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produce some selections on mandatory course from the surveillance of correctness. so the battle fields around most of our job is to get to the truth and empower people through knowledge. ah, a. the usaa passes 700000 debts from cobit 19 as nearly 17000000 americans remain unvaccinated . ah, i'm darn jordan. this is out as a red light from dough are also coming up. doesn't matter whether it's in 6 minutes, day or 6 week, we're going to get it done. the u. s. president meets fellow democrats as the party remains divided of a 2 massive spending bills. a spiraling humanitarian crisis,
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now complicated by a diplomatic one. united nations tells ethiopia, it is no legal right to expel 7 of its officials and will take you to a small town in columbia. this now overwhelmed with migrants. most of them from haiti. ah, the united states has reached a grim milestone, surpassing 700000 debts from cope at 19. it remains the world's worst affected country accounting for around 15 percent of worldwide fatalities. globally, more than 4700000 people have died from the disease. around 67 percent of eligible adults in the u. s. i fully vaccinated, but 70000000 americans remain unvaccinated despite the fact vaccines are widely available and they're free. well, despite the vaccination rate, slow down, california is pushing ahead, becoming the 1st us state to make it compulsory for school children to be vaccinated against coven. 19 the governor gavin newsome says the move could go into
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effect as early as january. the mandate is pending approval from the us food and drug administration for 12 to 15 year olds, the f d. a fully approved vaccines for students of 16 in august. out there was my kind of says, the vaccinations will occur on a stack of basis. thus looking at children between the ages of $12.16, and then as if da approval is forthcoming, children under the ages of 12 will require to be vaccinated. now, the governor points out that this is going to be over a staggered period. we are talking out for a period of months or the full impact will be measured by july next year says the governor, it's the 1st state in the u. s. a. to actually impose a mandate for vaccine within its schools. it's a massive step in terms of california and politics. and the process though, is simplified in a way, a by the fact that the governors decided to add the cobra 19 vaccines to the list
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of vaccines at the cuddly. california public health department already requires for school attendance such as measles, polio mumps. these vaccines are already mandated. cobit 19 is simply going to added at to this particular list. there are some 13000 school boards across the state. and they've actually written letters to the governor saying how much they are facing in terms of local school board meetings. some are described as utterly chaotic with some parents are refusing to allow the wearing of mass, certainly refusing any form of force vaccination. one must note that already in california, all to school children have to be wearing masks. all teachers have to be wearing mass. all teachers have to be vaccinated or face regular testing. but even these steps have absolutely infuriated large numbers of california public who have been staging demonstrations at school board meetings throughout the state. well,
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in so the signs of the struggles of reopening in the us, the broadway stage production of the musical aladdin has cancelled all shows until october 12th, due to cobra infections within the company. fortunately, they are vaccinated. disney says the 10 day break will allow those with the virus to recover. infections are far less dangerous and people who are vaccinated. it's the 1st corona virus related cancellation of a broadway show. since they restarted this year. you as far as you go, company merc says, trial show it's experimental. cobit 19 pill treatment, reduces hospitalizations and deaths by half as data has not yet been published or peer reviewed. merck is seeking emergency use authorization in the us. if approved, it will be the 1st pill, a coven! 19 the white house says the u. s. president and members of his democratic party had made progress as they tried to rescue ger biden's economic agenda. in a rare move for american presidents biden has met with his party members on capitol
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hill. divisions among democrats threatened his ambitious plans with progressive vowing to block a one trillion dollar infrastructure bill without larger social spending and a greater focus on climate change. rosen, jordan has more now from washington, even though you as president joe biden's trip from the white house to capitol hill was televised on friday afternoon. the democratic leader didn't get what he wanted . members of his party agreeing to vote on 2 key pieces of legislation. a $1.00 trillion dollar infrastructure bill, as well as a $3.00 trillion dollar social services and environmental package. that's because progressive and conservatives in the democratic party are split on just how much money to spend, even though they all say they want the same things. now the members of the progressive wing, the more liberal wing, have been holding things up in the house of representatives. they say their members
