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tv   [untitled]    October 1, 2021 3:30am-4:01am AST

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dancers yeah, i mean, the name of wanted to change the war. i think that's an essential ingredient as an active if the activists aren't so naive, those to believe everything they're told he and will turn up the pressure if leaders don't deliver on promises made here. adarine al jazeera milan, the finally a check on the volcano in the canary islands. this is a live shot. in fact, at 1 30 in the morning of that volcano is lava continues to erupt and in fact pour into the atlantic ocean. scientist say the island of la palmer has actually expanded by more than 3 square kilometers of the molten rock builds up on its western shoreline. toxic gas is given off when the lava hits, the ocean are so far being blown out to sea. but there are fears that wind direction might change. ah, let's take it to the headlines now and i'll just the or the united states has just
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devoted a government shutdown of stopped gap funding bill easily past the house and senate nancy pelosi signing it there. it's now been signed into law by president joe biden, just hours before the government funding was to run outs. but another test of job items agenda does lay ahead is the house of representatives prepared to vote on a trillion dollar infrastructure plan? how did you cast for more from capitol hill? the democrats who control the house are divided on whether or not to support this bill. ironically, they all appear to agree that what it contains is good for the country. they support the bill, but they just don't support what time to vote on it. liberal democrats wants another bill to be voted on 1st. the bigger package that really contains the majority of president biden's domestic agenda, which is the expansion of government that this country hasn't seen in decades. in
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other news, the united states is condemning ethiopia for expelling 7 senior united nations officials. washington says one, hesitate to use sanctions against those obstructing humanitarian efforts. the you and staff have been accused of meddling in ethiopia, internal affairs, and have been given 72 hours to leave. the u. s. government condemns in the strongest possible terms. the government of ethiopia is unprecedented action to expel the leadership of all of the united nations organizations involved and ongoing humanitarian operations. we agree with you and leaders. this is a stand on our collective conscience and it must stuff. and more than 22000 refugees and migrants currently stuck in the colombian town of nicole coley, as they wait for smugglers to help them cross into panama, the migrants, most of them from haiti, and are attempting to travel through the darian gap, which is one of the most dangerous impossible regions in the worlds up to date with headlines on out of era. the latest edition of inside story is next
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me just look set to get a new prime minister off the leadership contest in the ruling party. is it a big tree for relief over the grass through will puleo the she the bring chain in how japan faces challenges at home and abroad. this is inside story. ah, ah, ah. hello and welcome to the show. i'm
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sammy's a than for me. ok. she was pigs by the veteran party members and criticized for being old school. now the form of foreign minister is leading japan's ruling liberal democratic party. he set now to become prime minister. casita was seen as a safe choice for the l. v. p. as it faces general elections in november, he's challenged with leading the party to victory author, it's popularity declined, but he's got to win public support to. it wasn't the most favored contender among young party members, nor among the japanese people. because she has pledge to counter china's growing influence and promised to narrow japan's income inequality gap, florence louis reports. julio kisha is the new chief of japan governing liberal democratic party. he's also set to become prime minister as his party and coalition partner control the houses of parliament
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is the 2nd time the former foreign minister has run for the leadership after competing against outgoing premier yoshida suga last year. in his acceptance speech, he should have promised to leave the party to success in next month general election. but that's why i want to firmly show a reborn, liberal democratic party to the japanese citizens and urge them to support us from today. i will then with all my energy, gets straight to work. party members around the country and members of parliament, please work with me. a 1st round vote had failed to produce a majority winner and 2 female contenders dropped out of the race in a run off. he should have faced taro, co note, and outspoken minister in charge of japan's cove at 19 vaccine rollout had been ahead in opinion polls, but widely regarded as a safe pair of hands. kesha had the support of lawmakers and beat his rival by 257
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votes. 270. analysts say case, she does rise to the premise ship is unlikely to affect defense and international relations. he supports close ties with western democracies to counter china's growing influence in the region on the economy. kisha has pledged to spend big on a stimulus package and emphasized the need to distribute more wealth to households . but 1st, he faces a difficult challenge, a general election that has to be held by november. what i expect to see is something ambitious, like a very large stimulus package dedicated to pandemic management. and the health system in general. although of was nothing is really going to be implemented. this can be no evidence of success in time to the election . so when a lot to a large extent key, she is going to be selling hope and asking the electorate trust him. rather than
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demonstrating any concrete results there can she may be seen as a stable choice. but some analysts say his bland image may work against him in the upcoming polls. florence louis al jazeera. ah, well, let's bring in our gas now we have joining us from tokyo, done a week's professor of political science said mister, she know university in she zuka. sy, jiro took a sheet up professor of management at the university of shoes, zuka, and in toko craig mark, professor of international studies at korea to women's university. welcome to we'll, let's start with donner if we could. so donna, mr. cuz she lacks popular support. he appears to suffer from some of the same weak points which got the better of us. she, he the suga. why did the liberal democrats choose?
