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tv   [untitled]    October 1, 2021 10:00pm-10:31pm AST

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the rockies due to the pool in an election likely to define the country's future. october on al jazeera, ah spiraling humanitarian crisis. now complicated by a diplomatic one, the united nations warns ethiopia has no legal right to expel 7 un officials. ah, no, i, mariam, noisy and daniel watching al jazeera, also coming up on the program, a former georgia president, macau sucker sh videos detain just hours after arriving back in the country. president joe biden is expected soon. a capital hill where democrats remain deeply
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divided over his ambitious infrastructure bill and living on just a few dollars a month. a recurring story from the streets of lebanon, where 80 percent of people now live in poverty. ah, the un secretary general has told the ethiopian prime minister does not accept his decision to expel 7 senior posts. now, if your peers foreign ministry claims the officials of being expelled the meddling and internal affairs of the country, the un says it could effect humanitarian operations out more than 5000000 people in the war torn to cry region. the expulsion came after the u. n. a chief said a de facto blockade on aid to the region. it meant there was likely
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a fall at famine. and so we have a deteriorating situation in the tag ry region. a start warning from the united nations that there are millions of people over 5000000 people in need of food. 8, hundreds of thousands are living and famine like conditions. and amidst all of this, the government there is deciding to the government of ethiopia, i should say, deciding to expel 7 senior un humanitarian workers from the region. and of the reason i have given for this, at the reason i have given for this is for the meddling in the eternal affairs of the country. but the un secretary general made it very clear today that that is unacceptable. and that the government and addis ababa has no legal right to do this . going to bring you much more on this story, only humanitarian crisis integrity, but also on the reaction from the united nations a bit later. for now, let's move on to our other top story, this our ga, the former president, macau soccer. she really has been detained just hours after arriving back in the
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country for the 1st time in years earlier posted a video on facebook. so he wanted to support the opposition and saturdays election despite the risk of arrest that cush when he left georgia in 2013. when his 2nd term is president ended years later, he was sentenced in absentia to 6 years in prison for abuse of power charge. he called politically motivated, robin forced their walk as more from tbilisi. he was actually detained here in to the see having somehow escaped the authorities since posting that video early this morning from by to me, which is on the coast to which is on the coast here. on the black sea, they've made it to the police and he then said that he said he faced likely, or we then had a statement from the prime minister saying that that arrest operation had been carried out. and we've now seen a smiling recall sacristy being taken into prison. we understand that prison is in
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rooster v. it's to town not far from the from to p c itself. i really that just kept an extraordinary day in georgia politics because michael sack s v. a has made disappearance on the eve of municipal and merrill elections, which the opposition consider is really important because they hope that george, in public, who come out to more and vote decisively against the georgia dream government. so because suckers really has picked this moment. now finally, after all these years to return and shake up the jordan political see, ah, having a version of government shut down, us politicians appear no closer to solving bigger, more pressing problems. they are running out of time to raise america's boring,
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limit, or risk defaulting on debt. republicans won't know part of the debt and the increase sang. it is the democrats problem. tense, a control congress and the white house, and democrats and divide. you know, the president joe biden sleeping domestic agenda with progressive designed to block a one trillion dollar infrastructure bill without larger social spending and a greater focus on climate change. and fisher is at the white house and joined us. now these deadlines seem to come up every so often, allen, it's, it's a regular occurrence. first of all, tell us about the, the division over this infrastructure bill. why it's a $1000000001.00 trillion dollar infrastructure bill that was already get partisan agreement. it passed through the senate, they just need to get it through the house. no, this is going to improve roads and bridges, airports across the united states, even a help with the development of, of broadband and rural areas. the difficulty is that democrats don't want to vote for it straight away because they think there should be
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a bigger spending bill. a 3.5 trillion spending bill, which deals with things like climate change and community colleges and increasing access to, to medicare and to dental and to optical at to make sure there's better health for nursery skills. all of those sort of things. and they're worried that if the infrastructure bill goes through that no one will want to vote to push through the larger spending bill. so in the next few minutes, just check. no, joe biden is still in the oval office. he will be heading to capitol hill there. he's going to meet with democratic lawmakers from all the caucasus is going to essentially out his agenda. he will tell them that they've got to work together. he will see that the infrastructure bill is a bipartisan plan. there's got widespread approval across the country and it does, i mean, the every opinion pull, you see many people support the idea of better bridges and roads and infrastructure . the just want to support that. as for the bigger spending bill, he's got to start making some promises to democrats. that won't be forgotten. the
