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tv   [untitled]    October 2, 2021 10:00am-10:30am AST

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with detail coverage, south korea is hoping china with considerable influence over north korea to bring it back to the negotiating table from around the world. below is being accused of trying to expand iran's influence here. ah . george's former president mikhail suck has really is in custody. all to returning to raleigh. the opposition for elections. ah! hello, money inside. this is out there. lie from day are also coming up. more than 700000 deaths from coven 19 in the us, where the delta various how spread rapidly among the unvaccinated robin rather than
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6 minutes worth 6 weeks to really get a job for you as president, health divided colleagues to push through is government overall? no matter how long it takes and the rocks in volcano, in the canary islands, shows even more intense t onto 2 more cracks appear. ah, georgia's former president mikhail suckers really has spent the night in detention after returning from exile to support the opposition for elections. he was detained just hours after arriving in the country. he was seen smiling as police, took him into custody, stuck as bailey who was sentenced to prison in absentia in 2018, had called on people to vote against the governing party, in saturday's local election. then hold street protests
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the united states has the past 700000 deaths from k 19. it remains the worst effect had country accounting for 15 percent of the 4700000 fatalities. well, white about 67 percent of eligible u. s. adults awfully vaccinated leaving 70000000 who still have not received a shot despite them being vitally widely available. free of charge. oscar lane is an epidemiologist and a national public health official. he explain where vaccination resistance is having the worst impact we're seeing significant pockets of course in the southeast, in the, in the mid west. and definitely in parts of, as we say, southern areas of our, of our country, which just really points to the fact that this of sustain activity and especially the way it's, it's impacting the unvaccinated is, is such a concern,
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especially as we talk about the fact that deaf rates or deaf counts that we see are lagging indicators. so by the time individuals are dying, we've already gone through a significant progression these, which will continue to perpetuate, in our, in our side, you know, for the sad part of all this when we think about data and more specifically around the access. there are certain countries in the world where people still don't have access to vaccines. the vaccines are readily available, especially in attendance to individuals who may not necessarily be able to build themselves of it. and even so we've seen in this country alone, only about $64.00, roughly 65 percent that have gotten one dose at least one dose. but when you look at the bully vaccinated that that percentage is roughly about 55 percent. so less than half or a little bit more than half, sorry, our population are fully vaccinated. in the midst of a global pandemic,
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it's totally missed by meanwhile in california will become the 1st us state to make vaccinations, compulsory for school children. the governor gavin newsome wants it to come into effect by january. the mandate for 12 to 15 year olds is pending approval from us regulators. the white house says the u. s. president and members of his democratic party have made progress as they try to rescue jo biden's economic agenda in a rare presidential move bite and met his party members on capitol hill. divisions among democrats threatened his ambitious plans. i'm telling you we're going to get this. oh, we're rather rather minutes or so we were going to get it done. rosalind jordan has more from washington. even though you as president joe biden's trip from the white house to capitol hill was televised on friday afternoon
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. the democratic leader didn't get what he wanted. members of his party agreeing to vote on 2 key pieces of legislation. a $1.00 trillion dollar infrastructure bill, as well as a $3.00 trillion dollar social services and environmental package. that's because progressives and conservatives in the democratic party are split on just how much money to spend, even though they all say they want the same things. now the members of the progressive wing, the more liberal wing, have been holding things up in the house of representatives. they say they're members were sent because their voters want to see more spending on things such as health care, education, child care, and a clean environment. and they intend to deliver, they say without a guarantee that that $3.00 trillion dollar bill is going to be passed. they're not going to vote for the $1.00 trillion dollar infrastructure bill,
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which would improve roads, bridges, internet connections, telecommunications and the nation's power. grid because of this political standing, the president was called in, basically to try to get the more conservative wing of the democratic party and the more liberal wing to find common ground. but even after that closed door entreaty, they didn't really agree on what to do next. this is what the president had to say as he left capitol hill on friday afternoon. doesn't matter whether it's a 6 minute day or 6 week, we're going to get it done because members of the health didn't not vote on a full infrastructure bill. the one that's already been passed by the u. s. senate . they instead spent friday evening voting on a short term 30 day funding package to take care of us until transportation industry needs. that means they're going to have to come back and deal with that
