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from people in places like how the spine, lydia, yemen is sahalina and, and so many other we go to them, you make the effort, we care instead. ah, the u. s. avoids, are government shut down, but a bigger fight of the federal boring remains unresolved. ah, hello, i'm darn jordan. this is al jazeera ly from doha, also coming up ethiopia, expelled 7 united nations officials. and washington warns it may impose sanctions philippine boxing star money. patio registers his candidacy for next year's presidential election and more than 22000 migrant saw stuck in columbia waiting for
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their turn to cross a dangerous stretch of jungle into panama. ah, well those stories in a moment, but 1st australia's prime minister has announced that the country will start to ease its 18 month board closure starting next month. it's got morrison says australians will be able to return home and travel overseas. as soon as 80 percent vaccination targets a met. the country had banded citizens from traveling overseas without permission. soon after its corona virus outbreak began, so live pictures they have got morrison making that announcement about the easing a border restrictions into australia more than that in a few minutes. now the united states has just averted a government shut down a stop gap funding bill has been signed into law by president joe biden. it passed congress just hours before government funding was due to run out audio,
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castro reports from capitol hill on this earth. the yeas are 250 for the days, or 175. the merchant is adopted. the u. s. government will remain open, at least until early december, democrats and some republicans came together on thursday hours ahead of a midnight deadline. and with this continue resolution, we not only keep government open, keep checks flowing to, to our veterans and social security recipients and the rest. it's just a remarkable thing to think of all the things that we can do working together for the people. but while congress has put out one fire, yet another blaze frightens the country's financial solvency. if the nation's looming debt ceiling the point at which the u. s. can borrow no more money to pay its bills. that limit will be reached on october 18th, unless congress agrees to raise or suspend it. economists including treasury
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secretary, janet jaelyn, saying a u. s. government default will likely throw the u. s. economy into recession and destabilize global markets. it's necessary to avert a catastrophic event for our economy representatives, the debt ceiling has been raised, were suspended $78.00 times since 1960, almost always on a bipartisan basis. my hope is that we can work together to do so. again, republicans raise the debt sailing 3 times under former president trump, but have bowed against doing the same for president biden valley's democrats with the task of solving the issue alone, requiring challenging parliamentary maneuvers with no guarantee of succeeding in time. republicans need to get out of the way. so senate democrats can address the issue quickly, and without needlessly endangering the stability of our economy. we can't afford
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the risk of a drawn out unpredictable process. republicans, though refused to budge. they say it's the democrats problem because they control government were able to find the government today because the majority accepted reality. the same day will new to happen on the deadline, it actually another week, another display of the partisan acrimony accompanying the u. s. congress from crisis to crisis. heidi jo castro, alger 0, washington, ethiopia, is expelling 7 senior united nations officials, after accusing them of meddling and its internal affairs. they include senior figures with a un children's fund, unicef and office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs. they've been given 72 hours to leave the country. yes, it comes a day after the un humanitarian chief criticized the ethiopian government, the choosing it of stopping desperately needed aid from reaching the tig ry region for white house press sector jen sack it says washington won't hesitate to use sanctions against those obstructing humanitarian efforts. the u. s. government
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condemns in the strongest possible terms. the government of ethiopia is unprecedented action to expel the leadership of all of the united nations organizations involved and i'm going humanitarian operations. we agree with you and leaders. this is a stain on our collective conscience and in mustang, our diplomatic editor james bay's reports now from the united nations. these are some of the most recent pictures from t gray, but they are weeks old. the region is quite deliberately, it seems being cut off from the rest of the world view and believes famine has already taken hold. that humanitarian access remains severely limited. and now the ethiopian government, in a tweet, as announced its expelling 7 top you and officials, they have 72 hours to leave the country in response to spokesperson for the un secretary general. read out this statement, he's issued. i was shocked by the information that the government of ethiopia has declared 7
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u. n. officials including senior un humanitarian officials. as persona non grata, i have full confidence and a u. n. staff who are in ethiopia doing this work that you went as committed to helping ethiopian people who rely on humanitarian assistance. we are now engaging with the government of ethiopia in the expectation that the concerned un staff will be allowed to continue their important work. of the un security council ambassadors viewed the planned expulsions as a most unwelcome development. do you believe this expulsion of the top you and staff is part of an attempt by the syrup in government to use starvation as a weapon. look like the sector general. i'm deeply shocked by what we've just heard about the expulsion of senior humanitarian air workers. you've heard me time and again here raise are concerned about t gray. now i would say about northern ethiopia with 400000 people now facing
