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selma, the boxes. this year on al jazeera, we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter how you take it will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. ah, this is al jazeera. ah, hi there, i'm kimbell. this is we use all live from doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. the taliban says aids talking to the us all improving relations is made clear. it's anger about america's drone operations in afghanistan. and of an era, or is it going philippine president rodrigo to turkey say if he's retiring from politics, head of next year's elections. obee live at upholding station,
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here in doha as voting takes place for call 1001st legislative election and a force of nature. the robson from la palmer's volcano intensifies shooting more molten lava. toxic gas across the island and in sport pressure is mounting on barcelona is embattled coach. ronald's qu men, the dutchman admits rumors that he's about to be fired are probably true. ours prepare to face spanish champions, athletic on the dread a later on saturday. ah, we begin adolf gone, his dog, where the taliban says it speaking directly to the us about building relations. more than a month after american and foreign forces withdrew. bought in an interview with al jazeera, the tele bonds, foreign affairs spokesman denounced a u. s. drone operations in afghan aspects. deer violation off our territorial
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integrity of afghanistan. it is a blatant and a clear violation, or it is against the commitments that the united states of america made dirt in the doha agreement. the doha agreement clearly stipulates that to the united states and the other countries as well. its allies will not interfere in an internal affairs of understand they are not only violating their own commitments, but they are also violating international law. i. let's go live now to hash mahabharata who is incapable for us hush him. so the telephone is denouncing us activity in its air space in afghan air space, but is also now speaking directly to the us. what should we make of that? well,
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the taliban basically had high hopes that once they took over following the doha agreement, also they would be able to get a sense of international recognition that is yet to happen. now they saw some statements coming from the u. s. president joe biden saying that for the u. s. is going to be a long way off before they recognize the taliban, than there were other statements from top us military commanders lashing out of the taliban. and it's a, we're links to google earth groups like ice k and al qaeda. now they say also that they have intercepted flow, droves flying over afghanistan as base, and they say this has to immediately stop. otherwise there will be repercussions. but at the same time, the open door for diplomacy, and they say that they have been ongoing talks with the americas about ways to move forward. and we don't know whether ms. but the taliban say that confident that
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getting more and more signals from many countries that there will be an international recognition of the terry body, the near future. okay. how hm. ah, i believe also the rights of women and girls was also discussed in, in this interview. obviously there has been a lot of concern internationally as well. what was said on that front where basically this is of the reasons why the international committee is skeptical of the taliban. they want to the taliban to form an inclusive government. that didn't happen. most of the key members of the government are members of the taliban, predominantly patch to the other minorities are not presented in the government. number 2, the international committee was expecting the taliban to reach out to the minorities, but also to give women a bigger se. there's not a single woman that government and when they impose the restrictions on the
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education of girls that created an international backlash according to the a hot bell. hey, this is just going to be a matter time before those issues are addressed. let's see to what he had to say. we have committed and we have guaranteed all the rights that have been afforded to women in islam. that is the right to education, the right to health care, the right to work. and are they the, the process that the world wants us are the steps they want, want us to take, we are taking them, we have seen progress in them. we understand all the complexities, offer off the of the current world or we understand it very well. and we are working. oh, but again, i must emphasize that as the saying sit goes, the rome was not built in a day. well, the taliban spectacular sweep across the country took every one of got the
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americans, the e u, and of and, and of guns stands neighbor as it grappling with her questions about who are the taliban, is it's a, is, is it an organization led by haber to le honda, who has the final say over the states of the government, are they still adhering to a strict interpretation of islamic law like they did in 1996 when they 1st came to power? are they willing to open up to the international community or they allow going to allow and protect freedoms of expression and thought. and this is the debate which is taking place now about keep members of the taliban and, and think the moment they overcome the issue of identity. and the interpretation of islam globe will start to see some indications about whether the taliban is determined this time to reinvent itself or stay stuck in the same mindset that
