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hasn't even met the promise of a 100000000000 that they made a decade ago. frankly, it's not that they don't know what action it's that they're still. i tend to protect profits of big clean companies rather than listening to their citizens. and it's not naive from your people, they are actually speaking trees to power. ah, for a quick check of the top stories here on al jazeera, australia's prime minister has announced the country will open up its international borders, starting from november. scott morrison says fully vaccinated australians have been stuck overseas since the pandemic began. will finally be able to return home. it is, will be me. i'm very soon that we will be able to open those international borders again. and that will enable australians who are fully vaccinated and australians and residents of australia who are overseas, who are fully vaccinated, to be able to travel again. and to be able to lift those caps on area ports in
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states where they have moved into phase c of the program. and that is where australia is now preparing to move. this will happen next month. that's when we'll start happening for next month. the united states has averted a government shut down. they stop gap funding bill easily past the house and senate and has not been signed into law by president joe biden. just hours before federal funding was to run out at midnight. if he appears expelling 7 senior united nations officials are accusing them of meddling and its internal affairs. they include senior figures from the un, children's fund, unicef and the office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs. they've been given 72 eyes to leave the country philippine boxing star money. patio has officially registered his candidacy to run for president and next year's election on wednesday announced his retirement from boxing to focus on his political career . he's a $22.00 m congressman and current sen. more than 22000 refugees and migrants are
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stuck in a colombian town waiting for smugglers to help them cross into panama. the migrants are mostly from haiti are attempting to travel through one of the most dangerous and impossible regions in the world. just $500.00 people are allowed into boats each day which take them to the start of their perilous journey. a former butcher's police officer has been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for murdering a woman. after falsely arresting her, wayne cousin's abducted 33 year old sarah everett as she walked home in south london early this year. he then raped and murdered her and disposed of her remains in a forest. the case prompted widespread protests about women's safety. so those were the headlines. the news continues here now to 0 after the stream staging . thanks watching bye. for now, al jazeera world reveals dramatic pictures from garza in may 2021. i've lived
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there for a number of years and it, there is nowhere safe account done to his really missile attacks on ford tire goals . why we're tires for families, businesses and media organizations. simply blown up goes a 60 minute warning. oh no, jesse, around i hi, anthony ok. today on the screen we're going to be focusing on the armed with buck, a horon in nigeria. how a members of that. i'll be giving t t fact. earlier we spoke to anita and i just had a couple of the theories as to why this is happening now. there are 3 main reasons why large numbers of lukewarm fighters are cleaning themselves into the general tories. if was the death of a cash cow,
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the former lead of the group since his debts the currently does, i'm been here before unable to forge in new directions. so there is a kind of loss of trust. the 9 gen governments of then the season this opportunity to increase the heat on your, on the organization, to hear more by means i know that means. and thirdly, the, the, i use an increase to believe that if they surrender and they would not be killed or imprisoned, a long time without trial said, as a young has take, what is your the question we're asking today is, can buckle around, flight is rejoined nigerian society, i know you've got a take on this pop it into the comments such if you're a new chief and i do my best to involve your thoughts, your questions for our panelists into today's show. let's meet your panel. hello and welcome back lama. hello, welcome back, booky. so good to see the la,
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remind our audience here you are and what you do. the senior analyst at the tony blair institute for global change and weekly column miss bailey trust, in the newspaper to hassle back. i'm booking with my audience. hey you, i'm what you day. my name is booky, shirley burger. i'm the executive director of your big toes of beaker, me humorist, advocate. so i guess let's be very clear about who are we talking about? who is defective from bach? aha, ron, 1st of all, let me start with your take booky, who is leaving, who is covering to be re integrated into nigerian societal be specific the members of the book her in. so janet group actually leave in their group for manual is in santa lane card actually said some of the reasons their family members, those who were fully cause quick turn doors will also join to do called voluntary
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li are leaving. but particularly also those were of believed as it relates to the modus operandi, or the approach which, which the group is actually go about achieving. it's monday, the are only given the lama. he's leaving a standard associates. i think it's really important when we ask and can we join society, who are we asking to get back into nigerian society below that? yeah, and i think this is an important question for me because the narrative has been, these are fighters. but the fact of the matter is that the overwhelming majority of those defect in now and those would affected previously when they about fighters in book where they was the dns who last week by book was claim of establishing. and it's not me, can leave it. and they migrated from their cities and towns in nigeria and need to