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were sent because their voters want to see more spending on things such as health care, education, child care, and a clean environment. and they intend to deliver. they say without a guarantee that that $3.00 trillion dollar bill is going to be passed. they're not going to vote for the $1.00 trillion dollar infrastructure bill, which would improve roads, bridges, internet connections, telecommunications, and the nation's power grid. because of this political standing, the president was called in, basically to try to get the more conservative wing of the democratic party and the more liberal wing to find common ground. but even after that closed door entreaty, they didn't really agree on what to do next. this is what the president had to say as he left capitol hill on friday afternoon. doesn't matter whether it's a 6 minute day or 6 week,
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we're going to get it done because members of the health did not vote on a full infrastructure bill. the one that's already been passed by the u. s. senate . they instead spent friday evening voting on a short term 30 day funding package to take care of us until transportation industry needs. that means they're going to have to come back and deal with that matter in a months time. but in the meantime, members of the house of representatives are going back to their districts across the country for the next 2 weeks. if negotiations turn out any sort of wheel, compromise that members of the entire party are willing to support. they could be called back to washington, but as with everything here, don't hold your breath. united nations has told ethiopia as prime minister, it doesn't accept the country's decision to expel 7 of its senior personnel. if yoga says the officials are being removed for quote, meddling in the internal affairs of the country, announcement came up to the u. n's aid chief said a de facto blockade,
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an aide to the region was causing severe malnutrition among children. the un says it could affect humanitarian operations that help more than 5000000 people in the water to dry region. antibiotic editor james bays has more from the united nations . for now, the u. n. is not withdrawing the 7 high level members of its staff, that the government of ethiopia say should be expelled from the country. the un 2nd general antonio terrace picked up the phone to the theo, p prime minister, abbe ahmed of the un says that it doesn't accept the principle that these staff on out persona non grata. and it is the long standing legal position of the organization not to accept the application of the doctrine of persona non grata with respect to united nations officials. this is a doctrine to the applies to diplomatic agents accredited by one state to another state. the application of this doctrine to united nations officials is contrary to obligations under the charter of the united nations. however, the ethiopian foreign ministry has doubled down, issuing a new statement,
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giving more details of what it says is the meddling by the 7th staff in internal affairs. it also says that a discussion of the issue by the un security council would be a blatant violation of its national sovereignty. but that discussion has taken place at close session of the security council coming as it is now october under the presidency of kenya. a neighbor of ethiopia that has close relations with the country. i asked kenya's ambassador whether by its actions, ethiopia, now risk becoming a pariah state. the kenyan government in our delegation, certainly is, is not considering a question about paris state or, or what the response of the philippine government is. we are considering all the statements, including some of the communications or from the foreign ministry by twitter. and we are continuing to actively be informed and trying to be
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responsive to the situation as evolves. but we have every hope that it will r got in a positive direction. so what is the next step? i am told ireland is currently circulating the draft of a statement to all the security council members. all of them though, must agree before it is issued. what david del counties from refugee international, he says the situation and the region is now desperate. since the blockade came into effect on 26, june, less than 10 percent of the necessary supplies had reached the region. agencies have since exhausted nearly all the supplies that were preposition in the warehouses. mccadden leaving the vast majority of the operation suspended until more supplies are allowed in for the civilian population, which is mainly comprised the women children at the elderly. as you can imagine, seeing from recent reports the situation of their slow and people march toward starvation. since the blockade came into effect communications in today into
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an attitude i have been cut. so it's very difficult to hear from, to get indians themselves or to speak with them as to what's happening to them in their family. that's one of the aspects of the blockade through my contacts and those are refugees, international. we know the situation is becoming increasingly dire. the absence of food aid, nutrition supplies, medical supplies, and fuel to to truck water means that the situation every day gets worse. the absence of banking facilities means a good indians can't access theirs. their savings and, and banks do to buy or supply some buy supplies for their families. the absence of commerce means that they can't share or, or purchase items in the market. so these dynamics make for a particularly serious, serious situation design growing worse by the day. georgia's for president macau successfully has been detained just hours after arriving back in the country for
