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tv   [untitled]    October 1, 2021 9:00pm-9:31pm AST

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france once had a vast empire standing several continents but by the 1940s, the french were forced to confront reality and demands for independence. in the 1st part of a documentary series, al jazeera looks at how the colonial unrest grew. conflict to no diarrhea and full scale warn indo china blood and his french tea colonization on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm adrian for the good. this is that he is, are alive from doha. coming up in the next 60 minutes for about george and president, because suckers philly has been arrested after returning from exile to support the opposition and saturdays election. a lawyer known for his decades long battle
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against us. oil giant chevron has been jailed for criminal contempt. nearly $20000.00 migrants wait to cross the river from columbia to panama, as they continue that dangerous journey to the united states and stopped from entering parliament's police and to nicea ball law makers from that place of work. and in school, ronald coleman that says the rule is he's about to be fired as barcelona codes are probably true. he claimed the clubs hierarchy has shown him a lack of respect by leaking stories about his future. ah, georgia as prime minister says that an operation to detain for president because soccer city has been successfully carried out. he was arrested after returning from exile to support the opposition. in saturday's election. he posted a video on facebook saying that he went act despite the risk of arrest suckers for
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the left, georgia in 2013 when his 2nd term, as president ended, he was later sentenced in absentia to 6 years in prison for abuse of power. he denies the charges and says that they are politically motivated. let's go live not to the police out. 0 robin 1st here. walker is there. what more do we know about suckers for his detention robin? well, i understand that he was actually detained here in tbilisi, having somehow escaped or the authorities since posting that video early this morning from by to me, which is on the coastal, which is on the coast. he on, on the black sea, he made it to the police and he then said that he said he faced likely arrest. we then had a statement from the prime minister saying that that arrest operation had been carried out. and we've now seen a smiling recall sack us vittie being taken into prison. we understand that prison
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is an rou savvy. it's the town and not far from the, from tbilisi itself. i really, that just kept an extraordinary dain george in politics because mickle sec s v a has made disappearance on the eve of municipal and merrill elections, which the opposition consider is really important because they hope that georgia public will come out to more and vote decisively against the georgia dream government. so me, cough secretary has picked this moment. now finally, after all these years to return and shake up the georgian political seat and tell us something about the political climate currently in georgia in the run up to this . so the selection it's been a poisonous one, i think on all sides a can. it can agree on one thing that, that this paulette politics in georgia as in many places of course. but here in particular it is extremely polarized and,
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and it's personality driven. so on the one hand, you've got the george and dream governments that for all these years has been talking nonstop about how they got rid of michael sack us video. and as it, they described in his 9 bloody years in power. they never stopped talking about this figure. and on the other, you have me cossack, as really, who has had this colorful political career. he went to ukraine. he ended up in governments in ukraine, got ukrainian citizenship and has always talked about returning. but he never ended up doing so until today. so now what we are waiting to find out is whether or not he would have fired up his base or of united national movement. supporters where the people are going to come out and see an opportunity or whether this move could backfire. because that say the george in part governing dream party, they still have some significant support. they are the most popular party according
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to polls. and it may be that people are afraid of a returned to me car, sac ashville, that i want to see him back in george, in politics. so this could backfire on him and his party. out as here as robin for us here. walker reporting live from tbilisi in georgia. thanks robin. a lawyer known to is decades long battle against u. s. o john chevron has been jailed for criminal contempt. stephen danziger has been sentenced to 6 months in prison by a new york court. the case stems from his fight on behalf of ecuadorian villages to prove that chevron polluted the amazon rain forest in the 1990 spi. let's go live down to you. yoke altitude is i'll just, here's kristin. salumi is outside of the court house. the tell us more about this sentence. yeah, well the decision is stunning, given that the united nations human rights council board on arbitrary detention
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just put out a report saying that if anything danziger should be released. because the trial proceedings had shown a lack of objectivity, a shocking lack of objectivity in their words and impartiality. but the judge here in new york, federal court justice loretta prescott pushed back against characterizations by the united nations and danziger supporters. that this somehow was not warranted, but she gave him the maximum 6. my sentence for contempt charges 6 of them relating to a case where he failed to turn over evidence that was demanded by the judge. i. she said that contrary to the way this was painted, danziger had showed a long pattern of neglecting court orders. and because of that, it was important to send a message that decisions and court orders have to be obeyed. and so it was
