. chili's government says and wants to port all undocumented migrants, but it is doing little or nothing to stop them from coming in. and it is not yet providing humanitarian shelters and aid for men, women, and children who have nowhere to go when they get here. while many chileans feel compassion and solidarity towards the migrants, demonstrations like this one while small are a reflection of growing intolerance towards undocumented and impoverished migrant sushi. this country, as their only hope to see in human al jazeera santiago, farther north migrants in columbia facing a long way to trot across the gulf of robber into panama, hoping to reach the u. s. thousands of people continued to converge in the small town of nichol clea, but there's a limit of $500.00 boat tickets a day and the sold out until november. i sandra amputee joins us now from nic. okay, in columbia and as hunger,
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the situation increasingly desperate for the migrants are stuck there. yeah, and every day, more so essentially, because the most of these migrants were expecting to spend 3 or 4 days here before being able to continue their journey north. and instead, many of them are practically all of them are now hold up here for that well over a month before they're able to get on one of those boats. they're also at night, some people who are smuggling them illegally to the other side of the gulf of wood, a barber. we understand that tickets for those boats, stars from $250.00 or more, which most of these migrants are not able to pay. and besides the fact that many here are families. and so that the journey night, this particularly dangerous. and also the fact that people there being here have to
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spend a lot of their money that they've been saving before this drip. and many of the migrants are telling us that people are here in town, are taking advantage of their presence here. there's a lot of price gouging going on, that the price of food, the basic items like food, water, are more expensive for the migrants. also, practically, the entire town is now giving the rooms to this migrants in their homes. new buildings have been built to shelter the migrants who are paying in dollars. so people here taking advantage of the fact that 22000 of these migrants that are here mostly ation and taking advantage of the fact that they have saved the money for their journey. so this is all having quite an impact on local people.
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yeah, no doubt that there's an entire cottage industry now that as the sprang up in this town in the last couple of months. and as this situation has become increasingly more difficult, and i'm and massive considering the amount of people that are here. if you look around, the new stalls have appeared with people selling booths, a rain coats mats for people that they know once they move on from here. will dan have to cross it at the very end jungle, which is one of the most impenetrable jungles anywhere in the world to be able to reach panama? there are no roads connecting columbia and the panama. and also, as i was telling you how many are sheltering at these migrants and their homes, this used to be a serious down. there are no tourist at this moment. but there are all these
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migrants that are paying around $10.00 a day per person to stay in a decent apartment, very crammed with $610.00 people in one room. and we also understand, we spoke to the mayor here, and they could clear that told us that more than a 100 families, local families that were renting here have been kicked out from their apartments to make space for the migrants. because landlords here pro fair add to a host, the migrants who are paying in dollars. so it's a critical situation. some people are winning economically, as is always the case. when these crisis happened, the ones who are losing are the migrants who are spending most of the money that they have saved for their trip. and the ones who can't continue paying for a room and up on the beach pitching things like the ones that you see behind me. i just wonder, i'm here to thank you very much. indeed. brazilians are rallying in rio de janeiro
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and sa, paolo calling for the impeachment of president gyal. so narrow a protest as it angered bible snares handling of the current of ours pandemic. nearly 600000 brazilians have died so far. we also say the president is undermining democracy by trying to rewrite electoral rules is low approval is fueled by soaring unemployment and a series of inquiries targeting bolton era and his closest allies. at least 10 people have died in yemen as southern port said he aiden in fighting between police and military forces loyal to the southern transitional council. for the dead were civilians. witnesses reported heavy gunfire and shelling that hit apartment buildings. the police were demanding the release of several colleagues who were arrested during recent protests. south yemen have seen many demonstrations over poverty and deteriorating living conditions. dozens of people have been injured in chance. capitol and jemina are to take part in a peaceful demonstration, calling for a change of power to civilian rule,
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lease fatigue ass into the crowd of hundreds who'd been given permission by the government to protest. they were demanding that the governing military transitional council organized elections, and give control to elected officials. the council is led by man. it was debbie who came to power after the death of his father and long time president edris debbie. it know who died in clashes with rebels in april. this is our theater. the policeman got out his weapon, his tear gas grenades, and he shot at my head and chest. he shot up my head and chest. then i collapsed and i saw i was surrounded all around me by of an injured people. a few minutes afterwards, i realized i'd taken a hit to my chest in my head, and it really hurt me. just 4 minutes after the beginning of the protest, police came to disperse it with tear gas. for them we ran to the other side to get here to safety. those are the oh, this is shown as the security forces do not afford us any respect. they came to
