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tv   [untitled]    October 1, 2021 3:00pm-3:31pm AST

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[000:00:00;00] ah, al jazeera with ah, i'm how am i he, is he an angel? how, with the headlines on al jazeera, australia aims to begin reopening gets borders in november, 18 months after citizens were effectively banned from leaving the country. tens of thousands slept stranded overseas. our master scott morrison says fully vaccinated
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australians will be able to return home and travel overseas. as soon as 80 per cent vaccination targets are met. this will happen state by states led by nissan wells, australia impose some of the world's toughest border restrictions in response to the pandemic. it is will be time very soon that will be able to open those international borders again. and that will enable australians who are fully vaccinated and australians and residents of australia who are either seas who are fully vaccinated to be able to travel again. and to be out the lift, those caps on area ports in states where they have moved into phase, see all the progress. and that is where australia is now preparing to move. this will happen next month. that's when we'll start happening for next month. sarah clark has more from the gold coast. it's good is the 10s of thousands of australians have been strata di overseas. the last, at least,
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i came months now flights will resume at of see the 1st that's as early as next month. there was some suggestions. it might be a december, but november's, an earlier decision, but city is the 1st city to assume international travel. the other sites will be under pressure to follow safe that simply because under the the national plan announced by australia climate as to scott morrison, the requirements of the states must reach the 80 percent vaccine target under the plan. so that the 2 requirements now the quarantine of those who beta strain citizens and permanent residents, those who being flu vaccination, with a vaccine recognized by the australian government, i can do a 7 day home pointing those who haven't been vaccinated or have been vaccinated with a vaccine that's not recognized by the us try and government. they will still have to do a full team day hotel fontaine, so they still restrictions in place for them, but those unvaccinated strains and permanent residents can still return home and travel. now straight is also looking at quarantine for a travel. so setting up travel bubbles for certain countries. of course,
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number one on the list at this stage is new zealand. and they, under this national plan and outside of national cabinets today by the prime minister, the government has announced it is also looking to offer more a repair ration flights for those stranded strains in cities where the international airlines are certainly not accessing, but the borders will remain closed for foreigners, the restrictions they've been. ays today offer studying citizens and permanent residents, only united nations secretary general antonio. good terror says he's shocked by you, philippines decision to expel 7 un officials. they include senior figures with unicef and the office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs. are accused of meddling in the countries internal affairs. youth activists have gathered in the italian city of milan to protest against what they say is, inaction by world leaders. i had a climb at summit next month. during a conference in milan on thursday. young delegates gave their ideas on how to
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better address global warming. in the canary islands, to new volcanic mo, the south opened 400 meters from the erupt. sing com revere her own la paloma lava has been flowing into the sea for the past 3 days and has formed a peninsula 20 hector as long an area bigger than 25 foot ball pitches. u. s. politicians have agreed to funds government operations through to december. avoiding a government shut down the result. battles over president biden's economic agenda, and increasing u. s. borrowing limits. the un humanitarian coordinator for lebanon, says nearly 80 percent of its population has been pushed into poverty. lebanon's grappling with a crushing economic crisis and philippine boxing star money. patio has officially registered as a candidate for next year's presidential election yearly or announced his
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retirement from boxing to focus on his political career. and that's your up to date . still stay with us here on al jazeera. ah, ah, i was planning to see tomorrow to protest against climate change. the projects are planned, a massive crime marching from blue square for years and it's existence has been denied. but to day climate change has become a global concerned. citizens are asking their elected officials for concrete solutions to fight pollution and rising temperatures. why should we study for a future that is being taken away from us? in 2015,