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come in and charge to the gross territory. and even in boca, i'm strategy today. there are 2 classes of people that are those. they could be done that despite, as a 1000000000 and the overwhelming majority of those 15 now those the billions who joined book, i'm in the hope that they would leave and i'm excited and that's why there are no weapons, no evidence that they're about. that's not, there is no small, i think it was what, but most of those protecting the billions of by just looking for like, you know, yeah, he has the, i'm interesting about having a caring company, a framing these various members of a run from the, from that you got for fast? no, i was just going to had to what dilemma said in there, i of the average nigerian of the civilian population. there is no dichotomy when
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you talk about fighter. so even though internally and those who understand the modus operandi of the movement will not is this different, but generally it is understood so long. i think i remember in one way or the other, whether fully conscripted or not you, i, if i turn those people are actually defined defect in one way or the other. so my thought here about and i, j income is that they've always said how seriously it'll take the threat of boca ram, how much money they were putting into the effort to defeat them. is this a government success? cookies that oh, it does be many attempts for me when it comes to effort to integrate the members of booker, i'm into an angel and society in 2016. the major government actually did your push on save corridor, but it was flawed. nigeria really complained about the fact that how do you, we ability so called low risk, the pen handbook,
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or other members in 2017 there was a d, d our that is the mobilization disassociation and integration program that was done in partnership with i o m, the remainder and government also try to do, but the main concern for the average nigeria is that how do you differentiate this people what sort of integration program are you doing that does not involve the community. people do not understand. so a lot of these, but most importantly also is the gender perspective to deal with integration program wanting. we cannot forget, family is the fact that women are disproportionately affected when in conflicts situation. and that this proportionality also must be put into place india integration in she book, when i was going to do project, i recall a woman was waived by a member of booker. and she actually caught, ha, you know, she was ostracized, in one of the id cards. that i was going to walk,
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they said they tried to play and they called the some bizarre and that is where they really get that people were have contact with members of broker in 2017 uni serve the least a report card. but blood, you know, just to explain for the how people actually get, am disproportionately affected in afghanistan looking at what is happening recently . just 2 days ago, it was parked was released by the newly appointed taliban leader of the cowboy university. that you did. and he says that women will be allowed to actually might, we could lead or walk outside. so they have to the gender perspective in integration on walsman. julian's cannot cedar and you're willing to go, graham would actually be flawed. i want to show this with you beloved, you're, you're very, very familiar with this are on my laptop minister says bihari government trying to make repentant buckle ram terrorists, more civil. this is looking at the safe cordial program which started in 2016.
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these are some of the i'm not even sure what to call them. these are some people who were associated with bach her. um and, and now are in this program. can you explain what this program is about what it's supposed to do? what are we seeing here, for instance? i mean people might want to know that i was depressed or to access this particular program. and i did a lot of extensive research in this whole video that you actually in the picture on a client in the program. so if you know what you can call them and what this program is supposed to do is to rehabilitate my associates a book. i'm with the people who lived with them, or anyone that was associated with what i am and the way they do this is by giving them trauma counted in what you know, trend in a literacy skills,
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but also a vision of what you with mom's and i'm just glad it's to do some work that you could just i don't, i did that in the 1st place. that's a lot. i mean, the thing i'm trying to look at the ages of these format associates with talk around and they seem to range in age, but they think quite young. does this program walk? many of them, a young menu i interviewed just kind of 18 after i do what i don't even for years. with that, it was what i saw in the program and after the program can be called anecdotal evidence that the program does make impact. but i can see scientifically, i can't prove scientifically that it works, but you can see evidence of success. for example, a med boys, and i mean young men what,
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what i know he got the english language. some of them will be happy that names in my daddy now read and write and you know, i'm just not even speaking english is not make it takes one. i saw a support as in the program. i mean, i'm not so i think evidence that the program is making an impact on my end, but i signed up with anything. so al jazeera corresponded, i hear you saying booking, i want you to have a listen to this. i've 0 correspondence. ahmed interest has been in porno, state, and this past week, we asked him to go out and about and ask people what they felt about reintegrating buckle, harangued former members back into nigerian society. he was in my degree, this is what they told him. ah, most of them are not coming out with their weapons. yeah,
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just so rendering. so where are their weapons? i don't think it's right because we're not sure if they're really there for lease ended and so maybe. okay, we don't know if it's a plan come back into the society and you know, take back the ones that are becoming homeless. the id was, i'm just way too dish. do the integrity of them. some of them actually join. we don't get late without been without your consent or maybe only need a joint new to wanting know the order. so if they're really ready to surrender to change or maybe they will go to a process of, i believe t shirts like maybe engage in one or 2, i think is a good thing. okay, i'm hearing empathy there is that true of and to say i can ask you to comment on or of nigerian society, what is public opinion? what do you, what are you getting public opinion right now?
