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tv   [untitled]    October 1, 2021 11:30pm-12:01am AST

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a unique culture and heritage, economic diversity and pristine wildlife and natural resources. so look out what's wanna add the expo 2022 by spectacle, where we will unleash our potential boots, wanna all pride your destination. ah hello, i'm sorry, i'm demising and, and look at the main stories. now. the ones actually general is told if your peers prime minister does not accept his decision to expel 7th senior personnel. if you have kids for ministry crimes, the officials have being expelled for meddling in the internal affairs of the country. the u. n says it could affect humanitarian operations that help more than 5000000 people in the war tone take ry region. the expulsion came off to the u. n's
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h, he said a de facto blockade on a to the region meant i was likely a famine. the kenyan government and our delegation certainly is, is not considering questions about perio state or what the responsibility of him government is. we are considering all the statements, including some of the communications are from the foreign ministry by twitter. and we are continuing to actively be informed and trying to be responsive to the situation as it was. but we have every hope that it will are good in a positive direction. georgia war president mikhail sucker. she really has been detained just hours after arriving back in the country for the 1st time in years. it posted a video on facebook saying he wanted to support the opposition in saturday's election despite the risk of arrest. he left your during 2013 when his 2nd terms, president ended years later, he was sentenced in absentia to 6 years in prison for abuse of power. a charge he
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said, was politically motivated. having averted a government shut down us politicians of peno closer to solving bigger, more pressing problems, and running out of time to raise a boring limit or risk defaulting on debt. a move that could trigger globally economy problems. republicans won't know part of the debt limit rise, saying it's the democrats program since they control both congress and the white house democrats, a divided the president, biden's trillion dollar infrastructure bill, and the united nations humanitarian coordinator for lebanon, is say, nearly 8 in every 10 people are now living in poverty around a 3rd of them are in extreme poverty countries. economic crisis is seen. the prices of food and fuel far outstripped wages ended with the state ravaged by corruption. international aid is now bypassing government authorities to go directly to the people. this is europe. is the program coming up next on the news hour after that
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in 25 minutes time? ah ah ah. loving of this love as you cancel the subject. yes. a bit of books typically buy books when it goes from a with
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a big fan with a new long play in wash with some clinical by the children up completely, but most of a
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oh wow, i'm good with it. huh. oh tim, just go about her pulse. paula: books, more banker by him jump, ask her one more question. why? which more m a mega as it. that's why i'm just me a and so a contract itself. it answered to me, not jeremy says all those really men. chimerical. i can
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see i got john. man e, i'm a hug, engender dodgy, imp, about in general, see the taj mahal refunded because because of his lee as confirmed i boxed miss selma media. she passed him about a budget of what you should expect to so so much britain all highly called foot and motion capacitors affair. i wasn't ball. i pasa deuce. and missile pajama, we saw him in the video results virus one producer back to to reduce config. but on a sunday from sad to say yes and you know, much sort of insulation. mm.
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oh, yeah. i'm willing to insure a box is would be on da da silva, manage on 1000000 bits of sins. survivors are for services. i think attention lab works with a view your leisure with us, a man of about a man could for with that i was at a now, in, in a day at a more you miss janet from really driving why everbridge this is i was my pin of the slum under i'm, it's lisa pixel. it will i strong. she the multiple
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a type of or national excuse damage issue. i said mom pissed off, but no, i don't can only because in her come what can i says he comes to the bumper. is private coming from at now to pure shop and coach to conduct my coach or to quote suits you suits you the palm of more than one widely like system. group one. a good one. yeah. similar jim is a sushi glue move the missile jim said to want to ship me. she said to him about the ship. may sheila can pretty sure my box with mit will develope the deco escalated? looks at them on the glass of them on the console case. a bonded out to the show
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some more about them to lucy. he's a dog if you said, if they call she'd give us a few. i think on the money i will try to call a little less this katrina, all about school to be on the books when it moves it on a for the much do with the other 4 legs all due to their mom to be there because it could be 232 little so look, it is ultimate image piece to talk about tops because i guess i will tell you that they are the side of the day. are cur, like well, a quiz. so my point to sheila, nursing has some of them checked anyway. she's a she, she'll now, could you see. so mom is above this, she's always your scope of the meat. it says to look kind of you do kitchen during the bill with
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love. you don't go above the total more than up of to keep a pull was supervision kasanya knew was that me. oh ha. last since she took the resume or to get my resume didn't to give. so the money to deciding us your wars in a suit in the line for the labor force on clear enough ah, it will get us on children within the budget for last national spot. all look like the premises in panama college. don't mess with
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with little at that village. this is doug sequence. when i look away up with his of to looseness simplicity of own ela. but which i'm, is, is sort of the want the glue. like for the, for some why is wages angle did worship equity? it was like, he saw eskegal monkish altogether. dis, a w. yeah. more than usual time. mm hm. so, shallow me for more articles there to go away. graham,
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i'm going to need you to do to she can also set choir, let done, let done. all the measures did is you said it is really simple to don't sure what to sell. she needed to be done to come along with your record to receive a producer want that she'll proceed if it's just a mental slumber. look much. i person contingent. i'm f a . she said it was it by the mission. a sick, a saw some popular. so i'm gonna lose one of the gall supposedly
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melissa shoes on and so i can assure smoke was coming from 12 to 22. he's one of the brand to read it. so yeah, that's what i read muslim. and charlie john smith here in the vinnie presented me. my call is on patty somers was want to part of his eb sco machine on office. i need someone to visit with you me comes a chrissa month or so. so he supposed to law isn't a quote, was calling to see him call commute them all can give you a good comments. more can a who a
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a very a, a a, a not in action. it is suspend. there was no sessions book. so the shinall messenger on all consider conversion are new to take. it can stand a j a m a n. as in very question.