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195 countries committed to reducing their c o. 2 emissions at the end of the comp $21.00 conference. the new energy transition initiatives were officially launched an awful by dump 6 your luck girl bobby. i got the age of petroleum dominance has come to an end. green technologies such as wind turbines and solar panels will now find their place. this is one of the most impressive and astounding technological revolutions in all of history. make our planet great. the game ah, one object becomes a symbol of his new ecological era. the electric car, mitchell shackle venture only zack over here, cuz he don't want it to us. i went to a think hello in the letters wonder tony, poor lamb does say were due to the poll,
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empty people are just talking about wind and solar is if that's gonna solve the problem, it won't as the energy transition takes us away from fossil fuel resources, it is already generating new environmental design. everything which surround us with him and society is made of minerals. basically, electric cars are made of metal to min roshan. they need to be mind somewhere ventilate to gain the ship with sunday without a little dinner. she listened in its letter with and they talked to him with a dark side of green energies and often overlooked because the industrial and political challenges are numerous. the police went out to get them morgan wishing of his all that club, how it's on the sun. all measures did look at his interpreters if the so now so
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soon as i guess uses your balcony. feca said that he told you so he would have fear . you will hear that i'm all assume. what if the promise of clean energy was only an illusion? what if green text remedies were actually worse than the evils of fossil fuels? ah ah! the ecological transition is above all an economic transition to be convinced. one only needs to visit the stanza, genevas huge car, show electric is in fashion. it is even the
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industries future new vehicles are presented as green or stamped as e for 0 emissions. the ecological argument offers traditional car makers the opportunity to reinvent them . because since the diesel gate scandal in 2015, buyers have become more responsible adopters. off electric vehicles are people who believe in sustainability. they want to do good for the environments and they want to do their parts to contribute to fewer emissions and less pollution. graham you to shikeria has one of those stood legible, that's romeo, the nova, rog audra joe pop. a city which already click. and this is why i, for us, at the end of you group,
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it's important to offer electric fights driving in each of our segments. in addition to the public's new found awareness, there are new environmental constraints. this is one of the effects of cop 21, especially in the european union. by 2030 vehicles will have to emit almost 40 percent less c o 2 per kilometer. the electric car results firstly from political decisions. we have to meet the c o 2 emission targets there are sets by that european commission that all of us manufacturers have to make and they're becoming more and more stringent. if we don't meet those targets, there are penalties that will follow and we will have to pay those penalties. and this is what week of course one to avoid. ah,
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what we hear from the automakers is that the electric car presents only advantages on top of preserving the environment, it will create new jobs. so it would be a technological miracle. to morrow, hundreds of millions of patrick vehicles will drive all over the planet. but manufacturers know perfectly well electric vehicles are not as clean as they are telling us. yes, oil has been abandoned. but other raw materials, which have become essential have replaced it. these are rare metals
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mccoy, social, most effective, kill juicy. so was buskie. so what i'm going all the like with this book. what will be me to walk? i see commer, lola only thought that you patina, if you would read the middle of the proposed exotic o'quinn him one amolla pure. somehow, yoga good in young is to be don't, but if you'd like to visit a she matrix and you know powerful shown in which $189.00 rare metals are already present everywhere in gas fuel vehicles. mm. sorry, i'm, for example, allows windshield to filter out the sun's uv rays. mm . thanks to european inter bmw screens or colored red or blue moon.
