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the democratic republic of congo on al jazeera in a diverse range of stories from across the globe. from the perspective of our networks, journalists on al jazeera, ah . as a workers found the alarm about access to the water and to the region, ethiopia announces that it's expelling 7 senior un officials. ah, i'm adrian again. this is al jazeera live from doha. also coming up with chrissy protest is gathering saddam's capital. they accuse the military of plotting a full takeover from a french president, nicholas sako, z,
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a sentence 2 years house arrest after being found guilty of illegal campaign financing. a last minute debate takes place on capitol hill, where politicians are working out a plan to avoid another government shocked. ah, you appear is expelling 7 senior. you and officials accusing them of meddling and its internal affairs. they include senior figures with the you and children's fun, unicef frontier, and the office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs. the un secretary general spokesman says that i'm totally good sanisha, said he, shocked by the move to expel the aid workers who've been given 72 hours to leave e. c o p. let's go live now to the un on diplomatic, it's a james base is there. what's the u. n saying about this, james?
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while the un, i think is in a very difficult position right now, as you say, the 2nd general has in the last 20 minutes. so, so put out his statement about this and it's a state and a shock. let me read the 1st line. i was shocked by the information that the government we have here is declared 7 un officials including senior un humanitarian officials as persona non glock process. so it's 7 officials and we're going to check the history books. we think this is pretty unprecedented, that that number of un officials are set to be kicked out of a country. it's quite possibly never happened before that that many people are set to be expelled. it's interesting, the fact that general though says they're continuing to engage with the government to the peer and he at, in the expectation concerned you and stuff will be allowed to continue their important work. so i think they're hoping that by giving out a statement by us reporting on it by i suspect, all sorts of countries around the world being in touch with the peer and whether they do it publicly or privately,
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i'm sure that the countries on the un security council and members of the african union who express that concern about this? certainly, if you look at the way the un has handled ethiopia since the t great situation got serious in november last year. so nearly a year the secretary general has been pursuing a very quiet patient diplomacy, speaking directly to prime minister abbey ahmed. not saying too much, at least initially, in public, not condemning him too much because he thought he could not see them in the right direction. that strategy has clearly not worked now with the pins deciding that these officials, these 7 officials, should be expelled, worth just breaking down who these are because of the 76 of them are top humanitarian officials working for the un secretary at dealing with trying to get humanitarian aid into t. great. one of them from unicef. so those officials are key to the operation of trying to help the people of ethiopia, but killer
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t gray. and yet those are the people that the government of these kicking out one other official is from the human rights office of the united nations. and was reminding you that when the human rights allegations against the government and its troops, and also against our trend trips, it was decided that the human rights office of the united nations plus the end of the human rights commission should do a joint investigation that investigation is not yet reported, but it's finished doing it's investigative work. and yet despite the fact that especially working together and officials, the human rights office has been kicked out as well. so very deep consent here at the you end. but at the end of that statement, a suggestion, the u. n. a still working very hard to stop this actually happening that was a 72 dead deadline. these officials to leave the country diplomatic at the james bay's live at the us in new york. james, many thanks. pro democracy protest is in sudan gathered in the capital's condemned the recent crew attempt. it's a show of support,
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the civilian side of the transitional government. the government's military and civilian partners have been trading accusations. the attempted coup has been claimed on soldiers loyal to the former president over our ships. i'll just harris him. morgan reports from costume different unions association and civil society, as well as ordinary 1000. me once again to to the 3 here in the capital harpoon. this time they gathered in front of the headquarters of the committee to dismantle the regime of june 30th. that's the regime that was headed by a former president to wish you and which rule sedan for 30 years. now the reason why people are here is 2 boys that support for the civilian leadership of the down transitional government. let's remind ourselves what that government looks like. you have 5 members of the military in the sovereignty council. 6 civil, the in who are brought to power by the ruling illusion that says that eventually led to the housing a former president dominant. we see you then you how to remember from the various group that signed