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no jury about reintegration. for me, the 1st step to our public opinion goes to the advertisement for this program today . and i shared by am your twitter to day and i recall seeing one or do less policies to it. and if you knew, i'd advertise to say i should at, booker and fight has been integrated into the society. i, one of the comments, if not the 1st comment, said collection into northern nigeria. and the other comments said by an indian that they're just, you see an idea of what elaine jillions are actually thinking. there has to be empathy. one thing we must not forget is that anyway, integration program does not involve the community. and that does not put into consideration the pool and a push factors that lead a lot of this categories or fighter like and below my lately mentioned earlier that does not politic put it into consideration,
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then we are wasting money for factors. such are the fact that there are peeling ideologies, you know, defined the material. and so she er benefits but also push fructose, you know, sort of, you know, to gaze for, for, and the relative deprivation of political glee. vs is the perspective that people have that they are marginalized. if this is not put into consideration, any lean to gratian program, and for me, in one of the community that i was walking in did not, is they believe that any woman was had contact with a book called am fighter. and get that not the child of that woman, surely double bond life or should never be accepted into the community. what people are saying that annual integration was actually involved justice. and in that justice, we must look at q franconia, you know, and i'll close my thoughts on that, where they made sure that there was the piece agreement actually formed the basis
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for which integration problem was done. and there was it to me such that those who and didn't walk according to the rooms that are actually fish, was persecution, command responsibility, and international law must also be respected. and those will have less arc length or did not come to sort, kind of goes against humanity. can then begin to be integrated into the society. how do you expect someone to 1st depress in the shot? it gonna be a father and just accept them into the society without carving their mom. it is something we will actually ask ourselves that theme of justice is picked up by the executive director of the dean dini dowry foundation. and she talks about the cost to the community. we've been talking about buckingham associates members from the fighters. but what about the community who has suffered billamore have listened to any and then react, respond to her video comment. while some a points too, with grades in repentance turns into society are so formal making them as
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a form of address i quality that makes them want to abandon terrorism and join our society. the fact remains that we degrees in terms of our members and to know also say erodes the concept of justice. it, she realizes terrorism. it makes nigerians who like and there is no justice. what is there is no repercussion for taking parting terrorism. but also let's look at the pain of the victims of terrorism. so many been, he's a band on the nigeria. yeah, i mean, i completely agree with the sentiment i don't just is. and the question, i mean sure, sure. just if you like to society, but there are 2 major issues i want to highlight. yeah. number one, just this, in this case it's not straightforward. and that the non duty as western style a serial justice system. you cannot be a member because they destroyed the villages and the witnesses that would help just
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to fight against them. and we know that the nigerian system is very weak in got that evidence, especially if you want the police to do that. and what we have seen is, is this failure by government succeed in convicting any a fight as we saw the special course in kind where hundreds and hundreds of members were presented. but at the end of the debate, if you welcome and even those that were convicted in kind of convicted because of the back and they did with it when they want it to lead to lead crimes like the mechanics mobile home was stop because we'll book i'm instead of being charged as fighters, i'm so they receive sentences that were 3 to 5 years or so i'm but was because government has no evidence and, and then i do, does the system with out before you can it's people that simply not on
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the on i tell you this lawyer who has been involved in some cases who did defendant . so just that were that were charged me to fight, but i don't know people that were unfairly. i choose a book. what i'm the 2nd point is very important, which is around this program being community centered. as we speak to did the life livelihood, or people destroyed by book, or i'm still not to rebuild religious hundreds and hundreds of blades. i still decided that are still the 1000000 people that i displeased governments out of the building that lives and livelihoods of months out of aging book. i don't like them, but same community straight want what i've got to number, i mean there are several things. one needs to do, i don't want to speak now,
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but i would come by with 5 things. who i we want this program to succeed. i'm going to get your talk to you, but not quite yet because on you cheers. this is the question that is being asked, what happens, what happened to the victims of pucca, her rom bookie. can you just do that please? for you've been telling us the stories weaving and all the way fry discussion anyway. but to that simple question, what would you reply? even though the question is, what are hans 2 victims of poker? the effect on them cannot be overemphasized from the education of young girls that can no longer go to school. even though schools are open and literally afraid to go to school, we men will have been sexually abused. men will have been forcefully conscripted communities that have been shattered. i recall going to the bama idp come and it was one of those early times when they opened the idp comp. i'm
