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tv   [untitled]    September 24, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm AST

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can on a different form in people died more, they fly. this is no game. it's business makes the bomb is hopefully be swinging high across the valley. facing day on every journey. they'll gamble with their lives. just one living. risking it all on al jazeera me this is al jazeera ah. hello from do hi, i'm how am i here with the to see renews are coming up for you in the next 60 minutes. 3 to succeed angle america has germany's leader is reaching its final stages with climate change. one of the top
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issues for voters, the lawyer for former castle on liter carlos pushed among says seems going to be released imminently, but must remain in sardinia ready for talks. north korea says it's open for formerly ending the war with its neighbour, but only under certain conditions. and 11 and see prime minister meets with the french president in paris, hoping to show up much needed economic case. and one of sports most fiercely contested events times he'd all see us phase taking on europe in the 43rd edition of gold. broader cut. ah, me. well, we begin this. these are in germany. we're campaigning for parliamentary elections is in the final stage. the result, of course, we'll decide who replace is
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a chancellor angler marco after 16 years in par. well then, 60000000 citizens are eligible to vote. climate change one of the major issues. germany's main parties are holding their final rallies this friday, while more than 4 hundreds climate protests are taking place across the country. well, we've got correspondence across germany on this story for you. hold up the hemi, there's the social democratic policy rally in cologne. dominant cain is in the german capital, but the latest on the ruling, christian democratic union party 1st though less had to step, fasten. she's not the global climate protests taking place in berlin and that the green issues have been very much at the forefront in this german election. haven't they? yes, absolutely. just 2 days before these landmark elections,
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tens of thousands of climate protests was basically paralyzed. this whole area around parliament building in berlin shouting about a cool mind closure as soon as possible saying you have a choice during these elections. a lot of criticism of miracles, climate policy, the call might look nice minds are basically still open until 2038th. and a lot of climate activists are really much hoping that that could close sooner rather turn but was here as well. she gave a last message to germany just before the elections. if there's one other thing that this pandemic has shown us, it is that the climate crisis has never once been treated like an emergency. it is clearer than ever that no political party is doing close enough. but it's even worse than that. not even their proposed commitments are close to being align with what would be needed to fulfill the purchase agreement. it is going to be
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a huge challenge for whoever will be the next chancellor to come down emissions, but analysts say whoever it will be, he or she will have no choice, a high court decision earlier in the you said the government has to crop the emissions to achieve its a 2045 year goal of having 0 emissions. the green parties also for the 1st time having a, a chancellor candidates. although she might not become the next chancellor. she might play a role in government. and that also gives hope to all these climate activists that at least the policies will be a lot greener in the future. okay, set us in their life for us in berlin. step for now. thank you very much. indeed. let's take you to cologne and we're having to is standing by for us, you were us and i cp, riley, and they've been the perpetual one or result in recent elections. haven't they? is there a sense, however, that this time things could be difference?