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problem is there are 2 democratic senators who think that the bill for that is just a bit too high. now jen, saki has made the point in the briefing just in the last few minutes deals get done right at the end, the don't get done weeks ahead of the deadline, and that is why it's coming down to this. some people will say, this is a sign of dysfunction, particularly in the democratic party, but it's also a sign of negotiation that they're trying to get to a final deal that everyone can agree on, and then push it through the house. so while the democrats are all concentrated on this, of course, the republicans of st. just sitting back enjoying the spectacle. i'm watching the democrats have these problems because they think in the end that's going to play well for them. not just in the mid term elections in 2022, but also with the presidential elections in 2024. all right, thank you very much. alan fisher at the white house, or turning out how top story the escalating humanitarian crisis that is gripping,
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if you, if is more than tag ry region. now, diplomatic added to james bay's joins us live from the united nations for more reaction on what appears to be a diplomatic crisis. james, after the government of ethiopia expelled those 7 u. n. d, those 7 un humanitarian work is now tell us why that's important. and what further reaction has been from the united nations actually general when it's important because of the state of the humanitarian situation in te gray, which is already the un says lightly a famine. there's been a great deal of each other activity here at un headquarters in the last couple of hours. the un secretary general picking up the phone to the therapy. prime minister abbey ahmed, saying this is unacceptable. he doesn't accept the principle of persona non grata. he says, that's a principle use between states. it's not a principle that you can use for an international organization like the united nations. but the theo pins have hit back as a new statement from the foreign ministry doubling down on those allegations that 7
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un officials meddled in internal affairs. they listed what they say are 5 ways in which they meddle. they say, for example, diversion of humanitarian assistance to tpr laugh, violated, agreed on security arrangements and transferring communications equipments. they say that was used by the t p a life or among the things that the foreign ministry is pointing out. the foreign ministry also saying that this is not a matter for the un security council. he said that would be a blatant violation of ethiopia, his sovereign prerogative on matters of national security. despite that, this has been discussed by the un security council until about an hour ago they were discussing this behind closed doors are deciding what to do about this very serious situation. and what many security council members think is very serious breach of the rules regarding the un humanitarian operations. now all is coming on what happened to be the 1st day of the presidency of kenya of the un security
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council. so kenya, a close neighbor of ethiopia, a neighboring country that has good relations with ethiopia, was presiding over the security council meeting. the canyon ambassador has just concluded in the last few moments, a news conference about his plans for the next month. i asked him about the meeting on ethiopia, and whether he thought ethiopia, his actions in kicking out or trying to carry out these 7 un staff risk making, ethiopia, a prostate. the kenyan government and our delegation certainly is, is not considering a question about paris state or, or what the response of ethiopian government is. we are considering all the statements, including some of the communications or from the foreign ministry by twitter. and we're con tenant to actively be informed and trained to be
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responsive to the situation as it evolves. but we have every hope that it will are good in a positive direction. so what happens next? well, at the end of that security council meeting, they were briefed by the u. s. humanitarian chief martin griffith. i did try to speak to him. he had nothing to say you and officials telling me the situation now is so sensitive because of course they were the un officials, the 7 officials have been told they are being expelled, had been given 72 hours to leave the country that 72 hours runs out on sunday. so this clearly is a very difficult time for the united nations. i can tell you among security council members, some of the european members clearly would like to say something on this issue. my understanding is that ireland is currently drawing up a draft statement for the security council that will then be circulated and the council members will negotiate the language to decide whether they're actually going to issue a statement on the current situation. thank you very much, james. by that diplomatic editor, when out e, e o,