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matter in a months time. in the meantime, members of the house of representatives are going back to their districts across the country for the next 2 weeks. if negotiations turn out any sort of real compromise that members of the entire party are willing to support. they could be called back to washington, but as with everything here, don't hold your breath. taiwan has condemned china for sending 38 fine to jets into it's as space. it is the largest in cash and reported so far. it happened as beijing mount the founding of the people's republic of china. rope mcbride has moved from home with increasing tensions between the 2 neighbors. china in recent months has been stepping up these kinds of incursions. but according to taiwan, this was the largest number of aircraft reported in a single day, a total of $38.00. it says at the defense ministry says that they came in to waves
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on friday, an earlier wave of $25.00 aircraft entering what's known as it's air defense identification zone. this is the air space that approaches the island of a taiwan. and then a 2nd wave on friday evening of 13 planes. it says that 4 of the aircraft that took part on friday were actual bombers, capable of carrying nuclear warheads. taiwan scrambled its jets and also put its missile batteries at on alert. it's no coincidence that all of this took place on october. the 1st china's national day china regards taiwan has been very much a part of china. it says that one day there will be a re unification with what it regards as a renegade, breakaway island, dallas worn to taiwan repeatedly about any talk of moving towards independence. so china, choosing its national day to send a very clear message to the taiwanese, the volcano on la paloma in the canary islands is showing signs of intensifying
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eruptions after tea. more cracks opened on friday. so fired submitted more than double the molten rock of the last eruption in the 1917th jane hall reports from the island displaying both the majesty and the menace of nature. the volcanic eruption on the island of la palmer is expanding to new vents of opened up adding to the river as larva flowing to the sea. hundreds of homes have been lost. thousands more remained vacant, evacuated europe, falcon ologist warned that an evolving eruption could yet put others at risk, or anything will happen, but it's in the bottom of the type of the activity that we have with godaddy islands. i mean the question is, how much sir? material will will come out, this is something that that we dont know and i now constant data monitoring helps
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experts understand what is happening. many kilometers beneath the earth surface. seismic tremors a few times an hour on the south side of the island, add another dimension, but no one can predict what will happen next to him, but then send me a little room, but it is importance and certainty. fear in secret here said that it will affect health. we don't know what is going to happen. mm. the expectation is that lava from the to new vents will follow the original flow down along those western slopes . that would spare many homes potentially at risk. but it's entirely possible that uneven terrain here could force a deviation with yet more destructive consequences. and in the power of this volcano rising from unfathomable depths, there is a glimpse at the origins of the earth itself. satellite images show a new peninsula of panic. rock the island expanding to the west. this is how it was
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created in the 1st place, a consequence of molten lava beating the atlantic ocean. jonah, how al jazeera la palmer still had on al jazeera, obeyed i from pulling stations here. and i ha, as voting begins and cutouts 1st legislative elections and will take you to a small town in columbia that's now overwhelmed with migrant. most of them from ah hello, you're tuned into your weather update for europe and africa 1st we're going to look at our weather makers map an area of low pressure just south of iceland. these are i so bars here. so when they're closer to gather that indicates the wind will be more intense. so we go in for a closer look toward northwestern portions of europe. here's that disturbed whether
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we're gonna get dowse with rain through the united kingdom, northwestern areas of france and that eventually moves into the low countries in scandinavia on sunday. now in terms of amounts, it's going to london and see what we can expect about 20 millimeters of rain. and those gus about 70 plus kilometers per hour. mix of sun in cloud on sunday that continues on monday as while your temperature is pretty well where they should be for that some of the year. temperatures are on the rise across the balkan. so belgrade, $22.00 degrees full on sunshine, over the next 3 days. look at this year, shoot up to $27.00 degrees. that's almost a good 10 degrees above where you should be. still a brisk went through the black sea and the boss for us affecting is stumble along with a scattering of showers. and i think we'll see the winds here of about 45 kilometers per hour. we'll say settled for iberia, except for northern parts of portugal into spain and across africa. we've got our storms through the gulf of guinea. that sure update until next time. take care. ah
