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all just there. when you see the latest on the pandemic, this will have vaccinated more than 1100 people here, all of them migrant farm workers, people on home testing because they think that there is a risk to democracy, special coverage on i'll just there for me. the with the white house says us border police will no longer use horses in the del rio area of texas. this is the us hate in boy resigns saying he would be associated with america's in humane decisions to deport thousands of haitian refugees. ah, i've known taylor down to 0 live from london, also coming up. afghans living in desperate conditions encamped around cobble a toll. they can go home, but many have nothing to return to. unless thomas erupting volcano continues to
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shoot red hot lava into the sky, sending a toxic gas cloud over the island. ah, the white house, his horses will no longer be used by us border patrol in del rio, texas. after offices, they used the horses rains against haitian migrants images, capture biology era, and go to early this week showed us border agents on horseback trying to force people back as they attempted to enter the country from mexico. for the control chief described their actions as unacceptable thousands of haitian migrants remain in w, where the biden administration is using a trumpet of policy to justify mass deportations back to haiti of us special envoy if haiti has quit over the treatment of haitian my words in
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a bluntly worded resignation letter to sector state antony blink and daniel foot wrote that he will not be associated with the united states in humane counterproductive decision to deport thousands of haitian refugees and illegal immigrants to haiti. the u. s. policy approach to haiti remains deeply flawed and his recommendations had been ignored and dismissed. foot said, surging migration to the u. s. borders would only grow as the u. s. ads to haiti's unacceptable. misery. responding to full resignation. whitehouse, as he never raised his confirms about migration policies. the press secretary jen sack, he added that president biden was taking the issue seriously. what he has asked all of us to convey clearly to people who are understandably, have questions, are passionate or concerned. as we are about the images that we have seen is one, we feel those images are horrible and horrific. there is an investigation. the president certainly supports overseen by this the department of homeland security, which he had conveyed what will happen quickly. i can also convey to you that the
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secretary also conveyed to civil rights leaders earlier this morning that we would no longer be using horses in del rio. so that is something a policy change that has been made in response. she returns he has more from washington d. c. what a letter is often that you read a letter that so dominant it wasn't just about what, what the envoy called the or the inhumane expulsion of patients. many of you have never lived in a she hated potentially back to haiti, but it was about decades of us policy. and the implication from him was that i was brought in, and it was actually a request from members of congress to be a special day grade. i was born to look at, look at the underlying causes of instability and haiti, and why we have refugee problems every now and then from hating and so on. and the gist of it is, i mean, completely ignored as far as the bite and ministration it's business, as usual, most recently now with joe biden, and the white house completely supporting our home re as prime minister,
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despite so much civil society with in haiti. so no, we don't want this man, but once again in the letter, the always says you're doing this again, you're picking, you're picking your winners for tears in haiti, and that's why we always get catastrophe and hatred doesn't have self determination . so it was immensely dialing. dialing lesser on buttons. why do i have a problem which the invoice says is going to lead to eval refugees? not just across america, but across the region and catastrophe. many of the haitians who was taking refuge in the u. s. have now decided to abandon hopes of migrating their in favor of staying in mexico, manner a report from mexico city waiting outside an immigration office in mexico city. these haitian migrants have decided it safer to asked to stay here, rather than risk crossing the us border. i'm hearing people are being deported to high 3 and right now high t, it's very bad. they don't have
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a president. there are many things so we can't go there. that's why i'm afraid, and i want to live here in mexico, in recent days, the u. s. has been sending more migrants back home following the arrival of thousands of haitian nationals on the us mexico border. but not all are being repatriated. many who have crossed in the state of texas have been given paperwork and the date to appear in the us immigration court. though there's confusion about how authorities decide who goes and who states right now. it's not clear how they are being process. what criteria border patrol is using to say, who should have access to parole, who is going on the d port taishan flight of this week. images of us border patrol agents on horseback mistreating haitian migrants provoked international outrage. agent captured on video by al jazeera, have been placed under investigation human rights observers war and that conditions
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for migrant on the mexican side of the border are even more challenging and immigration agents here in mexico have also been accused of abusing margaret more haitian migrants are expected to arrive in mexico's capital in the days and weeks ahead. there's too many are going to abandon the north and come down here to the city in search of new opportunities. so i think that migration will continue to increase and we, the thirty's must do something to provide the solution that the case requires. elsewhere in northern mexico, people are rounded up in immigration rates and since south on the border with guatemala, where more migrants from haiti and elsewhere, enlighten america arrive daily. and these last month, the number of haitian people arriving in mexico has increased drastically. this is interesting because haitians are not arriving directly from haiti and said many are traveling from far away as brazil and sheila, it international observers ward that mass p for patients could overwhelm haiti as