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prevail from 1996 to or 2001 when they were led by elmore law, but before they were evicted by the u. s. and the allied forces who started a massive miniature campaign in afghanistan back then. all right, thank you for that out there. dash emma, how about outline for us in campbell? ongoing philippine president of rico de toto has announced he's retiring from politics. he confirmed he won't stand for the vice presidency and next year's elections despite speculation to the country. to 30 is constitutionally prohibited from standing for president. again, he says there's overwhelming public sentiment that trying to become vice president would violate the spirit of the constitution to be there and, and organ joins us now from manila to meet us. a, what impacts will this announcement have on next year's actions? whether the terry has claimed that he's going to retire from politics will impact
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the 2022 elections remain to be seen. that is because there is still around 6 days to go before the ending of the filing of candidacy. and there is still up to november 15th, where parties and candidates are allowed to switch candidates. this is a multi party system where you can have as many as 76 candidates in a presidential elections where you can have those backing out, supporting another others pledging allegiance, and pulling out, you know, loyalties and alliances. at this point, it is definitely too early to tell and what the therapist did today, president or the good that there is switching and changing his mind is quintessentially do therapy. this is his political style. but what remains to be seen is who will field, who will be the administration bet for the 2022 presidential elections. there is still no opposition candidate, and even his former ally boxer manufacturer has already pulled out. so again, it remains to be seen. it will take several months before we truly know who really
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has a strong chance of becoming the next president of the philippines. jamil, alan bergen. in manila. thank you. george. its former presidents, mikhail, a sucker shrilly, has spend the night in detention after returning from exile to support the opposition for elections. he was detained just hours after arriving in the country . he was seen smiling as police took him into custody soccer. shirley had called on people to vote against the governing party and saturdays local election, then hold street protests. he was convicted in absentia in 2018 for abuse of power, but insists the case was politically motivated. robin foster walker is into beliefs for us robin to just take us through the last 24 hours and the law has happened. it's been a crazy one. to be honest. nobody expected that because such vinnie was going to show up on the elite on the eve of these elections. he has in the past stated he
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would come to georgia this time. he said he would fly in to night. well, he said, surprised. everybody showed up yesterday morning. then everybody was running. where was he? was he really here? what impact, what was he going to be able to achieve on the new sin? georgia is a wanted man in any announcement last night that he had been arrested. or what this goes to show is how much of an influence this man continues to exert over the george and political scene of whether or not his reappearance in georgia is going to somehow ignite a passions here and get more people to come out and vote. he's a divisive figure, and so there are many georgians who may feel of it. this is the chance now to didn't have a change in georgia and showed their objects into this government. but there are also georgians who will be very put off by 2nd committee's return. they've had enough of all of his involvement in the joint and political scene. and so that may
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work in the governor governments favor with, with their supporters. emboldened to come out and show that they still support this government. it's still the most popular party, in fact, in georgia, consistently and opposed several percentage points ahead of michael sack as billy's opposition party, the united national movement robin as i mentioned, other philly is calling on people tend to home street protests. i mean, how my, his reappearance effect not just the voting but, but what happens after this is a problem in george, in society and in politics today is that it's highly polarized. and so i think even a, if we get a clear results on when votes against mated to take those results are going to be disputed. so the opposition is expecting to school or a victory,
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a symbolic victory against this government. the hoping that if enough people come out against this government, the government should be forced to cool early parliamentary elections. but the georgia dream governing totting is saying that, you know, they are of, on track ah, to win. and so there is concern about further on rest. as you mentioned, michael sack as unity as cold on his support is to come out to morrow to celebrate victory. and i think that the georgia dream par government also intends to show that to if that is going to happen, that he can also green people on to the streets. the presidents, if georgia, who's often seen as a kind of an arbiter thought it's of balance in, in, in, in, in the critical scene here, as cold on both sides to, to pull back from the brink and the void. it seems that could leads to unrest in
