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tv   [untitled]    October 1, 2021 3:00am-3:31am AST

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birthright with the people's voice, bono jazeera, me, ah, ah, ah, ah, the u. s. congress notes to averts government shut down, but it showed on learning the president, biden's trillion dollar infrastructure bill. ah, hello, i'm come off on some maria. here in the world. news from al jazeera washington as warning of sanctions against ethiopia for expelling senior officials from the
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united nation. also in the news, more than 22000 migrants stuck in columbia waiting for their turn to cross a dangerous stretch of jungle into panama and canada mountains. first national holiday to honor indigenous survivors and children who disappeared in the residential school. ah, well, the united states has just averted, i government shut down a stop gap funding bill easily passed through the house and senate, and it has not been signed into law by president joe biden, just hours before government funding was due to run outs high jo, cancer, reports now from capitol hill on this 30 days or 250 for the day, or 175. the motion is adopted. the u. s. government will remain open at least until early december, democrats and some republicans came together on thursday hours ahead of
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a midnight deadline. and with this continual resolution, we not only keep government open, keep checks flowing to, to our veterans and social security recipients, and the rest. it's just a remarkable thing to think of all the things that we can do working together for the people. but while congress has put out one fire, yet another blaze frightens the country's financial solvency. it's the nations looming debt ceiling. the point at which the u. s. can borrow no more money to pay its bills. that limit will be reached on october 18th, unless congress agrees to raise or suspend it. economists including treasury secretary, janet yellen, c a u. s. government default will likely throw the u. s. economy into recession and the stabilize global markets. it's necessary to avert a catastrophic event for economy representatives. the dead sealing has been
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raised or suspended 78 times since 1900. 60, almost always on a bipartisan basis. my hope is that we can work together to do so. again, we probably can raise the debt ceiling 3 times under former president trump, but have bowed against doing the same for president biden. that we democrats with the task of solving the issue alone, requiring challenging parliamentary maneuvers with no guarantee of succeeding in time. republicans need to get out of the way. so senate democrats can address the issue quickly, and without needlessly endangering the stability of our economy. we can't afford the risk of drawn out unpredictable process. republicans know, refused to budge. they say it's the democrats problem because they control government were able to find the government today because the majority, except in reality, the same thing will need to happen on the debt limit. next,
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wait. another week, another display of the partisan acrimony accompanying the u. s. congress from crisis to crisis high. does your castro with more now update from capitol hill? the democrats who control the house are divided on whether or not to support this bill. ironically, they all appear to agree that what it contains is good for the country. they support the bill, but they just don't support what time to vote on it. liberal democrats want another bill to be voted on 1st. the bigger package that really contains the majority of president biden's domestic agenda, which is the expansion of government that this country hasn't seen in decades, but it would wide in the social safety net by expanding health care, child care. also tackling climate change and progressive. think that now was the time to use their leverage to get that bill on the floor and approved and past. but
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some moderate democrats are saying that it's simply too expensive at its current price tag. a 3 and a half trillion dollars, which would require tax raises to cover. and so right now those 2 wings of the democratic party are unable to come together. and if this infrastructure bill, which is caught in the middle comes up for a vote this evening as scheduled, it is still uncertain whether or not it would have the vote to pass, which again, just charge more light on this inter party division among democrats, biden's own party, which is embarrassing for the president and embarrassing, and potentially risky for the democratic party who are thinking about next year's congressional elections onto the news in the us of condemning ethiopia for expelling 7 senior united nations officials. washington says it won't hesitate to use sanctions against those obstructing humanitarian efforts. the un stuff of an
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accused of meddling and ethiopia internal affairs and have been given 72 hours to leif diplomatic editor james bay's reports and the un. these are some of the most recent pictures from t gray, but they are weak, so the region is quite deliberately, it seems being cut off from the rest of the world. un believes famine has already taken hold, that humanitarian access remains severely limited. and now the government in a tweet has announced its expelling 7 top un officials. they have 72 hours to leave the country, and response a spokesperson for the un secretary general. read out this statement, he's issued. i was shocked by the information that the government of e t o p r has declared 7 un officials including senior un humanitarian officials as personnel non grata. i have full confidence in the you and staff who are in ethiopia doing this work that you when is committed to helping ethiopian people who
