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a fresh wave of the virus, a new barian. there has been a 3rd and the number of people walking vaccination appointment from human call to the political and economic full lot. i'll just bring to the latest on the pen demik . this will have vaccinated more than 1100 people here, all of them migrant farm workers, people on home testing because they think that there is a risk to democracy, special coverage, and i'll just, there are, oh i this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm sorry, i'm no more the welcome to the news, our life from london coming up in the next 60 minutes, a fight to lead germany, neck, and neck exit polls mean that could be months of negotiating. former coalition government
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as anger on the streets of tunic protests who condemn what they call that president power. while others support his move. and economic crisis in afghanistan, foreign companies, council vales, because of the country's new leadership. and a week after the palm is volcano, iraq did the islands, people are praying for america and, and sport the right. a coffee is back in the hands of the americans off a ruthless display again in europe plus lose. how much becomes a 1st drive us to win $100.00 a formula? one race is victory, atlanta event for russian rome pri, ah . hello and welcome to the news. now, germany's 2 main political parties are locked in a tight race to form a new government plenary results suggested as social democrats and christian
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democrats are separated by a razor thin margin, which will likely mean a drawn out process of negotiations to form a government sent her right party one sled by chancellor anglo markelle is heading towards its worst as a result, projected to lose seats in the buddhist stock with polling showing it is trailing the social democrats by a slender margin. the result will determine who governs germany. as mark calls 6 senior chancellor ship draws to its close. well, exit was showing that a conservative party christian democratic union and its alliance part of the christian social union in bavaria led by armine lash. it is expected to win $24.00 and a half percent of the vote. the lions is projected to win $194.00 seats in the buddhist dog. social democrat rival. the s p d fronted by law shows a polling with a raise a thinly claiming 26 percent of the vote and projected to secure 205 seats. the
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greens have about 14 percent of the vote, which should translate to about $117.00 seats in the bundis dog. this is the 1st time the policy has named a candidate for chancellor. anna lena, bear bock, the greens party sector general has indicated they'd be willing to discuss a coalition government or the social democrats candidate for chancellor la shalt says that voters have given his party the monday to push ahead with that goals has become a stuff for him because that does this, we can pay for more respect in this society for industrial modernization to go on in our country. and for manmade climate change to be slowed down to important issues in our country that targets for which we are working. and for this to be possible for the full cost and pose to be so favorable, the exit polls are showing great support for the s p d from the citizens. that is managed to strive and implement everything we have suggested and to put our political strength into it. meanwhile,
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anglo marco chosen successor of the center i. c, d, u c. s u party army lash. it was disappointed with early projection. spots vowed to do everything possible to build a conservative life. government dev i comes is for by the election campaign is finished. and this is now about one thing, a stable coalition for a strong and modern germany go to the chancellor will be the one to bring opposites together. develop a successful program for the coming for years will be there will be many intensive talks and cushions in the work being done with competitors in the next few days. because some of it there, the chancellor will have to develop a project that goes beyond the coming weeks and i am prepared for that task. so step of austin is falling all of this joined his line from a gentleman, capital berlin. so both the s p d and the cd you lead is claiming the right to form a government as we heard in those clips. first of all, how much of a blow is this?
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to the party of chancellor anglo marco that has really been a dominant force in german politics. this is a huge blow for the christian democrat, so we could see it coming, of course, in the last couple of weeks and only in the last week. actually, uncle american has put her full weight behind the candidates and lash at the beginning. she was quite reluctant to enter this political election campaign. she stood aside and she was also reluctantly supporting him. but then when she realized that the, the ratings were so low, lash had made quite a few mistakes. he was seen laughing during his speech often flops in july. and the autumn is 6 that he made so that his ratings really dropped to miko still stepped in. and the last week was really strongly campaigning for him. and that actually
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saved him a few more percentages. so that's why now we're in this macro mac rate. so a between the cd you and s p d because you look a lot weaker just a few days ago. but still it was of course michael's decision to step in probably too late. and that means that historically the c d u has the lowest outcome, often election here in germany. and i'm here at the social democrats headquarters. it's an hour before midnight. it's, there's a lot of activity people ready, celebrated. although it's not a clear women at all, all but all of shawn feels that his party has done really well. and it could well be, although it's still very narrow and difficult to say that this could be the largest party after this election in germany. it was that significant proportion of undecided voters that really added to the suspense around this election for the bundle paps, more so than we have seen in the past. what, what was important to john and voters in this election?