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thousands, return to the same cycle of violence, poverty, and political instability that forced them to leave in the 1st place. manuel, up a little al jazeera mexico city. ah. you know, nation sector general has told the security council. it must take action to stop the effects of climate change worsening conflicts. and can antonio cherish is warning that dwindling resources and likely to exacerbate tensions in already unstable regions. and council members are running out of time to take measures to tackle. there's problems, christians, new me, reports from the united nations on the 3rd day of the general assembly. from flash blood to drought and famine, the united nations warns that a reckoning is coming for climate change. the united kingdom's prime minister boris johnson came to the general assembly with
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a message for human kind. it's time for humanity to grow up. it's time for us to listen to the warnings of the scientists. and if you look at cove, it, if you want to see an example of the gloomy scientists being proved, right, it's time for us to grub and understand who we are. and what we are doing, johnson is trying to whip up support for major new commitments to reduce carbon emissions before it's too late. the international community travels to glasgow and early november for a major climate summit. well, virtually all countries agree that a warming climate is a risk. some are making the case that it's more than just an environmental problem . they say it is also a threat to international peace and security. some argue that means the security council can take action. that's an argument that should have been settled a long time ago. look at almost every place where you see threats, international peace and security today. and you'll find that climate change is making things less peaceful, less secure,
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and rendering our response even more challenging. china, as the world's largest consumer of call prefers to keep the subject off the councils agenda on the way it would be inappropriate and so forth to replace the collective decision making of the international community. beijing has promised to stop building new cold plants abroad, but the u. k. prime minister argues all countries will need to step up even more to keep the temperature rise below the previously agreed 1.5 degrees celsius and humanity on track. we must come together in a collective coming of age. we must show that we have the maturity and wisdom to act. and we can the cop 26 climate conference he's hosting is now just weeks away. christian salumi al jazeera, the united nations, was millions of afghans or need of humanitarian assistance,
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including 600000 who been internally displaced this year. the taliban says there is peace now and those people can return home. but years of conflict and natural disasters mean many have nothing to return to. some have been driven reports from salvation. molly camp in council let us take a desperate for help. the bizarre ross says it would be better than face this humiliation she's been trying to find shelter for nearly 2 months after her husband was killed and conduce a similar story from northern and central of gunston repeated across the thir i sure money count in couple many parks in open areas in the african capital, are now counts for displaced. people. i've heard about jamal's daughter has been missing for 6 days. he breaks down, explaining his look for her and police stations are hospitalized. the mortgage. people here surround every step of the way. you're hoping someone has solutions even after the fighting is over. this woman is arrived yesterday from northeastern
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to pisa. she wants to tend a spot for shelter. this water is put sanitization only for drinking water is expensive. and when you're thirsty, quality of water isn't a priority. the tank is filled every few days for an estimated $6000.00 people. here. if agencies are philanthropists, don't come. people must pitch into by the water. beside the washing and drinking is the makeshift clinic, the open air single bed operation is done by well and is in the last 2 months they've treated cases ranging from pneumonia and diarrhea, dement and health issues out of 46 pregnancy that the camp is a 26, where miscarriages was either decided not to leave of guns done when thousands of professional fled after the taliban takeover if the international community and the world health organization is listening to you right now. what will you ask dial on the not going to. we don't have enough medicine. we don't have enough space. we
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lack food under water. i want to told them the at least some of us gave bath here in this camp. i want the whole world to help our people. yes. 8 workers estimate 5 and a half 1000000 people across a lot of sun have been displaced. a large population of adults is going hungry so they can feed their children. that's all about have been in battle for the last 2 decades. but the biggest challenge yet might be fighting hunger, gave them 2000 and brands. for 6000 people. everyone used to get half a piece of bread, but today they don't have the money to buy it. fund faces multi dimensional crises . people have been displaced by conflict, drought floods and natural disasters. and the taliban government says it cannot help because western powers do not recognize the current government and have frozen assets. in the meantime, agency said they're ready to work with the new administration. part of our responsibility is to not only address these immediate life saving
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interventions, but is to try to work with the intern government to try to find a solution that work ultimately for the afghan paper. the interim minister for refugee stalled out there about plants, 3 holiday people, create jobs and help restart their lives. but it will be a tricky interaction, but don't as such as the un, because clearly the rep on her body and others in the government have been sanctioned by the united nations. without that help people here fear their problems will multiply, especially as been approaches. now that the fighting is over in doors, why are you not going home? no, no, no problem. if you feel like we plane read night and in the morning, what can i do? if someone helps me, i'll go back. if i find enough money to pay the transportation, i'll go back even if i don't have a house. and that involuntary return of the displays can only happen if and when help arrives. i'm i've been job done to the ra couple the former head of catalonia