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rely on humanitarian assistance. we are now engaging with the government of v t o p out and the expectation that concerns us staff will be allowed to continue their important work of the un security council ambassadors viewed the planned expulsions as a most unwelcome development. do you believe this expulsion of the top you and staff is part of an attempt by the government to use starvation as a weapon. look like the sector general. i'm deeply shocked by what we've just heard about the expulsion of senior humanitarian workers. you've heard me time and again here raise are concerned by 2 green i've, i would say about nor than ethiopia with 400000 people now facing famine. that's more than the rest of people facing fam in the world. so we've got a real humanitarian emergency. we've been working now for almost 2 years since the conflict started to get humanitarian accessed in to try and bring the parties to
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piece. so i think relate developments will only intensify, determination to try and get a breakthrough. several security council members have told me they'd like to discuss these latest developments as soon as possible. i'm told a meeting could happen as early as friday. james bayes al jazeera of the united nations and more than 22000 refugees and migrants stuck in a colombian tongue waiting for smugglers to help them cross into panama. the migrants mostly from haiti, or attempting to travel through one of the most dangerous and impossible regions in the world. here it is on the map, they call it the darien gap, the only overland route between north and south america. $500.00 people are allowed to board the boats in nicole each day which take them to the start of the perilous journey. however, $1500.00 are arriving in the small town every 24 hours. those who find a boat in faces 6 days journey on foot through roadless lawless jungle, they often arrive in panama. d hydrated,
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ill or robbed of their belongings. from there they still have to make it through nicaragua, honduras, guatemala, and mexico. before reaching the us border. alexander ron p. s. he is there in the coakley northern columbia and says the situation is desperate. it is incredible. they arrive here already exhausted some of them. i've already gone through half a dozen countries to arrive to this point in their journey before hoping to be able to cross the gulf of wood by here behind me and start broadly the most dangerous part of their track to the united states. but as of now, people are hold up here because of this quote that has been imposed by panama just 500 people are allowed to enter the country. so colombia, tori, these are only authorizing private companies here to sell 500 tickets on boats
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a day that's when hundreds, if not more than a 1000, people are arriving every day here. and they end up in 0. tell rooms apartment, those who are able to pay the rest pitch attends or just sleep on a mattress on the beach. behind me, the entire beach is full of people, most of them from haiti. but there are also venezuelans, cubans, people coming from african countries from bangladesh, even afghanistan. so this is a situation here. some have been here for 2 weeks. some i've been here for a month. many of them have a ticket in hand, but they still have to wait to be able to cross the phone. the french president nicholas because he's been handed a one year jail sentence, but to the unlikely to spend any time actually behind boss. he was found guilty for his role in illegal over spending for his failed attempt. at the 2nd term, the judge said he could serve the sentence, confined to his home,
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and natasha about the reports in paris. as not the end of his legal battles, either. nicholas saw cosy, was not in the paris court for the verdict into the city called the 1000000 corruption trial. but he's 13 co accused were all, were found guilty over legal campaign financing. so cozy was sentenced to a year under house arrest. the president, so cozy with whom i spoke on the phone just now asked me to go an appeal, which i will do immediately when i leave here. and of course, the judgement will not be enforceable. nicholas saw cozy, failed to be re elected as french president in 2012. despite a lavish campaign, the scale of his rallies was designed to impress, but instead it set off alarm bells. a police investigation accused saw cozy in his campaign theme of spending more than doubled the 27000000 dollar legal limit set by the french date and hiring a p. all company called big 1000000 to help cover up the over spending with
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a system of fake invoices during the trial so could be denied any wrong doing. but the charge is going to be new. how much to be spent on the presidential campaign because he's run before i can use a law. she also said that had twice received written warning about the risks of the spending. symbolically. it's important to say that a president doesn't get any immunity and has to respond to the load is also important because the campaign for 2022 is coming. so we have to have this reflection about out prevents illegal financing a 3rd political campaign. so cozy served one term as president from 2007, a straight talker with lovers luxury. he was tough for immigration and crime. he retired from politics in 2017, in recent years, the political right when has struggled in france,