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this country, or at swelling fast at walker. they are in tbilisi. thank you and do more head on the news all, including with winter approaching china scrambles to get on top of severe power shortages. and it's northern regions. why locals in the small colombian town, se refugees and migrants? mostly from haiti, pricing there amount of houses and in sport, this to new, the antenna stars, best sees in yes, continues far. it will have the details a little later on ah, citizens of copper are casting their ballots in the gulf nation's 1st legislative elections. they're acting members to the sure council. it is a 45 seat advisory body, and until now, all its members had been appointed by the amir. but 30 seats, or 2 thirds,
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will now be decided by voters. the council dates back to 972. it's responsible for proposing laws proving budgets and can even sac ministers. the mere still holds veto power. and there's varying levels of elected representation across the gulf, bahrain and oman hold elections for one house of their parliaments. kuwait is often regarded as the 1st gulf monarchy, to give substantial pals to an elected parliament. tomorrow i shall join their life from appalling station here in doha jamal. so a new era for guitars, governance, what's happening there today? well sir, transition from mark this by a buddy, as you mentioned, which was mainly advisory, a true one that has a lot more to use and is meant to be a lot more represented or read. read, represent some bull, i believe. a representative rather. sorry. we've had a lot of people coming through both men and women throughout the day,
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costing their about. it's choosing who they believe will be or, or should be rather they are candidates in this specific district. this is one of the more hotly contested ones. there are 30 districts, as i mentioned there, 30 seats up for grabs. the significance here is that scatter again is trying to present a different model, a unique model that has always tried to be different in terms of its policies. its politics is to promise even positioning itself in a different position or compared to its neighbors. so this isn't the absolute monarchies that we see in other places, nor is it european or democracy. this is what's the authorities here have been describing as whitening of civic participation, civic responsibility, a partnership between citizens and this thieves. and whilst we've seen in other parts of the, our world particular over the past 10 years, demands for greater representation coming from bottom up. this is a process that has come from the top bottom in the sense that it is the leadership,
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particularly actually the amused shift. i mean, bahama, the attorney who's actually drafted or approved the law that says allowed and pushed for a greeter participation. so this is the 1st time that are many of these people voted in any type of elections, but this is the 1st time they have all voted in a ledger las legislative election akin to parliament's elsewhere around the waltz or historic, to say the least jamal. what exactly does the sure counsel do? what difference will this make? well, essentially is, is the body that will be dropped in law's, sol, anything from economic policy to earth, you know, domestic security, to environmental laws, to foreign policy. even these are laws that will be drafted by the shorter console . this is not the executive arm of governance that still exists in terms of the cabinet. the ministers appointed by the mirror and the amir, him self. but when you're looking at the fast paced development of thought are both in terms of a geopolitically and economically this body will have great significance,
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for example, policies that are to do with corporate for example, up until now we're being decided by the government. whether that should there should be a lockdown. there shouldn't be a lockdown whether the europe, what should be open or closed not this will not be transferred to a parliament that can legislate on this or can at least oversee what these ministers decisions have been or will be if it's not happy if it believes that ministers either overstepping or under performing it can question them and fire them. so it's very similar like i say to a parliament. so for example, the, if we, let's say we're in the united kingdom, you have the house of commons, those laws that are passed by parliament then have to go to the house of lords for approval before they become here. this should a council will put laws that will then have to be approved by the amir. so in that process, it is still a form of given devolution in terms of the power and decentralizing gets, giving it to a wider representative body. and when we're looking at the amount of women female vultures that have been coming through, that also has shown that there is that diversity that are,
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that has set high on the agenda. all right, thank you for that time. tomorrow i shall live from the police station. here in doha. are with me now is hand almost her a former sure council member and now an associate professor at doha institute for graduate studies. thank you so much for your time. i'd like to 1st off, just get your personal experience. what was your experience like being on the show counsel your reflections on your time? ah, well you, if you're talking about my personal experience of the sure. i believe it was just an, any experience, even my, my counter, the meal themselves custody meals, who had experienced it for the 1st time. i mean being appointed by his amy are specifically being of the fierce for women. ah, and when talking about the new experience and how was you know, the elections is going on right now? i believe is strongly, it's very important for us to be to be taking disturb. it's a very historical step towards or moving, or you know, the whole society into more active political participation. and more specifically