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a big disappointment for many of the supporters who had gathered here outside of the court house and clothing environmental groups in human rights groups who had been supporting him and his efforts to get accountability for environmental degradation in ecuador. and what about the case against chevron crystal? what does that sound? right, so in danziger actually won a law suit of giant settlement $9500000000.00 was supposed to be paid to people in ecuador, who had suffered as a result of the environmental degradation there. that was upheld that decision and ecuador supreme court and another court in canada. but as soon as that decision came through, chevron took danziger to court, here in the united states. and in that case, he was found guilty of bribery and witness tampering. i. he denies all of these
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charges i, but this is where the contempt charges stem from. and the failure to turn over evidence will charges against him here in new york. and his supporters say that there's all sorts of funny business around this trial. and the fact that the prosecutors here in new york had refused to hear the case and to take up the case and the judge appointed private lawyers to prosecute danziger who had actually worked for chevron in the past. so don't seemingly a and a lack of credibility on the part of a decision, according to his supporters. but again, the judge pushing back against that, saying that this decision focus is narrowly on the charges of contempt, which stem from him repeatedly refusing to comply with court orders. and i should point out on me $1000000000.00 settlement. no money has been paid to day while he is going to jail. no money has been paid out to the plaintiffs
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. in that case, in ecuador, chevron has not paid any money to the victim. all right, chris, so many thanks to the kristen. so maybe that live for us in new york. oh crap finkelstein is faculty director of the center for ethics and rule of law at the university of pennsylvania law school. she says that it's rare for lawyers to be held in criminal contempt. i think that, you know, the judge felt that he was really sort of a thumbing his nose at the court. in general, it's a professional ethics violation for an attorney not to turn over his materials. when asked of, there's a problem of candor to the tribune. all sorts of professional ethics violations for which he lost his law license. but going to the point of sentencing an attorney charging and then sentencing an attorney to criminal violation is rather rare. again, in this case, there was of the judge felt there was an element of wilfulness involved and that
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explains the results. and here we had a, you know, accompanied me major up corporate player hip with a $9500000000.00 judgments that had every incentive to try to bring him down. so when chevron a sued him claiming that he procured his victory against them by fraud, they set in motion on a, a sort of war path against him. and he was really going up against the titanic forces of corporate america. but even if in a narrow sense of the conduct was highly problematic, the chances of any of that coming to the attention of a judge are absent. the force of chevron is very, very low. having converted a government shut down us, politicians appeared no closer to solving bigger, more pressing problems that running out of time to raise america's borrowing limit,
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full risk defaulting on debt. and so by this democrats are divided over the president, sweeping domestic agenda. let's go live out of the white house out there as alan fisher. is there, the president on his way to the hill? we understand alan, it's not the republicans in congress. these got to worry about though it's his, his own party. he's heading there in the next hour that the debt question will have to wait. what he's dealing with is the infrastructure bell and also a much larger spending bill. you remember that job? i'd managed to get bipartisan support for a one trillion dollar infrastructure bill that's going to improve airports and roads and broadband across the united states. everyone agrees that's a good idea. but there are some democrats from the progressive caucus you see, hold on a 2nd. we were also promised the $3.00 trillion dollar bill, which is going to address climate change in nutley provision. and entitlements is also going to look at unemployment. it's going to deal with
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a lot of issues and we're not going to vote for the infrastructure bill until we get that bigger spending bill through one way or the other. and so nancy pelosi and the democrats in the house are worried about bringing the infrastructure bill to the floor. what he, that could be defeated, that would be the end of the infrastructure bill. joe biden desperately wants, as he wants one, a bipartisan bill that says, look, we can work together for the benefit of america. but he also wants to get infrastructure up and running so he can deliver on a campaign promise. and so he's going to go to the hell and he's going to speak to a few people. no, there was no progressive caucus who seemed to be holding this up. they say that joe biden has been talking to them throughout the process. and there are some who say, well, this is a sane of american put, excuse me, political dysfunction. it's kind of not because of course, in democracy, if you've got an idea you've got to try and sell it to the other site and sometimes to even members of your own site. so that's what's going on at the moment,
