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tv   [untitled]    October 1, 2021 8:30am-9:01am AST

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definitely will be there. popcorn in hunt is hey, daniel craigs last appearances. james bond or turbocharged industry crippled by cove. it could this be the secret weapon? cinemas have been waiting for the fall county 0 london a quick reminder. all the news, of course, on our website, there it is. on your screen, the address al jazeera dotcom aah! quick check of the headlines here are now to 0. the united states has averted a government shut down the stock gap funding bill easily passed the house and senate and has now been signed into law by president biden. just hours before federal funding was to run out at midnight. australia's prime minister has announced the country will open up its international border, starting in november. scott morrison says fully vaccinated australians we've been stuck overseas since the pandemic began. will finally be able to return home. it is,
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will be time very soon that will be able to open eyes international borders again. and that will enable australians who are fully vaccinated and australians and residents of australia who are overseas, who are fully vaccinated, to be able to travel again. and to be able to lift those caps on area ports in states where they have moved into phase. see all the progress and that is where astride it is. now preparing to move. this will happen next month. that's wendell start happening for next month. if he opens expelling 7, senior u. n. officials are for accusing him of meddling in its internal affairs. thank clued senior figures with the you ends, children's fun unicef and the office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs. they've been given 72 hours to leave the country. philippine boxing star money pack e l has officially registered his candidacy to run for president in next year's election. the 42 year old was nominated by
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a faction of the governing pdp lebanon party. on wednesday, he announced his retirement from boxing to focus on his political career. more than 22000 refugees, migrants are stuck in a colombian town waiting for smugglers to help them across into panama. my guns are mostly from haiti are attempting to travel through one of the most dangerous and impossible regions in the world. just $500.00 people are allowed on 2 boats each day which take them to the start of their perilous journey. canada has held its 1st national day of truth and reconciliation. it honours indigenous children who died in residential schools as well as those who survive them. early this year, more than a 1000 unmarked graves were found at 2 former schools. the system was run by the government and christian churches and operated between the 18 hundreds and 1996. around 850000 indigenous children were removed from their families. those were the headlines that is continues here now to 0 after witness station. thanks for
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watching bye. for now. i want to see real world reveals dramatic pictures from garza in may 2021. i lived there for a number of years and it, there is nowhere safe. and god account done to his really missile attacks. and for tara brooks, why we're tired. school of families, businesses and media organizations. simply blown up. goes a 60 minute warning. oh no, jesse around oh ah, if only
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i remember i would describe myself as an ordinary guy living a ordinary life here is 3. ah, i'm a single dad in a school teacher. but i'm also living another kind of life. ah, waikesha special characteristics. we don't have so much writing all we have are the folds pants and stories. mckethan big, mysterious, them excited. there's a lot of misconceptions floating around, evolved a wide cuz you might think of a big, tall,
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long man with horns on his helmet. and that's actually very far from the real picture. this likings i don't believe if of course, the wagons were capable of violence as well. but the medieval ations were very violent times. so compared to other cultures, they're very more violent than anyone else. both white yards are usually about some big event like a thief or holiday maybe some gladiatorial battle sort of like game of thrones without the killing with
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ah, ah ah, ah, this particular mark is about to death. i say john king and the politics surrounding his cue, not. we are purely interested in the history and mythology of the waking age. and having fun. we're not in any way nationalistic movement at all. but i've noticed that as soon as i talk about my interest in working culture, people become worried that you are a racist or a nazi with
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ah, oh, it's not like you to be careful to see some of them make that the longer cimbawe alone, soc, is more than we can to the beaches. napoleon, all steamer or so or from fell through us. he stood sister. so her infomercial flyers on the, the little mail dilute only weekend with us is up to process. this is less kids and i to go. so this is p as in the b date, the, your, your plots of the keep bus. medea b, e 2 should, it shouldn't stop him so little, so bad i to some of them, but i are going to, going to put on like lab. oh, so it's got the all been skill lenses. i for finance phones. i got the almost there are click go none. ta salmonella, local cabana, walked out square marcella,
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blue calico. see still my system. they are limited to hang on. this isn't no means this all carefully. okay. all right, we can't do that for creating a lawyer from the i to come in for to see a woman on your bottom. ha, ah, our main form is on facebook. for group of about 1400 people who love whitey, heritage very much. we are north to nordic resistance movement. don't they use our symbols even though they tried to take our heritage the normally resistance movement and all of them are near fascist group. they believe in the supremacy of the northern culture. their main goal would be to prevent any other culture from entering the nordic countries, according to their own line,
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xanda video. and the arrow that they use for their logo is actually a room symbol from the waking age. i don't know what long a with this guy, great alon, he's nordic versus his movements propaganda person. and he's actually from coming out of my town. all i live here in the canal, not far from birth to me, coming out on the perfect small town, big enough to have everything you need but a still small enough to get some peace of mind. i live in co martin. it's one of