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the 1st time in years earlier. he'd post a video on facebook saying he wants to support the opposition and saturdays election despite the risk of arrest. sac. asheville left george in 2013 when his 2nd term as president ended years later, he was sentenced in absentia to 6 years in prison. abuse of power, a charge who called politically motivated robin. first, a walker has more from the capital to basic. i understand that he was actually detained here in sibley. see, having somehow escaped authority since posting that video early this morning from by to me, which is on the coastal, which is on the coast. he on, on the black sea, he made it to the police, and he then said that he said he faced likely arrest. we then had a statement from the prime minister saying that that arrest operation had been carried out. and we've now seen a smiling recall sacristy being taken into prison. we understand that prison is en
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route stevia to town not far from the from tbilisi itself. i really that just kept an extraordinary dain, george and politics because michael sack s v a has made disappearance on the eve of municipal and merrill elections, which the opposition consider is really important because they hope that georgia public will come out tomorrow and vote decisively against the georgia dream government, so make off suckers, really has picked this moment. now finally, after all these years to return and shake up the georgia political c. no residence in a small colombian town say an influx of mostly haitian migrants is pushing them out of housing. migrants are trying to catch boats on their way north to the us, but far fewer people a day can leave them arrive. it comes as the deadline has arrived for the u. s. to confirm the number of refugees it'll accept over the next 12 months. president
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biden wants to increase the resettlement, seeming to a 125000. a summer. pity has more from nickel belief in columbia. the last bus just left while we were here, because the number of asian migrants that have been in this found 4 weeks now have decided to return to the city of may they and. and from there to the countries where they've been living in the past few years after they had left the haiti, most of the haitians who arrived here in echo korean are trying to move. or we're trying, in the case of those who left to move north towards mexico and the united states were living in either chilly or brazil following the economic crisis where to cope with 19 restrictions. they now they sided, or they simply couldn't make a living any more. and, and we're trying to make that a nor to the issue is that they ended up in a bottleneck here because panama is just allowing 500 of them to
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leave this sound. and to plan them on a daily basis. and after being here for weeks some even more than that, more than a month, they ran out of money and they got relatives or friends to send him some money and decided to go back. a few 100 are doing that now, every day this just started this week because there are more than 22000 migrants. and this found now colonial authorities are trying to persuade them to go back because of the dangers that they a face once they leave. and i called clear 1st, they have to cross that ariana jungle for 5 days. that's a notoriously dangerous trek. then they asked to go to another 6 countries to reach the united states where they are now at risk of being at the port that sponsor. so break here now to 0, when we come back. colds when investigation into the shooting of a prominent ring, elidah inside the world's largest refugee camp,
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stopped from entering parliament police into nicea boswell, makers from that place, work more than that, save us. ah hello. thank you. for tuning in, here's your headlines for the american, some disturbed weather around the river plate region, once again the heavier batch of what weather north at porto, a lay gray so impacting southeast of brazil, south end of south america, our wet weather where we would expect to see ecuador into columbia, and the north west of venezuela. up to central america were seen some more storms through the caribbean, a batch of heavy rain through a jamaica kingston. 33 degrees and the usual spots across mexico, including for the pacific coast on saturday for the u. s. here's what's going on. we've got a conveyor belts of just warm and moist air being funneled up. that's colliding
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with cool air from the west. so when the to collide, we see storms from the upper great lakes straight down to the gulf of mexico. so we go on for closer look, a lot of rain, texas, louisiana, oklahoma, right into arkansas and around the great lakes. it's going to be disturbed weather pretty much all weekend long, toronto 22 degrees. there's hurricane sam will continue. keep tabs on that to see if it does have an impact on atlanta, canada to the west. temperatures have come down for the prairies. our next batch of what weather for b. c. south coast were temperatures are shooting up is for california, san francisco. and los angeles allay has a height of 32 on saturday. ah, the hospitals and clinics across asia battle code with 19 mountains of medical waste piling on one 0, one east investigate dangerous pandemic for on al jazeera.
