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tv   [untitled]    September 27, 2021 1:30am-2:01am AST

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on age need to be contemporary and reflect what's happening today. tango has to keep evolving just like everything else. the pandemic may have muffled the music, but the 2 by 4 beat of the tango goes on. bringing the heart of what osiris alive again. i and 101 cyrus ah, a quick look at the main stories. now we've been following developments in germany this evening where the 2 main political parties are locked in a battle to form. the next government turn out was high in the parliamentary election, 78 percent. according to the federal election commission. the race is to close the call with the center, right? c d, u incent left as be separated by a raises in large and it could take months of negotiating to form a coalition government or social democrats. candidates. a chance to allow scholes
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says voters have given his party the monday to push ahead with their goals. cash we haven't stopped for i'm because it doesn't. we can pay for more respect in this society for industrial modernization to go on in our country. and full manmade climate change to be slowed down to important issues in our country that targets for which we are working. and for this to be possible for the full cost and pose to be so favorable is the exit. polls are showing great support for the s p d from the citizens that is managed to strive and implement everything we have suggested and to put our political strength into it. meanwhile, the as to use qatar, i mean lash, it has out to do everything he can to form a government as well comes is for by the election campaign is finished as well. and this is now about one thing, a stable coalition for a strong and modern germany guards. the chancellor will be the one to bring opposites together, develop a successful program for the coming 4 years. there will be many intensive talks and
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discussions in the work being done with competitors in the next few days. because some of it there, the chancellor will have to develop a project that goes beyond the coming weeks. and i am prepared for that yet. and all the headlines, thousands of people have been protesting against the tunisian president and the capital. a will angered by the sides announcement that he will rule by decree and ignore the constitution. but not everyone is opposed and supported. the president will also out in force on the streets earlier today. and a funeral has been taking place for one of 5 palestinians killed by israeli forces aboard either for others have been withheld by the authorities. the troops stormed several villages early on sundays, surrounding houses, and opening fire. that's it for myself and the team here in london risking it all is next. on counting the cost gas prices saw, there's no end in sight is washer to blame for europe's gas. shortage is my gerry,
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it's a launch. it's an e currency. as crypt, currency usage takes off in emerging markets and the finish just and equitable fighting to stop a couple mind. counting the cost on al jazeera, the motor louise, eliza government, the think it is the little bill of the lawyer might i so busy, but it's a bit of noise to see me
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. oh he said, is the county that a little more lump? humorous, more and los cover the school more in the paddle and then they will must you know, the youngest region and bolivia, jungle and steep cliffs where people don't walk. they fly. i me these budman and known as coca arrows, coca harvesters,
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they use ropes to swing across the narrow valleys, suspended from ancient thrusting police was just 30 seconds from one side to the other. by 1st it would have taken more than an hour. okay, thank you. down there in there, and there's this in the noisy noon for it as i had with you with the re entered
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the system, i mean this is not a horizontal country. the youngest valley is like a southern staircase between the towering called the address of the andes. more
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than 4000 meters high and the green amazon basin here, and the dramatic vertical landscape. the inhabitants of fashion, this unusual way to move around more quickly. simple, thin metal wire is normally used for fencing, stretching as far across as 400 meters almost a form of public transport. there were about 20 of these cables strung across the valley all day long. people and goods fly across the river, 200 meters below. the thing. at each end home may tell us that in theory provide stability and safety. some of the wires have been in use for 20 years and have slackened dramatically. the cook alara's have never bothered replacing them more muslims. but this is to allow me to go to government. and does, this is a must have this quattro alarm was to prevent the
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police from becoming unfastened. the coco arrows use string at each end as a kind of peg bella lesser with the people that are going to look less blinkers near possible. she knows her mother in the gay, he's selling the southern. it's a look used to say a level thing reason to hang onto the police. the coca arrow simply attached themselves with bits of fabric uses to begin with in this is christine this hinted all the good things. do you think there's this is alicia i'm out of. yes, yes, because of right now,
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but i can answer but, but i'm not your friend going to the game was not, not a game. well yeah it out. a real young who doesn't even an age 70 to don. ignacio continues to fly across the valley every day. to attend to his coca plantation on the other side of the mountain was home. since the price of coffee colored cocoa has taken over, as the main crop for the youngest, it's been cultivated since the time of the anchors. a form of narcotic chewed by
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the locals to overcome tightness. it's harvested 3 times a year and is worth approximately 30 percent more than coffee nowadays. don ignacio was one of the 1st to settle in the valley and it was his i did install the cables guy way in which engine rendition great either you like the other la just wanted to know the another not going many homes from a wanted to or she's got a good day you must be sure. the last name is command, uneven, pavement or the call to the new brother. you. hello peter. don. ignacio can neither read nor write and testing his why he was a hit and miss affair. everything with guesswork, emotion. month i don't you. there's a name isn't leave you so much that all. when i wanted to say he was on the matter