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ah, but in an electric car, the role of rare metals is much more important. they even impact the vehicles vital functions. mm. without the odaimi m. v electric car simply could not roll renewed you self. are we to disable susie morsel do to use it on the mortality creech? it will belmont the cost me the mail. he could only myoshi mechanic development center. which room a battery is the heart of an electric car and it weighs up to half the weight of the vehicle and would not function without wear metals. to produce a maximum autonomy. an electric battery contains, among other things, cobalt or graphite. but that's not all those in,
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but it will from the mic. wow, dr. duty to m jimmy to prue, legitimate to her, to tell me the additional g or is it a corner distal clear with an emergency notion. the automobile industry has therefore become entirely dependent on these unknown raw materials. raw materials that are also found in most green technologies. the effect of with training which is on the the me talk mandate off good on vo. uh well those wall dizzy moment. by example, poorly motel, they would yena, would do to steer me to keep obama to fabric. keeley, the sooner the better. so now, with the sooner foot towards that he can almost wander metal off. don't put, put, you have any analogy that you know she ever knew, rob, not yet. when that those long,
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they meet the ha clean energy currently represents only 7 percent of the plants, electricity production. with the energy transition solar and wind power will supply almost half of our electricity in 2050 ah, in this greener world, it will soon be difficult to light heat or move around without rare metals. mechanically, global demand will explode. brazilian or with willy little ha ha plus the been more don't know what are the faithful nearly napalioni unknown? don't cur dorothy gone? they will? yeah. no buys on till is lilian of shock of off thalia nor lemaire. oh well which
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diseases? gatlin thunder do the metal, ha ha, by william after oil dependence, we're in the process of setting up a new dependence. so where do these absolutely essential resources come from? wire manufacturers, not communicating on their importance? perhaps because rare metals are extracted far from our cities. far from sight, cobalt comes mainly from mines in the democratic republic of the congo. australia, chilly, and bolivia have abundant lithium deposits. indonesia is
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a key producer of tantalus zirconium, or 10 thousands of mines on 4 continents are already producing hundreds of millions of tons of these resources. but one country in particular has colossal reserves of these strategic raw materials. china the world's leading producer of rare metals, china extract 70 percent of one mineral that is particularly prized by green tech manufacturers. graphite
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we are in china's far north region in the province of hey long john. here the giant excavators brought down the mountain and laid bare the water tables to ensure our green future graphite as refined and antiquated factories. humans from great risks, and nature is destroyed. graphite residues are scattered across the countryside. these lives count very little compared to the billions in business they graph i produces for beijing. and china has thousands of rare earth,
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metal mines and refineries indian antimony, gallium, but also tungsten or germanium. they are scattered throughout the country. from what i is french. oh, she'll, she'll should, on the way, should a free tongue thought she no, holly at lee shield usual. she told her ged, sorry to wait either shalaya, a doorway box as you go beyond casa, comes up. she's your, i show your farm bureau quite a few years with either a little high mania surgically that all by joshua with the chinese are paying a particularly heavy environmental and human price to allow our world to transition to green energy ear canal before the end of it on the phone, but ha,
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ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, 20, and a tunnel on her. don't gen. when i go to that b a towards entered. ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. can afford. yeah, i don't want another one, but then her had her. i don't, it will lead to portfolio there by now to his. oh for the only thing there for you, for visual and other than that. mm. 2000 miles from hey long young in inner mongolia. the chinese have built spectacular industrial centers. those in the town of about 2 are entirely dedicated to the refining of rare minerals. a specific family of rare metals. the main
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pollution discharged from these factories is untreated wastewater. at the gates of the city, a huge artificial lake is born fed by torrents of black water, saturated with acids and heavy metals such as florian or mercury dose. you don't know what will check on the here fish rite not have it away. so these are called on to how you had the washer a young on the time you had to show it to formula, you could get into the ha, elena, without be worth. i'm for the favorite that way, dr. godaddy good 3. wow. no, we would do. i'll if he thought it oliver hale father, he'll know they got to the corner, pale wistfully, here we are, till avisa allan among the tenant was her order. her condo to montana quickly to put her young 10 though. then they chose jacqueline hilton and thoughtful to think
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my yet how a year went under a vanishing where these sources of pollution are the price to be paid. so our wind turbines are solar panels and our green cars can purify the air in europe. whole regions at the other end of the world i destroy and the height of the paradox is that these toxic discharges and polluting emissions continue to worse in our planets. atmospheric pollution or valuable fulfilled. you said yes, but do lou lou? poor gigi's, whoa, 01 back to the or c will do sample soul cool. all will. thank god, we'll put you up officially did to get to the realty values above was he took that
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view and i backed the silver gal. these cooler pollution was in the of a puff nose of juicy papa. is he, boy, we'll pull the machine to the salt to the do you see nothing disarmed of blogger? a. come on on the mil to performing for the more he's when a new 3 year machine was where you are green technologies contain not only rare minerals they are also made up of all kinds of metals. even the most abundant to build a wind turbine, you need on average 20 tons of aluminum and up to 500 tons of steel. an electric vehicle can contain up to 175 pounds of copper. this is 4 times more
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than some gasoline powered cars. this red brown metal is particularly popular with green tech manufacturers. in passage i need quick de long look retrieval decreased by screw it renewal. yeah. and what we can offer me, you fully cabinet fully haney. p funding quad destination. will it be what you're saying? the value from a debug battling. a pie donkey. godly bhakti, i think decreed last loss is spot. so paula jordan crill. i go onto a football fix. out fully initials are on pondering new to new treatment on the penal lunar 90 on the all by the all paris on your army on the tongue, the treble like all so we'll continue slowly. croissant spoon will not actually full upon your la mem, quantity volume, compulsion letter. i call them don't, don't, don't you? buffalo,
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audriel squan these up 100 lupita. the remitted links emerged in the need. limone will not be the need for abundant metals, such as copper. many other countries are now impacted by the production of green energy. is the subject, the promoters of the energy transition are remaining very discrete about to measure the extent of the damage. we must travel thousands of miles in northern chile. it's yuki come out of mine is the world's largest open pet copper mine this mine is state owned.
