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tv   [untitled]    September 25, 2021 4:30pm-5:00pm AST

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me sure, i mean we've seen the government make this announcement many times. i mean, if you, if you look back in 2014, 20152016, there were various announcements for government made and it almost seemed like they were using a fly swatter to, to stop a bigger problem info constantly, you know, the now and i've gotten more aggressive to the point of the one that we just seen, which is now that anything involving the current due to legal and that has really stepped up in china. we've already seen most of the chinese mining players move abroad or just shut down operations altogether. their chinese exchanges initially had moved on shore, although they still have some teams that were in china. so now it looks like, i mean, they'll have to beyond just being more sure, but ensure that new chinese nationals are using the platforms as well. so it certainly have an impact on china internationally. when we look at other markets and crypto currency in general, obviously the, this is the big point price and the price of many of the criminal currencies around
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the world. very similar to what seen and every time you know, earlier in the year. and now when there was another pronouncement from the chinese government, the value dropped. but you know, this is a very dynamic ecosystem. and so although my meeting is shutting down in china, if the opening up in other places like in the u. s. like in northern europe and other places around the world. so the industry and ecosystem tends to kind of slow around rocks in so far that you know, when there's a gap, it's opened, it will be sold by other players. so i think you no longer term this won't have that much of an impact, but certainly shorter term as having a strong impact on the global capital currency markets. very interesting to get your thoughts then on capital director of capron asia speaking to us that from singapore there's a risk of more flash flooding in northwest in italy to has the details in your world whether update. hello. thank you for joining in wind,
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and also flooding will be the big story across europe on sunday, let me show you what i mean. we've got this weather maker moving in to the republic of ireland and northern ireland. look at the winfield associated with it. so for places like belfast in northern ireland, i think we'll see wind gusts here of about 60 kilometers per hour. by monday there's shifts into england and it will plague london. not a lot of rain with this, but still sun, gusty winds, that flooding rain that we had over iberia has now shifted toward the north than the east pulses of energy here in particular northern italy, switzerland, and germany. but i want to get your rate to italy right now, because there is a red weather warning in play. i think the very real risk that we will see flooding here once again for northwestern italy. now if we look further toward the east, we've got some high he'd belgrade could very well hit 30 degrees on sunday. it is dry across turkey, things looking good, and it's stumble with a hive. 26 degrees off to west africa and your own day in cameroon. 79 millimeters
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of rain, and we can really track all that weather falling from cameroon rate through in sierra leone. so free towns got a high of 27 degrees, also wet. and abby john, that's it for me. we'll catch up with you soon. still ahead on al jazeera helping refugees from afghanistan that adjusts to a new life communities come together and i will show you the shots of the day golf ride to cough as the usa take the lead over europe. that's coming up with peter. ah, i'm harry davies. and kimberly, in west, in australia or indigenous communities, attaining with scientists to create a new approach to marine conservation thing you learn. but we even that the, the government i'm afraid do any reporting from review, if you're going to try is protecting biodiversity pro,
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defending themselves against the legal invaders. brian ono era when freedom of the press is under threat in oh, you just because i thought genuinely about your thoughts towards the making government step outside the mainstream. there has been a implement here some of access points that shift the focus, the pandemic that's turned out to be a handy little pretext. the prime minister clamped down on the press covering the waves. the news is covered the listening post on the a
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watching l 0 mind top stories this, our major security operation is underway, not going to stones eastern city of just about how many people have been arrested. the operation comes off the series. i saw a tax in the area, the sunday mom's japanese most unpredictable elections and will decide who will succeed. grammatical office, 16 years in office. and the policies have set their sights on the youth. to canadians who have been detained in china for nearly 3 years have arrived home. michael coverage and michael's favor were messed by canadian, 5 minutes adjustment trudeau landing in calgary. more than 100 members. as soon as his largest elliptical party and not have resigned in protest against their leadership, those who have stepped down include deputies, inform a members of the constituent assembly. they say the parties leadership is failing
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to actively engage any common front against what they call imminent, tyrannical danger. yet trinity as president case, i e cemented his one, monroe to declaring he would go by decree. fidel larissa is edison chief, if the news, the news and analysis website miss cow, he says the mass resignation is a sign of growing divisions within the hot party. there are several reasons here that they've stated and several factors that play one is sort of a long simmering internal divisions within the are not the party particularly disagreements over the president of the part of the chief of the park. he knew she many seeing him as being state in power too long prevented challenges to his power . just last month he dismissed the executive bureau of the parts party and they mentioned this specifically. they said that there was a breakdown and democracy within the party that there is too much sense that