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joe biden, on his way to hit the hill and the next her trying to get this log jam. moving with either the infrastructure bill of the spending bill going through 1st than attitude alluded it to it just her another to ago. no government shut down for the moment that's been avoided. but another big battle still looming. janet yell his treasury sector says look, we've got this covered, but only until october, 18th, and then you've got to start dealing with that. so what is the debt limit? well, the united states spends more than it brings in, so it's got to essentially increase its credit card debt. and it does that by going through the house and through the senate, and they've done it for years on a bipartisan basis. but this time, the republicans are saying no, no, no, the democrats control the house, the senate and the white house. you guys need to deal with this. that's a bit of a surprise, but kind of not really because of course of the 2020 to mid term elections. and the republicans would love to be able to campaign on the fact that america's debt limit
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has increased, and they can point the fingers at the democrats and said they did it, it was them all of them. so this battle will gone until october. the 18th, the democrats would dearly like the republicans to join n. so this is bi partisan, but it seems unlikely that the going to do that will america default highly unlikely. it would cost so many economic problems that it's not even funny. and so there's going to be a way out of this one way or the other, but essentially all focus on capital hill at the moment is not on the debt limit, is about what happens with infrastructure and the big spending bill. and what joe biden can do to what code, this log jam between his own party. meanwhile, the republicans are sitting back saying, go get the popcorn out zera's. an fisher live at white house in washington. many thanks elin, yes. pharmaceutical company mugs says that it's been experimenting with a curve at 19 treatment, which reduces hospitalizations and deaths by half. the data hasn't yet been published, or peer reviewed. marcus seeking emergency use authorization in the u. s. if
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approved, it would be the 1st pill for cove at 19. mark says the medication is designed to be taken twice daily for 5 days after diagnosis. oksana pisec leads the global citizenship program on outbreaks of infectious disease. at university college london, she says, an all treatment for cove at 19 would reach more people and cost less i. this is a much more convenient than many of the other types of treatments such as monoclonal antibodies, et cetera, which were much more expensive and were complicated and, and required much more staff to administer on. and rather than targeting the surface proteins, this actually a garbled, the viral genes as it's less effective at replicating within the body. and so it's about time that we were able to introduce an easy to take a tablet home within our tool kit of various medications that can help
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a prevent and fight corona virus. the results from the trial that has been shared by the company and the has been so positive that there has been a recommendation for it now to be accelerated. however, yes, of course we always do need to have a wider bank of data, wider population level, evidence and peer review to, to be able to on forge ahead with its use. that being said, the government, the u. s. government has already advanced, purchased 1700000000 doses i believe. and so that's a 1700000 rather. and so there is, i think, a, a view that this is going to be a very effective solution. but we do need to have a further transparency of publications of this to be reviewed by other scientists.
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so come here on monday, so it is truly a sworn as well. first of all, look at what it means for the country and the region. among the worst economic crises, the world, a seed of a 150, maybe 80 percent of the liberal in its population don't live in poverty. and it's fort baseball's will, serious champions. i have to stay on the truck to retain the title. so i here with her for the rest of the schools a little late ah, california's governor has announced plans to make corona of our respects scenes mandatory for school children. students over the age of 12 will be required to be an oculus, had, once the sta grants full approval. let's get more on this from al jazeera mike. hannah is in washington. tell us about how this is going to work like well, essentially the governor has announced that to vaccination mandated vaccinations
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will come into effect on a staggered basis. thirst looking at children between the ages of $12.16, and then as f d a approval is forthcoming, children under the ages of 12 will require to be vaccinated now. but governor point sounds that this is going to be over a staggered period. we are talking on for a period of months. the full impact will be measured by july next year says the governor, it's the 1st state in the u. s. a. to actually impose a mandate for vaccine within its schools. it's a massive step in terms of california and politics. and the process though, is simplified in a way a, by the fact that the governor has decided to add the cobit 19 vaccines to the list of vaccines that the company a california public health department already requires for school attendance such as measles, polio, mumps. these vaccines are already mandated cobit 19 is simply going to added at to