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no, he supposed kicks those are bunny self decision searches on a donkey of area making money in the sample. not just them all new ma collision is all the principals are, are canoe federal news out? she did the tower yard with a nissan vehicle. so there's a new teachers to be offered to skip our system. premier fucker all consumes on commas. our santa sell natalie. send up, send me a fucking say july is of the larger mystery on the quantified containers. will somebody take a city?
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so if i seem to deal with what the office are, what the activities on me so we won't be so so i bought a decision of a
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joke mister about we took a a lead a want to book a book a room with discuss go with you so you're on the floor for 40, so you want to know who the person key go, shopping people,
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glovebox in the car. so you see p on the box. it's more that i speak to more calls people suv. it's all, some is on regard. so they perform peer urged and also look. so she knew america. selena sherry. i do mrs. irvin shopping at him on the box in paula baby. i'll be more mad. every tom is on come on. it is rachel of ipad called kind of a power point punctually, collision symbol conger and some mach sensors, some long valley with each i'm making khaki by deal are finished or, or soccer ball. the journal fiddler clip proceeds as a bus on my past form associate out there for the e commerce, i see don't. if you decide to do that, them see that?
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i think it also suited for battery to see if they sound too. so i will approve with this and i will send it along slowly problems. she knew the quote on carsa missy, on a lot of the michelin marbella, puzzled about because she's having to face of i only show somebody will call on the parking lot over these young people. i sold all the reach rob foster books. i live in a danny mom over over syndic. why? she didn't say school love to lose it in for c r a.
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r a. oh. good god. god, god. god doth fell mosley combs him afy mafia. the a computer security. alarm board. flexible. explosive bel sonoma. 20 bucks, not really a lot cheaper to work it and that you box of course. so thought you got it yourself
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. if it comes to your gosh to secure what phone go shop a, go to what she wants to control. that's quality circle health policy. so daniel called a competitor she to speak with
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with shana that there was a little bit of turns on. it don't cross, it paused to notice a bloody reason. why did it one 0, mystical sugar level to someone who knew it did send me a
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new o'neill for me. a sample of the key yankee, a gentleman this morning at all. so let's just say i pulled up here. we got a seat. you want to do is give us a shout.
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ah ah, ah hello, thank you for tuning and here's your weather update for asia pacific cipher. mandalay has moved away from japan and it's left tropical air in behind it. so could go up to $29.00 degrees. it's fall above average in your back into the sunshine. also settled conditions for eastern portions of china, shanghai. it's a hong kong. it's dry. hong kong has a height of 32 degrees. we have been locked into soggy conditions for indo china to back to back tropical storms. northern thailand, one of the areas impacted. and in some parts of indo china, we've had about a meter of rain over the last little while. plentiful showers and storms continue
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on saturday. concentrated rain for this part of borneo into sula, lazy as wall. okay, down under a warm wind is blowing down from australia's out back toward that south. it's meeting up with a frontal system. so the 2 are crashing together and where we see that there are some storms triggered into western australia, just pushing and to south australia over the weekend. still unsettled for that southeast corner of the country, sidney, up to $23.00 degrees. it is come across new zealand for now, and actually i think the weekend will look pretty good. so for the capitol region, our next batch of rain will move in monday afternoon with a high of 15 degrees. that sure weather update until next time. take care. ah, the, the earth is a tipping point. scientists are telling us right now that we have just 12 years as the world's leaders failed to agree upon a solution or taking that has into there with
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happy. now, with this axis to get people to sun city hill, they pool and that it kills people. now it's already killing both fries with people's voice cornell jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm marianne demising. welcome to the news our life from london coming up in the next 60 minutes. a spiraling humanitarian crisis. now complicated by a diplomatic one. united nations warns ethiopia, it has no legal right to expel 7,
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un and officials on capitol hill. a presidential intervention joe biden arise to heal party divisions of his.


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