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taking that into there with a pool and that it kills people. now it's already getting both right with people's voice cornell jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm marianne mossey. welcome to the news our life from london coming up in the next 60 minutes. a spiraling humanitarian crisis now complicated by a diplomatic one. united nations warns ethiopia, it has no legal right to expel 7,
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un and officials. on capitol hill, a presidential intervention joe biden arrived to heal party divisions of his trillion dollar infrastructure bill. a former georgia president mikhail soccer, she really is detained just hours after arriving back in the country and a possible kind of a game changer. the new drug treatment, the claims to harm the rights of hospitalization. death ins for ronald coleman says that rumors he's about to be fired as barcelona scouts are probably true. he claims the clubs hierarchy has shown him a lack of respect by leaking stories about his future ah alone, very well. welcome to the news our. the un secretary general has told the ethiopian prime minister, it does not accept his decision to expel 7th senior posts. now,
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if you appears foreign ministry claims, the officials are being expelled for meddling in the internal affairs of the country. the un says it could affect humanitarian operations that help more than 5000000 people in the war torn take ry region. the explosions came off to you as a chief said, a de facto blockade on a to the region. there was likely a famine and diplomatic editor james base brings us more on this story from the united nations. for now, the u. n. is not withdrawing the 7 high level members of its staff that the government of ethiopia say should be expelled from the country. the you and 2nd, general antonio terrace picked up the phone to the therapy in prime minister, abbe armoured of the you and says that it doesn't accept the principle that these staff are now persona non grata. and it is the long standing legal position of the organization not to accept the application of the doctrine of persona non grata
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with respect to united nations officials. this is a doctrine of the applies to diplomatic agents accredited by one state to another state. the application of this doctrine denied nations officials is contrary to obligations under the charter of the united nations. however, the ethiopian foreign ministry is double down issuing a new statement, giving more details of what it says is the meddling by the 7th staff in internal affairs. it also says that a discussion of the issue by the un security council would be a blatant violation of its national sovereignty. but that discussion has taken place a closed session of the security council coming as it is now october under the presidency of kenya. a neighbor of ethiopia that has close relations with the country. i asked kenya's ambassador whether by its actions, ethiopia, now risk becoming a pariah state. the kenyan government, in our delegation, certainly is, is not considering a questions about paris state or,
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or what the response of ethiopian government is. we are considering all the statements, including some of the communications or from the foreign ministry by twitter. and we are continuing to actively be informed and trying to be responsive to the situation as evolves. but we have every hope that it will r got in a positive direction. so what is the next step? i am told ireland is currently circulating the draft of a statement to all the security council members. all of them though, must agree before it is issued. well, david del conti, his account, and lead of stock to grey famine for refugee international. he has also works in the united nations and for and jose and multiple roles, including is deputy country director of in ethiopia. they are an office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs, joins me now via skype from new york, even before the expulsion of the attempted expulsion of these un humanitarian
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workers. access to grind, the delivery of life saving aid was heavily restricted, wasn't it? how much food and medicine has been able to reach the region of thank you for me. since the blockade came into effect on 26, june, less than 10 percent of the necessary supplies had reached the region. it agencies have since exhausted nearly all the supplies that were preposition in the warehouses. mckenna, leaving the vast majority of the operation suspended until more supplies are allowed in the civilian population, which is mainly comprised the women children at the elderly could. you can imagine seeing permission reports, the situation was very slow and painful. march toward starvation. can you tell us more about the situation now? how devastating it is for families? we have these incredible figures. millions of people in need of food 8 hundreds of
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thousands facing famine. families struggling to put food on the table. what contact have you had with people inside to gray about how this is affecting their lives? but since the blockade came into effect communications and to degrade into another figure, have been cut very difficult to hear from degree and themselves or to speak with them as to what's happening to them in their family. that's one of the aspects of the blockade through my contacts and those are refugees, international. we know the situation is becoming increasingly dire. the absence of food aid, nutrition supplied, medical supplies, and fuel to to truck water means that the situation every day gets worse. the absence of banking facilities means that to get any it's can access theirs, their savings and banks to go to buy or supply some buy supplies for their families
