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tv   [untitled]    September 30, 2021 4:30am-5:00am AST

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shift the focus pandemic has turned out to be a handy little pretext for the prime minister to clamp down on the press. so listening posts on jazz eda ah the slogan i'm fully back to boeing. don't. with the headlines on our jazeera tunisia as president has named de geo physics professor with little political experience as the countries 1st, he made a prime minister. his asked nash la den to form a government last week. president case said, announced he would rule by decree, and ignore parts of the constitution, sparking protests. would mara, a few good people with us? this is a historical moment where we see the 1st time ever a lady who has a prime minister in our country. we will be taking care of our responsibilities in
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such a moment. it's an honest genius and fortune. as in women, seeing he was our prime minister. women can be successful leaders just as men can and have a clear vision exactly like man. i hope with the blessings of god that you can within the next coming days, nominate the proper names, your cabinet. we've lost a lot of time and we need to act quickly with full harmony between members. if your cabinet work hard to fight corruption with the united nations humanitarian chief mountain. griffith is warning that people are starving to death in ethiopia. to dry region is called on the if you can government to allow food, medical supplies and fuel into the area war in the region which began last november has left hundreds of thousands in danger of starvation. families of the victims of last year sport explosion, a baby who have demonstrated in support of the judge investigating the incident. on monday tag the tar had to suspend his pro birthday complaint by former interior
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minister. the death toll from a battle between rival drug gangs at a prison in ecuador has res into at least 102 groups font inside the prison with guns, knives and explosives. at least 6 people would be headed. north korea's leader kim jong own says he is willing to restore communication lines with the south in an effort to promote peace, but kim has shrunk off recent us, offers for dialogue, calling them cutting ways to conceal american hostility. and alessandra the judge has removed brittany spears father as the conservator of her is fate. spears sought to end the 13 year legal arrangement that controlled her personal and financial life. edited earlier this year, the pop song told the court she'd be medicaid to against will. and denied the right to have children. those are the headlines. i'll just hear world continues next. i'll be back with more news. after that. the
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israel military operation in may 2021. against the gallon, the strip bombed and destroyed a number of tower blocks. these were high rise building with both residential and commercial use. these radio authorities claimed the buildings were being used for military purposes by mass palestinian bruce, which governors garza ah, the minimal. but a lot of the demonstration, it's like you didn't have any applies to the valley. how, what am i getting you and them up a half more was what should it cost? because we'd be what should it get? $1000000000.00 and we'll have the year to start them is just come out that's got
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a year can be can addition is the system and haven't had the stuff off the buckle bush in the one of the, one of the most important aspects of the principle of proposed proportionality is the task that asks whether the same goal can be achieved with a more targeted, more focused, more restricted use of force that would put in risk, much less civilians and civilian and civilian objects. and so if, for example, the israeli forces reached conclusion that the mos military offices in an apartment building in
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a tower. and they are located in one or 2 floors. and they can target those floors only than of course if they target the whole building that would be on proportional mileage analysis. and i don't have the floor and a half more heavy desk. latino needed was definitely shabby while i'm not alone. bullshit. hello, brazil, and the last was most likely to start had the come because nice come in as much know a whole lot and understand the fact abroad a little that if you can let me confuse her. if i could have you follow up and you've been with me and i am, i love that stuff in the support of an official good level. now,
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how could i can probably look up. oh in that in kind of a little bit about that. i can look at the end, we'll see a couple of the i was a result. it's a most the day with me, me, le mars are within what a bubble out of the hard on the installation. so hopefully got the ability to hope and the delivery is okay. bear with me for one month everyone will have to get in that be if you're the know who to who i live. okay. how can why do you see me have it be, you know, i do most of the look at how kind of a southern, because a fish caught it because over the book that was very much the video of robin. so was if they knew that the,
