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tv   [untitled]    September 22, 2021 9:30am-10:01am AST

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how many nukes has too many new america has in many ways driven the arms parties are much more like the british parties. now, there are, you will regulation to own a tiger than their, our own a dog. how can this be happening? you know, we take on us politics and, and that's the bottom line. oh, the kimbell and all the doors on al jazeera heads of state from around the world are addressing the un general assembly in new york keynote speeches warms about the crew of ours pandemic. i've gone on and tried to change us president joe bond and delivered his 1st address to the global body. we've ended 20 years of conflict gas then and as we close this period of relentless war, we're opening
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a new air of lenders, diplomacy of using the power of our development aid to invest in new ways and lifting people up around the world of renewing and defending democracy approving that no matter how challenging or how complex the problem is, you're going to face government by and for the people is still the best way to deliver for all of our people. i'm here to sound the alarm. the world must wake up. we are on the hedge of an obese and moving in the wrong direction. our world has never been more threatened or more divided. we faced the great this cascade of crisis in our lifetimes. coffee, $900.00 pandemic, a super size. the glaring guinea qualities, the climate crises pummeling the planet. upheaval from afghanistan with european
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men and beyond. es what it piece has been on the nation. after all, they're a video of us border patrol agents on horseback, aggressively pushing back migrant went viral. the un says the white house policy of supporting haitians could be a violation of international law 1000 to cross into the us from mexico been camping else under a bridge and the boarded town of del rio texas. 6 more people have been forced from their homes after a new volcanic vent blew open on one of spain's canary islands. rivers of lava have been flowing across the palm lessons interruption on sunday. the european court of human rights is ruled that russia is responsible for the 2006, killing a former spy, alexander lithonian call. he died after being poisoned with polonium $210.00, a rare radio active substance. russia has always denied involvement. the headlines
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here on al jazeera taking you back now to witness the she got the bug marriage, the music, more than the norm with the doors. as you get more direct link and then you go, you good. what does that go? well, do that. i'm set to go or did i go to the buses now? i was going to move out in the didn't the water look at the boilers? induct me. try to get the rama. fortune number.
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how to get the like. there's a lot of press one to get to soft cost and not dennis them. boyle you said you loved ag pony with joy. could you enjoy the same route that we could sell? can again, we did a lot of the dish, a little little dust said football, but get ready to the very bottom of the bridge, but i'll double to the monster. sure. refund them on to the water from them from the
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deal and they didn't stop me. oh, do you live lloyd more don't therefore find the expression. soldiers have been killed in a roadside explosion in afghanistan. the british prime minister david cameron has described the death the dreadfully sad day for the nation. i'm going to say old mother, you shall leave enough gone this time. my name is because of the fear of commander from the intended for non short topic. but moment mother, you shall. if it does, he has to give me the bonus advice, and him to confession. out of gunner said though, doubt, nonprofit's food is the founder of the sent. there was no afghan national army. there were no afghan national police. we see a situation totally transformed. aim has always been. can we make sure this country no longer a haven for terror and terrorists?
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american troops training afghan soldiers ambushed by the taliban. as those american troops prepared to start coming home, the afghans realized they still need american help. they demand a american fighter jets bail them out. american air support vote always be here to save today. good one does. what are we going to run vigor them or non games? angles net. and i'm not sure i get my deal with me when i was and i got it. i was meeting last odyssey. got as an asthma and i don't get it on. i wouldn't. martha no, you hold us to margaret wall. jordan warning that i'm all the know they don't. i'm
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a number over there long got was a jordan mon on there. hold. hold on the oh, got another key. i gotta move on. martha. is it possible i can come over to the gala phone and i can research who no, this is a new you can pick it up on the home at the moment. you can also money on it didn't listen. i'm the one that can come for your career. so make it worth of a war going with the big
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a deal with like it wasn't this bill. i don't know. call your mother calling grief . just hope i don't when i that one more we are the tennis court, my joy, who does it julius to mother and cause i wish i caught his notion come to see another phone you want to know and then and then and then you know, you just rushed both of them. no short over the emails i i don't home today because he never came to them yet, but i'm sure she had up
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on this record machine gun with a lot of those said and that was what was told by her last minute. what am totally, well ma'am, i recall what you got on the last mother. i'm the only mother i'm here to qualify the show that she heard the cities how to do and i'm from each i bring the
