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wow, you know, he does have a week now with this axis again, because when the sun city killed people and that it kills people now is already killing both fries with people twice cornell, jazeera. ah, the u. s. a pass is 700000 deaths from cobit 19 as nearly 70000000 americans remain unvaccinated. ah, hello, i'm darn jordan. this is al jazeera die from dell are also coming up. doesn't matter whether it's been 6 minutes a day or 6 week, we're going to get it done. the u. s. president meets fellow democrats as the party remains divided of a 2 massive spending bills, a spiraling humanitarian crisis,
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now complicated by diplomatic one. the un tells me to go here, it does no needle, right to expel 7 of its officials and will take you to a small town in columbia. it's now overwhelmed with migrants. most of them from hated ah, the united states, that's the past 700000 deaths through cobra 90. it remains the world's worst affected country accounting for around 15 percent of world wide fatalities. globally, more than 4700000 people have died from the disease. around 67 percent of eligible adults in the us are fully vaccinated, but 70000000 americans remain unvaccinated, despite the fact that vaccines are widely available and they're free. or despite the vaccination rate, slow down, california is pushing ahead, becoming the 1st us state to make it compulsory for school children to be vaccinated against coven. 19 the governor gavin newsome says the move could go into
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effect as early as january. the mandate is pending approval from the us food and drug administration for 12 to 15 year olds. the f d. a fully approved vaccines for students over 16 in august, august there was my camera says the vaccinations will occur on a staggered basis. thus looking at children between the ages of $12.16, and then as if da approval is forthcoming, children under the ages of 12 will require to be vaccinated. now, the governor points out that this is going to be over a staggered period. we are talking out for a period of months or the full impact will be measured by july and next year says the governor. it's the 1st state in the u. s. a. to actually impose a mandate for vaccine within its schools. it's a massive step in terms of california and politics. and the process though, is simplified in a way, a, by the fact that the governors decided to add the cobit 19 vaccines to the list of
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vaccines at the cuddly. california public health department already requires for school attendance such as measles, polio, mumps. these vaccines are already mandated cobit 19 is simply going to added at to this particular list. there are some 13000 school boards across the state, and they've actually written letters to the governor saying how much they are facing in terms of local school board meetings. some are described as utterly chaotic with some parents are refusing to allow the wearing of mass, certainly refusing any form of force vaccination. one must note that already in california, all to school children have to be wearing masks. all teachers have to be wearing mass. all teachers have to be vaccinated or face regular testing, but even these steps have absolutely infuriated large numbers of california public who have been staging demonstrations at school board meetings throughout the state . what and so the signs of the struggles of reopening in the us,
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the broadway musical aladdin has been forced to cancel, shows only 3 days after reopened. disney says the 10 day break came off of several of code infections reported amongst its constant crew. despite all of them being fully vaccinated, as the 1st corona virus related cancellation of a broadway show since they began reopening over the last few weeks. the wes pharmaceutical company, much sense trial show it's experimental cope at $900.00 pill treatment, reduces hospitalizations and debt by a half. it's data has not yet been published, or peer reviewed. marcus, seeking emergency use authorization in the u. s. if approved, it would be the 1st pill full coven, $19.00 on his shot as a primary healthcare doctor. he says, the pill is a significant development. is a real game changer in our treatment of the school pandemic that has in so many ways shut down civilization. so it's a very exciting day to good day. but this is a drug that mark has developed. i am. my understanding is that there are other
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pharmaceutical companies that are also very competitively going to be bringing their versions of this drug, this anti virus agent to the marketplace. and basically what it does is it inhibits the replication of the virus by causing errors in his genetic code. remember, it's an r n, a virus, so transmit r n a to r and a, and this new medication. quite shockingly, because the conventional wisdom was that we could not come up with an anti viral medication to treat an r n, a virus like co, 19 low and behold, science as delivered once again. now, this is all preliminary. now this has been peer reviewed, but i can tell you this. if a phase 3 trials gets shut down early because the data looks good, that's a very promising sign. this is an amazing, i mean this may be actually from a scientific point of view in more startling development than the vaccine itself. the white house, as the u. s. president and members of his democratic party had made progress as