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a strategic military rout, militarily relevant equipment was in the building that they must have known where in the building. i mean, it would be hard to have one type of knowledge without the other type of knowledge . and i think that a more reasonable interpretation is that this military operation was directed not only at hamas, but at the overall population of gasser. they had a hybrid motivation of both deterring and destroying what they could of her massive capabilities. but also warning the people that if
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they tolerate the leadership of her mass, they must expect to suffer consequences at the same time the i've lived there for a number of years. and if there is no where safe in gaza, they're using a large weaponry as a spectacle to create an image that goes on television. that's what it's for. it's so that everybody in gaza gasps and says, oh my god, that is the point of that. that is, the military objective is to scar civilians, it's to terrorize civilians. it's to create a punitive cost, a penalty for resisting for not just staying in your ghetto, on starvation level israeli allowances through the checkpoints, and to not say anything about it. and as soon as you fight back, they want to make the cost as heavy as possible while israel and he's really
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lawyers have been referring to the how much offices as a justification for the attack other israeli spokes. people have said different things. they have talked about the, the damage to the towers as an advantage in convincing the palestinian population that the way hamas conducted affairs will bring about to konami collapse. that the collapse of the buildings is intimidating. and you know, it's a show of force. now these kind of statements give rise to even deeper suspicions that it's not just a disproportional attack, but it's actually the target of death that was not
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a legitimate target. the aim of the attack was not legitimate because intimidating . the civil society, the, the population is not a legitimate aim in the laws of warfare. i mean, that could be moved out of use the whole but not to be my last seen naked baker is or the had my thought here to give me the form in the month is a mac and i'm in the in when them, i mean is it done in the bush. my being up is i had a she followed by the when the full on them you must do ha, a vehicle for 2nd. it's a half when love duck with the vehicle to love him, attend and ends on. you know that she doesn't look on
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a month to she wouldn't of the she and that she mac on quincy. i'm not going to know what kind of stuff but let's settle, nanny versus fair for the us. let's put red ones in boston for massa propose that her level to zone. look here for mozilla level clearly and that's how i come. i had the 2nd looking figure, the level of i looked at it on. and i mean, the problem was if it eludes well why i could look at what you look for that. i'm not sure what i was talking to you. a raj. i'm really you love nick, i'm a bit of that. so if you will, for a 2nd for the rest of the orders, man, it should've feet, it was a little, some of us were here at the live off of it and whatnot. and you know, extra ah,
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more than i'm on. so i mean a lot and lay out a fever so much about what you can, you can do and a mobile call be as well. so there's a lot of talk in the is really media about as it, how masters, separate from the palestinian people as if they wouldn't be protecting their own families. they will put up military installation in the same building as their families because that's not logical to do as a family member. so we have to think of these things in human terms, the israelis managed to de humanize the conflict, but nobody in hamas is setting up a dangerous application. next to a civilian environment. the
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the in the come off understood in 2014 the protective to parisian. that when they use a dance area, when to hide behind the civilians, they will be protected and, and they will be immune in immune. there will be immune behind these people and i can tell you that in the case of july, i believe they abuse actually abuse, jazeera and other media because they knew that we will not. he did give we not bump, just building after on july how was demolished,
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the president and ceo of the associated press news agency spoke to the media. we are shocked and horrified that the israeli military would target and destroy the building housing, a piece, euro, and other news organizations in garza. they've long known the location of our bureau and new journalists were there. the address were proof of the allegations that was inside that same building as the ac analysis here a bureaus, let me bring in the top editor sally bumps. were you ever informed before yesterday that might be operating there in the building. now we heard this really say they have evidence. we don't know what that evidence that we think it is appropriate at this point. for there to be an independent look at what happened yesterday, an independent investigation into what happened yesterday. little one with the head of kristen is more closely with dilemma department of safety. just put the house
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and hand and amelia month, a copy of the had to he at that time he met the $51.00. sure before that and i had to he met with him and the heavy and all that fun with the head and the couple. oh not the admin. oh not that the the. i think the army should present it. case and evidence to the public in general. it's an conceivable that a residential civilian tower is being pancake and the army that does it does not explain what was there that justified such a horrendous, brutal attack. the people that need to have these prove people that have the, have the proven to have all of the details that they should have about about from
