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tv   [untitled]    September 24, 2021 8:00pm-8:31pm AST

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their choosing those sites because their civilian target 0 has teams on the ground and say the numbers are barely a 5th of what they were before the fees, housing, the invasion, because of iraq, security. when you were award winning documentaries and lied nice. the the the race to succeed angle america of germany's leader is reaching its final stages with climate change. one of the top fishing's for german both. it's a bit of a, hey, dina, this is just even live from doha. also coming up released from jail, but not quite free cash alone as former leads or must remain in san antonio sites,
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whether to extradite ready for talks. north korea says it's open to formally anything the war with its neighbor, but only on just certain conditions. and leaders from the us, history of japan, and then via fax to meet at the white house as part of the plans combat. china is rising. insulin ah, thousands of climate for testers have taken to the streets in cities across germany, just 2 days before the country goes to the polls. the process to parts of a global climate strike cold by school students. climate change is one of the horses topics in from these elections. after july's floods kills nearly 200 people . if there's one other thing that this pandemic has shown us, it is that the climate crisis has never once been treated like an emergency. it is
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clearer than ever that no political party is doing close to enough. but it's even worse than that. not even their proposed commitments are close to being align with what would be needed to fulfill the page agreements. that bathroom has more from berlin. 2 days before the landmark elections here in germany on sunday, tens of thousands of climate protests, it's really send a strong message to the photos, but also to the new government to, to take this climate crisis. seriously. they were shouting things like stop per coal mining. the coal mine select night mine. i still open on until 2038. a climate of course, has been internationally very much on the agenda of america. but it's been seen here domestically as quite a failure of her policy to keep these coal mines open. so climate definitely has
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been dominating these elections, said this, this campaign. and while the protest now leaving you here, the parliament building, you can see that still tense behind me where climate protesters are basically on a hunger strike for the last 25 days. and they have given an ultimatum to the leading candidate candidates all our shows, if he doesn't admit that the germany is in a climate crisis, actually threatened to stop drinking altogether. so the situation here is that climate is a very, very important issue. catalonia, as formerly to call us push them all has been released from italian detention. he was taken into custody by the police in san antonio on thursday. of spain accuses which the mom of sedition for a 2017 independence referendum which was deemed illegal fight spanish court. and italian court still has to consider spins extradition request. the next hearing is set for the beginning of october. let's get more now from awesome rainy. he joins
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us from the italian islands over sardinia and just talk us through what's been happening, where you are. well it's been a busy day here at the court now here at the prison where i want to, i'm kind of at least one of the really high security prisons. there's even some high up mafia heads for held here. and just a little while ago, carlos came out that gate. he was speedily put in a car and taken away, he didn't make any statements. and what that showed was that the judge said denny has said, well, he's not totally been that this extradition order against him. is illegal and that he can forget about it, but he is free and he's free even from the start danya or sabina if you want to. laura. busy or louder border us, the current president of colonial parliament spoke to reporters outside the prison right after he was released and says his plan at least now for a little while is to attend the cultural then here, now ghetto,
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which is very which had a very strong catelynn culture here. yes. the next couple days he's planning to attend some of these cultural events. implicit was that he's not running away, he's not afraid or has some need to leave. but she also didn't make clear if he would leave at some point or turning on october 4th, for the next hearing from this extradition case being leveled against him by the spanish government and being carried out on telling the stories. and i'm just reminders why exactly is carlos put him on being detained in the 1st place? well it comes from 2017 when he another separate system, catalonia called and held a referendum, was asking voters there if they wanted to be in spain, spain, squash this movie, a flat in the exile, or he now lives in belgium. several others fled. many were convicted and sentenced
