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tv   [untitled]    October 2, 2021 1:00am-1:31am AST

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mr. trip with more than $1500.00 of them are filed on the normal to rent on the property. because the vision is under pressure to save after the resumption of looking on the return. ah, a spiraling humanitarian crisis now complicated by a diplomatic one. the united nations warns ethiopia, it has no legal right to expel 7 un officials. ah, blow, i'm mary, i'm noisy. in london, you watching al jazeera also coming up on the program. on capitol hill, a presidential intervention joe biden arrived to heal party divisions over his trillion dollar infrastructure bill. a former george m president mchale soccer. she
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really is detained just hours after arriving back in the country and possible coven gain change, and the new drug treatment that claims to have the rights of hospitalizations and deaths. ah, loan, welcome to the program, our top story, the un secretary general has told the ethiopian prime minister. it does not accept his decision to expel at 7 senior personnel. if you abuse foreign ministry claims, the officials are being expelled from meddling in the internal affairs of the country. but the united nations is saying this could affect humanitarian operations that help more than 5000000 people in the war torn northern region of take rye. the expulsion came off to the u. n. z, a chief said a de facto blockade on a to the region meant that was likely a famine. our diplomatic, as a james base has moved from the united nations for now the u. n is not withdrawing
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the 7 high level members of its staff that the government of ethiopia say should be expelled from the country. the you and 2nd, general antonio terrace picked up the phone to the theo, p and prime minister abbe armoured of the you and says that it doesn't accept the principle that these staff are now persona non grata. and it is the long standing legal position of the organization not to accept the application of the doctrine of persona non grata with respect to united nations officials. this is a doctrine to the applies to diplomatic agents accredited by one state to another state. the application of this doctrine to united nations officials is contrary to obligations under the charter of the united nations. however, the ethiopian foreign ministry is double down issuing a new statement, giving more details of what it says is the meddling by the 7th staff in internal affairs. it also says that a discussion of the issue by the un security council would be
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a blatant violation of its national sovereignty. but that discussion has taken place a closed session of the security council coming as it is now october under the presidency of kenya. a neighbor of ethiopia that has close relations with the country, i asked kenya's ambassador whether by its actions, ethiopia, now risk becoming a pariah state. the kenyan government in our delegation, certainly is, is not considering a questions about perio state or what the response of the philippine government is . we are considering all the statements, including some of the communications or from the foreign ministry by twitter. and we are con tenant to actively be informed and trained to be responsive to the situation as it was. but we have every hope that it will are good in a positive direction. so what is the next step? i am told ireland is currently circulating the draft of
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a statement to all the security council members. all of them though, must agree before it is issued. our president joe biden has traveled to capitol hill to meet with members of his democratic party in an attempt to save his economic agenda divisions among the democrats threatened biden's plans with progressive members line to block a trillion dollar infrastructure bill. if a larger social spending and climate change bill is not agreed, you as president rally, visit capitol hill preferring instead to salmon lawmakers to the white house for discussions. rosalind jordan joins us from washington and so and tell us is the president still there? now the president was a only in the meeting with congressional democrats for about 40 minutes by every once estimation. and after the meeting was done, he said very briefly to reporters, basically that he was still confident this could be done. but that it could take 6
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minutes, 6 days, perhaps 6 weeks, indicating that there is no imminent deal on getting these 2 pieces. a very expensive legislation passed. there is an impass progressives, the more liberal law members of the democratic caucus on capitol hill. want to see a guarantee that the $3.00 trillion dollars that the president has proposed to spend on social programs. everything from health care to education, to child care, as well as spending on the environment promoting environmental initiatives. they want a guarantee that that legislation will be passed if there is any expectation that they're going to vote for the other expensive piece of legislation, which is the infrastructure bill. we're talking roads, highways, bridges, of electrical, grid, telecommunications and networks. all of that money. they don't want to vote for