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centralization of authority when the party there is also it seems to be a different in response to the present reason that they refer to july 25th decisions. but they actually say in the letter that they said when they resigned, that turned into a qu on september 22nd. this is when the president announced further measures consolidating his powers. whereas we've seen talk members of the actually thing that it with the crew from the beginning. so there seems to be a different interpretation of these events as well as in different terms of how they would like to respond to. these are recent steps by the president that said, these divisions really are due to do playing out and the broader a fear in the fact that while another is the biggest party in parliament, they really haven't been at the forefront of opposing the president or they have we've seen other parties of the groups union really taking the forefront in the recent days to sort of oppose that the president stepped and saying that calling for the president to to really cut back on what the rowing autocracy authority's
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own. la palmer and the canary islands, warning more homes could be destroyed as laws from the volcanic eruption spreads further. the spanish government is expected to declare the site. a catastrophe, allowing emergency funds to re house the 6000 people who've been displaced. airlines have cancel flights for a 2nd day. nicholas hark has the latest from the palmer. the situation here has become more unstable, more violent and look right behind me compared to when we last spoke yesterday. the crater has gotten bigger, not only that, there are other crater formations around 4 in total spurting out lava. and so that has force the authorities. that was, that were really taken by surprise, by yesterday's big explosion. the creation of the 2nd creator that, that created a sonic boom. we felt that the winters,
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the windows in buildings kind of shook well, that force the authorities here to evacuate the people on the ground. and even as we down here at this location may also be evacuated. we simply don't know how this volcano is what, what, how it's going to react. and what are the next step that's going to occur? what's clear is that the smoke that's coming out for kilometers high up into the sky has grounded all the planes on the ground. it says this, it's pulling this earth. this volcanic earth up the ground has raised by a few centimeters since the erupt. and on sunday, now, while this is called old, we're her old summit, it's anything but all that the 120000 years old in terms of g o allowed geological aspect. it's a young piece of earth and there's still a lot of moving the, there's these primers that are happening that we can barely feel that that really shows the geologist and the scientists on the ground seem to think that there is
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going to be more options, more volcanic activity of us weeks un general assembly, the mayor of cuts are emphasized the importance of the international community in continuing to support. ask for 2 weeks. cutter has house more than 60000 evacuees from couple most have moved now onto a 3rd country, but hundreds still remain. jennifer broad winter housing complex here to see how the local community has been helping as the sun sets in doha evening. activities begin to night. it's a production put on by actors from the cutter national theater. this is just one of many ways volunteers and organizations are helping to maintain a positive atmosphere for those evacuated from cobble the community response to help those who come from afghanistan has been overwhelming. whether it's donations
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collected privately through social media or n g o and charities, who are working with afghan adults and children to help them adjust to their new life. hundreds of people have come together here in katara. this compound was built for the fee for world cup in 2022. but now it's filled with afghan children and adults volunteers and visitors, and has the feel of a neighborhood. some children here are unaccompanied, so their identities must be protected. but even though they're on their own, it doesn't stop them from connecting with others through sport and other activities . yeah, you're going to take her in apartment one 09 volunteers are helping children with arts and crafts. art therapy is one of the strategies that's helping them cope with their changing circumstances. it gives you something to do and you can kind of have a conversation around that. the goal is much more that basic needs for safety
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belonging, trust, those types of things, not dealing with specific, unique stories of trauma that these children have had. student volunteers also come in and out of the compound to play with the kids or just talk to them. her siena is one of them. she is a british afghan, national and a 2nd year student at northwestern university. and doha, we talk about, you know, family, what's happening there. many of them are concerned for their own well being, the welding of their families. and you know, speaking and pushed or i have that connection with them. and for them that's like a quick sense of relief. you know, because you're speaking from heart to heart, there for her sina, this is personal. her parents left afghanistan during the soviet invasion in the 1980s. her family is proud of the work she's doing here. as a british afghan, carried up privilege on my shoulders and as an african in general,
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i understand what these people are going through. so it's important for me to help out. the public's response over the past 2 weeks has been generous. n g o, like the cut her foundation, say there's more than enough to go around the right now we're just focusing on how to ensure that the current children and families who are still remaining and the compounds are going through an experience that would probably allow them to overcome the trauma that they're going from leaving their country. not everyone knows how long they'll be here or where they'll go next. and while they wait to find out their next destination for now, cutter is their home. jennifer brag al jazeera doha. a group representing catholic bishops in canada, has the facetime apologize for its role in the countries residential school system . the canadian conference of catholic bishops had been on the pressure to do so. for years. early this year, the remains of hundreds of indigenous children were found on the grounds of former
