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world to those who use conflicts to steal into traffic, cultural heritage, participating in the destruction of cultural diversity. the epic itself is written as if recounting a dream telling the deeds of the hero gilgamesh, his contests with beasts and gods. gilgamesh sought the secret of immortality. but in the end, the hero learns a hard truth. what you seek, you shall never find. the text says for when the gods made man, they kept immortality for themselves. rob reynolds al jazeera. ah, this is alex rivera. these stories, thousands of climate protesters have taken to the streets and cities across germany just 2 days before the country goes to the polls. climate change is one of the hottest topics in sundays election. lawyers,
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the capital loan is former leader called he's a mom says he will be released from italian detention within the hour. however, the expedition case against him remains open to demands. arrests sparked rallies outside the italian conflict and bos, alona and the court in then. yes, adam, right. he has the latest just moments ago. you had the lawyer for please come out. and he said he will be free. our, our bus will be free today. and there were some clapping from activists here who, who support the former cadillac leader and then the lawyer came out went further and his case will be continue to be reviewed. so although he won't be held in prison, he's being held in, dan, you can't leave the island legally. work here continues to review this case, this extradition order. so it's not clear what is going to happen to him in the coming days. us president joe biden says on vaccinated americans and causing damage
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to the nation's health care system. in a televised address in the last half an hour he pleaded to people to get jobs. listen to the voices of the vaccination americans who were lying hospital beds, taking their final breath sane. and literally we've seen some television if only had gotten vaccinate if only if only they're leaving behind hoses wise. small children, people who adore them. people are dying and will die and don't have to die is not hyperbolic, suggest is really a tragedy. please don't let this become your tragedy. get the vaccinate. ok up to date. lots more news on our website. our desert dot com. do check it out. coming up next, the stream teaching, you can watch out for english streaming live and i do 2 channels plus thousands of
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our programs award winning documentaries. and you get to choose to scribe. you choose dot com forward slash al jazeera english. ah, i actually ok next week germans will be going to the pose and voting for a new chancellor. who can replace angela marco, what are the big concerns of both his right now? and who are the talk candidate so much to pack into this episode of the stream. but 1st his anglo michael speaking just a few weeks ago about her own legacy. take a look and not top small him in his most all for wouldn't miss an arbiter. but even the, the d even does a good kim, scott ding off of the target on something with us up coming in from feed on within the management board on. couldn't even maximize the needle, unusual, and this talk
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a snit names off at them can get to sort of minot fallen place and in a title hub on because they're soft and leave because i'm only on indian anaconda, you know, with a beyond saga, ministry minister does probably out of the system for tomorrow, for the 3 stopped on the economy. so i'm not a few municipal rosa and michael, welcome your panel everybody. i'm going to say hello to oliver and tom, and they feel nice to have you on board all of it. please tell everybody who you are. what? i'm a correspondent, the united states correspondent with daughter ella. that's germany's international broadcaster here in dc. get to have you had i tell it's just south to the stream us . good evening from berlin. i'm tom national, the bureau chief for the economist. nice to see sophia,
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welcome to the stream. tell everybody who you are and what you do. hi, i'm sophia bess. i'm a senior research fellow at the farm, that's the think tank and german 4, and then we have such a great lineup audience do not waste that lives in the expertise we on youtube right now in the comments section. put your thoughts, your questions right here, and you can be part of today's show if we're talking about the legacy of anglo merkel, that would take us weeks. i would say, because really we break that down. we're not going to do that. i'm going to give you a little assignment, fear angle, of course, as a global leader on the world stage. what's a legacy? it's a really good question because on the foreign policy and germany's both in the mecca has been pretty hesitant actually, which might be surprising. she's not known for major speeches or decisions, changes in the field, the foreign policy and defendants. she sort of champ and the usual german tropes
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include the t dialogue, motivation and shooting me, that the china commitment tomato and you until you recovery package last year that has been very little concrete follow up in that she's been, i think a crisis manager with that has won her a good reputation abroad as an anchor for stability if you will. but it leaves germany without much of a strategy to tackle the big future challenges, like d cabin is ation of the economy or a digitalization or indeed, what to do about jimmy small as a defense power in nature of focus on missteps. 20 years. 16 years as javin talked to miss t. yes. and that has been a long time. first of all. right, i mean the along with serving chancellor together with him would cool the chancellor during the time of the unification in germany. i think it was also your car was here, made a famous quote. he said she did nothing. she did many things. right. but no major thing wrong. and i think that characterizes her very well. and that's also what