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us. and we have it. but not every time we can expose the digital to all of the world because some of the, some of the evidence are based on intelligent unit. so we cannot expose everything . but we do expose the united states as an example into people that needed for and do we knew we want them to know and to see that there is a terror infrastructure. really guy that had a bombing over the weekend. that house a u. s. media organization, do you feel that that was justified? have you received a briefing on that? do you want to get a briefing on that at this point? to me looks like a major mistake by the israelis. and i welcome contrary information, but this is part of the reason why we need to get a cease fire very soon. israel is not going to provide some sort of proper evidence that these towers reuse for military purposes. the buildings themselves
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are commercial buildings. the july building is a mil is a media building that has media offices, functioning all the time, people coming in and out all the time, more so than any building in the entire gaza strip. other than maybe a hospital people are going in and out of that building all the time. the idea that you have a secret facility in that building. it just doesn't whole to me, ah, so called da here doctrine, which was developed in the war against lebanon in i think, 2006 to hear doctrine was explained by the id f commander in chief at the time as deliberately inflicting disproportionate damage. on the civilian population, as a way of discouraging, as bo provocations. and in my view, and in the view of the goal,
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stone commission that investigated the 20082009 military operation in gaza. the here doctrine has been consistently practiced by israel and other words, it has made it part of its policy to engage in disproportionate responses to what it believes to be provocation. ah, i do think that israel's attacks against residential buildings against media targets against health care facilities and the gaza strip, did help to shift us public opinion against israel because it was a very dramatic and very visible affirmation of war crimes. israel was
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committing that was played out in real time over social media over the news outlet . i, i never heard the united states criticize about a journal building and what i know, the euro gave him the information that they're required about the how much structures that they have in the building. and from what i know, they get live, they get it. but i don't need, i don't need to hear about the news. i know. i know because i know why, you know, the idea and i was serving in the ideas, we will never hit any target or any infrastructure that we don't know for sure that the it's used by the commercial, by any innovation, solidarity to push for an end to the violence avenue to hundreds, march through downtown chicago is the bloody conflict in the middle east. the chicago coalition for justice in palestine rally margin has been exposed. it's been
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exposed to thousands of people out of town. i think that it's largely the result of grassroots pressure and the pressure from members of congress that resulted in a change in the by the ministration. i think especially important was the statement that senator bob menendez, who's the chair of the senate foreign relations committee, put out after israel, flattened that residential building in gaza that housed all the media offices and said that israel needs to be held accountable for what it did and that was very significant because sen menendez has been a champion of israel for many, many decades in his congressional career. so the fact that you had someone so prominent and such a high position in congress who is so pro israel say these things. i think that
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that definitely had a big consideration in terms of changing the domestic dynamics of the politics. we're using it right herself. the international human rights organizations have also criticize the actions of both the israeli army and her mouth since the violence human rights watch said quote, rocket and mortar attacks during the may 2021. fighting in the gallons a strip which killed and injured civilians in israel and garza violated the laws of war, an amount to war crimes in a separate report. human rights watch stated, it found no evidence that members of palestinian groups involved in military operations. had a current or long term presence in any of the towers at the time they were attack i although he took it not for caution such an advanced warning tax. in some cases it starts in such
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a densely populated area. we felt that the high level of fatalities, that injuries, as well as the widespread destruction of destruction such like re, fuse concerns of these wild compliance with the principal distinction of proportionality under the international law is found to be in this proportion in being asked to be taught to make war crimes the flight to the exist mobile tele deltacare thoughtful dial my for the july tech about so i hope that will my listen that people on me collapsible who julia slide 80 pin balls with our had and had a couple could be