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the yes indeed, actually the rally just wrapped up. we have the social democratic candidates all of shows who was insane agent who did do one of his final bids to convince people to vote for me actually positions and lots of people actually. i spoke to him on the square already regard him as the new chancellor of jeremy and now he had quite the widespread speech. she tackled the issue of minimum wage sheet back of the issue of climate change in the back of the issue of social justice. she said that a lot has to be done for the elderly women. then he also talked about the flood those that had been devastated over the summer. that need to be rebuilt. now, just a few months ago when this election campaign started, i think many here in germany would have discarded him as a pretension chancellor for this country. a lot of people would say that he lacked
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the coverage that he was trying to emulate angle america. a bit too much, but he steadily managed to get through those full and reach the top position and those opinions both, even though the gap with the c d u to send a right can did it. i mean, last it has narrowed over the past few weeks. he is still ahead now he is positioning himself also as the wise man, the realist, the one who has experience, he is currently the finance minister and the deputy chancellor of the outgoing government. german do likes ability when it comes to the way this the country goes forward and he is trying to position himself as the man who can provide that. the man also has a lot of experience because he has been part of the out going
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governments that if we look at judging by the fall, judging also by the last television debate that happened last night, he could emerge as in next johnson, even though the way things are going here, he would not have an outright majority. he would then have to form a coalition probably including the green party. and then depending on the result, a 3rd party as well. it has been a quite difficult ride for social democrats. if you look at the history of this country, the center, right, the c d u of angle america has been in power for or has one about 50 legs have been in power rather for about 50 years since the 2nd world war s b b has been empowered just a handful of, of years. so this would be a big feet for the center left. i mean, did the left of the german political arena, but a lot of people also tell you,
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we still decide on decided one paul shows that there's about 40 percent of voters, those who still have to vote because they had been a lot of male voting because of the panoramic. well a lot of those still haven't decided and the gap is so narrow that things could change come election day. ok. very unpredictable will actually be fascinating to see pan side of the life for as in cologne. how to thank you. let's take you back to berlin though we can speak with dominic cane, who joins us from the german capital, where dominic, we understands the c, v use having a rally of sorts with the chancellor angle of markle is addressing the faithful, which is probably a good thing we the given that the cd you really are plunging in popularity. this time runs and it's, it's rather difficult to pick the new leads or of the party out of elaine up high were things looking for the c d u right now dominic,
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how are they planning to close those gaps in the opinion polls? that's the interesting question. because over the course of the last few days, increasing numbers of opinion polls have suggested that the vote for the c d, u. c. s u is increasing, and 12 polls are out today. but one which stands out for the christie democrats and their allies, the christine social union from bavaria, one points behind the social democrats. and the reason for that, some people say is because of the activity of anger, the medical over the course of the last few days she's appeared at rallies with om in. lush, she's appearing at one specifically right now in munich, in bavaria, which is the last, as it were, pitched way for her to be seen with arm and lashes, but also with the conservative leader in bavaria, the prime minister of area. marcus, they've been in a sort of be a whole scenario where i'm going to michael drinking beer and appearing not really
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to enjoy the taste of it. the flavor of it, which in some ways, mimics the way that her party has reacted to the choice of party leader of chancellor candidates. many conservatives don't really want lashley to be the chance for the candidate to do anything about it now, but they wanted marcus and they would say that with mark is that are in charge than their problems would be over. one pulse suggested some time ago that said it would win 38 percent of the vote if he was in charge. he was on the top with a ticket for the christie and democrats. he's not on national is and that's why angle america, what is being seen with these with these 2 leaders. now it's the hope from christian democrats. some of her star quality as it were, can rub off onto lash. it can persuade some of those, christine democrat, voters who really weren't that infused fi. i'm in lasha that they should still vote for their party if they want that party to continue with the leading role in government. now clearly it's just one poll out today. it could be a rogue poll,