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famine. that's more than the rest of people facing fam. in the world to we've got a real humanitarian emergency. we've been working now for almost a year since the conflict started to get humanitarian access and to try and bring the parties to peace. so i think the latest developments will only in intensify determination to try and get a breakthrough. several security council members have told me they'd like to discuss these latest developments as soon as possible. i'm told a meeting could happen as early as friday. james bayes al jazeera of the united nations will get more now on that developing story out of australia. prime minister scott marson has just amounts a significant easing of the near total closure of the countries borders that have been in place since the beginning of the corona virus pandemic. it is, will be time very soon that will be able to open those international borders again . and that will enable australians who are fully vaccinated and astride ins and residents of australia, who are i, the seas who are fully vaccinated to be able to travel again. and to be able to
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lift those caps on area ports in states where they have moved into phase c of the program. and, and that is where a strider is now preparing to move. this will happen next month. that's when we'll start happening for next month. and sarah clock joins us via skype from the city of brisbin at sarah. so a significant easing than that. the travel restrictions and border closures in australia. what motive, scott morrison have to say? well this is a major announcement world isis dry and you've been stuck overseas at various locations the last year osa simply not being able to return home for a number of reasons, lack of flights, seat caps on those flights, or the airlines that are returning. and course the, the quarantine situation here where you've got to it's in hotels, contain government approved hotels. yes, international travel will resume as of next month. they had been some hint, the potential was december. so november, it's a good step. and now the, the news has come out of national cabinet. they signed those who had both doses,
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all the federal government approved vaccine at can leave australia and can return to australia and quarantine at home for 7 days. because of course, the quarantine costs had been a deterrent. the many australians are trying to return to australia. there are no restrictions on which countries will be open to travel. but see the international a polk will be where this international travel does resume. so i've got a spare, eject, and who's in the southwest premium? she's been indicating this week that she wants to see at travelers returned to australia because of the high backed snack rights. and you said, well, that's where it's been allowed to kick off, but certainly will the other sites around strata which some of them have that they board is closed for some time. they will now be under pressure to open their, their up. they have a pool as well, and to allow those international flights to return to regime travel internationally . and so as you say, i mean this will surely come as good news for the thousands of australians all around the world who hadn't been allowed to return home. some for nearly 2 years
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and for the many people who haven't been allowed to leave australia as well. yeah it's, it's been a fun at she on viable option number one for the airlines because of the seat cats on flights a potentially 30 people on some flights of light. i mean some airlines, it's not fun actually. bible for them to get in the year the only people who have been able to return and have been lucky enough to get on those flights of those paint business class slot. so 1st class nice with canada. pie economy have not been able to get home. so there are a tens of thousands of australians who been highly critical of the government and its board closure situation. and now for as you mentioned, a potential 2 years or so. so this is great news for the 10s of thousands of australians who are a, remain on the seas for their ability to return to australia, provided they have had the double dose of the vaccine has been approved by the federal government here in australia or at a sara clark live for us that inform brisbin. sarah, thank you. now, philippine boxing star money package has officially registered his candidacy to run
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for president and next year's election. the 42 year old was nominated by a function of the governing pdp le bon party. on wednesday he announced his retirement from boxing to focus on his political career. he's a to, to him congressman and current sen under the constitution president rodrigo to tattoo cannot seek reelection. he'll contest the vice presidency race instead for jamila allan doug and joins us live now from the philippines. capital manila, i'm jealous of money. patio is popular as a boxer and a politician. he's been a senator now, as we are saying that for 5 years, how has he performed in politics outside the boxing ring? well, you know, he was elected in 2016 darren. and since then basically he's been seen as the biggest absentee at the senate. you know, he spent a lot of his time travelling as he continued his boxing career up until last week,