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. the absence of commerce, me that they can share or, or purchase items in the market. so these, these dynamics make for a particularly serious, serious situation is going growing worse by the day and it doesn't change soon. we're talking about how serious could the, the loss of life be? what sort of scale are we talking about? the interest to get any in authorities? we're speaking about famine related death. months ago the, the information that produced the he produced the results of 350000 people and famine conditions on the 4th of june. for the united nations and the result of an absence of food aid, an absence of medical supplies in the absence of support can only produce far worse
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situation. today the united states noted that 900000 at least, were facing time and conditions at the end of june. but the blackout creates a context where we don't have accurate numbers to, to be able to measure off these things. in real time. beyond the worker, united nations, how have agencies and other n joe's been restricted or prevented from reaching the region how? what sort of how, how is the government obstructing now work? well, the, the bureaucratic requirements to work in ethiopia are, are particularly difficult for n d o. than for the agencies there's a lot of, there's a lot of bureaucratic obstacles to being able to get into the country visas and a like 3 able to get up country did improve through interventions earlier this year
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. but still very, very restricted road axis and very limited amounts of air travel for poor agencies there's, there's a bit of doubt mclean sword, above their heads, to speak out risks their operation, such as m. s. f renner, c to not speak out means that they have to accept the conditions that are occurring on the ground, which is, which is brutal. and i understand completely why operational agencies have maintained a certain amount of distance from advocacy efforts. that being said, the situation, any b, b is growing more dire by the day, and we do need people such as refugees, organizing people and organizations such as refugees, international speaking out to draw attention to the family and to that unnecessary amount of depth that is occurring as a result, of course,
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we think about the need for that to be life saving supplies into the tag ry region, food fuel medicine. but how significant is the communications black out? if you don't have information about what is happening to communities, integrity, i mean, our agencies and, and the united nations able to drop contingency plans to be able to prepare for what could be a crisis on a massive scale. absolutely. there's, there's an ability to draw crisis plans and response plans, but without relief assistance. they're just plans. david del county, thank you. thank you for joining us there from refugee international, sharing a bit more light on the situation in the northern region of to grey. thank you. closer when our president joe biden has travelled,
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capitol hill to meet with members of his democratic party in an attempt to save his economic agenda divisions among the democrats threatened biden's plans with progressive members vying to block a one trillion dollar infrastructure bill. if a larger social spending and climate change bill is not guaranteed us presidents rarely visit capitol hill preferring instead to summon lawmakers to the white house for discussions. rosalind jordan james's live now from washington. and what did biden achieve? is he going to be able to write this deadlock? well, essentially the president had a packed room according to one of the house of representatives. members who was in that meeting. they have a slim majority in the house of representatives. and so it is important to have unity if they want to get both of these multi trillion dollar bills passed. however, as you noted the progressive wing, which number's nearly 100 members of the house of representatives, has
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a been able to was say, they don't want to vote for the infrastructure bill, which is a key part of jo biden's agenda unless they know that they're going to be able to get passage of this much larger rabbit, a bill that spends money not just on the environment, but on social programs, including education, child care, and other efforts to improve the numbers of the middle class in this country. now there isn't going to be a vote on the infrastructure bill, which is about $1.00 trillion dollars that vote will not be happening on friday night, according to most representatives on capitol hill. and in fact, we did hear very briefly from the u. s. president, as he was leaving the capital, telling us reporters that it could take another 6 minutes. it could take 6 days, it could take 6 weeks, but that the legislation would be passed. so it looks as if for the moment there