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frank assessments is likely to change biking behavior. it'll. it's not going to change their behavior, they are going to continue to do what they do and in depth analysis of the days global headlights. inside story on al jazeera hospitals and clinics across asia battle code 19 manson's a medical waste piling up one 0, one east investigates this dangerous pending. before went al jazeera ah ah,
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are you watching out? is there a mind if our top stories this, our georgia's former president mckayla, stuck us really has spent the night in detention off to returning from exiled to support the opposition in elections. he was convicted back in 2018 for abuse of power, but says it was politically motivated. the number of people who have died from coven 19 in the united states has now passed 700000. nearly 17000000 people, that's one fif of the population. have not been vaccinated despite widely available shots. the white house, as the president and members of his democratic party have made progress as they try to rescue jo biden's economic agenda in a rare presidential move, biden met his party members on capitol hill. people voting in catalyst 1st legislative elections. they are choosing 30 of the 45 members. sure. council, which was previously fully appointed by catalyst amir. the body can propose laws,
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approved budgets and re cool ministers, though the amir will retain veto power. as go to jamal l sheil, who is live for us at a polling station in doha jamal. this is the 1st time kept us holding this kind of connection. tell us exactly what it means and wide significant war centrally. it's sir redrawn the social contract between the citizens and the states widening participation for people to have their c and choose who will represent them in the legislative body, almost kendra parliaments and other places. and it seems that people are engaging in it quite well. there have been a steady stream of people been coming to this come this putting session where we are here. they come the queue up, they check their names over there at the desk. and then head over to the side here where the polling booths are. i choose the candidate, there are, this is one of the more hotly contested seats this 30 or so districts here. so this
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is one of the more hotly contested ones, the choose. and then as we're going to see right now, place there are ballots over there. there are observers as well who are monitoring the process here and there are so far it has been a smooth one. what is significant about these elections, as i say, is that and as you've mentioned, up until now the way in which but that has been governed, obviously the, the router that mirror a decrease and the shorter cancelled that has existed in the past has been essentially a consultative, one, these new powers and the fact that people now i have a scene who will represent them means that it's going to be a lot more significant. not just in terms of things like budgets and legislation, but also in monitoring the performance of ministers. being able to question those ministers and even sack them if needs be,
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and this is something that scatter is trying to spotlight as a new way of governance in the region. one that isn't necessarily trying to copy cat or clone quote unquote western democracies. nor is it, as we've seen in many countries in the region, a dictatorship or an absolute monarch. it is one where they are stressing the concepts of participation, concepts of partnership between the citizens and the states. and what's unique about it is that where we usually see these demands for greater representation and freedoms coming from the bottom up i. e, e, mass protests, and so forth. in other countries, this has been a top down approach where the earth states and the rulers over the years have been directing her towards widening up her dissipation and the decrees in order to allow these elections to take place have come from above. so it is a historic,
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as far as hunter's concerned, and it is in new fees in their governance. and he thinks that jamal al child out there for us at a polling station in doha. we can now bring endorse jibari, who has also been following the vote on is at another polling station. i believe that there are significant number of female candidates running in the selection. talk to us about how important the women's vote is in qatar. well i the candidates that are running, there's $27.00 out of the nearly $300.00 candidates that are female. and today, some of them that have spoken to they say that it's important for the women to have a role in the legislative body within their countries to help make the decisions that will affect their lives. now the woman that i've been voting here today, some of them i've spoken to, they say that they are very happy to be able to take part in this historic process in their country. also, it's very important for them to have their voices heard. they believe that any kind of a future in this country has to include the women as part of that vision to be able