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where he officially retired and said that he will focus on his political run for the presidency. now, as you see, a manufacturer story is a story that resonates to millions of filipinos. it's a rags to riches story, a poor boy from the southern philippines, making a young man making his way to the top box, boxing rings all over the world. but over the past few years, it's been quite obvious that filipinos and many filipinos are able to discern the difference between manufactured the politician and man. you puck out the boxer, this is why even those who fully support him, they are now actually see that the, that money per cow should admit that he does need more time, more training, more experience in the political arena before running for the presidency. but what is important to note here is that decisiveness of money, backyard. that is because he actually really believes that god anointed him to become president, just as he believes that it was the is dexter destiny to become a world renowned boxer. and generally, how much of
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a problem then does money package present to rodrigo, to today's succession plans, because he was once a loyal ally of the president, wasn't he definitely, darren, in fact, they both come from the same political party pdp lab and they both come from in the now and at one point symbolically a president will go to there to raise the head of money bucko, and said that he was to be the next president of the country. but that has changed very, very quickly over the past few months. the desire of money to actually run for the presidency, split the political part, the of the 2, and, and even money pocket breaking away from the administration and accusing president, rodrigo the 3rd is government of, you know, being involved in corruption and this has, this has led to a lot of public spots over the past few months. now, the 30 himself has said that he expects he accepts the vice president arman nation
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of his party. but he remains to be seen who will really run. will that the president rodrigo, to deter, to, for the vice presidency? will that be sarah the 3rd to for the presidency? his own daughter? but what is obvious here, and what is clear is that money buckles presidency will split. the votes coming from the southern region of mentor. now we has already split and divided admin allies at the moment, develop from cooper no more than 22000 refugees and migrants are stuck in a colombian town waiting for smugglers to help them cross into panama. the migrants are mostly from haiti are attempting to travel through one of the most dangerous and impossible regions in the world. it's called the darian gap and is the only overland route between south and north america. $500.00 people are allowed to board boats in the cock lee each day, which take them to the start of their perilous journey. but $1500.00 arrived in the small town every 24 hours. will those who find a boat, then face
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a 6 day journey on foot through thick lawless jungle? they often arrive in panama dehydrated, ill, or robbed of their possessions. and from there they still have to make it through nicaragua, honduras guatemala and mexico. before finally reaching the us border will alessandra petty's there in nick, hopefully in northern columbia. this is possibly the worst moment to end this crisis that started back in august. at this moment, possibly more than 20000 migrants are hold up in this beach down close to the border where panama, most of them are haitian migrants that are had already resettled in other countries in south american are now trying to reach the united states. but besides them, there are also migrants from african countries from venezuela, cuba, even from afghanistan, those who can are staying in hotels or apartments in town. those who don't have any
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money left in their journey have pitch stance on the beach. that is the case throughout much of the beach here in nick oakley. they've been here for a weeks at times even up to a month. and that's because panama is allowing just $500.00 people to enter the panama each day. and people are here waiting to be able to get a boat ticket to cross the gulf of a robber and from their start a very dangerous journey. true. did they re n jungle? many of the ations migrants are also now concerned by the fact that the united states has been deporting ations them make it there. that is the case. for example, with francois ations that we met here with this wife and daughter, but he says he's run out of money. he doesn't have any other option, but to continue his journey with myrtle. even if we wanted,
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we can go back because we ran out of money today. that's why we're still waiting to leave. as thursday, a number of un agency i've called for protective measures for haitian migrants in a more comprehensive regional approach to a crisis that elise for now, seems to have no end in sight. time for a short break here. and i'll just hear up when we come back. oh, like on the streets incident, why these young people want to have their voices heard about the bickering and government close? aah! bond is back on the big screen, but some new double of southern film help revive and industry dotted by the corona virus fundamental nuts. ah