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both saw crazies remained prominent for lots of teachers who vote for the right side. and you could ask with the team as you, scott, enough. all time somehow yes, hearing the conviction is the fir, the blue to saw codes these reputation in march. he was found guilty of corruption in a different case and he could soon be back in court. he's accused of receiving illegal campaign funds from the late libyan leader. mohammed duffy for cozy legal problems . it seems a fall from over. the tasha butler, al jazeera paris in the news ahead back out on the streets of sudan, the young people who want to have their voices, hurts and youth climate activists gather in milan and want governance to take more urgent action on global warming. ah,
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it's another beautiful sunny day at 35000 feet. the weather sponsored by cattle airways booted world's best airline of 2021. hello there, let thought in east asia, and we're watching typhoon min delay as it moves its way north to southern areas of japan. you can see it in the satellite image that but it's not expected to make landfall. if we take a closer look, it's going to skirt along the eastern coast of japan, bringing the wet and windy weather to southeastern areas of hon. shoes. so it's gonna get very wet in tokyo, come saturday. a lot of the rooms is going to be kicked out, but by the time we get into sunday to be well on its way to the east of her condo and things will start to warm up once again in those central areas of han shoe to the west of this, it is looking lot of fine and dry for the korean peninsula, lots of sunshine over the weekend. and it's a similar story from much of china that we are seeing some thunderstorms come into
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play for beijing as we head into sunday to the south of this. a lot of warmth around those central area of shanghai, seeing the temperature well above average. it's in the south, but we find a few spotty showers. now the move to south asia is very wet. indeed for many areas of india, this is in the north west. we've had rescue operations in my restaurant, thanks to the flooding roof on by that tropical system. that is now working its way south of pakistan that your update the weather sponsored by cattle airways, boated world's best airline of 2021. housing has become a commodity instead of the human rights back years before the ability to take advantage of others. the lead. feel free to violate basic laws, the working classes that have lost a lot of ground in our society. a un special report here on adequate housing, traveled the world, investigating a global crisis, but people are evicted to clear the way for investors and properties too often left
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mc. push a witness documentary on a jazz. ah, ah ah, it's helps or is this our on our of the or the united states just devoted a government shut down a stock, got funding bill passed through the house and senate and has now been signed into law by president joe biden, just hours before government funding was to run out midnight. us condemned ethiopia for spelling 7 senior united nations officials. washington says that one has use sanctions against those obstructing humanitarian efforts. and more than 22000 refugees in migrants are stuck in the colombian sound of the coakley,
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waiting for smugglers to help me cross into panama. the journey is considered one of the most dangerous in the world. now, canada has held its 1st national day of truth and reconciliation it on his indigenous children who died in residential schools, as well as those who survived them. early this year, you will remember more than a 1000 unmarked, unmarked graves were found at 2 former schools. the system run by the government and churches in which operated between 1831 and nice 96. so let's talk to negan sinclair, who is an associate professor of the department of native studies at the university of manitoba. he's with us from winnepeg today. thanks so much for your time. obviously it's a, it's a great initiative, but i also know that it is a, it's a national holiday. now the officials would like people to use that time to reflect on the issue. do you think that will happen? well, it is the 1st time around,
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many of the provinces which are the kind of smaller governments regional government throughout the country did not recognize the day. and so that certainly shows that there is a long way to go to understanding and particularly having inclusion and recognition of the violence and genocide that occurred with the digital people in this country . so it's not something that the entirety of canada celebrated or certainly should be celebrating at the moment of reflection, a moment of memory. but it's most importantly a moment to commit to changing the past the future of indigenous peoples relationships with canada because it is very violent at this point and has the consistent sort of rise in, in depth thickness and compensation if it's required by the government start back to that point about part of the country, not recognizing it, why would they not? i mean the, the, the, the, the discoveries just in this past year have been so shocking and so on. equivocal. it's hard to imagine anyone not looking at this and something we really need to