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are simply more negotiating going on. this also of course, involves a couple of a more conservative members of senate democrats in the process. but for now the talking still goes on. and these 2 key parts of jo biden's, a legislative agenda have yet to be passed. all right, thank you very much. from washington d. c. rosalind children now residence or small colombian town, st influx of mostly haitian migrants is pushing them out of housing. migrants are trying to catch boats on their way north to the us, but far, few people that day can leave than arrive, than they will start a week long journey through the jungle to panama government. there says that at least $46000.00 migrants have crossed the lawless jungle known as the daren gap this year. as under, i'm petty joys as live now from the copley so haitian migrants there have been
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through a long and dangerous journey. tell us about what awaits them when they get technically in columbia, how they, how they getting by if they're stuck in there and they can't leave. i am by the latest count. 22000 asians are now in this town, practically doubling the amount of people who regularly live here. it really does feel as if we were in a little haiti of sorts. many of them have been stuck here for weeks. we spoke to people that were finally getting on the boat to cross the gulf of behind me and continue their journey that were finally getting onto the boat. 45 days after arriving in and they quickly at most of them are staying in hotels. in rooms, in apartments that are being rented at a very high price, many of them are running out of money as they wait. those who can't pay and up
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pitching tens or just the sleeping on mattresses here on the beach waiting to get one of those tickets. and then you thing now is that column authorities are openly trying to dissuade them from continuing their journey, trying to push them to go back from where they came. which in most cases that when we're talking about the ations here is usually brazil or sheila, these are ations that i had resettled in other countries in south america. and that now due to the difficulties of the restrictions doing because of covey. the 19 had decided now to try and move nor to the united states. many are obviously very worried with what's happening with what, what lies ahead when they have to cross the did that in jungle, but also the fact that now i've heard that the us is the porting them and that also
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mexico is considering doing so. so some of them are indeed deciding to go back many more though, continue to try and push forward. then they said that they're going to stay here for a long as it takes to be able to continue their journey north. thank you very much . in the khaki in columbia, alexander amputee reporting to us, you would the news our lie from london still ahead on the program, living on less than a $100.00 a month to recovery story from the streets of lebanon, where 80 percent of people now live in poverty and then later in support, the 2 coaches leading a review of well football that everyone's happy about ah, now, george's from a president mchale soccer. she really has been detained just hours after arriving back in the country for the 1st time and years. earlier, he posted a video on facebook saying he wanted to support the opposition and saturdays
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election despite the risk of arrest was actually left georgia in 2013 when his sac, when his 2nd term, as president ended years later, he was sentenced in absentia to 6 years in prison for abuse of power, a charge he said was politically motivated. robin forced air walker has more on this now from tbilisi. he was actually detained here in to the see having somehow escaped the authorities since posting that video early this morning from by to me, which is on the coastal, which is on the coast here on the black sea. he made it to the police and he then said that he said he faced likely arrest. we then had a statement from the prime minister saying that that arrest operation had been carried out. and we have now seen a smiling recall sacristy being taken into prison. we understand that prison is in rooster v, it's the town not far from the from to be see itself. i really,
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that just kept an extraordinary dame georgian politics because mickle sec s v d a has made his appearance on the eve of municipal and meryl elections. which the opposition considers really important because they hope that georgia public will come out to more and vote decisively against the georgia dream government. so because suckers really has picked this moment. now finally, after all these years to return and shake up the georgian political c, u. on humanitarian coordinator for lebanon is saying nearly 8 in every 10 people are now living in poverty when their economy and tom, while estate is fighting to provide even the most basic services as arizona. honda reports now from the capital pirate. coping with inflation and a currency in free fall has made life tough. people have sunk into poverty since the economy began to collapse 2 years ago. the united nation says nearly 80 percent
