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tv   [untitled]    October 2, 2021 11:00pm-11:31pm AST

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[000:00:00;00] ah, now jazeera with every oh i know i'm not tighter and under the top stories on out 0, hundreds of marches have taken place across the u. s. to defend women's reproductive rights. after new abortion laws effectively bound the practice in some states. in washington, dc, thousands of demonstrators marched to the u. s. supreme court to highlight the issue just to say they fear the growing restrictions haven't been taken seriously
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enough. incredibly important that we make sure that we uphold grovee wait, and if that doesn't happen, we need federal protection under the law to make sure that women and doctors all around the state of michigan and our on the united states are not literally imprisoned and are turned into criminals simply for exercising their right to choose. well, i actually have 2 daughters here, and of course i want them to have control over their lives later when they grow up . so it's really important to come out here in a honeys. jo castro has more from austin, texas. texas is now ground 0 of the abortion battle in the united states. abortions here have been effectively bad since september when it became illegal to carry out the procedure. after a fetal heartbeat is detected, that is usually around 6 weeks of gestation, which is before most women realize they're pregnant. that ban has resulted in texas,
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women being forced to continue with unwanted pregnancies even in the case of rape or incest, or having to travel to other states for abortions if they can afford it. protesters here and at sister marches in washington and other u. s. cities say the texas abortion band is unconstitutional, but they fear it could get much worse. they fear that abortions could become illegal across the country. the u. s. supreme court will hear in mississippi case in december. that could overturn roe vs wade. that is the landmark 1973 case that gave american women the rights to abortions. the courts, conservative majority expanded by former president donald trump, and so far, refused to overturn the texas law signaling that it may side against abortion access. when the issue meets its constitutional test. later this year, libya has rounded up and detained at least $4000.00 refugees and migrants. the
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crackdown in the western town of gaga rush has been described. officials as a security campaign against illegal migration and drug trafficking, cargo russia's known hom from migrants and refugees, and has seen waves arrayed in recent years. 5 approaches to the migrants have been held in chile. some people rallied against the influx of refugees at a time when chillies already grappling with growing in equality. a counter march described itself as fighting fascism that must be exterminated for latin america to new c. a. newman reports from santiago with a group of about a 150 anti migrant demonstrate, isn't gathered here in downtown san diego. and just a few minutes ago, another group of pound remarks, people dressed in black hooded, came through here through rocks and started beating some of the demonstrators. i can tell you some of the blood on the, on the street. it was, we got became very violent. the police had tried to push them away,
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but it has been very, very tense. these demonstrators are also threatening the, the media saying that we're all communism and that we support the united nation. so these are the sort of things that we're hearing, but basically them here to say that julie is for the chileans and they are very angry that julian government has allowed undocumented migrant to be coming into the country without identification. many times they are saying that the country can simply not take any more people, especially people who have not been vetted outgoing. philippine president rodrigo, do 30, has announced he's retiring from politics fueling speculation. his daughter may run for president. the constitution prevents to charity from standing for president again, but he's confirmed he won't stand for the vice presidency in next year's elections and pulls of clothes and cut us 1st legislative elections. citizens were lecturing 30 members to the sure council. the remaining 15 seats will be appointed by the
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amir out there. a world is up next morning after that ah ah, with with
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with and i hope beats so motion model hook it up. we've supp she'll mil holt. so because it all volume met out, montauk to all chiller hamas, the jugs fly me. but it's what does a sudden was hoping? probably columbus including if tuscan we've got to chill a hamas, we'll talk to ben. your name magdalene, jim schuman went out to, ah, on the 11th of may 2021. israel launched a military operation against the gaza strip. it was called operation guardian of the walls. it followed weeks of increasing tension in occupied east jerusalem,
