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will influence so, but north korea to bring it back to the negotiating table from around the world. the law is being accused of trying to expand around the influence peer, me me . ready the us special invoice i hate to resign saying his governments, treatment and deportation of migrants is inhumane. and the u. s. i hope you support is in patrols newer texas for the town up to algebra, images of aggressive tactics. ah, hello, i'm darin jordan this without the iraq lie from also coming up more jets of lava shoots into the sky, but volcano, in the canary islands, incinerating houses, schools and crops,
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and one to charge them all that you move towards requiring smartphone makers to adopt a single charge ah, walk into the program. the us special envoy, the haiti has resigned what he calls the inhumane treatment of patient migrants by the government and a statement daniel foot said the policy of deporting thousands of migrants and refugees is counter productive and deeply flawed. separately, images captured biologist era. reuters early this week showed us border agents using their horses rains to whip migrants who are trying to cross over from mexico . the border control chief describe their actions as unacceptable and said the horses will no longer be used. she has time to report from washington d. c. on the sidelines of the un general assembly anthony blinking, attempted once again to present the u. s. as making human rights central to its foreign policy. when asked about the treatment of haitian refugees of the u. s. a
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southern border, the secretary of state blamed disinformation. some people are misinforming haitians, whether in haiti or haitians residing and other countries that they can come to the united states and in state because of the temporary protected status. that was granted. the haitians who are already here, but there is a fundamental contradiction between the u. s. a long haitian refugees to stay in the u. s. under its temporary protective status scheme because of their home countries, instability only if they arrived before the end of july, while deporting those seeking asylum now to a country, it admits is dangerous. it was a question of the white house spokesperson wrestled with in washington. we are still under title 42 because we are in a global pandemic journey. sucky neglect dimension is the reason the u. s. is still under title. 42 is the bite and ministration has fought to keep it in its place against all legal challenges. title $42.00 is the obscure,
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75 year old public health law that was used by the trump administration to reject and deport all asylum seekers out at southern border. at the time centers for disease control scientist said it's invocation of sensibly to prevent the spread of code that had no basis in science. saki also misstated us an international law regarding asylum seekers. they're not deportations. people are not coming into the country through legal methods. in fact, the us immigration and nationality act is clear that any alien, irrespective of how they entered, is eligible to seek asylum. international law also prohibits ref, will move well the expulsion of refugees to countries where they faced persecution . a point raised at the u. m. the max expulsions currently underway without screening for protection needs are inconsistent with international norms in may constitute reform or in his resignation letter. a special envoy down foot didn't just object to what he called the inhumane counter productive decision to deport
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thousands of refugees to hazy. but took aim at the bike, the administration's wider policies toward the country, which he said would only worst refugee situation across the region. he knows that the administration is supporting aerial home reef. as the country's current leader over the objections of civil society put said it was just the latest floored us intervention. but hubris that makes us believe that we should pick the women again is impressive. he writes this cycle of international political interventions and hatred has consistently produced catastrophic results. the white house has foot never raised any objections, blink and acknowledge disagreements, but said he appreciated foot's passion. foot says he was ignored, i'm dismissed. she returns the al jazeera washington area. roy is, is an analyst at the migration policy institute. he says there needs to be much stronger policies to protect migrant. temporary particular status is given to people already in the united states. it's for people that have received and have
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come to nancy or after a certain period of time. so the migraines that are actually coming to the board at this point are not eligible for t p. s. in that sense, they can of course asylum. so therefore, they are not eligible for t p. s, they are eligible for asylum. but right now, the system is still not up to speed and not efficient enough sexually provide these protections for those migrants, not in mexico and not in the united states. we do need to have protection systems that need to be more open to my friends at the same time. enforcement needs to continue to happening in better and more professional way and wanting to work and addressing the root cause migration and providing more opportunities for my friends to come from central america from haiti, and from other parts of the world without having to go through such a dangerous journey and then have better mechanisms to receive them. not like we saw last week or the next quarter. now, like we saw earlier, when we saw those confrontations with some border patrol and migrants, we need to have a system that's not just reactive, but it's actually practically thinking about how can we meet the needs of migrants and prioritize those over any policy side that we may be seen on this issues. well,
