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tv   [untitled]    September 23, 2021 4:00pm-4:31pm AST

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the teams on the ground with intensifying rain. people here fear that these are temporary solutions to bring you reward winning document trees and live need. ah, this is al jazeera ah. hello, i'm marlene bye. this is the new life from day hall coming up in the next 60 minutes . web site loving another city, weather events affecting every content. nation secretary general, cause all member states to take bolder action on climate change, all with threats to the queue or c around the world. showing no sign of lensing love thomas volcanoes,
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few more rivers lava and leave destruction in its wake. millions of afghans face, and i'm setting return to being displayed ideas of not in school around the jury to back consult of the spanish league. a trick for marco asencion, helping them to a 61 wind over new york. ah. hello and welcome to the program. we begin this nice hour with day 3 united nations general assembly in new york. the u. unsexy general antonio good terrace is hosting a climate security ministerial meeting is calling for well lead us to make a commitment to tackle climate change and take immediate action or window of opportunity to prevent the worst climate impact is rapidly closing. no
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region is immune. wildfires loving routes and other extreme weather events affecting every continents. first, we need an ambiguous commitment and credible actions by all countries to limit the global warming to 1.5 degrees celsius to avert the most catastrophic impacts of climate change. i added all member states to show more ambition in their nationally . they made contributions by cop 26 and to translate their commitments into concrete and the media, the section james base a lie for us at the united nations. james climate change back on the agenda today. once expect it to be discussed. well, the un today we still have the un general assembly, those leaders one off the one giving that speech. and that's going to continue through today friday, saturday, and right through again on monday, more countries giving positions on global issues. but as you say at the same time,
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is that going on in the un general assembly chamber, something else going on down here just through that door as we speak in the security council chamber, a high level meeting that taking place on climate and how it impacts peace and security, whether climate is causing conflict and certainly some say it is, they say that there are, will be in the future conflicts the directly caused by climate. and the un secretary general making clear that already are conflicts where climate is a part of the conflict. for example, he mentioned south su dawn, he said some of the local fighting in south sudan is the result of disputes over agricultural land in the country that has drought and then has flooding. so an important meeting, according to many bart, there are some countries, although there are here today, the irish prime minister presiding. and he would like to seek a special representative of the secretary general setup on this and the un security
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council resolution. there are also foreign ministers, all sorts of high level people around the table. but 2 countries not represented at a high level, and they are important countries that permanent members of the security council, china and russia, they believe yes, climate has important conflict is important, but they need to be dealt with separately and they're not an issue for the un security council addressing that view of the chinese and russians in the last few moments we've heard from the us secretary of state and the lincoln has been speaking in the security council. we have to stop debating with the climate crisis belongs in the security council. he said, and instead ask how the council can leverage its unique powers to tackle the negative impacts of climate on peace and security. it's an argument that should have been settled a long time ago. comments from the u. s. secretary state in the meeting ongoing. now, i'm following on from the strain and relations between france and the u. s. another attempt being made today to repair time. yes,
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you've got around the council table as we speak, the secretary state antony blinking, who's just spoken. don't even know who's the french foreign ministers also that now they've been in new york all week. they haven't really had a proper charge chance to catch up. they were a few hours ago late last night here in new york at a meeting of the 5 permanent members of the un security council. but i haven't spoken one on one. and i think for the french foreign minister, this whole rao about australia and those submarines is quite personal because he did. he was the defense minister and did the deal in the 1st place. also remember that the french very much like having antony blinking is secretary of state. he's a fluent french speaker. he was educated, somebody's education was in france. so i think it was taken as a particular slide from this man who is seen as a francophile. but we are hearing from the state department alerts not formally on sexual state schedule, that they are going to find some time to talk. now that that to lead us of talked