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a piece deal with the transitional government in october last year. that makes up the sovereignty council and that's effectively the presidency of the country. then you have the executive council on the stand between government led by prime minister them i haven't, and that's the civilian side, or most the civilian side of the transition government. no people here say that following them attempted to just over a week ago, the military tried to take control of the transitional government and more power despite the fact that the power sharing agreement says that this is a civilian government. so they hear the voice as opposed to the political parties and to the civilian leadership of this transitional government. saying that the by the differences of the political parties, despite the fact that the solution, many of them remained to be achieved. they say that despite all of that, they still support the civil in leadership and the civilian leaders over all its men of killed are based 13 people in central nigeria. it's the latest in a series of attacks in niger state officials suspected the guns and travelled from neighboring regions,
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criminal gangs of increasingly been attacking schools and villages in france. former president nicholas soccer jersey has been sentenced to a year of house arrest for corruption. he was found guilty of illegal campaign financing during his fail 2012 reelection bid. and it's not psychos, he's only legal battle flash. a bunch of reports now from paris. nicholas saul cosy was not in the paris court for the verdict into the so called big 1000000 corruption trial. but he's 13 co accused were all, were found guilty over legal campaign financing. so cuz he was sentenced to a year under house arrest, president, so cozy with whom i spoke on the phone just now asked me to go an appeal, which i will do immediately when i leave here. and of course, the judgement will not be enforceable. nicholas thought cozy failed to be re elected as french president in 2012. despite a lavish campaign, the scale of his rallies was designed to impress,
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but instead it set off alarm bells. a police investigation accused saw cozy in his campaign theme of spending more than doubled the 27000000 dollar legal limits set by the french date and hiring a p. all company called big 1000000 to help cover up the over spending with a system of fake invoices during the trial so could be denied any wrong doing, but the charge is going to be new. how much to be spent on the presidential campaign because it's wrong before i continue the law. she also said that had twice received written warnings about the risk of suspending symbolically for important to say that a president doesn't get any immunity and has to respond to the load is also important because the campaign for 2022 is coming. so we have to have this reflection about out prevents illegal financing
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a 3rd political campaign. so cozy served one term as president from 2007, a straight talker with another luxury. he was tough for the immigration and crime. he retired from politics in 2017, in recent years, the political right when has struggled in france, both saw crazies remained prominent for lots of entities and who vote for the right side. and you could ask with the team as you, scott, enough. all time somehow. yes, hearing the conviction is the for the blue to saw codes these reputation in march, he was found guilty of corruption in a different case and he could soon be back in court. he's accused of receiving illegal campaign funds from the late libyan leader mohammed duffy for cosy legal problems. it seems a fall from over. natasha butler al jazeera paris. german police have detained a 96 year old woman, accused of nazi era war crimes. after she failed to appear in court and got fudge,
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nor is charged with complicity in the murder of $11000.00 prisoners at the stood of concentration camp. she worked as a typist of the camp when she was just 18 years old. she's the 1st woman to stand trial in decades for crimes connected to the holocaust, a british police officer will spend the rest of his life in prison for murdering a woman off a falsely arresting her. wayne constant kidnaps 33 year old sarah everett in london in march. he raped and murdered her before burning her body. the case prompted widespread outrage and protest to the u. k. but 2 weeks ago, another woman, sabina nessa, was killed in a park on her way to meet a friend metropolitan police. commissioner kristen dick says cousins, crimes of brought shame of the force there. i know was that can fully express the fury and overwhelming sadness
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that we all feel about. what happened to sarah i am so sorry. the bully is unorganized for reclaim the streets, a campaign group that was created when sarah everett went missing. she is calling for urgent changes within the british police force. there is a culture in the met lease, which didn't stop when cousins being an armed officer in parliament. despite the fact that he's been accused of indecent exposure, a number of times, his nickname with colleagues. fortunately, the rapist and no one seemed to ask the right question that culture that turned to blind di to mr. jeanie and that pays the way for him to have the power to abuse. when he sarah, i'm that coach comes from the top and i don't think that question is,