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sophia pointed out, that she was a very careful politician. she always tried to gather majorities around herself. it took a long time for her to come to conclusions sometimes. and that's where her problems also were. so she's certainly an anchor of stability over the last 16 years for germany, for europe. certainly very important aspect of her, of her legacy. but then on the other hand, she did not have a clear vision. she did not also tell short in, in solving some of the biggest problems that the european union has. for instance. what if i place you on success this way? you can look at angela mark with a this is her, see, this is where people will remember her being the most successful type things. i mean, i think for fear and oliver have described it pretty well. you look back over 16 years, it's quite a long time for someone to be in office. but it's quite difficult to point to any kind of decisive moments which and them who have the kind of particular vision that
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she decided to execute either either for germany or europe or for the world. what you has really, i think are 2 things. one was a very strong ability to manage crises, and we had a lot of those, particularly in europe, in the 1st half of the 2010. you find adam up at the heart of them, the years and crisis to refugees, to russia and ukraine. you name it, and the 2nd thing is a kind of a method, a way of trying to solve problems. what do you see with my time and time again, both domestically and internationally? is this method of trying to bring everybody to the table to hear everybody's point of view to negotiate all night long, if necessary, and crucially to delay making any big decisions until the last possible moment. and you can tell you have no choice to make those decisions. that was her way of managing crisis. sometimes that led to quite a big costs, particularly in managing the euros and crisis. but that i think is the legacy more . busy to the method, the vision or an idea of the g. i was bring in the voice of dr. janet bus. he is at
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tennessee college in dublin, and this is what he told us a little bit earlier. i guess, i guess it's mixed content oriented and pragmatic leadership style and kind of germany route tried to financial economic crisis and germany, seymour economic growth. they're not developed countries, but it is also because of this pragmatic leadership style that she has pedro trad significant issues, lack of for after the democracy, edward in the european union. and because i park, which isn't just of the fed, to use opportunities, lie to 2015 reference crisis to develop a revision of germany as a migration country. she leaves to success or across from germany and need to put a provision. tell me you're sitting there in berlin. i'm just wondering what writings are right now the high all day. they staggering the high.
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yeah. she wanted to run. if i run again, she'd get i don't think there's any doubt about that at all. i mean now approval ratings. above 80 percent is actually extraordinary. yeah. and what's really striking is it, if you look at the ratings for the candidates from a bind to replace or the chancellor, they all have fraction of what's really been really interesting about the selection campaign. what you ordered them in that different way and i think tried to appeal to what is a version of moderate centralized electric. the market was so good at reaching, but i think they've also to for short in their own ways. yeah. so oh yeah. if it's, if you guys, i said i'm going to get all of it. no. go ahead. it's so interesting because they were trying to think and it's so funny because they're looking almost for the next merkel right. germany is looking for the next markup at her pitch was fun of ability and humility. and because all candidates are trying to position themselves
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as the next market, they're almost looking for the nice charismatic most to interest candidate. and i think we've seen that in the and election campaign that has been void of ideas really. oliver guy had. yeah. and at the very interesting election campaign was in the and especially now if you look at 3 candidates and i think that's actually very important aspect to your office election that we have never seen a situation where actually 3 parties will be necessary to form a coalition so we have a real shift there in german politics right now, and that's perhaps too interesting also for you, international audiences that this has not happened before. so there is this kind of erosion from what we seen in germany, that stability we were talking about before. everyone has addressed of us, we're usually 2 parties. we're trying to make the deal and trying to find out where the next chancellor will be right now. first of all, we don't know it at all. busy so it's a very nice race and it's nothing we have no no,