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on the fun. funny thanks for that. james bay's the 1st live, the un another busy day for him. millions of people across the u. s. will soon receive the fed dose pfizer cove at 19 vaccine. us regulators approve booster shots the high risk groups on wednesday. americans who are 65 and older and high risk individuals will be eligible for a job. it is a scaled down version of the board and administration plan to give out those doses to nearly all adults. the booster can be administered 6 months after the initial 2 dose. course effects nation has been completed. that's going to give me hope in his life for us in washington, d. c. kimberly so fuzzy took her through the time line for these booster shots. hello for those that are hopeful to get one, they could be waiting days, not weeks. so that is certainly welcome news for certain individuals in the united
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states will qualify. as you pointed out, there is already one stage in this 2 step process that this booster shot has crossed in terms of the hurdle for getting this into the arms of the public. the food and drug administration has signed off on this, but the still needs the signing off of the centers for disease control because this is the body that will decide how this is implemented, how this is distributed throughout the united states. now we know that this has been something the c d c has been awaiting, so those plans are pretty much in place. but again, there is that formal signing off that needs to take place. we expect it will happen quickly. and as you point out those vulnerable groups, those who are 65 and older or 18 above, but perhaps working in a high risk occupation such as police stations, grocery stores, even teachers, hospital workers, all of those people that feel that they would need one would be eligible to receive
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this booster jab. kimberly, what does this plan say about the concern over the spread of the virus right now in the united states? well, it says that what these regulators believe is that this is still a pandemic of the on vaccinated. and that where we see the surgeons in the united states and states like montana, alaska, kentucky, wisconsin. we're also seeing high levels of vaccine hesitancy. and so this has been a source of frustration for not only public health workers, but also for those that actually work in the hospitals. and this is led to another crisis of source. because while we feed a search of cases in some of those states where vaccinations are low, what we've also seen is a high number of exhaustion among those that work in hospitals and have been dealing with this now for more than a year and a half. so as a result,
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a lot of hospitals are not only seeing a search and care, but simultaneously they're seeing staff shortages. so what's the result of this rushing of care and that is a high concern. so the regulators are once again pushing the message that you need to be vaccinated. and now if you're one of those vulnerable groups you may need and will now qualify for a booster shot. kimberly, how does b u. s. administration balance these booster plans with the needs, the inequality needs for vaccines around the world. well, already the united states has made a major announcement about 24 hours ago of the fact that it will now be distributed throughout the world. the more shots that it's actually giving in the united states, because what the united states has experience for some time now is that there is more supply, then there is demand. and so as a result,
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the by the administration continues to make announcements where it is when we should point out that this is coming with no strings attached, the united states says, and this will be free of charge. so the united states and specifically the bi administration, believes that it is also delivering on this sort of fill of proper aspect of the vaccine sort of inequality that exists around the united states in the world rather. but at the same time, certainly there is no obligation, but also people are around the world are looking at the united states saying it's a wealthy country. and it's certainly could step up into even more money. things that can the hong kong 1st live in washington dc. spain's tourism minister has been criticized, suggesting that a volcanic eruption on one of the canary islands could be a draw for tourists. a wall as lava up to 12 meters high is slowly moving across la
