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trees and get new to a subscribe. you choose dot com. forward slash al jazeera english ah . turbine promises half a 1000000000 more cobit vaccine doses for developing countries. but it will be months before they receive them. for every one shot we've administered to dayton america, we have now committed to do 3 shots to the rest of the world. ah, this is al jazeera alive from london, also coming up a telephone call eases strain relation between the u. s. and from mike who agrees to send his, i'm back to washington stepping inside a notorious,
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i've got to stop jail. former prisoners returned to the south where they say they were tortured by us soldiers and destroying everything in its path. the 12 me to wave of lava advancing on spain's la online and ah, the state told an 8 half a 1000000000 more doses of the 5 vaccine to developing nations dro button made the pledge at a virtual kevin non teen so much on the sidelines of the un general assembly additional doses. we'll see the total us commitment on vaccine sharing exceed $1000000000.00 doses. president biden says, all the shipped by this time next year. why kind of has more accompanied by as un ambassador? president biden arrives to launch an unprecedented virtual cove at 1900 summit.
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he's joined by lead us from around the world. thank you to discuss, among other thing, you know, the vaccine gap between nations, the global shortage of oxygen and the ways in which rich nations can help the poor . g. u. s. has to date distributed 160000000 doses of vaccine to 100 countries. and more is to follow the united states is buying another half 1000000000 doses of pfizer to donate to low and middle income countries around the world. this is another half 1000000000 doses that will all be shipped by this time next year and brings our total commitment to a donation of donated vaccines over $1100000000.00 vaccines to be donated. put another way for every one shot we've administered to dayton america. we have now committed to do 3 shots to the rest of the world. all on the call agree that fighting the pandemic is a global rather than national issue. and it's the pledges of helpline
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a reality check by the south african president of around 66000000000 vaccine. those is administered worldwide. only 2 percent of these have been administered in africa. a continent of more than 1200000000 people. this must be unjust. and it also is immoral. well, bleeders had pledged to vaccinate at least 70 percent of the world's population by next year. but as president crime oppose also pointed out, it is now september and not even 10 percent of the target has been reached. the, despite the parent awareness that nobody is safe, unless everybody is and still echoing the bleak message from the un secretary general and his opening address to the general assembly. the world is on
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a precipice. my kind of era at the united nations france will send it back back to the united states after the leaders of both countries discussed steps to many diplomatic ties. after speaking on the phone, my colon biden agreed that open consultation before the announcement of a security packed could have prevented diplomatic rao. the deal between the u. s. u . k and australia included plans for submarines which essentially canceled a $40000000000.00 contract that australia had with france biden and mccaul will hold further talks in europe at the end of october. there has been ongoing discussions and engagements at a variety of levels between the united states and france. so certainly the possibility of a meeting was something that was naturally discussed in advance, but also natural for the president to raise that in discuss it at the leader level in terms of the tone of the call. it was friendly. it was one where we're hopeful
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and the president is hopeful. this is a step and returning to normal in a long, important abiding relationship that the united states has with france or white house correspondent, kimberly how kit has more on that phone call. and how the rift between the u. s. and france began. they found out about, at almost the same time you and i did, and that was something that did not fit well with the french president. and as a result, furious, he withdrew his ambassador from not just the united states, but also australia, and really thought clarification about the relationship between the united states and france moving forward. and that is exactly what we understand. the phone call was really about, it was at the behest of the united states, and we understand that emmanuel mccaul was not in a big hurry to take that phone call from joe by then. but we now have a read out of what was discussed in the last few hours. it's clear that there was
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an effort by joe biden to repair some of the damage that was done in terms of that secret negotiation. and that announcement that there would be a selling of nuclear technology and nuclear powered submarines to australia that will come from the united states the united kingdom and really did the agreement that frank had who power supply diesel powered sub brains to australia. so given the fact that this is expensive deal, you can understand why he was frustrated, but what really discussed is how they move forward from here. and we know from the read out that the u. s. president reassured, a manual back cross that in fact the united states is a reliable partner and conveyed that there would be ongoing communications in the future with regard to security. the reader also underscores that the united states