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one of the most hiring journeys being made by undocumented migraines escaping poverty and violence, and both confronting the most our desert on earth. thousands of people from columbia, haiti, peru, and venezuela are risking their lives to reach chile. you see and human reports from co, china, in chile, on what it's like to cross the comma desert. me. this is the oldest, driest and the highest non polar desert in the world. according to nasa, the at the camera is the closest thing on earth to the rugged air terrain of planet mars. non stretches of the at that time a desert are located on south america's and these highlands and over 40000 meters above sea level lamas. and what apples who are at home here, despite extreme temperatures that can drop to minus 10 degrees. but for undocumented migrant, it's one of the most treacherous environments. honor we find
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a small group of young been his wayland who just made the journey across the bolivian border into chile follow. you can, di trying to. the cold is indescribable. we had to leave 2 others behind. that may not make it, they were like, i'm, i think the more i thought i wouldn't survive. i couldn't breeze it to 5000 kilometer journey from that is whaler to columbia than ecuador down to peru. and then from the livia into chile, the final destination got to think of, i said it took me almost 5 months to get here. i was robbed and had to walk from beryl. they're grateful for the bag of fruit were able to give them. they say they've had nothing to eat for at least 3 days and almost no water or money. so they keep walking in the direction of chillies, capital, tempe, angle, and other 2000 kilometers south. this is another tell tale sign that my grants have
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passed by here. it looks like they came here for shelter spent the night in this adobe dwelling that's used by the sheepherders alarm. i heard it was during the spring and the summer. what they did after that was to start getting rid of what they were carrying. and we see this all along the road because it's simply too exhausted to carry their things any longer. 17 year old horse, she has only kept a chic, his feet are cracking for walking so much. at the 1st jillian border, towns or chinese, dr. young looked up yet is on call 24 hours a day. or 2 men of the migrants asthmatic, which causes difficulty improving at these altitude, acute the hydrogen and intense cold, and up with hypothermia. you have seen much of a death caused by each end of the victim's death taking off. he's all his laws thinking they are not hot instead of freezing. but there are other hazards apart from robbery, many migrants who can't pay traffickers or bolivian police to allow them to cross
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into chile, say they've been victims of sex abuse. once here, the danger isn't over either, says colonel and his head in nash. nikosa been in smugglers locked up a group of which none venezuelans who couldn't pay in the house 190 kilometers from here. we found him last week and thanks one of the victims, a child who called his mother, who in turn a letter this. the traffic is, by the way, venezuelan themselves over the root is becoming a magnet for criminals to prey on undocumented migrants who are not legally allowed to be in chile. yet they keep coming, driven by desperation to make money to send to those left behind at home. it's like a gold rush, with no guarantees that the risk will be worth it to see and human al jazeera called chinese chinney. well, leaders have been told that a warmer planet also be
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a more violent one. the security implications of climate change are put to a meeting of the security council during the general assembly dominated by calls for stronger environmental action. from the un is christian philip. the from flash flood, to drought and famine. the united nations warns that a reckoning is coming for climate change. the united kingdom's prime minister boars johnson came to the general assembly with a message for human kind. it's time for humanity to grow up. it's time for us to listen to the warnings of the scientists and if you look at cove, it, if you want to see an example of the gloomy scientist being proved, right, it's time for us to grub and understand who we are and what we are doing johnson is trying to whip up support for major new commitments to reduce carbon emissions before it's too late. the international community travels to glasgow and early november for a major climate summit. well, virtually all countries agree that
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a warming climate is a risk. some are making the case that it's more than just an environmental problem . they say it is also a threat to international peace and security. some argue that means the security council can take action. that's an argument that should have been settled a long time ago. look at almost every place where you see threats to international peace and security today. and you'll find that climate change is making things less peaceful, less secure, and rendering our response even more challenging. china, as the world's largest consumer of call prefers to keep the subject off the councils agenda on the way it would be inappropriate and so forth to replace the collective decision making of the international community. beijing has promised to stop building new cold plants abroad, but the u. k. prime minister argues all countries will need to step up even more to keep the temperature rise below the previously agreed 1.5 degrees celsius and