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that measure, which is already been passed by the u. s. senate until they know that they're going to get the spending that they say that their constituents want to see past it. that's why they were sent to washington. the more conservative members of the democratic party are saying, well, we've got to be careful on how much money we're spending, which is why they have not been willing to go along with passing this a large social services and environmental law bill. and that's where the political log jam is now, the president. yes, he has all this power. he is considered the most powerful politician in the world. but the u. s. congress is a separate branch of government, and all he can do as joe biden to apparently did on friday afternoon, is to could try to cajole the more conservative and the more liberal members of his political party to try to work together in order to get both pieces of legislation done, and one member of congress told one of the u. s. networks that it may not be
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a matter of how much money they get to sped. it's rather what things are they going to spend the money on, and then figure out the price tag. and that might be the way to break this up. political log jam, willy, really within the democratic party, for their part. the republicans are staying out of it because if they don't do anything else, they're incredibly good at holding their, their troops together and speaking with one voice. and there's the truism. if your opponent is milking things up, don't get in that opponents way. let them, maggie, a mess of things themselves. all right, thank you. from washington. rosalind jordan ah, residence in a small colombian town, st influx of mostly haitian migrants is pushing them out of housing,
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migraines to try to catch boats on their way north to the us. but for a few of people, a day can leave and arise, that they will then stop to a week long once an adult wheatland johnny through the jungle to panama. government says that at east $46000.00 migrants have crossed the lawless jungle known as that daren gap. this year. as under and beauty is a nicole cli explains why hundreds of migrants struggling to cross the gulf of a robber. panama has put a maximum of 500 people that they are accepting every day that can enter their country. and so both companies here in columbia are only selling or letting go of $500.00 people per day that has created a bottleneck where we are. and there are now 22000 migrants here trying to continue their journey. while mostly asians are able to go many have to stay
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here for well over a month to be able to that to then leave either migrants like for example, cubans and venezuelans are telling us that they simply are not sold tickets because find them. i said that they will deport them if their answer, their countries have very, very complicated situation. here. a lot of the migrants who are here are spending all their money they have for their trip due to be here. locals are doing price gouging, increasing prices for the migrants. it's a very, very complicated situation and to try and show them the arrival of new migrants. now we understood that columbia authorities are also forcing bus companies at the border with the eck, whether to stop selling tickets to migrants trying to get here. now, george's former president macau soccer. she really has been detained just as after arriving back in the country for the 1st time in years. earlier he posted a video on facebook saying he wanted to support the opposition and saturdays
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election despite the risk of arrest. a cush when he left georgia in 2013 when his 2nd thomas president ended years late. he was sentenced in absentia to 6 years in prison for abuse of power. a chart she said was politically motivated. robin forced their walk as morton to pc. he was actually detained here in to the see having somehow escaped the authorities since posting that video early this morning from by to me, which is on the coastal, which is on the coast here on the black sea. he made it to the police and he then said that he said he faced likely arrest. we then had a statement from the prime minister saying that that arrest operation had been carried out. and we've now seen a smiling recall sacristy being taken into prison. we understand that prison is angry savvy, it's the town not far from the, from tbilisi itself. i really, that just kept an extraordinary dain george in politics because mickle sec s v a
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has made his appearance on the eve of municipal and meryl elections, which the opposition considers really important because they hope that george in public will come out tomorrow and vote decisively against the georgia dream government. so make off sectors really has picked this moment. now finally, after all these years to return and shake up the georgian political seat and experimental oral covered 19 crown has shown it can cut in half a chance of hospitalization and death. the patients at risk of severe disease. pharmaceutical company mac is thinking us and agencies authorization. as soon as possible. the trial tracked 775 adults with mild to moderate covert who because of health problems were considered high at higher risk of disease. half were given a 5 day course of the pill known as more new pro via and half were given