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sees french and also europe and allies of being important when it comes to security . in the, in the pacific region, the united states will provide more than $330000000.00 in humanitarian and economic aid to venezuela. state department spokesman ed price may denouncement on wednesday, he says the assistance will support millions of vulnerable people. the 5700000 venezuelans of sought refuge in 17 countries across the region. announcement was made shortly after president nicholas madura addressed the un general assembly demanding sanctions against his country. been lifted once again, our whole for the on demand all the criminal sanctions imposed on the venezuelan economy. and one other society by the united states and europe in union lifted, the theme are called our song, a lot more demand is morally just hello the seymour and i'm but, and we are making it to me on behalf of 30000000,
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even as waiting men and women ah don's military leaders are blamed tuesday qu, attempt on politicians. they share power with saying they've turned a blind eye to what people need. deputy chairman of the sovereign council general mohammed hadn't done the gallow, made the comments during a news conference in under mon $21.00 offices and several soldiers were arrested and questioned. following the attempt to take over, the group tried to take control of several government institutions including state t, v and radio stations, nevada leash, fema. we addressed you today as we lived through dian moment and now history. we had hoped the transition would bring a better future. you will all of followed the found qu, tempt of yesterday, with the a, if managed, to defeat, into a wrist all perpetrators without any losses. it is not the 1st attempt,
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as we have failed many in the past. you have the right to ask for a reason for these repeated attempts, and we say it openly and candidly. it is the politicians who turned a blind eye to the people's needs and busied themselves fighting for power and competing for control. this is created anger among the common people who are struggling on a daily basis for food, water, and medicine. have a morgan has more in the capital cartoon. the military coat keeps reiterating since, since they announce that they are in control of the situation. they've been saying that their role is to preserve the security and stability of the country. they've also been accusing political parties of not focusing on what's happening in the country rather being focused on our end positions in the governments. now let's take a look at this make up of the transitional government. you have the suffering, the council, which is made up of 5 military members. if civilian from nominated by the ruling coalition, that's the coalition of political parties. then you have 3 members from the group
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that signed the peace agreements with visiting the government in october last year . on the other hand, you have the executive branch that's headed by prime minister optima. hm. with the civilian and has cabinet members from various political parties and from groups as well. so it's, those 2 councils are cabinets that make up this current, transitional government. but there's always been a, were a void between the 2 sides. have always been tension between the 2 sides. and when i say the 2 sides, we're talking about the civilians and the military. the military has repeatedly been accusing the civilian component, especially the political parties of being focused on guessing position on clinging to power. and that they're not focused on the issues that are the countries facing, such as high inflation and market prices. and the fact that many basic commodities and services are available to people who live below the poverty, the poverty line. so that's something that the military has been repeating. on the other hand, when you look at the civilian component, especially the coalition of the political parties that are currently running the
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government, they say that the military has been trying to hold onto power and has been unwilling to let go of some of the resources that they control such as the gold mines and such as the companies that them is that is under military control. at the moment. the julian president case has gotten himself extra powers, including rule by decree and says, you'll no longer observe all parts of the constitution. the statement from the president's office is side has put in place, new legislative and executive measures, and will form a committee to amend the political system. parliament also stay frozen. the president, fact the prime minister and assumed control in july, in what political rivals say was to america lose a former minister for youth and sport. it also a member of the executive committee of the another party. he believes the president's actions to amount to a qu, mr. i, it has 14 says right now total escalation. he's even isolated teams and from the ministration from the constitution. and he's even referring to the premier of the