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may be the race is not as close as this one suggests, but if it is as close as it's yes, then clearly meetings like these we've seen in cologne for mr. shots meetings like these and munich with, with anger them alcove and lash it, and then they may make a difference but will only know what real difference they've made on sunday evening . ok. the only person that can pull that can really dominate came live for event berlin. dominic, thank you very much indeed. well, from the german elections to the russian elections. now, in russia's electoral commission is rejecting accusations of widespread vote. rigging, the certified results show united russia retained its power in last week, parliamentary elections. the group defeated parliamentary candidates on their support to stay. they will try to overturn those results, which they insist aren't fraught with corruption. well, alex and the sort of yes is very and independence, opposition,
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politician. and he says that authorities are not interested in holding free and fair elections. i do not want to sound depressive, but i was pretty much sure that they won't let any of the independent candidates even be registered. so the rest of the candidates who managed to pass through all those very years they were registered even in the regents in the constituencies there that were like free from any of the candidate of united russia. and sometimes that happens when united russia has an agreement with, with the rest will be controlled by united russia party like comedies. were like just russia. they sometimes give them the constituents and then those constituencies, fuel the independent candidates were just that. but most of them were just basically arrested or forced out of the country. that's why i realized immediately from the very beginning of the election that they are 100 percent control of f. b,
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not even presidential administration, but f b for mc h u b. and when they control things, they do that harshly, they do everything like in a very hard way and the very harsh way in the classic track down way. so they'd rather prefer put a lot of people into, into jail just because there are the approaches are not likely then let them be registered and then make the readings and all the stations during the election. so there was the result. unfortunately was clear though i had a hope, but we should be realistic times more still ahead on this new so are including a combination of bricks. it's on the panoramic, dr. shortages of supplies across the united kingdom. i'll just there against re or access to an african province for the taliban 1st emerge. and in sports has gone from 5 to worse for boston. luna's head coach far will explain why later in the
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program. ah, the sister of north korea's leaders in pyongyang is ready to consider anything the state of war with the size, but only as sole scraps. it's hostile policies. the statements from kim, your job was in response to coal form. the sites officially declare an end to the korean war. she said it was an interesting proposal and a good idea. but her statement goes on to say that this would not make sense in the midst of double standards and hostile policies. because of the fact korean president had to say at the united nations few days earlier, hum, bundle promotion 2 years ago in this very place i declared 0 tolerance for war, a mutual security guarantee, and co prosperity as the 3 principles required to resolve issues related to the
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korean peninsula. last year i propose the declaration to formerly end the korean war. more than anything in end of war declaration will mark a pivotal point of departure to create a new order of reconciliation and cooperation on the korean peninsula. i once again urged the community of nations to mobilize its strength for the end of war declaration on the korean peninsula and proposed that the 3 parties of the 2 careers, n d, u. s. or 4 parties of the 2 careers and the u. s. and china come together and declare that the war on green peninsula is over. well, let's bring in kim that young june in on son. he's a member of the national security advisory board at the south korean presidents office. and it's good to have you with us on this news, or would you say this constitutes a breakthrough? could we see an end to war between your 2 countries? yeah, it's not that it's a message
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in the b 5. this message is nice. but for a change ration for shipping and the patient policy. and the other thing is that the next. ready step is to get the baby. okay. mr. cannon. oh mr. can i'm, i'm sorry to cut you off. we are having problems with your audio. let's see if we can try and fix that. and we will come back to you when we can apologize. once again, kim young jan, joining us from non sun. let's try and see if we can fix that and come back to that interview for now. let's move on at lawyer sim catalonia is
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a former liter carlos approach to move say he'll be released from italy in detention. imminently pushed him on, was taken into custody by police in san antonio on thursday. the move spot riley, st. site, the italian concerts in bar saloon and the court in san antonio. supporters are asking for the e you to stamp pin will spin accuses, pushed them on the sedition for wanting a 2017 dependence referendum, which was teams illegal by spanish courts and left cross. now to adam rainy, he's on site, the prison, where call us push them on is currently being held on the italian islands of sardinia. actually go backwards and forwards quite a bit in the last couple of hours. so what's happening were you are, what are we likely to see? well, holla, we're right out side the prison, which by the way, is one of the reasons higher security for the 1st time heads are held at any moment