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to make the decisions. and just to take part in the governments that will have an impact on their daily lives. some of the main issues that the can it, the candidates have said that they will address when, if they're elected has to do with the women's rights as well as their voices within the different sectors of the country. the candidate, one candidate said that it will be her 1st issue that she will deal with is about becoming a, getting more for women who are working mothers or b k, one, a voter who i spoke to said that she has 3 daughters. and this is the 1st time she's voting, she's a looking forward to having women representing her and the future for her daughters in this country. there is a sense that this is a very historic event for not only the country but also for women. but of course, this is not the 1st time that the women are being included in the government. in 2017, the mirror of the country appointed for female care appointees to the shore,
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a council, and he was choosing all of them at that time. there is a sense that the women's involvement in this country will continue to move forward . and this is just another step in that process. and we'll see how successful those candidates will be later on this evening when we get the results in. okay, many thanks for that dorset jibari that person to ha us go back to our top story and george's former president mikhail suck as she really has spent the night in detention after returning from exile to support the opposition for elections. he was detained just hours after arriving in the country. let's go straight to our correspondent, robin forshie walker, who's in tbilisi for us. robin, tell us more about the arrests of suckers fairly. presumably he knew there was a chance. this was going to happen again. unfortunately we have lost our correspondent robin as we hope to return to that
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story. in the following, our people living in a small colombian town say, an influx of mostly haitian refugees and migrants is pushing them out of housing. the migrants are trying to catch boats on their way north to the united states. alexander, i'm here to reports now from the town of nic, hopefully, after weeks stuck in this beach down a few 100 migrants, mostly haitians are finally able to continue their journey north. little while others scouting to scramble for a fairy ticket despite being told they're sold out until the end of october. and that's because neighboring panama is only allowing $500.00 to enter the country each day. there's a mighty st juice in his family among the lucky ones who are finally able to leave after a 45 day weight. i was like, yeah, a couple of whistles and locals take advantage of us being stuck here. while a colombian buys a kilo of rice for the equivalent in pesos of less than $2.00,
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they charge us 7 or $8.00. and that's just wrong. our 1st, why is worry now of having to cross the notoriously dangerous darien jungle only to end up being the ported one. we know there's a lot of crime on the other side armed thieves risk of sexual abuse. i have a family member that's been through that, but returning is not an option. return to what i already spent $10000.00 to get here. i need to spend the same to return. like many haitians here he settled in chile after a devastating earthquake. ravage this country in 2010 the different on the crisis following cove with pushed them back on the road. at least 22000 migrants are staying in the co clea. some can afford to stay in house as earl tells others, are forced to pitch tents on the beach to try to. and this crisis, coleman authorities are now openly trying to dissuade the migrants from continuing
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their journey, insisting on the risk belie ahead and also telling them that they will likely be deported if they reach the united states or even mexico pickle. frequent allison fell to stop the influx. the government has also ordered travel companies to stop selling bus tickets to migrants entering columbia from ecuador, florida. the scare tactics are working some ations of decided to return to their host countries. none would go on camera, but they said they either ran out of money were too scared to be deported back to haiti that it was almost $200.00 people are now returning every day and they're communicating to their friends and relatives that it's not worth trying to do this any more with the news tightening around them, some are left with no option, but at mit, dear temps of failed, even when they have nothing to return to. i listen, that of beauty and jesse really quickly writes groups calling for investigation
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into the killing of a prominent ring. alida the world's largest refugee camp. the shooting happened at cox's bazaar in bangladesh, tanya chapter he's been speaking to people. they, we say they're devastated and faithful edwardo are right. and our security, our safety for years running a leader mobile a regularly received that threads and predicted who'd be killed, like many other rowing or refugees. mohammed cuts him says he feels devastated for years now. we've been watching and following my he buller was jammed to us is don't so much for us, but we couldn't save him. he took our case to the global community to seek justice for us mobile or came to prominence when he was chosen to represent his community on a visit to meet then you as president, donald trump, at the white house. and i turned the un human rights council session in geneva in 2019. this is the place where ro hang our community leader, my bill i was shot that when as the night there's