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schools between 18311996 indigenous children were forcibly removed from their families and sent to schools run by the catholic church. the government encouraged by military victories against armed groups. people are beginning to return to towns in northern mozambique, which were ravaged by years of violence. fighters have been targeting the resort rich region, but i've been pushed out with help from wanda malcom. web has been visiting some of the recount to towns. the people who lived here all fled in fear of beheadings abductions and rape. their towns in northern mozambique had been taken over by an armed crew called out, bab rwandan soldiers supporting mozambique government for to recapture the towns back in recent weeks. it took us to see the places they now control. nearly
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a 1000000 people have been displaced since the conflict began. 4 years ago. we met one at juma ismael, her 4 children, and their neighbors sitting under a tree waiting for help. they say they've been here most days. last 7 months. to talk to me can be of the we ran away from the attackers, they killed, people on burned down our home. so now we're staying here in shacks. sometimes we, sometimes we don't. people hope things will soon get better, you know, but that the way that we have been getting them, but it is come now, what we want the government to help us go back crony. there's not much left of many people's homes fighters responsible of fled into the bushes through london forces told us they didn't know how many of them left the secret behind counties registrations, his vigilance and constant engagement to ensure that you said you're not getting
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anywhere detach the enemy from the population, and that's exactly what we are doing. they say the armed group is now also cut off from the ways it used to make money, most of the trucks and the other vehicles here in the port of my symbol, the prior. we're torched by the insurgents when they were here. this was a key strategic point for them in the notions just that they could smuggle gems out . heroin was coming in and also weapons. rwandan troops took over the town just a few weeks ago. now, mozambique untruth have a camp here. they're back in control. whoever controls the coastline can profit from the smuggling, which started long before the conflict, but even greater rich, his lie off shore. about $20000000000.00 of natural gas, french oil jain, total suspended, its contracts here and abandoned its camp earlier this year, when the attacks came to close. mozambique and writes group suspect the gas money
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will ultimately pay for the foreign military force. but the rwandan government says its paying the cost. this initiative could get bogged down into a quagmire. if it is understood by the authorities on their partners, that there's only a military solution. it's unlikely they're going to be able to completely defeat and eradicate this arm group that actually has been born out of grassroots issues. people here have been desperately poor for generations. the government provided few services and little security. the arrival of oil companies created a tinder box. now the government in its allies control the towns once again. people are waiting to see if anything else is going to change. malcolm web al jazeera cover. delgado mozambique climate activists have organized several protests across argentina. the calling on their government on big business to now to lower carbon emissions on corresponding daniel swindler. that one of the biggest gatherings held
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in the capital one is area. one of the bar is a long way from the home loan process started like rest of the book just a few years ago now have a resident with a fire. it was, you know, the rest of latin america. young people become increasingly aware of being caught by dr. jay's sort of call and i believe that being a young person today, we have to talk on hunger and misery as a form of self defense because these problems are being dumped on future generation . that is the beginning of us calling for concrete political measures. the bonds be paid by society a growing and climate change is now on the agenda the election year, large and tina they pay for the last day to the gracious, melting of the drought loading of deforestation. in the rest of the country, talking to their colleagues around the rest of latin america. the roots aware of
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the fact that the instructional told him a job. lloyd. well, the generation doubt being the quick fix now will bring up on the claim for this generation. if they have their eyes firmly on the exam going a few weeks. so they took a big hit america here in august, you know, to deal with the problem now. i know leave it to them. the things still ahead on al jazeera soaking in assault. she but formula one, world champagne louis panels and isn't smiling off to quantify and russia pizza will be finding out why in a more and more indians are going under the nar to become tall. ah,
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when i want to investigate the length some people are willing to go to bridge new fine on al jazeera ah, just here. when ever, you know, when the news break, when people need to be home with exclusive interviews and in their report, they're choosing those sites because their civilian card is 0. had teams on the ground and say their numbers are benefits of what they were before. the 3003 invasion because of iraq. security to bring you more award winning documentaries and live nice.
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oh, i has time for the 40 of peter valley. thank you very much english champions. manchester says he has moved to the top of the table alongside liverpool said he do so courtesy of a one know when on saturday and stem for bridge. gabrielle jesse with the only goal of the game prepared body owners, men who will play later against branch manager, the united mr. jones to go. so the rest of the suffering, a one know the feed on home this afternoon. coffee house during the games only go for the united did miss the job to rest. he was old i buddha fernandez.