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because she did then, i guess because they weren't all let came to have corner who does have, i guess a great popularity with the younger members and perhaps abroad of public. and so they, it seems, in the last 24 hours, we coming to understand that they made some swift changes and, and deals. and to ensure that they got the man he should know in the end for craig, listening to what donna said, there is this just the classic case of the elite prevailing over the party rank. confound perhaps even over the will of the public. yeah, i would agree with that before the leadership rice was concluded yesterday, there was a lot of speculation about the factions allowing a free vote, which wouldn't usually happened in because his daughter said a lot of the younger died members,
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a worried that they could lose the states in the upcoming election due to some happens sometime in november. but as i'm saying, the fractions reasserted themselves. and the vote of course, was very close between kesha and kano, caught, i was actually expected to win the 1st round, but he just got picked by kesha by one vote. and that was decided that the affections had reassert themselves and had swung the white behind. he should, that couldn't compensate for the popularity the kano had in the branches, he got about nearly half of the branch fighting the 1st round, but that wasn't enough to get connor x root on the 2nd ground. all right, let's bring in se jiro now, when we talk about this is a sign of the factions getting the way who we talk about was all we really talk
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about a very narrow faction. the more conservative right wing leaning elements of the l. d p. well, not necessarily, so it's a lot more new with the power play between the factional levels. the fact of the matter is that there is a tendency that the m. p 's tend to go on the bandwagon of who the winner is likely to be because you will get a better allocation of better physician and ministries at all. so there is that tendency to basically go for the winner and obviously on a factional basis. i, mr. she'd always had an upper hand, so you saw this say last minute rush to support, you know, are missing for that reason. because many of the l d p members are l d p. that's an piece that is they would like to sustain the status quo, particularly with the election coming up in november,
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and they're excessively conservative. nature obviously brought them to bring mr. as a prime minister. all right, let's take it back to donna a moment ago. we're talking about how this is a sign of the factional elite prevailing over the, the public and over the grassroots of even the l. d. p. do you think the liberal democrats are going to pay a price so that when it comes to general elections being held in november, as we all expect this time around? probably not. you know, the opposition parties haven't really been able to make much ground during, you know, even this last year also of the corona, barrison cobit and hell. the only pay has been dealing with fashion and stumbling with the vaccination roll out and so on. so i think if ever there had been a time that the opposition comedies could have made some advances now would have
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been it. the other thing too that i think we will have to take into account is today is the last day of the state of emergency. this, the state of emergent is lifted in just a couple of hours now, which means that people can start to go out again, boss and entertainment, and restaurants and so on. can i pick up from the alcohol again, which i am anticipating will give people a little bit of a list and it may work in keisha. this is just speculation. it may work in kisha does favor that. when people come to vote, they'll have this sense perhaps, but things are starting to lift and given that the elections are largely one on last on economic issues, i think potentially they'll be a lift in the, in that sense of the economic environment and, and people might say, well, let's go with the old a pe again. alright, said jiro, taking that scenario, even if the, the replacing all the relaxing, shall we say of some of the crown device restrictions does. give him a bit of
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a lift as donna put it there. when they give him, even if he wins elections, even if the l d p. when collections, will it be enough to give him a strong mandate to can carry out any serious reforms? well, the question is, does he really want to conduct a reform and is that what is expected of course to the public. he will say that you know l d p needs reform and obviously they do. but it's quite clear that he's not going to make radical changes as mr. co would have done. and that's the reasons why the m. p 's are boarded for him. he will make you know, some modification hang on. when he talks about making changes, addressing the well scab, you don't think any of that is serious. of course, it's serious in japan, the incoming equality gap is certainly a time bomb in my opinion because the japanese are probably the ones who have
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realized the ideal isms of socialism. in other words, we don't have a lot of inequality gap compared to other we see the nation. but that said, that has widened quite dramatically, especially as the cobra 1900. so obviously this is one thing that he has to tackle . but you know, this is the exactly same thing he said by mister corner as well. we know that that's a homework that all you know policy has to do. so it's really nothing new in that context. the radical changes that i'm talking about is the construct the destruction within the l d p. now this is, you know, something that corner was about to do, but certainly not mosquito who will be trying to basically balance things out. he's known as a very good balancer, so i doubt that there will be a drastic, innovative change within the course for the economic policy side. of course, there will be, you know, he's already and now to 10 treating impact you're ready. so there will be