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hello. let's start in north america and we've seen some very wet weather across central areas of the us. you can see the thick cloud cover there, so those storms and showers are going to continue ranging all the way from the u. s . gulf coast up to the central plains. now to the west of this, we are seeing a bit of a winter mix come into play across the 4 corners states, the snow, who bought the colorado and new mexico becomes saturday. that wet mass shifts off to the east. it is going to get west of some of those south eastern states and across the great lakes. we are seeing some heavy rain push into eastern parts of canada, but across the east coast it is looking finer and dryer $22.00 degrees in new york, $26.00 in washington, d. c. and this is an a story across the west coast. we are seeing fine or dry a weather, lots of warmth, coming through heat for california. if we look at the 3 day for los angeles, we're going to see the temperature well above average and lots of sunshine all the
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way through to sunday. now talking about heat, let's move to central america. it's hot and humid for much of a caribbean with scattered showers and thunderstorms, with sunshine to rough seas, as well as the hurricane found, pulls off to the east of bermuda for the weather. weather though, we have to look to central parts of mexico. ah, gotta one of the fastest growing nations in the world. bonnie needed to oakland and development pull into national shipping companies to become a key, middle east and trade and money, skillfully mapped out 3 key areas of develop who filling up from it. so connecting the world, connecting the future while need. cato castillo's gateway to whoa trade. lou
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ah, welcome back hook up in mind about top stories here on al jazeera, australia's prime minister has announced the country will start to open up its international borders starting next month. spot morrison says vaccinated australians have been stuck overseas since the pandemic began would finally be able to return home. united states is averted, a government shut down a stop gap funding bill easily passed the house. i'm the senate and has now been signed into law by president biden, just hours before federal funding was to run out at midnight. and philippine boxing star money packet has officially registered his candidacy to run for president in next year's election. on wednesday, he announced his retirement from boxing to focus on his political career. canada
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has held its 1st national day of truth and reconciliation. it all has indigenous children who died in residential schools, as well as those who survive them earlier this year. more than a 1000 unmarked graves were found at 2 former schools. the system was run by the government and christian churches, and operated between the 181996. when egon sinclair on the university of manitoba, he says the day as exposed divisions within the country. many of the provinces which are the kind of smaller governments regional governments throughout the country did not recognize the day. and so that certainly shows that there is a long way to go to understanding and particularly having inclusion and recognition of the violence and genocide that's occurred with indigenous peoples in this country. so it's not something that the entirety of canada celebrated or certainly should be celebrating. and so it's a moment of reflection moment of memory. but it's most importantly a moment to commit to changing the past the future of indigenous peoples
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relationships with canada because it is very violent to this point and has a consistent sort of rise in depth sickness and compensation. it's required by the government. many areas of the country have very strong and stringent, very archaic and old views involving indigenous peoples. they think that this doesn't relate to them because it's oftentimes those residential school sites are far away from where they are. but the fact is that every canadian is touched by this issue. there are residential schools all across the country and simply because our traits haven't been found in certain areas, like the largest province in the country, which is ontario, doesn't mean that they aren't affected. and certainly that there aren't unmarked graves there. we have just have yet to find them. they had been rallies in a sudden these capital to condemn. last week's co attempt, hundreds of people took the streets of cartoon calling for an end to a power struggle within the transitional, government, bahama the doe ripples o familia. slogans from the protests of
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20182019. once again. echo across done in the capital cartoon. hundreds took to the streets to express their anger at what they say is an attempt by the military to disrupt the countries transition to democracy. and we were expecting a speedy transition to civilian rule. we don't actually feel there is a transition to anything here yet. today, there is no freedom piece or justice in sudan. patients between dance, military and civilian petitions reached a low point this week after the recent attempted coup when it took power 2 years ago, the transitional government promised to fix decades of mismanagement, internal conflict and international functions under the former president omar bashir. but it's yet to demonstrate to the people of sudan that it can undo damage done by bustios re jim kicks, thought the country struggling economy unmoved. the country towards genuine
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democratic governments. a lot of them in the clinic. what we need is to revamp and strength in government institutions, especially our weak institutions of justice. only then would we stop worrying about who rules to dana against all odds on most products. so sedans, young people have in the past, build a peaceful and discipline movement. not saw the toppling of one of the world's most autocratic good games nato former president obama has an old machine on the transition in that country remains certain white in fighting and hopefully within the supreme council that was again finding themselves, trying to hard to get the voices ha, i, these protestants are also angry, the plumley, so those who died during protest 2 years ago are yet to get justice public. this content, thus also been mounting over economic reforms that severely reduced subsidies on petrol and diesel. more than doubling the price, the sudanese pound drums on several official and black markets rates and is