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constitution. while in the total contradiction and the content of that. so right now, we are in a big coup with no possibility for any far fetched to probation. so we are in that and the can use a community for them in the international community. they need to be right now that there is no way of interpretation. this is a cou, a self declared, who can come around to 0 after 16 years. it's time for change in german politics. but finding a replacement for angela. medical has bunches scratching their hands. i'm phil laval at the most about the most to show in michigan way. these are big news once again, as you would expect, the us might be facing tough choices when it comes to meeting it's, i'm just talking. i
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hello there, there's lots of fine and dry weather around australia. thanks to high pressure which remains in charge. we've got the warm september weather on record for northern air is the temperature and darwin climbed up to 38 degrees on tuesday. but it's come down now sitting in the early thirties and we plenty of sunshine around as it will be for western areas of australia with purchasing, confined and dry weather. would have a brisk wind blowing in those we go towards the weekend, but the very unsettled weather. we have to look to the south east that a cold front moving through. and that's brought snows and heavy rain and cold winds to pots, new south wales and victoria. and look what it does to the temperature in sydney. we've had a bit of a yo, yo come down, it's come up. we're going to have plenty of sunshine coming through on friday,
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but it will dip down again as we go into saturday. now, as you move across to the, the tendency to new zealand, it is looking wet and windy for the north island. those weather systems pushing and they are going to sweep off to the east. it is going to clear up by the time we get into friday. but a bit of a wintry mix will sweep up the south island. but the temperature in christ church will fit at 20 with plenty of sunshine coming through. that's her update. the the world's lungs are being seized. the amazon rain forest is diminishing the rate of 2 football pitcher a minute to meet the market insatiable appetite for logging mining. i'm farming as both scenarios, government seek to relax conservation laws and increase production. indigenous communities on the brink of extinction. know it's the fight at their live people
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empower brazil's amazonian battle on al jazeera. ah ah, there monday top stories on 0, the u. s. will donate half a 1000000000 more doses of the 5 vaccine to developing nations. president joe biden made the pledge a virtual kevin 19 summit on the sidelines of the un general assembly. for us, we'll send it back to the united states to the leaders of both countries. discuss that many times during a phone call. a corn biden agreed that open consultation before the announcement of a security pat could have prevented a diplomatic route. and she done that military leaders blamed tuesday's crew
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attempt on petitions. they share power with saying they've turned a blind eye to what people need. 2 decades after the us invasion of afghanistan, former prisoners who were tortured and abused. and now able to revisit that jail cells. out there has been given access to the now abandoned by graham base and prison complex the notorious facilities where many suspects were held. sometimes the years without charges or trial. the sprawling base is now patrolled by taliban fighters. the warning, some of you may find the testimonies, and some of the job aids report to serving they call it that he'd gone to the middle of gun is tons of grape heading back to the notorious by graham prison. these are some of the former prisoners. it's not easy to find the way in the sprawling 30 square kilometer town. even the taliban had to stop for directions. but once you enter the scale of the prison complex, which ones help tens of thousands of people becomes evident. building after
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building door after door, the men which were held here, remember their humiliation and torture at the hands of us soldiers and fellow after imitating what the gods did. they wouldn't let me sleep, said freed, who spent 7 years indifferent cages. he was in physical therapy for extensive torture by african american troops. he says, tortured prisoners were hidden in the block away from media and humanitarian organizations, until they were heal is not at all supported. william, my legs are still weak and in pain they yanked my private parts with a cable. i was bleeding from it for almost 6 years, no matter how many times we said we didn't do the crime, they would torture and tell the prisoners said yes, from uniforms to prison. fellows inmates here have been telling us that this was one of the worst places to have been mentally tortured, if they did not behave well. the, the condition is, would blow very cold during the winter and very hot during the summer
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picked up in a right grade moltby hush me remember being blindfolded, integrated naked in the early years of the prison. he thinks they were being fed dog food, smelly meat. as he remembered that to mackenzie college and american girls would come dressed in bikini to take us to the toilet. we got 3 minutes were about and these girls would watch us. then there were no african guards here, nobody was allowed, not even the red crescent. they made us watch sexually explicit films and we weren't allowed to look away. we were sleepless. our interrogations were almost 10 to 12 hours. rights group, such as human rights watch, amnesty international and the american civil liberties union have corroborated similar testimonies of torture and abuse into devon for the us. army charged $27.00 soldiers enlisted personnel with criminal offenses, some with naming un involuntary manslaughter. some prisoners with teenagers, they say others were brought from different countries on rendition flights. the