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well place to be able to change it because she's failed to do so. so that's so many things we need to do. our criminal justice system that women down the time, especially women of color, who say that they feel belittle, it's not believed we have joined some esl be during the call to young women, not to do that. and there are huge racial disparities the way the police operates, as well as that being public fitness such as the underpinning everything. i think we need a wider supplier to change and that's not unique to the violence against women is an academic here that was a recent report that said so, i mean, it seems to stop being treated with b, urgency and priority. the mom's well good weather update. next then on our 03 palestinians are killed by us where the forces during separate incidents in the occupied west bank garza and alexa mos, plus,
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i formed it back on the big screen. but can you double 07 film help revive an industry battered by the corona virus pandemic? ah, there it's got hotter getting iraq a few degrees above average in that hotel coming down to q. a bit of a shamal coming down towards the gulf states, particularly keta. but this is maybe more relevant whether a tropical storm, the remnants of which grew lab probably be renamed to live the gets up to strength again. either way, it's going to be a very wet case for southern pakistan, including karachi, about time we get the saturday, looks like you'll be in the gulf of a man what it is after that certainly can't be sure of it, but it looks like it may well come across into just touching me you and certainly
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touching are mom. that'll be a very rare event. obviously studying might be windy as well, but still one to watch. it's sunday, but i can hear so many days ahead i that's the most vonner with, as i said elsewhere, it's fairly quiet. winter briefly arrived. nicole assist but not gone through. this is still quite a cold breeze crossed the caspian, and the black sea and down across the g and the boss was in the g. and so part of turkey, grief, feeding cooler all going around what is rather a warm dome here. baghdad at $44.00 and q 8, it's $45.00. these are other warm areas, 7 degrees above average, so it's actually warmed up again. in the last week, in tropical africa, we circle the edge effects of the mom. so the few shelves and somali, but the bigger ones quite clearly, are inland the frank assessments. what's the point of the un multilateralism isn't part of it? is d n a we need some or we're sovereign states can exchange use informed opinion is likely
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to change biking behavior. it's not going to change their behavior. they are going to continue to do what they do when it's going to be more in trade and less in terms of trying to match up with this more games mentality. in depth analysis of the data global headlines inside story on our jazeera. ah, the me again, this is, i'll just say the news this out, the un secretary general says he's shocked by ethiopia secession to expel 7 senior officials. the government is accusing them of meddling and internal affairs. the un
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to criticize the government, stopping aid from reaching the war torn to cry, reach him. pro democracy, protested sudan had gathered in the capital to condemn the recent to attempt governments, military and civilian office had traded accusations following last week's incident form of french president. nicholas, of course, he's been sentenced to a year of house arrest for corruption because he was found guilty of illegal campaign financing. and it's failed. 2012 reelections that the u. s. congress is expected to pass a short term spending bill to avoid a government shutdown on friday. both the house of representatives and senate planned to vote within the next few hours house by also vote on a bipartisan infrastructure bill. it's been bog down because of divisions among democrats. let's go live now to washington. i was 0. hydro castro is on capitol hill force is the shut down, going to be avoided. adrian, it is on its way to being avoided the senate taking that crucial vote as we speak
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to provide government funding until december 3rd. after that build expected passage will quickly move on to the house, where democrats have said they will also pass the measure well ahead of the midnight deadline. shut down would come at midnight and congress does not do this action that could result in thousands of for a load federal worker suspended government services. but it looks like that will be prevented at least for now. but this is just one of the 2 fiscal fires that congress is confronting at this moment. the other one is still get another looming deadline on october. 18th is when the us or the 1st time in history couldn't go over the fiscal cliff. what does that mean of the u. s. will no longer have the power to borrow more money and it will no longer pay its bills. that could have
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catastrophic implication, sending the u. s. economy into recession and reverberating across the global markets. this is what the us treasury secretary just described it. it's necessary to avert a catastrophic event for economy representatives. the dead sealing has been raised, were suspended 78 times since 900. 60, almost always on a bipartisan basis. my hope is that we can work together to do so again and to build a stronger american economy for future generations. this time senate republicans have that they will not assist in suspending or raising the debt ceiling, which leaves it now up to democrats. to find a way to raise or suspend it prior to mid october, but that is also if the democrats can confront yet another issue, which is a family feud, of sorts within its own party. this is over president biden's domestic policy