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it is a huge crater, 2.5 miles in diameter and more than half a mile deep. as global demand increases, the number of people and machines in operation continues to increase the football or tacoma that the name on romeo go over to phenol are you that there isn't a think dummy ganita little meal. there's a quote, fino say, go to god, the name of the for nearly what are the saluted him dick daniel, be in the process of getting the to gum other civil youth. and i said other a lot of what was interested in dummy to and i go to feel it through. no, no, you thought equal, but i would, i mean, i guess here what was it doesn't always been a lot. ciocca mata contains 13 percent of the world copper reserves. but the deeper you dig into the rock,
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the less metal there is with the current rates, the material is already starting to become scarce. as you log on to soup, the lab problem, the police doing more degree lot. no. only portions on it. oh, yeah ma'am. the please, universal terms that almost age in the cleveland messenger napoleonic, i'm think nicole neutral dollies an indian economy dance that you'll new mom, if you're playing with nicholas all lit up on his shoulder, people claim him as with graphite and china, juki, kemati contaminates the surrounding soils and rivers with its toxic releases of heavy metals discharged into nature. but in chile, copper mining has serious cascading effects.
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in a country where the smell supports almost 10 percent of the working population, only a handful of individuals dare to publicly denounced the impact of the mind on the environment that emma has been my louella giving battle than been will gladly denominate via even bookmark awesome to extract and refine the copper, you need water. lots of water. chunky canada consumes almost 2000 leaders of water per 2nd. however, in certain areas of this desert, one of the most arid zones in the world, it has not rained for 500 years. good, but 3rd of all, fearless, he let not pass. so thoroughly asked the hour. sondra mentorship soon us poland. mean in here is he thin? lord, i'm in fair uncle, somewhat. i nice color, sassy gala,
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but i think i'm in pilla. what it is with us again mama, how will i get my mother, alice, i, canada, so fast, solid. explore bundle it dow again, a government that the name of come on to set up on october. hm. if possible to let me nidia. ready to offer me of canister as portrayed through the prism of war. but there were many of canister thanks to the brave individuals who risk their lives to protect it from destruction. an extraordinary film, archives spanning for decades reveals the forgotten truths of the countries modern history. the forbidden real part 3, the rise of the missouri. he deemed honor jessia the latest news as it breaks. there's millions of people or feel good with uncertainty about what will happen
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with the economy, with their income and their life, with detailed coverage, career res, hoping china with considerable influence over north korea to bring it back to the negotiating table from around the world. hesper law is being accused of trying to expand around the influence here. ah, ah, i'm had them he didn't. doha, with the headlines on al jazeera, australia will begin lifting it strict border restrictions from november, low, fully vaccinated citizens and residents, souping stranded overseas to return home and australians to travel abroad. again. sarah clark has more from the gold coast under the national plan announced by


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