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complex was also home to the largest military base and lifeline to us, the collision troops in abundance done ahead of secret the leaving the base at night. you as forces said they destroyed nearly 15000 pieces of equipment and sent over 700 loaded c, 17 aircraft out of a sun strap is what's left of black hawk helicopters, generators, vehicles, and other equipment for the reinstate on the legacy is the abuse. tens of thousands, illegally detain without trial. that's how they make us up. says kanisha hub dean, you know, did you want the, they knew we'd be upset if they disrespected the court on, so they throw it in the toilet. i spent almost a year here. it was a scary place. ball graham was a place of utter cruelty and barbarism followed by 5 to say they feel happy to be here once again, as victors, not captive some feel the world knew them as barbaric monsters,
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which is how they see the captors. some of in java, out of their background prison, more than 6000 people have now been evacuated from la palmer, one of these spanish canary islands. a massive lava flow continues to make its way across the island from the caribbean volcano, which erupt it on sunday. a wall of lava 12 meters high is heading west towards that antique ocean at about 4 meters an hour. obliterating everything in its path. firefighters, digging trenches to draught, diverted away from houses. but will the 300 buildings have so far been destroyed. nicholas huck. his own la, paloma. so this is to get from the crater listed. this is the county shooting which is great, or it's been like this sunday and lying
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and look at what it has done in green. we changed look at the ground. thinking like the ground, but also in this god above why truth get involved filling up. we're seeing the more just to hear the story. 2000 people out this greater liver of lava slowly, fully read the meters. once it hit the ocean, that's at a temperature and will be another. and into the air and the wind into effect the populations in, in flight in, in about 2 weeks. even more. there's so much less unknown about that
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a rupture for $25.00 to $85.00 days. no one really no worries. on sunday, germans will elect a new parliament with johnson angle america. stepping down, the country will have a new leader for the 1st time in 16 years. center, right christian democrats union party is the most successful in the history of the republic. but it's being led by a new face mean lash at a decade and a half of steady leadership and economic growth has sustained the parties, popularity. now the c d u support has dipped in opinion polls, c, d u and sent a left coalition partner. the social democratic party on projected to win a combined majority. that could lead to political uncertainty with several parties competing to lead some kind of coalition. or they'll have made reports from the various regional capital munich if there's one place in germany,
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conservative parties could rely on it's here in bavaria. but gail grand hello, says that slowly changing in 2014, he became the 1st green mayor of idol think a village near the regional capital munich. this model is vix if people are skeptical about a green part to me or here doesn't really fit. they were watching for what the green party can do in the countryside. and now some people say it's not that bad. they tell me it's good what you're doing. a new style more open, closer to the people. for decades, decrease in social union had brought support in this part of germany taking about 50 percent of both at each election, especially among farmers. like you are good bower. but with only a few days to go, he still hasn't decided who he will vote for financial feelings to me. and as a mom, there are many traditional csu voters, but they say they won't vote for the c s u anymore. i think it's also because of
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cove it but a lot of things are not working anymore. the weight people want them to upcoming election will mark the end of the chancellor angle america, 16 years tenure and with her gone. many say it's time for change this. yes, you is a bavarian backbone of angle americans, christian democratic union, the 2 parties campaign to get a field one same candidate. but finding someone to merkel shoes has not been easy. recent poll shows the social democratic party is in the lead, even if the gap with the conservatives is narrowing. many put that down to i'm in lash at the c d u. c. su candidate who hasn't been as convincing. it was very focused on the person, we have a very strong personalization of this election campaign board is also a little bit new for our political system because we had here for longer the case