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go ahead. but yeah. do we think about the selection? is it on the one hand, it kind of like horse race terms and he's going to win and who's up and down in the polls? it's been absolutely extraordinary. we've had 3 different policies in the lead. in the last 4 or 5 months. huge upset about what's gonna happen on sunday, and afterwards when they have to put a government together. on the other hand, if you were saying a moment ago, the campaign is actually been about nothing at all other than personalities and it had no proper seemed really hasn't had much substance, which is really worrying, given the number of challenges at gemini, can i have to confront news i had to guess we can look into this breakdown of who, who the candidates are the 1st his friend he's, he's thinking about who the next person has to be, what kind of quality do they have to be to be the next german chancellor who is this is an entity lecture for germany in many ways. actually the current chancellor
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angle america let's not running for office again. so we will definitely get a new chancellor. and that means that for many voters, the question off whom and trust with running the country has gained prominence over the last few weeks. and it seems, you know, they're looking for a safe pair of hands, which seems to benefit the current fine, infamous, all of salt social democrats. i'm going to go through some of the top contenders in just a moment. sophia, what was in your mind, you're about to say something. no, i'm thinking about the fact that it's because they're trying to be medical that it's been boring, but it's also, i think that after 16 years of this, but so i'm just called the pen politics. germany has been and that's the ties to
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a degree. i think we have lost track of fighting over of fighting over issues. and as a result, this campaign has been very process heavy. all right, tom, i'm gonna, i'm going to, i'm going to for your brain here. let's take a look at some of the top candidates. i'm just going to put 4 up here, and i'm just going to get you to do a single line write a single sentence. so let's start with the c d u christian democratic union. gentlemen, i'm the leader of the christian democrats, angler merkel party and the candidate for that party. and it's been very assist the party to see su, tried to position and help themselves in centrist success, to mark who you have an absolute disastrous campaign social democratic party. let's pop out that leader. so his shots, he's the finance minister and the vice jobs are in the current government because yes, p d and the, the cd you see a few in the ground coalition at the moment. he sort of the opposite. he'd been a lot to use. the s p d were really, really struggling. and literally just in the last 4 to 6 weeks yesterday on the old
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shots, the station extraordinary. come back in the front on it to be the get it to me. it's like a whole race, the green party tom, keep going, get back to the junk shops and re from the green party. she's a co leader of the party with the medical go, but ha, back they briefly when she became the counters in april, the green briefly sought to the top of the poles as an extraordinary moment didn't last long. she's made a few mistakes, but they're still of course have a very good election results and she will probably be in the next coalition government and the f d p. why we, even on this graphic, free democratic party will influence possibly have very good reasons on the graphic christian in the age of the party is not going to be charged. if a small liberals. busy are pro business pass cutting party, but he, this party could be absolutely crucial to putting the next coalition government together because they will be needed to make up the numbers in which way they choose to go is going to be absolutely crucial in the day,
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weeks after the elections of i have total respect for you saying you have no clue what he's going to happen on sunday. what do you want to share with us about what you feel going to have? what is it? so i was just going to so many wildcards there that they usually shouldn't be historically. you know, i think in the past it was clear that if you look at the, the current, the father of the, the, the government said we had in the, in germany after the 2nd world war was usually mostly the conservative c, d, u, together with the liberal business friendly f t p perhaps and later in later stages, yet a little bit more of the social democrats, especially on the america with 3 grand coalitions. so right now we're having the situation where everyone has moral is the same. you know the same and pulling you had lashes who had this disastrous campaign, as tom pointed out who's very unpopular in fact, among people you had this full paw, for instance, where we had to flop catastrophe and germany with almost 200 people killed. and he
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was caught in the sidelines of a press conference smiling, and really having a hearty joke. and that really didn't farewell. and then he turned around very often had a lot of you turns in his policies and so on and so forth. so that really makes him the unlikely candidate, but in recent days, i have to say that he's, he's kept up and he's getting closer to his contender of the social democrats. so that can be very interesting. yeah, i heard you feel well, what back on the global state angle and michael have a very distinct presence. who from those 4 candidates that we looked at, do you feel could, could actually have a group presence on the international? that's a really good question. i mean, i think, but we almost know for certain and not to be pessimistic here, but the germany is going to lose some of interest in some of its power on the global stage with america leading because and that's not just down to what i think it's a relative weakness of the candidate that also that she had 16 years of experience,