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into the civic or society society participation and to more powerful early distillation. taken into account the very significant role of the shorter counsel as of this late in the body, which walks hand in hand with the cabinet or the government, and promoting saudi proposing. and as your wing of the legislation. however, the most powerful expected road within the elected, the shorter council is that it's right ah, to where we call them industries and question them any, you know, international, international affairs, the new iteration, i guess you recall of the show counsel is being called an experiment of popular participation, you've sort of talked a bit about a bit there about what is going to mean to the governing of katara. are there any potential challenges that you for c on a well and talking about challenges. i mean, before even talking about the challenges we have to take into consideration
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a fact. this is the 1st time of such a slate of election taking place and other, even though we had been experienced back in 1999 b. b. since our municipalities election. however, this assured our counsel or the, you know, running for the 1st time, it has a different conceptual, you know, political framework. it has a different culture in terms of the we, how has been practices taken into consideration that we are a very tribal society. and we have, at the same time, a very healthy positive relationship between the people are the godaddy people and the ruling family or the, or his highness or the emmy am. however, ah, you know, taken to consideration also the fact that after the 2017, the author of located the crisis, i believe that the political maturity among the quarterly people have been raised very, very carefully. and very mature, to the extent that it's not about that other people are, you know, asking for such short election, even though we've been listening to some voices from the elite pupil. however,
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it's more about top bottom approach that to being supported and initiated by uber by the, the, the political leadership. ah, but, you know, again, going back to what's going on when it comes to looking to different strategies, you know, and different. and campaigned by the different candidates, ah, i can see that such are input. i would say it input and tick, you know, time after time more the elections and the more generations come to this sir, should i counsel? i can see that the civic, the civil earth and engagement and such political participation is going to be, are more mature and even more active towards building a real, a civil society of the country. just finally, you mentioned to you talk about there about how katara, very tribal society, the aim here seems to be political participation with the criteria that was actually set out about who can vote in these elections. can that participation truly be achieved? do you think?
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well, answering this a question or we should really chicken took her and to fact that fact number one is that the catheter constitutions, a give every a godaddy you citizen, the full of freedom to void for, for whoever they are choosing based on has a qualification, has what her qualifications and the ability to get a dissolution affairs. the 2nd fact, as i said, being a tribal society and having such a t i but a very political our and they underlay the political powerful roland influence. and you know, leading her such 1st time a process a to my, to really affect some how the, the results of the, of the, of the election. but again, looking at the verity and the quality, i would say also of the candidates going through their campaigns and 1000000000, all them agendas and their priorities. we can see that the kind of political maturity among faculty, people might affect somehow. and i'm looking more hopefully and hopefully for what
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more women to be avoided and, and dis, sir in the 1st time mature election. ah, and we really trust that the voters and how are we going to affect positively of a the, the 1st sure i liked it. alright, thank very much your time, hence, alamosa. thank you. the united states has the past 700000 deaths from covered 19 that remains the worst affected country accounting for 15 percent of the 4700000 fatalities worldwide. about 67 percent of eligible us adults are fully vaccinated, leaving 70000000 who have still not received a shot. despite them being widely available, free of charge, california will become the 1st year state to make vaccinations, compulsory for school children. governor gavin new sim wants it to come into effect from january. the mandates for 12 to 15 year olds is pending approval from us regulators. the white house, as the president, a members of his democratic party, have made progress as they trying to rescue jo biden's economic agenda in
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a rare presidential move blood and met his party members on capital hill divisions among democrats threatening. his ambitious plans throws on jordan has more from washington even though you as president joe biden's trip from the white house to capitol hill was televised on friday afternoon. the democratic leader didn't get what he wanted. members of his party agreeing to vote on 2 key pieces of legislation. a $1.00 trillion dollar infrastructure bill, as well as a $3.00 trillion dollar social services and environmental package. that's because progressives and conservatives in the democratic party are split on just how much money to spend, even though they all say they want the same things. now the members of the progressive wing, the more liberal wing, have been holding things up in the house of representatives. they say they're