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so 21 know, winds away from home to still saturdays action. as mentioned liverpool or inaction in the late game where they can take top spot in the standings outright kicking off in the next few minutes. the life of lester west pam and everything will be an action german champions by munich of increase their lead at the top of the wonderfully good thanks to a 31. when of a grow, it's a 30 on friday. it's still early days in the new german season, but already by and leave the standings they are aiming for when an incredible lead idle in a robe, thomas miller, joshua kinney, and an own go helping the bavarian club to 31 wind here. mclaren driver lando norris has taken poll position for some days. russian grand prix of a soaking. start in the rain force, the final practice session to be cancelled. 7 time will champion louis hamilton had fun in the down pool. but on the track he hit a wall during the final session and will only start in full place. elan have
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retained the rugby championship title and did so by beating the fiercest rivals south africa on saturday. it was the 100 match between the 2 sides to 1st met way back in 1921. both teams have won the world cup 3 times on this occasion had was one try each with the all blacks edging it. 1970. the run the way on day 2 of golds ride up the u. s. a lead defending champions. europe 6 to from the opening day in wisconsin, trying to get a roster report a force a match between the european team represented by john rom and sergio garcia ah, from the very much the 40000 strong partisan crowd tone for your type, retaining trophy. justin thomas in jordan b. yeah. having wait an extra year to play the competition because of the coby 19 pandemic us. i jordan speith made sure the funds were entertain pulling off the
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seemingly impossible shot. well, also managing to avoid falling into lake michigan. he's playing partner, justin thomas so missed the follow up hand in europe. the 1st point of this is tournaments, but the usa quickly bought back in the mornings. foursomes patrick ken plans and a shall flee, crushing rory macaroni and kept her put the usa in a 31 leap after the 1st session heights. momentum continued in the afternoon, full booth. well, number 2, dustin johnson took a point with playing partners. i'm the shelf lee, that's got the approval of and be a legend, michael jordan. the man that drew the most interest, so we've been getting price in december 1000 line the same way, although his opening ended up hitting one of the fund december part and
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embattled well, number one john room. the 2 stars couldn't be split and had settled for half a point each for their respective team. you know, again, looking back and this is a great start, but it's not jobs, not over. we got 2 more days, lot more golf and we cannot lose our mindset of just wanting to to win the usa asserted their dominance on the green throughout the opening day. yeah, they told me fleetwood and victor humble and managed to pick up hopper point in the final match. what was otherwise a miserable start for europe? so yeah, we got 20 points to pay for and we got to prepare ourselves for hopefully for us at this stage a long battle. you know, all the way through is, you know, if we're going to get this done, it's going to be a very tight. and europe's captain has had to make some tough decisions after the 1st day. re macaroni has been left out of saturdays opening for some for the 1st time in his career. after losing both his matches. on friday, joanna raska al jazeera in tennis europe have
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a $31.00 advantage of the world theme in the fuse labor come taking place in boston . this is this elise world number 7, matthew a better teeny competing victory against canada. see leaks or a theme on friday. your on the days 3 single troubles before will be hit back in the double. and even though he's not playing d, the injury roger federer took his place in the crowd to help found the competition to be a stranger. great rod laver, the areas would no doubt be pleased by the early european advantage. have a boxing champion, anthony joshua has promised he will deliver when he defends multiple titles against alexander sick at the way in ahead of saturday fight in london. joshua tip the scales at 108 kilograms more than 8 heavier than his ukranian opponent. you think is the former undisputed will cruise away champion, and we'll step inside the ring for only he's food. have
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a way out. i know you guys who really old support is coming out today and always say, i don't take that for granted. i promise you, i'll pay you back with commitment though. busy i was, and i was an hour in the gym and what do we want and that we will live on. we will deliver on and the san francisco giants. so the 1st team to reach $100.00 when the in the major league baseball regular season, this year. mike fmc hit a 3 run homer, the giant, the, the colorado rockies. they've been to on friday. it's the 1st time san francisco reached the century of wins in the season. 3003. what he was right. and melbourne have ended the 57 year wait for all the rules, premier ship seidel. libby. the western bull dogs by a mass of 74 points with 12 straight gold in the 3rd and 4th quarter's. 61000 fans turned out in perth. it's the 2nd year, the grant funds withheld away from melbourne's in fiji because of the coven 19
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pandemic. that's all the sports needs more on the way later marine. thanks for that and not fit for me. over this these out. i'll be back in a moment with more off the days say with a much more than to the communities they live in, no matter how much it needs to presentation as much as anyone else's going to love domains, one of the most polluted part of the night the delta and now it's people say they want a clean up all that is point and bottom and with the media love that coverage covers you just when you suffer calamity. i don't think that's right. and that is what i want to change. i wanted to go further to cover story stuff, impact the lives of people to, to flip the stories that i was really passionate about. stories with fucked. the
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government will try to keep him in the story stuff, drop the fixed narrative and depend on the reality on the part is why i became a john. mr. hammond i book is who's the discover? a world of difference determination. i'm coming down when we are moving the freedom plan. so the 16 people corruption and compassion, the l. just 0 world, a selection of the best films from across our network of channels. al jazeera recounts the shocking story of the assassination of counts for cabana dot. a tossed by the security council to mediate between arabs and israelis.
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his days would prove one of the darkest days in the quest for peace. in the middle east, who's killing the count. on algebra ah, the taliban are carrying out a major security operation off the series of attacks claimed by i thought in afghanistan. ah, money by this is out there lie from doha also coming up home at last to canadians fried by china, arrived back in calgary.


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