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to prison. somebody separate. if those who were convicted have been pardoned now he has never been pardoned because he fled a spanish authority and never face any real justice for these charges that were leveled against him. on a few occasions he has been detained before, but he was always released and had been no case taken to some fruitful end in which he had to face really any conviction or any penalty for the spanish government accused of doing which was the dishes, tabby. and earlier this year, he was striped up immunity, although he is still a serving member of european parliament at the time when he was stripped of that immunity authority said he really didn't have anything to worry about. there wasn't any risk he would be arrested. but come now september and start denny attending this cold wind. i mean i'm tired of carrying out this arrest warrant on behalf of the spanish government. ok. adam rainy there, bring us up, sedate,
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from factory in sardinia items, and i thank you very much indeed. questions election commission is rejecting accusations of widespread vote rigging the certified results showing united russia retained its power and last week's parliamentary elections. a group of defeated parliamentary candidates and the supporters say they will try to overturn the results which they insist our throats with corruption. bernard smith is more from moscow, a 2 thirds majority in the state duma, the united russia. but that is only part of the story opposition candidates, particularly in moscow, want the electronic boat, a one to the electronic vote. i know the 8 of them in seats in the moscow area who, when the manual was being counted, were way ahead. these was, these were mainly communist party candidates, but suddenly, well, later, the next day when they electronic vote was added and that was added very late. suddenly all those seats were flipped in favor of united russia. now those
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communist candidates benefited from tactical voting. after being recommended, as best buys by a system created by lexi nevada, the supporters, as those people best place to defeat united russia's candidates, the election commission says the worst. some irregularities, but about 40000 votes were invalidated. but that's tiny. in comparison to the 110000000 registered voters, however, if you take the recommendations of survey chappelle kin who is a very highly respected analyst and track of russia elections, it's something very, very different. he reckoned around 40000000 people legitimately voted the united russia out about 110000000, but another 14000000 votes with fabricated. and if that's the case, and this is the worst result for the kremlin since bought me, puting came to power 21 years ago in the us. president joe biden says he takes
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responsibility for the situation at the southern border with mexico. he's promising, there will be consequences after border agents were filmed, mistreating migrants. they all just sarah footage from to earlier this week. of course, i reach of course i take responsibility. i am president, but i was horrible. would you see? as you saw, to see people treat it like they did courses very writing them over and people being strapped. it's outrageous. i promise you, those people will pay. they will be an investigation underway now and there will be consequences. there will be consequences. it's an embarrassment, but beyond an embarrassment, it's dangerous. it's wrong. it sends the wrong message around the world says wrong message at home. it's simply not who we are or why it has correspond kimberley hall kept house more now from washington d. c. that's just hard for part of me, americans to believe that they're seeing something that really harkins back to
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images of the civil rights era. and as a result, given the fact that the president promised that he would not only make sure that some of those racial injustice issues were priority of his presidency. but that he also listed the support of black voters to take the white house. many are really not only hurt, but shocked that this has happened at all. now, this is something that has been broadcast in the united states for days, only now, are we saying, seeing joe biden taking responsibility for that later today? we also expect that we will hear from the department of homeland security secretary may orcus, he will be at the white house press briefing at 1830 gmc to further discuss not only how they have changed policy. as a result of al jazeera footage, they will no longer be using horses to round up those migrants that are being
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deported to haiti, but also the broader concerns that remain because there are still thousands of people 100 huddled under the bridge in del rio texas, trying to get to the united states. so this is the challenge for the administration . we heard there, the president taking responsibility. well, we should point out later in that press conference, he went on to blame his predecessor, donald trump, for many of the problems he inherited so well, he did initially take responsibility that sort of passing of the but given he's now almost 10 months in the office may not sit well with some of his critics. vice president emanuel micron has met lebanon's, the prime minister as you've mccarthy in paris because he's newly formed cabinets one of those of confidence and parliament. earlier this week, the government was put in place earlier this month after more than a year of political deadlock. just to present,
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i would like to publicly congratulate no jib mccarty and reiterate our support to the lebanese people. we know botany did the secret most. we have an opportunity through these meetings to advance towards reforms. this is the commitment you have made before the lebanese people and a pledge you have made before me. so heads on al jazeera reports and a resolution in a case of dreams, china's relationship with the u. s and with canada and runs and troops drive back rebels in northern moves and beach, local communities are paying a price. ah hello there. let's have a look at the weather in the middle east and levant and it's hot and it's dry and it's relatively quiet. we are seeing if you coastal showers affecting the caspian