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are now poor. that's 3000000 people. money only that will be i'm just about sub angel. not that my monthly salary is now worth $70.00. it's not enough to buy food for 4 days. the government has been promising to give us cash assistance, but it never happened. the humanitarian community has stepped in to provide vital support in a country made nearly bankrupt by decades of corruption and mismanagement. united nations statistics tell the story of growing hardships like 1000000 people in urgent need of aid, including food. for the 1st time ever in the history of labor alone, you have 36 percent. oh, to lean forward. you know stream warranty is not anything. it's really something that never happened, never ever happened a long before. it's not only lebanese who are been affected by the economic crisis, the living conditions of 850000 syrians registered as refugees by the u. n. r
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rapidly deteriorating a year ago, just over half lived in extreme poverty. now it's 9 out of 10, nearly 50 percent don't have enough food. 30 percent of children have never gone to school and almost 30000 work levels of poverty are also high in palestinian refugee camps. and at least 400000 migrant workers, mainly from asian and african countries, are stranded here without work, nor the means to return home. many parents can't afford to send their children to school, and growing numbers of people are unable to afford health care. starvation is now a reality for thousands and malnutrition is increasing among children. the international community accuses lebanon's political class of deliberately failing to act and defending what member say is a bankrupt economic system. that's why lebanon's authorities are bypassed when assistance is provided and they say they'll continue until state institutions,
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riddled with corruption are reformed. most of the support that we are going to provide or through or through the e. r, p is also going to be directed to population, but many say this help is not a long term answer. and emergency aid is not the economic recovery plan lebanon needs. that will depend on its leaders letting go of a system they have benefited from for so long, santa, who their ultra cedar boot. now the head of the world health organization is facing calls to act after a report outlined a scale of sex abuse carried out in the middle of an abolla epidemic. 20 of more than 88 work is involved in abuse and exploitation. in the democratic republic of congo, we're working for the health agency. it comes after an investigation last year, found aid workers from several agencies exchanged jobs for sex, the u. s. and on the key western don't say ted ross at no longer braced us needs to
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take action on this. meanwhile, the global scheme designed to ensure fair access to coven vaccine says it will begin targeting countries with the lowest levels of coverage. since january kovacs is largely allocated doses according to population size, but starting this month, it'll san $75000000.00 doses to $49.00 of the least covered nations. well, california meanwhile has become a 1st us date to make it compulsory for school children to be vaccinated at against cove. at 19 governor gavin use them says the move could go into effect as early as january. the mandate is pending approval from the us food and drug administration for 12 to 15 year olds, the f d. a fully approved vaccines for students over the age of 16 in august. now an experimental oral covered 19 drug has shown it can cut in half the chance of hospitalization and death for patients at risk of severe disease. the phase 3 trial
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of the anti virus pill was so successful that external monitors called it an early end to the stage, a pharmaceutical company. merck is seeking us emergencies authorization. as soon as possible, the trial track 775 adults with mild to moderate covert who because of health problems were considered high at high risk of severe disease. off of them were given a 5 day course of the pill and has more new para, via and half were given a placebo of those who took the placebo 14 percent were hospitalized compared with 7 percent of those who received the drug treatment marks as there were no deaths in the drug group during the time period compared to 8 deaths in the placebo group. the data has not been published or peered reviewed. or zane at juggler is an infectious diseases physician at st. joe's health care hamilton joins me now from ontario. so what could this potentially mean fir, the fight against cove? it one of the big parts is the cobra 19 pandemic has been the health care
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utilization amongst patients who get coded 19 and, and eventually need a hospital bed or critical care bed. and so the ability to mitigate that with a potential oral molecule is really game changing. you know, as the disease progresses, as we learn to live with the pandemic, our ability to make health care systems function low keeping. this is a predominantly outpatient disease, is becoming more and more important in drug like this is a nice adjunct to what we have in vaccination to really again, make sure those vulnerable members of society, particularly those who don't have access to a vaccine or may not get vaccinated have a way to mitigate some of the serious complications and covered 90. does it, does it make testing and detection all the more significant? because i think the, the important thing about this bill is it has to be taken early on a full,