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members were sent because their voters want to see more spending on things such as health care, education, child care, and a clean environment. and they intend to deliver, they say without a guarantee that that $3.00 trillion dollar bill is going to be passed. they're not going to vote for the $1.00 trillion dollar infrastructure bill, which would improve roads, bridges, internet connections, telecommunications and the nation's power. grid because of this political standing, the president was called in, basically to try to get the more conservative wing of the democratic party and the more liberal wing to find common ground. but even after that closed door entreaty, they didn't really agree on what to do next. this is what the president had to say as he left capitol hill on friday afternoon. doesn't matter whether it's a 6 minute day or 6 week, we're going to get it done because members of the health didn't not vote on
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a full infrastructure bill. the one that's already been passed by the u. s. senate . they instead spent friday evening voting on a short term 30 day funding package to take care of as, until transportation industry needs. that means they're going to have to come back and deal with that matter in a months time. in the meantime, members of the house of representatives are going back to their districts across the country for the next 2 weeks. if negotiations turn out any sort of real compromise that members of the entire party are willing to support. they could be called back to washington, but as with everything here, don't hold your breath. rivers of lava are continuing to spew from the company at age of volcano. in the canary audience, youth issues have been opening up, giving rise to more of options. hundreds of homes have been destroyed and thousands of people have been forced to leave. that's bringing jona hall who is on the island
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. jonah, we're getting more details about the reach of the law, the extending. what more can you tell us? well, are unpredictable and constantly evolving is what vulcan ologist have been saying about this eruption warning ever since it began on september the 19th and so it has proven i'll step out the way so you can have a closer look at what's going on up there are pretty magnificent view of the volcano that we have here. a new vent that opened on thursday night is now in full flow. it's said to be around 400 meters to the north west of the original cone. it's emitting a much more liquid, faster flowing lava, apparently that has set off in a new direction, a northerly direction. now the topography of the mountain is expected to pull that lava flow back so that it joins the original flow of lava down to the sea at some point. but in the process of course, of making that or that giant loop,
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yet more houses, buildings, infrastructure could find themselves in the path of destruction. and indeed were told that there were more buildings that succumbed that were engulfed by lava during the course of last night. or more drama, i had more people to take care of is how the head of the local government council of the parma described it at a press conference on friday evening. there's no new evacuation at planned, but it does seem that among the $6000.00 people who've been evacuated already at least some of them could well lose homes and properties in the coming hours. the coming days, jonah, hope you are in a safe spot in terms of, of the gas because i believe more people are now being told to stay indoors at yes, i mean, this is a function of worsening air quality as this eruption or escalates of the moment we've had to move our location from where we were on friday. oh, down on the western slopes,
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they are closer to the slow of lava to the sea and more in the so the slipstream of the toxic gas is being emitted. we're now more lateral to the volcano in the air quality here is better. you can still taste a chemical quality to the air is much worse down there. of course, what we're talking about is sulfur dioxide being emitted by the volcano. sulfur derivatives also very fine. volcanic ash particles, all of which combine could give you a i and skinny rotation. also potentially problems with the throat and the lungs. now, the new order that has gone out to, to communities down there, el paso, and lost janice 3500 people. it is that they are expected now to remain in doors to close their doors and windows, tape them up if necessary, and avoid using air conditioning so that they're not sucking any external air into their living environment. that's pretty uncomfortable when you consider the daytime temperatures here up to 28 degrees. all right, thank you for that update. jana, how they're on la palmer still head here on al jazeera. what lengthy and
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often frustrating coalition holds mean for the future of european democracy. and its force, we'll hear from tom brady, the superstar quarterback preparing to make as big return to new england. ah hello there. autumn weather is certainly dominating a forecast across europe. you can see that dense cloud cover, that's a cold front ranging away from the iberian peninsula up into scandinavia, bree more wet and windy weather to western areas. now if you take a closer look at the north, west weather systems pulling into britain an island bringing some very heavy rain, some strong winds. and we have got yellow warnings out for the south. east of england and northern parts of scotland where we are going to see the very strong winds and the heaviest rain but come sunday.


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