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and in palestinian towns and cities throughout israel. israel engaged in several provocations, are prior to any rockets being directed to or from garza to israel. those provocations involve the evictions from shake ciara neighborhood in the east jerusalem. and then the were the right wing demonstrations, given police protection in israel that marched through east jerusalem neighborhoods and shouting slogans to the effect of death to the arabs and very provocative for leading to palestinian resistance. and. and then finally, and perhaps most importantly, the entry israeli security forces to the oxer compound
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and mass. in the last days of ramadan, interfering with the worship in this place that is considered as sacred side. as paul's of this operation is rarely warplanes bombs and destroyed for talib blocks in kansas city, what palestinians lived and businesses were based these towers were in garza's busy remodeled neighbourhood. raymond is a commercial district and a residential area with media organizations and international agencies also have their offices a funny digit than it,
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year you have the cassandra gates and surreal. a could have an underground network underneath the gaza strip. at this point that's been built for 15 years, they have the capacity to keep their military operations and they're planning separate from the largest civilian area in the gaza strip with the least military benefit. because remodel is the furthest from the border it's, it's the most densely populated area of an urban of the urban environment. and it militarily makes no sense when the demolished towers were attracted to businesses because of the services they provided. companies requiring stability rented office space there, knowing that electricity, water, and other essential services were relatively reliable,
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day and night. ah, the hen addy tower was known for its sea view. it housed serviced hotels, style pumpkins, a health club, media organizations, technology businesses, and residential apartments. al chow, how tower, how's the headquarters of several media organizations, including the palestinian national news agency and other tv stations. there were also restaurants, offices and appointments. i'll shook tower was in the middle of the busiest street. in garza, it contained dozens of shops, import, and export officers and some local media. and there was al jana tower, with
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a bureau of al jazeera media network. and the u. s. media agency associated press were based on its lower floors or a range of business offices, while the upper floors housed residential apartments. all these towers are no more i saw in the hospital that sherman holiday localized, but the large world mcghee m. as in virginia, a club covered lumpkin, alma, muslin of you, how we get those hub id sure of what i'll be. it is this them. and they haven't been model math and let the how one with the hockman, how fabia is them? had the ash oh, how the la without the legitimate inability visibility because the compelling crucial fat while they and asthma had that the hold off of yet is the stem of the shock. what does that look like? heavy shot was stick them at nathan yet much walk 2nd here. oh, my kathy could the media while i'm going to let the up hubbard wail slot here and having shop was to look at my little alaskan ramey abdur heads,
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euro mediterranean, human rights monitor based in geneva. it conducted an investigation into these attacks in gaza and came to broadly the same conclusion as the people on the ground at the time that the 4 towers had no military purpose whatsoever. however, these railey army disagreed, claiming the buildings were being used for military purposes. so where does the truth lie? why with these towers singled out, bombed and destroyed. this is exactly one of the of the questions that have has to be asked by whatever an inquiry that should be held. ah, what was the primary goal of these attacks? was it really to, um, to damage military objects that were in those are buildings,
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or rather a show of force to intimidate the gas and population. and if the latter, and it does seem like the latter, and if the latter, that's an illegal attack and that's unlawful and might amount to a war crime. the fact that missiles from israeli jets struck the towers is undisputed. but what isn't clear is the reason behind the attacks or the process of how exactly a building is selected for destruction. one man who may have an idea is younger on both skills. he's a retired israeli military commander who worked as a special operations officer at the central command of the israeli army. when we know the 1st one, we know that there is a terror going to zation or is, or is it your activity? and one of the buildings or structures, there is
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a tourist structure in gaza. so 1st we start with our intelligence unit and we want to find out if there is a civilians and not in all civilians in the building or, or around the building. second, if we know that there is a civilian there, and we use many kind of ways to check this out. so we warn them, 1st of all, we call them and we ask them to leave the house. so they're the only ones that will be hated. it will be only terrific guy, the place and not our civilians or any other people that are multiple either some of them. huh. i did it.