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. yeah. hello. yeah, i'm a mentor and updated as he does here. so visuals as well, but i don't. ignacio invention brought about a dramatic change in the lives of laira, who are now able to easily send a heavy load across the valley. even today though, there are those who don't trust the flimsy wires that criss cross the valley. maria's husband was killed in an accident on the wires, and she now refuses to use them, will next to then there. again, we're 3rd but by the me home, his boss. and they will call it if you have a home. i am with them. you suppose the product again love and see who credible means more than on delhi to guide. and then most certainly the infidel, i see the,
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the killer 3 people have fallen to their death in the past 20 years. mostly i was the result of negligence. like maria, most of the women preferred to cross on foot. it's wednesday. if not, and then it's a good i here, but up i was much for what is the when? yes i am book will be will be the on look at a kid. i was, it was in the level made up of the i will allow them is possible. they already that in the city. so sally, don't know how much i almost monday live on the side of the but i
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say so we end the weekend for case moist will be the yeah. the beer sounds like despite the physical exertion, maria still prefers walking to taking this guy cable. well, when there was all the others is yours. you know it was because in the 39 percent, no, not the details. you know, the, you know, the seller house going with jeans and those games that i will, none of the mom she was in the valley. the work days a long and arduous,
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the hottest is the harvesting of mandarins which grow in abundance. but they have to be picked within 2 days of ripening. otherwise they rot, maria and her new partner alex can obviously only sell the fresh mandarins and market. so timing is crucial in a couple runs in this portal with him as well. when he was traveling much, most on went on with some sort of i'm with the miss america that i see sola new, the e mail, me the will get us in the be the need and then the other in the more you know about him a lot rather than the bus him to believe it in the valley. danger is never far away. when the baskets fla mandarins don't quite reach their destination . for example,
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either they were the only choices to go and fetch them a high risk operation. the boss gets weigh as much as 50 kilos. alex is barely fastened properly to the poli, at 200 meters. any mistake could be fatal. i can make it look like you then totally. yes, you go month to month. so it's a little bit more for her to say hello. yeah. okay. and that was a mess. i got a one hour walk away on the other side of the mountain said has just returned from
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picking coca the leaves up. but after dry one month's work of harvesting, sin seeker says it was a bit from a grow. yes, those is gwen, less when they go. yeah, not in him, but as you, we're going better the is to do pockets when there's a nice little low at a source in the spring valley spill into a parish. the spanish lifecycle arrows, such a scenario has become a little easier since the election of able morale is in the presidential elections of 2005. it was the 1st native indian head of state in south america and an outspoken advocate of the coca farmers under his rule, the laws that previously imposed some restrictions on coca growing. we're relaxed
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and this is good, but other day work i'm you know, the clean this will look, look this on the calendar. we will not be here in the spring. i will get that in the local blue here again this year. and don't just go move glucose holton, i'm vocal please give me a call. 7 says sarah says he's never seen cocaine as far as he's concerned. his coca is a powerful therapy against fatigue, pain, and altitude sickness. but because of the fight against drugs, he also has to travel to the officially sanction market and la pas in bolivia, capital, it's me, quote, the dances you do in my case and you get 3 though
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. okay, this thing is low person thing. when we go get the ok procedure the the a hear you bieber door this. i'm a difference or dim. have been by the british the competitor be vinnish better than him. me. i don't is by they had them, you know, they needed him. i miss burton and i just, i mean, wasn't in my personal and she has, does it cannot be that i mean who does not go to media sperber that may be a bit or for them is last when it's live is legally and communicate them in montana don't just let was didn't me and i mean last me bought us in a communion with us. so there was finished
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harvesting is coca. he'll soon be heading off to market in le pads and get a chance to see his family again. in the past month, he's a mass, 50 kilos of coca leaves, which you need to get to the other side of the valley to the nearest road. you said there is also bringing a large basket. amanda ruins for his wife and daughters agreed. doesn't agree. i like the
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lady at the passed away and well, they were glad to come by her room for her to look after the thrill of the crossing it takes of arrow back breaking 10 minutes to drive each of his $325.00 kilo packs up the mountain to the roadside. more cool, mister coming. the next morning's rivera will take the 1st bus heading to le. let me use
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the road that makes its way through the valley of cables is the main artery that links the mountain ranges with the plains, 4000 meters below to believe. but this narrow road is as busy as any modern highway on the way down manufactured goods. from the pass on the way up rice, fruits, and capital from the fertile amazonian pastures. 2 way traffic causes vehicles to teeter on the edges of precipices, crosses in memory of the victims of accidents. everywhere the bolivian cold is road el camino that i'm with the road of death. the valley of the cables. the video is getting ready to leave for la pas to sell his 50 kilos of coca leaves in the market.