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was it about personalities or policies? well i think this is also sort of the merkel of fact a lot of people were undecided, decided because they didn't know what simply to vote next. after 16 years of merkel, a lot of people grew up with her. they have no idea what would be next. and so, and they weren't convinced by the candidates, the 3 chancellor candidates that were presented to them. so they were quite undecided and they really felt also that issues like climate change, housing also the economy. no, none of the candidates were really making a strong statement about it. so that's why many of them decided at the very last minute, maybe even in the polling stations this morning or this afternoon who to vote for because it was only until yesterday last night. that's still around 25000000 people
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here in germany. one 3rd of the people were still on the side. and so that's why it's been a very fragment election and what mercury has left germany after 60 years. it's a totally fragment of political landscape. all right, thank you very much. that last imbalance, so now joined by plus catalyst laugh bunker, who is in berlin. and i think that the cd you in the s p d, the, the mainstream parties of actually ruled as a grand coalition. and in 3 of locals for governments. now how do you, how do you explain the fragmentation of the political landscape, the staff that was just describing that i think it weighs germany is here in a good tradition of what we've seen across europe in the recent 20 year. so these kind of traditional voters can social democrats on the left. conservatives on the right are disappearing and you have a much broader fragmentation all over the face. so you have the green for,
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for why you have the liberal. and germany is also falling into this tradition right now. so i think these times also big 10 parties, the big campaign parties over. and you can see that the, the big parties are narrowing down. the smaller parties i'm growing up. so it's just, i think, a natural tendency in societies with liberal society that you have a much huge, much broader political spectrum to cover. it will be interesting. so who really will form a coalition because that, that gives you a direction actually comes over to, or if the country is still more tending to conservatism or more to a progressive charge filler. marco has enjoyed popularity in the past. i mean, she's obviously been in power for 16 years though. obviously that has, has waned as time has gone on. how do you explain the, the swing in public mood against her party?
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he had the interesting thing is that i think the public perception in a way, was much more our apologies about trying to get all a bunk of that. but it was just giving us some analysis from the german capital. berlin on early projections from this election, of course, this is a parliamentary election and election for the bundis dog in germany, but it will determine who governs the country at now that angling knuckles chance the ship is coming to an end. early result suggesting that the 2 main parties, the s p d in the seed, you neck and neck, the race is simply too close to call. and chances are that will be a 3 way coalition in the country, but probably months of negotiations lie ahead. so we're going to continue to bring you all the latest on what's happening there. i think we can try to get a connection to reestablish the connection to our last. of course,
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he is in berlin and i think he will join us in just a couple of moments. a bit of a shaky line, the laugh, but i think we have you back. we'll try and fix that camera. what. but anyway, who's saying leave projections? suggesting that the mainstream parties have really seen their support being doubts of blow and they will have to now enter into a period of talks a negotiations with the smaller parties, the f, p, d, and the greens in order to govern the country. but are all the top story today has been developed in tunisia, thousands of people that protesting against the president and the capital coon is a furious with chi sides announcement on wednesday that he would rule by decree and ignore parts of the constitution. but not everyone is unhappy side support says will also out in force. lexi o'brien, now or force under
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a heavy police presence, crowd gathered on the tune as in capitals main boulevard, to protest against the president. the anger has been growing since july when chi said suspended parliament and sec to the prime minister. 2 months on they still know parliament, no prime minister, and people here say no plan to improve their lives. but when you have a know me what i, what i, but let me, he's acting like he is the sunday is rising on the country. the general prosecutor, the president, the parliament, the government, he's acting like he is everything. that's an issue. people and it's movement don't want to play site. president side says his actions when needed to address economic stagnation and a poor response to the corona virus. his critics a cooling it, a coo and cy. he tightened his grip on power on wednesday, announcing his rule by decree and ignore parts of the constitution. but that constitution was a hard forward product at the 2011 revolution that triggered the so called arab