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humanity on track. we must come together in a collective coming of age. we must show that we have the maturity and wisdom to act. and we can the cop 26 climate conference. his hosting is now just weeks away. christian salumi al jazeera, the united nations, was now the us house committee investigating the january capital riots subpoenaed for members of donald trump's administration. trump's chief of staff, mark meadows and form adviser stephen, and are among those who will have to testify likely be questions on what happened at the white house. on the day of the riot, nearly 600 people. i've not been arrested in connection with the storming of the u . s. capital on january the 6. so it's coming and i'll just have including can easy as president the class in a room by decree. his projects, i call it a to germany is election content. this face off in their final tv debate,
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3 days before voters decide who replaced anglo american warren that stay with us. a. it's another beautiful sunny day at 35000 feet. the weather sponsored by cattle airways, boated world's best airline of 2021. hello, good to see. we have some problems, spots for rain across india. let me show you. it's toward the northwest. so we're talking about the indian states of months of pradesh. registered into gutierrez, so over the next 24 to 48 hours, we could pick up to 200 millimeters of brain. we have seen some flooding in addition, but look at this, just a scattering of showers on friday. so it's starting to dry out calcutta in the sunshine with a height of $34.00 degrees. then there's this batch of what, whether taking aim at myanmar and that could drop about $200.00 millimeters of brain on a show you this tropical disturbance climbing into central parts of vietnam through laos. and eventually we'll find a home and central thailand similar here. we could see upwards of 200 millimeters
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of rain over the next 24 to 48 hours. we have a solid band of rain over the yellow river valley impacting young jo. but if i take it a bit further toward the northeast, beijing also be plagued by this weather look into scoop up about we'll call it 35 millimeters or brains in time for the eastern portion of korea. we've got a scattering of showers in for the western side of japan. same goes for you. but a big drop in temperature is coming for tokyo. we go from 31 degrees on friday, down to 25 on saturday with the risk of a few showers. that's it for me. see you soon. the weather sponsored by cattle airways voted world's best airline of 2021. talk to al jazeera, we get what gives you hope that is going to be peace because the situation on the ground seems to be pointing otherwise. we listened, we were never on. 3 whatever road to off migration we meet with global news makers
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and talk about the stories on sierra unprompted and uninterrupted discussions from our london broadcast santa ana. ah, ah, the me. we'll get back and pick them out about top stories here. this out, the us special envoy, the haiti has quit, or the treatment of patients migrate. daniel put, describe us policy on deportations and inhumane and counter productive. the whitehouse, their horses will no longer be used by us border patrols in del rio texas to offices they use the horses range to with ation migrate. the us border control chief describe their actions as unacceptable. and the un secretary general has one
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the security council, the climate change will make the world more violent and unstable. the un general assembly has been dominated by cold. the strongest environmental action committee and president k said has given himself extra powers, including the right to rule by decree. he also says he will no longer observe all parts of the constitution side justified the move, if necessary. to tackle the economic crisis bought his opponents or calling it a qu. leo hardy. as more. yeah, watching as to need his president does everything in his power to gain more power. political rivals are uniting in opposition for parties issued a joint statement, saying that he has lost his legitimacy while the largest party in parliament. another accuses of trampling the constitution borne out of tenicia, 2011 uprising shabbat when you are living on the store. the 2000000 people are against violence. we hope that nevada,
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the other parties in the civil society will fight to recover the constitution and the democracy ah, law law had to show on wednesday, i said, declared that he will live by decree and no longer abide by parts of the constitution. what he says he's preparing to change the political system. after sacking, the prime minister, freezing parliament, and assuming executive authority in july denied charges of a queue place insist. his aim is to establish a true democracy where the people are sovereign and the head of as many as he now has been the justice and executive power in his hands. which means that as he has now entering a new transitional phase, which can be called a temporary phase, the country will stuff i just like it has or the past 2 years. yeah, many tunisians have backs and believe he's trying to out the political elite viewed as corrupt and incapable of the case. so you must opened his door and hear the
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people he must listen to the qualified people. we do not want him to listen to the politicians, he must listen to the top talent that exists in the country so that they can draw an economic roadmap. but even one time political allies are now turning against the president, not to say that as we think that the preston has now decided to deviate from the constitution legitimacy and the legitimacy of peoples. well, in 2011 tunisia was the 1st country to rid itself of autocratic rule and what would become the arab spring. i would expect that in one or 2 months because of social economic stevens, we may see the beginning of opposition in the street that was actually join the of the put it's happening right now. protests are already planned for sunday in the same square where more than 2 decades ago, the people rose up against then president ben ali,