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a placebo of those who to the placebo 14 percent were hospitalized compared with 7 percent of those who received the drug treatment. merc says there were no deaths in the drug group during the time period compared to 8 deaths in the placebo group. but their data has not yet been published or peer reviewed. earlier i spoke to professor zane juggler and infectious diseases physician at st. joe's health care ham. in hamilton, in canada, he says that this new drug could be game changing in the fight against cove. it one of the big parts is it covered. 19 pandemic has been the health care utilization amongst patients who get covered 19 and, and eventually need a hospital bed or critical care bed. and so the ability to mitigate that with a potential oral molecule is really game changing. you know, as the disease progresses, as we learn to live with the pandemic, our ability to make health care systems function low keeping. this is
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a predominantly outpatient disease, is becoming more and more important. drug like this is a nice adjunct to what we have in vaccination to really again make sure those vulnerable members of society, particularly those who don't have access to a vaccine or may not get vaccinated, have a way to mitigate some of the serious complications covered 90 watching out there, ally from london still ahead on the program, living on less than $100.00 a month. a recurring story from the streets of london and when 80 percent of people now live in poverty. generation wasting away, rising cost and was in violence, needs more than nigerian children starving. ah, with hello. thank you for turning in. here's your weather update
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for asia. pacific typhoon mentally has moved away from japan, but it's left tropical layer in behind it. so can go up to 29 degrees, it's fall above average in your back into the sunshine. also settle conditions for eastern portions of china, shanghai. it's a hong kong. it's dry. hong kong has a height of 32 degrees. we have been locked into saga conditions for indo china to back to back tropical storms or their in thailand, one of the areas impacted. and in some parts of indo china, we've had about a meter of rain over the last little while. plentiful showers and storms continue on saturday. concentrated rain for this part of borneo into sula, wavy as wall. okay. down under a warm wind is blowing down from australia's out, back toward the south, its meeting up with a frontal system. so the 2 are crashing together and where we see that there are some storms triggered into western australia, just pushing and to south australia over the weekend. still unsettled for that southeast corner of the country, sidney, up to $23.00 degrees. it is come across new zealand for now,
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and actually i think the weekend will look pretty good. so for the capitol region, our next batch of rain will move in monday afternoon with a high of 15 degrees. that sure weather update until next time. take care. ah, on counting the cost under the miracles, legacy job in economy that is the envy of the world. but unprepared for the digital age, apple kicks on game make an effort from an app store is to phone, make it abusing it's monopoly and afghan businesses and losing international customers. counting the cost on l. just it from the for villas of correctness. so the battle fields are on most of our job is to get to the truth and empower people through knowledge. lou
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ah, welcome back main stories now. united nations, as total ethiopia does not accept the expulsion of 7 of its seniors, members of staff. it comes off to the bodies, a chief said there was likely a famine in the war torn take wry region. us politicians are no closer to agreement on raising the debt ceiling before the nation risked missing payments. a deal to keep funding, the government was only agreed with ours to spare. and george's former president my house sucker, she really has been detained just hours after arriving back in the country for the 1st time in years. it was wanted on abusive power charges. we go to lebanon now the un humanitarian coordinator for the country says nearly 8 in every 10 people are living in poverty. with an economy in turmoil,
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the state is failing to provide even the most basic services. so in order reports now from beirut coping with inflation and a currency in free fall has made life tough. people have sunk into poverty since the economy began to collapse 2 years ago. the united nations says nearly 80 percent, they're now poor. that's 3000000 people. when you ought to be there, maybe i'm to sub angel, not that my monthly salary is now worth $70.00. it's not enough to buy food for 4 days. the government has been promising to give us cash assistance, but it never happened. the humanitarian community has stepped in to provide vital support in a country made nearly bankrupt by decades of corruption and mismanagement. united nations statistics tell the story of growing hardships like 1000000 people in urgent need of aid, including food. for the 1st time ever in the history of labor alone, you have 36 percent. to lean forward, you know,
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extreme. what we're to is not anything. it's really something that never happened, never ever happened a long before. it's not only lebanese who have been affected by the economic crisis, the living conditions of 850000 syrians registered as refugees by the u. n. r rapidly deteriorating a year ago, just over half lived in extreme poverty. now it's 9 out of 10, nearly 50 percent don't have enough food. 30 percent of children have never gone to school and almost 30000 work levels of poverty are also high in palestinian refugee camps. and at least 400000 migrant workers. mainly from asian and african countries are stranded here without work, nor the means to return home. many parents can't afford to send their children to school, and growing numbers of people are unable to afford health care. starvation is now a reality for thousands and malnutrition is increasing among children. the