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those conducted by the most moral army in the world. ah, but anyone that's look scrutinized it's behavior from an objective point of view. understands this to be propaganda or public relations design to convince the world of something that's essentially not true or eat. and really the reverse is true. the had the law, is it a barrage it what's up with
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with a, with a caller from the israeli military gave a warning if the imminent bombing of al july tower with the deadline approaching, the owner pleaded on the phone for more time to evacuate. a what does your go to put up for such
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get put us back in. all honestly, i am still here. i got my husband was m palmer, a good. the lol doyle, as of what a girl the marchesa to live my turn, i was told to look and believe 30 louis dec in town. so i had up a, so he had a car, philip lyman, better than the car, double had thought of common mecca destiny. dan sat as low as high as ha, ha, ha, ha deposit. oh mac thought she would she la cheat. she laughed shocked. that she, that is the it, she's my death like a cheated our up and she had, i yeah. or a or mozilla farmer can't. must said these railey army often produces videos about hamas. the palestinian group that has governed garza since 2006. these videos say that her matthews's civilian facilities
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in garza as what it calls human shields at this claim is used by israel to justify attacks like those on the 4 towers in garza and other palestinian targets. the 1st responsibility is only from us once the commerce, using the people there as a human shield, once he hiding behind the people. so the main things that you should, those are to may be the bold isa a smart we use a smart bomb. but the bombs have no values and they have no moral. and she don't want to distinguish between terrorist and non terrorist people. especially when the terrorist use the people as a human shield and hide behind them. ah, i had black hair is a couple, it's sleepy shalana. it's the definitely more than welcome shape. pizza was full of dwayne fishery on the phone with dr. the home of seamen was delightful to sleep. he was a lacrosse near priscilla quickly, while chrisman aha home,
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a doyle. but shall you, will i any more than he latina, the corn bichon. if this did death, i'm about to leave the air and the quantity of home will be still down. good looking there is a wider argument that the is being presented by israeli spoke be spokespeople. and that is that gazelle general was taken hostage by the hamas. and that i, you know, and, and, and, and that we are, are fighting an enemy that is, ah, that is hiding in any civilian areas. let's take that argument face value. let's, let's talk about a hostage situation. if guns are hostages, then you should allow yourself to do what you would be doing. if is earlier, were hostages. would you target
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a whole house with several combatants or terrorists, ah, and kill, or the israel is that are being held hostage is there. i mean, if israel really wants to say to argue that that line that the guns, the guns within population was taken hostage by the hamas. well, it should treat this situation as a hosted situation after bombing, the hannity al july and algio ha towers. these railey army gave its justification for the action. it claimed those towers house or mass intelligence offices. it also accused her mass of using. i'll shut up talent for a cold terrorism purposes. the bozer jolla civilian without going to look mckesson listed butter hamas ala thought. i did, my mother cannot,
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will not go. what year is the son in law among the little at the salon? they laughed very. yeah. ah, israel has claimed, at least in one case, that i know of that aha mass offices. and to be precise, how mass intelligence was housed in one of the towers. however, there is another principle of international laws of warfare, and that is the principle of proportionality. it's not enough that the target is legitimate. ah, if the expected result of an attack is massive of damage to civilians and civilian objects, that outweighs the military advantage of rob,
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of erasing the military target. then the attack is also legal. in military terms, the principle of proportionality concerns, the obligation to weigh military objectives against the risk of harm to civilians. armies around the world have the use of advanced weapons technology. some guided missiles are able to limit the damage they cause, while others are highly destructive. and that includes those used to bomb the residential and commercial towers in gaza. this choice of missiles gives the attack of the option of creating a targeted explosion in one part of a building or launching a high impact miss out quite capable of destroying an entire tower block.
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israel has precise munitions and bombs that make the notion of a mistaken strife, almost impossible to believe. in other words, these missiles and bombs are so sophisticated in they're targeting and are linked to gps systems as to guide them precisely to their intended targets. israel in the past has shown that it has this capacity in no assassination attacks or what is called by israel targeted killings. ah, we had seen instances where misses were shocked at a specific window specific. how apartment specific room, ah, in palm to the human and financial cost of the aerial attacks on the godsa towers.
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ah, on counting the cost under the miracles legacy and german economy, that is the envy of the world, but unprepared for the digital age, apple kicks on game make an effort from an app store. is the phone, make it abusing its monopoly and the afghan businesses and new thing, international customers, counting the cost on l just it would sorta would be part of the greatest global gathering in history, the expo 2020 dubai, which one i will be there to showcase her investment opportunities, her unique culture and heritage, economic diversity, and pristine wildlife and natural resources. so look out what's wanna add that expo 2022 by spectacle, where we will unleash our potential its law. all pride. your destination france once had
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a vast empire spending several continents. but by the 1940s, the french were forced to confront reality and demands for independence. in the 1st part of a documentary series out there and looks at how the colonial unrest grew conflict to no jury up and full scale warn indo china blood and his french tea colonization on al jazeera lou. hello and lauren taylor and london top stories on al jazeera, hundreds of marches, have taken place across the u. s. to defend women's reproductive rights. in the wake of new abortion laws, in particular, in texas, which have effectively banned the practice in washington dc. thousands of demonstrators marched to the u. s. supreme court to highlight the issue just to say they fear the growing restrictions hadn't been taken seriously enough. and the


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