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government, careless, pushed him on, has been arrested in sardinia. he was detained by border police as he arrived on the italian island, pushed him on, travels from belgium, where he's been to be self imposed exile for 4 years. feigned is accused the capital and separatist leader of sedition, claiming he helped organize 2017 independence referendum deemed illegal by spanish court. he remains a member of the european parliament, was stripped of his immunity in march. fell to come the south our. you ends urgent warning to the world. war must be done to stop the conflict and men, mom ford to nate. the u unveils plans to force phone makers to have a common charging port, the old devices, to reduce the waste. ah,
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ah hello, thank you for joining in here sir. whether story for asia and right off the bat, we've got this tropical activity swimming into central parts of vietnam that will move for through allows and eventually southern areas of thailand were over the next 24 to 48 hours. i gotta prepare you, we could see upwards of 200 millimeters of rain. so the very real risk of seen some flooding here. a solid band of rain over the yellow river valley impacting young joe on friday, but also toward the northeast. so the jane look at this, you could scoop up 35 millimeters of rain on friday. it will peter out a bid on saturday and we'll get you closer to average by the time sunday rolls around. ok, down under right now. and vigorous system has generated wind gusts, pretty close to about a 100 kilometers per hour on tasmania. we're still going to see the winds as we head toward friday, but look at this cool pool of air towards south. and in fact, we could see snow levels deep to about
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a 100 to 200 meters above sea level. and in fact, we could see flurries at sea level sydney basking in the sun. however, with a height 27 degrees, a bit of a reprieve for new zealand. going to press play, let's see what goes on. on saturday we see that rain filling across the south island a wet day for christ church, sunny and gets bent with a high of 21 degrees c. as in the news, more and more indians are going under lunar to become tall. ah, when i want to investigate the length some people are willing to go to bridge new fine on al jazeera. ah morning al jazeera. where ever, you know,
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i the, the for one of the top stories, 0, white house says horses will no longer be used by us border patrol. after officers used the horses rains again, patient migrants images early this week showed us border agents on horseback trying to force people back as they attempted to cross a river from mexico. the special envoy, hey, teen has resigned what he calls the inhumane treatment of haitian migrants by the us government. daniel foot said the policy to 14 fountains of migrant refugees is counter productive and deeply flawed. and the u inspector general has told the security council must take action to stop the effects of climate change worsening
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conflicts and can enter new cherish warned, but council members are running out of time to act. the un high commissioner for human rights is urging the international community to do more to stop the conflict in me and marketing worse before. it's too late. michel versus as the violence that spread through men ma, since a military coup in february is showing signs of escalating into quote, a widespread civil war. she's accused into using weapons against civilians which are intended for military conflict. 11100 people have been killed since the democratically elected government was ousted. human rights situation in miramar has deteriorated significantly. as the far reaching impacts of the some of the military coup continue to devastate lives and hopes across the country. conflict, poverty and the effects of upon them x are sharply increasing and the country faces
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a vortex of repression, violence and economic collapse. and i spoke to dr. sesa spokesmen of the acid at national unity government minima and administer of international cooperation. i asked him what the situation is like in the country. now. the situation in the memo desperate the military in the memo, ah, delivery system and the balance campaigns. or what mamma. they include indiscriminate, obama and, and bobbing villages and part of the nation. and we need so it's not gonna action and exit of the committee has contributed in the situation. to me though, there were reports of at least one town which has been abandoned off to local fighters took on government forces in chin state. do you,
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can you tell us about that? so on 18, september 2 pastor was probably by the mistake that they've got all his speaker because deal. he's a wedding ring and they bond maybe houses off to space in pay for area barman's. and that's we have to love the last 24 hours motor, $8000.00 people on that small run away from the allies. and now we have to report that the military law think lead my boss to stay the people of me emma be
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forced to defend themselves. and all the local people, small column b villages, community, they all false to self defense and say thing to the side or military pass. so there's so many lock out assistance bosses that had been rated by the military. that because if this val length, that most of the people of me, i want to see the nation will have to defend themselves from being still in the home. i believe you mentioned the role of the international community. what, what action do you want to see? it's a national committee, number one, they have to all the finances to the military from me, emma, this is very poor and true maximum economy and political question number
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to it. a national community must got all, all the supplies is by depriving the military mamma all that you and the nation weapons by this means they called me to time against humanity, and that number denies, no comment in mass, not recall. the mass of the rico condition of the military parents. even emma, tell me about the people have had to flee their homes. do have any idea of the numbers and me and mom who are now outside of their homes and what's happening to the missouri. how do they get the, the food and they shelter that they need only the last 8 months, this, many memories had ill, more than 1001 men and women and children,