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16 years of grip on both the national system and also international system within europe, with the global states. she had relationships she had influence. but also because, and it's unfortunate about the german elections that they don't invent themselves very well to theater after the election. you don't really know who the chancellor will have months, probably be of clinician negotiations and then we're likely to end up with a quite segmented coalition. between the parties that might not really agree on foreign policy, so we're almost taken to be a bit weaker on the stage afterwards. i think that and then in that be about had a very strong pitch on foreign policy and she did very well in the global audience . i mean, she was the dining of washington when she came here in the spring. but it's unlikely that she will be chance there between lashes and shows i have to go with, but i think it is good to hear you're calling the election. you are,
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i'm calling who will be the most respected on the go with age and i think okay, to different types of chem, all right, that's a better chance. but i am a bit like the economist, which is meant that they have think embrace charles, but the most lack luster embrace. i think that's about right. i think that there's something to add which is a particular kind of europeans i mention on this, which is my, my impression is that although as we were saying before, i think german will be sad to see anglo merkel, the, she remains very, very popular. i think much of the rest of europe is not just sad, but actually very nervous about the prospect of seeing them up when you cause you can look back at the law of the 1516 years she's been in office. she has been at the heart of everything that europe has done and she's for, she's really strong relationship. she absolutely placed germany at the heart of europe. look at any european country and their strongest relationship in most cases
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with germany. when she's gong, there isn't going to be anybody else in europe who can fill that void and manual not crime, doesn't enjoy the same sort of trust continence mother places married. a drug, a prime minister eventually is liked and respected, but justly doesn't have the same cloud to jeremy dogs, of course, whoever the next german chaucer isn't going to at the very least, need a good amount of time. it's gotta get that time to the depth is going to be a boy at the heart of europe and people are quite nervous about that. all right, guess i have same many questions and thoughts from you for i live in chief audience . i'm going to throw them out to you. i wanted instant reaction, but not the analysis, but instant got reaction back. all of his looking at me. all right, kimberly angle is one of the and she is a powerful woman. she, she doesn't know who can replace her. is that a feeling that you're also getting from the german public junior reporting? well, i don't understand the question. she doesn't know who to be, who to replace. she doesn't, she doesn't know yet. i think the idea is she can't conceive that could possibly
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replace somebody will. obviously she's been out in the streets supporting lots of course in recent days because she sees that, that is not moving the way she wants to. but it's certainly big footsteps, you know, and the big question of course, is the, the stability one, will the next government and be a stable as the one before. that's what people want right now. what's gonna happen? you know, this is such a long time, 16 years. i mean, i was like, i just came out of university when uncle american took took office for the 1st time . a lot of people have never, you know, the younger folks have never seen anything. anyone else in polar? anything deal? let me bring in another comment. this one's from her miss on you. she's thank you for being part of the shows. they fear this one is for you, for a policy. how does germany intend to position itself towards china? russia, given the recent a u. k, u s. u security alliance, st. u k. united states alliance. this is a quick, one of the,
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the quick questions. yes, that's the trans atlantic relationship. yes. so really briefly, i think i'm trying to go see some change in germany, no matter who comes into the office because the german consensus sometime changing from a reading or countenance approach a bit naive perhaps trying to include china and the global system to a more confrontational approach closely uniting itself with the us and russia. there's going to be continuity, i think, not seem to have done that. the issue that everyone talks about, that sorta thunder sanctions at the heart of germany, russia policy and they will likely continue again. and each chapter defend spending is the one that people tend to tend to talk about globally. and that there i can only say that no german, particularly of the 2 percent defense spending. busy go so very likely to be disappointing with us for those who were hoping for more there. i think the question mentioned the office i'll catch back the last couple of last couple of weeks. germany has been pretty quiet and that's there. they don't fall
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in line with the french pitchfor european sovereignty as opposed to the close to the navigation ship. and putting this in very simple term, they're really keen to maintain a close relationship with us and not to get to involved in conflict with us. i think, i guess one more thing to do is definitely got the value from you today. as that is a key issue that focus will be voting on. this is what steph and told us earlier. tom, come off the back of this video immediately with what you believe is a key issue that the voters will be contemplating as they go to the post on sunday . first, defend the number one issue. the german public is concerned with in this journal election is according to the pause the climate crisis. we've had a major flash slamming event with 170 fatalities and tens of billions of years of damage in west germany this summer. that's in line with