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mm mm. you want to help save the world? sneeze into your elmo. ah ah ah, welcome back. a quick reminder about top stories here at this hour. the number of people have died from coke. 19 in the united states has past 700000, maybe 70000000 people. that's one 5th, the population of still not been vaccinated, even though the jobs are widely available. the white house says the u. s. president and members of his democratic party have made progress. i tried to rescue job
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bivens economic agenda in a ram, move biden has met with his body members on capitol hill. i'm united nations has told ethiopia as prime minister, it doesn't accept the country's decision to expel 7 of its senior personnel. ethiopia says the officials are being told to leave because they meddled and internal affairs of the country. rights groups are calling for an investigation into the killing of a prominent rank, a leader, the world's biggest refugee camp. the shooting happened at cox's bazaar and bangladesh. out a 0 is tanveer. chandry has been speaking to people there who say that devastated and fearful evarado are right. and our security, our safety for years running a leader more able law regularly received that threats and predicted who'd be killed. like many other ringer refugees, mohammed cuts him says he feels devastated for years now. we've been watching and following my he buller jammed to us is don't so much for us, but we couldn't save him. he took our case to the global community to seek justice
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for us mobile a came to prominence when he was chosen to represent his community on a visit to meet then you as president, donald trump at the white house. and i turned the un human rights council session in geneva in 2019. this is the place where ro hang our community leader marble. i was shot that when as the night there's a uneasy come prevailing in the camp. and a heavy presence of security rang i ref, ridges are worried and anxious to find out who is behind the killing. a funeral was held for ma hibler inside the camp among those there, his wife and 8 children to lay that elizabeth had thought he left. he was so much responsibility. i am devastated. how can i manage the family now? it's a difficult road ahead. i am scared to live here now and we need security as he is dead now on the alert. give us justice. police say the murder was well plan. i'm of the police, it will be the unity
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a at that 100 all police units are involved in resolving this case and finding the motive behind it. we got some important information today and detained the suspect . hopefully we will resolve this case so we're going to getting in recent months, the office of the refugee relief and reparation commissioner has severely restricted media access to the caucasus bizarre refugee camp. making it difficult to gather news, but it's clear, many ravages feel fearful and angry monitor that we didn't were very worried about his killing. he was a leader in the community. he pleaded our cause to the world. many who did not want to be identified on camera told al, does it or that the murder is the latest example of a fight for power between armed gangs. inside the world's largest refugee cam turn, which audrey al jazeera, could to prolong cox's bizarre. now cause for celebration in chile, a state of emergency imposed to stop the spread of cupboard 19 has finally been lifted. strict nighttime curfews had been in place since early 2020, but after
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a recent decline, infections life was returning to normal. for many. let's hear newman reports for santiago, ah, free at last. it's a sentiment shared by millions of chileans, after 18 months of a state of emergency imposed by the government because of the pandemic. a non interrupted curfew, one of the world's longest, forced people to rush home early every day. now chileans are hoping to get back to a semi normal life. oh, disconnection bars will also finally be able to reopen until the wee hours of the morning once a year, more lateral. we're very happy. this is good for the economy. and for people's state of mind it's been too long. i've been yeah, boy, solid. some of them, but it was about time and now we can finally go out at night and have a social life that we really needed, you know, we've out so far there have been more than 3700 grown of virus related deaths in
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chile and some 1600000 confirmed cases, health officials and politicians concede that the long running curfew had become unnecessary. but truth be told, it was becoming almost impossible to enforce. yet not everyone is happy about the restrictions being lifted doesn't get worked out in the middle of the at my front are going to want to kill me, but i wish we still had the curfew. i could tell guessed that it was time to leave, or i could leave early by just saying, oops, thomas curfew time to go. although there is no longer a curfew, plenty of restrictions still remain over. 19 impressions have dropped dramatically in chile, more than 90 percent of the target population has been fully vaccinated. and some people haven't even received a 3rd dose. what is you can see, you still have to wear a face mask everywhere except while eating. and you also have to shall cove, a vaccination to enter most places. chili's borders are now also finally open to
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international travelers. a lifesaver for the crippled tourist industry. but anyone who enters the country must go into quarantine for 5 to 7 days. it's a glass, at least half full. unfortunately, these new found freedoms could disappear if infection rates begin to search. once again, to see a newman, al jazeera, santiago, police, and protest as of class in greece during a demonstration called by teachers. the right police use tear gas and water cannon . to try to disperse the crowds in athens, it was one of 2 rallies organized by a teacher's union against a new law. that would see teachers and schools undergo regular performance reviews . on thursday, a court block them from going on strike the post, the new lou police and in his ear have stopped m p. 's from entering parliament. so there were reports that politicians would try to return to work at the end of the summer recess. or during their break president case, i had suspended parliament ministry as moved in