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nose of the quarter making you want to do a quarter of a lot of things. gosh, there are there in the market. the one i'm looking for the math really they call in here the last one i thought i and tony band and get us off the stage again. hi, shalise didn't mean this was extension 2 to 1200. once it wasn't finished. in a tiny community village is very that dead. father's mothers. and many, many children. u. s. military said it to conduct to their rates,
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protect forces. ah the mother to go to prison. i should heard any bigger. cornerstone again. come rub open over them. of course there's been going on jim more than madam mego had gone rather still where she saw the hood post them. i got to go. margaret had given up in my mind qualified or whatever they didn't in my car wouldn't get up. yeah,
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i the global the i don't so you're gone. find me to show mother taken on the day. follow up yet. i'm not of them. india. mr. lima has already been already version a while. you are more, you injure the global, and then they showed it was for to go to mega man. they asked me the company got to get us to me, but i'm, i'm a hoarder on its own budget home. it caught my eye a good amount of dirty mac, homo would give them out of them are the home and up. what is it here for the
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mallory, i'm already into hardy, tennis court. not only gave my course with the keyhole in the come on, we're the one on cause. the brute financing was more than $500000000.00. florida. i've gotten this done. wellness done. kandahar city, which has been tormented by violence and terrorist got a reason to celebrate the cities plus cricket stadium built with assistance from india. construction began on a pipeline project to carry natural gas from circ medicine through the country to india. and focus on that $1000000000.00 project will bring jobs and income. china has already become a one and found largest business invest. and now does building security capacity ah
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right up with them tomorrow they can go can, you know, john will mention only go on whether they're young measure to him. that's enough on the go to as well to this. i didn't go to that i can and, and miss milan not with them. they don't think it hasn't been gone. gone for lunch in walk in getting to ally internet which is all committed in the new domain and initial that they're going to join the racial and you're good at a reasonable thing. you told me that the known address his record on the moody church and then there's i now started with him after him by me. again,
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official describing it is suicide attack. and the casualty here are mounting. 80 people so far have been killed. this attack 300 bucks back that number to continue to be able to get up and learn to hurry to angela wouldn't only about a needed origin bought after all actually show me good. good, good, good, good, good. in the water in the duct and then this comes as president from really contemplating whether to spend more blood and treasure inside afghanistan, the taliban and other search and control. i can tell 40 percent of the,
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the the the my son, the new to near got some concerns that i was on on monday. she cannot come to the curb for them to call not okay. and so what does she think agree on that? i cannot find that one on the move into the machine and then it says the game show, the little said it was more than i didn't mention the act of the murders, the militia, the militia mater on what was going on. i can
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try and aim or in a jordan or someone are so that other than much, you know, a bit of adequate number one, the embellish, i connect but not enough of them. my mother smote. and now you're just going to be, you know, getting a hold of mom. could somebody give me a lawyer? the mother medical national academy covered got out a book shelf and you know, they're on black with like i saw the target was intelligent headquarters. but the explosion was to leave the big press card before joining the crowd. a journalist in
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flowing himself recently the ability to generate and then the calls will be able course the day again. and i've done the actually monday. okay. but it didn't key him to contact the know the key exam and i'm, i'm in but k by me do when you thought it was a good when i go to don't and others. oh, they say your object social you know, it's going
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to have a lot of it. i mean god took him out into order should don't come on on his up. i'm only mission, one wouldn't need another scala for suddenly in the middle, the middle of me peter, i mean you could give it to the daughter because, you know we
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just signed an agreement this time after all. ready these years to bring up peoples back home for the count of on to k was a victory march. the afghan government shopped out of this field. come on, refuse to talk to it. in doha, one deal is done making p b. my charter won't leave 32 people or dad and dozens wounded in a mash shooting it up, ghana stands capital cobble. and just this past week and the taliban negotiate the pci with united states with u. s. air strike targeted taliban fighters, one day after the militant attacked, an afghan security force. i'll post i
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need to get the wallet in my point of the lesson so that it took my entire level jango into hardy. you on vision. that one, i can vision him and i'm going to say good, good. thank ok. me again, doris. one of my question, i didn't quite shafting household. i get the one of the bank level, john goes in the auditor. the catherine and i'm not them in what i owe they have i'm you know, the dollar warmer and on top of all that i k. i mean, how do i get that when and so no speaker, let me give it a shot and i'm going yeah, i'm on the phone cafe or the clinic over there. which can either get a console or on the shout with an army either get a certain a say you can get