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they tried to rescue jo biden's economic agenda in a rare mood for american presidents biden has met with his party members on capitol hill. divisions among democrats threatened his ambitious plans with progressives voting to block a trillion dollar infrastructure bill without larger social spending and a greater focus on climate change rather than jordan as more from washington dc. even though you as president joe biden's trip from the white house to capitol hill was televised on friday afternoon. the democratic leader didn't get what he wanted . members of his party agreeing to vote on 2 key pieces of legislation. a $1.00 trillion dollar infrastructure bill, as well as a $3.00 trillion dollar social services and environmental package. that's because progressive and conservatives in the democratic party are split on just how much money to spend, even though they all say they want the same things. now the members of the
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progressive wing, the more liberal wing, have been holding things up in the house of representatives. they say their members were sent because their voters want to see more spending on things such as health care, education, child care, and a clean environment. and they intend to deliver. they say without a guarantee that that $3.00 trillion dollar bill is going to be passed. they're not going to vote for the $1.00 trillion dollar infrastructure bill, which would improve roads, bridges, internet connections, telecommunications, and the nation's power grid. because of this political standing, the president was called in, basically to try to get the more conservative wing of the democratic party and the more liberal wing to find common ground. but even after that closed door entreaty, they didn't really agree on what to do next. this is what the president had to say
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as he left capitol hill on friday afternoon. doesn't matter whether it's a 6 minute day or 6 week, we're going to get it done because members of the health did not vote on a full infrastructure bill. the one that's already been passed by the u. s. senate . they instead spent friday evening voting on a short term 30 day funding package to take care of as, until transportation industry needs. that means they're going to have to come back and deal with that matter in a months time. but in the meantime, members of the house of representatives are going back to their districts across the country for the next 2 weeks. if negotiations turn out any sort of wheel, compromise that members of the entire party are willing to support. they could be called back to washington, but as with everything here, don't hold your breath. united nations as total ethiopia as prime minister, it doesn't accept the country's decision to expel 7 of its senior personnel.
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ethiopia says the officials are being removed from meddling in the internal affairs of the country. the announcement came off to the u. n. z aid chief and said a factor blockade on age. the region was causing severe malnutrition. among children. un says it could affect humanitarian operations and help more than 5000000 people in the brought on to grow region or diplomatic editor james base has more from the u. n. for now the u. n. is not withdrawing the 7 high level members of its staff. that the government of ethiopia say should be expelled from the country. the you and 2nd, general antonio terrace picked up the phone to the theo, p. and prime minister, abbe armoured of the un says that it doesn't accept the principle that these staff are now. persona non grata and it is the long standing legal position of the organization not to accept the application of the doctrine of persona non grata with respect to united nations officials. this is doctrine to the applies to diplomatic agents, accredited by one state to another state. the application of this doctrine denied
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nations officials is contrary to obligations under the charter of the united nations. however, the ethiopian foreign ministry is double down issuing a new statement, giving more details of what it says is the meddling by the 7 staff in internal affairs. it also says that a discussion of the issue by the un security council would be a blatant violation of its national sovereignty. but that discussion has taken place a closed session of the security council coming as it is now october under the presidency of kenya. a neighbor of ethiopia that has close relations with the country. i asked kenya's ambassador whether by its actions, ethiopia, now risk becoming a pariah state. the canyon government and our delegation certainly is, is not considering a questions about perio state or, or what the response of the european government is. we are considering all the statements,
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including some of the communications or from the foreign ministry by twitter. and we're con to noon, to actively be informed and trained to be responsive to the situation as it evolves. but we have every hope that it will r got in a positive direction. so what is the next step? i am told ireland is currently circulating the draft of a statement to all the security council members. all of them though, must agree before it is issued residents and as small colombian towns say, an influx of mostly haitian migrants is pushing them out of housing. migrants are trying to catch boats on their way north of the u. s, but far fewer people a day can leave than arrive. alexander and pet reports from the town of mclaughlin . after week stuck in this beach down a few 100 migrants, mostly haitians are finally able to continue their journey north that'll. while others continue to scramble for a ferry tickets, despite being told they are sold out until the end of october. and that's because