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the more diverse area in the co. no. there's a lot of people coming from all different kinds of backgrounds. to me. my hometown, i am a teacher at an elementary school where a lot of kids are 1st, 2nd or 3rd generation immigrants. once in a while, i dress up as a liking and teach to kids about history and culture. for me, it's important that they know that the whitening well there's something inclusive even if your background is from another part of the world left of it for me. mama, he got on ellen moment through were leaking out. somebody had helped them elsa, you got the examples. ok, so you asked her to lose this monster or the mother
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lisa thought some of the child that is considered to resemble co, whom it was really in the 19th century that the nationally started saying that whitening where it is kind of your magic master race. but all the modern research says that why things intermixed with a lot of different cultures and a lot of different people from the middle east than from the americas. so the wagons were very tolerant of other cultures and other people that they met. and they didn't a here to, to the concept of nationalism or to those of ours on, on bodily i don't know, indian or not who leased me. camine to help often home the toilet. although teeth that a month of his gala to those who might seem to see a lot voss on while son de la fobs, anna, and the king, or nyman. i say oliver snell lute nevada. hey, yeah, lemme be leg upon a homeowner. her all the of it are on. yes, there are
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a year later on him with your so leaking her all the health whole for him on by a huge on the bottom, natalie will to those i thought william only awful foreigner are thinking and i have the whole hold of these kids who the target of the nordic resistance move and i'm are targeting come yelled because there's been an increase of unemployment, people who are losing faith in the system. and there's been an increase of people coming from afar. so it's hasn't clear scapegoat group to pick these people against. there are good people living here to me who loves canal. it's hard to watch. so i'm really seriously considering if i should actually try to meet d n r m face to face so that i can confront them about their use. so why can culture,
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ah ah, ah, as clearly he named the ball anew, did like so good leg gets a with i've been thinking a lot about the security, me and my family. that is the risk for nordic races is movement. are famous for harassing people both physically and social media, even hurting them and their families may in almost lab. but ma'am, until the t deli mom over her move that moved in model,
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erin kong yelled in 1995. there was a 14 year old boy called young claun, who was severely beaten and tortured and murdered by nazis because he was anti racist. it was new to give some comments or someone i have exit post exemplars of denise case. i've ordered to watch on many young to able to source for the i scandal and law. can we not get to work late? randale beth, it around bulky, benedict does. murder was a big shock for everyone here in the region. and so a teacher, krista mathson, started the tolerance project here in the canal, a
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is an outreach program to do ran to young people from joining radical groups which grew and grew. krista is regarded as a leading academic on extreme is dr. tween groups in scandinavia, and he actively a works to d, radicalized neo nazis. my hopes in meeting christie is if i can share some of my experience and maybe hear some a piece. and i would like some advice from you on how to approach and talk to the nautical assistant moment. hey, being hey, like how does this funny
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news? fortunately, you'll bundling your middle her mindy boy, you really to this day late in the out the 100. say them out and then for listening on the mac often are welcome amusement out of the door, then they're 11. somebody says, i won't say them though. what i wanted about the infer that i li, a veteran for me and be also the theme. if you don't let me about, then no matter what in did you need to, you call them any in the, in the middle, all the being on my phone. i'm not about them for it though. most of them may have been about them and bought guns in audio till panel saw live or to love to hear from
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a full group or having him fell on the doom. but they built them for all going to metal, for group fell, of doom still learn for. but if that, that, for, you know, you're out there from, of event that a few on up on it, it all it all going to about men of the round about they don't know what they did have a house that i because hearing process of the 5th year and on the whole, none of them a done and you better for me at the money. this guy. oh no, i'm not. i was in discount or money will be on the kelly farris. i've talked about the move on them. what are they live and how do you know to teach cylinder idea on how they're gonna draw for holding sit til and phone mirth. yard from william,
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they're berea. also mail failure on the interview and special and amount for all the of him. the me a do for that. a fin? the few florida for post valid me or that is for one this i decide not to become a gas on me enough. i will the data so the mirror let the new he can put a little bit. let me do a little more for you, do not show that not in the us. you know, thank you for me and school for me from the school building to cannot see that on the or and i mean one of the i'll throw, again, are some handy, unclear or we'll for each of us shall say everything to, to we have to talk in
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the morning versus is movement is leading to adhere to why king culture, biking values and trying to protect them from outside influences. but then biking themself never had any such qualms. they travel all over the world . there is so far only evidence that they embraced other cultures and other points of view, embracing other cultures would be an anathema to no degree, his movements member since they are claiming that they want to preserve very specific, very frozen in time version of nordic heritage, which never says that
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we're going to meeting with the nordic or assistance movement. i never had that direct contact only through social media where dan are on social media. i've had and or i'm supporters contacting me, commenting on something that i've shared. something that i've written on social media and it's usually us boils down to, you are wrong, this is how it is the conversation stopped there. it's very easy see to throw something out in that. and in this way, you have to leave it like that. that's why i believe in this face to face meeting unfortunately, most of my why can friends living guttenberg so they couldn't make it today? so i doing this solo. i'm very nervous. some people like good violent. yeah.