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sea, edging down into iran, but temperatures are where we are expecting them to sit for this time of year, re add and do by sitting at $38.00 on saturday. now the wind does pick up blowing down from iran across q 8 and into guitar and further afield. that's going to create a lot of hazy sunshine. particularly on sunday. we've got quite a bit of cloud building up across oman and yemen. a few showers in the west, edging up into saudi arabia and these join up with the thunderstorms that are rolling across that central band of africa. we think some intense rain once again for south sudan, that's not going to help the flooding situation here. and it's a similar story for uganda. we've seen land slides in the east. we could see more with those heavy rains. but come sunday it's going to be the gulf of guinea. that once again sees the wet and windy weather. we are expecting some flooding across parts of nigeria where that rain falls heaviest. now, to the south, that is a lot dry and lots of heat coming through. what swan a full a situ, an for south africa. but temperature picks up in cape town,
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lots of heat coming through for johannesburg, but it will cool down as we go into next week with frank assessments. what's the point of the un multilateralism isn't part of isn't dna. we need somewhere where sovereign states can exchange use informed opinions is likely to change biking behavior and it's not going to change their behavior. they are going to continue to do what they do and it's going to be more in trade and less in terms of trying to match up with this more games mentality. in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on our jazeera ah
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ah, this is al jazeera, quick reminder of the top stories for you. this are, those in this apartment protest is taken to the streets and cities across germany. just 2 days before the country goes to the pools. climate change. one of the topics in sundays election. loony is former liter carlos. first of all has been released from italian detention taken in custody by police in san antonio on thursday. the telephone cord still has to consider spain's extradition request. and brushes election commission has rejected accusations of widespread vote rigging certified the result of last week's parliamentary election confirmed the prove kremlin united russia party had won the votes with around 50 percent comes
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topped chinese for way executive milan. joe has reportedly reached a deal with us, prosecutors to resolve fraud charges. she is expected to appear in cords long was detained nearly 3 years ago in canada. at the request of us authorities, she's maintained her innocence and has been fighting extradition to the us. well, the case has strange china's relations with the us and also with a candidate, judy vance joins the snow from vancouver to explain. and judy, this is a big deal, isn't it? because while this disputes is between the us and china, canada has paid a heavy price as well has met. yes, very much. canada has been very much caught in the middle in the high stakes chess game, this diplomatic chest game that is rooted around. as you mentioned, wire and bank fried allegations against my one joe, be the chief financial officer of while way picked up at y b r. vancouver
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international airport on december 1st of 2018 days later to canadians. michael salazar and co bridge were picked up in china on allegations of espionage canadians. very much feeling that those 2 canadians picked up in retaliation for ms . munger. canadian jailing, as well as she under house arrest with an angel brief but on her mansion located in vancouver, able to pretty freely move around our city with a security detail. however, that you, michael, are in separate prisons in china, barely able to connect with families and lawyers, and in fact, michael stab or was recently charged as bound guilty and back and sentence to 11 years in prison. no word yet on michael co brings fate in that regard. some speculating, certainly here in canada is this different prosecution deal was to go through today
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. that is the, the word that is, is travelling around him is money on their way to the record house right now to appear virtually and us court some reporting that she will admit some wrong doings . others reporting that she won't do that. and in fact, perhaps while we'll pay an extra large sum in that disparity prosecution today, very complex times certainly, and canadians holding their breath as to what might happen if this plea deal does go through to our, to michael to are in. as i mentioned, prison in china and what this means moving forward. i'd diplomatically, indeed, so over a 1000 days in jail for those 2 canadian men, still new resolution on the horizon. said judy vance, that life for as in vancouver. thank you so much for explaining some of the backgrounds to this very complex situation. the sister of north korea's leader says pune young is ready to consider ending the state of war with the size, but only