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leo harding al jazeera. 35 people have been killed as fighting, fled up between humans who the rebels and pro government forces in southern shambler province. dozens more were injured on the 3rd day of classes and the government controlled area. who if he's recently captured to districts inside shop or province, government forces now trying to push the rebels back. humans internationally recognized government, backed by a found the lead. military coalition has been locked in war with the iran back to the since 20143 enforcers have entered several more villages around the southern city of bringing the region under government control. the consolidated gangs made 2 weeks ago when president sasha troops capture the rebels held part of the province which struggled the borders of jordan and israel became known as the cradle of the uprising against are found in 2011, which led to war 10 years on a government again, control most of syria, the you and high commissioner for human rights is urging the international
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community to do more to stop the conflict in me and my getting worse of where it's too late. michel bachelor says the violence that spread through the country since of qu, in february, showing signs of escalating into a wide spread civil war. human rights situation, me mar, has deteriorated significantly. as the far reaching impacts of the of the military coup continue to devastate lives and hopes across the country. conflict, poverty and the effects of the panoramic are sharply increasing and the country faces a vortex of repression, violence an economy collapse. the former us defense secretary james matter has spoken about how he invested $85000.00 of his own money into the failed biotech firm founded by elizabeth holmes mattress. it was also a thoroughness board member testified at home just trials by prosecutors that you have fraud that potentially carries decades in prison. around us attracted hundreds
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of millions of dollars from investors, the promises to revolutionize medical testing. but the technology didn't actually work. union members of storm brazil, stock exchange headquarters to protest against president jack both in our own. they're angry and the country's economic situation, which they say has led to many going hungry demonstrators held empty parts and even pieces of animal bones. to highlight sewing food prices caused by inflation often with popularity has plummeted recently, and he's face repeated called his impeachment over handling the pandemic. rather groups of coca farmers in bolivia, 40 police in the capital le pass farmers through rocks and fire crackers. an officer responded by firing tear gas violence response by months long dispute of leadership of the regional coca farmer's association. the coconut trade is illegal business in bolivia and is controlled by local union. 17 people have been arrested . fire and love are still shooting from
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a volcano on the island of la palmer in the canaries, 5 days out, it began erupting walls of lava. haven't gulped everything in that parts, including houses, schools, and banana plantations. nicholas are reports in the village, of course. above the picturesque coastal village of does a corte is what seems like a looming storm, but is in reality a giant cloud of volcanic ash. the crater has expanded, does the court, it has not yet been evacuated. the villagers, mayor one coast is not just concerned, but deeply worried. lava is moving 4 meters per hour and it's less than 2 kilometers away from the village. one of this year, i'm concerned this may effect the banana plantation. this is the principal economic activity of people. so it would make a big losses for so many families. 500 hector's, a banana plantation have been universally destroyed by a thick blanket of ash. microscopic volcano rocks are seeping into the crop,
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making them inevitable amounts of last sized martine to an island, that gets much of its revenue from banana production, last year. a devastating fire dest toward the crop, followed by a long spell of drought. and now this looks, hey, i'm so upset, it's a disgrace. what we're going through here. we live off, and by the banana plantations, if we can't work, we're about to lose everything. it's another tragedy of all. a royal visits and screens came to boost the small and remote islands morale. thousands of people are displaced, their homes and belongings, turned to ash the volcano showing no sign of letting spewing a continuous flow of lava. experts don't know if this is going to last for weeks or for months. and so people on this island are learning to live in this new environment surrounded by fire in lava and what they describe as an unpredictable
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and intense climate. well, can ologist headlong predictive disruption, but failed to anticipate its magnitude? there now studying the site for clues for what may happen next, it has left them with more questions than answers. you have a person that may happen, right? so we are dealing with somebody adoption, the nomic of the gothic of the kid. when you set up to use a gun to make these kind of different faces, much more explosive. but this is common to see this kind of changing character movie character. what is this volcano trying to say wonders, mayor costa has failed to see its beauty. he feels powerless in the face of this force of nature as the future of his village hangs in the balance. nicholas hawk out 0 lewalma political leader in germany have been given one of the last chances to win over undecided voters during the final tv debate. the candidates vine to