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this particular list. it's pretty controversial though, in some parts. there are plenty of anti faxes in california over well, very much so adrian, the issue with in california has heated, in recent months, there are some 13000 school boards across the state. and they've actually written letters to the governor saying how much they are facing in terms of local school board meetings. sanmar describe as utterly chaotic with some hair and a refusing to allow the wearing of mos certainly refusing any form of false vaccination. one must note that already in california, all to school children have to be wearing masks. all teachers have to be wearing mass. all teachers have to be vaccinated or face regular testing. but even these steps have absolutely infuriated large numbers of the california public who have been staging demonstrations at school board meetings throughout the state. the
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latest mandate from the governor is just likely to fuel this anger. mike blenny, thanks. i'll 0 my can of their lives in washington. nearly 20000 migrants, mostly from haiti, a waiting to cross a river from columbia to panama. from there they hoped to continue their dangerous journey through the dorian gap to the u. s. it comes as the deadline has arrived to the u. s. to confirm the number of refugees the little accept over the next 12 months. president joe biden wants to increase the resettlement ceiling to 125000. now that's a huge jump from the 15000 cap, signed into law by the trump administration. i'll zeros alice on our ability. isn't that coakley in columbia? or sandra? what's happening there? well a, then we saw some celtic scenes earlier this morning at the hundreds of people that are stranded here in the town of nick oakley. as you were saying, mostly asian, my grand set at we're struggling to try and score the big pricier, which is
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a picket their boats ticket to be able to cross the golf over here to reach the town of i can d, the last that at town in columbia, or answering a panel i'm trying to cross at the very end, john, go probably the most dangerous part of their trip north towards that the united states. what's happening here is that panama has put a maximum of 500 people that they are accepting every day that can enter their country. and so both companies here in columbia are only selling or letting go of $500.00 people per day. they, it, that has created a bottleneck where we are, and they are now 22000 migrants here trying to continue their journey. wow. mostly, asians are able to go many have to stay here for well over
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a month to be able to that to then leave either migrants like for example, cubans and venezuelans are telling us that they simply are not sold tickets. because by now, my said that they will deport them if their answer, their countries have been very complicated. situation here, a lot of the migrants who are here are spending all their money they have for their trip to, to be here. locals are doing price gouging, increasing prices for the migrants. it's a very, very complicated situation and to try and stem the arrival of new migrants. now we have understood that the columbia authorities are also forcing bus companies at the border with the ac, whether to stop selling tickets to migrants trying to get here. i'm 0, i'm a sub repair to report a live from the country in columbia, or somebody face guineas, cooley, der kernel, nobody them, boyer has been sworn in as interim president. he led last month's military takeover
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that asked a long time leader alpha con day. and boy is military government unveiled a transitional charter on monday that it says will steer the country back to civilian rule. regional block echo was, is demanding that elections be held within 6 months. and they're calling for con days. release. nicholas hock is following the story from decker in neighboring senegal. wearing sunglasses inside the integration halt, lieutenant colonel, monday to be at the head of the special forces that had toppled alpha convey a month ago. i'm swearing in as the new president in transition holding not the constitution or religious book, but rather the charter of transition that was written by himself and not the constitution because he said that that text was abused by the former, present alpha con. they who had tweak the constitution, allowing him to run for a 3rd mandate. it was in that very room that author county was sworn in less than a year ago. now he sits in house arrest watching the ceremony unfold. present
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during this, a ceremony were members of his own political parties. actors of civil society. i would probably go, did you knew the republic of guinea has known since half september 2021? a political change. so after the takeover of power by the army. this followed along social, political, and economic crisis is that was confronting the country. absent were the international heads of state, they're usually present in those events. a guinea is excluded from the west african body echo us. they've demanded that election be held in the next 6 month. but the new president of transition, dom bria has an ambitious plan. he wants to organize free and fair elections. write a new constitution. he calls for national reconciliation and the end of impunity with a rebirth of guineas justice system. that's something that a lot of people in guinea want to see. they want to see those have committed crimes in the past face justice including prison alpha con day. he also said that he would