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spring protest is say, the president who is a constitutional law professor is endangering the progress, has been made, calling his actions at the trial of democracy. we need to go back to because situation, we need to go back to the flow we democracy and nobody has the right to break the state based graphics of june. as he is largest political party enact that is facing a crisis of its own. over a 100 party officials announced today resignation on saturday, accusing its leadership of failing to counter sides actions. it's quite clear about the political need or are they didn't understand or even they didn't assimilate. the huge cycles you shook and the huge impact of the july 25th decision and the, the,
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the 113 people that resided yesterday. and they were in conflict with the president of another month before july 26th, local and international human rights groups had condemned side power grad warning of a slide towards authoritarianism. but there are also been demonstrations in support of the president chi said has promised to uphold people, right. but there were still fees here of a return to absolute one man room. alex here brian al jazeera sally as soon as a fellow at the austin watch shop at indiana university. bloomington in the united states, joins me now by skype from soon as. so there is obviously division inside the country right now between those who believe said the president is protecting safeguarding countries, democracy, and those who say endangered it, how is this going to be resolved?
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well, there are multiple ways for ms. alicia to her the way it will be for case i hate to move forward with his agenda, bypassing the parliament and putting for the referendum in line with his plans and deb strength of the presidential system. that will be one way to resolve the issue or bypass the issue in other way will be to get to parliament involved in the process. you know, i have been some proposals by some a piece to change the current speaker got new sheet and to have parliament more involved in the process in dialogue line with the demand and some of the parties demand to come with the new roadmap. perhaps the roadmap that different parts different parties can agree. how difficult is that going to be because as you're seeing from the scenes on the street today, this is constitutional qu, if you like, by car side, seems to really increase the already existing political divisions. and in the
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country, it's even more polarized now than before. so unfortunately for many reasons parliament is achieved is associated with only with and many to just consider parliament to be a failure. as a result, they are not eager to support the parliament dogs. besides the and not the base and the base of some other parties such as kurama and other parties such as p d l, which, which is driving in the polls during the 1st party laid by a b, c. she does not want to be so should not. and so she does not want to come up to the street to support concern, you know, opening up to the parliament. so there are deep divisions within the parliament that respect larger divisions between the 2 regions society that opened the way for me to engage in this act to grab power. ok, so what,
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what hope then for a national dialogue, i believe a national dialogue needs to be the needs to be pursued that not only involve parties but also to society and the union whenever i think also tunisian society needs, it wants to see some concrete steps towards the corruption folding issues or should caught up, caught up, caught up petitions also monopolies that the know the block, the system block, the creativity. so i think 1st visuals need to see some concrete steps in line with that as part of the need to acknowledge that that problem correction that have an embedded in tunisia for the past decade has been very visible named by some analysis. i know it's the corruption of demo, the democrat division of corruption. so and then, you know,
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after realizing this big problem, perhaps different parties need to come together to work on a new agenda, the room portfolio co parties in the process of i don't believe that democracy, a viable democracy can be changed for good parties. thank you for joining us as well as soon as. yeah, and tennis. think with any is our life i wanted much more tell to bring you on the program. a funeral ne occupied westbank after 5 pallets, things were killed in right by israeli forces. be experiencing the joy of childhood for the 1st time like logical support transforms the lives of boca ron hughes and the red half north london is set of racing off the off and i'll get one over the biggest rival ah,
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now the occupied west bank of funeral has been out for one of 5 palestinians killed by his right forces. bodies of 4 others were being withheld by the authorities. the troops stormed several villages and janine and ramallah early on sunday, reportedly surrounding houses and opening fire. and the reports from the occupied westbank. with their muscle but had just turned 22. but the day after he was killed in a reed by these $330.00 he's one of 2 palestinians killed engineering in the northern part of the occupied to a bank, including a 16 year old. his family says they had just set a date for his wedding booth and up with a look. they did cpr for half an hour to no avail. his wedding was due next month and his birthday was just yesterday. he's really or mrs. 2 of the soldiers were wounded during an exchange of fire. he's really prime minister said his security