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agenda, and the form of 2 pieces of legislation are both pending now before the democratic controlled house. today, infrastructure bill is up to a vote. democrats supported as a whole. however, there is a faction within the party with liberal saying that they will not vote for this infrastructural infrastructure bill, unless the caucus comes together on a bigger spending bill, the 3 and a half trillion dollar package from the buyer administration, that would expand health care education and tackle climate change paid or by tax increases to high earners and to corp. the problem within the party is that moderates. moderate democrats have said they would oppose such a big bill. and the 2 wing have so far not come together on common ground. and they're both using the smaller infrastructure bill, which ironically everyone seems to support among democrats, they're using their support of this bill as leverage. so that all boils down to
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tensions this evening. whether or not the infrastructure bill will be brought to a vote. whether or not it passes a failure because of inter party fighting within the democrats on that bill could be very embarrassing. not only for democrats, but also for the bite administration. i was very high to jo, castro, live on capitol hill. heidi many thanks. facebook's global safety chief is appearing before the u. s. senate consumer protection committee. the social media giant has been heavily criticized by politicians and parents, are concerned about plans to create an instagram app tailored to children following the backlash. the company is putting the project on hold. facebook says it wants to address concerns raised in its own recent study about the impact of instagram on young people's mental health. haiti has postponed election shed yield from november despite pressure from the international community. it's the 4th time the election has been cancelled. prime minister ariel on races,
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but he'll set new dates early next year with growing instability. many people say that security is their main concern as anti gallagher reports. so this is a nation without a function in government where gang violence is so prevalent that people are forced to hide many a full of kidnappings. in neighborhoods where gangs appeared to have total control on it, that the state is going from bad to worse. the situation of the people is worsening . the coming overwhelming for a patient there is no hope for us, especially in the young people. adding to the sense of insecurity is yet another painstaking recovery from an earthquake in august the claimed over 2000 lives. prime minister ariel on re is now under intense pressure to hold elections and rebuild the legislature. that won't happen until sometime next year after he dismissed haiti's electoral council saying they were to partisan reprogram. and the, the biggest challenge is that i have to face the challenge of less trust. people
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don't believe what have being said. we have very specific object. hold elections. plans are now in place to hold a referendum on changes to the constitution with a hope that a general election will soon follow. we can't talk about elections when we have armed groups all around the country. we can't talk about elections when we have political prisoners elections and all possible when the majority of the people are dying from hunger. impounding, the turmoil is the force repack. creation of haitians from the us, mexico border. many resettled in other countries years ago. and don't want to be back. i have 5 children total. i left the country a while ago. i lost track of everything. i don't know what to do now, because i have no money to pay for what i need to do. i don't know if i'm going to be stuck here or if i'll be able to make it back to brazil. it's not entirely clear what the us policy towards haiti is the, by the ministrations,
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been pushing for elections, but could say their approach is vague. the us special envoy who resign days ago said that policies are deeply flawed. here in florida, governor rhonda santas is issued an executive order, making it harder for patients to resettle in this state. the investigation into the so called mastermind behind july, the fascination of president jovan, now luis is still ongoing. his death, the software set off a power struggle leading haiti once again in a precarious position and to galico al jazeera israeli forces have shown $103.00 palestinians in separate incidents. a woman was killed there, alex a most can occupied east jerusalem after allegedly trying to stab officers. a 22 year old man died during dorn, re to the occupied westbank. israel says that allows us was shot out for an exchange of gunfire. hundreds of people attended his funeral. east of jeanine, the penis to the members shot dead near the gothic israeli berry offence. the
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ministry of health and gaza says that israeli soldiers opened fire on the 41 year old bird hunter, who later died from his injuries. harry faucet reports from west jerusalem. it has been a pretty violent day already. these 3 deaths in different locations, starting with that one in occupy the truce. them is where the police say that the 30 year old woman who's from near jeanine in the occupied west bank, that she was emerging from the locks the most compound, the full 7 am in the morning. and that she was challenged by is really security forces at a checkpoint at the chain gate which leads into the r alleyways of the old city. and at that point, she produced a knife and was shot emergency services arriving sometime later pronouncing her dead at the scene. we've seen images of what looks like a kitchen, mike, a black handled kitchen light being taken away, as evidenced by israeli police. earlier there was this operation by israeli