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a form in a little short of i go there, hold on. i know it wasn't shotuko will look. there is not the game on think over versa, nor on came to gushed. the fall on me it was my name is jose the go there in the summer than on month of the the on the not the me to call the hold on the, on the, on the call much of the, the ocean on the moon, on the the be stopped in dawn and bloodshed a tome off and using one document bank thirds. fin the reconciliation talk when announced last thursday, a female. this was shot dead by islamic state operators. this is part of another trend that is holding in upon
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a on me me i think it would draw, i'll truth from them by just cover is that jim and you just don't know. i'm a more truthful and it timed in and america's long this war. it's time for american troops to come home. president biden is defending his decision to withdraw. all remaining us troops from afghanistan was seated on one or more dicky and not to be sure that as up when it's on have, i mean, do you guys expected to follow pulling out 750 pressure soldiers, but the speak of the african parliament just wanted the withdrawal could lead to a civil war poker assured that above a loaner for that call me at any to hi,
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on the 4 years up on a phone call on the i can with adult on the girl said young measure. that's what except sutka jones at your hotel in order for me with an which is to make sure the front on a job with nathan and i gave them the negative negative. they're not, not than others. they just taking sentence. does mother don't even put it in the jungle. rushville what him go to. she knew mother my phone. never come on the lovely lovely visit please follow him home. awesome. assisted living,
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the home out of living in give us an estimate of that and then the project, me but my name, what i have on her policy against my angela and to get that much potential for charlotte. and she think the dealer of new, you know, like i love it, i know that on the account, i'm not showing me the white house has confirmed the military has begun. it's withdrawn from afghanistan. a see, it is a medical school and we have people out of which most of the death toll has reason
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to at least 85 killed most of them killed. the last american troops cleared out of barbara mer based without celebrations or fanfare that the us to part the taliban is pulling in. militants have taken their hands. major city concerns are growing that they could take the capital. the telephone is now effectively in control, including and take over this. if he has triggered deadly, seems a panic of the people desperately try to leave international communities now holding on the telephone to ensure the me i i use
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mitchell is more distressing for women than a month 20 pregnancy going horribly wrong. aside from then being punished. boy, l. salvador, victor, boston, lot of women incarcerated. some say their only crime was a devastating still, but i mean, our story of one woman struggle that ignited miscarriage, of justice, a witness documentary on al jazeera. we understand the differences, minorities of conscious across the world that i'm going to have you taken out era will bring you the news and current affairs. ah ah
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hello there, let's have a look at the weather across the middle east, an levant, and it's hot and it's dry as expected. then it's rather settled apart from a shamal wind that's blowing down across the rock, kicking up a lot of duster some of those gulf states and clearing out the humidity. so it'll feel less sticky, but they will be a lot of hazy sunshine around. but it is rather dry for the weather. we have to move up north to turkey. those coastal areas around the black sea. it seems very heavy down ports and thunderstorms. and we could see flooding here, but elsewhere looking relatively dry and it's drawing up across eastern areas of africa with a very wet weather. we have to head further west. the gulf of guinea, seen some very heavy downpours. we could see some flooding in areas of nigeria and southern chad where that rain does for heavy. by the time we get to thursday, we're going to see those storms rumble across parts of the democratic republic of congo. but for the south, this, it is looking a lot to dry. in particular for south africa, we've got
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a lot of warms coming through in cape town with a temperature touching nearly 30 degrees. but we are going to have a change in the wind and that is going to bring the temperature down quite a lot. by the time we get into thursday ahead of a bit more sunshine come friday. the who's on the streets of grief and immigrant violence is on the rise. the road you have to go from. i will tell them that this is from foxes and increasingly migrant farm workers of victims of vicious beatings. jo reed is helping the pakistani community to find a voice. the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them undocumented and under attack. this is europe on al jazeera. i'm harry davies and kimberly, in western australia were involved in this community. the painting with scientists
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to create a new approach to marine conservation. first thing you learn, but even that the government i'm afraid when do you reporting from review? if you're going to try is protecting by diversity defending themselves against the legal invaders. bride. oh no, just for me . how are you count of torture for me? afghans is a returned to us prison where they were held during the conflict. we have access to the jalap bang graham. ah, 11 o'clock. this is out there. like also coming up. the world must wake up.


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