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succeed anglo merkel clashed mainly on debt foreign policy and taxes. polls point to a tight race medical will stand down on sundays election but will remain can't take a chancellor during coalition talks. boston has more 3 days before the elections and the end back will become the next chancellor huskily and begun. during the last debate, the leaders of the main 7 parties tried to convince 25 percent of the 60000000 photos were still undecided. around 15000000 people was also the 1st time that foreign policy clearly dominated the debate with the main party saying that they wanted a stronger you. but they differed on how to treat china. there's a lot of things during these election, and if we may believe the polls, it could be the 1st time in 16 years that germany will be led by your social democratic government, led by the current finance minister. love shows. also the full show that i'm going to merkel cd you to kristen democrat union would love more than 10 percent of their
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seats and parliament for the 1st time in history. this also means that germany could be less buyers who will issue government of 3 parties instead of 2. so the very stable political landscape in germany for the last 16 years on the, on the la merkel who look a lot more fragmented in the future. the former head of colonial government has been arrested in the italian island of sardinia. carter has put him on travel there from belgium, where he's been living in self imposed exile for 4 years. spain has charge the separate his leader with sedition, saying he helped organize a 2017 independence referendum that was deemed illegal by spanish course. now your opinion hopes to impose a universal charge for all brands of mobile phones. tablets and other tech legislative proposal pushes for one plug that must device makers have already adopted. but the main hold out is apple. charlie angela has moore from london
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a jumble of different charges in a top drawer. many homes have them and it's a waste the you want to clean up. the you commission is proposing common u. s. b c, charging ports for all new smart phones. i pads, tablets, cameras and headphones. on the other issue of the office good. in terms of waste, this is difficult because this measure will allow us to say $1000.00 tons of electronic waste and $2600.00 tons of raw materials per year. there is also the impact on c o. 2 emissions. it will save 180000 tons of c o 2 equivalent per year. there's currently 29 percent of all new devices come with the usb cable. the us be micro be sold with android devices. accounts for 50 percent of all charges sold. while the apple, lightening port accounts for the remaining 21 percent the i did a streamline or charges is very popular with consumers. the typical person in the you currently own 3 different charges,
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but only uses 2 of them regularly. the proposal fits well with the current drive towards to stay in ability and promises to save consumers $293000000.00 a year in unnecessary purchases. the 2nd part of the proposal is that new charges aren't automatically sold in the same box with new electronic devices. the boots separately and the charging speed of cables is standardized. move environmentalists, a welcoming when it's wasted. a lot of top 6 substances include which lead soil into water and the hazardous sort of people that, that a displacing that waste as well. it's like less than environmental benefit from this movie. tiny, it's more that, but it's absolutely below within that model. if the electronics industry build some proprietary technology and in essence, which is through like over consumption. if the proposal is adopted by the parliament in count. so it could be law by 2022 companies will then have 2 years to
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adopt the devices. but consumer electronics giant, apple says the standardization will affect innovation 2 years is not enough time. the use says they've given the tech industry 10 years to come up with a solution between themselves. and they failed. now is the time for legislation. charlie angela al jazeera london wild boar on the streets of rome have become an election issue in the cities may all or race the animals that become an all too common sight in some neighborhoods of the italian capital. they've been increasingly drawn to the city in recent years, attracted by piles of rubbish, candidates up lemming each other for the issues. some residents say this good. i photograph i'm afraid causes i am afraid. now there are no bull when there are, i'm afraid, and it didn't happen just wanted, but many times, once i saw them, i was going to throw out the rubbish. and they came off to me because i was carrying a bag with rubbish. i left the bag and went away with them,
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but it was both always stroll here, but we're always careful with them. we're not afraid because we know they went to taco, but we always keep a safe distance from them. because if by chance there is a mother with a pig, let's be risk being the top about a r g type of cricket. the headline 00. the us special envoy for haiti as quick over the treatment of patient migrants and the letter to the secretary of state. daniel foot described us policy on deportations as inhumane and counterproductive. shap attempts, he has more from washington d. c. what a letter is often you read a lack of it so dominant. it wasn't just about what, what the old way cool the are the inhumane expulsion of patients. many of you have never lived in a she hated potentially back to haiti, but it was about decades of us.


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