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forces acted against what he called her math operative who were about to carry out attacks. and the short term he was referring to the palestinians killed in baby village. nigrama le miss re bostonians were hiding in this house deep in the hill before these rady forces, track them down. witnesses save the men were left bleeding to death. and all that remains. now is their belongings. i met her on was one of them. he has been on the run for weeks. israeli forces have detained several members of his family to pressure him to surrender mckenna sheet of a cap on it. there were no clashes, we heard 5 rounds of fire. we also heard explosions that don't know what happened. we still don't know how 3 men were killed without much fire and hammers more in the death of 3 of its members. the call was provided. resistance will still be present despite the israeli policy and the security coordination between the pass in authority under israeli forces. this confirms that the revolution is continuous,
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always the. these really needs to arrest palestinians have become part of daily life under the occupation. but the number of palestinian deaths in these types of read keeps rising protesters and drama and gaza are calling for retaliation. him elgin's eda, the occupied westbank. one of 2 oil pipelines blocked by protested and sit on has been reopened demonstrators in the eastern city of ports it on blocks, the pipelines and protests against a peace deal with rebel groups. last october, several groups signed the deal with saddam's transitional government, but protests from the pager tribes save the agreement, ignores their interests. the energy ministry says it has enough oil with us for up to 10 days. without the government is wanting, the disruption could lead to huge financial losses. because port sudan is the country's main seaport and vital for the economy which depends on exports. one of
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the pipelines was block, takes crude oil to the capital, hard tune, the one that transports oil exports from neighboring south to dawn has reopened. country produces $162000.00 barrels each day. the oil is taken to port, sit on and then ship to global markets. the hard to government receives about $25.00 every barrel of oil sold from south sit on algae. there is hipaa. morgan has more from the sudanese capital and all goes back to october 2020, which is about a year ago when a group of opposition, an armed group signed a peace agreement with the sudanese government. after months of negotiations. now the b to tribe is one of the main tribe, but is counting ethan sedan and they have rejected this piece agreement, saying that it is not representative. and it does not address the root causes of marginalization and of under development in the eastern region. now it's worth noting that there are b to cries or beecher groups that did find an agreement with the food in the
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transitional government. but those currently brought blocking the roads and highways leading to the recipes. they say that the group that signed an agreement with the transitional government does not represent them. so there's an issue of who exactly represents the tribe right now. the be a group of elders or the council of the beach or elders have loved the main road that leads to the rest the states, as well as the road that leads to the main ports blocking the courts effectively. this is something that has caused so much concern that members of the sovereignty council and the executive council here in the transitional government have flown to the to, to the rest, the state capital of port sedan. to try to negotiate with the protesters to open the road. that needs to the se, but offer to open the airports as well as the ports to make sure that the operation and the economic activities continue to make sure that the country that is suffering from an economic crisis does not suffer further. savvy as defense minister sang troops at its border with casa vows, arn height,
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and alert. serbian jets have also flown over the border off the coast of deployed special police to areas where ethnic stubs lived. hundreds of subs have been blocking the northern kosovo border roads for a week now of the course of a band entry of cause with its being registration, plates, ethnic subs in cultural, reject the ethnic albanian lead government in pristina cost of declared independence from severe in 2008, after a decade of war, between ethnic albanians and the in forces sub b a does not recognize cost of those independence or their own costano, which is at the border with more on this story. midnight abrazzo, yet in a situation is com at yahoo yah, border crossing in northern kosovo. but the tensions can be felt. this crisis has been going on for 7 days. no, a kilometer from an good local server have erected barricades to block the traffic, going in and out of the border. crossing and costs of a special police forces are deployed in the area. tensions are also rising amid