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shoot us like no goals. and so now i say from now on, if they don't want us to do anything, we will go ahead and do it because now we are more determined than ever to go to the end of what we have started to close up in nigeria. more than a 1000 buckle her. i'm fighters have recently surrendered after in fighting amongst elm group and the authorities want to rehabilitate them and their families. but local communities don't want them back. one former fighter spoke to out his era, but also to hide his identity. i am here, i am the one the bottom i was 11 when i joined boca her arm through my older sister who's currently in san lisa. married to a buck a her on top commander every now and then i call to threaten to kill me for joining infidels. life in somebody, so as tough. i live there. what i know, what i'm talking about. that every morning. jets fly overhead. in the evening helicopters, rules scarsdale and we're constantly bombarded by hillary fire,
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where the mess you fight, you can't get enough to 8. my served both shackle and mamma new affections. you don't get to hear what allah said yet, but only what a mom she cal says again, he's beyond reproach. when she calls father's attack, a lot of them they kill every one they come across to them. they ripe burn my bomb houses, markets mosques, give mamma, nor disagree with me. i asked him to stop, otherwise i'd leave of that. so momma nur muhammad use of sunlit. i contacted arsole who advised them to break away alike out if you have it ascending mine, you quit will know there's nothing religious about the group. you mice, mostly ego impala. you mom. i so send some fought is from libya, diesel mama, no was like an errand boy, but he commanded the group that was sent in when they came through check and his year had him. they were well armed. they had instructions to fought and destroy chicago. but if someone is shot, i treat them. i, dr. ambulances. after a while, they took me to the midi department at the time,
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garza was captured that i was trying to film. i did, i worked as a medic say, a fodder and a general. so naturally when you return from such misadventure, not everyone will trust you and accept you. there are also people, let me take a long time observing me before i trust you again. the treatment from the government is surprising. i still have the fear that sunday in the future, the government will come after me. after all, the my, him in destruction with cost london. that's more so to come this hour, including georgians, vote and municipal elections, overshadowed by the arrest, a former president because successfully smaller parties and longer coalition talks why foreign governments in western europe is becoming increasingly complex. and sort of dramatic finish in the rugby championship. as south africa move back to the top of the world ranking. ah
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hi there, getting going on your weather forecasts for europe and africa. we've got a vigorous weather front across the top end of scandinavia, stretching rate down toward the bottom end of iberia. it's not a question if we'll see flooding, but where and just how much. and also some fierce winds associated with this said disturbance. so we narrow in on paris looking for when gets here of about 85 kilometers per hour back into the sunshine on monday. and some of the best weather across europe can be found toward this part, budapest, up to 22 degrees on sunday. we'll keep it going as so we've got you in for 25 degrees on monday, but breezy for the next few days. we have seen some fierce winds blowing through the black sea. the boss for us impacting is stumble with the scattering of showers as while on sunday. and then some heavy falls for turkey's northeast black sea region, spilling into georgia and seeping into tbilisi on sunday with a hive. 16 degrees. when this weather broadcast in africa, we've got our big storms popping up as we head toward a cameroon nigeria, benito,
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and gone as some of these countries have picked up about 50 millimeters of rain over the past 24 hours. and i'll tell you what i think on sunday, there is still the risk of seeing some of that. it is quiet in the gambia banjo has a height of 30 degrees. that's it, that's all season. ah, the housing has become a commodity instead of a human rights back years. some people have the ability to take advantage of others . the elite feel free to violate basic laws, the working classes that have lost a lot of ground in our society. a un special reporter on adequate housing travels the world, investigating the global crisis that people are evicted to clear the way for investors and properties too often left empty. push a witness documentary on al jazeera, the latest news, as it breaks those millions of people who are filled with uncertainty about what
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will happen with the economy, with their income and their life, with detailed coverage. so career is hoping china with considerable influence over north korea to bring it back to the negotiating table from around the world. below is being accused of trying to expand iran's influence here, a blue ah, one of the top stories jahira, hundreds of marches have taken place across the u. s. to defend women's reproductive rights in a way can new abortion laws. in washington, dc,
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thousands marched to the supreme court which refused to block a near total abortion ban in texas libya.


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