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neighboring, panama is only allowing $500.00 to enter the country each day. is a mighty st juice in his family or among the lucky ones who are finally able to leave. after a 45 day weight, i presume, like a couple of his eliza and locals take advantage of us being stuck here. while a colombian buys akila brice for the equivalent in pesos of less than $2.00. they charge us 7 or $8.00 and that's just wrong. our 1st, why is worry now of having to cross the notoriously dangerous diary in jungle only to end up being the port? it was hopeless. i did. i. we know there's a lot of crime on the other side, armed thiefs risk of sexual abuse. i have a family member that's been through that, but returning to not an option return to watch. i already spent $10000.00 to get here. i'd need to spend the same to return. like many haitians here he settled and
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she left her a devastating earthquake. ravage this country in 2010. the different on the crisis following cove. it's pushed them back on the road. at least 22000 migrants are staying in a co clea. some can afford to stay in house, as earl tells others, or forced to pitch tents on the beach to try to in this crisis coloma. now tori, these are now openly trying to dissuade the migrant set from continuing their journey, insisting on the risks belie aheads, and also telling them that they will likely be the abortive. if they reach the united states or even mexico. secondly, calling for alison thought to stop the influx. the government has also ordered travel companies to stop selling bus tickets to migrants entering columbia from ecuador. the scare tactics are working. some asians have decided to return to their host countries. none would go on camera, but they said they either ran out of money were too scared to be deported back to
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haiti that it was almost $200.00 people are now returning every day and they're communicating to their friends and relatives that it's not worth trying to do this any more with the news tightening around him, similar left with no option, but at mit. dear tim to failed, even when they had nothing to return to. i listened that a beauty and jesse cookie looked more still to come here, and i'll just hear including will take you live, to polling stations here and dough. horace voting begins and catches 1st legislative election and a spectacular but dangerous. show the risk posed by the volcano on the on and of la, paloma continues to grow more, not stainless, ah, hello your world, whether report begins right here right now with a focus on the middle east. we're going to start in the gulf of amman,
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where we've got psychotic storm gulard targeting southern portions of iran on saturday. press place where this goes on sunday, veering toward the west. oman and moscow will be in the cross hairs here, 3 day forecasts for moscow that shows us the rain on sunday. not a major rainmaker, but the potential to see some damaging winds here with gusts of about 75 kilometers per hour. now for the middle east, we've got a shamal setting up down through the gulf, so that's going to swirl around the sand and dust visibility will be a problem. places like doha on saturday and look sunday to start the day missed and fog. so once again, a poor visibility, really the name of the game, off to turkey, and we do have this breeze through the boss 1st, the scattering of showers. i think it's stumble. could see wind gusts here of about 45 kilometers per hour. the tropics, africa, we've got some big thunderstorms, setting up for portions of the democratic republic of congo, along the border with uganda and south sudan, unsettled conditions for the western cade, the eastern cape rate, up into durbin,
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and pretty much in the zone we could see wind gusts of about 75 kilometers per hour in time for the western cape temperatures are on the rise as we head toward next week. ah. ready too often of canister is portrayed through the prism of war. but there were many of canister thanks to the brave individuals who risk their lives to protect it from destruction. an extraordinary film archives spun for decades, reviews the forgotten truth of the country's modern history. the forbidden real part 3, the rise of the machine on a jessina. lou
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ah, welcome back. a quick reminder. the top stories here on al jazeera, the number of people have died from cobra. 19 in the united states is now past 700000 nearly 70000000 people. that's a 5th of the population. i've still not been vaccinated even though the jobs are widely available. the white house says the u. s. president and members of his democratic party have made progress. i tried to rescue job biden's economic agenda in a rare move. biden has met with his party members on capitol hill. and the united nations has told ethiopia as prime minister, it doesn't accept the country's decision to expel 7 of its senior personnel. ethiopia says the officials are being told to me because they meddled in the internal affairs of the country. that pulls up just open for cat tiles. first legislative elections, voters are choosing 30 of the 45 member. sure. a council. the body dates back to
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1972. but until now was fully appointed by cattle emir. the council can propose laws approved budgets and recall ministers, though the mayor will retain vito palate while jamal shall joins us live now from upholding station in doha gemalto. this is the 1st time cats are, is holding this type of election. tell us what this means on white so significant well, darn, this is a major step in terms of the modernization of the governing system that the country is applying. as you mentioned there, this body has been mainly a consultative one over the past few decades. but there has been a push within cover to share responsibility to widen participation, to develop the relationship between the citizen and the states. and through that came the idea or the push to make this,