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international community accuses lebanon's political class of deliberately failing to act and defending what member say is a bankrupt economic system. that's why lebanon's authorities are bypassed when assistance is provided and they say they'll continue until state institutions, riddled with corruption are reformed. most of the support that we are going to provide or through or through the e. r, p is also going to be directed to population, but many say this help is not a long term answer. and emergency aid is not the economic recovery plan lebanon needs. that will depend on its leaders letting go of a system. they have benefited from for so long that their ultra zito, beirut, we go to northern nigeria now at connex and hospitals is struggling to cope with high numbers of severely malnourished children. and his algebra ahmed interest
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reports from my degree food shortages of westland, as a result of violence by armed groups try to mckinney mussa now one year old son are preparing to leave hospital love to treatment for malnutrition and infections. they've been here for 2 weeks. i love, i love a godaddy killing ledger bud out. my baby was in very bad shape and was admitted. so his daily therapy includes medicine, a nutritious happening. doctor said this facility run by the international rescue committee, with support from unicef. i barely coping with a high number of children seeking help in you see between 15 and 20 patients any ah, but petition any we do gets out of that space and and where such because we are the exempt of them under the the next the only a to them to go to the facility or if we can give them any other medication for them to take and then come to moving the money so that we can admit them once we
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have the space as thought you might not be be prepared to leave 6 mothers holding their sick children wait outside. each is hoping their child will take up the next available bet space. it went to this mother on how severely malnourished child as well as treating under norris children. the hospital also treats and feeds mothers to boost their immune systems. what's happening here is repeated in many other hospitals in the city. was crops about to be harvested, doctor's nutritious, hope my latricia cases will decline, but there are no guarantees. since inflation has hot incomes and unemployment remains high. the i'm grew book where i'm launched an insurgency in burn est 12 years ago. at one point more than 80 percent of farms was bundled because of a tax bytes fighters, millions of people while forced to depend on food aid, but with donations reducing swafford supplies. there is some levels of,
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of don't the fatigue certainly. um, there are so many crisis and unfortunately the crisis we're seeing are increasing day by day. a location by location, there is don't fatigue. but we cannot afford that during the 14th to continue on. the ground aid workers are struggling, looking at diploma. tom, this is a little enough. what do we have written with the little we have will get to the numbers and come on the full troy them to do the number of children who the stuff is that the service but the company to them either versus what alone or because the system without adequate resources, it's hard for edward gets to know how many children need help. what were the cost of food going up? it's clear, the number of those going hungry can only be rising. how many degrees? alexander my degree, nigeria? now police in tunisia has stopped and peas from entering the parliament, our reports that politicians would try to return to work at the end of the summer
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recess. during their break, the president chi side suspended parliament and at smith has worn out from tennis chinese. he is elected politicians should be in parliament for the 1st day. back after the summer break. mohammed romani was one of only 2 and tried. they didn't get very far, lulu. i came here and found all the doors closed. i want to say either there is a parliament which is open for us to work or to be dissolved. we will have new elections. parliament was suspended on july 25th by present case signed. but he now rules by decree. good is it because of cov 19 chinese is economy shrunk by 8 percent last year. youth unemployment is at 36 percent. the dina has lost half its value. that's why many tunisians seem to support the president's decision to put the countries 10 year old democracy on ice. but 2 months on the still no recovery plan, a no promised crackdown on widespread corruption if
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a mahash. uh huh. the president says he has proof of corrupt people, so then they should be sent to prison. he's not done that yet. on wednesday, the president appointed natural, a boot and his prime minister, and a 1st time a woman who has held the roller quickly. jim moss, if you hold all the power generic, you know, one looking over you, there must be a time when these extraordinary measures expire. having a female try minister isn't enough. she said, there must be partnership with civil society and not all political parties are equally bag. now we can't save the country without working hand in hand. a president side says he will appoint a committee to help amend the constitutional to establish a true democracy in which the people are truly sovereign of that could be a long process. the economic crisis is more urgent. the central bank says it has less than $200000000.00 in the treasury. it needs one and a half $1000000000.00 every month to pay wages a meet debt repayments obligations impossible, without help from foreign lenders. bernard smith al jazeera to this. now venezuela