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. now you can see perhaps some commotion here kind of money and parliamentarians, supporters, the former president, catalonia all. busy here mass, because we think any moment out he is going to walk out of prison. that doesn't mean he's totally free because the ruling earlier friday here and so then is that he should not be held in prison, but he should not leave the island. what that means is the court is going to keep considering this extradition order band, considering whether that's how they got the same or perhaps set free to go about his own business back for belgium, where you've been reading for a few years and exile. so what we've seen is a lot of energy over the last hour. so it's people left the court where this was taking place once that was issued and they've mass. you might not see them all, but we're talking about a few 100 people here right now. so one of the highest security work people that i've seen it in factory as and i do have to say just tell us about how we go here
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because it is rather unusual. carla's pushed him on, he was the meter of catalonia, the famous regional spain, which is desperate to seek it's in dependence. this controversial court case happens. it resulted in the role of politicians in capital and b jails in spain, and they've been pardoned. but it's still unclear, isn't it? what's the faces of people like carlos pushed the car up and starting on who fled the country? where legally do they stand? right? no, because there's a lot of discussion over whether the facts, tradition arrest warrant status. what indeed. so 1st off, back track a bit more than 3 years ago, 4 years ago. this referendum call when you, when was president crushed by spain? put down hard, lose his power, please, to belgium,
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an exile he's one is trenice. authorities want them to cage and he'd been detained in belgium, in germany, of both those cases. he was allowed free return to belgium, and this one happens to months after his immunity. as a years in member, i've been stripped from when it was stripped earlier this year. from him he said, well, there's really no risk that you will be arrested anywhere. well, but you know, it becomes to lead to this cultural event here and start being a part of the lead that has a lot of affinity, which catalog. i'll give the company to people actually speak paddling. they're not all the people calling authorities immediately grabbed him and detention arrest him in spain as clearly as this extradition warrant that pushed him on. according to someone we spoke, i spoke to him in prison earlier said he had no clue. this was going to happen. he thought he would come see this cultural event and be on his way that this is
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happened. he's going to be released in just a few moments how long you'll be in is not weird because the judge says he wants to have more information in ways it's decision a little longer. so he might be uncertain you for several days or even longer than that. i was getting fascinated. see how that plays. i'm not sure if there's any movement behind you that jail will let you keep an eye on it for us. but for some reason, their life for a fight that high security prison in sensory, thank you very much. in the iran, the says talks and returning to compliance on the 2015 nuclear deal will resume very soon. this comes from the new radian foreign minister who's been speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the un general assembly on friday. let's get more now with aren't diplomatic adds to james base who is live 1st at the united nations. james, what more do we know about this?
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while i was in that briefing via the iranian foreign minister saying, i don't know who was telling us about the current state of the nuclear negotiations and making it clear once again that iran is prepared to return to the negotiating table in vienna. very soon, because the definition of very soon i think is that is the key factor here. remember those talks in vienna were taking place earlier in the year. they paused because of the iranian election and the election of president e. c. and they haven't resumed at this stage. iran says that it is currently through because they have a new team and new forum minutes at noon to go to the words we will attend the sessions very soon, reviewing the file and c h a will recompense very soon. they said that iran once a return to the nuclear dealer 2015, the quote was in
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a complete and verifiable manner. so positive there. but then listen to what they had to say about the us. remember, it was the us that pulled out of the iran clear deal and they said that the u. s. position is very paradoxes hold on one level. the us is saying, yes, we want to sign up again and get back into the iran nuclear deal. they say that the u. s. is words, iran says us, his actions are very different. let me quote. they say the president biden holds next to his heart. a thick file of trump sanctions, and he's adding new ones. the issue of sanctions clearly is the one that concerns iran, the most. and i think is going to be one of the big problems when they get back to vienna, as it now sounds they will do in a matter of weeks, probably although we will not given the exact timeline by the iranians. the other bit abuse from the breathing, which i think follows on things we've heard here during the high level week of the un general assembly, from the king of saudi arabia and the president of the rom,