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address well, frankly, much, many areas are not met, not much of the country. many areas of the country have very strong and stringent, very archaic and old views involving indigenous peoples. they think that this doesn't relate to them because it's oftentimes those residential school sites you referred to are far away from where they are. but the fact is that every canadian is touched by this issue. there were residential schools all across the country and simply because of mercury haven't been found in certain areas like the largest province in the country, which is ontario. doesn't mean that they are defected and certainly that there aren't unmarked. great, there we have just have yet to find them outside of the very acute issue, obviously of the residential schools in which has taken a hit on just tell us until our international is a little bit more about indigenous issues. indigenous relations between the indigenous communities and the government. while it's at times very rancorous and
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at times also quite conducive. it depends on which political party is in power at the moment. the fact is that consecutive federal government whether they be from the route to ruling parties, either the conservative right leading party or the rather central liberal party. there is the largest issue in the country which is around stolen land and the fact that it is people land have not been returned there. the are, the treaties have not been honored. and the crown, the british crown upon taking control of canada way back in the 1900 century, refused to acknowledge that there are in it, didn't land claims other than to say that under the guise of small reserves, putting them on small pockets of reserves away from the, the major urban centers within the country. so that's a major issue. and then with lead to in the residential school system, which was to control people on the community to remove their children, forced those children into a christian education quite violently. so by refusing to allow them to have
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relationship with their parents, set forth cycles of self abuse, shame, suicide, addictions throughout the country. it all virtually everything in the community. so here we are at $996.00 of last time the residential schools closed. and here we are in 2021 and the impacts of those schools are still being felt. and at times it is a very rancorous relationship. but we do have a rather central govern right now who is doing smaller steps to try to reconcile it again. sinclair, it's from the university of manitoba pleasure talking to you today. thank you for your time. great, and you guys thank you much have been rallies in the sudanese capital to condemn la strict coup attempt. hundreds of people are out on the streets of country calling for an end to a power struggle within the transitional governments. this reports from mohammed the dog, the familiar slogan from the protest of 20182019 . once again echo across done in the capital cartoon. hundreds took to the streets
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to express their anger. at what they say is an attempt by the military to disrupt the consists of vision to democracy. and when we were expecting it to be the transition to civilian rule, we don't actually feel there is a transition to anything here yet. today, there is no freedom, peace or justice in sudan pensions between students, military and civilian politicians reached a low point this week after the recent attempted coup when it took power 2 years ago, the transitional government promised to fix the decades of the management in tunnel conflicts and international functions, under the former president bush's, but it's yet to demonstrate to the people who had done that. it can undo the damage done by bushes, redeem kickstart the country, struggling economy, and move the country toward genuine democratic governance. and either in the what we need is to revamp and strengthen government institutions, especially our weak institutions of justice. only then would we stop worrying about
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who rule sudan against all odds on. most british also dance young people have in the past both a physical and discipline movement not told the toppling one of the world most autocratic again that former president how can i help you out of the transition in that country remains. so that's why in fighting and hopefully within the company come home. once again finding themselves trying to hard to get that voice as part of the systems are also angry. the plumley symbols who during protest 2 years ago, i yet to get justice public. this content has also been mounting over economic reforms that severely due subsidies on petrol and diesel more than doubling their price. the sudanese pound runs on civil official and black markets rates and is depreciating, causing a loss of cash from the formal economy. these activities say nothing will stop them
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achieving a better way of life, and they will bring hope to mission that non little for decades. how many dollars ita had thompson on facebook, his insisting its products to help young people, even though the company's own research found it could harm them? the tech john global safety chief told a year, a senate hearing it monitor how children use it's apps to quote, minimize the bad and maximize the goods mover. particle hain't in washington c, a gene, you'll probably see them on a social media screen. now the us senate is asking, is that harming them? suicide grade for 10 to 14 year old. as double for young girls, it has wide group. instagram didn't create this crisis, but from the documents provided by the whistleblower. clearly facebook's own researchers describe instagram itself as a quote perfect storm. the whistleblower giving instagram's