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a literally saw children with leaves literally, you know, popular simply because they are ongoing. and i think this is what 9 jolessa plane to get to if you're doing the integration program. and the money that is being spent on the integration program is much more than the money that is being spent in ensuring that the victims of boca, i'm actually get the kind of support the need actually get the kind of psychological economy called financial support that they need then so kind of the empty and integration program is not sensitive to the needs of the people and new integration that does not by math, that is, is actually problematic. and this is not just about seen or will be viewed in schools. all the opening schools, this is actually beauty in life. alley beauty in life in was every thing, social, economic, or political, all of those development that either where ignored and lead to all of these
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problems that we're talking about in the firstly. or that would actually make their life better. there. so many young women that are still in abduction to the over a 100 or $100.00 all night tonight. and she both girls are still in abduction near, shall we still in abduction. allison gone? i still in abduction, these are the names and faces that we know. how about the much more than we that we don't know? so why would we want to be spending that much on the integration when angels can the b, c i y. i want to show you this program. i hear what you're saying. it's very clear . but i won't shave this program. so this is, i'm at interest. i told her he was born. i stayed earlier on just a few days ago. and he was filming a program that he's aimed at the kids a book a harass. okay. his his story. oh, born and raised in book, what am cams these children are experiencing for the 1st time?
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what it means to be a child? oh, they're part of the 6000 victims and family members of book. what are fighters who surrender to nigeria to georgia forces in the past few months? after a few weeks of psychological support? those helping them are surprised by the rapid trustful mission they see. you see a lot of them coming into possess space, looking very distress, thinking hungry, what after weeks of engagement. oh, because we can get them for 31, sometimes depending on how we see there will ability and all of that. so we up at engagement. you see a lot of changes, you see them interacting better. you see them taking leadership role to see them doing for martha. that's one program for a future for youngsters off to buckle ram. he is fowler who is suggesting a list that you do list for improving these programs for book. all right, have a look at least very and says with explore,
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i says international society has to consider tree critical factors. the 1st part of this will assure risk assessment, individual export bases very generalize of which the 2nd photo is important. all of communities have acted by duties of faces in order to be approach critical session to success of your intuition. and then the 3rd factor, which is very often listen, is the need for each and a prospective wonder considers also the role of women and girls. because in law, who can you see measures corrine's operations are elizabeth listening to the frog and why he did that before we started, i said, booky and a lot of and i mean, you said you had 55 critical things. i'm going to get your top teeth for starters.
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right. how do we reform the reform programs the book are? yeah, in the 1st thing is to make them community center. i wouldn't hold it even community based community centered. and when i see company descended, this program has to carry the communities along from the very beginning. i want to status of booking america very under the show point number 2. point number 2 is attending some level of peace and stability because as we speak vocal i'm is not as dense as we speak by in that you didn't go when to report and the u. n. o 2 d a 172. i, i am good and moral, and that's what genius awkward into the un underneath you, dan guzman. and that led to all 400000 dead, was city of children below the age of 5. so it is still going on. you can't. then
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it started. i went into a plan. all right, booky final thought here. if in weaving your thoughts all the way through, i understand what you're saying about. it's gotta be community, community base justice, anything more that i hear that message loud and clear. job just really family justice, justice noticed there's one there, but more importantly it means the shop go grab that is gender sensitive the putting to cause addition? did this go push on it? effect of conflict on women and that involves them in the entire process of being to gratian bookish on a barry, thank you so much. i thank you so much. balaam of mccarty, always good to have you on the stream. you give us such insight into some of the difficulties happening in nigerian society. let me show you where to find them. on twitter, twitter booky is here, and this is for lama. and thank you for your questions. thank you for your
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attention. i will see you next time. take everybody as watching history ah, talk to al jazeera, we are what gives you hope that it is going to be peace because the situation on the ground seems to be pointing, otherwise we listen. we were never on the whatever road to off migration we meet with global news makers until about the stories that matter on al jazeera, china has been very strategic in the way to expanding a sweet indian ocean. what is it? and we bring you the stories in different friends that are rapidly changing the world we live in without the national aid. what do you think is going to happen?
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the afghani common counting the coast on al jazeera whole, be the hero, the world needs for washer, for a with with
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mm pool. ah. the u. s avoids the government shut down, but a bigger fight of a federal boring remains unresolved. ah, hello, i'm darn jordan. this is al jazeera ly from della also coming up, australia's prime minister announces a major.


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