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depreciating, causing a loss of cash from the formal economy. these activities say nothing will stop them achieving a better way of life, and they will bring hope to a mission that's not little for decades. mohammad, i dwell justina. how to tom sir done? began b as true commission has delayed the release of its final report on crimes committed during former president. ja janice 22 year old. it was scheduled to submit the findings on thursday. more than 370 people testified of hearings that lasted more than 2 years. witnesses accused john as government of rape, murder, and torture. his party recently entered into coalition with president adama barrow ahead of december's election. demonstrators in bahrain are rallied against a visit by israel's foreign minister. they oppose bahrain, falling. diplomatic ties with israel lost in a u. s. broke a deal there calling for an immediate halt to accord which they say goes against
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the palestinian people. yeah, lapierre was hosted by barons king, crown prince and prime minister and signed 5 bilateral corp deals. a former british police officer has been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for murdering a woman. after falsely arresting her wayne cousin's abducted 33 year old sarah everett as she walked home in south london earlier this year. he then raped and murdered her and disposed of her remains in a forest. the case prompted widespread protests about women's safety with metropolitan police commissioner, chrysler dick says, cousins, crimes are brought shame to the force. there are no words that can fully express the fury and overwhelming sadness that we all feel about. what happens to sarah i am so sorry.
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oh, the former friends president nicholas tacos. e has been handed a one year jail sentence, but he's on the line for you to spend any time behind bars. psychos, he was found guilty of a legal campaign financing. during his failed 2012 reelection bid. the court rule, he spent almost twice the maximum amount allowed comes months after sa cuz he was convicted in another corruption case. the judge said he could serve the sentence, confined to his home. people across china, celebrating the country's national day. october the 1st mark 72 years since the establishment of the people's republic of china in beijing, more than a $100000.00 people gathered for a flag raising ceremony in tenement square comes at a time. and the government's cracking down on many major sectors from wealthy and powerful tech companies to celebrities. the highly anticipated 25th
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james bond movie landed in butcher cinemas on thursday. no time to die is being watched closely as a test of the cinema industry's ability to recover. after months of closures, due to cobit 19, he bought a report from land. ah, there's only one show in town for his past 2 years late because of the pandemic, where the change of director and script along the way, expect a familiar face doing familiar things, smashing and schmoozing his way around the world for queen and country all while showing off a slew of expensive accessories and lethal gadgets. now your enemies, my and he just the ticket for dealing with an international criminal gang, or maybe even jumping the petro q during britain's current fuel shortage. beyond the spectacle. it's hope no time to die will come to the rescue of britain cinemas, forced to close for months during the pandemic. so bummed film is a big film in any year specter and sky full. the last 2 installment sit respite to
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rate number 3 and number 2 in the will time tap top 10 of u. k. box office. and clearly given what we gone through the last 18 months, the expectation, the hopes around this bond title are bigger than ever. aside from the obligatory bashi crashing us of bond, there's something almost cozy about the franchise, something deeply familiar, which is what cinemas a hoping will entice people away from our home streaming services, netflix, amazon, and others. back in front of the big screen, the streaming giant doubled its profits in 2020 surpassing $200000000.00 paid subscribers with a revenue of $25000000000.00. the stay at home boom is far from over. and as the economy reopens many question where the cinemas will be able to bounce back, exceptionally good, it delivers everything you'd want for a bond film on more on definitely worth the way. i think people decreased on economy, say more without warning anything. how important is it to see if you saw this big
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screen massively gone? am, it's, it's bond is the thing you need to see on the big screen. so definitely will be there. popcorn in hunt is, hey, daniel craigs last appearances. james bond would turbocharged industry crippled by cove. it could this be the secret weapon? cinemas have been waiting for the fall county, sierra london. ah . all right, tom, for a quick check of the headlines here and al jazeera, australia's prime minister has announced the country will begin opening up its international borders starting next month. scott marson says vaccinated australians have been stuck overseas since the pandemic began. will finally able to return home it is will be time very soon that we will be able to open nazena national borders again. and that will enable australians who are fully backs.


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