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own research to the wall street journal, showing slides with the headlines. one and 5 teams say that instagram makes them feel worse about themselves. teens who struggle with mental health, they instagram makes it worse. we make body image issues worse for one in 3 teen girls. that's their own description. and the reason antigone davis through the head of mobile security for facebook, which owns instagram, what's called to testify. i want to be clear that this research is not a bombshell. it's not causal research. it's in fact jo. i rational different products this. this research is a bombshell. it is powerful gripping, riveting evidence. i disdain for the company was clear across the board of you quantified how many children have taken their own lives because of your products. and number 2, as the global head of safety for facebook, what would you say to
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a mother? what would you say to a father who lost a child because of facebook's products? first of all, senator cruz, the research that you are referring to is in fact not causal research. critics say congress can dramatically change how the company operates, cracking open the algorithms and saying you can no longer optimize your algorithm for things that hurt people and society. and if they can't make money and they can't survive in the marketplace with that type of agenda, and that focus the may shouldn't be playing in the marketplace. and it's going to get more chance for facebook here in capitol hill next week. a whistleblower is scheduled to testify, likely fueling a growing desire to regulate social media. the fees to be coming from both political parties. patty calling al jazeera washington. a former british police officer has been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for
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murdering a woman after full. the arresting her wine cousins, abducted 33 year old sarah evarado as she walked home in south london early this year. he then raped and murdered her and disposed of her remains. in a forest, the case prompted widespread protests about women's safety. hundreds of young activists presented their proposals to address climate change to global leaders at a conference and milan. the youth for climate event was marked by protests and scuffles with police as adam, raining out reports. i mean the swedish activist credits done berg and other young environmentalist attending a climate conference in milan. have one seat at the table. meeting with italy's prime minister mario druggie, there is no plan to be. there is no their audience with a g 7 liter days after sunbird skiing criticism that politicians weren't acting with urgency to solve the climate crisis. your pressure is very welcome. we need
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to be wheat into action. your mobilization has been powerful and rest assured we are listening. hundreds of young environmentalists from around the world gathered here to propose climate solutions directly to global leaders. ahead of the cop 26 summit taking place in scotland and november, world leaders beamed in as to the pope to give backing the delegates or calling for the elimination of all fossil fuels by 2030, a more transparent and equal climate finance system. in climate education for global youth, their proposals will be considered in the next few days at a pre cop meeting here in milan, ahead of the scotland summit, this is only going to be meaningful in the things are changing and governance right now reflect what we are saying, because that's never happened, the process should be with us and for us not just for us because the process that
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is just for us does not include as a dog. dozens of protesters outside the perimeter, briefly blocks of traffic before police dispersed in. the delegates found an ally in italy's 1st minister for ecological transition, who shares a key vision of theirs? this is exactly what the government list together said. even put together the session and call it the global level and the climate change emergency. we have to treat those together, otherwise we simply fix the climate problem. but then we have millions of people losing the job. the name youth for climate can be seen as just a branding mechanism, but veteran attendees of global environmental summit tell us, by focusing on young people's ideas. this conference is actually injecting a sense of optimism and urgency sometimes lacking at such meetings. they don't have the baggage that a lot of other people have. right. so they have dancers. yeah,
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i mean, the name of wanted to change the word. i think that's an essential ingredient. as an active, the activists weren't so naive those to believe everything they told him and will turn up the pressure if leaders don't deliver on promises made here. adarine al jazeera milan, there is finally a check on the volcano in the canary islands. this is a live shot, in fact, at 1 30 in the morning of that volcano is lava continues to erupt and in fact pour into the atlantic ocean. scientist say the island of la palmer has actually expanded by more than 3 square kilometers of the molten rock. builds up on its western shoreline. toxic gas is given off when the lava hits the ocean are so far being blown out to sea. but there are fears that wind direction might change. ah.


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