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the infection progresses and reaches the lungs as is that right? absolutely. so, you know, in the kidneys, he'll of antiviral therapies, whether they be for co, $19.00 and $2.00 way the virus that causes chicken pox is that they have to be given early while the virus is replicating. not late when really much of the damage done at that point is the immune system really going haywire to deal with the virus . and so you need to get people tested in an effective manner in this trial under 5 days. post symptom on said, getting testing going the drug saw the benefits. and yeah, it does really make that, that ability get tested, whether it be through typical p c r, testing whether it be too rapid testing. but identification patients were at risk and the ability then to access therapy for those patients. so it really does change the paradigm in terms of dealing with this in the long term. i was just speaking about the importance of fair access to the vaccinations and fed distribution around
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the world. how. how expensive is this drug going to be? yeah, the, the original quotes are around $700.00 for the $500.00 for the 5 day course. so, you know, you can think about the maturity pfizer vaccines, which you know, around 40 us dollars. it is way, way more effective to be vaccinating people that are giving this drug as an alternative. but, you know, health care utilization is not a benign cost. and so those people who are at risk, particularly those who are actually needed those who are the high risk in vaccine failure for their medical conditions, you know, it still becomes cost effective to consider this in those patients. it's not meant for everyone, but again, those people at the highest risk of hospitalization may still have that cost effective benefit for accessing this met. and hopefully again, as merc scales this up, there are more generics and the ability to scale down the cost of this drug. as
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with other antiviral drugs that have been distributed around the world now they're trying to get early authorization from the sta. it's not clear if they will be granted that although there is a lot of positive teen optimism with the results of this late stage trial, how, how soon before this could be that doctors can actually start prescribing us. yeah, i mean, you know, the, the sta takes about 2 to 4 weeks for particular therapies. it may take longer depending on if there are issues in the trial that haven't been released. unfortunately, all we have is a press release. so we don't know if there is anything that that's in there that, that needs to be dealt with from the health regulator standpoint. but recognizing again, you know, in the united states, hospitalization is that one of its highest points in the pad that make it. so there is an urgency here to consider it, you know, knowing that a significant amount of that population you not get vaccinated. you know, the system is looking for any way to mitigate some of the serious complications
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range hagler, thank you very much for speaking to us. appreciate it. no problem. so i had for you all the program, a generation of children wasting away, rising costs and lessening violence, leaves nor the nigerian children starving, attending desert into wetlands, cross border initiative. that's restoring colorado with adults and in support. we'll have from tom brady as the super sock, what a backpack to make his big returning. ah hello, you're tuned into your weather update for europe and africa. first, we're going to look at our weather makers map an area of low pressure just south of iceland. these are i so bars here, so when they're closer together,
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that indicates the wind will be more intense. so we go in for a closer look toward northwestern portions of europe. here's that disturbed whether we're going to get dowse with rain through the united kingdom northwestern areas of france, and that eventually moves into the low countries in scandinavia on sunday. now in terms of amounts, it's going to london and see what we can expect about 20 millimeters of rain. and those gusts about 70 plus kilometers per hour. mix of sun and cloud on sunday that continues on monday, while your temperature is pretty well where they should be, for that some of your temperatures are on the rise across the balcony. so belgrade, $22.00 degrees full on sunshine, over the next 3 days. look at this, yes, shoot up to 27 degrees. that's almost a good 10 degrees above where you should be still a brisk wind through the black sea. and the boss for us affecting is stumble along with a scattering of showers. and i think we'll see the winds here of about 45 kilometers per hour. we'll see settled for iberia, except for northern parts of portugal into spain and across africa. we've got our storms through the gulf of guinea. that sure update until next time. take care.
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aah! cutter, one of the fastest growing nations in the world news ronnie needed to oakland and development school international shipping company to become a p middle east and we'll try them one, a skillful enough, 3 key areas of develop filling up from it. so connecting the world connect in the future while the cost cutters gateway to whoa trade. on counting the cost angle, americans legacy german economy, that is the envy of the world. but unprepared for the digital age, apple kicks on game make an effort from an app store. is the phone, make it abusing it's monopoly and afghan businesses and losing international customers? counting the cost on l just that ah,
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holding the powerful to account. as we examined the u. s. sheets role in the world .


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