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palmer. more than 6000 people have been evacuated since sunday's a russian nicholas pack has this report from la palmer. this is jose hernandez, her massive house in the distance, just below the gushing crater, still standing. but for how long? he says he was no warning from authorities, but he knew when the earth under his feet suddenly started shaking the old stomach, luna who had once again a walk and i angry. i am so disappointed so many people have lost their homes. we have nothing left and nothing was in his neighbors are staying in a nearby parking lot, relying not on the state, but friends and family for help. there in shock with only a few belongings. in a plastic bag they watch. european poorest flocked towards the volcano. encouraged by spain's tourism minister, who's described the russian as
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a great show and incredible natural aspect, and not really much places in the world where you have an active case where you can see that people go to live alone to, to, to do something by turning the canary islands is something very unique, especially the people from the island. spain's opposition leader denounced what many on the island describe as a disaster tourism thousands of people have been displaced in hundreds of home, destroyed. he gets from the crater william hearing right now is liquid rubbing, shot up into the air as well as the chemicals being released with century reader. it looks right lewis, look at the thick layer of ash just on the outside of the conscious on the ground. it's also right above the articles of sulfur
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dioxide hanging, the air residence in its path are given less than an hour to evacuate. yes ma am trying to get as much as i love my house because exactly when i will be able to come back. we are still missing 2 kids, and we want to pick up some documents, photos, and some clothes. the government has promised to rebuild last houses and say help from the us coming direction. and this isolated island has revealed a fault line between europeans. in its mention, facing an unfolding tragedy. millions of afghans are in need of humanitarian assistance, including the 600000 who have been displaced this year. the taliban say there is peace now and they can return the years of conflict to natural dissolve. this means they have nothing to return to some binge of aid reports from the right shimaya
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camp in cobble but to desperate for help. the visa ross says it would be better than face this humiliation she's been trying to find shelter for nearly 2 months after her husband was killed in canoes. a similar story from northern and central of gunston repeated across to sir, i shall money count in cobble. many parks and open areas in the african capital are now camps for displace people. jamal's daughter has been missing for 6 days. he breaks down, explaining his look for her and police stations, hospitals and mortgage. people here surround every step of the way, hoping someone has solutions. even after the fighting over this woman has arrived yesterday from northeastern to pisa. she wants to attend a spot for shelter. this water is per sanitization only, but drinking water is expensive. and when you're thirsty, quality of water isn't
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a priority. the tank is filled every few days for an estimated 6000 people here. if aid agencies are philanthropists, don't come. people must pitch into by the water. beside the washing and drinking is the makeshift clinic, the open air single bed operation is run by well and is in the last 2 months, they have treated cases ranging from pneumonia and diarrhea, dement and health issues out of $46.00 pregnancies at the camp. they said 26 were miscarriages with the decided not to leave of guns, funding and thousands of professional fled after the taliban takeover if the international community and the world health organization is listening to you right now. what will you ask? dial on the not going to we don't have enough medicine. we don't have enough space . we lack food and water. i want to told them the at least some of us gave bath here in this camp. i want the whole well to help our people. yes. 8 workers estimate 5 and a half 1000000 people across
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a lot of sun have been displaced. a large population of adults is going hungry so they can feed their children. that's all about have been in battle for the last 2 decades. but the biggest challenge yet might be fighting hunger, gave them 2000 and brands. for 6000 people, everyone used to get half a piece of bread, but today they don't have the money to buy it. fund faces multi dimensional crises . people have been displaced by conflict, drought floods, and natural disasters. and the taliban government says it cannot help because western powers do not recognize the current government and have frozen assets. in the meantime, agency said they're ready to work with the new administration. part of our responsibility is to not only address these immediate life saving interventions, but is to try to work with the intern government to try to find solutions that work ultimately for the afghan paper. the interim minister for refugees told