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several incidents in northern cars, including torching of motor vehicle registration office in open portal, which issues provisional cause of plex intervention to explosive devices were recovered from local motor vehicle registration offices on a genet. kosovo prime minister albin corte has accused for all these incidents was he says that this was a case of us and committed by those who are supported by serbian government. souping poto municipality officials say that the fire was caused by defective and outdated electrical installations urging kosovo officials to refrain from groundless accusations against serbs, 4 incidents occurring in this region. the crisis started on september 20th when pushed, he not decided to introduce reciprocal measures in terms of vehicles with serbian issued plates crossing into kosovo, which led to the blockade of traffic in northern cause of all by local serbs b as to the war planes and helicopters flying near the border,
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belgrade government says that this is not a threat, but merely a message to course of all prime minister corte to de escalate tensions in northern cause. of course, our week after spain, the palmer's volcanic eruption, the airport has been temporarily reopened. but spain civil god is restricting access to the volcanic area with the iraq option, remaining unstable and very explosive. as you can see from those live pictures by me, nicholas hoc reports now from la palmer, the church of el paso, on the foot hills of conveys in spain's lap on my island. with each explosion comes of prayer for those who have lost their homes. another for the people of el paso and for the island of la palm experiencing disaster, i am here to trying to find some peace and to find the strength to accept a new reality of ours. it started last sunday as
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a small are option. look at it now. the crater is widening showing cracks with the overflowing lava. turning this one screen landscape into ash, 6000 people have been displaced homes, businesses in places of worship. the lava is swallowing entire villages in its path . spain's gorgeous. he will are extending to horton around the volcanic eruption and while the village here of el paso has not been evacuated, this could change at any moment. notice because this is what's worrying authorities here it does this. the village is slowly being buried under a thick blanket of ash. the volcanic cloud has created a microclimate with ash falling like grade. levels of sulfur dioxide in the air is suffocating, in some areas for some people to leave their homes unaware if they will ever be able to come back. their trauma loss is in, you know,
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it's not yes with one person losing ever since. it can be generations from grandparents to the rank children. they are in shock. my brain raised faces of grief from suddenness, anger, to a changing environment. with the environment they once knew, suddenly lost the volcanic eruption has left the people of love. how must card and in grief nature has taken its course from the ashes of their home. already and new landscape is for me. nicholas hawk al jazeera, a bustle. bob must been with the news, our life from london still ahead on the program, disappeared without a trace mexico last 7 years and thousands of students were abducted and freestyle most across for times the year for the 1st time since the founding ah
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hello, thanks for joining in it's a true fall feel across the republic of ireland and the united kingdom with this storm systems swooping through over the past little bits, we saw pretty fierce winds for northern ireland. and now it will be england's turn on monday. so london, looking for gusts of about 60 kilometers per hour, this band of rain, it's going to dance into the low countries. also link up with some other wet weather over in norway. so also looking at about 30 millimeters of rain over the next little bit. we've got some storms dancing around croatia into austria and also hungry. you know that driving rain that we had for northwestern portions of italy, it's hopped over the adrian dixie and it's running into the balkan countries. so look, what it does to belgrade your temperature comes from 28 down to 22 on tuesday stellar weather, across turkey. although we will see
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a bit more cloud cover for the black sea coast on monday. also a lot of sun can be found to cross siberia say for this run of rain for the northern portion of portugal affecting porto also for northern sections of spain. through western africa, we've got some big storms setting up over liberia, just starting to squeak into sierra leone. freetown has a high of 30 degrees. that's your update catch. later, the more and more in the going under the 9 to become tall. ah, when i want to investigate the length some people are willing to go to bridge new on al jazeera up to the now just some growing vaccine inequality to the political and economic impact. the latest development at the corona virus.


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