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a lot of analysis that we've made and it makes it easier because the japanese public anger has similar doubt as you know, donna was saying, we've got the list off of this new bridges measures. and also the vaccine saturation level has almost reached the same level as united states, united kingdom. so things are definitely getting a lot better as far as environment is concerned. all right, craig, listening that once a year had said, got to wonder whether the talk of a new capitalism by the new leader, by the incoming, we can call an incoming prime minister of its expected pos are easily on monday in parliament. how radically new a vision do expect then listening to what side jerry had said about, he's basically a man of a political balancing act. that's why the elite went for him. yeah, we'll have to see what the actual concrete policy proposals got to be. it is significant that he did clearly say that he is going to depart from
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i've a know mix by saying that something had to be done to dress the income gaps because under chicago, by policies and continuing on with one year of suga. the stock market doing trace and the big corporations enjoyed helping profits in sitting on huge cash reserves. but the incoming assets, ordinary people and households with down wages the really flash. so we will have to say whether he should have policies do what walk rather than show the talk. it's interesting though, something that said, just been announced today this evening about who the key should is. the secretary general for the liberal democratic party is going to be and that's a black called a cuter, a muddy. he's
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a heavy wife in the all the pages of the also faction of the outgoing deputy prime minister tuttle also. but he was one of the architects of, of a no, but she was the economic revitalization minister under she and go on until he was forced to step down in 2016 due to a bribery scandal. so it's very significant for me. okay. she has chosen him for his secretary general, and that's an indication of how much the l d p establishment is reasserted itself. so there's quite an indication that she had been very happy with the outcome of the yesterday's leadership election, even though he was outwardly backing sunday, tucked e g. when the female candidates. and she's actually going to be the big policy chief, which she should there was up into racing after he was foreign minister. so we've
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had some interesting juggling of the party positions already. and the deputies. yeah, he's now going to be vice president. so he's been shuffled off sideways. well, not sideways nicely to the next files going off, donna, which is it's cuz she's already just a continuation and extension of options are based policies. do you agree with those who say if and the thing this election, this contest shows the continuing power or at least influence options that are bay in the l d p? yes look at i think there was never going to be any doubt of the as to how much influence away was going to continue to hold. particularly last year when he didn't resign from that to me. that was a sure sign that he was planning to stick around for as long as he could. and so not surprised too much in that regard. i guess, you know,
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in the 24 hours so. so since yesterday, you know, they say 24 hours is a long time in politics and it certainly, yesterday we might have been in other places a little bit optimistic that perhaps some of what tissue to deep down wants to do might come through. but i think the last 20 for us and indeed the, the positions that craig is just mentioned, you know, we were waiting for those, the announcement of those positions to see how much cuz she was going to be constrained by the factional deals. and clearly he's going to be very constrained. and i think next week to when we see the cabinet, the ministry selections will get a greater indication of just how much. i think it is probably going to to have to stick to the line for a little bit longer, sticking to the all by line. will that rescue japan from the stagnation from the challenges which japan didn't overcome even under the rule of sions. so i'll be,
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what do you think, se, jira now, unfortunately, it will not. the fact of the matter is, is that, well, you know, i've been on the 1st era was flying the weekend has basically surged the income of the japanese exporters, which was expected to basically increase the income of the japanese people that didn't happen. so obviously, mister and mr. cohen are both are basically indirectly making sure that, you know, they would certainly push for the increase of wages to take place so that, you know, private spending will basically flourish. but in japan, one of the characteristics of japanese consumer spending is that you have to have a secure conditions of the corporations still live on employment. it's energy system, although it is basically crumbling, is still is very intact particular on so larger companies,
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meaning that the stable condition of these companies are, must project spending. so obviously it will be very difficult, you know, even if you make these policies and even be able to implement them because in the sixty's i do have a very good time to barracka. this is a very important thing about you. you have to have a very good time to be catching or to actually implement, you know, whatever the policies that they may come up with. so, so he will be able to have a pretty good pipeline there. but, you know, we'll, his new policies will have an effect to basically turn japan around. that store may be a very big question indeed, and i'm using a very politically correct work, but i'm glad you've touched upon exports and trading. maybe gives us an opportunity to pivot towards foreign policy. what do you think, craig, to expect? because she that to take a hawkish policy towards china, one of its biggest trading partners? well, he's got to have to strike
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a balance in the lead up to the in the leadership election. it's very interesting. he did make some little hawkish gestures. he said he's got to appoint a special prime minister, the advisor to look at the human rights situation in china, particularly towards treatment of the we goes north of hong kong. he's committed to increasing spending of the day on the self defense forces, including spending the potential overseas strike impact capacity, including cruise miss all the harvest sonic missiles. but he had said, on the other hand, how important it is to have stable relations with china. and since it is depends loudest, largest trading partner, so we'll have to see how he can handle that balance. he did it fairly well when he was foreign minister. he was able to repair relations and keep them fairly steady. but with the rising geo political tensions between china and the united states in