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honor all international agreements, specifically he's pointing towards the mining sector. guinea is one of the largest exporter of box site and aluminum. a 3rd of the aluminum that china imports comes from guinea. and so it is important for him to both reassure people domestically that he's not going to stay on for long, but he's here to organize elections, but also internationally that guinea is back in business. and that he is now in the legitimate ruler. in his words of guinea, the u. n. as continuing urgent talks with ethiopia as government afterwards expelled several senior officials. the spokesman for the un secretary general said that the move goes against international protocols. the secretary general is sending a letter to the d and i nation security council to inform the counsel on the situation in ethiopia. and the recent developments regarding united nation staff, and i can confirm that the secretary general received a call today from the prime minister of ethiopia,
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in which the secretary general reiterated the position of the united nations, which was formerly conveyed to day to the permanent mission materials government has ordered the conditional lifting of the band that it imposed on twitter 4 months ago. president bahamas bahati made the announcements in his independence day address. he says the social media platform must be used for business and positive engagements. twitter was banned in june after it deleted a controversial tweet by bahati. meanwhile, police of 5 tear gas, a protest is in the capital of buddha. that amounting that bahati resign. the angry about the countries security crisis, police brutality and plummeting value of the currency. but he sent in his ear of salt and peas from entering parliament. there were reports that politicians would try to return to work at the end of the summer recess. during their break, president k side suspended parliament. granted smith's reports from judas journeys
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. he was elected politicians should be in parliament while the 1st day back after the summer break. mohammed romani was one of only 2 tried. they didn't get very far, lulu. i came here and found all the doors closed. i want to say either there is a parliament which is open for us to work or to be dissolved. we will have new elections. parliament was suspended on july 25th by present, kai signed. but he now rules by declaring good. is it because of coven 19 chinese is economy shrank by 8 percent last year. youth unemployment is at 36 percent. the dina has lost half its value. that's why many tunisians seem to support the president's decision to put the country's 10 year old democracy on ice. but 2 months on the still no recovery plan, a no promised crackdown on widespread corruption. if a mahash m. m, the president says he has proof of corrupt people, has them so then they should be sent to prison. he's not done that yet. on
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wednesday, the president appointed natural, a boot and his prime minister. and a 1st time, a woman has held the roller booklet jemma. if you hold all the power generic, you know, one looking over you, there must be a time when these extraordinary measures expire. he having a female prime minister isn't enough. he said, there must be partnership with civil society and not all political parties are equally bag. now we can't save the country without working hand in hand. the president side says he will appoint a committee to help amend the constitutional to establish a true democracy in which the people are truly sovereign on. that could be a long process. the economic crisis is more urgent. the central bank says it has less than $200000000.00 in the treasury. it needs one and a half $1000000000.00 every month to pay wages a meet debt repayments, obligations impossible, without help from foreign lenders. bernard smith, al jazeera judas, still to come here all that he is a stress, profess open the door to fully vaccinated citizens and residence. 18 months of the
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closing florida courthouse. first legislative elections will tell you what to expect from the should or council vote. out of sports, we'll hear from tom brady as the superstar quarterback proposed to make his big return to new england. ah. hello there for the middle east and live and it's hot and it's dry and it is relatively settled apart from northern areas of iran. we are seeing some rain trickle down and a bit of a brisk, a wind blowing across the caspian sea. but for the south of this, it is very hot and dry temperatures above average for iraq and kuwait as well as katara. we got a bit of a shamar wind that's going to come into play, kicking up a bit of dusts and hazy sunshine, but the temperatures are going to dip down slightly. it is going to feel
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a little bit cooler in this area. i just wanna bring you to the gulf of oman. we are watching tropical fica and good lab as it makes its way south of pakistan, south of iran bringing the wet and windy weather with it. to a mon, we're talking winds of up to a 100 kilometers per hour, some flooding rains. and by the time we get to funday, it could bring some of that to muscat. we will keep an eye on that to the west for yemen, we are seeing if you coastal showers, those join up with showers across the tropics of africa. we are seeing some heavy showers for uganda and the democratic republic of congo. we could see some localized flooding from that. and as we moved to southern africa of africa, seen a lot of rain across the hot as well as when a suit who trickling into southern areas of botswana. it is pulling out to the east though, cooling cape town. but the sun is going to come out in the days to come. ah, what sorta will be part of the greatest global gathering in history,
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the expo 2022 by what's wanda will be there to showcase her investment opportunities are unique coach and her.


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