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blah. and the last 5 months, more than 500000 harvest half 1000000 people of children, no man or woman has fled their home. and they are now in. some of them will cause the border. a few of them are larger, the us to externally, these people. and we are not facing probably maybe prices do many different crisis, 6 by 4000000 people. me and we have no food to eat now. and half 1000000 people me. i'm all for the 7w7w people. a think a same coffee and it's becoming a mom. he's coughing like, way, me, effective for ballistic. so why do we are facing all it to go established the to many terrier can go we may be in crisis facing people
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is or director of the military who emma 35 people were killed as fighting fled up between yemen is who see rebels and pro government forces in southern shotwell province, dozens more were injured on the 3rd day of clashes in the government, controlled area. duties recently captured 2 districts inside shop. our province. government forces now trying to push the rebels back. yelman's internationally recognized government, backed by a saudi led military coalition, has been locked in war with the iran back to fees since 2014 a cloud of volcanic ash has covered the small spanish island of la palmer, destroying 500 hector's, if banana plantations, and volcanoes shows little sign of abating, hundreds of homes have been destroyed with more in the path of the relentless lava, while the toxic gases disrupting flight from technical to on la palmer because hack report above the picturesque coastal village of does
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a corte is what seems like a looming storm, but is in reality, a giant cloud of volcanic ash. the crater has expanded, does the court, it has not yet been evacuated. the villages mayor one coast is not just concerned, but deeply worried. lava is moving 4 meters per hour, and it's less than 2 kilometers away from the village. when i'm concerned, this may effect the banana plantation. this is the principal economic activity of people here. so it was a big losses for so many families. 500 hector's. a banana plantation have been uber versus li, destroyed by stake. blanket of ash, microscopic volcano rocks are seeping into the crop, making them inevitable amounts of last size martina to an island that gets much of its revenue from banana production last year. a devastating fire does toward the crop followed by a long spell of drought. and now this looks. no, sir,
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i'm so upset. it's a disgrace. what we're going through here. we live off and by the banana plantations, if we can't work, we are about to lose everything. it's another tragedy of all. a royal visits in spain came to boost the small and remote islands morale. thousands of people are displaced, their homes and belongings, turned to ash the volcano showing no sign of letting spewing a continuous flow of lava. experts don't know if this is going to last for weeks or for months. and so people on this island are learning to live in this new environment surrounded by fire in love and what they describe as an unpredictable and intense climate can ologist headlong predictive disruption, but failed to anticipate its magnitude. there now studying the site for clues for what may happen next. it has left them with more questions than answers. you have
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a person that may happen, right? that we are dealing with in some william rupture, the nomic of the got sick of the kid. when you set up, so you're going to make these kinds of different faces much more expressive. but this is common to see this kind of changing character movie character. what is this volcano trying to say wonders, mayor costa, who fails to see its beauty. he feels powerless in the face of this force of nature as the future of his village hangs in the balance. nicholas hawk out to 0 lewalma in a world 1st, the european union is planning to impose a universal, chandra for all brands of mobile phones, tablets, and headphones. the proposal is popular with consumers and environmentalists but tech. john apple has warned it could stifle innovation. charlie angela has more a jumble of different charges in a top drawer. many homes have them, and it's a waste the e you want to clean up. the you commission is proposing common
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u. s. b c, charging ports for all new smart phones. i pads, tablets, cameras and headphones, and other dishes of the office good. in terms of waste. this is significant because this measure will allow us to say $1000.00 tons of electronic waste and $2600.00 tons of raw materials per year. there is also the impact on c o 2 emissions. it will save 180000 tons of c o 2 equivalent per year, which is currently 29 percent of all new devices come with the usb cable. the us be micro be sold with android devices. accounts for 50 percent of all charges sold, while the apple lightning port accounts for the remaining 21 percent. the i did a streamline all charges is very popular with consumers. the typical person in the you currently own 3 different charges, but only uses 2 of them regularly. the proposal fits well with the current drive
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towards to stay in ability and promises to safe consume is $293000000.00 a year in unnecessary purchases. the 2nd part of the proposal is that new charges aren't automatically sold in the same box with new electronic devices but both separately and that the charging speed of cables is standardized and move environmentalists, a welcoming when it's wasted. a lot of top 6 substances include, which leach didn't soils into water and that hazardous to the people that, that a disposing of that waste as well. it's like last to move our mental benefits from this move if any of that, but it's absolutely low within that model of the electronics industry. they will some proprietary technology and in the us, which is through like over consumption. if the proposal is adopted by the parliament in count, so it could be law by 2022 companies will then have 2 years to adopt the devices. the consumer electronics giant. apple says the standardization will affect
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innovation 2 years is not enough time. the use says they've given the tech industry 10 years to come up with a solution between themselves. and they failed. now is the time for legislation. charlie angela al jazeera thunder. and there's much more here on our website. anytime the address of that is algebra dot com and that they should throughout the day, i want to know top stories are now to 0. the white house, as horses will no longer be used by us border patrol after offices used the horses rains against haitian migrants. images captured by al jazeera and butchers, showed us food regions on horseback trying to force people back as they attempted to enter the country. or to control chief describe their actions is unacceptable. the us special envoy for.


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