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a uneasy come prevailing in the camp and a heavy presence of security. rowing or refugees are worried and anxious to find out who is behind the killing. a funeral was held for more hibler inside the camp. among those there, his wife and 8 children to lay that it will be said a 3rd. he left, he was so much responsibility. i am devastated. how can i manage the family now? it's a difficult road to handle. i am scared to live here. now we need security as he is dead now, only a luck give us justice. police say the murder was well plan. i'm of the police will be the unity a at that under the all police units are involved in resolving this case and finding the motor behind it. we got some important information today and detained the suspect. hopefully we will resolve this case. so leg lepper, quality in recent months, the office of the refugee relief and repair to ration commissioner has severely restricted, may the access to the cox's bizarre refugee camp,
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making it difficult to gather news. but it's clear, many ravages, feel fearful and angry. part of the damage isn't that we're very worried about his killing. he was a leader in the community. he pleaded our cause to the world. many who did not want to be identified on camera, told old is it or that the murder is the latest example of a fight for power between armed gangs inside the world's largest refugee camp, turn recharged re al jazeera, cooper long cox's bizarre. the head of the world health organization is facing colds to act off to report outlined the scale of sexual abuse during an abode outbreak in the democratic republic of congo. 20 more of the 88 work is involved in the beast and exportation were working for the health agency. it comes off to investigation last year, found aid workers from several agencies exchange jobs for sex. guineas, interim president, maddie doom buyer has promised to oversee
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a transition that will stay the country back to civilian bull. he was born in on friday of to leading last month qu that to pose the long time lita alpha con day embry is military government, unveiled a transitional chauncy on monday that includes the drafting of new constitution and elections. the regional block equal has imposed sanctions on the genta uncalled for condensed relief. $200.00 british army personnel will be called up from monday to deliver fuel to petrol stations. the u. k is in the grip of shortages. ginger, lack of tank drivers that has provoked panic. buying and government tried to entice foreign drivers with special visas. and as need bunker reports, the deal may not be tempting enough a truck. his life is tough, says polish drive up your to wasik. he's criss crossed the continent for 6 years. polish whole years are the driving force of european supply chains, working long,
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lonely hours away from their families. mom voice guided and i go to give to 2 years old. i have uncles who judy for 25 years, a big brother has been driving for more than 15 years. and now my youngest sister has got a driving license and drives in the netherlands, and she is already had enough. the critical shortage of drivers many from eastern europe has left the continent in crisis with the u. k. hardest hit coven 19. put a stop to new driver training and post wrecks. it immigration rules designed to put british workers 1st of bunk, fired british government plans to issue temporary 3 month visas for $5000.00 foreign truckers have been scoffed out by european drivers. i'm willing to help you came out of a crisis seemingly of its own making. for his bo nancy, ever on the case, this is not an attractive proposition for our drivers beyond the issue of pay, the job needs to be stable and secure. if
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a driver has an employment contract in poland with a permanent employer, why would they quit everything and go to dk for 2 or 3 months just to help the british sought out their christmas? and this is the ongoing consequence of a shortage of around a $100000.00 drivers. some pedro pumps of simply run dry elsewhere there a long queues of irate drivers. there are now concerns about essential supplies reaching pharmacies in a week in which scuffles are broken out of some petrol stations. the government insists the situation is improving, but it's not just laurie drivers that are in short supply. another crisis looms caused by a shortage of butcher's money from eastern europe. the farming industries warned the hundreds of thousands of pigs may have to be cold within weeks unless the government issues visa's to allow more bushes into the country. this is an interconnected crisis where the worst effects of brake system cove id have collided
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. spreading chaos in everything from food to fuel. the focker al jazeera london lots more on our website. the address is al jazeera dot com, do check it out. hello, this is al jazeera, these are your top stories. george s, former president mackelfresh really has spent the night in detention after returning from exile to support the opposition in elections. he was convicted in 2018 for a beast of power. it says it was politically motivated. the number of people who have died from coven 19 in the united states has passed 700000 any 70.


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