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and humanitarian coordinator for lebanon is saying, nearly 8 in every 10 people are now living in poverty with an economy in town, while their state is failing to provide even the most basic services to its people . then a 100 reports on this from daylight coping with inflation and a currency in free fall has made life tough. people have sunk into poverty since the economy began to collapse 2 years ago. the united nations says nearly 80 percent are now poor. that's $3000000.00 people, but the only thing, maybe i'm to sub angel, not that my monthly salary is now worth $70.00. it's not enough to buy food for 4 days. the government has been promising to give us cash assistance, but it never happened. the humanitarian community has stepped in to provide vital support in a country made nearly bankrupt by decades of corruption and mismanagement. united nations statistics tell the story of growing hardships like 1000000 people in
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urgent need of aid, including food. for the 1st time ever in the history of labor alone, you have 36 percent o x to lean forward. you know extreme. what we're to is not anything. it's really something that never happened. never ever happened a long before. it's not only lebanese who have been affected by the economic crisis, the living conditions of 850000 syrians registered as refugees by the u. n. r. rapidly deteriorating a year ago, just over half lived in extreme poverty. now it's 9 out of 10, nearly 50 percent don't have enough food. 30 percent of children have never gone to school and almost 30000 work levels of poverty are also high in palestinian refugee camps. and at least 400000 migrant workers, mainly from asian and african countries, are stranded here without work, nor the means to return home. many parents can't afford to send their children to
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school, and growing numbers of people are unable to afford health care. starvation is now a reality for thousands and malnutrition is increasing among children. the international community accuses lebanon's political class of deliberately failing to act and defending what member say is a bankrupt economic system. that's why lebanon's authorities are bypassed when assistance is provided and they say they'll continue until state institutions, riddled with corruption are reformed. most of the support that we are going to provide or through or through the e. r, p is also going to be directed to population, but many say this help is not a long term answer. and emergency aid is not the economic recovery plan lebanon needs. that will depend on its leaders letting go of a system. they have benefited from for so long santa, who, their ultra zito,
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beirut, you know, out as era life from london much more sill i had for you on the program. a generation of children wasting away, rising costs and worsening violence is northern nigeria is children starving and running on empty thousands of petrol station still waiting for fuel as european truck as reject a u. k. offer ah hello. you're tuned in to your weather update for europe and africa. first we're going to look at our weather makers map in the area of low pressure just south of iceland. these are i so bars here. so when they're closer together, that indicates the wind will be more intense. so we go and for a closer look toward northwestern portions of europe. here's that disturbed whether we're going to get dowse with rain through the united kingdom northwestern areas of
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france. and that eventually moves into the low countries in scandinavia on sunday. now, in terms of amounts that's going to london and see what we can expect about 20 millimeters of rain. and those gusts about 70 plus kilometers per hour, ex of sun and cloud on sunday that continues on monday while your temperature is pretty well where they should be for that some of the year, temperatures are on the rise across the balkan. so bell gray, $22.00 degrees full on sunshine, over the next 3 days. look at this, he a shoot up to 27 degrees. that's almost a good 10 degrees above where you should be. still a brisk wind through the black sea and the boss 1st affecting is stumble along with a scattering of showers. and i think we'll see the winds here of about 45 kilometers per hour. we'll say settled for iberia, except for northern parts of portugal into spain. and across africa we've got our storms through the gulf of guinea. that sure update until next time. take care. ah,
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ah, how many nukes is too many new comerica had in many ways driven the arms race? the parties are much more like the british boys down to them. there are fewer regulations who own a tiger than there are a dod. how can this be happening? we take on us politics and decide he am at the bottom line. the u. s. a whole was of interest to people. all right, the world people pay attention to here. and how does is very good. they're bringing the news to the world from here, hulu. ah, ah, welcome back. the main stories. now. the un has told, if you're it doesn't accept the expulsion of 7 senior personnel,
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it comes off to the bodies. a chief said there was likely a famine unfolding in the war tone. take right region georgia for president macau soccer. she really has been detained just hours after arrival, back in the country for the 1st time in years he was wanted on abusive power charges. us politicians are no closer to agreement on raising the debt ceiling before the nation risks missing payments. a deal to keep funding, the government was only agreed with ours to spare. now, australia aims to start reopening its borders in november, 18 months after they were slammed shot fully vaccinated citizens and residents will be allowed to come and go. one states reach their vaccination targets. the country remains off limits to foreigners. sarah clark reports now from queensland. it's the needs, tens of thousands of australians stranded overseas, had been waiting for from november. international borders will begin to reopen once