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out there about plants 3 holiday people, create jobs and help restart their lives. but it will be a tricky interaction, but donors such as the un, because highly refined connie and others in the government have been sanctioned by the united nations. without that help people here fear their problems will multiply, especially as vented approaches. now that the fighting is over in doors, why are you not going home? no, no, no problem. if you feel like we eat plain bread at night and in the morning, what can i do? if someone helps me, i'll go back. if i find enough money to pay the transportation, i'll go back. even if i don't have a house i just up and that involuntary return of the displace can only happen if and when help arrives. i'm a been job done to the or a couple more had own many 1000, including the anglo american prepared to step down. we look at whether open door
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policy in refugees work and fear of being sent home or some migrant from haiti. a trying to make a new home in full european team and doing their best. when the local fans had a gulf, why didn't come? and the peer with a syrian forces have entered several more villages around the raw, bringing the country southern region under government control. it comes 2 weeks after president bashar said, forces captured the rebel held part of the city. they now control much of the country. 10 years of the serious war began the ra provinces, known as the birthplace of the uprising in syria in 2011, which led to the conflict on new port says some of the richest countries in the world. a failing children at refugee comes in syria, save the children,
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says the situation is worsening. and according to the humanitarian group, at least $62.00 children have died of different causes so far this year. that's almost to every week. say the holder has more than the story. agencies say, an estimated $40000.00 children are trapped in the l hall and was refugee camps. in ne, syria. every day is a struggle for survival. and the statistics tell a grand story, save the children, says at least 2 have died every week since the start of the year. some were killed from avoidable illnesses, others by fires, poor sanitation malnutrition and even murder. living conditions are tough and daily outbreaks of violence are making them worse. they are witnessing so much trauma around them. they're living through it every day. busy and we're really concerned
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about what this means for children growing up in these conditions. it's simply no place for a child to grow up. and so we're calling strongly on government to repatriate their children, bring them back to their countries and give them accounts for a proper life. cause to re, patrick, the foreign nationals among the camp. 60000 residents are not new. at least 30000 are from iraq. and 10000 are from other countries. many are families of iso fighters or those who lived under their control before the armed group was defeated in the region 3 years ago. some countries have taken back their citizens, but many have not. since 2017, nearly 1200 children have been repatriated almost 59 percent of them went home in 2019. but repatriation declined in 2020. and so far this year, there have been only 14 the united nations as calling for action from the nearly 60
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governments who are believed to have nationals in the camps. but with differences on policy, possible security threats. and the lack of political will many are reluctant. each of those countries have their own local situation with their own complexities in terms of political environments. so this is something that each government is having to work through as they consider the restoration of their nationals. the 2nd level i would say the legal one. so in many countries as well, there are complexity in terms of the actual nationality of these children and mothers. 80 percent of the camps residents are women and children. 65 percent of them are under the age of 18. they are vulnerable, not just the dire conditions, but also to the threat of radicalization in camps described as the most dangerous in the world and with the slow pace of repatriation. it will take decades before they can leave that there as ita germany now, where
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a televised debase is being held the head of a crucial parliamentary election on sunday that will replace long time leader anglo merkle, elected members of parliament will then elect a new chancellor to replace medical stepping down to 16 years, whole suggest a kind, a result among the top contender and party, the outcome of the votes will mark the start of a new era and shape the future of europe's largest economy. while one of angela back was landmarked decisions during a tenure, as germany's chancellor was opening its borders to nearly 1000000 syrian refugees and 2015. now that she's leaving office stuff that's and met some of the people who manage to begin a new life in germany. when i'm asked alex, let his syrian birthplace, damascus, he never imagined he would end up in cyber could. it's a town, a border between germany and france that have not seen many refugees before. the hardest thing was the unclear road. which road should i take? where should i go?