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a little bit for winning yet while you bumble up up up it's down to typically a cedar stuff for the united nations talk. human rights official has condemned israel expulsion of the un special rough water from the country, calling it unprecedented and deeply. regretable on monday is radio for it is detained richard folk and held him for 20 hours before putting him back on a chain to geneva. israel has understood that its legal arguments are not persuasive, so they've tended to attack the, the person or the institution. for instance, they called the i c, c decision, pure anti semitism. or, you know, rather than saying it was wrong for legal grass, they didn't bother with the argument. and the same thing in, in my experience sake, they want to wound the messenger rather than deal with the message. because their
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arguments are too weak now. and that's why i've been saying that the palestinians are winning the legitimacy war their, their grievances are gaining more public support and understanding then israel's proper propaganda, even though it's heavily subsidized and all kinds of ideological support. it's losing ground analia of keen intellect or thought earlier, the williams, the lord mac and hob, her hill abroad you have in my 2nd a lu, julie called the am and you had only give me malicious fee in we'll say a theme audits elected to campus online
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for gen, lock them up, i don't know of the of the heard of it at the the for the day and couldn't murphy and you, she, prior to those. so you over part of the, so you got off on the, for the, you know, and i see here, well, good, they were lee of us. that are you al, jazeera, condemned in the strongest tones, the bombing and destruction of its officers by the israeli military in gothic. it said it viewed this as a clear act to stop journalists from reporting events on the ground. oh efforts to rebuild garza following the may 2021 attacks afloat. 2 months after the bombings the world bank b e u and the un concluded a rapid damage, a needs assessment report, forgotten. they estimated the recovery cost to be up to $485000000.00 us dollars
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over the next 2 years. the human cost with the death of at least $253.00 pounds still remains, including $65.00 children killed in the israeli bombardment. on these railey side, 12 people, including 2 children, were killed by him at rocket fire. despite the bombing of their offices, al jazeera, associated press, and other media organizations continue to report on events in gaffer news, news, news,
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news. ready too often of cornerstone is portrayed through the prism of war. but there were many thanks to the brave individuals who risk their lives to protect it from destruction. an extraordinary film archive standing for decades reveals the forgotten truth of the country's modern history. the forbidden real park free the rise of the machine on a just the, the hello there. let's start in north america. we've seen some very wet weather over the past few days in the u. s. and you can see behind me that cloud, it's going to affect more central and southern areas in the days to come. we've got a weather system that's pushed out toward the east. and we've also got tropical moisture rising up from the gulf states. and that's going to cause this band of
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cloud and rain, some storms all the way from the canadian prairies to the midwest, and further down to the deep south, some very wet weather to come for pots of texas. we are also seeing things turning rather wintery for those 4 corners states. by the time we get into friday, so snow for colorado, for the northwest, so it does dry up. we saw a weather system move in. it has moved east now taking with it the wet weather, but there is more wet and windy weather to come for western parts of canada, british columbia, likely to see that wintry mix pull in as we go into the weekend. now for the east, it is looking a lot dryer, some fine weather to be found across the south east of the us. but we are seeing that heavy rain affecting those gulf states and that moves into mexico, particularly on the eastern areas. we want sunshine and showered much of the caribbean and major hurricane sam is pointing out to the east, have been new to taking the wet and windy weather with it. the who's the. is it tipping
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point? scientists are telling us right now that we have just 12 years as the world's lead to agree upon a solution. people are taking that into their own happening now. we're trying to get people to come to the table and it kills people. now it's pretty killing birthright with the people's voice, phone, jazeera ah, bold, and i'm told stories from asia and the pacific on al jazeera. the native means as it breaks, there's millions of people who are filled with uncertainty about what will happen with the economy with urging their life with detail coverage. career is hoping china will use its considerable influence over north korea to bring it back to the
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negotiating table. from around the world as being accused of trying to expand around the influence here. ah tunisia name his 1st female prime minister, but will it be enough to east pressure on the president? ah, you're watching 0 live from bill. how with me for the back, people also coming up the death toll in a prison fight in ecuador rises to more than 100.


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