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is launching its 2nd currency overhaul in 3 years. 6 zeros will be cut from the bolivar in response to hyperinflation. new bank notes will hold the same value. but critics say the move will do little to ease that venezuela severe economic problems . will the practice of re denomination's been used by more than 50 countries since the end of world war 2 with varying degrees of success and a lot of failures? the most significant example was in hungary, in 1946, and the pango was changed to the forrent with an exchange rate of 400 artillery into one. an octagon is followed by 270 is now hungry, is problems began when it's been excessively on the war war. recently, zimbabwe altered its currency 3 times between 20062009 with inflation. they're hitting nearly 80000000000 percent. the country caught 12 zeroes off the zimbabwe
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dollar, eventually gave up on its own currency in legalize the us dollar. the south african rand and the euro. while chronic inflation in turkey between 970 and 2005 resulted in the depreciation of the lira, the old currency was then changed to the new era at the rate of a 1000000 to one. sonia shot is a venezuelan journalist and political endless and says, she doesn't see how the move is likely to improve the economy at all or what their the government, the mother of oberman is trying to do is to east transaction. because when a swale ends her for quite long time, there have been through a nightmare trying to ling with their valuate believer in actually everybody knows that the dollar, the us dollar is king. you venezuela is ruling the economy in men, as swale in my dog. ultra a strain to avoid that. on a one hand he's trying to is send them to the right to control the i but inflation
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event as well, which is okay, it's a sir without any limits, right? and on the other hand, he's trying to to keep alive, he sir, government programs who, who are mostly subsidized by the go or, and saw in a way he's trying to do all that. and he's trying to avoid also controls ah us conference because he those who want venezuela to the plan that watch on the u. s. donors. it could help eve air we are talking about as strunk economy. but though we, everybody knows that the economy and one is waylon is very weak. actually, they depend more on their import are from oil from, from other countries, right? goods from other countries they produce shown in venezuela, it's crippled. they don't produce almost anything. and thousands of students have
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filled the streets in the land to push fraction on climate change. global leaders were meeting in the city to hammer out plans out of the un summit next month in glasgow. but as adam rainy reports from milan, the protest as think it's mostly horsehair. oh, enough talk. it's time for action. that was the clear message. climate activists good at a tumor can thousands of other student protesters had for world leaders. they're all gathering in milan. 49 nations calls pre comp 26 summer held ahead of the main climate conference in scotland in november, ministers from all over the world have gathered here to discuss the climate crisis . and they are pretending that they have solutions to the climate crushes and that they are taking sufficient action. but we see through their life and we see through their blah, blah, blah, and we are tired of it. oh no. students in their thousands demonstrating is part of
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the fridays for future global protests movement. that tune back helped launch this friday with the pre cup of meetings taking place in the city. the crowd was larger than usual, thousands of students who on friday and eliza filled with anger, frustration, and impatience. they want us to listen to the problem and they want to know. we want to go to mentally cynthia, and we want them to know that we are here and we one go away until the listen. we won the game, it's changed now because our fear doesn't wait for us. it's. it's really important for us. this alone we can do anything basically, but we're all got it today and we can do everything if we really want to. and so we came here signing for the things that we really care for. it's important to, to give pressure to, to the authorities, to, to, to, to let the message we heard used to show that this happened a after a youth for climate conference in milan,
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or hundreds of young activists from around the world proposed strategies to tackle the climate crisis coming out of the conference, many delegates expressed cautious optimism that leaders would follow through on promises tact swiftly and boldly. oh, the mood though on the street is different. many young activists say trust between them in world leaders is broken and it likely won't be rebuilt until a major climate solution plan is put in place. and soon, adarine al jazeera new loan ah main stories. now, the ones actually general is told, ethiopia as prime minister does not accept his decision to expel at 7 senior members of staff. if you have his former history is claiming the officials of being expelled from meddling in the internal affairs of the country. but the.


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