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again, allowing travel in and out of the country. it's time to give a strident their lives back. with save lives, we've saved livelihoods, but we must work together to ensure that a strident can reclaim the lives that they once had in this country. and we must work together to achieve that goal. city with the 1st city to allow international flights fully vaccinated, australian citizens and permanent residents will be required to quarantine at home for 7 days after coming from overseas. those who haven't been vaccinated or have received a vaccine that's not recognized by the government will have to quarantine in hotel for 2 weeks. vaccines produced by china's sana back and the indian manufactured cover shield had been approved. and that will enable australians who are fully vaccinated and australians and residents of australia who are overseas, who are fully vaccinated,
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to be able to travel again. and to be able to lift those caps on area ports in states where they have moved into phase. see all the progress denouncement has been welcomed by family members who've been separated due to caps on the number of seats on international flights and unable to re unite due to quarantine restrictions. there are still some hurdles for australians wishing to return home. restrictions will only be lifted when states reach an 80 percent vaccination target, which means states like here in queensland and western australia where the vaccine, right trails the rest, the country could be required to wait until december before borders reopen. if news as well as victoria open up to the world before they open up all the other states, that will only incentivize it for the other states to get rid of the domestic borders and actually start to reconnect with the world as they learn to tolerate the virus and know they can still manage it. the trouble now it's mon only covers australian citizens and permanent residents for foreign nationals,
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australia borders remain closed until further notice. sarah clark, audi 0, queensland, australia. u. s. homosexual company. merc says trial show it's experimental, coven, 19 treatment. reduces hospitalizations and deaths by half. it states has not yet been published or peer reviewed. mark is seeking emergency use authorization in the united states. if approved, it would be the 1st pill for coven 19 marks as the medication is designed to be taken twice daily for 5 days after diagnosis. now residents in a small colombian town, st in flux of mostly haitian migrants is pushing them out of housing, migrants to try to catch boats on their way north to the us, but far fewer people a day can leave than arrive, that they will then start a week long journey through the jungle to panama government says at least 46000 migrants of cross the lawless jungle known as the daren gap. this year. are sandra
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yeti has more now on why hundreds of migrants are struggling to cross the gulf of robber. panama has put a maximum of 500 people that they are accepting every day that can enter their country. and so both companies here in columbia are only selling or letting go of $500.00 people per day that us created a bottleneck where we are. and there are now 22000 migrants here trying to continue their journey. wow, wow. mostly asians are able to go. man, you have to stay here for well over a month to be able to, to then leave either my grants. like, for example, cubans and venezuelans are telling us that they simply are not sold tickets because find them i said that they will deport them if their answer, their countries have very, very complicated situation. here. a lot of the migrants who are here are spending
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all their money they have for their trip to be here. locals are doing price gouging, increasing prices for the migrants. it's a very, very complicated situation and to try and stem the arrival of new migrants. now we have understood that columbia authorities are also forcing bus companies at the border with the equity, or to stop selling tickets to migrants trying to get here. now at least 7 people have been killed in a fight on a cove at ward and the remaining port city of constantia more than a 100 people evacuated before the file is extinguished. this is the 3rd deadly hospital fire in the country in less than a year or maney is aging, health system is under major pressure after surgeon closed the cases with a new data. hi, i'm more than 12000 reported on thursday or now to northern nigeria, where connex and hospitals in the region are struggling to cope with high numbers
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of severely malnourished children. that as an address reports from my degree food shortages of wasn't as violence by om grips intensifies fatima gandhi mussa and i, one year old son are preparing to leave hospital love to treatment from malnutrition and infections that been here for 2 weeks. i love, i love that attitude nikia of i doubt my baby was in very bad shape and was admitted. so his daily therapy includes medicine, nutritious supplements, doctors at this facility run by the international rescue committee, with support from units of r. bailey coping with a high number of children seeking help. did you receive between 15 and clean t patients, amy? but petition. any dude gets out of that space and in where such because we are exempt to come under the deluxe. the only attempt to go to the facility, or if we can give them any other indication for them to take and then from the