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felice are here. that's good. a full so here we have the nordic. truth is a human resource. they're having a small speech issue may be 50 people from here we have the counter demonstration. you sweden, it's become a thing to turn your back against the nazis to turn your back and everything that they stand for. and i would say that there are more of us than them to come up with . ready a young person on the
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yoga used to fall off, now cease to not. what are these pains cochran awful tall voice box audible? i'm been running a little bit. it will be in the room. i live the last august. i call in the mail these the week the theater. ready a with a l same border a i have a . ready ready ready say please along with scope accounts this on the noting this is moment is not being challenge with logical arguments. read back. ready
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i can understand that people get angry and get afraid. ready ready ready and just wanted to go away. ready ready if i do not to be, if i do not show other people, therefore they will get new recruits with me. we have to show of these people don't know what they're talking about. the predict just a little bit. okay. this is not like of history to see other students really make if you think if you have to not have all done phone symbol for all you have done that. if it's, if it's possible to go to see at least either come off
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of funding or do most of the company notice gets to the smith and the yellow on the, on the bottom of the simple city, you'll see i get it will give you the heart of what you need me to tell you why. so i'm going to go on the opposite. it's ok if any way i can get you to know the analysis on one of them total for this and also of course the guns to me or i don't know or whatever limo holds. now i don't know if the,
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on the books have another hall going to be on to the kelly all nicholas uncle went on to throw in with on i'm going to come up to the about, i think if i can think of it truly, i'm that the we're like, so i'll drop it all, spun. oscar official, a ball park. this is home has mean the aside in for get on myschoolbucks got under the call me and from also from dental samanthia. if the idea nor hold within bonds are all a lot. so i'll do a lot to it, love in the home button that hearing an offer on the landed on coma for one economy to call my info to consider fees. la. at la menard mistake buckets, food muscle. all mean your me that i moved from under many who are some, some of that still being friends, consumers on it for those who think any of my older
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oscar to north america? honestly, i can say that. i think i thought a lot about whether i should do this or not, but in the end, i think i did the right thing. even if the conversation i had with him sort of ended up hitting a brick wall. austin for jake, i heard that somebody called out that they appreciated my closing, and so i turned around and there was for a free guy standing there and looking at me, i actually have to make it one of the young man said, well, maybe we have our differences, but we have something in common as well. the realization that there is some thing in common and we can talk about that. it made that connection possible.
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still human beings, if we can see them like that. and if we can find some fake, anything that connects us can build bridge on that connection and we can start to understand each other. and maybe they will feel so afraid and so angry. i believe that the nazis and racism in general is founded on fear. and hatred so far i haven't seen any part of the world in any history books or any era where fear and hatred is conquered by fear and hatred. his mum flash dusty again, pull that up to the leah at none. it got none for a month at la, holding her to the n o o by and the d. fortunate miss northcut,
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nebraska. but he knew if he did not ah ah, bill housey is become a commodity instead of a human rights nag. you some people, the ability to take advantage of others, the elite feel free to violate basic laws, the working classes that have lost a lot of ground in house society. a un special, rough or 3rd on adequate housing travels the world, investigating the global crisis as people are evicted to clear the way for investors and properties too often left empty. push
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a witness documentary on al jazeera, the white to quote representation participation. democracy means that people have the right to choose their leaders and governments in free and fair election exploring why democracy has never been so flashing in so many parts of the world. a documentary series examines the biggest challenge is to democracy from those who undermined to those who are ready to die for right democracy maybe. coming soon on, al jazeera hospitals and clinics across asia battle cove at 19 manson's of medical waste piling up one 0, one east investigate dangerous pandemic. for on al jazeera, discuss, it's close from rich nations or funneled to charities and sold to impoverished nations on an unprecedented scale. a massive industry sift through the unwanted
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garments to re so to some of the world's poorest inhabitants. but much of what arrives is on fit for purpose and is fueling and environmental catastrophe. people in power travels to gonna to uncover the dirty secrets behind the world's fresh and addiction. that white man's clothes on a just eda ah hello, i'm down jordan dough. with the top stories here on al jazeera, the united states is just averted. a government shut down a stock gap funding bill. there's been signed into law by president joe biden. it passed congress just hours before government funding was due to run out. audio caster reports from capitol hill. and this her, the years are 250 for the naser, 175. the merchant is adopted. the u. s. government will remain open at least until
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early december, democrats and some republicans came together on thursday hours ahead of a midnight deadline. and with this continue.


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