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a capital to this juniors elected politicians should be in parliament for the 1st day. back after the summer break. mohammed romani was one of only 2 and tried. they didn't get very far. lulu. i came here and found all the doors closed. i want to say either there is a parliament which is open for us to work or to be dissolved. we will have new elections. parliament was suspended on july 25th by present case signed. but he now rules by decrees. good. is it because of coven 19 chinese is economy shrunk by 8 percent last year. youth unemployment is at 36 percent. the dina has lost half its value. that's why many tunisians seem to support the president's decision to put the country's 10 year old democracy on ice. but 2 months on, there's still no recovery plan. a no promised crackdown on widespread corruption. he from houser from the president says he has proof of corrupt people, has them so then they should be sent to prison wash. he's not done that yet. on
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wednesday, the president appointed natural, a boot and as prime minister and a 1st time, a woman has held the roller booklet gym mass. if you hold all the power generic, you know, one looking over, you know, there must be a time when these extraordinary measures expire. he having a female prime minister isn't enough. he said there must be partnership with civil society and not all political parties are equally bag. now we can't save the country without working hand in can. the president side says he will appoint a committee to help amend the constitutional to establish a true democracy in which the people are truly sovereign. that could be a long process. the economic crisis is more urgent. the central bank says it has less than $200000000.00 in the treasury. it needs one and a half $1000000000.00 every month to pay wages and meet debt repayments, obligations impossible, without help from foreign lenders. bernard smith, al jazeera judas, a train carrying hundreds of protest as as arrived in the sudanese capital cartoon
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. after this, our holding pro democracy rallies to condemn. last week school attempt, demonstrators are calling for an end to a pass struggle within the transitional government guineas, cooley. the colonel medea dubois has been sworn in as interim president. he led last month's military takeover that asked a long time the the alpha convey yvonne wooten who years military government unveiled a transitional chart on monday that it says will stay the country back to civilian rule. regional block echo ours is demanding that elections be held within 6 months . am calling for conveys release. military tanka drivers will help deliver phil to petrol stations in the u. k. from monday, at least 2000 stations still have no fuel. even though the government says the weeklong panic buying crisis is easing. a critical shortage of truck drivers is being blamed. the u. k. government tried to entice foreign drivers with special visas and pay increases. but his knee bark reports the deal may not be tempting
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enough. a truck, his life is tough, says polish driver, piazza rustic. he's criss cross the continent for 6 years. polish whole years are the driving force of european supply chains, working long, lonely hours away from their families. mom and boy guided and i go to give to, to his own. i have uncles have driven to 25 years. a big brother has been driving for more than 15 years. and now my youngest sister has got a driving license and drives in the netherlands. and she has already had enough of the critical shortage of drivers. many from eastern europe has left the continent in crisis with the u. k. hardest hit coven 19. put a stop to new driver training and post bricks. it immigration rules designed to put british workers, 1st of bank fired british government plans to issue temporary 3 month visas for $5000.00 foreign truckers have been scoffed up by european drivers. i'm willing to help buquet out of a crisis,
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seemingly of its own making. some sort of his spaniards ever done at the keys. this is not an attractive proposition for our drivers beyond the issue of pay, the job needs to be stable and secure. if a driver has an employment contract in poland with a permanent employer, why would they quit everything and go to dk for 2 or 3 months just to help the british sought out their christmas? this is the ongoing consequence of a shortage of around a $100000.00 drivers. some pedro pumps have simply run dry elsewhere. there are long queues of irate drivers. there are now concerns about essential supplies reaching pharmacies in a week in which scuffles are broken out of some petrol stations. the government insist the situation is improving, but it's not just laurie drivers that are in short supply. another crisis looms caused by a shortage of butcher's money from eastern europe. the farming industries warned
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the hundreds of thousands of pigs may have to be cold within weeks, unless the government issues visas to allow more butchers into the country. this is an interconnected crisis where the worst effects of brake system cove it have collided. spreading chaos in everything from food to fuel. leave parker al, jazeera london. ah, dr. creature, got the headlines here. this out. the number of people have died from coke 19 in the united states as past 700000, nearly 70000000 people. that's a 5th. the population still have not been vaccinated even though the jobs are widely available. california's become the 1st u. s. state to make it compulsory for school children to be vaccinated against cobit 19, the governor gavin newsome says the move could go into effect as early as january. the mandate is pending at.


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