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mother the money so that we can admit them once we have the space as thought you might not be be prepared to leave 6 mothers holding their sick children wait outside. each is hoping their child will take the next available bet space. it went to this mother on how severely malnourished child as well as treating under norris children. the hospital also treats and feeds mothers to boost bay immune systems. what's happening here is repeated in many other hospitals in the city. was crops about to be harvested doctors and nutritious hold, malnutrition places will decline, but there are no guarantees. since inflation has hot incomes and unemployment remains high. the i'm grew book where i'm launched an insurgency but no state 12 years ago. at one point more than 80 percent of farms were abundant because of a tax bytes fighters, millions of people while forced to depend on food aid, but with donations reducing swafford supplies. there is some levels of,
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of don't the fatigue certainly. um, there are so many crisis and unfortunately the crisis we're seeing are increasing day by day. a location by location, there is don't fatigue, but we cannot afford that donor 14 to continue on the ground aid workers are struggling looking at the diploma tundras. this is a little of enough, what we are reaching you the little we have will be to the numbers into, on the full truth and to do the number of children who suffer his liver. so this, but we company to them. either it is, this is what alone or because that is without adequate resources. it's hard for edward gets to know how many children need help. but with the cost of food going up, it's clear the number of those going hungry can only be rising. how many degrees al jazeera, my degree nigeria, when i jared government, is ordered the conditional lifting of the bonnet imposed on twitter 4 months ago.
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president mohammedan bihari says the social media platform is be used for business and positive engagements. it was banned in june after i deleted a controversial tweet by the president. suspension has been condemned as a clamp down on freedom of expression. now east 2000 at british filling stations still have no fuel, even though the government says the week long panic buying crisis is easing. a critical shortage of truck drivers kicked off the concerns covering a range of vital supply channels. you pay. governments tried to entice foreign drivers with special visas and pay rises. but isn't eve barker? reports a deal is not tempting enough, but truckers life is tough, says polish driver piazza rustic. he's criss cross the continent for 6 years. polish whole years are the driving force of european supply chains, working long, lonely hours away from their families. mom, voice guided lego. little you to lose all. i have uncles have driven for 25 years.
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a big brother has been driving for more than 15 years. and now my youngest sister has got a driving license and drives in the netherlands, and she is already had enough. the critical shortage of drivers, many from eastern europe, has left the continent in crisis with the u. k. hardest hit coven 19. put a stop to new driver training and post bricks. it immigration rules designed to put british workers 1st of bank fired. british government plans to issue temporary 3 month visas for $5000.00 foreign truckers have been scoffed up by european drivers . i'm willing to help you came out of a crisis, seemingly of its own making. for his bow, nancy evelyn, at the keys. this is not an attractive proposition for our drivers beyond the issue of pay, the job needs to be stable and secure. if a driver has an employment contract in poland with a permanent employer,
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why would they quit everything and go to dk for 2 or 3 months just to help the british sought out their christmas? and this is the ongoing consequence of a shortage of around a $100000.00 drivers. some pedro pumps of simply run dry elsewhere. there are long queues of irate drivers. there are now concerns about a central supplies reaching pharmacies in a week in which scuffles are broken out at some petrol stations. the government insists the situation is improving. although the army remains on standby, but it's not just lori drivers that are in short supply. another crisis looms close by a shortage of bushes. many from eastern europe, the farming industries war, but hundreds of thousands of peaks may have to be cold within weeks. unless the government issues freezes to allow more butchers into the country. of interconnected crisis where the worst of breaks or breaks from cobra to have collided, spreading chaos,
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get everything from food to fuel. the focker al jazeera loved it. so more in everything we're covering, right? yeah, al jazeera dot com, you can also watch is on live streaming there. and let's have comment in analysis to be found as well. ah, quite look at the headline stories now. the un secretary general has told ethiopia as prime minister, it does not accept his decision to expel 7 senior humanitarian workers. if your peers for ministry is claiming that the officials are being expelled for meddling in the internal affairs of the country. but the un says it could affect humanitarian operations. that helped more than 5000000 people in the war tone, tech ry region. the expulsion came after the when's aging said a de facto blockade on a to the region meant that was likely a famine.


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