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the quad in the or orchestral lines. now, that's going to be a big, very, very big world. i'm glad you touched upon the quad and the orchestra lines donna, give him what he said on the campaign trial, because she is expected to continue the sort of alliance japan as traditionally had with the u. s. but do you think japan feels a little bit left out of this office alliance go think particularly as mastery and here in tokyo, when the news of the august lines broke, it was somewhat surprising. and i guess to me as someone who's done a lot of work in this area of the last 30 years, a kind of a going back to a kind of an anglo sphere kind of approach to defense in the region. we've had a lot of confidence building over the last several years through the various
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multilateral architectures and so on. and you know, the chord, you know, at another time we can talk about the pros and cons of the quote that the quote was at least starting to emerge as something that the key how was in the raging countries in the region could, could make something of and, and i think this august structure that's coming over the top, i think certainly in the short term is going to cost a little bit in terms of trust. i think japan is now sort of thinking, well, where exactly do we sit? he's another layer that we, that we have to contemplate and i think just as japan was anticipating or expecting . and i think so, and they only have talked about joining the 5 eyes. and so with, with some of the other countries here, i think it's maybe a momentary setback at least but, but tissue to as
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a foreign minister. and his fiction is somewhat more of the dove ish. so he's from a well his area and utah shema. and he has made some strong statements as far as the heritage of his go, his and so i see that kisha will have to be making some pragmatic choices between what he might want himself as in terms of security. and when he will have to go as, as prime minister or the state that a really interesting point. let me take it, said jiro, the pragmatism may be coming through. just explain why. for example, we've heard always seen signals from, from china, the chinese state broadcast, the very least describing sheet as victory as the best options of aging, despite the sort of noises which, because she made about china on the campaign trail. well actually the most hawkish person amongst for canada was tuck. i started,
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but actually she has been basically spawn off on the 1st round. and mister, she had been the longest serving off foreign minister. so obviously he does have a good international relations. so obviously, you know, from that aspect it might be seen as very positive for japan, china relations. but that said, as the formation quad makes it very clear where japan has to stand and obviously mystic, she has to clarify that to the international arena. and that is that from both the trade perspective and the border perspective, japan will be under the umbrella of the united states, especially in means of security and the fight over again money between the united states and china that's occurring in all areas including trade telecommunication, in finance, which side of japan going to be? it's very clear which such is going to be in spite of the very large trade that we
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have with china. so that has to be clarified, particularly with the reduction brush, se modification of supply chains. the japan has to tackle immediately with this excessive reliance to china in various areas that has to be also changed as well. so that's another very big homework which is not very much talked about, but well, it's a homework for most of the always see the nations, but particularly for japan. all right, we'll have to leave it. that's been fascinating. let's thank august for this discussion done. a week's st. jude or dr. sheeter and craig mark. and thank you to for watching. you can see the show again any time by visiting our website. i'll just 0 dot com for further discussion had over my facebook page that facebook dot com forward slash a j inside story. you can also join the conversation on twitter. our handle is act a j inside story from me, sammy is
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a than and the whole team here for now is go by the me ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, chose the oh no just going back seen inequality to the political and economic in the latest development at the corona virus and demi companies, the bread across the globe, democracy maybe inexpensive new series explores the ever growing challenges to democracy around the world. the former president place component goes on 5 for the estimation of its freedom commerce bank context. india. direct removed by brings
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insights and perspectives from the world's most populous democracy, iraqi due to the home in an election like to define the country future. october on al jazeera. this is one of the most founding technological revolutions in all of history made our planet president. we have to meet this you to emission target electric cars are made with mrs. miner's and they need to be mindful where people are just talking about women. that's going to solve the problem. it won't. the world of business in commerce is driving energy transition is the promise of keen energy and illusion. the top side of green energy on al jazeera. how many nukes is too many new america has in many ways driven the arms race parties are much more like the british parties down to the there are fewer regulations to own a tiger than their our own. a dog. how can this be happening?
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your weekly take on us politics and, and that's the bottom line. the us is always of interest to people around the world . people pay attention to what was on here. and it's very good that bringing the news to the world from here. ah, had 100 hours gmc on come all santa maria, and these are the headlines on al jazeera, the united states has just diverted a government shutdown of stock. got funding bill has been signed to did all by president biden to passing congress just hours before government funding was due to run out. i did your cast reports from capitol hill on this 38 or 250 for the day, or 175.


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