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a general increase in extreme precipitation on the warming planet. together of course with increase change ways, drought strong target cycle. oh. and then so on. and almost all parties in german parliament pay lip service to the $1.00 degrees centigrade go over paris climate agreement. but none of them as a viable policy for what is a fair contribution of germany to this areas agreement. i mean, you are talking to a climate research, so maybe it wasn't surprising that he said the climate is going to be very important. but he's right. i mean, we would say before that this campaign isn't really about anything, but to the extent that it's focused on any particular policy areas. climate is definitely close to the top of the list, maybe at the top of the list, and then have a times that actually some quite rich, substantial debates on of between the parties on how they would hope to lead
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germany towards what a now actually quite ambitious emission reduction targets by 2030, and 2045. for me. the frustrating thing has been that while there's been lots of talk about, you know, to what extent you have to regulate versus leave it to the market. to what extent german industry is going to be able to make the transition, what it's doing now is what it needs to do in the future. it's been completed almost completely divorced from the global context and germany, responsible for about 2 percent of global carbon emissions. what it does is important, and it's important the euro most important to europe is important to the world that, that stuff you haven't really heard about in this debate. it's as if, you know, germany consult the global climate crisis when it's done. all right, i'm going to give you 11 thought hey oliver, cuz we're almost at the show. i want to fit for you in as well. one so. so what will be influencing? gemma focused on sunday. one thought, i think loudly, he pointed out to him as it's climate change is above all,
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very important topic. and it's what's interesting is that, that you have now the green party coming also strong. they were all stealing a little bit from the green party because they are more or less on the same page when it comes to climate change and certainly different shades, but are all moving in the same direction. the fear. so judging from the past what a german voters care about in the privacy of the election to stability, they've been conservative for years. small see conservative. the question is whether the current of people globally and in germany and 5th climate crisis has actually made a change in the german connecting bind and beat them to vote more for sort of future program for germany. or if they were going to go back to vote for a stability center, the guess. thank you so much. the fear and tom and oliver for giving us a whirlwind trip around next some of the candidates. so it was
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a thinking from germany how, how other, the thing journey from out flight germany as well. really appreciate it. it's a great primer for sunday that will just show you here on my laptop, where you can actually follow out. guess go to brother, news is all of his outlets. sophia is here at sophia bash, and tom, tom natalie, tom underscore, nato. you can follow, come and see how he's reporting as the fear is that she talking about germany, past and post angela marco, i'd have thought of l a is as well. thank you for your questions. they were excellent. i will see you next time. take everybody ah
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pitches, joint wine. that's the beauty of telling me jen with what was wanted to make the audience feel something to create an emotional connection with the story. ah, sometimes you have to go to great lengths to do just ah, when we made a film on the right of honor that we covered it without fear of failure. but we thought this hand up fee of the pen dentist because the behavior can lead to the truck you realize what's going on? the police investigated and right, and i was expelled me,
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but i couldn't hide from the truth as a tax on press freedom escalate. i work the al jazeera because i hold the line. i'm drew ambrose the in not. ready too often of cornerstone as portrayed through the prism of war. but there were many thanks to the brave individuals who risk their lives to protect it from destruction. an extraordinary film archive standing for decade revealed the forgotten truth of the country's modern history. the forbidden real part to the communist revolution on a janita across the younger valleys, high above the ground. a trouble has taken on a different form. people died for they fly. this is no game. it's business makes the bomb is hopefully be swinging high across the valley,
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facing day on every journey. they'll gamble with their lives, just one living. risking it all on al jazeera. ah, with this is al jazeera ah hello from do ha, how am i here with the to see renews are coming up for you in the next 60 minutes or 3 to succeed angle america. as germany's leisure is easy, it's final stage.


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