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a saw scraps. it's called hostile policies. the statement from came you june was in response to coal form. the sites officially declare an end to the korean war. she said it was an interesting proposal and a good idea. but a statement goes on to say that this would not make sense in the midst of the double standards and hostile policies. here's what the factory and president had to say at the united nations, just days earlier. hum, bundled promotion 2 years ago in this very place i declared 0 tolerance for war, a mutual security guarantee and co prosperity as the 3 principles required to resolve issues related to the korean peninsula. last year i propose the declaration to formerly end the korean war on more than anything and end of war declaration will mark a pivotal point of departure to create a new order of reconciliation and cooperation on the korean peninsula. i once again
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urge the community of nations to mobilize its strengths for the end of war declaration on the korean peninsula, and proposed that the 3 parties of the 2 careers, n d, u. s. or 4 parties of the 2 careers and the u. s. and china come together and declare that the war on korean peninsula is over. rob mcbride has more now from so it is potentially quite important. give it that it does come from kim, jo jung, who tends to be one of the more critical uncompromising voices of the north korean leadership when it comes to dealings with south career and also the united states. this was in response of course to that a call from moon j in the president of south korea who is desperate to try to restart talks with north korea and sees a formal declaration to the end of the korean war. as a way to do it. describing it as being pivotal for the whole korean peninsula. now he has made these calls before, but a coming with the talks being stored. he really sees this is one of these remaining
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opportunities to try to restart the go see ations. now, initially, it was treated with some dismissive nus by north korea with a vice foreign minister saying earlier on friday that it was up to the united states to drop its hostile post during his he put it in order for this to new, go anywhere, but then that was quickly followed up by kim jo john with her statement while being skeptical about it and accusing south career of double dealings. saying that it was potentially an admirable idea and that his conditions were right then north korea, she says, might be willing to enter into a constructive discussion. so this has been treated positively by south korea, which says it is committed to try to restarting negotiations and have good relations with the law. and it's certainly a very different picture to what we were looking at just over a week ago when you recall that on the same day, within the space of a few hours,
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the military's of the 2 careers were test firing new types of missiles. so it does seem to be an improvement on that at least iran says talks returning to compliance on the 2015 nuclear deal will resume very soon. this comes in the uranium foreign minister who's been speaking to reporters on the sidelines with the un general assembly on friday. but if the magic had sir james bass was there. well, the new iranian foreign minister who say $9.00 was briefing reporters here in new york. i attended that briefing. and clearly, many of the questions to him were about the iran nuclear deal. when those talks would start in v enter again. and he said they would start very soon, no definition of what the very soon means. but he said that the iranian side were reviewing all of the files related to the nuclear deal. and then would go back to vienna. remember, of course the talks in vienna stopped, and that's because iran had new election and president rice was elected. and now we
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have a new team and new foreign minister, new negotiating team, who it looks like. we'll return to vienna soon. and certainly there's been some frustration from the european side and the u. s. side. the u. s. making clear that they cannot wait forever for these talks to resume the iranians, saying that they want those talks to achieve a return to the iran nuclear deal to cycle j. c. p. away by all sides in a complete and verifiable way. but the iranians are not so happy with the u. s. position. they say the u. s. has paradoxical behavior. on one hand, it says it wants to return to the iran nuclear deal. remember, it was a trump administration that pulled out of that deal, but they say at the same time, the u. s. and president biden holds next to his heart is the quote, a thick file of trump sanctions, and he's adding to those sanctions. so if they get back to vienna, clearly the issue of sanctions, once again, is going to be one of the key sticking points. the other bit of news coming from
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the briefing concerns words. we've heard here in new york this week from the saudi king, and from the iranian president about talks they've been going on between the saudis and the iranians. and they've had very bad relations. and recent recent years, they cut diplomatic relations during the trump presidency. well, they are talking again a boat, so i say those talk all positive standing is began with the help of the rockies and talks have been taking place in bagdad in recent months. now that we're told is going very well. asian pacific security is expected to be on the agenda later on friday in washington. president joe biden is hosting the indian. it's truly an on japanese leaders at the white house for the inaugural in person called leaders. summits formerly formerly known as the quarter lateral security dialogue, the informal group is increasingly seen as