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a 5 hour bus journey along the road of death. mother. he's accompanied by edwin, the son of old ignacio, the man who invented the cables. guy way. bobby. some other yes. turkey, the feelers on their cables, the flying men of young goes far less of ease. when they have to go on the road of death, almost fuel, he resumed as much as he got out, as well as just as it was the damn point. sounds got but just of arrow, the dangers of the road mean nothing. he hasn't seen his family in more than
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a month. the weather is set up in the villa for market love has it's the only place in the country where the coco arrows are allowed to sell the crop the even. so it's estimated that as much as a 3rd of all the coca leaves that are sold here, end up in the laboratories of cocaine traffic and in the market. the cheerleaders, the native indian women rule the roost. they are the ones who by themselves, the coca the
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good of giving her a live in them come in and put it aside to glance here. an appraisal that it's a discrete game between seller and buyer. in the front, on the moon. muslim women decides not to buy the very soon find someone else in the 11945700
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believe yanna for each of the 25 killer bags. so there are makes about $180.00 for one month work. he lives in a poor district of high up in the city the journey, the heat so hello. this
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is going to be less that he doesn't miss purser. this me here. my, you're just me, him enough to save us a q 7 comes from other and in this month, less quit doing killers. oper, think that and then there the where the, the new not band that the, his son is going to be able to be in the gym with me. quite peter. ski it. yes. of course, you know, the heater look at best it's me quite the by this concern. as a kid, a kid going to school,
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he has helped me with his but me he has and they had a level get i mean know, you know, can you call me or you're going to can also go to your book him he has good. ok. student gets our him. nicky lewis or he must prosecutor, is going going with the healing from the us and i'm over there with me to spending 2 days with his family. so there are leaves left to return to the valley. me with ignacio and among the flying men of the youngest and the coca field on the road of
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dan ah october on al jazeera, some growing vaccine inequality to the political and economic in the latest development at the corona virus, demi companies spread across the globe. democracy maybe inexpensive new series explores the ever growing challenges to democracy around the world. former book in attractive president place component goes on trying for the estimation of its freedom. commer thank context. india direct removed by brings insights and perspectives from the world's most populous democracy. your work is due to the home in an election like to define the country future. october on al jazeera.
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when freedom of the press is, i'm the threat. you know, you just because i thought, genuinely about your thoughts towards the making government step outside the mainstream. there has been a implement here just some of access points to the internet. shift the focus, the panoramic that's turned out to be a handy little pretext. the prime minister clamped down on the press covering the waves. the news is covered the listening post on a just i al jazeera where ever use all when you from a neighborhood known as a fan of radicalism. you have to fight to defy stereotype meeting go shop during the stories we don't often hear. told by the people who let
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them know what, let me go by the sound of the boxes. this, if you're on al jazeera ah counting is underway in germany's general election with forecast predicting and neck and neck contests to replace. i'm going to merkel as chancellor. ah, i'm fully becky boy, you're watching al jazeera life from joe also ahead the downs in protest in tunisia, in demonstrations both or and again, the president moves to consolidate is hold on power.


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