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very strong parties at. busy busy the program of the parties was very, very important, but we see also in this election campaign that candidates and advantages and especially also the failures and mistakes of individual. busy candidates made it made a big difference. climate change in social justice have dominated the campaign. and some of the c d. u votes could go to the green party or the social democrats, or their shoddy. it's a shame that merkle doesn't want to run any more. cd you people are bit unsettled and are scared that things won't be the same, although they shouldn't be. renewal is important. everyone believes that from all parties. so it's good to have a new coalition. germans expected to spread their votes among more parties than usual. the election will be followed by coalition negotiation that could last weeks . if not money, is not yet clear whether germany's conservatives will be included with that. how
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many edges you are by very in southern germany, ukrainian president followed me as lensky has promised a strong response. after his principal aid, survived an apparent assassination attempt. gunshots were fired at a vehicle. he was travelling in south of the capital. give the say more than 10 bullets at the vehicle, wounding the driver. the aid he should fear, escaped unharmed. it's not known who carried out the shooting. stephen might be more bustle. permission to call my toll paid him. what's more important? my close friend, sir. hey, should fear was shot out. so he's alive and he is. his driver unfortunately, is injured and hospitalized. the police are working at the site and a man hunts been launched. this is classified as attempted murder. immediately after my address to the un general assembly, i will go to the ukrainian capital one, who's behind this? frankly, i don't know who all these powers that could be internal. it could be external
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saying hello to me with shots from the forest. my friend's car is weakness, but the response will be strong. electric vehicles are the big draw. the motor bella in the united states this year is outdoor post code replacement for the detroit merger show trucks that can reach speed's faster than most petro cause a, showing how much the technology has evolved, but present biden's big ambition to make them the majority sellers may still hit some problems as fell of our reports. michelle, everyone's big on electric, this year. e. v's, everywhere you look here at motor bela. the future is electric. the big announcements. big names from the staples through the absolute beasts. if ever there was a vehicle that looks like it means business. there you go. and this brand only makes evey's, which just goes to show, if they can do it successfully and make it their main business model than so can all of these guys. i'm off,
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you can't move for them here. they're moving. oh job, i didn't an easy found giving this one the presidential approval back in may. the 2nd. how full trying to show e. v. 's. all for every one to 64 seconds in a truck. surely this is going to run the battery out very quickly. if you drive like this. but no, this truck has plenty of range, 300 miles. the aptly named lightning showing just how far electric come a lot of people don't expect this truck to handle this. well, right, so with the battery, the suspension, all the work we've done handles almost like a call the software to the swedish firm with its global map database that feeds real time information into e. v. 's to make the batteries last longer. we can tell you the friction level of the roads are driving out and that allows the regeneration system of the electric vehicle to be most efficient. so then it takes out. absolutely. because we are told these all the future he's convinced today i'm signing an executive order,
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setting out a target of 50 percent of all passenger vehicle. so by 2030 will be electric, determined to relegate the gas guzzlers to the past. but big issues remain batteries for one, china supplies, 80 percent of the world's lithium power packs. at the moment, surely the u. s. is not going to want to be in a position where it's beholden to china. no, i don't think so. and i think that's it's really incumbent upon the global automotive industry to work together, plus recalls over batteries that can catch fire chevrolet and famously tesla know about that. then there is grid capacity or lack of it for a huge nation powering gulf. that of course there is the weather charging and evie in the right. absolutely fine, but it's when the weather takes out the power, then you're going to have an issue which we've seen recently, extremes from texas to california. that is one of the hurdles to it. but in a very similar way, if there is no power, then you're also not able to power
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a gas pumps to run your internal combustion engine car. so of course, there are things that could happen. we hope that those things would be outliers, that they would be on the fringe and the fringes, anything but the final destination for these things. the future may be electric still some way to go until it's perfect. fed lavelle, i'll just sarah hall, jack, michigan. ah. top stories on us president joe biden has announced his country, we'll donate half a 1000000000 more doses of the 5 vaccine to developing nations. he made the pledge to virtual curve at 19 summit on the sidelines of the un general assembly. the additional doses will see the total u. s. commitment on vaccines.


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