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military or these registry forces in the occupied west bank in the village of booking, near jeanine israeli forces say that they were shot at by at least one palestinian individual and that they returned fight against this 22 year old man who palestinian health ministry, so say was shot 4 times and was killed. palestinian islamic to had, has claimed him as one of their own. this is not the 1st such violence incident that we've seen it around jeanine in recent days and weeks. of course, the prisoner escape that we saw earlier in the month. those prisoners were from the janine area that ended with the, the final 2 prisoners being arrested engineering. but there has been quite a lot of, of gunfire and confrontation in and around that city. in recent days, cutoff foreign minister has spoken of disappointments about recent moves by the taliban in afghanistan. i haven't been of the rockland of fanny spoke after talks
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with you foreign policy chief, joseph burrell and joe. huh. it's been almost 2 weeks now since girls were prevented from going to secondary school and i've got a son. same bus ravi reports. some of the most powerful and critical statements being made by the country with regards to the new taliban government. now it is coming from a place of wanting to continue to engage with the leadership of canister now. and that is the overall message that the cut, the government continues to push that the only way to continue to convince the african taliban to govern better. now that they're in charge of the country is to maintain dialogue, is to continue to communicate. it is not to isolate them, even though there is a massive trust deficit that exists now between the new taliban leadership and for instance, n g o z or members of the media. certainly the international community, from european countries to other organizations in the west, there is
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a trust deficit that is holding people back from trying to engage on humanitarian grounds and otherwise and cut. there's advice here is that the only way to move forward is to continue to maintain dialogue and you know, we, it's a tricky place recovered to be and it was a difficult question that came from a reporter in the cutter. foreign minister did you know, express disappointment at actions that he sees are taking things in a kind of backwards what he was referring to are in public hanging with them and being stopped from going into the workforce and going into schools. and which is why he made the point that cut there is a good example of finding a balance between modernizing and implementing sharia law. and he says that there is the risk of federal law being misused. now, what international community members are calling for is for the african taliban government to have a more inclusive government to have more people involved in how i've kind of started run to have more of a say from africa, from all walks of life. the highly anticipated 25th james bond movie landed in
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british cinemas on thursday. the film is the final installment featuring, daniel craig is the famous spine of time to die as being watched closely as a test of the cinema industry's ability to recover. after months of closure, due to code 19 leave, barker reports from london. the there's only one show in town. phone is past 2 years late because of the pandemic with a change of direct script along the way, expect to familiar face doing familiar thing, smashing and moving his way around the world for queen and country all while showing off a flu of expensive accessories and leave the gadget. now, your enemies, my and just the ticket for dealing with an international criminal gang, or maybe even jumping the petro q during britain's current fuel shortage. beyond the spectacle, it's hope no time to die, will come to the rescue of britain cinemas, forced to close for months during the pandemic. so both film is
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a big film in any year specter and sky for the last 2 installments. it respect to be number 3 and number 2 in the will time tap top 10 of u. k. box office. and clearly given what we've gone through the last 18 months, the expectation the hopes are in this bond title are bigger than ever. aside from the obligatory bashi crashing of bond, there's something almost cozy about the front, sorry, something deeply familiar. which is what cinema is a hoping will entice people away from home streaming services, netflix, amazon, and others. back in front of the big screen, the streaming giant doubled its profits in 2020 surpassing $200000000.00 paid subscribers with a revenue of $25000000000.00. to stay at home boom is far from over. and as the economy reopens many question, whether cinemas will be able to bounce back, trying to get it delivered everything you'd want for a bond film. and more definitely was the way i think people be please,
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i can't really say more without wanting anything. how important is it the be fine, this is the big street massively. bon bonded, you know, the thing you need to see on the big spring so definitely will be there. popcorn in the daniel craig's last appearance is james bond with turbo challenge and industry crippled by covey. could this be the secret weapon? cinemas have been waiting for the baka. i'll just be around london. ah. hello adrian again with you here in doha. the headlines analysis here if you p as expelling 7, senior un officials accusing them of meddling at its internal affairs. the un humanitarian chief, had criticized the government, accusing it of stopping aid from reaching the water and to glide region a spokes.


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