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it's talks between the radians and the saudis. remember the saudis broke off for magic relations? well, those talks are, we told going well, they're encouraging. we understand that they were broken 1st by the rockies talks have been taking place in baghdad. and they're aimed at trying to improve regional security. those talks positive according to the right inside. ok, thank you very much indeed that shame space or to pronounce cancer. of course in life is from the united nations. thank you. james. phil i had here on al jazeera us wraps up expulsions of patient asylum seekers. like criticism over the factions on the southern border, still treasure returns to iraq. i this a priceless ancient tablets making its way back home. and as for find a point, anthony joshua's latest heavy weight. wise old is no laughing matter. ah
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. hello there. let's have a look at the weather in the middle east and levant and it's hot and it's dry and it's relatively quiet. we are seeing if you coastal showers affecting the caspian sea, edging down into iran. but temperatures are where we are expecting him to sit for this time of year, re add and do by sitting at $38.00 on saturday. now the wind does pick up blowing down from iran, across q 8 and into guitar and further afield. that's going to create a lot of hazy sunshine, particularly on sunday. we've got quite a bit of cloud building up across oman and yemen. a few showers in the west, edging up into saudi arabia and these join up with the thunderstorms that are running across that central band of africa. we think some intense rain was again for south sudan. that's not going to help the flooding situation here. and it's
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a similar story for uganda. we've seen landslides in the east, we could see more with those heavy rains. but come sunday it's going to be the gulf of guinea. that once again sees the wet and windy weather. we are expecting some flooding across parts of nigeria where that rain falls heaviest. now to the south, it is a lot dry and lots of heat coming through. what's wanna fully see 2 and 4 south africa. the temperature picks up in cape town, lots of heat coming through for johannesburg, but it will cool down as we go into next week. the china has been very strategic in the way to expanding its reach in indian ocean. what is it, and we bring you the stories and developments for the rapidly changing the world we live in without the international aid. what do you think is going to happen? the afghan common, the counting the coast on al jazeera. after 16 years at the helm,
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angular macalucio 2nd damn is one of germany's most popular chancellor. but his kristian democrats struggling in the race to replace with the resurgence social democratic party and the green to making headway who will emerge in front and become germany's new leader, special coverage on al jazeera. how many nukes has too many new america has in many ways driven the arms parties are much more like the british parties. now there are fewer regulation to own a tiger than their our own dog. how can this be happening? you know, we take on us politics and society and that's the bottom line o a
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l. just a quick reminder, all the top stories for you. this are thousands of climate for testers, taken to the streets and fifties across germany, just 2 days for the country goes to the polls. climate change is one of the hottest topics in sundays general election. russian selection commission has rejected accusations of widespread for rigging, as it's fair to find the results of last week's parliamentary election. it confirmed the proof kremlin united russia party had won the pool with around 50 percent of the vote. the says there is north korea. leaders says pyongyang is ready for talks, so if it scraps its hostile policy, the statement for my came you june in response to factory as cold for formal ends to the korean war. to the us now were president joe biden says he takes responsibility for the situation at the southern border with mexico promising
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there will be consequences after border agents were filmed, mistreating haitian migrants the al jazeera footage films earlier this week has caused outrage. of course i take responsibility. i am president, but i was horrible. would you see? as you saw to see people treat like they did horses very right him over and people being strapped. it's outrageous. i promise you those people will pay. they will be an investigation underway. now and there will be consequences, there will be consequences. it's an embarrassment, but beyond an embarrassment, it's dangerous. it's wrong. it sends the wrong message around the world, sends the wrong message at home. it's simply not who we are. let's get more from kimberly, how could she joins us now live from the white house and kimberly precedent by and there clearly didn't like what he saw from al jazeera. the fact that border patrol,
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sophomore, 15 asylum seekers, renting them up with horses. but if anything really changed, i mean, is he just unhappy that the switch is there, or is he happy with the entire situation go to the border? well, there's no question that he's unhappy, but he seems to be focusing on that one incident and not the broader challenge of immigration and the fact that there are thousands of people that still remain huddled under that bridge in del rio, texas. now, it's interesting to point out the president is now taking responsibility. the frustration for so many in the united states around the world is how long it took him to make that statement. because for days the white house press secretary has been the only one that is been answering questions about what exactly happened there at the border face to face with reporter. so there is some frustration that it took so long for the president to take responsibility. the other frustration is
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that in the same press conference, the president seem to blame his predecessor for the problems.


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