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but the one that people are able to stand in fulton and to give it more power. so as you mentioned that this is akin to other countries, parliaments in that it is the body that will have where the draft laws it is the body that can question and even psych ministers. and it's therefore something that has a lot more power than it did before. and what we've seen in one of the positions where we are today so far, obviously sort of been about 15 minutes or so. but there has been a, a quite an active, a presence in terms of vultures who have been coming in. we've seen over the past couple of weeks are quite intense competition for these seats. so in this current district, there's 13 candidates. and for the 1st time on something like this to take place in potter, it would appear that there is quite a bit of excitement amongst the nationals who are able to vote in these elections
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or i to jamal. thank you for that. let's call 7 now to door jabari a who's also falling the bell dosa. and there are significant number of women candidates running in this election. how important is the woman's vote in cats off in terms of political impairment? well it's certainly going to be very important for the women runny there is $27.00 and female candidates, i gotta running amongst and nearly 300 can synthesize election. and some of those candidates that have spoken to say that it's very important for them to have a voice on this body because they will be able to make decisions about not only themselves, but the women in the country and their future. one candidate i spoke to set her mean mandate is to try and get education and as social security for women to the forefront of this elected body. the other candidates, folks who said it's very important in general to have women as part of the decision making process in the country. so the future generations will have much more to
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benefit in terms of what they're expecting from their elected officials. the women that are running say that it's important for them to take part in this election to show that to katara is very much on the forefront when it comes to women's rights and issues. and as this is, of course not the 1st time that women have been part are taking part in the government. the emir appointed for members of the shore council in 2017, when he was still appointing. all of the 45 members in general, there is a sense that this is very important point for women in this country. and many of the women that are voting, i've spoken to say they're very excited to take part in the election process in their country. and we'll see how they do one see results are announced later on this evening. all right, joseph jabar, alive for stay at a voting station in doha daughter. thank you. now, georgia, former president because soccer really has been detained just hours after arriving back in the country. for the 1st time in years earlier, he'd posted a video on facebook saying he wanted to support the opposition and saturdays
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election despite the risk of arrest soccer. but he left georgia in 2013 when his 2nd term. as president ended years later, he was sentenced in absentia to 6 years in prison for abuse of power charge he called politically motivated robin 1st to walk as more of the capital tbilisi. i understand that he was actually detained here in sibley. see, having somehow escaped authority since posting that video early this morning from by to me, which is on the coastal, which is on the coast. he on, on the black sea, he made it to the police, and he then said that he said he faced likely arrest. we then had a statement from the prime minister saying that that arrest operation had been carried out. and we've now seen a smiling recall sacristy being taken into prison. we understand that prison is and we're savvy to town. not far from that from tbilisi itself. i really, that just kept an extraordinary dain,
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george and politics because michael sec s. v a has made disappearance on the eve of municipal and merrill elections, which the opposition consider is really important because they hope that georgia public will come out to more and vote decisively against the georgia dream government. so make off suckers really has picked this moment now. finally, after all these years to return and shake up the georgia political seat. now a lawyer known for his decades long battle against the u. s. oil, john chevron has been jailed for criminal contempt. steven danziger was sentenced a 6 months in prison by a court in new york. christian salumi reports. stephen danziger arrived in court to a hero's welcome. but the environmentalists indigenous groups who gathered to listen to the judge were deeply disappointed by the sentence 6 months in jail on
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charges of contempt of court. the only thing that would have changed today's outcome is the one thing that was never ever going to happen. which was for steven danziger to stand up. 5 and say, i'm sorry, i'm sorry i chunk on chevron. it was back in 2013 that danziger won a $9500000000.00 settlement against the oil giant chevron in ecuador. soon after winning it, chevron took him to court in the united states on charges of bribery and witness tampering. federal prosecutors declined to take the case, but judge louis kaplan appointed private attorneys, attorneys, who once worked for chevron to prosecute it. and in a trial without a jury found him guilty, the contempt charge of stem from his refusal to comply with court orders. and the appeal of that case, gentler and a prescott pushed back against claims that danziger was being over. punish saying