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a challenge to china's rise in par initially proposed in 2007 the shelved. it was revived under former president. donald trump. the meetings expected to include talks on ending the pandemic, tackling climate change and cyber security. the recent 9 spence of the orchestra fence packs between the u. s. u k. and the street. of course the needs among some who fear an arms race with china. where younger ursula is director of the asia program at the european council on foreign relations. she says, though it may seem european allies for being excluded, their interests are aligns with the aims of the summit. europe is obviously in the military sphere, slightly more detached from the ongoing battle. that is, that is emerging there from the security challenges that are emerging in the region . but it is economically incredibly important for the region. and the region is incredibly important for europe. the europe have interest in the endo pacific and
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this has been underlined by publishing its own into pacific strategy for the region . so i would say there is a complementarity of the effort of europe and united states. and that was underlined today also by dec sullivan, by the national security, by the rad, close talk with europe in leaders as well. that how important it is also for the united states to work together with europe impacting the new challenges. i think what we are looking at is a nuanced approach also of the american side and the focus on the security dimension is the immediate that are emanating from growing ministry presence and from growing capacity to protect military power in the regions. this is where it's going to flop the seal in. and the question of how does knology space will look in the future? now obviously, china is a challenge across the globe. and there's also going to potential to find areas to corporation in certain instances. but these are not in the immediate vicinity, these are not in the immediate security situation that we're looking at in the end of the topic region. but i think what we will need to see in the future is
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a very nuanced approach. a very moderate approach to where and how can we accommodate new presence in the well, but how and where does the united states and its allies, we've pushed back to defend their own interest. in the last 2 months, runs and forces have red northern booths and peak of arms groups for the last 3 years. the province of couple of the guards has been the target to frequent attacks in the area under complete control was simply something local moves and deacon forces were unable to achieve. malcolm webb sent the updates from capital gordo for london, and most am beacon soldiers. and now in control of this town to the y fi, and it's on a key road junction. but just a few weeks ago who was occupied by fighters from the on group house, bob. and you can see the remains of what they left behind. a lot of the buildings have been taught good. some shots have been looted, cause have been set on fire as well in the civilians and the savvy really feared
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the fighters from the group and notorious for beheading her abducting people. and all of the villages that we passed along the road on the journey here, a still completely deserted around a 100000 people have been displaced by the conflict began 4 years ago. as the insurgents steadily took more towns and villages, more people fled mazur. m big's armed forces failed to stop their advance. rwandan soldiers arrived here about 2 months ago under an agreement between the 2 governments. in recent weeks, they fought the armed group out of one town after the next. and it's fighters have fled into the bush. this small town called him bow was the last town, the armed groups fighters occupied and their leaders were head cold today as well. just a couple of weeks ago, the random forces pushed him out of the following a heavy battle. and you can see the remains of it, explodes is blown the roof of the building and there are holes in the iron sheets
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and in the wall as well. on the floor, you can see the remains of the shopkeepers property was one space there before fleeing, when the insurgents attacked all the people that used to live here. and now wondering if, when it will be safe for them to come home. lisa nigeria has arrested 3 suspects in connection with the abduction of more than 100 students in could do in the states. 121 children were taken after gun and storms, their hostile, hostile at the best bumps of high school in july. so far, 100 of the kidnapped students had been freed or escaped on goods in northern virginia, the doctor more than a 1000 students. since december airlines have counseled flights to la paloma in the canary islands and full comic explosions. and the russians intensify
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. 3 more times have been evacuated in firefights is about to pull back from clean up, work in to do ok. the volcano 1st erupt says on a sunday, quite a gas and ash above it is not the biggest. it's been the british government has promised to do whatever it takes to resolve a truck driver. shortage, just calls and delays of critical supplies are being keys at filling stations after several forced to close. the lack of drivers is also cause widespread disruption to britain food sector. another 90000 drivers needed to meet a national shortage. ah, this is al jazeera. these are the headlines. sizes of climate for testers have taken to the street to cities.


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