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and where i'm going to live, how my life is going to be. but after the former medical student got help from new german friends, he quickly got his life on track. you fall into you to joined the german red cross as a paramedic and sat up an online learning company passing on his skills to auto refugees . recently has been working with other syrian refugees to help survivors of floods into german states in july that killed nearly 200 people. i have seen from the experience when they volunteer, they create kind of a value. they bring disclosure to the community. i'm going to merkel saying her 3 famous words were sharpened us. we can do this as soon as one of the finding moments as germans chancellor. a decision to accept a large population of refugees seen as to leadership or some but other say it was a huge mistake. now, at the end of 16 years in office, the main question is,
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if her famous course come to back out a bite for the book with a title we chef and us in which he has portrayed on us, alack at an auto success or refugees to counter the negative stories, he says, i told about refugees in germany, he's working on a german translation. these are going, okay. american outfit, people say merkel, made a mistake to accept refugees in 2015. they say we ruined this country. we don't work . i have a different experience yet many are studying or looking for jobs and working and paying taxes and statistics show that of the 1800000 people classified as refugee free under 60000 are currently fully employed around 55000 are enrolled in training programs and then thousands of studying universities, i would say many of those who know arrived are on 2015, i know part of the german society and with regard to labor, mac integration, it went better than most expected due to merkel decision to accept a large group of refugees writing parties like the a f
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d. deltona for germany flourish during the last election 4 years ago. they are predicted to when around 12 percent began in elections on sunday with merkel leven office on us as hoping the next government will continue to support him and the refugee. those who have been successful agree that it has been a helping hand from german friends who pointed them in the right direction. that estimate the difference step, fasten al jazeera. cyber can us get some where the now, here's kara. hello there. let's have a look at the weather across the middle east and levant, and we've got a weather system that's been playing coastal areas of the black sea that bought some really wet and wintery weather to pots of turkey and georgia. and some of that rain is going to creep down into northern areas of iraq and iran, as well as syria and lebanon. but it winds up by the time we get into saturday in the system, pushes off further east and temperatures. here have come down slightly for some of
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the gulf states. we have got a bit of a chima wind blowing down. so plenty of hazy sunshine around. and we've got some wind blowing down coastal areas of saudi arabia and from cloud cover to so we could see so shallows and possible storms around that western coast. and those join up with showered in storms across the central band of africa. they've been rather intense. around uganda. we have seen some heavy rain in the east and land slides, but as we go into the saturday it's going to be nigeria. once again that sees the really heavy rain. sophia found the storms coming into play, and we could see some flooding here, but farther south that is looking finer and dryer. lots of wounds coming through the heart of south africa. it's getting cooler in cape town, but it is picking up in job oh, the temperature sitting in the high twenty's with plenty of sunshine coming through . still ahead on algebra, we look at why won the troops sent to help find help groups and move on beacon raising concern about the effectiveness of security for that and how
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a 9 year old got his work featured alongside. some of the most renowned enforce will, hey, will best have a way fox has to say about the prospect of becoming b on the world. ah, more and more indians are going under the nar to become tall. ah, when i want to investigate the length some people are willing to go to bridge new on al jazeera, up kinda on al jazeera, some drilling vaccine inequality to the political and economic impact. the latest development at the corona, virus and damage companies to read across the globe. democracy, maybe inexpensive new series explores the ever growing challenges to democracy around the world. former president place come pouring goes on 5 for the estimation
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of it's free to promise context india direct removed by brings insights and perspectives from the world's most populous democracy. iraqi go to the home in an election like to define the country future. october on al jazeera. oh i you watching out of their mind to help stories that our un secretary general, antonio good terrorist is hosting a climate and security ministerial meeting in coding for while leaders to make a commitment to tackle climate change. take immediate action. millions of people
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across the us will soon receive the dose advisors cove at 900. back on wednesday, us regulated approved booster shots that people 65 and older vulnerable to disease . spain tourism minister has been criticized, suggesting a volcanic eruption on one of the canary on and could be a drawer. the tourists, more than $6000.00 people have been evacuated since sunday, if options the european commissioners pushing plans for a common charge of mobile phones, tablets, and headphones. a legislative proposal was unveiled on thursday for a charger that works across devices and manufacturers. the move would likely affect i phone, make an apple the most charges all use exclusively for apple products. let's go
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to charlie angela is covering the story for us out of london. totally good news for customers, but not so good news for apple. yes, so a chevy? red on the commission of the internal law at present this legislation. and he's saying that the u. s. b c is going to become the standard port for all new smart phones. i pads, electronic devices like cameras and headphones and tablets. and for those that know the charges one from another, this is the usb cable and it counts for about 29 percent of all new devices sold, which shows that the industry probably sold this coming. but it's very different to the us be micro be cable, which accounts about 50 percent of all charges sold at the moment. and of course apple's lightening cable, which is this one which account for the remaining 21 percent. now apple is saying that this harmonization, the standardization is going to hinder innovation, but that is a.


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