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he'd spent 7 years thumbing his nose at the justice system. and even if chevron were the bad guys, that didn't make danziger a good guy. but danziger now forbidden from practicing law, has already spent 2 years essentially confined here in his manhattan apartment, monitored by an electronic ankle bracelet. the reason i'm locked up is because we were successful. okay. i, along with other lawyers helped indigenous peoples in ecuador when a historic 9500000000 dollar pollution judge. when he got chevron for the deliberate dumping of billions or girls of cancer causing waste into the amazon. that's an historical fact that case has been affirmed on appeal by 28 appellate judges, including the highest courts of ecuador in canada, form for, for purposes, you know, so why, why the one being locked up? are you an human rights committee on arbitrary detention has called for his immediate release, saying the judges in his case lacked objectivity and impartiality. chevron has even
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stated that they spent over a $1000000000.00 in prosecuting danziger and defending chevron. and obviously this is a message to any human rights lawyer go up against the big corporation and we will take you down, destroy you dancing your plans, you appeal the sentence. as for chevron, the company has yet to pay a penny in damages. kristin salumi al jazeera new york. a train carrying hundreds of protest has arrived in these sudanese capital cartoon activists are holding pro democracy ronnie's to condemn. last week's qu, attempt either morgan as more from culture, despite associations, unions, and civil societies, as well as active. if calling for protests on the 30th of september, for the 2nd day protested, took to the streets once again and gathered in front of the committee to dismantle the june 30th regime. that's the regime that was headed by former president, alma embassy. many of the process of picking all the way from on
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a neighboring grove. and i'll say they say that despite the sabbath type that was made on the railways, delaying their trips, and making them not join the processes. yesterday they still want to let the civilian components of this transition. the government know that they have their support and they want to show the military that civilians not just in the capital capital but other parts of the country. despite political differences of the ruling coalition, the brilliant they'll have the majority and they'll have the support of the street, the end of the month, straighten up the line. now, the reason we're out here is because of the recent coo and we want the military to hand power to civilian rule. the other reason we came out to protest is because of the discord they're trying to. so between the military and the people of sudan, we have no issue with the military institution. our real problem is with those from the former regime in the military institution, the officers who want to overthrow the government and our revolution. while some people say that their issue is not with the whole military institution, but rather individuals, all those are calling for
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a complete end to the partnership between the military and the civilians. that's an end to the transitional government. but the people here say they all agree on one thing. they want to let the military know that despite the political differences between the ruling called attend the political parties, people here pro fair, a civilian rule over a military rule. and that the military, the political parties, i'm a sibling component of this transitional government has their backing and their support, the residence on the spanish, on the middle, palma, bracing themselves for. they're, they're robson, some they come right there. have volcano alzheimer's during the whole has the story displaying both the majesty and the menace of nature. the volcanic eruption on the island of la palmer is expanding to new vents of opened up adding to the river of lava flowing to the sea. hundreds of homes have been lost, thousands more, remained vacant, evacuated europe, falcon ologist warned that an evolving eruption could yet put others at risk,
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or anything will happen, but it's in the bottom of the type of the activity that we have with godaddy. i let, i mean the question is how much sir maria will, will come out there. this is something that that we dont know died. now. constant data monitoring helps experts understand what is happening. many kilometers beneath the earth surface. seismic tremors a few times an hour on the south side of the island, add another dimension, but no one can predict what will happen next to him, but as a miracle room, but it is important and certainty fear in secret here fed that it will affect health we don't know what is going to happen. mm. the expectation is that lava from the to new vent will follow the original flow down along those western slopes that would spare many homes, potentially at risk. but it's entirely possible that uneven terrain here could force a deviation with yet more destructive consequences. and in the power of
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this volcano rising from unfathomable depths, there is a glimpse at the origins of the earth itself. satellite images show a new peninsula of volcanic rock. the island expanding to the west. this is how it was created in the 1st place. a consequence of molten lava beating the atlantic ocean jona, hull al jazeera la palmer. ah . type a quick check of the top stories here on al jazeera, the number of people have died from cobit 19 in the united states has now passed 700000 nearly 17000000 people. that's a 5th the population have still not been vaccinated even though the jobs are widely available. california is become the 1st. you are state to make it compulsory for school children to be vaccinated. gab, governor gavin newsome says the move could go into effect as early as january the
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white house as the u. s. president and members of his democratic party had made progress as they tried to rescue joe biden.


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